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A solid instalment; particularly the Jim Clark tribute

Tweekums8 February 2019

This episode sees each of the three presenters fronting separate sections and some conversation in the tent. James May's section sees him reviewing the Alpine A110, a French sports car. Clarkson heads to Sweden to test the new Lamborghini Urus on the snow, and race against racing driver Abbie Eaton, who is in a Porsche, on a suggestively shaped racetrack. Finally Richard Hammond narrates a tribute to Scottish race car driver Jim Clark.

After a slightly disappointing episode involving silliness in pick-up trucks this was a return to form. The reviews of the Alpine and the Lamborghini felt like proper reviews while still having the entertainment value one expects. The highlight of the episode though was the tribute to Jim Clark. There was no silliness here; just a discussion of his successes in 1965 in several racing competitions, complete with footage and then onto his tragic death in 1968. This footage was interspersed with pieces to camera from people who knew him... this was top notch and very emotional. Overall a really fine episode.

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Better than last one...

polsixe14 March 2019

Each presenter has a film and an extended Conversation Street with all three. Liked May with the Alpine, Clarkson with the Lambo SUV and Hammond did a nice tribute to Jim Clark, and he showed better driving in the old Lotus 25 compared to his attempts in a modern F1 on the , ahem, other show.

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Shows what they can do when they try

nigelfour4 February 2021

This would have been a 10 but for Hammond's painful horse "rant" and the fact that it was Hammond who did the Jim Clark piece and not Clarkson or possibly May. This shows what they can do when not making funny noises or blowing things up for no reason. The Alpine section was fine, pretty standard for TGT or Top Gear. The Urus section again was good. Could probably have done with that being a bit longer. The Jim Clark section however was superb. I think (I may be wrong) this is only the 2nd time on TGT they've done a history piece like this after the Lancia v Audi one and both have been incredible. I'd love to see 1 hour specials on things like that. The only slight drawback is that Hammond presented it. I think Hammond is the biggest problem with TGT and caused Top Gear to nosedive badly towards the end, however why they thought it was right to give the guy who always used to say that F1 was rubbish and claimed he didn't know the drivers the job of doing a piece on Clark is mad. Clarkson would have elevated this even further in my opinion, as would May. However, Hammond did well. It shows what he can do when not making noises and pulling faces. All in all it's easily in the top 3 Grand Tour episodes

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Fantastic more history-focused episode

GANdeK15 February 2019

This was a more laid back history-focused episode mainly revolving around Jim Clark. Less of the usual comedy but still great. The Urus review earlier was spot on and the Jim Clark piece easily made this episode.

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Wow that was good!

michaelpruden8 February 2019

That Jim Clark bit, wow Made me tear up a bit and I'm not really a fan of motosport but wow was that good..

This shows that they've still got it

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Grand Tour hitting new heights

oliownstersamsung8 February 2019

Having been an avid fan of Top gear since my previous stepdad showed it top me when I was around 4 I just got to say that this struck me deeply. I have absolutely adored top gear throughout all the seasons ( even the ones without may, although not as much ). And when I heard the show was being cancelled due to Jeremy, let's say miss behaving, I was devestated but not too surprised. When the grand tour was announced I was more gleefull than a kid at Toys R Us and I could just barely hold my content.

Now here I have to admit, I am somewhat of a review following c**nt. Not always but often. So when I read some reviews about the grand tour not being as good as top gear was, it sorta pissed me of as someone was insulting my baby. Now sometimes I had to admit they were a bit thin on the original Top gear charm, but I kept seeing glimpses of what I loved as a child and still love to this day.

Some of the most inspiring episodes from the original Top gear episodes I remember being the specials and one were they made a debute to Ayrton Senna. I remembered being so touched by that episode that when they spoke of a documentary about him I ran down to the video store to get it. Some episodes of the season and previous seasons have brought me the same giggliness and laughter I got from the original, this being the episode were the last building block fell in place. I'm whole heartedly thankful for the joy this trio has brought me through my childhood and life. And I commend them for their truly astonishing and eyetearing episode that they made. Well done Grand tour!

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The Touch

jssuper9 February 2019

The trio once again demonstrated what the top motoring presenters could do, the results need no praises, for it is perfectly capable to speak for its self.

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Spectacular return to form

dominic-brock8 February 2019

After the previous weeks of semi-funny TG-Esque stuff, I was beginning to feel as if show had slipped into bland monotony.

How this episode changed all of that...

We start with the Alpine segment which gave us a genuine car review from May which was really satisfying. It reminded me very much of when Clarkson first tested the black series Mercedes, as it's not often the presenters buy one of the cars after a shoot. Speaking of Clarkson, he then did his thing with the Lamborghini Urus and also pulled off a comprehensive car review without tangenting off or being too silly like previous episodes. Hammond's section is the crowning glory and it is not often I say that. The Jim Clark segment evokes so much passion and emotion for cars and racing, that any petrolhead will be left speechless.

I know the Grand Tour has blown hot and cold with the quality of its episodes, but this exposed really did feel like one of the best.

It almost makes me sad that this show won't have a studio element anymore. The big films never really do it for me, whereas the history stuff like the 'Ford vs Ferrari' at Le Mans and the Lancia rally team's WRC feats always seem to blow me away. This episode just supports that feeling.

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One of the best ever

moonhime9 February 2019

This episode was one of the best from this trio ever. The last tribute piece about Jim Clark was so immensely well done and I loved every second of it. Their conversation street part was one of their best on this episode too, though the rant went on maybe a little too long, overall it was one of their most entertaining conversation street conversations. I love this show so much I hope it stays around forever, I wish there was a new episode every week all year long.

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I was about to write this show off, then...

lmdaniels11 August 2019

I was starting to lose interest in The Grand Tour and their often over-the-top silliness at the expense of good content. Then I watched this episode. I'm back as a fan! Yes, the intentionally phallic track for ice-racing a Lambo Urus vs. Abbie Eaton in a Porsche 911 was slightly juvenile, but pretty good fun on an otherwise boring night. Then, the tour-de-force --- a 20-minute historical tribute to Jim Clark. I was on the verge of tears two or three times. When it was over, I just sat silently for a few minutes - before diving in to write this review. I'm going to recommend even non-motor-heads to pull up this episode and jump right to the 36-minute mark just to see the masterful handling of this topic. And Richard Hammond gets to drive the very Lotus 25 that Clark himself drove!

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This is what we've been wanting since day one

mr-a-v14 March 2019

I'll make this short; this episode was one of the best of the new franchise for two reasons. One; the history lesson was a refreshing call-back to TG's glory days. But one thing I've impatiently waiting for was for Abby to get some screen time. Car amateurs, I'm sure, will all join in to say there is little sexier than a beautiful pair of woman's eyes peering through a crash helmet. Let alone the fact that she is astonishingly talented. More of these little segments please!

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That's more like it!!

jamesabel-434029 February 2019

None of the silliness and back to decent reviews. Worth watching the piece on Jim Clark and hopefully more of the same!

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One of my favorite piece from these 3

duchung959 February 2019

I have been watching these 3 from Top Gear and I have to say this is their best piece yet. I would say it as good if not better comparing to Vietnam Special or Bolivia Special in Top Gear. The mini documentary of Clarks is just exceptional.

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The Jim Clark Piece Was Beautiful!

mobilenee8 February 2019

Love The Grand Tour big films and messing around, but the Jim Clark film in this episode was exceptional. A beautiful tribute, not too dissimilar to the Senna film that was so loved on TG. I'm glad that The Grand Tour is finding time for these more serious (for want of a better phrase) films. By the way, excellent review of the Alpine too.

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Finaly a car episode.

bobobbq9 February 2019

As a fan of cars and car history - it's nice to see that The Grand Tour can deliver on the subjects - if they want to.

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Absolutely amazing!

caliklukasz9 February 2019

After very average episode 4, this one was absolutely amazing, astonishing!! Grab your favourite beer, send your wife and kids to her mother and turn off the phone, it's worth it.

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More of this please!!

richardjackson-583039 February 2019

So, i don't ever write reviews but for this episode I thought it worthy. Last week I sat through one of the worst episodes of The Grand Tour/Top Gear I've ever watched. Horrible, scripted, boring nonsence. This week however.. what a show! A proper car show with proper car reviews, every slot was brilliantly done by the guys, Conversation Street was a funny hit, each individual car item was well put together and then Hammonds Jim Clark Tribute was brilliant. This was the best non-special episode of the Grand Tour by a stretch and hopefully the mistakes of previous shows have been learned from and this is the benchmark we should now expect. Can't wait for next week, please don't disappoint!!

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The Grand Tour’s Segment on Jim Clark is Worth a Watch

 Added on February 12, 2019 The News Wheel The Grand Tour , Top Gear

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Richard Hammond on Jim Clark

You may think of The Grand Tour and the former Top Gearas TV shows featuring three old men acting like fools in cars, and you’d be right but for the odd occasion when they produce excellent, high-quality and emotional documentary segments such as the one that was aired last week in the latest season three episode.

Centering around Jim Clark, whose birthday and anniversary of death are soon coming up, The Grand Tour’s twenty-minute segment delved into the unfortunately brief life of a man who still captures the admiration and awe of modern drivers even more than 50 years after his death, and of those who had known him personally. Many consider him to be the greatest Formula One driver of all time, ahead of Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher.

Looking Back:The biggest Ford news from 2018

The segment covers the man’s numerous motorsport achievements, whose versatility across various racing series remains unparalleled to this day and would make Fernando Alonso’s recent branching out into IndyCar and endurance racing seem tame by comparison. Clark competed in Formula 1, Formula 2, USAC Championship Car, the Indy 500, the Tasman Series and various other series, sometimes all in the same year and more often than not with tremendous success.

Clark’s life is well documented, but The Grand Tour segment really helps put into perspective just how dominant the man was, and the sheer reverence and respect he had earned from his peers. It ends on a touching, somber note. “He was a gentleman and a gentle man,” says Billy Cowe, former Team Lotus mechanic. “It’s a pity that he’s not around now, because…it would be nice to have him.”

If you like cars in any capacity, we heartily recommend you watch the episode, if only for that 20-minute segment.

Vehicle Preview:Meet the 2020 Jeep Gladiator
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List of The Grand Tour episodes

Wikimedia list article

The Grand Tour logo

The Grand Tour is a British motoring television series for Amazon Prime Video,[1][2] presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. The programme focuses on conducting reviews of various models of car, new models and vintage classics, as well as tackling motoring-styled challenges and races, and features the use of studio segments between pre-recorded films.

The following is a list of episodes, listed in order of their original air date, along with information regarding featured cars that were reviewed and the main feature of the episode; for the second series only, the list also includes the celebrity guests who appeared on the programme. The Grand Tour conducted its studio segments via a travelling tent for the first series only, information pertaining its location is briefly described within the first sentence of the short summary for each listed episode of the respective series.

The fourth series premiered on 13 December 2019.[3] As of 30 July 2021,[update] 41 episodes of The Grand Tour have been released.

Series overview[edit]


Series 1 (2016–17)[edit]

With the exception of the two-part special for the first series, each episode featured studio segments filmed within a makeshift tent lot hosted across various foreign locales - two of these sites were each used for two separate but consecutive episodes. Although the series featured celebrities, most appeared in a minor capacity while others were mentioned or involved a look-alike - these appearances mainly were for a running gag involving them heading to meet the presenters in their tent for an interview, only to "die" in a freak accident.


  1. ^This episode was made available 20 minutes before it was due to be released on midnight of the advertised date.[6]
  2. ^This episode was made available one hour before it was due to be released on midnight of the advertised date.
  3. ^ abThis episode's title is dictated officially as such by the production team.

Series 2 (2017–18)[edit]

After the first series, the programme's studio segments were permanently filmed within the Cotswolds. In addition, celebrities were more fully involved in the programme than the minor appearance they had in the previous series, taking part for a special segment used in this only involving head-to-head timed laps between two guests in each episode, with the exception of the final episode which was a special.

Series 3 (2019)[edit]

The third series discontinued the involvement of celebrity guests, in order to provide more focus on films, and was the last series to involve studio segments, car reviews and timed laps. In acknowledgement of this drop in the format, the final episode's last scene featured a montage of studio scenes conducted by the presenters over the course of the career - both from this program, as well as from their time hosting Top Gear.

Series 4 (2019–present)[edit]

The fourth series eliminated the tent format and focused only on feature-length specials.


  1. ^This episode was originally scheduled for release on 18 December 2020 but was released a day early.


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Clarkson's Favourite Rally Battle: 1983 Audi Quattro VS. Lancia 037 - Amazon Prime Video NL

The Grand Tour’s Emotional Latest Ep Reminds Us What We’ll Soon Be Missing

TGT’s latest episode proves the trio and the team behind them still have the ability to put something truly special together

Remind me later

The Grand Tour’s Emotional Latest Ep Reminds Us What We’ll Soon Be Missing - Blog

The Grand Tour, as we know it now, will soon be at an end. But contrary to earlier tabloid rumours, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s motoring show won’t be finishing altogether: series four will instead have a shorter run focusing on epic road trips.

That’s a good thing, is it not? Whether you’re looking at TGT’s run so far or back at the Clarkson/Andy Wilman Top Gear era, the trio have tended to be at their best when these big journeys are involved. The tired studio format will finally be axed, and with it, all the forced jokes and overly-scripted banter.

The thing is, it’s not quite as black and white as that. Recalling my favourite ever episodes of both shows, a good chunk haven’t involved grand touring. No, many simply involved a collection of brilliantly-executed, highly-engrossing segments. And not long after the third series’ surprisingly patchy Colombia two-part road trip special, we were treated to what might just have been the best series of the Amazon Prime Motoring show yet. And it wasn’t a road trip. Nope, it was in the soon-to-be-canned magazine format.

The Grand Tour’s Emotional Latest Ep Reminds Us What We’ll Soon Be Missing - Blog

With a name like ‘Itchy Urus’ and a trailer prominently featuring a penis-shaped ice lake track, it didn’t seem to be promising much in the way of high-brow motoring entertainment. But then I saw James May wax lyrical about the superb Alpine A110, a car he liked so much he actually went out and bought one. Jeremy Clarkson’s well-rounded piece on the Lamborghini Urus was very watchable, particularly the ice lake showdown part featuring Abbie Eaton in a Porsche 911 Turbo. This made the track-shaping decision wholly forgivable, if only for teeing up the racing driver’s quip “I’ve raced against many dicks, but never on one.”

Even Conversation Street offered up some interesting discussions, primarily around resto-mods and the new women-only W Series single-seater championship.

The Grand Tour’s Emotional Latest Ep Reminds Us What We’ll Soon Be Missing - Blog

The best, though, was reserved until last: Richard Hammond’s ode to Jim Clark. I was expecting great things given that my Twitter feed had lit up over the weekend with praise about it, mostly from people I’ve never heard utter anything remotely positive about The Grand Tour. Even so, it smashed my lofty expectations.

Anyone with even a passing interest in motorsport knows who Jim Clark is and just how much of a legend he is, but it’s quite remarkable to see why he’s so revered concisely spelled out in 20 or so minutes. The number of different disciplines he tackled at the same time (F1, British and French F2, Indy, Tasman, touring cars) and the sheer amount of races he’d rack up in one year (63 in 1965) - is truly mind-blowing.

We’re told about his incredibly smooth and mechanically sympathetic driving, which baffled his competitors and even his own engineers. We have raw emotional moments, like Hammond’s time behind the wheel of the Lotus Type 25 - the car Clark used to win seven of the 1961 F1 season’s 10 races, and inevitably, the subject of Clark’s untimely passing. It’s tackled with respectful sensitivity while also understanding the remarkable legacy left by the man.

The Grand Tour’s Emotional Latest Ep Reminds Us What We’ll Soon Be Missing - Blog

What The Grand Tour isn’t doing here is breaking new ground - there must be countless Jim Clark documentaries and books you could spend whole weeks binging on. This isn’t a new story to tell. But it’s told so well, coming together in a short film that both experts and those who know nothing of the Scot’s achievements stand to be captivated by.

It’s undeniable that many of ‘old-new-Top-Gear’ and TGT’s iffier episodes are these studio-anchored efforts. The show’s shake-up is, therefore, understandable, particularly when we’ve just had that less-than-brilliant pick-up truck farce-off only one episode ago. It seems like a good move overall, but after a watching episode five, part of me can’t help but feel sad about what we might be missing out on.

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The Grand Tour - Jeremy Clarkson reviews the Mclaren Senna

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