Bmw 325i windshield replacement price

Bmw 325i windshield replacement price DEFAULT
2005 BMW 325iBack glass$485.0011/14/20Anaheim, CA 928012006 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$401.2010/01/20Laredo, TX 780462003 BMW 325iWindshield$309.5307/03/20Gardena, CA 902492006 BMW 325iWindshield$364.0406/30/20Philadelphia, PA 191222001 BMW 325iWindshield$301.6104/12/20Fort Stockton, TX 797352006 BMW 325iWindshield$336.6702/19/20Tarpon Springs, FL 346892004 BMW 325iWindshield$321.2411/30/19Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 902751992 BMW 325iBack glass-heated-with defrost-clear$316.7711/02/19Gurley, AL 357482002 BMW 325iPassenger rear door glass$264.9507/28/19Auburndale, FL 338232006 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$424.1006/17/19Indianapolis, IN 462392006 BMW 325iDriver front door glass$255.2803/21/19Rochester, NY 146052006 BMW 325iWindshield$326.7308/25/18Orem, UT 840971993 BMW 325iWindshield$291.9108/08/18Oakland, CA 946032006 BMW 325iWindshield$326.7306/20/18Riverside, CA 925092003 BMW 325iWindshield-solar coated-acoustic interlayer-rain sensor-light sensor-heated wiper park area-with night vision$299.7305/01/18Yuba City, CA 959912006 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$395.9304/29/18Fillmore, UT 846312001 BMW 325iWindshield$301.7212/31/17Santa Clara, CA 950512006 BMW 325iPassenger rear door glass$268.8312/12/17Valley View, TX 762722006 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$387.0412/10/17Carrollton, GA 301172005 BMW 325iWindshield$301.0011/28/17Bullhead City, AZ 864422006 BMW 325iWindshield$326.1209/25/17Towson, MD 212862004 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$320.0007/14/17Pleasanton, CA 945662004 BMW 325iQuarter glass passenger side$271.4307/01/17San Leandro, CA 945782005 BMW 325iWindshield$290.0306/30/17Mansfield, TX 760632006 BMW 325iWindshield$370.1506/06/17Oakland, CA 946012004 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$294.7205/28/17Columbia, SC 292092001 BMW 325iWindshield$278.9005/18/17Colorado Springs, CO 809202006 BMW 325iWindshield$200.0005/06/17Laguna Beach, CA 926512006 BMW 325iWindshield$362.8004/01/17San Mateo, CA 944032002 BMW 325iWindshield$292.9303/23/17Catawba, NC 286092006 BMW 325iWindshield-rain sensor-solar coated-with third visor frit$371.2002/15/17Rogersville, TN 378572005 BMW 325iWindshield$279.7201/05/17Woodland, CA 956952006 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$388.2912/06/16Killeen, TX 765432003 BMW 325iWindshield$145.0012/05/16Torrance, CA 905052003 BMW 325iWindshield$285.0011/29/16Richmond, CA 948012006 BMW 325iWindshield with electrochromic mirror$228.6011/02/16Scottsdale, AZ 852582002 BMW 325iWindshield$219.0010/16/16Wheaton, IL 601872003 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$328.8110/07/16Perris, CA 925702003 BMW 325iWindshield$296.5206/17/16Cheyenne, WY 820012005 BMW 325iBack glass$413.0404/21/16Wylie, TX 750982005 BMW 325iWindshield$294.1004/16/16Wylie, TX 750982001 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$442.5304/14/16Lewis Center, OH 430352003 BMW 325iBack glass$407.7903/21/16Philadelphia, PA 191192002 BMW 325iWindshield$313.5503/06/16El Paso, TX 799052001 BMW 325iWindshield$436.3002/13/16Temple, TX 765022006 BMW 325iWindshield$280.5102/12/16Stockton, CA 952102004 BMW 325iWindshield with electrochromic mirror and rain sensor$302.9412/08/15Mechanicsville, VA 231111995 BMW 325iWindshield$270.1312/06/15Manahawkin, NJ 080502006 BMW 325iWindshield$281.1211/16/15Madison, AL 357582006 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$367.0511/08/15Orting, WA 983602001 BMW 325iWindshield$270.9711/08/15, 757612003 BMW 325iBack glass$200.0010/13/15Los Angeles, CA 900022006 BMW 325iPassenger front door glass$159.0010/12/15San Antonio, TX 782261994 BMW 325iWindshield$268.8310/11/15Waterford, MI 483272005 BMW 325iWindshield$273.0809/21/15Haslett, MI 488402004 BMW 325iWindshield$273.1509/07/15Tehachapi, CA 935612002 BMW 325iWindshield$271.0508/24/15Worcester, MA 016052003 BMW 325iVent glass rear passenger side door-opens with door$249.1908/21/15Richmond, KY 404752001 BMW 325iWindshield$281.5508/10/15Ewa Beach, HI 967062004 BMW 325iPassenger front door glass$247.7608/03/15La Vernia, TX 781212006 BMW 325iPassenger front door glass$244.1307/29/15Washington DC, DC 200111988 BMW 325iDriver front door glass$175.0007/19/15San Diego, CA 921032006 BMW 325iWindshield$300.3607/12/15Pittsburg, CA 945652002 BMW 325iBack glass$350.0007/08/15Sunnyvale, CA 940862003 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$311.6407/05/15Monroe, LA 712011994 BMW 325iWindshield$264.7705/24/15Mc Kees Rocks, PA 151361995 BMW 325iWindshield$264.7705/17/15Bolingbrook, IL 604402003 BMW 325iDriver rear door glass$250.6805/04/15Rosser, TX 751572003 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$311.4705/04/15Franklin, VA 238512001 BMW 325iWindshield$160.0005/01/15Los Angeles, CA 900252005 BMW 325iBack glass-passenger side$259.0804/30/15Fayetteville, NC 283032006 BMW 325iWindshield$365.8904/29/15Jonesville, NC 286422006 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$365.8904/28/15Albuquerque, NM 871052004 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$315.6704/27/15Comfort, TX 780132003 BMW 325iWindshield$316.7204/24/15Providence, RI 029042004 BMW 325iPassenger rear door glass$260.1304/20/15San Martin, CA 950461994 BMW 325iWindshield$271.0704/10/15Redford, MI 482401993 BMW 325iWindshield$285.7703/14/15Lake Charles, LA 706012006 BMW 325iPassenger front door glass$252.6703/11/15Saint Louis, MO 631182001 BMW 325iWindshield$338.1102/16/15Seattle, WA 981252005 BMW 325iWindshield$297.8001/28/15Portsmouth, VA 237022003 BMW 325iWindshield$299.9001/26/15Salado, TX 765711988 BMW 325iBack glass$236.5701/21/15Odessa, TX 797632001 BMW 325iWindshield$219.1201/08/15Sacramento, CA 958162006 BMW 325iPassenger Rear Door Glass$185.0001/03/15Concord, CA 945212004 BMW 325iWindshield with Rain Sensor$332.4712/20/14San Luis Obispo, CA 934012001 BMW 325iWindshield$155.0012/08/14South Gate, CA 902801990 BMW 325iWindshield$260.7410/20/14Albuquerque, NM 871052004 BMW 325iWindshield with Rain Sensor$324.4810/02/14Kosciusko, MS 390901989 BMW 325iDriver Front Door Glass$292.8910/01/14Dayton, OH 454292003 BMW 325iWindshield with Blue Shade Band$260.2309/23/14Bronx, NY 104562005 BMW 325iPassenger Front Door Glass$244.0509/19/14Fort George G Meade, MD 207552001 BMW 325iWindshield$284.3809/14/14Merced, CA 953401992 BMW 325iRear Window Back Glass$253.6409/10/14Fargo, ND 581032003 BMW 325iWindshield$265.9209/03/14Oakley, CA 945612003 BMW 325iDriver Front Door Glass$239.2608/20/14Saint Croix Falls, WI 540242005 BMW 325iWindshield$272.9008/17/14Raymond, WA 985771992 BMW 325iPassenger Front Door Glass$150.0008/03/14Los Angeles, CA 900662004 BMW 325iWindshield$251.3007/11/14Bethany, OK 730081987 BMW 325iPassenger Front Door Glass$335.0006/20/14Pittsburg, CA 945652006 BMW 325iWindshield with Rain Sensor$356.4306/16/14Richardson, TX 750822005 BMW 325iWindshield$259.6106/15/14Savannah, GA 314052004 BMW 325iWindshield with Rain Sensor$309.8906/07/14Jennings, LA 705462004 BMW 325iPassenger Front Door Glass$294.7805/18/14Washington DC, DC 205292003 BMW 325iWindshield$308.7805/17/14Durham, NC 277031994 BMW 325iWindshield W/Third Visor Frit-Acoustic Interlayer$269.7805/15/14Sunset Beach, NC 284681989 BMW 325i Windshield$239.7905/11/14Patchogue, NY 117722002 BMW 325iRear Window Back Glass Heated$319.8704/20/14Boston, MA 021081989 BMW 325iSide Window (Passenger Side)$305.3604/09/14Charleston, SC 294142001 BMW 325i Windshield$259.0004/01/14Sellersburg, IN 471722001 BMW 325iBack Window$185.0002/17/14Houston, TX 770801992 BMW 325iSide Window (Driver Side)$289.8502/15/14Lancaster, CA 935362002 BMW 325i Windshield$292.5702/15/14Virginia Beach, VA 234522006 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$276.8202/04/14Gaithersburg, MD 208772001 BMW 325iSide Window (Driver Side)$141.1101/27/14Houston, TX 770022004 BMW 325iRear Window (Driver Side)$258.5201/03/14Ventura, CA 930032006 BMW 325iSide Window (Driver Side)$258.2312/20/13Rockville, MD 208522002 BMW 325iRear Window (Passenger Side)$160.0012/15/13Atlanta, GA 303442006 BMW 325iWindshield with rain sensor$324.9511/04/13Tracy, CA 953772006 BMW 325i Windshield$205.0008/24/13Killeen, TX 76542

How Much Does a Windshield Replacement Cost?

March 1, 2020/0 Comments/1663/Auto Glass Tips, Blog

BMW 5 series windshield replacement transparency auto glass

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Safety features in a car play a critical role in keeping the passengers safe during the ride.

While AI-based features such as lane assists and auto-braking systems are becoming more and more prevalent, there is one essential part of every car that has been constant in its design and plays a significant role in safety – the windshield!

Windshields alone can make the difference between a safe ride and a risky ride. Not only do they ensure that the driver has a clean line of vision, but they also add to the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, given their position in a car, windshields are prone to cracks that can put the front passengers at risk. This is why it is always best to get your windshield replaced as soon as you see the first signs of damage to avoid potential accidents.

You can find the best quality OEM and OEE windshields for your car at Transparency Auto Glass.

Your Car’s Make and Model Affects the Cost of Replacement

Windshield replacement costs can vary significantly depending on the type of car you drive. For instance, replacing the glass on your Chevrolet or Ford typically will cost you a lot less than replacing the windshield glass on higher end vehicles such as a BMW, or Mercedes Benz.

On average, these replacement costs can range from $200 to $350; however, certain luxury vehicles may require you to spend over $1000. At Transparency Auto Glass, we offer you the best rates for the job, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive.

From the luxurious Audi to the economical Toyota – we happily fix a wide range of vehicles. Here’s a full list of automobiles we work with.

However, sometimes it feels like overkill to replace the entire windshield just because it’s cracked, chipped, or shattered. Especially when the damage is barely visible. A full windshield replacement is not always necessary, as some of these small damages can be repaired at an inexpensive rate.

If you schedule an appointment with us, our team of experts can determine if you should go for a repair or replacement, to keep the safety of your vehicle in check.

High-Quality Parts

Choosing the right type of glass for your vehicle is crucial for your safety and to ensure proper function. You can always find companies cutting corners on quality and craftsmanship, to be able to provide a low-cost install. Unfortunately, as with many other things in life you do get what you pay for.

Transparency Auto Glass never cuts any corners. We offer top-of-the-line Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass and supplies. We want to make sure that we provide every customer with the best possible fit, the safety you need, and the proper function of your vehicles accessories.

You can also use Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) parts – a lower cost alternative to OEM.

If installed properly, OEE windshields provide the same benefits and perform just as well as OEM windshields. Prices vary depending upon the type of vehicle.

Why Hire Us?

Our team of experts can replace windshields for all sorts of sedans, SUVs, vans, trucks, etc. In fact, our team of technicians goes a step beyond to provide you with unparalleled service.

Whether you wish to replace the windshield or get it repaired without burdening your pocket, we can get it done for you. Here are a few reasons why you should get your windshield replaced by us:

  • We offer a comprehensive glass service to fix chips, cracks, and other auto glass issues
  • Our experts are certified with over 15 years of experience in the industry, allowing them to offer the best service with the best materials on the market.
  • You get to enjoy a nationwide lifetime guarantee on our work.
  • Our team can replace your windshield at a location that works best for you

Are you looking forward to hiring Transparency Auto Glass for your windshield replacement? Schedule an appointment today by dialing (919) 793-7776 or by filling out the quote form below.

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BMW Windshield Replacement Near Me

If you are looking for a BMW windshield replacement near me you arrived to the right place - Aztek Auto Glass - where to satisfy your needs for today BMW windshield replacement problems can be solved with just a quick phone call. We can provide to you BMW auto glass replacement cost and, BMW auto glass replacement warranty so you can take a quick decision. We are ready to complete any year and model BMW windshield replacement promptly and the way you want it.

You don't have to worry if you find BMW windshield replacement prices can go up to $700, other says it costs can range from $185 to $1,000. By our experience and depending of the BMW year and model, a BMW windshield replacement typically costs between $100 and $400, even though the average driver reporting that they paid $214. Let's give the cheapest windshield replacement, be sure to have your VIN number and, submit your quote request!

bmw windshield replacement

If your insurance company cover some or all of the costs to you, these alleviate your worries. But we can certainly tell you that the cheapest BMW windshield replacement can be done with us. Do you want to verify? Need a quick quotation to decide? Give Us a Phone Call Right Now. 

BMW Windshield replacement as it happens!

Bmw Auto Glass Repaired or Replaced In Your Driveway!

Customers Love our Qualified Glass Professionals!

★★★★★4.63 out of 5 stars438 customer reviews

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Toyota Prius V Windshield Replacement

5 5 1

Rating: 5.0
3 years ago

Just want to thank everyone from customer service on the phone to Eugene who replaced the broken glass. Customer service was able to expedite the order when they found out we were from out of town and had to leave by Wednesday morning. Eugene arrived at the promised time to replace the side window. He did a great job of cleaning up the broken glass and installing the new window. He took the extra time to make sure the electric window worked properly as well as closed tightly. I hope to never have another broken car window but I will not hesitate to call on Windshield Guru again.

Mr. Reinhold G

• Seattle, WA • 2012 Toyota Prius V

BMW X3 Windshield Replacement

5 5 1

Rating: 5.0
1 year ago

Had the best experience with Hughes Auto Glass. They promised what they delivered OEM at a price that no one could match. I would used them and always recommend them to everyone.

Chris C

• Savannah, GA • 2012 BMW X3

Nissan XTerra Windshield Replacement

5 5 1

Rating: 5.0
3 years ago

Did a very good job I would like a receipt emailed Thanks

Billy T

• Loomis, CA • 2000 Nissan XTerra

BMW 325 Windshield Replacement

5 5 1

Rating: 5.0
3 years ago

Young man who arrived to fix window was very friendly, knowledgeable and did a great job. If ever need another window fixed will definitely give the company a call and will refer to anyone that needs work done on their window.

Erik C

• Blue Island, IL • 2004 BMW 325

Recent Bmw 325i Glass Quotes Find Real Prices from Real Customers

DateYearModelGlass PartZip CodePrice

AUTO GLASS» Bmw» 325i

Windshield Guru is proud to carry Bmw 325i windshield replacements. Searching for a Bmw 325i windshield has never been easier.

We highly encourage you to replace your windshield at the first sign of damage, since it is a safety hazard. Our customer service representatives are standing by to provide you with repair quotes for your Bmw 325i auto glass. Contact Windshield Guru today to fix your auto glass.

Bmw 325i Windshields Find Your Model Year Now


Windshield bmw replacement price 325i

BMW Windshield Replacement or Repair - Get Local BMW Auto Glass Prices Instantly!

BMW Windshield Replacement

BMW General Information

BMW Model Pictures

About BMW Auto Glass Replacement

History of BMW

BMW Manufacturer Emblem

BMW General Information

  • BMW Corporate Website
  • BMW Wikipedia Page
  • Company Type: Public Company; BMW Group
  • Years in operation: 1916-Present
  • Headquarters: Munich, Germany
  • Locations: Global
  • BMW Auto Glass Original Equipment Manufacturer (BMW OEM glass): Saint Gobain Sekurit
  • Popular BMW Models: 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 7 series, 6 series, M3, M5, M6, Z4, X3, X5, X6, Active7 Hybrid, X6 Hybrid

BMW Model Pictures

BMW M3BMW M6 WindshieldBMW X5 Windshield RepairBMW X6 Windshield Replacement

About BMW Auto Glass Replacement

Founded as an aircraft engine manufacturer in 1916, the Bavarian Motor Works is now known worldwide simply as BMW, the company that creates 'the ultimate driving machine'. Each BMW is made with special care so that it is perfectly attuned to its driver. That is why you will find that once you have owned a BMW, no other car feels quite right for you. A special vehicle like BMW requires the best attention when you are in need of BMW windshield replacement and auto glass repair.

Having the auto glass replaced on your beloved BMW can become a very expensive affair. There are auto glass service providers who offer competitive prices to keep your costs at a minimum. To choose the right provider for your auto glass replacement, it is important to learn a bit more about the reason prices are what they are. The price of replacing your two door BMW hatchback's front passenger door may be significantly higher than carrying out the same replacement on a Ford Escort two door hatchback. However, the cost of vehicle glass replacement on variations of the same basic design is likely to be the same. For instance, auto glass replacement on all 2 door BMW models including hatchbacks, convertibles and coupes will remain within the same price range. Since BMW auto glass replacement is expensive, it is important to find an experienced auto glass service provider who can offer long lasting solutions.

Different BMW models come with different kinds of auto glass. Some, like the new BMW X5, have both a rear vent as well as quarter glass. The X6 has a sporty aerodynamic body that comes with its distinctive tapering quarter panels (quarter glass) . The 2011 BMW 3 series is an ever popular model that sports the classic full front door, rear door, and a quarters without the vents. An experienced auto glass service provider will know exactly which glass and parts to use with your BMW model.

There are some special points to note with BMW windshield replacement and auto glass repair, which is why it is ideal to leave your vehicle only in the hands of an experienced technician. For example, the rain sensors in most of the models need to be re-calibrated at the dealer's. The BMW 1 series vehicles use a flat black, glossy black, and chrome finish quarter glass trim that is not very commonly used with other brands. An experienced technician will ensure that he has the right trim before he removes the quarter glass. He will also know to leave the lower trim in until the glass is cut out.

BMW Auto Glass Parts

You can find the perfect solutions for your BMW windshield replacement and auto glass repair needs only when the perfect parts are used. Most people choose low cost options when they need auto glass replacements but at times this could actually prove to be very expensive, inconvenient, or both. For example, by choosing non-OEM or non-OEE glass to replace damaged auto glass, you may end up losing the automatic rain sensor that is usually positioned under the rear view mirror on cars that come with this option. There are some special options with OEM or OEE parts that can actually enhance the performance of your BMW too. The XIR (glass with reflective coating) that has been offered on all BMWs since 1993 is one such option. This coating keeps the interior cooler so that the load on your car's AC is significantly reduced, thus reducing AC fuel consumption too. Identify a reliable service provider for your BMW windshield replacement and auto glass repair. The technician will be sure to keep you informed of all such options so that you enjoy your BMW in the best possible way.

The History of BMW

The BMW brand of cars is marketed to a special socioeconomic group of people looking for a luxury vehicle. They are characterized by their sophisticated look, comfortable interior, and extremely expensive parts. In today's marketing, German-based BMW is known for pushing emotional buttons associated with spiritual luxury, for example by saying that a car has "a soul." Personifying cars by giving them such personalities is psychologically alluring to expensive car buyers.

Started in 1916, BMW actually started with manufacturing engines that were used in airplanes. A decade later they embarked upon the motorcycle business, and cars 5 years after. BMW's first car ever was the Dixi 3/15 PS. In 1945, BMW had to cease production of cars and motorcycles due to the restructuring of factories following WW2, but returned to their venture 5 years later. On the way to becoming a household name, BMW faced tough competition from Audi and Subaru which strived for the same spotlight as BMW. Despite rough history, the brand achieved certain milestones. For example, in 1992, BMW outsold Mercedes in Europe with a higher number of vehicles. Their persistent striving for a luxurious blend of driving and passenger comfort, paired with unparalleled German engineering, earned BMW a reputation of a luxurious brand among US buyers as well as luxury car owners worldwide.

By Norman Newsome

Windshield Replacement Cost.

How Much Does Windshield Repair & Replacement Cost? The average windshield replacement cost is $350. Windshield replacement cost ranged from $200 to $500 in 2018-2019, depending on the type of windshield, brand, make, and model. Most or all of that is paid by your insurance company.

Click to see full answer

Consequently, how much does it cost to replace a BMW window?

The average cost for a BMW 328i window regulator motor replacement is between $338 and $603. Labor costs are estimated between $132 and $167 while parts are priced between $206 and $436. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

Likewise, how much does it cost to replace a BMW x3 windshield? Recent Bmw X3 Glass Quotes Find Real Prices from Real Customers


Also question is, how much does it cost to have my windshield replaced?

Windshield Replacement CostsTypically, the cost of a windshield replacement is between $100-$400, including labor with the average cost ranging between $210-230. Collectible cars and luxury vehicles can jump the price to as high as $1,500 but it all depends on the vehicle.

Does BMW replace windshields?

We repair and replace thousands of BMW windshields every year. Our services are completed quickly and diligently, often having your new windshield in place within a few hours.


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Originally Posted by Ross328iView Post

It won't have the BMW logo, but it's the same exact thing.

Manufactured to same specs, but careful with the statement "same exact thing." You need to take a close look at the DOT number to get the full story. This is not just a case where a given factory spits out a batch of windshields with BMW logos one day and then another identical batch without logos the other (actually it may be the case if you live in Germany or France... probably not though, I would guess the non-logo is coming from Hanglas Poland or Czech).

For example I have a replacement "OEM" windshield with Saint-Gobain Sekurit logo which was put in last year and cost me less than CAD$400 installed. The dealer wanted CAD$2035 all-in for a windshield replacement with BMW logo. It looks like I got a great deal, but taking a close look DOT number for this glass is DOT772 which = "SAINT-GOBAIN HANGLAS SEKURIT (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. SHANGHAI CHINA"

So windshield is technically OE with correct logo, but made by Hanglas. There are also some other cost cutting measures glass shops take like reusing the rain sensor (maybe they don't have the time or expertise to replace/recode) and in some cases using cheaper moldings and/or adhesives.

Not that I am knocking Chinese manufacturing, I think with more modern facilities they may be making great glass, perhaps even to better standards than some of the Euro facilities. I certainly have no complaints about quality of mine. However if you are a purist who thinks everything in your German car should come from within 200 km of the Fatherland, something to be aware of.

I don't have one in front of me but I would guess for those of you with the roundel logo glass it's either DOT27 ("SEKURIT SAINT-GOBAIN DEUTSCHLAND GMBH GERMANY") or Pilkington is DOT43 ("PPG INDUSTRIES GLASS S.A.") manufactured in France.

You have to make your own decision about whether the premium is worth it. I seem to go through a windshield every 2-3 yrs so I can't really justify the extra cost even through insurance, but point is not all of this extra cost from the dealer is "propeller tax."

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