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It gets trickier when you're attaching speakers with wires to a stereo with RCA jacks for the speaker out, or a stereo with terminals for regular speaker wire to speakers with RCA jacks. You won't find a speaker wire-to-RCA adapter, so you have to either buy speaker wires with RCA plugs at one end or make your own.

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Similarly one may ask, how do I connect speaker wire to RCA?

When connecting speaker wires to RCA Plugs, remove the cover from one of your RCA plugs and insert the speaker wire inside. Connect the positive wire to the plug coming from the rear. Do this by soldering them together. As for the negative wire, connect it to the tab and solder it there as well.

Subsequently, question is, do RCA cables have positive and negative? Honorable. RCA cables are coaxial cables, meaning that each cable has a positive conductor (inner) and negative conductor (outer). The two different cables are the left and right stereo audio channels.

In this manner, can you run speaker wire next to RCA?

RCA cables and speaker wireAmp wiring kits often don't include signal wiring. RCA cables come in stereo pairs, in various lengths. When running new speaker wires from your amplifier's output to the speakers, any size wire from 18- to 14-gauge will work fine.

How do you hook up RCA cables?

Plug the red and white RCA cables into the color-coded RCA audio output jacks on the device, beside the component outputs. Plug the other end of the component cables into the corresponding, color-coded input jacks on the rear of the HDTV. Plug the RCA audio cables into the RCA inputs beside the component inputs.

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Speaker Wire to Stereo RCA L/R Adapter Kit

Speaker Wire To RCA Adapter Cables
This 4-inch long speaker wire to RCA cable is highly adaptable for custom hookups. It has an RCA jack on one end and tinned wire on the other to accept any connector.

This speaker wire adapter cable allows high level speaker outputs to be connected via RCA phono jacks. Ideal for use with amplifiers or audio receiver that have high level input capability but no speaker wire input connections or the molded RCA plugs are short to allow for easy installation in tight areas.

This adapter cable is also suitable for turning any audio device containing speaker spring terminals into RCA connectors for installation.

Cables are color coded for polarity identification. Super easy setup for plug and play.

Product Features:
Converts 2 channels of speaker wire terminals to RCA jacks for installation.
Cable cost saving solution by using inexpensive RCA cable for connection instead of using typical speaker wires.
Color coded for polarity identification.

Package Cotent:
4" long speaker wire to RCA adapter cable x 2

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Speaker-Wire-Stereo-RCA-Adapter/dp/B076P7KP3D
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How to Connect Speaker Wires to an RCA Jack

Cut speaker wire to the length you need. How long this piece is depends upon the location of the components you want to connect and the route that your cable will follow. Take these factors into account, and add a small percentage to the distance to allow for the unexpected when routing the cable.

Strip the insulation off the ends of the wire so that you expose 3/8 to 1/2 inch of bare wire on each lead. Take note of which lead is positive and which is negative -- this is color-coded on many speaker wires.

Unscrew the shells of your RCA connectors from the plugs, and slide the shells over the wire.

Solder the positive lead of the speaker wire to the center pin of your RCA, and the negative to the outer lead. Allow the solder to cool, then slide the shell over the solder joints and screw tight onto the RCA jack.

Repeat Step 4 on the other end of the length of speaker wire to complete your cable.

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Convert regular speaker wire to RCA or monaural

4 Tips for Connecting Speaker Wires to RCA Plugs

RCA plugs are very commonly used hardware and can be seen usually in audio and video applications such as hooking up stereos, televisions, and mobile mp3 players. It’s a standard form of connection that gives good sound and visual quality by carrying signals to an amplifier. By converting your speaker wires into RCA plugs, you can create your own high-quality RCA cables at very minimal cost. Here are the things you need and some tips on how to go about this project.

1. Purpose

Check out speaker wire converters on Amazon.

Before embarking on this project, you must determine first the reason for doing so. Are you after improved audio quality? Do you have equipment that only takes RCA jacks and not speaker wires? Or do you simply want to create a new set of wires for future use? Make sure that the equipment taking in these wires can handle them. Otherwise you just might be cutting a bunch of wires for nothing.

2. Safety

Starting on a project such as this requires some safety standards. Even though it is a pretty simple process, there is still a possibility that you may get hurt. Always take caution in all the steps that you take. Make sure that the components of your audio or video system are unplugged from their outlets to avoid possible electric shock. As much as possible, also wear gloves and goggles because you will be working with a soldering iron that may be very harmful to your skin if not taken seriously.

3. Cutting the Speaker Wires

You need to be very careful about cutting the correct length of the wire. Get the length of the speaker wires that you need and cut them to this length. When cutting the length of the speakers wires, it should be same length as the RCA cables you are going to use. And when using wire strippers, removing the insulation on both ends of the wire, ensure that you do this carefully and not accidentally cut the wire. When leaving half an inch of wire exposed on both sides, make sure that both speaker wires are also of the same length, otherwise your cable conversion might suffer in quality and integrity. You may also twist the exposed portion to bring the strands together and so that they’re not brushing loosely, which could damage them.

4. Learning the Process

It's important to learn the proper procedure. When connecting speaker wires to RCA Plugs, remove the cover from one of your RCA plugs and insert the speaker wire inside. Connect the positive wire to the plug coming from the rear. Do this by soldering them together. As for the negative wire, connect it to the tab and solder it there as well. Let the soldered portions cool first. After a couple of minutes, slide the cover back in place and screw it back in. Repeat these steps to the others so you can have a complete set of speakers with RCA output.

Once you have completed your RCA plug project, you can now enjoy high-quality music via RCA cables. You will now be able to connect directly to televisions, amplifiers, and even mp3 players. Your speakers can also be used with bigger equipment and become part of a bigger system. The good thing about this conversionusing RCA plugs is that it is of high quality and much better than in its former state.

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