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What is the best degree to sharpen a chainsaw chain?

Most standard chain is sharpened at 25-35 degrees for crosscutting wood and for ripping with the grain it's best to use 10 degrees. So if you are cutting with the grain, you should be using 10 degree sharpened chain.

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People also ask, what is the correct angle to sharpen a chainsaw chain?

Most Crosscut Chain is sharpened to 30 degrees. You can estimate this with a file, or if there are witness marks on the teeth, you can match your file angle to the witness mark.

One may also ask, how many times can a chainsaw chain be sharpened? Depending on usage, a chain can usually be sharpened 3 to 5 times max.

Beside this, what angle should I sharpen my Stihl chainsaw chain?

Most recommend that Stihl chain be sharpened at 30 degres with a zero offset (90 degrees, or flat across). That said, I notice that most of my Stihl chains come from the factory sharpened at 35 degrees, zero offset. 35 degees will cut faster but also dull faster.

How do you sharpen a chainsaw like a pro?

Use the depth gauge tool and file to adjust the height of the depth gauges on the chain. If the depth gauges are too high, the cutters can't reach the wood. Re-sharpen your chain every time you refill your chainsaw with fuel. Keep your chain out of the dirt when cutting or it will dull quickly.

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Chainsaw Sharpening Angles


In a hot summer day of 2012 when I was using a chainsaw to cutting wood gradually I found my chainsaw tooth gets dull. In this sequence of getting tired and weaken the tooth takes more pressure from me to cut and eventually the cutting finish is not so well. At that time replacing it needs much more money than I decide to sharpen it from local sharpening shop. I give it to them and get it back after two days. They sharpen it well, and the teeth also shine but never follow the Chainsaw sharpening angles, I wondered when using it. The tooth much sharpened but it never cuts so well. I see the inside and outside of top plate looks sharpen, but it’s not at a proper angle.  Anyway, at that time I don’t know about the teeth angle and other maintenance.

I went to my father as he was using the chainsaw last two-decade and expertise one. In his reply, he shows that angles and their benefits, what I am going to reveal today to you.


chainsaw sharpening angles basics

Chainsaw Sharpening Angles

The chainsaw is nothing else a steel bar unless there have teeth. The teeth also useless when it does not sharpen or never cut the wood. For having well furnished cutting we always busy with sharpen the chainsaw teeth and mostly forget to secure the proper angle of a tooth thus helps us for having excellent cut in a short while. Chainsaw teeth angles are the angle of inside and outside of your top plate and the side plate of every tooth.  You might think why it’s so important? It’s important because when the teeth plates cut into the teeth, these angles help it to cut fast and quite easy also help not to stop or stuck on wood in time of cutting. So why in time of sharpening a chainsaw chain be careful about these sharpening angles for getting better performance.

For having, the perfect angle in the cutting tooth see the manufacture of your chainsaw or see the manufacturer website to know the diameter. Then pick the perfect diameter round file that attaches perfectly to your saw cutter and maintains these angles.

chainsaw Sharpening angles


In every tooth, there have two angles in both top plate and side plate. Everyone has different works destination and working tactics though all of them work to help each other.

  • Inside Top Plate angle: Looking into a cutting tooth from above, the horizontal angle of the cutting tooth you see is the top plate inside angle. When your cutting wood is clean and soft and it seems easy to cut then this angle would be around 35˚. If the wood is much hard and frozen, then this angle should be blunter. The blunt angle may reduce the cutting efficiency but help the edge and gives strength to work longer period.

Most user says,” 30˚ sharp fast even also dull fast”

  • Outside side plate angle: It’s the outer edge of vertical part of the teeth. In cutting this outside side, plate plays the vital role, and it should be 90˚ and not less than 85˚. This angle makes a small back slop in the side plate, and it helps the chain feed. This back pile also helps develop the cutting efficiency, but it seems difficult when it goes into the wood so why some people also grind small beak in this area. But I always recommend to go with this beak and sharpen it 90˚ angle.
  • Outside Top plate edge: The outside of the top should be sharpened in 15˚ angle. My father also says about this angle that most of the operators work with his claim that it should be more angle like 20˚ or more thus the back corner works fast to go through the wood. The outside top plate helps to keep the same pressure on every tooth.
  • Inside side plate angle:  In looking into the front tooth, the vertical angle you see is the inside side plate angle. It should be around 45˚. It should reduce for soft and clean wood in keeping a proper innovative balance. For frozen timber, it needs little more angular to maintain the balance of cutting edge. This angle prevents the flow of cutting toothy inside the wood.

Benefits of these sharpening angles

  • It helps to sharpen faster in time of sharpening.
  • It maintains a balance in cutting teeth and helps each other part.
  • The cutting edge performance developed in following the angle.
  • This angular combination makes the teeth ninja
  • These angles help the cutting tooth to cut quickly.

The final summary of my father’s explanation is that we can’t avoid these angles in sharpening the chainsaw teeth.


Daddy strongly recommended keeping these angle and from next time I sharpen the chainsaw at home following this guide of how to sharpen a chainsaw at home. I always follow these chainsaw sharpening angles, and now my power tool works like a ninja. Now I’m quite satisfied with my chainsaw and its performance. If you ​Here is Details Guidelines Best Chainsaw Sharpener

Sours: https://www.bestconsumersreview.com/chainsaw-sharpening-angles/
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Stihl .325 Chain 25 vs 30 degrees

SawTroll said:

Mathematically, 3/8 = .375, there never was any doubt about that!

The issue here is that neither 3/8 or .375 is the actual pitch of the chain. 3/8 is sort of OK to call them, as sort of a rounded off number - but .375 is not, as it stands out as a more accurate number, but isn't! It then becomes a false number, instead of a rounded off number.

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This is derailing the thread, but...

Please tell me how 3/8 is any less accurate than 0.375. Neither are rounded off!

I prefer the 3/8" designation myself, but don't see the problem in calling it 0.375". Baileysonline.com and many others does it, and calling it a "mistake", as you did,
Is simply pedantic.

Oh, by the way, did you know of any better/more accurate/comprehensive source of comparison of chains than http://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/media/documents/chain-info.pdf?


Sours: https://www.arboristsite.com/threads/stihl-325-chain-25-vs-30-degrees.208280/
Explanation of top plate angles on Saw chain

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Degree 25 chainsaw 30 vs

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Running a Longer Bar on a Chainsaw?

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