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The triple threat, Tessa Brooks is a dancer, actress, and model who has gathered over M subscribers on her self-titled Youtube channel, Tessa Brooks.

Past summer of , Tessa uploaded a video where she surprised the fans with her 20 pounds weight loss and shared some of her &#;Tips and Secrets&#; with them.

But Tessa isn&#;t a doctor or nutritionist, she just wanted fans to know what worked for her. She believed that &#;every body-type is beautiful&#; and encouraged fans to &#;love yourself no matter what&#;.

Here is everything you need to know about her weight loss journey.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss: How Did She Lose 20 Pounds?

But before we move on to how Tessa lost her weight, let&#;s take a look at the factor responsible for her weight gain.

Tessa Brooks mentioned her body type since to be &#;muscley and tiny&#; she was little. She would quickly gain weight and that was frustrating for her because she loved to eat. Also, she was the kind of person to eat her feelings away and that was how she started gaining weight.

Unhappy with herself, Tessa then made the big decision to &#;be healthy&#;. But even a year into working out and eating healthy, Tessa wasn&#;t losing weight. She would lose like pounds during her diet and again gain it back after eating outside.

So, she decided that it was time to strictly adhere to the rule. Tessa&#;s plan included a smoothie for breakfast, something green/light (salad, tacos) for lunch, and for dinner, she ate tacos or something light if she was outside.

As for the outside diet, she ate everything in moderation. She implored her fans to avoid eating chips, white/brown rice, sour cream, cheese, and corn if they wanted to lose weight,

Furthermore, her biggest challenge in the food restriction plan was &#;cutting off dairy&#;.

But it was all worth it. Tessa shared that she &#;didn&#;t get tired as fast, her brain worked better and had more energy&#; when she ate healthily.

Apart from eating habits, Tessa also worked out to shape her body. But she wasn&#;t the person who liked working out in the gym. Instead, she liked being outside; hiking, taking pilates class, dancing, and jogging.

Mostly, being a professional dancer as well, Tessa chose to dance because it made her &#;happy&#;. So, her secret was to choose what workout you enjoy the most.

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What Did Tessa Brooks Look Like Before Weight Loss?

Tessa Brooks wasn&#;t any less of an exquisiteness before she lost weight.

Here is a picture of her before and after she lost 20 pounds.


Tessa Brooks before and after weight loss (Source: Tessa&#;s Youtube)

Some may say that there was no need for her to make the weight loss a big deal. But it&#;s all a matter of self-confidence and how ease we feel in our bodies.

Tessa was stressed out for not losing weight. And being in the entertainment business; where looks matter the most, it&#;s understandable why she seemed so happy about it.

Moreover, Tessa wasn&#;t just flaunting off her body. She was also flaunting off the dedication and hard work she put into it. And in doing so, she was able to inspire many.

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How Does Tessa Brooks Maintain Her Weight Loss?

Cutting the food all your life isn&#;t an option. So, Tessa once again took it to Youtube to share more of her secrets on how she maintained her weight loss.

Starting off, Tessa talked about her diet and mentioned that she wasn&#;t as much as dairy-free as she was before. She was taking her vitamins every day and drinking celery juice (which she hated but liked the benefits) each day too.

Tessa even treated herself to bagels and cheese. But after she did, she would hit the gym like it was &#;nobody&#;s business&#;.

Surprisingly, the outdoor girl had a gym built in her apartment complex. She even uploaded her workout routine over her IGTV @tessabrooks.

Furthermore, Tessa rarely went for cryo. But the reason wasn&#;t cause she got lazy. Instead, she noticed that her &#;parts&#; were getting bigger as she had stopped cryo and she wanted to keep &#;those girls, fluffy&#;.

Also, Tessa believed that is was important to have &#;cheat days or sheep bells&#;. If someone was eating healthy all the time, they are bound to get sick of it. Thus, &#;cheat days&#;.

The last and most important thing was &#;water&#;. She insisted on how important was it to drink water to keep yourself healthy and lose weight as well.

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Her Current Height, Weight, Measurements

Tessa Brooks currently stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches ( cm) and weighs around 56 kgs ( lbs).

Also, Tessa claimed that her weight fluctuated a lot. But she was always able to maintain it around 54kg ( lbs) to 57 ( lbs).

Reportedly, her body measurements were inches ( cm) and dress size 8 (US) or 40 (EU).

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Tessa Brooks weight loss journey gets the attention of the youth, aspires them to be energetic and achieve their goals with commitment and passion.

Tessa Brooks is a young American model, dancer, actress, YouTuber, and social media personality popular for her Vlogs and beauty videos. Her appearance on Disney’s ‘’ The Next Big Thing’’ and the web series ‘’ Boss Cheer’’ brought more fame for her. She is very young and also motivates her fans through these videos to do different things. Her popularity is a credit to her amazing dance career and beauty Vlogs.

Tessa Brook was not obese but at a certain age, she realized that she is gaining more weight. She believes that all of this weight gain is a result of depression, and tension which is very common these days. The youth are much under pressure and there is much competition in the job market, career goals, peer pressure, and they put a lot of effort to maintain their appearance. Additionally, the trend of fast food, technology, and social media has a huge impact on their health.

With all of this Weight gain is obvious, and they look up for motivation and inspiration in their life for weight loss. Tessa Brook is a ray of light who not only provides guidance for weight loss through sharing her weight loss journey but also encourages youth to love their bodies. Let’s find out why the beautiful Vlogger, despite being in the spotlight, thought to change her appearance and worked on her weight loss.

Why did Tessa Brooks think of losing weight?

Tessa Brooks fans love her the way she was. They were always supportive of her. She is tiny, and a food lover from the beginning. She was never worried about her weight. However, being in the industry, she realized that she is gaining weight more quickly than others. Therefore, she must work on her weight.

Being in the entertainment industry, she was becoming unhappy with her quick weight gain. She did exercise and gym to lose weight. Though she lost pounds, she again put on weight eating outside. She believes that weight loss is a matter of self-confidence and feeling satisfied. Her happiness reached a different level when she lost weight as a dancer, model, and actor.

As a young model, she was energetic and fully focused on her body. She did everything in moderation and finally achieved her goal.

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Tessa Brooks Weight Loss: How much she lost?

Tessa Brooks weight loss

image source @tessabrooks Instagram

Tessa Brooks lost 20 pounds of weight through diet and exercise. Her body is tiny and muscley, and she was little. She quickly gains weight. Which was frustrating for her, before that weight gain, she was never concerned about her weight.

You can feel the change in her body before and after losing weight. Though 20 pounds doesn’t sound much but depending on her body shape and appearance, it was enough for her. It made her look more slim and beautiful. If you are someone who watches her video regularly, you will admire her for her efforts. Now she seems more happy and satisfied with her body. Though it is tough to avoid things that you love, she made the sacrifice to eliminate the unhealthy habits of eating.

You can also lose weight if you follow the tips and suggestions she shared with us.

What are the diet tips Toss Brooks Shared with Youth about Weight Loss?

Toss Brook is neither a nutritionist nor a doctor, however, she shared her experience with fans to help them in their journey of Weight Loss. These tips are very helpful and informative for people who love eating out. She did make a Vlog on her Diet, and exercise.

In her YouTube Channel, Tessa Brooks showed what she ate. She takes everything in moderation. She avoids eating chips, or white rice. Most of the time, she only takes corn and cream cheese. She also advised her fans to do the same, if they are serious about their health. One of the Biggest Challenges for her was avoiding dairy products.

In her video, she talks about weight gain that she used to eat her feelings away when she was depressed. And she was getting tired all the time. In those days, she preferred to stay indoors. Meanwhile, she excitedly shared that she loves going outdoors after losing Weight. The weight loss made her more active and energetic.

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How much Tessa Brooks Weight loss is a result of Exercise?

Tessa Brooks believes that only exercise doesn’t help in weight loss. For a long time, she relied on exercise to maintain her weight. Indeed, dancing relevancy with exercise was also an edge for her as a dancer. As dance includes a lot of moves. Her opinion is based on her personal experience. Therefore, she opted for dieting and exercise. This means you can not only depend on exercise for weight loss, rather take both exercise and diet together. 

Tessa Brooks does yoga plus a workout session of 30 minutes. In which she does cardio, plan out, pushups, and stretching. Exercise also helps to keep her active, and it’s beneficial for her mental health. Those of you who are stressed can do yoga for peace of mind.

Additionally, Tessa Brook also took vitamins to overcome the gap of any deficiency in her body. She talks about taking celebrity juice which she didn’t like much, but that helped her in weight loss.

How does Tessa Brooks&#; Daily Routine Look?

Tessa Brooks weight loss

image source @tessabrooks Instagram

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss routine is shared by her in Vlog. She showed her fans how she daily maintains her diet, and what is included in her breakfast, evening routine, and active day. 

  • Daily Morning Routine- As a dancer, Tessa Brooks focuses on her daily dance practice. She starts her day with at least an hour of dance practice in the morning. Dance practice helps her burn calories, and get her body toned. You can either do dance, or yoga in the morning depending on your body needs.
  • Evening Routine&#; In the evening, she does different things. For instance, she does three days of Treadmill for 30 minutes every day and the circuit routine. She showed how she enjoys her evening.
  • Active Day out- Tessa Brooks is not a gym person. She loves outdoor activities. Therefore, on her rest days, she prefers hiking or trekking. It’s better to do the outdoor activity once in a while for peace of mind and it helps to boost blood circulation in the body. 

You can also check out her Video on Her YouTube Channel for Weight loss tips and recommendations.

What makes Tessa Brooks an inspiration for the young generation in their weight loss journey?

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss is unique in the sense that there are many young girls and boys out there who wanted to lose weight. However, they are young, and they wanted to eat more since their body requires more energy growing up. Also, their eating patterns and exposure to outdoor eating make it difficult for them to avoid things they love.

Therefore, it becomes tougher for young girls and boys to go for weight loss. Some give up, and some of them don’t even try. In the world of Junk food, consumption of inorganic food is common. However, Tessa Brooks gives herself the challenge to avoid dairy products. Also, the food she loves, she tries to eat food that does not increase her calories and makes her fat. She suggested the young guys not feed themselves with advertised food products such as chips. 

Additionally, the youth didn’t have time for themselves. They are always in a hurry for everything and hooked up among the unhealthy ways of living. They don’t like to spend time cooking and looking for healthy food for themselves. Tessa Brooks believes that eating healthy gives more energy and restores our brain activeness. This is how we can be more productive in whatever we do. 

What is Tessa Brooks Quick Weight Loss Tips?

Following are the Weight loss tips from Tessa Brook experience;

  • Smoothie Breakfast
  • Something green or light such as salad for launch
  • For dinner, something light like such as tacos
  • For outside, take everything in moderation
  • Cut off Dairy products
  • Dance, jog or go for a hike and do maximum outdoor activities
  • Avoid processed food
  • Do thirty minutes work out session every day
  • In the morning do yoga or dance 

If you follow these simple steps and plan your routine using these guidelines, you will see the results in your weight.

A final thought on Tessa Brooks Weight Loss

Tessa Brooks Weight loss and body transformation help us understand that it’s not one factor that impacts our weight loss efforts. There are multiple factors we have to consider for weight loss such as exercise with a proper diet plan and eliminate inorganic and fast food. She is an inspiration for many girls and boys as a young Vlogger. Additionally, she felt the need to share her story with others to motivate and encourage them to go for weight loss, no matter how much you love something, it’s not more important than your health.

You can prioritize things, and the first preference should be your health, the rest comes after. Tessa Brooks craves fast food and dairy products but she didn’t make her change her decision. She carefully chooses her diet with her mother, and also takes her suggestions to achieve her goal.

 Hope you will be touched by these stories of resilience and courage. And take their suggestions and recommendations to make your life more satisfying and beautiful. 

We are with you in this journey and bring you more ambitious stories of people, and their efforts in Weight loss.

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Grab the amazing weight loss details of YouTuber Tessa Brooks.

Tessa Brooks is a multi-talented American dancer, actor, and model who has managed to gather over million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. Tessa has always been a person that motivates others. She always encourages fans to love themself no matter their body type/size. Recently many of her fans were surprised about her weight loss.

So in order to know the differences and learn about her inspiring weight loss ahead, we present you with all details with before and after comparison.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss

While Brooks revealed her weight-loss secrets in , her weight-loss topic has been discussed since In October of that year, she tweeted about the trouble she had choosing to lose weight. It was always a way of life to eat a lot of carbohydrates and fats.

Fitness model Tessa Brooks before after weight loss

Before & After Weight Loss.
Image Source: YouTube

The fitness model Tessa shared that her body type is very muscley and tiny. If she ate just a little too much, she would immediately gain weight. But that didn&#;t stop her from losing weight. Instead, she kept forcing herself to eat healthy and light.

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Even though Tessa cared about the shape of her body, she was not a huge gym person. She loves dancing, hiking, jogging, taking pilates classes and that&#;s what she did more to lose her weight. And cardio is also one of the best exercises in the world for maintaining an athletic figure.

Before and After Weight Loss

Tessa has managed to lose about pounds. As you can see in the before and after pictures, she looks in incredibly good shape. Tessa shared that after the weight loss her body feels less tired and had more energy.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss -Before & After

Journey from Chubby to SKinny.
Image Source: Celebs Diaries

Being a part of the entertainment business requires any celebrity to be at their best looks and shape. Tessa said after losing her weight it gave her a huge amount of confidence and ease in doing stuff.

Maintaining Her Weight Loss

Tessa took it to her youtube and shared that she had a strict diet. She tried to eat dairy-free meals, take vitamins and drink celery juice every day. The youtube star has a gym built in her apartment. She even gave her fans a glimpse of her workout routine on her Instagram.

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Further, she shared that drinking water has helped her a lot in being healthy and as well as losing weight. And it worked! So guys if you are thinking to lose some weight you can too follow these tips.

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We hope you enjoyed the article, for more Celebrity Did You Know articles make sure to visit Celeb&#;s Diaries.

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How I've Maintained My Weight Loss!! (Losing 20 pounds journey)

Tessa Brooks Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Tessa Brooks is an actress, model, and dancer known for her YouTube channel, where she has over million subscribers. She has appeared in The Next Big Thing and the Boss Cheer series as well. She also gets widely recognized for her dance skills; you can see her dancing with many big-name YouTubers.

Tessa started her dance journey when she was only two years old, and until now, she’s kept it up. However, her fans love her body physique as much as they love Tessa. So if you also want to know the Tessa Brooks workout and the Tessa Brooks diet plan, then keep reading.

Tessa Brooks Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Tessa Brooks Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Tessa Brooks Body Stats

Height5 ft 6 inch
Weight56 kg
Age21 years
Breast33 inch
Waist24 inch
Hips34 inch

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Tessa Brooks Workout Routine

Tessa Brooks is a person that has started her life by being fit. Since two years old, she was dancing almost every day and never has gotten into a shape where you can call her chubby or fat. So do remember the reason Tessa’s muscles and abs are so awesome is mostly because of her dance workout. Even now, Tessa dances regularly and makes videos, Tik-Tok, etc.

Other than that, her workouts contain different things, including cardio and bodyweight exercises that she even stated in her video. Around a year ago, Tessa made a video about how she lost 20 pounds. In that video, she mentioned tips and other stuff that helped Tessa lose weight.

Tessa stated that the main reason is dancing, and other than that, she goes to the gym. There Tessa does 30 minutes of cardio workout and then gets to the yoga mat and does lots of abs and lower body workout and 20 push-ups a day. Yep, that’s the upper body workout, 20 push-ups a day. That’s why she said her muscle toning is mostly because of dancing.

A couple of months later, Tessa made another video and posted on YouTube about how she maintained that shape. Tessa stated that now she goes to the apartment gym, and there you can see her doing Treadmill and almost similar routine of bodyweight exercises like in the previous video. There also, Tessa gave credit to the dancing.

Also, follow her Instagram as there in the video; Tessa said she would share her home workouts on Instagram TV. Tessa also stated that she likes to stay active and go for hikes and walks. Also, Tessa loves doing Pilates workout classes whenever Tessa can go. Now that we know what kind of training she does. Let’s turn it into a routine that will help you get a body physique like Tessa. It will get divided into morning and evening routines, and we will be working out five days a week.

Tessa Brooks workout includes:

Tessa Brooks Workout Routine

Tessa Brooks Workout Routine

Morning Routine

In the morning routine, we will do an hour of dance work out. The dance workout will help you burn calories and get your body toned. Make sure you do stretching and all the stuff, also it would be better to join a dance class.


Evening Routine

In the evening routine, there would be different things. For three days, we will follow how Tessa explained in the video about doing 30 minutes of the Treadmill and then the circuit routine, which Tessa showed. Then for the rest two days, we will do a Pilates class for about an hour.


Active Rest Days

For two days, go on a hike or trek just like Tessa or play any sports with your friend.

That’s all for the Tessa Brooks workout routine.

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Tessa Brooks Diet Plan

Tessa Brooks Diet Plan

Tessa Brooks Diet Plan

Tessa Brooks also stated her diet in the new video where she said she eats lots of clean food. Tessa also left dairy for good, but now she does consume it but in a low amount. Tessa also drinks celery juice every day when she wakes up and even controls the meats.

Another thing that Tessa stated was lots of water. That’s the most important thing about her diet plan. If you want to eat exactly like Tessa, please check both of the videos out, where she has given the foods that she likes to consume.

That’s all for the Tessa Brooks diet plan.

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Loss weight tessa brooks

Check Out Tessa Brooks' Weight Loss Journey to Get That Mesmerizing Look

You've loved Tessa Brooks on YouTube for years, and yet, there were certain things she herself was not happy about. When she decided enough was enough, she finally took the necessary procedure in maintenance to she some unwanted body weight.

Brooks is a multi-talented social media personality, with the more popular of her talents being dancing. With over million subscribers on YouTube and being a dance prodigy since such a young age, she's branched out to modeling and acting in the recent years.

Tessa Brooks in workout clothes outdoors.

Brooks wanted to change in order to make herself happy.
Photo Source: Tessa Brooks, Instagram

With all the anxiety that builds up with the fame, it was evident she would feel the need to reshape her body into a mesmerizing one. After all the weight loss tip requests, it was obvious she was going to come out and share the secrets.

Brooks Was Initially Hesitant to Maintain Her Lost Weight Because Food Had That Effect on Her

While Brooks shared her weight loss secrets in , the discussions for the weight loss dates back to She tweeted in October that year about the difficulty she had when deciding to lose weight. High carb/fat food was always a way of life.

In the June video too, she also shared how she was always losing 5 to 10 lbs and then eat her way up back to the same weight again, thinking she'd already done the better part. It went one for a year or two until it was too much.

Why She Gained Weight — Stress

As she was growing up, she was finding herself being more stressed out than usual. And when she did get stressed, she mentioned she is the kind of person who eats their feelings away. And so she did.

Tessa Brooks in Black and White photo.

The past is something she'd rather not look back to.
Photo from: Pinterest

It was how she started gaining weight little by little. But after those moments, she made the big decision to finally be consistent in her diet plan and workout sessions. With all the following process, she lost a total of 20 pounds in early to mid

First, Her 20 Lbs Weight Loss Diet Plans

Of course, she knew she needed to change her eating habits. And the biggest part of it was cutting out dairy from her diet, almost completely. When choosing between what was healthier and what had dairy in it, she'd chose the non-dairy part because she knew she liked that one as well.

Tessa Brooks with two plates of food.

Food was a source of consolation for her before the weight loss journey.
Photo Source: Tessa Brooks, Instagram

Brooks then listed out the positive aspects of making such choices. She was not getting tired as fast as she used to before and her brain was working better. With more energy, it made her want to go outside in order to let out the satisfaction. It was something she didn't do much often. A whole day of satisfaction or 10 minutes of it; it was a no-brainer.

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Smoothie for breakfast early in the morning and something light in calories like salad or those chicken tacos with zero dairy and gluten for lunch were part of her daily diet routine. But the hardest part was dinner, obviously. But it was important for her to keep reminding herself what she was doing it for. Then, it would always be something light for dinner. Tacos would the end decision, if she can't come up with something. But her mom would not approve on the processed Tacos.

For Workout, She Likes Hiking or Outdoor Sessions As Opposed to Gym

Despite all that, she pursued the process with that weight loss target in mind. And of course, dancing was something she always did and thus needed to do a lot more.

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In addition to dancing, she also did yoga, and started off the workout session with a minute cardio, for her abs, then planks out for two minutes, on the timer, for the hips and then 20 pushups for the arms. And then she did something with her arms stretched out circling it, which she said was for toning her arms so much. And she also loves jumping lunges.

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The year-old came back in February to update her fans, who thought she was suddenly getting muscular, about how she was maintaining that pound weight loss, again stating she was always muscular from a young age. Of course, she did tell this thing in the earlier video too.

Watch: Brooks Comes Back to Explain How She's Maintained Her Weight Loss Figure

And fans have been really supportive of her. You know, filtering out all those jokes and some negative comments. And it seems she won't just stop anytime soon. It's already been a huge part of her life, why should she? She also updates from time to time on Instagram, check those out too.

Stay tuned and connected to IdolPersona for more celebrity Weight Loss content and updates from your favorite celebrities.

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We Lost 22% Of Body Fat In 6 Weeks

The famous Social Personality, Tessa Brooks, has always been entertained the audience. Therefore, the audience builds a very sweet relationship with her over time.

People had always supported her and compliment her for her work and glamour. However, Tessa Brooks wasn’t happy for her extra weight. Though from the very first day, she loved her body and appreciated every type of body.

But deep inside, she always used to think that if she could manage to cut pounds, she would feel more happy and free.

Therefore, after observing her body and work life, she made the big decision to lose weight. Below you’re going to know about Tessa Brooks weight loss journey, such as How she lost weight, what diet she has followed, alongside how she did her workout sessions to get the best result.

The story behind gaining weight over time


The diva got a “Muscley and Tiny“body type since she was young. Therefore, if she eats unhealthy meals for some days continuously, it reflects on her body.

While she was growing up, she often used to get stressed, and Tessa shared that she is the kind of person who eats to her feelings.

That’s how she started gaining weight day by day. But as she realized that she is getting overweight day by day, she decided to lose weight.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Secrets

Although Tessa Brooks shared her weight loss journey in , she was considering it from back in . In she tweeted, “How am I supposed to lose weight when the best part about life is mozzarella sticks” cause carb food was always a way of life for her.

As she got a Muscley and Tiny body, she gained weight easily as soon as she continues unhealthy meals for some days.

She shared that she was trying to lose weight for 1 to 2 years. But, every single time, she would lose weight, like maybe 5 to 10 pounds, by following a proper diet and gyming, and she would get it all back as soon as she slightly discontinues the rules.

With all frustration, Tessa decided to take the big decision and commit to herself that this time she will follow all the diet and attend all the workout sessions, pretty much strictly.

She started to clear out unhealthy meals from her food menu and listing all the healthy food in her meals. Below are the initial healthy foods she picked to began her weight loss journey.

  1. She included smoothies for breakfast.
  2. Something like green light salad/chicken tacos for launch.
  3. She usually ate Tacos / tasty light meal for Dinner.

She also shared that getting rid of dairy food was the most challenging thing for her, as she loves to eat dairy products. But as she realized the cons of dairy materials for weight loss, she cut off dairy products from her menu.

Although it was a tough one for her, Tessa noticed its benefits when she does it. She gets control of her weight, and her skin becomes more clear and fresher than before, that’s a bonus for her.


Although she was following a strict diet at the same time when choosing a non-dairy food, she picked it because she knows that it is healthy compared to the dairy one, and she liked that food as well.

Tessa Brooks mentioned that other than eating healthy food, she also ate everything in moderation but tried to have as much as fat-free meals when she was outside.

The diva recommended to her fans avoiding chips, white rice, sour cream cheese, dairy food, especially cheese, and corn if they seriously desire to lose their extra fat.

Also, Brooks shared that now by following a healthy diet, she gets more energy, her brain works fast, and she doesn’t get tired as quickly like before.

Needless to mention that the diva’s regular workout session played a significant role behind Tessa Brooks weight loss journey.

Besides following a proper healthy diet plan, you also need to exercise your body to weight loss actively. Nothing exceptional for Tessa Brooks. She also had to do exercise to lose weight.

The diva isn’t a huge fan of the gym neither a gym person. Tessa shared, “I am not a person who usually likes working out in the gym“. Instead, she loves to do outdoor stuff, such as going on Hikes, attending Pilates class, walking outsides with friends, etc. She feels more comfortable with dancing, as this is her hobby.

In addition to dancing, Tessa also practices Yoga, plus other exercises that can be done easily in the home. The reason behind doing such additional exercise regularly is to keep the muscle strong and active.

Below is the workout routine that the diva has followed in her weight loss journey.

  1. Before starting exercise, every time she does at least 30 minutes of Cardio.
  2. Then, for abs, Planks out at least for two minutes. The longer, the better for abs, she said. Also, for hips, move side to side.
  3. She considers 20 pushups every day to make her Arms strong.
  4. Tessa also loves Jumping lunges.

Watch the full video to get more insights about Teesa Brooks weight loss journey.

What Did Tessa Brooks Look Like Before Weight Loss?

There is no way to deny that Tessa was not any less attractive than before losing weight. She always had a smile on her face all the time, and many think that’s the secret of her beauty.

Even some also think there wasn’t any significant reason for her to weight loss/cutting extra fat. With that said, it’s also true that she was suffering from stress from not losing weight. Even sometimes, it also matters of self-confidence.

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Furthermore, she hasn’t just lost her weight. Also, the diva has endorsed healthy eating habits. As mentioned above, Healthy foods helped her to get a fresh mind, her brain started working faster. In addition, by losing her weight, she has inspired others to start their weight loss journey.

Are you curious to see Tessa Brooks then and now photo. Then, Here is the photo of Tessa brooks weight loss before and after.


How Does Tessa Brooks Maintain Her Weight Loss?

It is always tougher to maintain a constant weight than to lose weight. Therefore, Tessa shared another youtube video on her self-titled Youtube channel that how she is maintaining her weight now?

Tessa mentioned that she has become less strict at her Dairy inTake nowadays. Now, she included vitamins and celery juice in her everyday diet; although she doesn’t enjoy drinking celery juice however she likes the benefits of celery juice, which is why she included it in her menu.

She also added that when she inTake cheese or other food with a higher amount of dairy involved, she tends to exercise more than usual.

Furthermore, she believed that a healthy diet should have cheat days. Eating healthy food all the time can be tedious, sometimes. Therefore a cheat day can play the role of peeling off your boredom.

Over time, She also realized the benefits of drinking water. Nowadays, She is consistent with an advisable amount of water every day.

Brooks shared that water played a significant role in her weight loss progress. Water keeps her body well-hydrated and fresh. Therefore, she got a fresh mind to concentrate on her workout session.

Watch the below video to get a broader perspective about How she is maintaining her body weight nowadays?

Her fans loved her the way she was and were quite supportive of it. But she addressed that it was always a matter of self-confidence for her and how much ease the weight loss gave to her body. 

How much does Tessa Brooks weight?


After losing weight about 20 pounds by following a healthy diet, now she weighs about pounds / 54 kilograms. The estimated height of Tessa Brooks is 5 Feet 6 Inches.

According to her height and weight, her body mass index is about m/kg2, which indicates that she leads a healthy lifestyle.

Height in Feet5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight in Pounds Pounds
Weight in KG54 Kilograms
BMI m/kg2
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe SizeSix

Tessa Brooks Personal Info

Tessa was born in in Fresno, California, United States. She celebrates her birthday on the 5th April of every year. Meanwhile, Tessa Brooks age is 22 years. Also, she has two sisters. She started dancing at the age of two since she is performing.

Talking about her career, she is most known as Social Media Personality, Actress, Model, and Dancer. She started her youtube career by uploading her dancing videos on Youtube.

She first got fame by dancing along with famous artists, such as Nicki Minaj. Perhaps, Tessa Brooks, 22, became more popular after working in the Disney web series named “The Next Big Thing.”

According to sources, the estimated net worth of Tessa Brooks is about $5 Million. Most of her income comes from brand promotion.

Birth PlaceFresno, California
Birth Year
Birthday5th April
Age23 Years
Zodiac SignGemini
Net Worth in $5 Million
Income SourceSponsorship & Brand Promotion


By having a Muscley and Tiny body type, Tessa usually gains more weight quickly than others as soon as she starts eating junk food. Therefore, it was always tougher for her to lose extra fat.

But as she started taking care of herself and get fully focused on the Tessa Brooks weight loss journey. Slowly she started seeing results by adopting healthy lifestyles and essentials exercise. There are no secrets to losing weight. It’s about having proper nutritious meals and doing the best exercises that suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions about the social media star’s weight loss topic.

How did Tessa Brooks lose weight

Tessa Brooks lose weight by endorsing healthy foods, cutting dairy products from the diet, and at the same time by doing proper exercise. She also included healthy celery juice in her diet and increased the amount of drinking water.

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Sours: https://grandcelebs.com/tessa-brooks-weight-loss-journey/

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