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Chrysler PT Cruiser Car Batteries

Get a New Chrysler Battery

The Right Battery Size for a Chrysler PT Cruiser

Researching battery replacements for your Chrysler PT Cruiser? Check the chart to find the right car battery size and cold cranking amps for your PT Cruiser.

Battery Engine Warranty Cold Cranking Amps
L4/L Replacement months Performance months


- Battery:

- Warranty: Replacement months, Performance months

- Cold Cranking Amps:

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Buying a Replacement Battery for Chrysler PT Cruiser

Sadly, your Chrysler PT Cruiser won't last forever. Neither will its battery. On average, auto batteries last anywhere from three to five years. You want to replace your Chrysler PT Cruiser battery before it fails and leaves you stranded. Pay attention to clues that your battery is on its way out. A sluggish engine start, a blinking battery or check engine light, bloated battery case, corroded battery terminals, and subpar electrical performance may all indicate that your battery is on its last leg.

You can also get a Free Battery Test at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care. Our equipment can see how much charge is left in your battery. Drop in for a free battery check and, if needed, a replacement battery for your Chrysler PT Cruiser. Car batteries are one of our many specialties! Our expert technicians understand Chrysler service recommendations for PT Cruiser battery cold cranking amps and reserve capacity. Get help identifying the type and size of battery that fits your car perfectly, and schedule a weekday or weekend battery replacement service for your car.

Find the Right DieHard Battery for Your PT Cruiser

We only want what’s best for your Chrysler PT Cruiser, which is why we carry just that. You need a reliable, durable and powerful battery in even the most extreme conditions. DieHard batteries shatter expectations and house the latest technology to meet the growing power needs of modern vehicles They're no ordinary battery, they're extraordinary. Choose a DieHard battery for your Chrysler PT Cruiser and have the peace of mind that performance will be there when you need it most. That's the kind of battery we deliver.

After Buying Chrysler PT Cruiser Battery

Did you recently have a new Chrysler PT Cruiser car battery installed? Great job! Give your new car battery the best start with proper care. You can take care of your battery by limiting short trips, keeping the battery posts corrosion-free, and not playing the radio or using other electronics when the engine is turned off.

Answers to Your PT Cruiser Car Battery Questions

Turn to Firestone Complete Auto Care for answers to all your car battery questions. If you have a PT Cruiser-specific battery question, visit your nearest store. Our expert techs have the answers you need.

  • Why doesn’t my PT Cruiser battery stay charged? A battery that won't hold a charge is almost as good as dead. The battery may be too old. Or, you’ve been leaving the doors slightly open and the cabin light at night. Stop by for a free battery test at your favorite Firestone Complete Auto Care and learn more about your battery's charge.

  • What happens to my old PT Cruiser battery? We recycle it, taking care of both your car and the Earth.

  •  How much do DieHard batteries cost for your Chrysler PT Cruiser? Chrysler PT Cruiser batteries can be affordable, especially when there's an available battery coupon. The best part is every DieHard battery comes with a free replacement warranty and extra coverage with DieHard Assurance.

Chrysler PT Cruiser Batteries Near You

Don’t let a dead battery stop you. Shop replacement car batteries for your Chrysler PT Cruiser at Firestone Complete Auto Care.

Shop Batteries

Sours: https://vehicle.firestonecompleteautocare.com/chrysler/pt-cruiser//maintenance/batteries/
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Car Battery Replacement Service

How much does a Car Battery Replacement cost?

On average, the cost for a Chrysler PT Cruiser Car Battery Replacement is $ with $ for parts and $95 for labor. Prices may vary depending on your location.

CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
Chrysler PT CruiserLLService typeCar Battery ReplacementEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Chrysler PT CruiserLLService typeCar Battery ReplacementEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Chrysler PT CruiserLL TurboService typeCar Battery ReplacementEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Chrysler PT CruiserLLService typeCar Battery ReplacementEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Chrysler PT CruiserLL TurboService typeCar Battery ReplacementEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Chrysler PT CruiserLLService typeCar Battery ReplacementEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Chrysler PT CruiserLL TurboService typeCar Battery ReplacementEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Chrysler PT CruiserLLService typeCar Battery ReplacementEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $

Show example Chrysler PT Cruiser Car Battery Replacement prices

What are car batteries and how do they work?

A car battery is an energy storage device that relies on a chemical reaction within the battery to produce electricity. The stored electrical energy is used to initially operate the starter motor, ignition system, and fuel system on your vehicle. Once your car engine is running, the alternator supplies the electricity needed for all vehicle systems and charges the battery to replace the electric energy used when starting a car.

Most electric vehicles have a traction battery which is in addition to the standard 12 volt battery that is used to start the car engine. Traction batteries also convert chemical energy to supply electrical energy but operate at higher voltages and often are monitored by the PCM (Powertrain Control Module).


When to replace a car battery?

  • Your car doesn’t start. A new battery has a specified capacity to provide power. This capacity is referred to as the cranking amps rating of the battery. As a battery ages, the actual amps that a battery can supply becomes lower than its original rating Once the cranking amps fall below a critical threshold, it will be difficult or impossible to start your car.
  • Battery or charging system warning light is illuminated. Should a battery or charging system warning light illuminate, a mechanic should perform a few basic tests to determine if a battery replacement is needed.
  • Electrical components don’t work. Once a battery has started to fail, and the voltage produced by the battery drops, then vehicle electrical components can malfunction, such as the security system. If you are experiencing electrical malfunctions, it’s a smart idea to have the battery tested.

How do mechanics replace the battery?

  • A temporary power source might be installed to avoid the possibility of losing radio presets or stored data in the PCM while the battery is out. When the battery is already completely dead, this step is unnecessary.
  • The vehicle’s negative cable is removed from the battery, followed by the positive cable. The battery tie down system is loosened and the old battery removed.
  • Cable ends and wiring are carefully inspected to ensure cleanliness and no corrosion. In some cases, corrosion can be extreme and the cable may need to be replaced or wiring repaired.
  • The new battery is installed and the tie down system is reinstalled. Anti-corrosion compound is applied to the battery terminals. The positive terminal is reconnected followed by the negative terminal.
  • Some vehicles, for example some models of BMW, VW, and Audi, may require PCM programming to input battery parameters. This step, performed using a specialized scan tool, is necessary to maximize battery life and prevent electrical system malfunctions.
  • The car is started and charging system output is measured and compared against the factory OEM specification to ensure that the new battery will properly recharge. Generally, charging output will be in the range of to volts but the exact specifications vary by make and model.

Is it safe to drive with a battery problem?

Yes, but if you have a weak battery you might be left stranded somewhere if the battery dies completely and you cannot start your car. A faulty battery may also needlessly overload the alternator and could adversely affect the operation of the vehicle’s electrical system, including the vehicle security system and the shift interlock.

When replacing the battery keep in mind:

  • The quality of the electrical connections to the battery posts is important. Connections must be clean, free of corrosion and properly tightened.
  • Batteries store a large amount of energy and if short-circuited a battery could explode and can create intense discharges that can damage your eyesight. Insulated tools should be used to attach cabling to battery terminals. Otherwise, the battery’s positive cable can be shorted to ground or the positive and negative posts can be directly shorted. Batteries can only be safely installed from a positive terminal to positive wiring and from a negative terminal to body ground. If the polarity is reversed damage will likely occur to the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Generally, a car battery will have a service life of 4 to 7 years. If a load test on a battery reveals a significant reduction in the capacity of the battery to provide power, you should buy a new battery rather than wait for the old battery to fail completely.
  • Batteries should only be disconnected if the engine is off and the alternator is not running. Disconnecting a car battery while the alternator is running can cause a voltage spike that will damage sensitive electronic components in the vehicle, such as the PCM.

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How to Remove and Replace a Battery on a Chrysler Pt Cruiser

How Do I Change the Battery on a PT Cruiser?

Automobile batteries can last between three to five years, depending on driving conditions and geographic regions. Opening the hood to the Chrysler PT Cruiser may intimidate the technically challenged would-be mechanic. Locating the battery may take a minute or so and when it's located, some may consider hiring a professional. However, changing the battery in your PT Cruiser is not as complicated as it looks.

Step 1

Open the hood and locate the top of the air filter box on the driver's side (right side of the engine when facing it from the front).

Step 2

Locate the band strap at the rear of the air box cover and loosen it with a slotted screwdriver. Note the rubber tab on the intake hose (wrapped by the band clamp) and the notch on the air box cover. The notch and tab need to be aligned during reassembly.

Step 3

Unsnap the two front air box cover retaining clips and then pivot the cover off of the air box. Gently pry the air box housing out of the intake hose. Use the slotted screwdriver to carefully help you pry the hose off of the housing, if necessary, but be careful not to damage the hose. If necessary, loosen the band clamp more without removing it.

Step 4

Set the air box cover aside. You will now see the battery in front of the air box. Remove the air filter from the air box and then wiggle and pull the air box straight up to remove it from the engine compartment. There will be some resistance. There are two plastic studs at the bottom of the air box, seated inside rubber grommets. Wiggle and pull until you have successfully removed the air box.

Step 5

Locate the retaining bolt on the battery hold-down clamp at the bottom rear of the battery (toward the air box side). Use a ratchet, extension and suitable socket to remove the bolt in a counterclockwise motion.

Step 6

Loosen the negative battery terminal clamp (on the right, near the fender) first with a hand wrench. Once loose enough, wiggle it and remove it from the battery. Use the screwdriver to help pry it off the battery post, if necessary.

Step 7

Loosen the positive battery terminal clamp (on the left) last. Removing the negative clamp first prevents the risk of sparks emitting from the positive terminal when removing the clamp from the positive battery post.

Step 8

Slighty tip the top of the battery carefully toward the rear of the engine and extract it from the engine compartment. Be careful, as it's very heavy; do not tip the battery on its side. Remove the insulated jacket from around the battery (if applicable).

Step 9

Clean the battery terminal clamps with a battery terminal cleaner brush and a solution of baking soda and warm water. Clean the battery tray if necessary to remove any corrosive powder that may exist. This powder is white, green and sometimes yellowish in color. Wipe the battery tray dry with a shop rag.

Step 10

Place the insulated jacket onto the new battery, if applicable, and then install the battery into the engine compartment, making sure the positive post is on the left (facing the engine compartment) and the negative is on the right. There will be "plus" and "minus" signs on the battery housing near each post.

Step 11

Install the positive battery terminal clamp first and then the negative battery terminal clamp last.

Step 12

Tighten the clamps with a hand wrench. Replace the bolt for the hold-down clamp and tighten.

Step 13

Replace the air box. Make sure the nozzle hose on the side of the box is facing the driver's side fender and inserts into its respective fitting. Align the two plastic studs to the rubber grommets and push down. It will require as much wiggling as it did to remove it.

Replace the air filter into the air box and then replace the air box cover. Be sure to get the air intake hose onto the air box cover housing properly. Align the tab of the hose to the notch in the cover. Tighten the band clamp.


Things You'll Need

  • Slotted screwdriver
  • Ratchet, extension and socket set
  • Wrench set
  • Battery terminal brush
  • Baking soda and warm water solution
  • Shop rags
  • Replacement 26R (reverse polarity) series battery

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Jody L. Campbell spent over 15 years as both a manager and an under-car specialist in the automotive repair industry. Prior to that, he managed two different restaurants for over 15 years. Campbell began his professional writing career in with the publication of his first book.

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Pt battery location cruiser 2003

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