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C & E Machine Shop is a company Located at Riverside,California,United States with a telephone number 9517886121, (951)788-6121.Provided Industrial machinery and equipment products and service.


Map of C & E Machine Shop, address:2509 Main St,Riverside,California,United States.

Sours: http://www.siclists.com/california/riverside/C-amp-E-Machine-Shop_fcpc.html

H-E Parts places priority on continuously upgrading and investing in the most advanced equipment and systems available to remain a leader in diesel engine supply and repair. The use of separate engine disassembly and assembly facilities eliminates problems related to cross-contamination that can result in premature component failure.

H-E Parts machine shop services include:

  • Camshaft re-profiling
  • Connecting rod re-conditioning
  • Cylinder pack assembly
  • Crankshaft re-conditioning
  • Cylinder block machining
  • Head machining
  • Crack detection
  • General machining
  • Custom shop services that ensure your engine is reconditioned to the highest standard of quality


Magnetic particle inspection is a form of non-destructive testing that we use to verify that a ferrous component is not cracked or damaged during its service life.

We rely on this method for all the ferrous components in our remanufactured engines. This includes crankshafts, counterweights, connecting rods and gear-train. This process ensures that we detect defects early in the remanufacturing process.


H-E Parts has custom built balancing equipment designed specifically for high horsepower industrial engines. This equipment allows us to verify the balance of the crankshaft assembly as well as make improvements to optimize engine balance. Our technicians balance every crankshaft that is destined for life in one of our remanufactured engines – this is standard procedure for our in-house product. This extra step provides assurance that every engine produced by our assembly facility operates smooth and trouble free. The custom bobweights, computerized technology, and solid base rigidity of these purpose-built machines enable us to balance to the most stringent specifications.


H-E Parts uses the industry standard Sunnen machines. Proper roundness and surface finish is achieved via a combination between vitrified and diamond abrasive stones and a high lubricity honing oil. A process used in both cylinder liner refinishing and connecting rod reconditioning, the right combinations give our machinists total control of dimensional size and surface finish. We then can verify surface finish geometry using a profilometer. In cylinder honing, our plateau honing procedures help minimize ring fatigue at startup, minimize oil consumption and provide a durable surface.


Magnetic particle inspection is a form of non-destructive testing that we use to verify that a ferrous component is not cracked or damaged during its service life. Crack detection at H-E Parts Engine Solutions is done with the use of Magnaflux technology. Our personnel responsible for the test have acquired ASTM Level 2 certifications and undergo annual vision checks to ensure that we can identify any surface defect that is illuminated under the Magnaflux black light. We rely on this method for all ferrous components in our remanufactured engines. This includes crankshafts, counterweights, connecting rods, gear-train and cylinder block. This process ensures that we detect defects early in the remanufacturing process.

Sours: https://www.h-eparts.com/solutions/engine-solutions/machine-shop-services/
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Bobby Quinonez on Facebook

3 years ago

10/26/2018, 07:48 AM

This place is a bit tricky, they get you in with a killer price, and after they get your engine all torn apart they charge you another 1000. Check out oreillys they sell brand new engines for half the price of this guy rebuild crap You'll save yourself at least $500-$1000 and you get a brand new rebuild motor zero miles Plus you get 3yr unlimited mile warranty. Out the door it would have cost me 2650.00 with o Reilly's plus you get back 500$ when you return your core. So I got stuck with a engine rebuild from C and E machine shop with Victor that cost about 4000.00 with only 12,000 mile limited warranty. I would never recommend this establishment to anyone. They may know what there doing, they especially know all the shortcuts and how to make you pay extra but business tactics are very shady. I will never bring my business back to this establishment. Straight Wet Back Status he got over on me GOOD. hope nobody else has to learn with the $4,000 mistake it ain't going to make me or break me but I just want to make sure people know, who think they're going to go in and get a good deal from this good guy long you're going to get f*****. painted oil pan to make it look brand new when the he added at Healy for new threads it's already all f***** up just went to take it to get an oil change and got all these pictures and how shity the work is and it's just from a oil change company.C and E painted it to make it look brand new and then he added on parts that's what you want to pay for go there

Sours: https://reviews.birdeye.com/c-e-machine-shop-149673181403742
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