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LG Refrigerators

How to Shop For An LG Refrigerator

When shopping for a new refrigerator, you need to consider your units configurations, dimensions, finishes, and features. A new top-freezer refrigerator will have a vastly different capacity than a French door counter-depth refrigerator. Determine what type of style you like and how much space you have in your kitchen before you begin your search.

Luckily, LG refrigerators are a reliable brand that will typically last a family 12-14 years. This lifespan is affected by how well you care for your LG refrigerator at home. But overall, this appliance is known for its longevity and minimal need for repairs. LG makes the following refrigerators that can include a variety of features to make your life more convenient in the kitchen:

What Sizes and Capacities Do LG Refrigerators Have?

The most standard size of an LG refrigerator is 70 inches high by 36 inches wide. However, the size of your LG refrigerator will vary depending on the features and cubic foot (cu.ft) capacity. For example, an Instaview door-in-door refrigerator will be deeper than most top-freezer refrigerators, and the number of door bins and crisper drawers will increase or decrease the internal capacity as well.

Depending on the make, refrigerators will also differentiate themselves based on the amount of cubic feet space available for food storage. Standard average cubic feet of a side-by-side refrigerator is 24-26 cubic feet, while a bottom freezer refrigerator has the average cubic feet capacity of 18-22 cubic feet.

What Is The Best LG Refrigerator For You And Your Family?

While Sam's Club has a variety of refrigerators and other appliances to choose from, only you know if you need a large capacity, custom chill drawers or a smart cooling feature. The best fridge for you will be the one that is sized to your space and has an ample amount of food storage for your family. Also, do not forget you can add on features such as Wi-Fi-enabled-connectivity, fingerprint-resistant coating, or an Energy Star seal of approval.

What Are The Models of LG Refrigerators Available At Sam's Club?

If you are still wondering what type of LG refrigerator to choose, Sam's Club has made it easy with the following configuration options:

Depending on the features, these units can cost as little as $350 or as much as $3,000 and are available in the following finishes:

  • Stainless steel
  • Matte black stainless
  • LG signature textured steel
  • Platinum
  • Black stainless steel (fingerprint resistant)

What LG Refrigerator Features Should I Consider?

Not all LG refrigerators are created equal. While these units are some of the best refrigerators on the market, you can get as simple as a top freezer refrigerator, or as feature-packed as a 30 cu ft. French door refrigerator with glass shelves and a custom thermostat! The following features are available on some makes of LG refrigerators.

  • InstaView Door-in-Door: This InstaView model has a glass panel that allows you to see inside the access door without having to open the door and let the cold air out.
  • Door-in-Door: The LG door-in-door option offers a double-layered door system that optimizes food storage to keep food fresher and offers a unique adjustable shelving system that reduces the cold air flow when the unit is opened or closed.
  • Counter-Depth: The LG counter depth French door refrigerator aligns with countertops and cabinetry for a more sophisticated, built-in look.
  • Ice and Water Dispenser: A door-in-door water and ice dispenser provide the convenience of on-demand ice and water through the refrigerator door.
  • Door Cooling: The door cooling system is designed to maintain superior conditions within the refrigerator. The linear compressor of the refrigerator reacts quickly to help keep your food fresher for longer.
  • Dual Ice: LG offers two distinct types of ice makers. The dual ice maker provides a dispenser in the door and also a bucket in the freezer drawer that holds additional ice.
  • CustomChill Drawer: An additional door on the LG French door refrigerator uses a pull-out compartment that has its own temperature settings for a variety of food storage needs.
  • SmartThinQ /Wi-Fi Enabled: LG SmartThinQ appliances have smart Wi-Fi capabilities. These units work with the Google Assistant and are compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can use your smart home to control key features and get relevant notifications from anywhere.
  • Energy Star Certified: Energy Star is the trusted, government-backed symbol for any product that meets certified energy-efficient qualifications.
  • Sabbath Mode: The Sabbath Mode on refrigerators disable all lights and electrical activity when the door of the refrigerator is opened.
  • ADA Compliant: The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) has established guidelines for products to recognize the need for specialized compliance. Select models of LG refrigerators are ADA compliant.
  • Smart Diagnosis: This feature uses the latest technology to troubleshoot problems and answer any questions. The smart diagnosis can be accessed on your phone using a smart-wifi and downloading the app at the Google play store.

FAQ - LG refrigerators

How cold should my LG refrigerator be?

Keep your refrigerator temperature at or below 40 F (4 C).

Where is the serial number on an LG refrigerator?

The sticker containing the appliance's serial number should be located on the door jam or the inside wall of the refrigerator. It should also be placed on the bottom left outside of the door.

Where are LG fridges made?

LG Electronics Inc. is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The majority of their refrigerators are manufactured in South Korea, with some made in China.

Can I get members-only pricing on LG refrigerators?

Yes. Sam's Club members are qualified for members-only pricing.

What is the difference between LG Studio and LG Signature?

The LG Studio has a wide variety of products and colors to choose from, while the LG Signature is a limited and dedicated lineup of very high-end, premium products.

Does Sam's Club deliver refrigerators?

Delivery and basic installation is available in limited locations and only in the continental United States. Enter your zip code to see if you're qualified for delivery, installation and removal of your old appliance.

Sours: https://www.samsclub.com/b/lg-refrigerators/12460161
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Stainless Steel Refrigerators

Store more than ever before with the streamlined design and space-saving innovation of LG stainless steel refrigerators. From French door styles, to side-by-side models, LG has gorgeous refrigerators that’ll turn the kitchen into your favorite room in the house.

Make the kitchen the heart of your home with the timeless look, powerful features and energy-efficiency of LG stainless steel French door and counter depth refrigerators. Browse stainless steel refrigerators that offer our some of our innovative features:

LG InstaView™, letting you take a peek inside without ever opening a door—simply tap on the mirrored glass panel to illuminate what’s inside!

LG’s space-saving Door-in-Door® technology gives you instant access to all your favorite go-to items, without having to open the entire fridge, taking beauty and functionality to the next level.

From stunning and streamlined French door styles, to traditional side-by-side refrigerators, as well as top and bottom freezer designs—choose the stainless steel look that best fits your needs. Have specialty items that need a home all their own? Our Kimchi/Specialty Food refrigerator chests are the perfect choice, also available in gorgeous stainless steel. We have refrigerators to enhance the look of any kitchen décor, without ever sacrificing on power and performance—so you can find styles and design options that’ll seamlessly blend into your kitchen.

Need to store more? Make fewer trips to the grocery store with large-capacity stainless steel refrigerators that offer extra room for food storage—not to mention LG’s smart technology, which includes features like our ColdSaver™ panel that’s designed to keep your food fresh longer, while helping to reduce cold air loss. This innovative panel creates an energy efficient barrier between the interior compartment and rest of the fridge.

Your kitchen truly is the hub of your home. So, find your perfect stainless steel refrigerator and browse the entire collection of stainless steel appliances, including LG’s dishwashers, which offer revolutionary cleaning performance without the hassle of pre-washing, not to mention microwaves, ranges and wall ovens that have heating down to a science. But that’s just the beginning. Be sure to see all the innovative kitchen accessories you need to keep them running smoothly.

Sours: https://www.lg.com/us/stainless-steel-refrigerators
LG Refrigerator from Costco, Review - Bonus TIPS included!

Lg Refrigerators

LG Refrigerators- Buy LG Refrigerators online at best prices in India

An LG refrigerator will take care of your veggies, fruits, leftovers, and more so that everything kept inside stays fresh, flavourful, and aromatic for a long time. This appliance comes with innovative features that ensure effective refrigeration. This way, your perishable items won’t get spoilt easily, preventing wastage. This appliance also offers enough storage space so that you don’t have to stuff it with groceries. Instead, you can neatly arrange everything so that everything is within reach. The LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 3 Star (2020) Refrigerator (Blue Plumeria, GL-B201ABPD) is a stylish option that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. This way, your cooking space will motivate you to cook delicious meals. The LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star (2020) Refrigerator (Shiny Steel, GL-B201APZY) makes use of the Smart Connect technology to connect the appliance to your home inverter during a power cut. This way, your perishables won’t get spoilt during long power cuts. The LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star (2020) Refrigerator (Scarlet Plumeria, GL-B201ASPY) comes with Toughened Glass Shelves so that you can store heavy vessels of food as well as large quantities of fruits and veggies without damaging the appliance. 

LG refrigerators has been a household name for a long time. The major reasons contributing towards this popularity are the LG refrigerator prices that are quite reasonable for the features they offer. Price ranges in which they are available are under 10,000, 30,000 and above 1,00,000. Also, factors like low power consumption, longevity and higher durability also contribute towards its popularity. You also have a plethora of options under LG fridge types including LG double door refrigerator, LG single door refrigerator, frost free, direct cool, various capacities and many more versions. LG  Electronics started off as a company in 1958 and has succeeded since then in keeping customers satisfied with its products.  

New launches 2020: LG refrigerators 

Trust your food to be crisp and fresh for long with LG’s newest range of refrigerators. With automatic Smart Diagnosis, uniform positioning of air flow vents for consistent cooling and a rapid Ice Maker, LG is continually pushing boundaries in new-age refrigeration. Let’s take a look at what their latest range has to offer: 

LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door 4 Star 2019 BEE Rating Refrigerator  

Keep your food fresh and healthy for long with this LG 260 litre double door refrigerator. The Smart Inverter Compressor silently adjusts the cooling power of the refrigerator based on the amount of food in it thus making it highly energy efficient. The multiple air flow vents that are positioned all throughout the fridge ensures equal and consistent cooling to all contents. Smart Diagnosis will save you a lot of time when you’re refrigerator shows sign of ill functioning. Activate the Smart Diagnosis feature on the fridge to receive technical assistance. Auto Smart Connect allows you to connect the fridge to your home inverter so that your food remains fresh even during power cuts. The eco-friendly appliance emits less carbon as compared to its counterparts, affecting the ozone layer a little less. You can shop for this refrigerator on Flipkart at 24,190 Rupees only.  

LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 5 Star 2019 BEE Rating Refrigerator with Base Drawer 

This LG 190 L single door refrigerator not only gives you ample space to keep your veggies and leftovers for longer but also boasts of a Quick Ice section that is capable of making ice in 108 minutes. It is a saviour when you forget to put water in the freezer for a party you are hosting. Because the appliance can function within a large voltage range of 90 - 310 V, it is safe to be run without the help of an external stabilizer. The toughened glass shelves of the fridge can conveniently hold up to 175 kgs of weight enabling you store heavy food containers on them. The base stand stores veggies like potatoes and onions and tomatoes at room temperature. The anti bacterial gasket not only makes cleaning a faster and hassle-free process, it keeps your food contents fresher for longer. Buy this LG refrigerator on Flipkart at prices starting from 17,279 Rupees only. 

LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 5 Star 2019 BEE Rating Refrigerator

This LG 190 litre single door fridge is apt for couples and small families. The smart inverter compressor is responsible for a super silent operation. It also relieves you of big electricity bills. The fridge allows you to store items that don’t need cooling such as non-perishable veggies, onions and potatoes. The very easy to clean anti bacterial gasket creates a hygienic environment for your food, helping them stay fresh for longer durations. This refrigerator is available in three colours, blue plumeria, hazel plumeria and purple glow. You can shop for this LG refrigerator on Flipkart at prices starting from 15,440 Rupees only. The appliance is available in two capacities, namely 190 L and 235 L. 

With festive discounts right around the corner, we suggest you wishlist your favourite items right away for a swift and easy shopping experience. 

LG Refrigerator Specifications

You can find a wide range of different types of  Refrigerator from this brand. You can use the filter on Flipkart to narrow down your requirements and find the fridge of your choice easily. Based on the type you require you can look at single door, double door, etc. Based on the capacity, you can find a number of options between 170 L- 350 L and above. You can also filter based on star rating, defrosting type, colours and many more factors.

LG Refrigerator types- Based on capacity

The capacity of your fridge should always be in line with the number of persons living in the house. You would be wasting money and electricity if you buy a huge fridge as you wouldn't be having enough items to place inside. If you are living single at home, you can easily go for an LG 190 L direct cool single door refrigerator. You will have a vegetable tray at the bottom to keep your vegetables, an ice tray on the top side. If you are living with a family of 3, you can go for a 260 L frost free double door type or a 284 L frost free double door type. On the other hand, if you have a family with more than 5 members, then you must go for a decently large fridge. Consider buying a 407 L frost free double door refrigerator in diamond black colour, or a 687 L LG side-by-side fridge.

LG Double door refrigerator and Single door refrigerator

Double door refrigerators have capacity ranging from 255 L- 495 L. The freezer is placed on the top side of the appliance. They have features like built-in stabilizer, inverter linear compressor, linear cooling, solar smart technology, double twist ice tray and more. Features like door cooling ensures an even temperature, and cools the appliance faster than conventional cooling systems. This helps in reducing temperature between the inner parts of the fridge and the door. The shelves on the door would be high enough for you to place 2L water bottles easily. Among single door type, you can go for the 190 L single door version with features like 4 star rating, smart inverter, built-in stabilizer and more. There is a third version called the side-by-side door type. Here, you can conveniently keep frozen foods on the left and the rest of your vegetables, milk and other food items on the right. 

Star rating and defrosting type 

You can find 2 star, 3 star and 4 star rating refrigerators from LG. 4 star rating helps you save 45% of the energy. An LG fridge with 4 star rating will have lower operation costs owing to better construction and insulation . LG 470 L frost free double door fridge, LG 215 L direct cool single door fridge are some options. Similarly, 3 star and 2 star rated type are also great.  

There are again varieties under the mechanism applied for defrosting. One is frost free and the other is direct cool, meaning manual defrosting is required. Frost free refrigerators automatically removes the frost that from in the freezer and avoids the formation of ice.

LG Refrigerators FAQ

1. Do LG refrigerators have inbuilt stabilizer?

Yes. There are a number of models under LG refrigerators that have built-in stabilizers. LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator, LG 215 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator, LG 675 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator are some models that have built-in stabilizer.

2. Do all LG refrigerators have a reset button?

Not all LG refrigerators have reset button. For those that don’t, you can simply unplug it and then plug it back for resetting.

3. Why should I buy an LG refrigerator?

LG refrigerators have been known and popular for a long while now. LG Electronics was founded in 1958. The reason why consumers have faith in this brand is manifold. The main reasons are less power consumption, more durability and longer life span. LG refrigerators are available under various price ranges like under 10,000, 30,000 and above 1,00,000 as well. They also have single-door, double-door and side-by-side door refrigerators. Most of the LG users are satisfied with the performance of the machine. They last long and don’t pose too many issues while they are being used.

4. How much space should I leave around a LG 687 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator?

Ideally, to allow sufficient ventilation around the refrigerator, you should provide at least 10.2 cm space on all the sides. You should also leave 10.2 cm between the wall facing the back of the refrigerator and its back.

Also Check: LG 4 star refrigerator, LG Refrigerator Single Door 215 LTR, LG Mini Refrigerator, LG Fridge 190 Litre, LG Refrigerator 190 LTR 5 Star

Sours: https://www.flipkart.com/refrigerators/lg~brand/pr?sid=j9e,abm,hzg

Refrigerator lg french door

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LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

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