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This toy may contain small parts which may not be suitable for smaller kids.

  • One Rainbow Loom® - The Original Rubber Band Loom that started the loom bands craft
  • One Mini Rainbow Loom®
  • One yellow color hook with metal tip
  • A bag of + mixed color latex-free rubber bands (colors may vary)
  • A bag of c-clips
  • Instruction manual for making simple bracelets
  • This kit is enough to make up to 24 rubber band bracelets.
  • Winner of the prestigious Toy of the Year Award by the Toy Industry Association, Inc.
  • Ages 8+
This Rainbow Loom Kit with loom and hook has all you need to create wonderful items like bracelets, necklaces, charms, keychains and more with Rainbow Loom Starter Kit and Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands. Create wonderful items and enjoy endless fun creating rubber band jewelry. Bracelet making loom includes loom refill rubber weaving loom bands kit all the colors elastic band for rubber bracelets for kids. Rubber band bracelet making kit keeps children of all ages busy for hours. Rainbow Loom products meet US Toy Safety Standards - Phthalatesfree, Leadfree, Cadmiumfree, Chromiumfree, Mercuryfree, and Arsenicfree Top quality rubber bracelets bands Rainbow Loom hook pack. Spend hours using this mega kit. New metal-tip hook is perfect for many uses. The loom is adjustable thanks to the hook removal. The bands included range from regular bands to jelly bands in great colors.
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A craze for 'loom bands'

By Justin Parkinson
BBC News Magazine

Why are "loom bands" one of the most popular toys in the world at the moment?

In this era of babies playing with tablets and young teenagers living and breathing social media, it seems curious to find that rubber bands are a big thing.

Playgrounds and living rooms are under invasion from coloured bands. Children are spending hours twisting them into bracelets. Parents are getting tired of picking them up from behind sofas and off the floor. Some schools have even banned them after pupils used them as weapons.

The Rainbow Loom, a plastic device for turning small rubber bands into jewellery, has sold more than three million units worldwide. The sheer scale of the craze can be seen in the stats for Amazon UK. All 30 of the best-selling toys are either looms or loom-related. The products top the sales list for every age group except the under-twos.

Image source, Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a loom band bracelet on her recent trip to New Zealand, and David Beckham, One Direction's Harry Styles and the Duchess of Cornwall have done the same.

A jokey YouTube rant against rubber band bracelets, posted by an American girl called Becca, has had more than two million hits.

Children use the looms, or their own fingers, to weave coloured bands into items such as bracelets, necklaces and charms. They use dozens of different designs, recommended on YouTube and by word of mouth, including the "fishtail", the "dragon scale" and the "inverted hexafish". More ambitious projects include skipping ropes, animal shapes and even a suit worn by US TV host Jimmy Kimmel.

Image source, JJJCrafts/Etsy
Image source, YarnJourney/Flickr
Image source, WHDcrafts/etsy

Multicoloured bands sell for as little as £ for 1, Rainbow Looms - frames used for knitting the bands - retail at under £ In an age when the toy market is dominated by more complicated toys and expensive computer games, backed by marketing campaigns, how did they become so popular?

Rainbow Loom was invented in by Cheong Choon Ng, a Malaysian-born former seatbelt technology developer from Michigan, who noticed his daughters weaving elastic bands over their fingers to make bracelets. Ng tried it but his own fingers were too big, so he built himself a "loom" - a technology known to the clothing trade since at least the 15th Century - using pins and a wooden slab. His daughters were impressed with the more intricate patterns this allowed.

Ng developed a plastic version and set up a business manufacturing them, investing $10, He got a toyshop to stock his product and, after it sold out within a few hours, other stores took an interest. It spread from there and looms and bands can now be seen in schools and homes around the UK and US.

"It wasn't driven by advertising or big companies," says Richard Gottlieb, founder of consultants Global Toy Experts. "It's what I call the social network of the playground. It started out in a specific geographical location and just spread from there. You get these phenomena every few years. There's a difference between creating a product that sells and a phenomenon. There's a bit of magic about it."

A school in New York banned loom bands after reports they had caused playground fights. The Furness Academy in Cumbria did the same earlier this month, informing parents of the decision by text message. "They felt they wanted to nip it in the bud," says a spokeswoman. "Some of the children were throwing them around inappropriately. There were many tens of them around left around on classroom floors."

"It's part of the charm of these crazes that the kids find something they can do at school until they are banned," says Esther Lutman, assistant curator at the Museum of Childhood. "They keep pushing new stuff, particularly in the summer, when they spend more time in the playground together."

Concern over mess caused by discarded bands is echoed by the mother and blogger Big Fashionista, who complains that "these pesky little bands get in more places than they really should, my house is overrun with them". The US writer Hallie Sawyer describes Rainbow Loom as "Silly Bandz on crack" which will "someday clog up every landfill in America".

In the Philippines, an animal rights group has warned that "cute, but hard to digest rubber bands" can block the intestines of pets who eat eat those left lying on the floor. This does not seem to be a problem in the UK. "We've had no reports about this here," says an RSPCA spokeswoman.

Rainbow Loom is aimed at eight to year-olds, but it has become popular among younger children too. "They are loads of fun and you can make loads of shapes and rainbow colours," says Emmie, seven, from Brighton. "Everyone in the playground is doing it," says Najwa, also seven. "I like doing dragon-scale bracelets."

Rubber bands are hardly new. London businessman Stephen Perry took out the first patent in , the stated use being to bind papers and letters. Children have long used them to make catapults and bored office workers sometimes bind them together to make bouncy balls.

Evolution of the rubber band

Image source, Getty Images

Similar crazes to Rainbow Loom have developed in recent years. Scoubidous - plastic strings twisted together to make jewellery - launched in France in the late s. They returned to prominence in the mids and spread to other countries including the UK.

During the late s, Slap Wraps, thin pieces of fabric-covered metal which curved into a bracelet when slapped against the wrist, were popular, the New York Times describing them as "basically a Venetian blind with attitude".

Rubber wristbands bearing the motto of the multiple Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong - "Live Strong" - were a popular item until his fall from grace over doping. The Eraselet, a similar-looking product which doubles up as an eraser, has sold more than two million units.

In the summer of , Silly Bandz became a hit. They are plastic moulded into shapes such as animals, musical instruments and letters, and worn as jewellery, but the emphasis is more on collectability than creativity.

"Loom bands are bigger, "says Lutman "I would bracket them with marbles in the Victorian era, yo-yos in the s and hula-hoops in the s. They are quite cheap, which helps explain their spread around playgrounds. They are at their absolute peak now. Who knows what will be next?"

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Why Rainbow Loom Can Be Good for Kids' Development

If you and your kids have discovered Rainbow Loom or a similar rubber band jewelry-making kit, you no doubt know how addictive this popular toy/craft is for kids and adults alike. You can use one or more looms or use a mini loom or just a hook to make an endless array of bracelets, charms, and other creations in all sorts of colors and patterns.

But this is one fad that's more than just fun; it can potentially boost some worthwhile skills in kids and impart some child development benefits. Aside from giving kids something pretty to wear and share with friends, making Rainbow Loom bracelets can teach kids important skills like focusing on a task and following directions. (Such skills are especially important for school-age kids, who are the most avid fans of these kits.) And planning color combinations and deciding how to use them in different patterns can also stimulate creativity.

Potential Benefits of Rainbow Loom for Kids


If you have a kindergartener, they may need quite a bit of practice before getting the hang of even some of the simpler patterns like the single pattern bracelet. But if they want to get it right, you will see your child practice and try over and over. Persistence is a skill that will be valuable as they learn a new sport, learn how to read, pick up a musical instrument, or learn any new activity.


This goes along with persistence, and it's an important skill for kids to have as they enter their school-age years. As children learn, they will rarely succeed the first time and will need to be patient to keep trying again. Not becoming frustrated and knowing how to work through setbacks—which can definitely happen as kids learn how to make different and more complicated patterns on the Rainbow Loom—is an important skill for school-age children to develop.

Fine Motor Skills

Putting all those tiny rubber bands together, whether on the loom or on a hook, takes some good fine-motor coordination. (This is one reason why Rainbow Looms tend to be more popular with school-age kids, who are able to manipulate their fingers to handle precise work like this.) Making these bracelets and other Rainbow Loom crafts is a great way to fine-tune those fine motor skills in kids and aid in their overall physical development.

Fine Motor Skills for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Following Directions

Making these rubber band bracelets—whether the patterns are simple or intricate—requires following a video or step-by-step instructions such as the ones available on Rainbow Loom's website or its official YouTube channel. You'll find plenty of helpful tutorials for anything from a fishtail or a three-pin fishtail bracelet, to a basic single pattern bracelet. For children who are in school and need to pay attention to teachers' directions all day long, following directions is a very important skill to develop.


What will something look like when it's created using a pattern? How does an object or a shape appear when it's turned upside down, sideways, and rotated? When working with Rainbow Loom bracelets, kids will develop these skills as they create the bracelets they want to make. And being able to visualize things is an important skill in math, which makes Rainbow Loom a deceptively fun math-related activity, just like online math games.


When your child picks up a crayon or pencil and draws or uses materials in their arts and crafts box to create something, they are exercising their imagination and learning how to think creatively. Similarly, a child who chooses the colors of rubber bands and decides how they want to put them together to create certain pattern bracelets on the Rainbow Loom is learning how to design and use their imagination to create something tangible and real.

Building Self-Esteem

Remember how proud your child was the first time they learned to write their own name? Or when they learned some letters of the alphabet and colors and numbers? Children love learning and showing off what they can do, and these rubber band bracelet-making kits are the perfect way for kids to make things they can wear and share with pride. They absolutely love finishing a bracelet and putting it on or giving it to a friend as a way of saying, "I made this; I thought it up, I chose what it would look like, and I made it real." It is empowering, not to mention satisfying, to witness.

How Parents Can Help Build Their Tween's Self-Esteem

Working Together

Many kids love to get together to make bracelets. (That's why having a Rainbow Loom party is an awesome theme for a kids' birthday party or other gatherings.) It's a way to be social, to share what they've made, and to help each other as they learn how to make different kinds of bracelets and other things on the Rainbow Loom. As the children make pretty bracelets together, they're also building their social skills and are learning how to cooperate and help each other, just like they do in school.

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Sours: https://www.verywellfamily.com/why-rainbow-loom-can-be-good-for-kids-development
Rainbow Loom® Spiral Bracelet

Last year’s truly amazing hit product: Rubber bands

Parents of pre-teens won’t be surprised to hear that the rubber band seems to be behind a bounce in sales for America’s largest arts-and-crafts retailer.

Michael’s has filed new plans to offer shares publicly. The chain crafts store had been purchased by the private equity giants Bain and Blackstone in for roughly $6 billion. (The company originally planned a offering, which was scrapped after the then-CEO suffered a stroke.) At any rate, same-store sales growth at the company has picked up a bit over the last couple years, which looks to be a good sign of momentum in the business. Last fiscal year, same-store sales rose %, the best since And in the most recent quarter, same-store sales were up %.

But embedded in the data, there’s the risk of a snap-back: Rubber bands. Sales of rubber bands, tied to a craze for the kids-bracelet-making machine known as the Rainbow Loom, have been the key driver of sales over the last year, Michael’s told investors in its prospectus. The company said same-store sales growth “was strongest in our children’s crafts categories, due primarily to sales of the Rainbow Loom and replacement rubber bands.”

The prospectus said:

Our recent results of operations have been significantly enhanced by sales of one product, the Rainbow Loom. Sales of the Rainbow Loom and replacement rubber bands were the primary driver of the increase in our net sales in the fiscal year ended February 1, compared to the prior fiscal year. Based on our retail experience, we expect that the popularity of this product will diminish over time, and our results of operations could be affected by our inability to anticipate demand for this product and stock the appropriate level of inventory. Similarly, if we identify products in the future that have a significant effect on our results of operations, we could face similar challenges and risks that could affect our profitability.

Sours: https://qz.com//last-years-truly-amazing-hit-product-rubber-bands/

Com bands rainbowloom rubber

Rainbow Looms &#; Twistz Bandz Warning

Please Use Caution With Rainbow Looms & Twistz Bandz

A lot of fun can be had making creative bracelets from the colorful rubber bands that come with a Rainbow Loom set. Dr. and Ms. Winkler even have some bracelets that were a gift from their nephew. While we at the Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center support and encourage creative learning in children, as parents and pet owners ourselves, we feel the need to provide other families with this warning.

Within this past week we have seen one too many patients with stomach upset as a result of ingestion of the tiny, colorful rubber bands that make up the Rainbow Loom bracelets. One canine patient that had been feeling ill for several days vomited a significant amount of these rubber bands. Other patients are at risk of ingesting these rubber bands due to the looms, rubber bands, and bracelets being left around the house within easy reach. At the end of a particularly busy day, we found several of these rubber bands on our lobby floor, lost by a child who&#;d been very well behaved entertaining themselves with a Rainbow Loom while their companion received an exam. Thankfully we picked them up before any patients could eat them.

There is no way to know how many rubber bands a patient must eat before they become sick, or if these rubber bands will pass through the intestinal tract without doing damage. A large canine patient may eat several rubber bands and defecate them out a day later. Another canine patient may eat one rubber band and become very sick. These are especially dangerous to feline patients, who have smaller and much more sensitive stomachs than dogs. Cats already prone to eating string may find these tiny rubber bands too good to pass up. Again, there is no way to know if these rubber bands will pose an immediate danger to your pet if ingested, therefore we will be treating any ingestion of Rainbow Loom rubber bands as a medical emergency.

The tricky part is, these rubber bands do not necessarily always show up on x-ray due to the fact that they are made of rubber, which is not a particularly radio-opaque material. Therefore, diagnosis may be difficult, and require multiple radiographs using barium. Rubber bands that get tangled up in other stomach contents can form a blockage in the intestines, which would require immediate surgery to remove.

We don&#;t want anybody to ban Rainbow Looms from their house, nor will we be banning them from our hospital lobby. But we do ask that you and your family please take the following precautions to prevent your pet from eating any Rainbow Loom rubber bands.

1. Keep rubber bands in containers with a locking lid. Tupperware containers, plastic organizers, or any other box that your pet cannot open, and that will not open on its own if it is dropped by accident. Make sure the container is big enough to fit all the rubber bands, and then a little bit larger. Trying to squeeze a large amount of rubber bands into a small container is one way the rubber bands will spill out and get within easy reach of your pet.

2. Keep looms and rubber bands where pets cannot reach them. Use the loom at a table instead of seated on a couch. Do not use the looms or rubber bands on the floor. When done with a project, keep the loom and rubber bands in a cabinet your pet can&#;t open.

3. Do not allow pets to play with bracelets already on a wrist. Some pets might attempt to use bracelets as a toy, please, do not allow this. If your pet is biting at a bracelet, you can purchase a product known as &#;Bitter Apple,&#; which is really nasty tasting, and spray it on the bracelet to prevent a pet from biting at it.

4. Do not decorate a pet&#;s collar or leash with anything made from the rubber bands. This is providing access to the rubber bands by associating them with things your pet is familiar with, therefore your pet may not realize these items are not for them.

5. Do not place anything made from rubber bands on your pet. Rainbow Loom bracelets on pets is not a good idea. If they are not made large enough, they can cut off the circulation to the body part they are wrapped around, as well as start sawing into the skin of the pet.

6. Please, please, please, constantly talk to your kids about the importance of cleaning up after their Rainbow Loom sessions, and work together to keep the rubber bands away from pets. Yes, as parents ourselves, we understand how sometimes &#;kids don&#;t listen,&#; and the frustrating degree of eyeroll our constant &#;nagging&#; can cause. But, honestly, I&#;d rather nag and endure the eye-rolls then have to explain that their best friend may not make it through surgery.

7. Watch Your Pet&#;s Poop! Yes, this sounds disgusting, but the person responsible for picking up the yard or cleaning the litter box needs to be extra vigilant in ensure there are no rubber bands in a pet&#;s poop. We recommend that an adult do this, or ensure that any minors who may be responsible for poop patrol know that they need to inform an adult immediately if they see rubber bands in a pet&#;s poop.

8. If your pet is experiencing any vomiting or diarrhea, suddenly loses interest in treats or food, cannot seem to hold down food or water, and seems lethargic or listless, schedule an examination right away! Vomiting and diarrhea are usually the first symptoms of any gastrointestinal problems, and you should not wait to see if &#;it will pass&#; because if your pet has indeed eaten anything they aren&#;t suppose to (and we&#;re not limiting it to rubber bands this time), waiting may allow the situation to get worst.

Click Here For A List Of Animal Emergency Hospitals On Long Island

We can&#;t wait to see the creations the minds of our young friends can make. With these precautions we hope that Rainbow Looms can bring out the creative side of your family. Again, we are not banning Rainbow Looms from our lobby, we just please ask that you double-check your surroundings to ensure that all rubber bands are picked up so they cannot pose a danger to other patients. We pride ourselves in being a kid-friendly veterinary hospital, and hope with your cooperation to remain that way.

Call to schedule your pet&#;s examination, for whatever their veterinary needs.

Sours: https://www.suffolkveterinarygroup.com/rainbow-looms-twistz-bandz-warning/
Rainbow Loom® Single Chain Bracelet - Lesson 1
Create even more Rainbow Loom bracelets, rings and more with these colorful refill bands. With a rainbow of colors at your fingertips, you can mix and match all of your favorite colors and styles to create one-of-a-kind jewelry for you and your friends. Long lasting and latex free, these rubber bands are just what you need to make the latest and greatest stylish accessories.
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Latex free
Create even more Rainbow Loom bracelets, rings and more with these colorful refill bands. With a rainbow of colors at your fingertips, you can mix and match all of your favorite colors and styles to create one-of-a-kind jewelry for you and your friends. Long lasting and latex free, these rubber bands are just what you need to make the latest and greatest stylish accessories.
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Latex free
Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns


Most products may be shipped via standard ground (delivered in business days), second day or next day. Orders placed by AM Central Time using second day or next day will ship the same day. View Full Shipping Policy and Pricing ›


If your Michaels.com purchase does not meet your satisfaction, you may return it within two months (60 days) of purchase. To return an item (excluding sample products), the item must be new, unused and in its original packaging. You may return the item to a Michaels store or by mail. View Full Return Policy ›

From the Manufacturer jumpCustomer Reviews
Rainbow Loom® Refill Bands is rated out of 5 by
Rated 4 out of 5 by BrandonsLoomtique from Refill packsI always love coming to Michaels to refill on bands, but it kinda stinks they don’t have any new colors. I’d love to see yellow, lime green, silicone colors, and others like on the website. Also, dropping the price from to $ like they used to be would be amazing too!
Date published:
Rated 5 out of 5 by Bobcats from Great for make big projectsThese bands are amazing. They can be used for everything. I made a fox and I had the perfect amount of rubber bands to make the fox. Great quality.
Date published:
Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from It has pros and cons.The good things are that these bands last for pretty long and that they come with a lot of bands. But the bad things are that there are only 16 colors. There should be more colors so that it is more useful to other people. Also, so far, every pack that I got always has broken bands in it.
Date published:
Rated 5 out of 5 by TheCraftyAdventurer from WONDERFUL BANDS.Great bands. I usually buy bags every trip. TOTALLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING. I purchased the white, neon green, red, neon tye-dye, etc. refill bands. Perfect for looming. Great quality.
Date published:
Rated 1 out of 5 by ameer from ugly colorsugly colors such as neon green, neon yellow, camoflague
Date published:
Rated 5 out of 5 by jsjjsjsjsjsjsj from Great butonline it says neon yellow but the picture is red.
Date published:
Rated 5 out of 5 by Dixiegirl from My review for the rainbow loom refill bandsThis bands are great to make bracelets and fun to make to
Date published:
Rated 5 out of 5 by TiffyG87 from This product is well worth the $6!!They are very stretchy and durable. Thanks Michael's! I will be buying more.
Date published:
Sours: https://www.michaels.com/rainbow-loom-refill-bands/Mhtml

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