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Lidlox Motorcycle Helmet Locks

Lidlox is an easy to install, easy to use motorcycle helmet lock that looks good on your motorcycle.  Lidlox comes in 2 basic versions, a bar end helmet lock and a handle bar mounted helmet lock that mounts to your U-clamp bolt that we call the bolt mount helmet lock.  Take a look at our installation and use videos for the bolt mount helmet lock at  New Lidlox motorcycle helmet lock fitments are being created all the time.  One of our most popular bar end helmet locks is for the Can-Am Spyder.  Our most popular  helmet lock is the bolt mount style for the Harley Davidsons.  The Harley Davidson helmet lock is clean and unobtrusive and lets you lock up your helmet while hanging it on the mirror which is a popular place to hang your helmet.  We also have a large selection of BMW helmet locks, Honda helmet locks, Yamaha helmet locks, Suzuki helmet locks, Triumph helmet locks, Ducati helmet locks, Kawasaki helmet locks, Victory helmet locks, helmet locks for Kuryakyn grips, helmet locks for Avon grips, and universal motorcycle helmet locks for just about any motorcycle.


Thread: Need advice re Helmet lock for RT LTD?

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    Default Need advice re Helmet lock for RT LTD?

    Looking for some advice i know there is a helmet lock under the seat bubut my helmet strap is not long enough to latch the helmet strap and push down the seat to lock it. Please help.

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    I use loops of paracord to hang my helmets there. Not really a secure solution, but at least it gives me a place to put them.

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    You can easily make a double looped, you could also call them eyes vice loops, plastic covered steel cable of sufficient length, I made one about 5" long finished. Lowe's or Home Depot will have everything you need. I run the cable through both D-rings of the helmet and hook both loops/eyes on the under seat lock tang.

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    I added Lidlox. Works great.

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    Go to Amazon and search for Helmet Lock. You can lock one or two helmets to the passenger hand rails with a variety of cable locks. Oh and BRP make a locking helmet bag that not only locks the helmet but keeps it dry.

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    This has come up before, and somone had mentioned using dog choke chain. I got myself to Wallyworld and picked up a medium collar. I cut it to 7 links, which worked best for me, but you may need a different length depening on the chain you get. I put a keyring split ring too big to fit through the helmet D-ring on one end, pulled the chain through some 1/4"ID tubing - some strong string and heat to soften the tubing helped here - and put a split ring just small enough to go through the helmet D-ring on the other end. The plastic tube protects the bodywork, and on our helmets there is a pad under the strap that also protects the tupperware. If I need a bit more helmet protection, I put the lid in a helmet bag, and run the D-ring through the slot on the botton most of the helmet bags have. I can even lock the zippers together with some small luggage locks for even more security.

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    Most police stations will give you a lock for pistols absolutely free! There was an article about this on this forum not too long ago and it appeared to be the solution that I was looking for (I do have lidlox installed on the ends of my handlebars, but did not like the fact that the helmet hung upside down and if you wanted to "lock" the front end, it was almost impossible to use lidlox for two full face helmets). I had one of those pistol locks and simply covered the steel cable with some plastic tubing that I had in the garage. Works great and allows you to lock your helmet(s) to the passenger hand grip.

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LidLox Handlebar Helmet Lock Kit for Can-Am Ryker's with Stock Mirrors (Twin Pack)

Lidlox Handlebar Mounted Helmet Lock for the Can-Am Ryker (for use with OE mirrors)
The Can-Am Ryker has minimal storage and doesn't really have anywhere to safely store you and your passengers helmet. We've partnered up with Lidlox to bring you a helmet locking solution that is used in conjunction with the stock mirrors and allows you to run your factory bar end mirrors with the Lidlox system to keep that OE look. This Ryker helmet lock solution includes a lock for both the left and right side of the handlebars and includes (4) keys. Both locks are keyed the same, so you'll only need one key to unlock both locks, leaving you with (3) spare keys.

Benefits of the Can-Am Ryker Helmet Locks

  • Compatible with the OE mirrors
  • One key opens both locks
  • Simple Installation on both the Ryker & Ryker Rally Models
  • Convenient Handlebar End Locking Location
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Product Details
Hardware IncludedYes
Made InU.S.A.
a helmet lock kit for my can am ryker rally

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Lock ryker can am helmet

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Can-am Ryker Rally - Helmet Lock - Install -

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