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Donkey Kong was a hit, and jumping was here to stay.

Why do we jump?

Insurmountable obstacles in games are frustrating to players, says Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester and co-author of the book Glued to Games.

"In some early games when characters could not, for example, jump over a log or pass over a short hurdle, it was a real disruption in both narrative and immersion," Ryan says. "It frustrated the player's expected feelings of competence and autonomy. Jumping is now just an expected capacity or competence in games, where the world involves movement in space, in part because it is useful, adding realism and strategic choice."

Sometimes jumping is all players do. Some aimlessly jump around virtual worlds, particularly in MMO titles, with no benefit to speed or progression — just because it's fun.

"In World of Warcraft or many other MMOs, it is not uncommon to see avatars bouncing about when in town or a safe zone; jumping is a primordial expression of joy in humans, and it signals play," Ryan says.

We jump, in other words, because we (virtually) are.

Jason Begy is an author and research assistant at the Technoculture, Art and Games Research Centre. In his paper, "The History and Significance of Jumping in Games", Begy argues that we have a positive association with height: "good is up."

Begy claims that jumping in a virtual world is "ultimately about expressing power." This is not just limited to power over the physical opponents in a game. In many games, the greatest challenge a player faces is the environment itself.

"Jumping over ledges, walls, or down stairs is defying the environment's attempts to constrain or influence your navigation of it," Begy says. "The dominating jump can be a means of attack or avoidance, but dominance is always present."

Donkey Kong's "Jumpman" jumps to dominate the barrels. If he does not jump over the barrel, it will dominate him. But by jumping over it, he can render it harmless.

Begy's theory is that the real world does not always grant individuals the control over their lives that they desire. However, through the jump, video games provide a virtual world in which freedom, dominance and autonomy can be expressed at the mere press of a button.


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Up to date review: Still good as ever! Two years later they have not only grown what they've carried but have made improvement after improvement to be the best game store in the county. For me, Double Jump is the only place to buy and sell retro video games in the area. Cooper, Abby and Ryan are always the best! Older review: I can’t brag about this store enough! The owner is friendly, considerate, and takes you seriously and seems like he would go out of his way to help you with anything you need. I’ve been there two times in the past week and feel at home whenever I go there. Will be going there for all my modern and retro needs!!!!!

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DoubleJump is a video agency founded by established video games presenter/producers Cam Robinson and Seb Ford (formerly of 

In its 6th year of trading, and with 25+ years in the gaming and video production industry, DoubleJump provides bespoke creative video and audio solutions to the biggest names in the computer and video games industry. DoubleJump creates TV Adverts, Trailers, E3 Presentations, Behind the Scenes Documentaries, Live Music Performances and more for many of the biggest games in world. All video products are crafted for a variety of social and digital platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. 

The DoubleJump Studio, located in Wimbledon, features a professional flexible 5m squared, sound proofed and sound deaden space, perfect for small to medium scale productions, both live and video on demand. 

DoubleJump also offers hosting, presenting and voice over services through recognise industry talent Cam and Seb, as well as a network of prominent industry professionals. With a core team of three, and a broad network of top quality freelancers, DoubleJump executes projects involving crews from 1 person to 20+.

The experience the team holds as journalists, entertainers and video experts enables DoubleJump to produce content that both resonates with audiences and represents our clients. DoubleJump creates exciting, shareable and engaging video, so why not take a look as some of our previous work.

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