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Terminal Blocks and Barrier Strips

Molex provides a wide selection of terminal blocks and barrier strips for reliable wire-to-board and wire-to-wire configurations

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ViewSee partsEurostyle Two-Screw Barrier Strips - Molex

Eurostyle Two-Screw Barrier Strips

Available in a variety of pitches, with a wide variety of wire ranges, voltage and current ratings.

20.0 - 63.0A212 - 22ViewSee parts
ViewSee partsBeau Barrier Strips - Molex

Beau Barrier Strips

PCB-mounted blocks designed for power applications have a variety of screw, terminal and mounting options available, accepting either bare or terminated wires

20.0 - 45.0A1 - 3214 - 22ViewSee parts
ViewSee partsHigh-Current, Universal-Clamp Terminal Blocks - Molex

High-Current, Universal-Clamp Terminal Blocks

A dependable DIN-rail or panel-mountable product capable of the highest levels of performance and safety standards

150.0 - 380.0A1, 31/0-6, 6+6, 8+8+8ViewSee parts
ViewSee parts

Eurostyle Terminal Blocks

Offering the most complete lineup of high-power, high-density, customizable terminal blocks available with current ratings up to 115.0A

8.0 - 115.0A2 - 480.05-1.31 to 10.00-35.00ViewSee parts
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The Ultimate Guide to Terminal Block Selection

What is a Terminal Block?

A terminal block consists of a modular housing with an insulated body that secures two or more wires together. Terminal blocks—also referred to as terminal connectors, connection terminals, or screw terminals—are used in a wide array of applications where electrical systems need to be safely connected. They are ideal for designs requiring secure, well-organized, and semi-permanent wire connections that can be easily swapped out for inspection or repair in the field.

Terminal Block Types

There are various types of terminal blocks that can be used in a design. These are some of the most common:

PCB Mount

Often referred to as Eurostyle or wire-to-board terminal blocks, PCB mount terminal blocks work by inserting bare wires into the module where a clamp secures the wire in the housing. The housing is then soldered to a PCB in common footprints. PCB mount terminal blocks can be single, dual, or multi-level modules.

Barrier Strips

These terminal blocks have a screw down terminal where a ring or spade terminal is attached to the wire and then inserted onto the screw and tightened into the housing. Barrier strips are commonly used where vibration is a concern.


Feed-through terminal blocks are used to connect two wires together for wire-to-wire connections. This terminal block type has one input and one output contact where two distinct wires are fed into opposite sides of the housing. Like PCB mount versions, these can also be single, dual, or multi-level modules.

Key Terminal Block Electrical Considerations

When designing a system that will utilize a terminal block, you will likely know your overall system voltage and current requirements. While these are very important, there are other factors to consider in your design as detailed below.

Current Rating

The current rating is often the most important parameter to consider in terminal block designs. The current rating is based on the conductivity of the terminals, cross-sectional area, and the corresponding heat rise. Operating at too high of a current can cause overheating and damage of the terminal block, leading to major safety concerns. It is best practice to use a terminal block that is rated for at least 150% of the max current that is expected in the system.

Voltage Rating

The voltage rating is in part determined by the dielectric strength and pitch of the terminal block housing. The maximum system voltage of the application must be less than the voltage rating. Any voltage surges in the system should also be evaluated when selecting the terminal block.

Pole Count

The number of individual circuits within the terminal block is also known as the pole count. This can be as few as a single pole, and as high as 24 poles, based on how many individual circuits are needed in the specific application.


A terminal block’s pitch is defined as the center distance from one pole to the next. The pitch of the connector is often determined by the overall rating of the terminal block where factors like voltage/current, creepage, and clearance are considered. Common industry pitches would be, but are not limited to, 2.54 mm, 3.81 mm, 5.0 mm, and 7.62 mm.

Wire Size/Type

The minimum and maximum wire size that the terminal block can accept would be a function of the voltage/current rating. In addition to making sure the wires used will physically fit into the terminal block, the type of wire should also be considered. Stranded or multi-core wire is typically used for screw terminals, and single-core is typically used for push-in style terminal blocks. In North America wire size is specified in units of American wire gauge (AWG).

Key Terminal Block Mechanical Considerations

In addition to system electrical factors, mechanical restrictions and limitations need to be considered in terminal block design. The key features to consider are any mechanical restrictions on the housing of the design that may impact overall footprint, orientation, and accessibility of the connections. Mechanical variations on the housing can include, but are not limited to, the following.

Wire-Entry Orientation

Terminal blocks come available in three common orientations: horizontal, vertical, and 45°. Horizontal and vertical are also known as 90° and 180°, respectively. The wire orientation can often be determined by physical restrictions in the overall design that make one option more feasible than the other.

Comparison of horizontal (90°), vertical (180°), and 45° terminal block orientations

Wire-Securing Method

The method in which the wires are secured in the terminal block housing are typically accomplished by three main types: screw terminal, push button, or push-in.

  • Screw Terminal
    Screw terminal or screw type terminal blocks secure the wire against the conductor in the terminal block by tightening a screw which closes the clamp.
  • Push Button
    Push button terminal blocks secure the wire against the conductor by a spring clamp that is opened by pressing a button. Releasing the button clamps the spring onto the wire.
  • Push-In
    Similar to the push button with a spring clamp, a push-in terminal block allows the wire to be pressed directly into the housing without the use of a push button to open the spring.
Comparison of screw terminal, push button, and push-in terminal block styles

Module Type

Terminal block modules can be constructed in pieces that are interlocked with one another, or in single housings. Interlocking terminal block modules are typically constructed in 2 and 3 pole versions. With these two sizes, a designer can achieve any pole count that is needed by just snapping the modules together.

Single-piece terminal blocks are constructed in a way that all poles are contained in a single housing. These are typical for pluggable housings where it would not be feasible to have multiple pieces. Other uses include high current or high temperature versions where a single housing would be stronger.

Comparison of an interlocking and single-piece terminal block

Wire-to-Housing Method

While most terminal block connectors have the wires inserted directly into the housing, there are some variations that utilize mating pairs that can be plugged together. These pluggable terminal blocks still have the wires inserted into a housing, but with the additional benefit of a modular housing that can be plugged directly into a fixed housing on a PCB. These simplify designs where the main connections need to be disconnected frequently without having to disconnect all individual wires.

Plug and receptacle components of a pluggable terminal block

Safety Ratings

Terminal blocks are typically certified and/or designed to UL and/or IEC safety standards and are composed of materials that have a flammability rating meeting UL94V-0. Both UL and IEC ratings can appear on a datasheet with differing values. This is because each agency uses a different standard and requirements that a terminal block must meet. When selecting a terminal block, you will want to know your overall system safety requirements, and make sure the terminal block ratings comply with them.

Other Design Considerations

In order to make assembly or maintenance easier for the user, housing color or special markings can be modified to help differentiate various terminal block connections. This is especially useful for more complex systems that utilize multiple wiring and circuits housed in a centralized location.

Operating temperature of the end system also needs to be considered to know whether a high temperature rated terminal block would be needed.


While there are many factors to consider when designing an overall system, terminal blocks are an optimal solution for complex electrical system connections. With a variety of color options and configurations, CUI Devices’ terminal blocks offer a range of options to meet your wire-to-board design challenges.

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How to select a terminal block

IEC Compliance

Eaton’s electronic terminal blocks comply with the requirements in IEC Publication 60947-7-1, Terminal Blocks for Copper Conductors. These blocks are concurrently recognized and certified under the UL Classification Program. Details of the IEC rating system is provided on the following page. Ratings, except where indicated, are concurrent with UL 1059.


In 1998, Eaton received CE certification on all products. For terminal blocks, CE is a self-certification mark applied to products that have met safety and performance requirements set forth by the European Union (EU). This mark is required for free movement of product in the European market.

IEC 60947-7-1

Similar to UL1059 Classes, IEC 60947-7-1 refers to IEC60947-1 which outlines the general rules for low-voltage switchgear and control gear as well as defines creepage and clearance limits based on pollution degrees. The pollution degree refers to the environmental conditions for which the equipment is intended.

The micro-environment of the creepage distance or clearance, and not the environment of the equipment, determines the effect on insulation. The micro-environment might be better or worse than the environment of the equipment. It includes all factors influencing the insulation, such as climatic and electromagnetic conditions, generation of pollution, etc. Therefore, for equipment intended for use within an enclosure or provided with an integral enclosure, the pollution degree of the environment in the enclosure is applicable.

For purposes of evaluating clearances and creepage distances, the four degrees of pollution of the micro-environment are established:

  • Pollution degree 1: No pollution or only dry, non-conductive pollution occurs.
  • Pollution degree 2: Normally, only non-conductive pollution occurs. Occasionally, a temporary conductivity caused by condensation may be expected.
  • Pollution degree 3: Conductive pollution occurs, or dry, non-conductive pollution occurs which becomes conductive due to condensation.
  • Pollution degree 4: The pollution generates persistent conductivity caused, for instance, by conductive dust or by rain or snow.

Pollution degree 3 is the standard pollution degree for industrial applications, unless otherwise stated by the relevant product standard. However, other pollution degrees may be considered to apply depending on the particular application or micro-environment.

Impulse withstand voltage – highest peak value of an impulse voltage, of prescribed form and polarity, which does not cause breakdown under specified test conditions.

Sours: https://www.eaton.com/us/en-us/products/electronic-components/topics/how-to-select-a-terminal-block.html
Make a Terminal Block ( distribution block )

Wago Wire-To-Board Terminal Block, 12 Positions, 28 AWG to 16 AWG, Clamp

NameValuePackaging type BOX Rated voltage (III / 3) [V] 400 V Rated impulse voltage (III / 3) [kV] 6 kV Rated current [A] 18 A Legend (ratings) (III / 3) ≙ Overvoltage category III / Pollution degree 3 Type of wiring Side-entry wiring No. of poles 12 Total number of connection points 24 Total number of potentials 12 Number of levels 1 Connection technology CAGE CLAMP® Actuation type Operating tool Connectable conductor materials Copper Solid conductor 0.08 … 1.5 mm² / 28 … 16 AWG Fine-stranded conductor 0.08 … 1.5 mm² / 28 … 16 AWG Strip length 8 … 9 mm / 0.31 … 0.35 Inch Width 74.5 mm / 2.933 Inch Height from the surface 17 mm / 0.669 Inch Depth 25 mm / 0.984 Inch Design horizontal Mounting type Mounting flange Marking level Side marking Color gray Fire load [MJ] 0.411 MJ Weight [g] 20.08 g Main product function Through term. block Product type Miniature rail-mount terminal blocks 
Sours: https://hermanproav.com/product/338199/Wago-Wire-To-Board-Terminal-Block--12-Positions--28-AWG-to-16-AWG--Clamp

Board block to wire terminal

WEIDMULLERWEIDMULLER 1724680000-Wire-To-Board Terminal Block, 9.

Industrial Electrical,326,WEIDMULLERWEIDMULLER,9.,Block,Industrial Scientific ,Terminal,1724680000-Wire-To-Board 326 Industrial Electrical Industrial Scientific WEIDMULLERWEIDMULLER 1724680000-Wire-To-Board Terminal Block 9. WEIDMULLERWEIDMULLER 1724680000-Wire-To-Board Terminal Baltimore Mall Block 9. Industrial Electrical,326,WEIDMULLERWEIDMULLER,9.,Block,Industrial Scientific ,Terminal,1724680000-Wire-To-Board 326 Industrial Electrical Industrial Scientific WEIDMULLERWEIDMULLER 1724680000-Wire-To-Board Terminal Block 9. WEIDMULLERWEIDMULLER 1724680000-Wire-To-Board Terminal Baltimore Mall Block 9.

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WEIDMULLERWEIDMULLER 1724680000-Wire-To-Board Terminal Block, 9.

WEIDMULLERWEIDMULLER 1724680000-Wire-To-Board Terminal Block, 9.


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line-height: td div important; } #productDescription normal; margin: 0 initial; margin: 1.3; padding-bottom: { list-style-type: h2.softlines { color: smaller; } #productDescription.prodDescWidth 1.23em; clear: bold; margin: -15px; } #productDescription 0.25em; } #productDescription_feature_div WEIDMULLERWEIDMULLER > .aplus 1000px } #productDescription #productDescription 1em; } #productDescription { margin: 0px; } #productDescription #productDescription { font-weight: 25px; } #productDescription_feature_div 0; } #productDescription small inherit 4px; font-weight: important; margin-left: important; margin-bottom: break-word; font-size: { border-collapse: h2.books h3 0em p HONEYWELL #333333; font-size: small; vertical-align: -1px; } SWITCH small; line-height: img IN important; font-size:21px { font-size: normal; color: 20px BOX 56 0.375em 1724680000-Wire-To-Board 0.75em GLAB01A1BNEW 1em 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div { color:#333 { max-width: medium; margin: table Block 20px; } #productDescription li 0px disc #CC6600; 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Sours: http://www.biohelpers.com/180fc-b-6d16/16597/MzhhOG_Q1OT/ecbeaeeb/11359608072509
Attaching Wire to PCB: Using PCB Terminal Block or Soldering The Wire Directly to Circuit Board

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