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The 10 Most Powerful Bosses in Ark, Ranked

Ark: Survival Evolved is a fascinating game that has players survive a hostile world populated with dinosaurs by banding together with other survivors and taming the dinosaurs to their personal use. But as players expand their power through the creation of tribes and bases it’s quickly revealed that there are greater threats on the island than the common dinosaurs they’ve been fighting and taming.

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In Ark, there are bosses that rule the world: powerful dinosaurs and other beings that have carved out a territory for themselves and become absolutely monstrous when threatened. Here are the most powerful bosses found in Ark and how to beat them.

Updated on October 7, , By Ben Baker: Determining the Ark Boss difficulty ranking is no easy feat. Mechanics change all the time, new content is added that can make the fights easier, and players come up with clever strategies. Yet even with the expansions and the addition of the Mek vehicle these ten monsters reign supreme with the King sitting on top. Given how difficult these Ark Bosses are to face it seemed like a good idea to mention some of the tames players should be taking into battle. Honestly, the Mek is always the right answer, but it isn’t always practical or cost-effective so here are some additional options to consider.

10 Desert Titan

The Desert Titan is easy to kill, but only if the player has tamed a Managarmr which is difficult to do. If the player has a Managarmr then it’s a matter of dispatching the minions with a powerful rifle then attacking the Desert Titan directly by dashing forward, attacking, and then backing off before getting hit by lightning.

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It’s one of the few bosses that can be easily tackled solo, but it takes skill and as mentioned the ownership of a Managarmr, without it this can be a tough fight.

Recommended Tames For Fighting The Desert Titan

  • Mek – A Mek with an MSCM can shred the Desert Titan from a long-distance allowing you to deal damage without being in harm's way. While this is the best method it’s incredibly expensive and time-consuming to get a Mek with an MSCM so it's not ideal for everyone.
  • Managarmr - Great brawler for facing the Desert Titan head-on.
  • Lightning Wyverns – Their lightning attacks can make short work of the Desert Titan, though the flocks and stamina management may be an issue.
  • Astrocetus – equip one with a Tek saddle and you drop bombs on the Desert titan. Bonus damage for teammates using the turrets. Just be wary as it’s a slow tame and can leave you vulnerable to retaliation.
  • Argentavis – A large enough flock of these can overwhelm the Desert Titan and act as meat shields for the lightning attacks. While effective it requires sacrificing quite a few Argentavis.

9 Forest Titan

If you had a Managarmr for the Desert Titan then you’ll want to use it for the other Titans and the Forest Titan is no exception. The only reason the Forest Titan is considered more difficult than the Desert is that you will need a group of Rexes with you to join the fray.

Once the Forest Titan has been summoned it can spawn poisonous trees that make it tough to fly, which is where you want to be. So you’ll need the Rexes on the ground to prevent those trees from spawning. Then it’s simply a matter of dashing your way to victory with the Managarmr.

Recommended Tames For Fighting The Forest Titan

  • Mek – A Mek with MRLM or MSCM is an expensive but effective way of bringing down the Forest Titan. That being said, the Forest Titan is resilient to Mek damage so this makes for a long fight.
  • Rex – A team of Rexes can quickly mow down an unwary Forest Titan.
  • Giga – Similar to Rexes Gigas can be used to quickly tear the Forest Titan apart.

8 Ice Titan

The Ice Titan is the toughest of the three elemental Titans. It has the highest HP and its breath attack and aura of mist will freeze opponents. It’s a tricky fight, but having a swift mount, like that Managarmr, can make avoiding those pesky freezing attacks much easier.

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It’s also incredibly helpful to have Rexes on the ground to keep the Ice Titan distracted. They won’t be able to do much damage as they’ll be frozen most of the time, but it’ll keep the Titan off your back while you deal with its minions and dish out damage.

Recommended Tames For Fighting The Ice Titan

  • Mek – With great weaponry and strong stats the Mek is great for fighting the Ice Titan. Assuming of course you have access to one and don’t mind using it for this fight.
  • Giga – Blitzing the Ice Titan with a team of Gigas is a great strategy for lots of early damage and possible winning outright.
  • Rex – Work similarly to Gigas though a few more might be needed.
  • Snow Owl – This can be handy for keeping the team healed throughout the fight.

7 Megapithecus

The Megapithecus is a fairly easy fight given its low health compared to the other bosses on the list. The Megapithecus is a giant ape living in a temple on the snow-covered mountains, it’s capable of summoning monkeys called Mesopithecus and large apes called Gigantopithecus.

To beat the largest of the apes, players simply stay put on the starting pad and wait for the giant ape to get close then whistle their tamed dinosaurs into battle. Assuming the player has taken precautions against hypothermia and doesn’t let their dinosaurs fall in the large hole in the level, it’s an easy enough fight, although it does take longer than facing a Titans.

Recommended Tames For The Megapithecus

  • Rex – Rushing with a squad of Rexes is very effective in this fight.
  • Kentrosaurus – While not the easiest to obtain having a mutated Kentrosaurus can actually reflect the damage back on the Megapithecus. Hard to set up, but very effective when it works.
  • Deinonychus – A group of these will get a collective bonus allowing them to deal stacks of Bleed. As the fight goes on the Megapithecus will rapidly lose health as long as the team survives.
  • Wooly Rhino – If you have high-level armor saddles a few Wooly Rhinos can be used to mow down the Megapitheucs fairly quickly.
  • Allosaurus – Worsts case scenario a pack of Allosaurus can take the Megapithecus down. Expect a few losses though.

6 Broodmother Lysrix

This massive spider can be a serious threat to those who don’t properly prepare, but for those who are prepared this fight is a cakewalk, which is why the Broodmother Lysrix isn’t higher on the list. Her main threat is the ability to cast webs that significantly slow down enemies. This is especially lethal for players not riding dinosaurs, so the obvious way to minimize the threat is to always be riding one.

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Having a dozen or so Rex’s or other similarly strong dinosaurs with a Yutyrannus to provide the attack boost is usually enough to take the Broodmother down, just be careful of the webs when she starts slinging them.

Recommended Tames For Fighting The Broodmother

  • Megatherium – Thanks to their bonus damage against insects these are a solid choice and highly recommended.
  • Rex – As always rushing the boss with a team of Rexes is very effective.
  • Spinosaurus – Less conventional, but there is water present in the arena so they could have a place on a strike team.
  • Shadowmanes – Good alternative to Spinosaurus, they’re smaller and it's easier to bring more to the fight with similar tactics.

5 Manticore

Like the Broodmother, the Manticore is dangerous for those who don’t know what they’re doing and a breeze for the prepared. The Manticore’s lair is infested with Deathworms so it's best to stay on the main platform and kill them and the Rock Elementals that show up first before tackling the Manticore.

As for the Manticore, it’s best to use either a friend with a bunch of Rexs or to bring a lot of Wyverns to keep it distracted while you handle its minions. Then simply let the Wyverns keep it distracted while you pummel away with homing rockets or wait till the Manticore lands and rush in with Rexs.

Recommended Tames For Fighting The Manticore

  • Rex – Rushing the boss with a pack of Rex is never a bad idea.
  • Wyvern – These can be used as an alternative to Rexes. They’re less effective but can avoid the enemies that spawn on the ground.
  • Argentavis – These are a good alternative to Wyverns as they can be fitted with saddles.
  • Mantis – These glass cannons can make short work of the Manticore if they have other tames to act as shields and lend support.

4 Rockwell

While the other bosses are relatively easy with the right strategy, these next four are difficult even for those who’ve properly prepared. Rockwell is a mutated creature that is surrounded by a pool of molten elements and one singular path to access him. He is completely invulnerable to damage with his tentacles up, so taking those tentacles down is priority number one.

The tentacles deal incredible area of attack damage and towards the end of the battle, Rockwell will summon a never-ending horde of Nameless and Reapers. A Rock Drake is useful for hiding from his minions, but the name of the game is tanking, handling the waves, and attacking hard once the tentacles are brought down.

Recommended Tames For Fighting Rockwell

  • Aberrant Megalosaurus – They are basically used as stand-ins for Rexes rushing the enemy and dealing high damage quickly.
  • Rock Drakes – These are great brawlers to keep minions occupied and deal with Nameless. Having at least one to ride on during the battle is highly recommended.
  • Aberrant Stegosaurus – An alternative to the Rock Drake, though not as effective.
  • Reaper King – Great for getting a lot of damage once Rockwell is down, otherwise is not very handy.

3 Dragon

The Dragon used to be the toughest boss in the game before being replaced by expansions but that doesn’t mean it’s a pushover. The Dragon can soar to heights unreachable by the player and spit massive fireballs from above. Every so often it will land and breath fire or bite at opponents. This is the best time to attack, but also the most dangerous as a single bite will instakill the player.

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It’s highly recommended to have a tribe of players at your side, a horde of Rexes, and the most powerful guns you can gather to take this monster down.

Recommended Tames For Fighting The Dragon

  • Magmasaur – Absolute best tame to fight the Dragon as they’re immune to the fire damage and can fight at a distance. They are a challenge to raise and may not always be practical.
  • Therizinosaurus – A swarm of these can overwhelm the Dragon. While they are resistant to Dragon damage they are vulnerable to fire and need to be carefully managed.
  • Yutyrannus – Can be used to lend support to damage dealers like the Therizinosaurus. Not very durable so avoiding damage is key.
  • Megaloceros – Great for distracting the Dragon and letting the damage dealers do their thing.
  • Rex – Rex rushing can work here but needs to be carefully managed. You should ideally have a backup plan in case the Dragon blasts the squad before they can do their thing.

2 Overseer

The Overseer is a nightmare because each time it loses 25 percent of its health it will transform into a replica of one of three other bosses, the Megapithecus, the Dragon, and the Broodmother Lysrix. Its true form, the Specimen Implant, has an invulnerable energy shield it can use, a massive area of effect laser attack, and the ability to knock players off their mounts.

The Overseer is also surrounded by a never-ending stream of Defense Units and Attack Drones. The best tactic against this boss is to have a group of friends with Reaper Kings to handle the Defense Units, a group with Managarmr for Attack Drones, and a sizable group with Rexes and Yutyrannus to tackle the various forms of the boss.

Recommended Tames For Fighting The Overseer

  • Therizinosaurus – Perhaps the best balanced tame for the entire fight. They can work as early rushers while handling the later phases like the Dragon Form.
  • Rex – Rex rushing works very well for the first part of the fight but struggles later in the fight against one of the hardest Ark bosses in the game. Definitely use it in the beginning but have other tame for later.
  • Daeodon – A pain to micromanage but can work well with the Therizinosaurus.

1 King Titan

The King Titan easily takes the number one spot as the hardest boss in the game. When on the offensive this Godzilla-like monster will lob fireballs that do impressive levels of damage and has an army of corrupted dinosaurs that can easily swarm the player.

When it’s suffered enough damage it will kneel in the center of the arena, obtain a major reduction in damage it receives, and pepper the area with meteors in an attempt to destroy the element node that spawned. If the King Titan or its corrupted minions successfully destroy the node it will heal a portion of its health. It’s a brutal fight that will leave many dinosaurs and likely fellow players dead once the battle is over.

Recommended Tames For Fighting The King Titan

  • Mek – Great for brawling with the King Titan, though they can be expensive and hard to obtain. Keep in mind even using this vehicle it's still the hardest boss in Ark.
  • Ice Titan – Can go toe-to-toe with the King Titan for quite some time.
  • Forest Titan – Also a good brawler against the King Titan and the best Titan at tanking.
  • Desert Titan – Great for both fighting the King Titan and using lightning to eliminate flocks
  • Rock Elemental – Great for tanking damage and protecting weaker allies.
  • Fire Wyvern- Handy for burning through the hordes of corrupted minions.
  • Blood Crystal Wyvern – Great for draining health from the King Titan while self-healing.
  • Brontosaurus – Handy as a staging platform for resupplying on ammo, food, and health.
  • Gigantosaurus – Great for early rushing damage, but little else.
  • Yutyrannus – Helps support the other tames.

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Thatch Foundation.pngThis article is a stub. You can help the ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki by expanding it.

Single Player is a Game Mode that allows Survivors to play ARK offline. All features of the online game are present, including mods and one-player Tribes. Screenshots taken via NVIDIA Ansel may only be captured in Single Player.


In Single Player mode you don't need to authorize yourself as an admin nor do you need a prefix like or before the commands. Just type the bare command and its parameters after you opened the console with the key. But it also works with the prefixes.


Single Player mode automatically saves every 15 minutes by default. To manually save, press Tab and enter:

Multiple Saves[]

Single Player mode does not support multiple save slots. Each separate map allows one save per map. But only DLC maps have their own directory and a separate character profile. However, by backing up the folders SavedArksLocal and LocalProfiles for The Island or respectively named folders for the DLCs, different saves can be loaded.

Changes of Game-multipliers[]

There is a configuration option "Use Singleplayer Settings" in the General tab of the Host/Local dialog. When activated some settings (e.g. difficulty) are optimized for single players and small groups (non-dedicated sessions).[1] This option was introduced in

The intention behind this change was to soothe the Single Player and Non-Dedicated experience to make it more approachable for those playing in smaller groups. Of course, you don't have to have these settings on, but they will make a significant difference to your game!

These are settings which are automatically enabled in Single Player and Non Dedicated Servers. You can turn them off by disabling the ini setting, or just unchecking the box in your host options. Details for all options can be found in Server configuration. These are the changes that occur when Singleplayer Settings are activated:

[ServerSettings] DifficultyOffset= XPMultiplier= TamingSpeedMultiplier= ServerCrosshair=True ShowMapPlayerLocation=True EnablePvPGamma=True AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] MatingIntervalMultiplier= EggHatchSpeedMultiplier= BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier= BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier= bFlyerPlatformAllowUnalignedDinoBasing=False bAllowCustomRecipes=True bPassiveDefensesDamageRiderlessDinos=True MaxDifficulty=False bUseSingleplayerSettings=True
OptionDefaultSP multiplierResult

The PerLevelStatsMultiplier values listed in the table above are the current ones. They were changed since [0] is Health and [8] is Damage.

Survival Modes (Mobile)[]

Logo Mobile.svg This section is about a feature exclusively available on Mobile

In ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile, a Survival Mode can be selected when starting a Single Player. Survival Modes decide certain game functions such as retaining the Inventory after death or losing Experience and Engrams. There are currently three Survival Modes:

  • Casual mode, where blueprints, weapons, and armor are kept on death. Demolishing structures returns their full resource cost.
  • Survivor mode, where no items are kept on death. Demolishing structures returns 50% of their full resource cost.
  • Hardcore mode, where most Experience and all Engrams are lost on death. Demolishing structures returns nothing. Experience and harvesting rates doubled.



  • You can create multiple survivors in one Single Player ARK, allowing you to learn all engrams in different characters, and do different jobs, eg. One character for crafting and harvesting, one for combat purposes.
    • You need to reach an Obelisk or a Tek Transmitter and upload the current survivor to change to another survivor you want to operate. Dying and spawning another survivor will DESTROY the previous one you were operating just like in Multi Player mode.
  • On Single Player, you will not be warned that "up to 10 players can enter boss arenas".
    • Timers will not be used or shown for arenas and Tek Cave either.
  • Some of the creatures may have different stats on Single Player than on Multi Player.
  • All explorernotes give you a four times experience buff.
  • Supply drops and etc. can't be used for transfer, only through obelisk terminal, city terminal.


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Can the game be beat solo?
I just wanna start playing this game again, and i wanna know if its worth trying to play solo? I've never beat the game, it looks really fun and i'm just wondering if its worth it.

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Trying Broodmother Boss Fight on (Easy) [Ark 2019] Default Single Player Settings

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land,Read More and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate and escape!

PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

First-Person, Action, Adventure

Studio Wildcard, Instinct Games, Efecto Studios, Virtual Basement

Studio Wildcard

June 02,

Hours Ago

65% Rating


Based on User Ratings











18 h 19m h h 10m h 26m Competitive4 h 09m h 94h 17m h 35m

Scroll for More &#


Beat can solo you ark

Do you want (how) to beat the Ark bosses without being griefed and harassed? Single Player is for you! But what perfect settings do you use to have the best experience for ARK: Survival Evolved?

How to Beat Ark Bosses without Being Griefed/Harassed

Perfect Settings


  • Maximum Difficulty &#; Check
  • Singleplayer Settings &#; Uncheck
  • Allow Mutiple Platform Floors &#; Check
  • Allow Unlimited Respecs &#; Check


  • Allow Flyer carry PVE &#; Check
  • Non Permanent Diseases &#; Uncheck
  • Poop Interval &#;
  • Lay Egg interval &#;
  • Mating Interval &#;
  • Egg Hatch Speed &#;
  • Baby Mature Speed &#;
  • Resources Repsawn Period &#;
  • Baby Cuddle Interval Period &#;
  • Day Cycle Speed &#;
  • Spoiling Time &#;
  • No Resource Radius Structures &#;
  • Crop Growth Speed &#;
  • Crop Decay Speed &#;
  • Passive Def Hurts Riderless Dinos &#; Check
  • Allow Raid Dino Feeding &#; Check
  • Show Floating Damage Text &#; Check
  • Don&#;t be afraid to change these settings to fit your tastes.


Mods increase load times so I would only download mods from the steam workshop that add QOL features. One such example is awesome spyglass. It shows your default dino stats it had when you tamed it and what how many points you have placed into each stat since then. Perfect for breeding dinos.

Be warned: This mod doesn&#;t work on extinction dinos and beyond.

by Nova

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  2. playercommand Ascend2 (BETA)
  3. playercommand Ascend3 (ALPHA)

What is the point of Ark single player?

Single Player is a Game Mode that allows Survivors to play ARK offline. All features of the online game are present, including mods and one-player Tribes.

How many times can you ascend in Ark?

your level cap increases by 5 each time you ascend up to a max of 3 times totaling to 15 extra levels.

What is the max level on ark?

Do Ark bosses scale with difficulty?

Yes they do. We play on our own server @ 30x difficulty. Megaphiticus boulders do up to 5K damage per throw.

How long does it take to beat Ark survival evolved?


How long does it take to beat Ark single player?


Main Story1851h 30m
Main + Extras8h 30m
All PlayStyles3589h

How long is an hour in Ark?

1 hour


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