Solid 925 sterling silver rings

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If you’re considering buying sterling silver jewelry, you will no doubt want to know the difference between pure silver and sterling silver. Well, pure silver is not really made up of only silver. It has % of silver, and a small content composed of other metals such as copper.

Sterling Silver, on the other hand, consists of % silver, and the remaining part consists of copper – mostly copper. This is the reason why Sterling Silver is popularly referred to as Sterling Silver or just Silver.

The reason silver needs to be combined with other metals is that it is very difficult to make great designs with just pure silver, which is very soft and malleable. A bit of hardness has to be introduced, by adding other metals such as copper. That’s why jewelers are capable of making the most intricate and complex designs with Sterling Silver.

Importance of Buying Real Sterling Silver Jewelry

sterling silver

Sterling Silver Value and Difference Between Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum

Sterling silver value

While sterling silver can be placed at number four in the list of expensive jewelry metals starting from top as the most precious metal that can be used in jewelry making, to the least expensive of them all, the value of sterling silver still makes it expensive.

This is because while conducting a comparison of more than one metal, the value of sterling silver might seem less but it is actually ‘comparatively less’. Therefore, when you consider sterling silver value on an independent basis without any comparisons, you will notice how valuable and expensive sterling silver can be.

Other than the famous standard of valuing sterling silver on the basis of its quality for being % pure silver mixed with % of another metal, there are a few other things that add to the value of sterling silver. We have briefly described all 4 of these factors here.

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1 # Beauty and durability

Although sterling silver is an alloy of two metals, if it’s authentic then its major composition is still % of pure silver which makes it still resemble and equally beautiful as pure silver. Thus, silver lovers won’t be bothered in terms of beauty whether it is % pure silver or % of pure silver that they are buying.

As far as the durability of sterling silver is concerned, it is more durable than pure silver. In fact, not being pure silver is what increases the durability index of sterling silver. As discussed above, the main reason why another metal is added to make sterling silver is to give it enough strength to be casted into some piece of jewelry.

Thus, both beauty and durability contribute towards high sterling silver value.

what is sterling silver worth

2 # Using more expensive metals to add value

Sterling silver value can be significantly increased by polishing or coating it with metals like rhodium, which is a member of the platinum metal family.

Platinum alone is the most expensive of all metals used in jewelry making. It is more expensive than gold as well. Thus, by using it to give a high quality finish to sterling silver jewelry, the value of sterling silver can be increased.

Another way to increase sterling silver value is by choosing ‘sterling silver and gold jewelry’. Whereas sterling gold does not mean gold alloy made from combining gold with any other metal, sterling silver and gold jewelry is merely jewelry made up of sterling silver but coated with gold to add value to it.

 sterling silver jewelry
 Silver 5A CZ Statement Earrings

3 # Designs

The complexity of a jewelry design adds to the value of it. So how much rare or complicated jewelry design you select to buy, will estimate the value of sterling silver jewelry you own.

If a design includes some rare and precious or semi-precious stones, this will also increase the value of the jewelry.

4 # Care and maintenance

Sterling silver jewelry loses its shine and luster overtime if not properly cared for or if it remains too much exposed in open air. While going for a quick polish is definitely an easy option to restore and retain the value of your sterling silver jewelry, paying less attention to sterling silver jewelry should be avoided to extend its useful life.

Difference between sterling silver, gold and platinum

The main difference between sterling silver, gold and platinum is certainly based on their value which is governed by general economic pricing factors of demand and supply.

In terms of supply, Silver is definitely mined in more quantity which turns out to be good for producing sterling silver and thus its comparable value remains at the bottom when compared with gold and platinum.

Contrary to this, gold is the second most mined metal and therefore enjoys a second place.

Whereas platinum is the third, in fact the least mined metal which makes it the most expensive of all metals in this list.

In terms of demand, the change in shifting fashion trends for consumers and what precious metals investors currently prefer to put their money into influences the demand side price of these metals.

Other than demand and supply principles, the price of metals depends upon factors like their rarity and weight. Platinum is the rarest and denser than gold and silver and is therefore more expensive.

 sterling silver mens bracelet

Sterling Silver jewelry certainly does not come cheap.

It requires quite an investment from your side, whether you are buying a sterling silver pendant or a necklace. But it is a worthwhile investment as its value increases with time. What is very important though is not to be duped into buying fake sterling silver jewelry.

This is a serious issue because many jewelers are known to sell fake sterling silver necklaces, rings, earrings and so on. Sterling silver is much cheaper than costlier metals such as gold, and yet, fake imitations of sterling silver jewelry are sold in the market.

For instance, it is common to come across silver plated jewelries that are sold as real sterling silver jewelries. Just jewelries have only a minimal silver content and are bound to deteriorate, sooner than later.

That is why, knowing how to identify real sterling silver from the fake ones will be of a great help to you and save you from much pain later.

The techniques described here will help you do just that – to identify real sterling silver jewelry from the fake ones that are sold by certain untrustworthy sellers.

1. Rub the jewelry using a soft white cloth.

If you find any black marks on the cloth, then you can be sure that it is made of real sterling silver. This is because any air exposure causes real sterling silver to oxidize. This causes them to deteriorate with time, and the reason why black marks are found on the cloth they are polished with.

2. Do The Nitric Acid Test.

When drops of nitric acid are added to fake non-silver jewelries, they cause them to lose their color. Always ask a jeweler before buying sterling silver from him if you can conduct the nitric acid test on it.

Nitric acid has no effect on real silver, so if the jeweler is selling you a genuine product, he won’t have any objection to that. But be sure to wear gloves and protect your eyes with goggles while doing the nitric acid test.

If the jewelry is made of real sterling silver, the part on which you drop the nitric acid will appear creamy in color, otherwise, if fake, it will appear green.

3. Use the Smell Test.

Real sterling silver shouldn’t smell. If it does, it is because there is too much copper in it.

4. Use the Magnet Test.

This is a simple test. Magnets have no effect on silver – just as they have no effect on gold or platinum. But if you find that the jewelry is attracted to the magnet, then it will be clear to you that it is not made of real sterling silver.

5. Real sterling silver jewelry will have markings such as “Ster,” “” or “Sterling Silver” in a hidden area. If you don’t see such a marking, be wary of it immediately.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by purchasing real sterling silver jewelry from a genuine and reputable jeweler such as has established an excellent reputation as a seller of real, solid and the most beautifully Silver jewelry. is a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of silver jewelry in Hong Kong. PRJewel has been in the jewelry business for more than 20 years.

We are an established name in the wholesale jewelry market.


Prjewel Studio has extensive experience in manufacturing for some of the most well known brands in the world.

Well known brands such as Samantha Wills Jewellery Fine Collection, Berricle and Apples of Gold, to name just a few.


What Is Sterling Silver and How Do You Recognize It?

How To Find The Best Sterling Silver Rings and High-Quality Sterling Silver Jewelry.

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Don’t Let Them Fool You

Unfortunately, a lot of retailers take advantage of a lack of consumer knowledge when it comes to the cost and quality of silver. In order to avoid being duped, you need to learn the warning signs to look out for. 

Are you looking for a newsterling silver chain, bracelet, or set of earrings?

When you're shopping for pieces like these, you need to consider more than just the style. You need to make sure they're genuine, too.

This is because many sellers attempt to pass off silver-plated jewelry as sterling silver. In order to avoid being duped, you need to learn the warning signs to look out for.

This is especially important if you'reallergic to nickel as fake jewelry can cause you to break out in a rash.

How to Check That Jewelry Is Genuine Sterling Silver

Let’s say you pick up a sterling silver bracelet. If it’s the real thing, all genuine sterling silver jewelry will have the sterling silver stamp.

Real sterling silver is also prone to tarnishing. This is because of the copper the silver is mixed with to keep it hard and durable. The copper reacts to oxygen, moisture, and sulfur in the air. That's why you need to regularly clean real silver to keep it looking shiny and new.

If you see any signs of tarnishing when shopping for jewelry, it's not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, when it comes to sterling silver, it's a sign that it's real. Look out for dull patches or small black marks on any piece before you buy it. 

Sterling silver rings that are real are especially prone to tarnishing on the inside where they may have come into contact with skin. Try polishing your silver with a soft white polishing cloth or dipping it into a jewelry cleaning solution. After that, it's as good as new.

Imagine you’re shopping for some antique sterling silver rings. After you've checked each ring for tarnishing, you can do one quick and easy test. Take out a soft white cloth and rub it onto the tarnished area of the piece. If it's genuine, you should see some black marks left on the cloth afterward. If it comes away spotless, the jewelry is either extremely clean, or it's not sterling silver.

Try Magnets

Magnets have little to no effect on genuine sterling silver. This means that if you have one handy, you can use it to perform a very simple test. If you find that your magnet creates a strong attraction to the jewelry you're testing, walk away. This is a clear indication that it's fake. You can use this test to identify real gold, too.

Look at the Markings

Sterling Silver Jewelry

The first way most people identify sterling silver is by looking for markings. Sterling silver jewelry is always stamped with a marking to indicate the percentage of silver it contains. Usually, this appears as , , or In the U.S., anything less than % is not considered sterling silver. However, this isn't the case in some other parts of the world. 

Jewelry with lower purity is not considered sterling silver by U.S. and U.K. standards. However, for example, in Germany, sterling silver can be %, and in Lebanon, it can be as low as 70%. A batch of sterling silver rings from Germany might be sold for the same prices as U.S. domestic ones, so it pays to buy from the right retailer. 

The general threshold of % is becoming a worldwide standard, but since official standards still differ in various countries, it's possible for some jewelry to be marketed as sterling silver while being below that percentage. That's why markings aren't always reliable. They don't tell you the entire story. Use them as a starting point, but conduct some of the other tests on this list, too. Or better still, only buy from reliable retailers like us who adhere to U.S. and U.K. standards.

When reputable retailers sell items that are a mix of materials such as our koa wood rings, we’ll always list the materials and provide certification if any parts are true sterling silver. In our case, ourkoa wood ringsare high-grade tungsten and koa wood so we list that clearly. We would never pretend they were silver. Choose a retailer who is clear about their materials and their sources.

Listen to the Sound

You can also test sterling silver rings by listening to the sound the metal makes. If you gently tap it, either with your finger or a coin, it should produce a high-pitched ringing sound similar to that of a bell. When conducting this test, it's important to take great care not to damage the item. 

 Sterling Silver Jewelry

How Does It Smell?

This may sound like a strange way to test your jewelry, but it works. Real sterling silver rings, bracelets, and necklaces shouldn't have any odor at all. Simply give them a sniff. If you get a strong or distinct smell, it likely has a high concentration of copper or some other alloy.

Check the Price

Lastly, you should consider the price of a piece of jewelry before buying it. That's a dead giveaway. Real sterling silver doesn't come cheap. You get what you pay for, and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Steer clear of cheap, knock-off jewelry and buy from a reliable retailer at a price that makes sense.

Purchase Your Next Beautiful Piece

Follow these guidelines, and you won't be fooled into buying anything less than sterling silver. Now that you know what you're looking for, you're ready to go shopping. Check out our amazing realsterling silver collection.


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How to tell solid sterling 925 silver from fake silver in LESS THEN 5 MINS


The Difference Between Sterling Silver and Silver

The Difference Between Sterling Silver and SilverSilver is shiny, bright and casts that signature metallic glint we all know and love. It’s timeless and trendy, and universally used in jewelry making. It’s a tensile metal combining both beauty and durability. Designers—and buyers—can’t get enough of silver.

Silver will likely never go out of style as it’s been cherished for centuries, with origins of discovery in Greece and Turkey (formerly Anatolia) dating back to BC. Pure silver is precious but too soft to use in jewelry. Add a little alloy to the mix and voila, you’ve got sterling silver! In addition to sterling silver, there’s also silver plate, fine silver, pure silver, nickel silver, and silver.

With so many silvers on the market, how do you know which one to buy? Are all silvers the same? And what’s the difference between sterling silver Jewelry and silver Jewelry? Here’s the on sterling silver vs. silver.

Sterling Silver vs Silver

You might be wondering what is sterling silver? Sterling silver is an alloy made from percent silver and percent alloy. An alloy is essentially the mixture of two (or more) elements taken from the periodic table. Regarding sterling silver, the alloys can include zinc, copper or nickel. While the United States, Europe and most of the world enforces a strict standard of sterling silver at silver to copper or other alloys, there are other standards. Some countries, including France have a standard of 95 percent, however is the most common. The Difference Between Sterling Silver and Silver

So, that leaves the question: what is silver? Ultimately, it’s the same thing as sterling silver! Sterling silver and silver are both made from the same silver alloy blend, with the only key difference being the name.

Durability and Purity of Sterling Silver

The reason sterling silver requires the mixture of other metals is because naturally, pure silver is soft. Adding other metals to the silver increases the hardness, making it more suitable and durable for use in jewelry and housewares like silverware.

The result of this process also produces that signature silver color: bright, shiny and metallic. The only downfall of this beautiful metal is that it can tarnish, which is why it’s important to regularly clean and maintain sterling silver jewelry with polishers.

The purity of silver lands on a numeric scale, or rating system, based on 1, Pure silver gets a rating. In order for a silver to be classified as sterling silver, it must meet at least a purity, AKA So, as you can see:  silver is sterling silver.

Conversely, metals that contain less than percent silver are not sterling silver, which is important to keep in mind when buying sterling silver. The Difference Between Sterling Silver and Silver

How to Identify Sterling Silver

The quickest way to identify sterling silver is to look for a mark or stamp, called the “hallmark.” Certified sterling silver will be stamped or marked with the word “sterling” or “”

You may often come across hallmarks labeled with “STG” “SS” or “STER,” which are all authentic notations of sterling silver.

Remember how sterling silver and silver are the same thing? With that knowledge, you’ll recognize that any item of silver jewelry labeled sterling or is in fact sterling silver!

Sterling Silver in Jewelry

One of the best things about sterling silver is that it can be styled with anything. It’s versatile, elegant, timeless and great for any occasion. From casual dinners to formal occasions, sterling silver adds that classy touch of shine that elevates style without overpowering it. Here are some popular types of sterling silver jewelry:

  • Pendants: Jewelers and designers use sterling silver as an elegant and reliable metal casing for pendants to hold jewels and stones.

  • Rings: Many rings are made with sterling silver as it’s hypoallergenic and won’t leave marks or irritate the skin.

  • Necklaces: Sterling silver is often used for necklace chains and pendants.

  • Earrings: Often, earrings are made with cheaper metals which cause irritation and can lead to bleeding and infection. Next time you fall in love with a pair of earrings, make sure they’re sterling silver.

  • Bracelets: Add a touch of shine with the flick of a wrist with a gorgeous sterling silver bracelet.

Things to Know When Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry

We’ve learned that there’s no difference between sterling silver and silver, but the same can’t be said for other items in the jewelry marketplace. Truth is, the term “silver” alone is quite complex. In fact, this word is popularly used as a label, when in fact silver should always be clearly identified with a hallmark representing its standard grade and quality.

With that information in mind, always look for the hallmark as jewelers and artisans are legally obligated to stamp their pieces for potential buyers.

If you don’t see a stamp, shop elsewhere. It’s not worth buying a low-quality metal disguised with a coating of sterling silver, which ultimately wears off, looks cheap and can lead to skin irritation.

That’s right, cheap metals can irritate the skin and result in allergic reactions, making sterling silver a great option for sensitive skin. Inexpensive metals like nickel or brass can cause infections, especially with earrings.

Bottom line: Sterling silver, aka silver is hypoallergenic, high quality, stylish and safe.

Which beckons the question, who doesn’t love silver?

Why We Love Sterling Silver

As you’ve thoroughly learned by now, sterling silver is silver. That said, it’s important to know how sterling silver is made and what the sterling silver standard grades are. With this information, you can ensure that you’re buying authentic sterling silver and adding high-quality items to your jewelry collection.

Sterling silver is evergreen; it has stood the test of time, which means it’ll likely always be in style as a jewelry metal we love. It’s darling, durable and diverse, and we can’t get enough of it! Browse our sterling silver jewelry collection to find the perfect new piece to add to your jewelry box.

Shop Silver

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What is 925 Silver Jewellery? (and how you can tell).

What Does a “” Mark Mean When Stamped on a Silver Ring?

What Does a 
 Mark Mean When Stamped on a Silver Ring?Photo From

Many wonder. What does a mark mean when stamped on jewelry?

Like many jewelry markings, the stamp is something which those outside of jeweler circles may find mystifying.

While the answer is simple, the history behind it is much more fascinating.

If you&#x;re curious, then read on. We will answer the question &#x; what does a mark mean when stamped on jewelry? Then we&#x;ll give you a breakdown of the history behind the hallmark.

So, what does a mark mean when stamped on jewelry?

The stamp indicates that the piece of jewelry you&#x;re holding has been created with sterling silver.

Sterling silver is an alloy that is made of % actual silver, with the rest of the metal made up of base metals like copper.

The reason behind this alloy is that it&#x;s much harder than the % required for fine silver, which makes it better for practical objects. Jewelry can also benefit, particularly rings and bracelets which are more often exposed to getting dented or scratched than pendants or earrings.

The vast majority of sterling silver contains copper as the alloying material. That said, there are plenty of other additives that see use but still meet the sterling standard.

Still, in the bulk of cases, the stamp indicates what you&#x;re holding is % silver and % copper by weight. In order for a silver to be classified as sterling silver, it must meet at least a purity, AKA So, as you can see: silver is the same thing as sterling silver.

Sterling silver allows for easy working, while still maintaining the majority of white shine that typifies the precious metal.

What Do Other Stamps Mean?

For the most part, it&#x;s relatively easy to figure out the meaning of a mark.

While many of the European nations have their own stamps, numbers are becoming more common to indicate purity in the interest of international trade.

Usually, you can simply add a decimal beforehand in order to figure out what the numbered stamp means. A stamp would, for instance, indicate that the metal was fine silver instead of sterling.

What Does a 
 Mark Mean When Stamped on a Silver Ring - Luxuria Diamonds

Chart 1: What does a mark mean when stamped on jewelry? This chart shows common marks for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium. Markings may differ, depending on which country the jewellery originates from. For example in the USA gold is typically stamped 10K (or 10kt), 14K, 18K or 22K. Gold plated jewelry is commonly stamped GP, GEP, RGP, HGE, or HGP. Silver may also be stamped STER, STR, SS or Sterling.

International standards on silver vary by a lot and many pieces are sold unmarked.

It&#x;s a good idea to make sure that you know what you&#x;re buying as silver from some areas is notoriously impure. German silver, for instance, is only 80% silver. Egyptian silver, perhaps the most notable example of near-fraud, is only required to be 60% silver.

Sometimes jewelry makers will seek to get around standards by not stamping metals in countries where it&#x;s not required and will only indicate the origin of the metal instead of the actual purity.

Beware of silver jewelry that is not stamped! The absence of a unattested fineness mark means the metals are not identified. Frequently such product takes a cheap base metal and plates it with a thin layer of silver.

Luxuria Diamonds

The quickest way to identify sterling silver is to look for a mark or stamp, called the fineness mark. The fineness of a precious metal object (like silver) represents the weight of fine metal therein. Certified sterling silver will be stamped or marked with the word sterling or

You may often come across alternative hallmarks such as STG SS or STER . Though rarer these if probably used are also authentic notations of sterling silver. Furthermore older British jewelry from the mid 19th century to the mid &#x;s may have a forward facing Lion Passat standard mark. This also represents silver. See the above chart.

As a consumer, it&#x;s your job to make sure that you&#x;re getting what you pay for. The precious metal trade is rife with fraud to this day, but a savvy customer can get along without getting ripped off in the meantime.

Silver Testing

If there are no silver stamps on the jewelry then this may indicate the jewelry is plated. It may be best to have such a piece tested.

Jewelers do such tests by applying acid to a very small piece of material taken from the jewelry. Silver is a precious metal and its authenticity should be verified.

A Nitric Acid Test is typically used to check if silver is pure or plated. To do so, jewellers file a small part of the item in a discreet area where it cannot be seen. Jeweller then apply a few drops of nitric acid. If the area turns into creamy white, the silver is pure or sterling. If green, it is probably fake or silver-plated.

The History of Stamping Metals

Stamps have existed since ancient times as a way to show the purity of precious metals. In many ways, these were actually among the first forms of consumer protection.

In Europe, the tradition of hallmarking stems from the simple fact that frauds have always been rampant anywhere that money can be made. The assaying process assured consumers that they were getting what they paid for and not a similarly colored metal.

The British had a very intricate method of stamping their metals. These include a stamp from the assay office, with different offices in different towns having their own stamps, a date mark, and the assayer&#x;s mark indicating purity. Added to this was the maker&#x;s own stamp.

The system used in England has changed over time and the assay office town stamp is no longer necessarily an indicator that the town in question was actually where the item was assayed.

While not entirely standard, the early United States didn&#x;t adopt their own standards until the s. Before this, the vast majority of silver was obtained by melting coinage and there were no formal assay offices. Instead, pieces were marked with COIN or PURE COIN to indicate the origins of the silver.

The US adopted the sterling standard in the s. Unlike the intricate marks used in Europe the majority of items that met the sterling standard were simply marked STERLING or STERLING SILVER . Many vintage marks, but far from all, include the name of the manufacturer. These stamps can offer good insight into the origin of a piece. In very rare instances, American silver from the period of the &#x;s to the &#x;s was marked only

Hallmarking is a complex subject, especially when it was done before modern times. The assays range from complete destruction of part of a batch of objects to simple touchstone processes. How things are done largely depends on the office and origin.

Is Mark Silver a Good Choice for Rings?

Absolutely. Sterling silver is one of the best materials around when it comes to ring construction. It has a traditional precious metal feel while remaining hard enough that you won&#x;t have to worry about damaging it in normal use.

Sterling silver is still a standard in jewelry, few pieces are ever made with fine silver since it&#x;s so soft. Those that are made of fine silver are generally fine pieces made as pendants or earrings.

It&#x;s long-lasting, tarnish-resistant, and easily cleaned in the event that it does antique. There&#x;s a reason the sterling standard exists: except for purity it&#x;s superior in almost every way to fine silver.

Looking for a Sterling Silver Engagement Ring?

Now that you know the stamp&#x;s origin and what it means for the metal involved you likely feel a bit more confident in your ability to select silver.

Many people are opting for sterling silver as the base metal of rings these days. It&#x;s hard, long-lasting, and costs less than gold.

In any case we hope we&#x;ve answered the question, what does a mark mean when stamped on jewelry? Armed with this information only one question remains: how do you choose the right sterling silver ring for yourself or your beloved?

Well, it might be easier than you think. Why not take a look at our guide today?

Sales of sterling silver engagement rings with cubic zirconia stones (sometimes referred to as temporary or placeholder rings) have skyrocketed in recent years as more prospective grooms seek to eliminate the risk of buying the wrong natural diamond gemstone ring. Read more about silver with fake diamond rings

We also welcome any comments you have on the topic of what does a mark mean when stamped on jewelry ? Please use the comments section below.

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