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21 Low Fade Haircut Ideas for Stylish Dudes in

Short Crew Cut with Low Bald Fade

short crew cut with low bald fade

Instagram @javi__the_creator

A low bald fade cut for guys doesn&#;t only have to be stylish; it must also make you feel something. Feel free and fresh with this clean-cut chop! It&#;s a short crew cut with a low fade that suits men with thick hair.

Low Fade and Hard Part Hairstyle

Low fade and hart part hairstyle

Instagram @niki.barber.queen_red

A low fade and hard part hairstyle is an awesome choice for any young adult. Any man with any lifestyle can rock this cut. A great choice when growing out the top of your hair and don’t know what to do, don’t forget to ask your barber for a hard part to really make this cut a head turner.

Low Fade Blowout for Textured Hair

Low fade blowout for textured hair

Instagram @taybeleira

A low fade blowout for textured hair is a go-to for this hair type. While textured hair the areas around the ears and nape can be annoying, a low fade blowout is a perfect solution to that. It gets rid of the area annoying you the most while looking sharp.

Short Textured Waves with Low Fade

Short textured waves with low fade

Instagram @jimthetrim_barbershop

Short textured waves with low fade is a very trendy hairstyle. A bit high-maintenance considering the styling on top. The texture waves give a fuller look. Anyone suffering from thinning hair would benefit from this style.

Messy Pompadour with Low Fade

Messy pompadour with low fade

Instagram @thyagoaaraujo

Messy pompadour with low fade is a sleek stylish look. The low fade gives the perfect amount of contrast to compliment the pompadour. Any light pomade will complete the look and is ideal for all working professionals.

Low Fade Faux Hawk

low fade faux hawk

Instagram @dbarber_

Looks neat and dapper—how can you say no to a nice low fade plus faux hawk hairstyle like this? This fade fauxhawk shows off the fullness of low-cut hair. It&#;s a popular choice for men who love both business attire and casual street style outfits.

Textured Crop with a Lower Fade Haircut

Textured Crop with Low Fade haircut

Instagram @trimkardashian

Show your charm and cool vibes by having this subtle textured crop with low fade style. This haircut looks great on men with oval faces and all hair types.

Modern Pompadour Side Part with Low Fade

Modern Pompadour Side Part with Low Fade

Instagram @virgiltb

Here&#;s a modern pompadour side part with a low cut. It offers neat sides and nape that complement long top hair. This side-parted pompadour with low fade works great on men&#;s hair that&#;s either fine or dense.

Low Skin Fade for Black Men

Low Skin Fade for Black Men

Instagram @sr__tocloro

Aspire to look fresh and clean by pairing a haircut with a low skin fade for black men. The messy top and low razor fade bring it all together.

 See more black men haircuts.

Low Taper Fade

low taper fade

Instagram @mercuris_hair_design

This cut is known as a low taper fade. To achieve a more voluminous style, ask your barber to give you tapered sides, and leave your top hair long. When styling this low taper fade haircut, a hairspray or tonic is a good option.

Low Fade Comb-Over

Low Fade Comb-Over

Instagram @marconybarber

A low fade short comb-over is one of the best classic low fade hairstyles for gentlemen that works great for any hair texture or length. Haircuts like this are very trendy right now.

Slicked Back with Low Fade

Slicked Back with Low Fade

Instagram @ferni_barber

A slicked back with low fade pompadour can be rocked in any style or matched with any outfit as long as your hair provides the length. Medium to long hair on top works best.

Cropped Curls with Low Fade

Cropped Curls with Low Fade

Instagram @everardoserrano7

These cropped curls with a low fade haircut for men are edgy and messy. A haircut with a low fade around the sides will upgrade your simple mohawk to this kind of curly hair  faux hawk and brings youthfulness and attraction without being too stylized.

Low Fade with a Beard

This haircut is a low skin fade with a little texture crop on the top and a combover for the finished style, plus the beard as the finishing style. This is created by barber German Mena of Waterbury, CT.

If you have a long face, try this well-trimmed chin strap beard, so you can freely wear any hairstyle without making your face seem longer.

&#;If you want to try this low top fade, you have to have a suitable hair type such as spiky or wavy hair,&#; Mena suggests.

Low Drop Fade with Twists Blowout

Standout twisted curls look more modern when paired with a low drop fade cut and that tight , which will leave you feeling fresh all day!

If you&#;re wanting a sponge twist low faded style like this, seek out a stylist like Yvonne Diogo of South Africa. It has an on-trend look for gents who want to add texture to their afro. This fade cut gives a clean finish and draws the eyes to the defined curls.

&#;In order to achieve this fade, your hair has to be shampooed and conditioned first, preferably with high moisture products that are mineral oil, paraben, and sulfate-free,&#; Diogo emphasizes. &#;A leave-in conditioner should be applied liberally to the hair to add moisture. Follow it with a shea butter and castor oil cocktail to accentuate the curls. To make the cocktail, place a pea-sized scoop of shea butter and castor oil onto the palm of your hands, rub your hands together, then work the cocktail into your hair.&#;

Now, you are ready to use the twist sponge! Simply rub it around the hair for 3 to 5 minutes depending on the extent of curl definition you want above your low faded sides.

Lower Fade for Curly Hair

low fade for curly hair

Instagram @kingdomcuts_

With neat sides and nape plus the thick, fuller-looking hair on top, the contrast in this haircut + low fade is exquisite. Try this low-cut fade for curly hair of yours, and you&#;ll embrace your natural texture with so much flair. Use clay when styling to help define your curls.

Low Drop Fade

low drop fade

Instagram @barber_djirlauw

Go shorter and neater without sacrificing a stylish edge with this low drop fade cut! You should try it when you have thick, straight hair.

You can style it however you want, but adding more volume makes a true statement. To get this low fade with long hair, blowdry your hair, then use wax to achieve this very suave finish.

Bald + Low Faded Line Up

bald low fade line up

Instagram @hairgrooming

A bald fade haircut is so effortless to style! The thing about a fresh faded haircut is it&#;s classic and never goes out of style. This bald low fade + line up works on thin hair and will suit whatever vibe you&#;re going for.

Low Fade Buzz Cut

low fade buzz cut

Instagram @tufavoritobarber

If you&#;re the guy with straight and thick hair who loves a sleek finish, this buzz cut with a low fade is for you! The fullness of your thicker hair is what will make it look so dapper. Opt for this low fade buzz cut, and you won’t have a problem with styling.

Low Burst Faded Cut

low burst faded cut

Instagram @vukasinmilic93

Yes, short and low faded haircuts make a stylish look, too! This low burst fade will emphasize your hair texture on top. Your natural waves will bring out fullness to your brown hair. Finish it off with a sea salt foam to enhance your hair texture while acting as a heat protectant, as well.

Quiff with Low Fade Undercut

quiff with low fade undercut

Instagram @themillkybarber

A low fade quiff is one of those trends that give elegant touch and cleaner finish to your style. So, here&#;s one, paired with a low fade undercut that you must try! With clean sides and longer hair on top, you&#;re gonna achieve a versatile quiff. Freehand styling will help you shape your hair after a good blow-dry.

Sours: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/mens/low-fade.html

35 Best Low Fade Haircuts

When it comes to fades, the low fade is one of the most popular men&#;s haircuts right now. The low fade is a short haircut on the sides and back that blends the hair to create an elegant and classy style. Whether you want a business professional hairstyle for work or just a casual cut for school, the low cut fade is a versatile look that can take your hairstyle to the next level. Some men will want a low tight fade with long hair for a trendy look, while others may prefer a low skin fade with short hair for a fresh and low-maintenance style. With so many cool cuts and styles, it can be a challenge choosing a low fade haircut to try this year! To inspire you with ideas, we&#;ve compiled a list of the best low fade haircuts for men. From short to long hair and a skin to taper fade, explore the low cut fade to find cool men&#;s hairstyles for your next visit to the barber!

Low Fade Haircuts


What Is A Low Fade?

The low fade is a type of fade haircut where the sides and back are tapered shorter from top to bottom. The low fade haircut starts lower on the head and just above the ears, creating a classy and trendy style for guys. Great for all hair types and lengths, you can add this cut to the best haircuts for men to get a modern handsome look. The low cut fade is one of the most versatile and professional hairstyles, and continues to be a popular choice at barbershops around the world.

Low Fade

Low Fade Haircuts

Low Taper Fade

The low taper fade is a classic haircut that gradually gets shorter down the sides for a subtle and elegant cut. While the bald fade blends into the skin, the taper fade haircut leaves very short hair at the end. Starting around the ears and curving down to the neckline, a low cut taper works well with short and long hair on top for a stylish men&#;s hairstyle.

Low Taper Fade

Low Taper Fade Haircut

Low Skin Fade

The low skin fade is a modern haircut for guys who want an edgy and trendy cut. As a fresh and clean-cut style, the low skin fade haircut is tapered into extremely short shaved hair, creating a heavy contrast that looks cool. With very short hair on the sides and back, the longer hair on top comes into focus and allows guys to style a several popular hairstyles.

Low Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade Haircut

Medium Low Fade

The medium low fade offers a balance between the low and mid fade haircuts, giving guys a shorter cut on the sides for a low-maintenance style. Combine your low mid fade haircut with short, medium-length or long hair with a textured finish for a hairstyle that will always look thick and full.

Medium Low Fade

Medium Low Fade Haircut

Low Bald Fade

The low bald fade is a type of fade haircut that blends the hair into the skin. Also known as a skin fade, you can ask your barber for a low cut bald fade when you want him to taper the hair very short for a clean finish. Guys with business professional hairstyles often request a razor low fade for an edgy touch to their classy cut.

Low Bald Fade

Low Bald Fade Haircut

Low Fade Undercut

The low fade undercut is one of the more popular haircuts for stylish men today. Some guys maximize the contrast by pairing a low skin fade with an undercut for an edgy disconnected cut. You can also combine an undercut and low taper for a clean, smooth look. This type of fade haircut transitions quickly from very short at the bottom to medium-short in the middle to full-length long hair on top. This faded undercut will highlight the volume and fullness of your hair. The low undercut style is most flattering if you want to comb your hair back, achieve a spiky hairstyle, or want to maintain a pomp in the front.

Low Fade Undercut

Low Fade Undercut Haircut

Low Fade with Short Hair

A low fade is a popular cut to pair with short hair, giving guys a masculine and stylish hairstyle. From a textured crop top to a hard side part to a messy style, the low fade will complement a short haircut by keeping the sides trimmed and naturally drawing the eyes to the styling above. You can ask your barber for a taper fade for a professional look or go for a bold cut with a low skin fade. For a thicker and fuller look, apply a matte product to your short men&#;s hairstyle to create a textured finish. Great for all hair types, you can&#;t go wrong styling short hair with a faded haircut.

Low Fade with Short Hair

Short Hair Low Fade Haircut

Low Fade with Long Hair on Top

For a versatile and cool hairstyle, you&#;ll want to get a low fade with long hair on top and experiment with different styles. From medium length to longer hair, guys can pull off a low taper fade haircut for a smooth and handsome look that will work for any occasion. If you want an edgy vibe, a skin fade can be added to a long hairstyle to maximize the contrast and keep the sides really short. Whether you style a textured comb back or casual bro flow, you can soften the transition by featuring your long hair with a low fade for the perfect blended haircut.

Low Fade Long Hair

Low Fade with Long Hair on Top

Low Fade with Beard

A low fade with a beard is a great way to blend your facial hair into your haircut. Also known as a beard fade, this type of fade haircut starts at the ears and gradually tapers the sides into the facial hair. Some guys prefer a taper fade so the trimming process is more subtle, while others like a bald fade that cuts the sides into the skin for a stronger contrast. From short to long, a low fade haircut works with many different beard styles.

Low Fade with Beard

Low Fade with A Blowout

The blowout with a low fade is a bold, fresh cut with volume that looks stylish. This style is achieved by blow-drying and brushing your hair up immediately after washing. Normally, you should apply some medium-hold hair product to it to maintain its shape. This is an eye-catching hairstyle that has a slimming effect through the face. Commonly worn by guys who have straighter or thinner hair, the length on top will also give you other styling options day-to-day.

Low Fade with A Blowout

Low Fade Side Part

The low fade and side part is a classy haircut for men who want a sleek and elegant look. The side part hairstyle features short to medium hair that is swept to one side along your natural part. Easy to style and always sharp, this distinct cut can be worn to the office or at parties for a charming look. When it comes to gentleman&#;s haircuts, the low fade side part is one of the most popular options in barbershops around the world.

Low Fade Side Part

Low Fade Side Part Haircut

Low Fade with A Crew Cut

The crew cut with a low fade takes this cool short men&#;s haircut to the next level. While the classic cut features short hair on top with shorter sides, the modern crew cut comes with a fade haircut for extra contrast and minimal styling. This low-maintenance and classy hairstyle offers a fashionable finish for guys who need an all-around clean look. You can add a low skin fade for a bald cut on the sides or keep it tapered for a gentleman&#;s style.

Low Fade with A Crew Cut

Low Fade with A Slicked Back Hair

A low fade with slicked back hair on top contrasts perfectly to create a bold, classy look. This combination provides more subtlety than would a high fade with any degree of length, making it a more functional style for any occasion. One possible drawback is that this kind of haircut requires a bit of styling every day. Depending on your hair type and thickness, you will have your choice of styling products. You can use a pomade, wax or gel when slicking back your hair, while a thickening product like clay may be well-suited for guys with thin hair. Adding an undercut or beard can round out this look nicely.

Low Fade with A Slicked Back Hair

Low Fade with A Quiff

A quiff with a low fade is a trendy hairstyle that requires some length on top for a striking look. Unlike the similar pompadour, a quiff is styled by brushing the hair forward and up. The cool look and height make this modern haircut an eye-catching style. The quiff is incredibly flattering for all face shapes since it elongates your features. Great for most hair types, the quiff and low fade haircut is a chic style that continues to trend.

Low Fade with A Quiff

Low Fade with A Comb Over

The comb over is a classic hairstyle for men who want a classy and sleek look. For a professional style, many guys choose to pair a low fade with their comb over haircut. When styling the low fade comb over, you&#;ll want to apply a matte hair product for a natural textured finish. Stylish and flattering, there are many modern and classic styles to experiment with. While you may expose your hairline by combing your hair to the side and back, make sure to wear this style with confidence.

Low Fade Comb Over

Low Fade with A Faux Hawk

A faux hawk with a low fade is a less dramatic haircut than the classic mohawk. Instead of shaved sides, the low taper fade offers a subtle transition to the spiked hair on top, giving guys the versatility to style different hairstyles. The fohawk can be styled down and to the side in a professional setting, and then spiked up for a night out without compromising the cut.

Low Fade Faux Hawk

Low Fade with A Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a masculine, low-maintenance look that styles well with a low fade. As a casual and fresh haircut, a low fade pairs perfectly with different buzz cut styles to create a clean aesthetic for guys. The fade around the ears and behind the head gives a deliberate touch that makes this short haircut into a fashion statement. Asking your barber to clean up your hairline with a straight razor at the end of your appointment will only add to your sleek appearance.

Low Fade Buzz Cut

Low Fade with A Messy Pompadour

The pompadour is a timeless men’s style that is still highly fashionable today. The addition of a fade to this classic keeps a potentially messy style in check. It also serves to make the top of your hairdo look more voluminous. If you aren’t as adept at styling up your hair as you would like, or if you would prefer a bit of controlled unruliness in the look of your cut, this newer take on the pompadour could be an excellent look for you. It can be time-consuming to style your hair up exactly how you would like, but the payoff is well worth it.

Low Fade with A Messy Pompadour

Low Fade with Spiky Hair

The low fade with spiky hair offers the perfect balance between classy and bold. The spiky hairstyle on top is edgy and cool, while the low fade haircut is subtle and sophisticated. When styling short spiky hair, consider a low skin fade for extra contrast in your casual hairstyle. With a taper fade on the sides and back, you can also spike your hair all over, style a faux hawk, or create a unique look with spikes in different directions. Make sure to apply a matte high-hold hair product for a textured natural look.

Low Fade with Spiky Hair

Low Fade with Short Textured Hair on Top

Textured hair on top is a trending style for men and can be easily paired with a low fade. Combining textured hair with a low taper fade is a great way for guys to create a popular short haircut. There are many popular men&#;s hairstyles that leverage a textured top, including a crop top fade, crew cut, Ivy League, and short fringe. As a low-maintenance, clean-cut look, you&#;ll want to style your hair with a light-hold matte pomade for a layered cut. A textured hairstyle can work well with thick, curly and wavy hair, but is especially useful for guys with thin hair who need a fuller appearance.

Low Fade with Short Textured Top

Low Fade with A Pompadour and Hard Part

When it comes to stylish hairstyles, the pompadour looks great with a low fade and hard part, giving guys an edgy finish to a classic look. A fade with a hard part is a modern style that can be added to any cut. This look caters to teenage guys and young men who want to curate a bad boy look. If you’re confident in styling your pompadour neatly, then the part would accent the volume and height of your hairstyle. Since the line in a hard part tends to grow out after a week, we recommend regular trims to keep the cut looking sharp.

Low Fade with A Pompadour and Hard Part

Low Fade with Wavy Hair

Wavy hair works well with a low fade, and this type of haircut can be a great way to leverage the unique texture of your waves. Guys with wavy hair have many hairstyle options, and the low fade haircut allows you the freedom to focus your styling efforts on the hair on top. For a casual look, try pairing a low bald fade with short to medium-length wavy hair and styling a comb over. For a smart casual style, partner a taper fade haircut with medium to longer hair and applying a light product for naturally textured waves.

Low Fade with Wavy Hair

Low Fade with Fringe

When you want a nice hairstyle for medium short hair, a low fade with a fringe can be a trendy look. While some fringe styles can be messy and casual, a textured fringe with bangs that cover part of your forehead can be edgy and fun. Perfect for teenage boys and young men, you&#;ll want to start with a fade haircut on the sides and then get a short cut on top, leaving extra length in the front. Use a light to medium hold pomade, wax, or clay product to style the hair forward. This deliberately chill hairstyle has a youthful feel to it, while the tapered sides still make it classy for semi-formal occasions.

Low Fade with Fringe

Low Fade with Curly Hair

Make your curly hair stand out and easy to manage with a short crop on top with a low fade on the sides. The curly hair fade haircut embraces your hair’s natural texture, giving you volume and bounce while keeping the sides and back trimmed short. Whether you pair your curly hairstyle with a taper fade or skin fade, the style will show off your curls for a flattering finish.

Curly Hair Low Fade

Sours: https://www.menshairstylestoday.com/low-fade-haircut/
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21 Low Fade Haircuts

When you want a cool and versatile haircut, the low fade is a stylish cut that looks good for men. The low fade haircut is a tapered style that offers modern gentleman an elegant and trendy cut. Whether you&#;re getting a short professional haircut for work or want a fresh cut to contrast your medium length hairstyle, there are many low fade haircuts to consider. Some men prefer a low taper fade with long hair to create a classy style, while others may want a low skin fade with short hair for a cool low-maintenance hairstyle. With several different types of fades to consider, it can be a challenge choosing the right low cut fade to try. To inspire you with cuts and styles, we&#;ve compiled a list of the best low fade haircuts for men to get right now. From short to long hair on top and taper to bald fades on the sides and back, explore the low cut fade to find a cool men&#;s hairstyle.

Low Fade Haircut


What Is A Low Fade?

The low fade is a type of men&#;s haircut that blends the hair just above the ears and along the hairline, creating a classy and modern style for men. The low fade haircut is a tapered cut that works down the sides and back for a seamless transition. To get this low cut, barbers use hair clippers to taper the hair gradually.

Low Fade

Low fades are popular in barbershops because guys are able to customize this fade haircut based on their hairstyle. You can choose a low skin fade for a tight cut with strong contrast. While the bald fade blends down to the skin, the low taper fade is a short haircut that leaves some length, making it a favorite for guys with business professional styles. Fresh and clean-cut, low fade haircuts work well with many different trendy men&#;s hairstyles.

Top Low Cut Fade Haircuts

Low Fade Haircuts

Low Bald Fade

The low bald fade is a cool short haircut that will help contrast your sides from the longer hair on top. Versatile and fashionable, the low bald fade haircut can be paired with all the best men&#;s hairstyles for a bold look. If you want to take your style to the next level, ask your barber to blend your skin fade into your beard. Combine a slick back style with a beard and low bald fade to get a stylish cut that always looks great!

Low Bald Fade

Low Razor Fade

The razor fade is a very short men&#;s haircut for the sides and can help you create an edgy style. As a modern variation of the classic cut, this hard side part hairstyle looks amazing with the shaved sides. For a fresh bad boy look, ask your barber to give you a low razor faded haircut.

Low Razor Fade with Hard Side Part

Low Taper Fade

The low taper fade is one of the most popular types of fade haircuts, giving guys an elegant and sophisticated finish. You can combine a low taper fade haircut with all hair lengths and types. For a professional style you can wear to work, pair your low taper fade with an Ivy League hairstyle or side part. Guys who have medium length to longer hair can keep the sides and back low-maintenance and easy with a low tapered cut.

Low Fade with Textured Spiky Hair

Low Skin Fade

The low skin fade is a very short haircut for men who want a low-maintenance and bold tapered cut. For an effortlessly cool style that looks hot with thick hair, try a messy top with a skin fade on the sides and back. Grow a full beard with thick stubble and add a line up for a chic short taper.

Low Skin Fade with Messy Top

Low Fade Undercut

The low fade undercut makes for an excellent balance between edgy and classy. The skin fade tapers very short at the bottom, but the undercut offers maximum contrast as it highlights the longer hair on top. This textured swept back hairstyle pairs a full beard for a masculine, sexy finish.

Low Fade Undercut

Low Drop Fade

The low drop fade is a cool haircut that curves around the ear and down to the neckline. The drop fade is a unique cut that adds flair for a bold look. Ask your barber to shave a hard part and style a comb over on top to achieve an awesome hairstyle!

Low Drop Fade with Hard Part Comb Over

Low Skin Fade with Line Up and Shaved Hair Design

The quiff hairstyle is another retro look that&#;s been revamped for modern men. With a clean skin fade, line up, and hair design part on the side, this hot cut and style is definitely worth getting!

Low Skin Fade with Line Up and Quiff

Brushed Up Fringe with Low Skin Taper Fade

Guys with thick hair always have plenty of hairstyle options.

Brushed Up Fringe with Low Skin Taper Fade

Curly Hair Fringe with Low Bald Fade and Beard

While thick wavy or curly hair can sometimes be difficult to control, a fringe that shows off your curls can be a cool way to leverage your hair type.

Curly Hair Fringe with Low Bald Fade and Beard

Pompadour with Low Skin Fade

The pompadour hairstyle is one of the top &#;short sides, long top&#; styles of modern day. Styled with a low skin fade on the sides only further accentuates the longer hair on top.

Pompadour with Low Skin Fade

Slicked Back Low Fade with Full Beard

A slicked back fade can work even with a slightly receding hairline. And let&#;s not forget that a thick, full beard is always a great addition!

Slicked Back Fade with Beard

Low Fade with Thick Textured Hair

For a trendy way to manage your beard, consider blending it into your fade. A fresh beard fade offers cool contrast, especially with thick side swept hair on top.

Low Fade with Thick Textured Hair

Low Fade with Neck Taper

A low neck taper extends your fade to your neckline. By fading down to your skin, guys can keep their hair shorter for longer.

Low Fade Neck Taper

Bald Taper with Shape Up and Side Sweep

Guys who have thick hair can style many different looks. If you want a short haircut on top, similar to a crew cut, leave the fringe long enough to sweep to the side or brush up, and you&#;ll have a different hairstyle everyday of the week.

Bald Taper with Shape Up and Side Sweep

Low Taper Fade with Shape Up and Beard

This textured hairstyle allows you to comb or brush your hair in a variety of ways. For example, with the right pomade, guys with longer hair on top can always style a comb over for a classy look or messy hair for a more relaxed appearance.

Low Taper Fade with Shape Up and Beard

Low Skin Fade with Spiky Hair

A low fade with an edge up around the temples works with all types of hair and lengths. Combined with a full beard and spiked hair, guys should try this new hairstyle.

Low Skin Fade with Spiky Hair

Faux Hawk with Low Fade

This low fade with a line brings together this faux hawk haircut. Textured and stylish on top, a good men&#;s hair product can make all the difference in styling a trendy look.

Faux Hawk + Low Fade

Low Taper Fade with Textured Comb Back

When paired with a natural-looking comb back style, this low taper fade is clean cut and fresh. The sides and back are perfectly blended while the medium-length to longer hair on top is textured and brushed back. As one of the top hairstyles for men with thick hair, the combed back style is always a good choice.

Low Taper Fade

Sours: https://www.menshairstylesnow.com/low-fade-haircut/
Low Fade With Short Hair - Men's Haircut

Low fade haircuts may be the most popular type of fade. They look great with every type of men’s haircut, from short to long. There is no cleaner cut finish to a haircut and the low fade looks great growing out, meaning you can go a couple of extra weeks between cuts.

What is a low fade haircut?

The definition of a low fade is that the shorter faded area is lower down and closer to your ears. In other words, from low down your hair is quickly faded upwards into longer hair above. With a low fade, you will typically have more hair higher up on the sides of your head compared to a mid or high fade which is clipped more closely to the skin and in both cases higher up.

What are the different styles of a low fade?

There are a couple of different ways to wear low fades. First, there is the drop fade vs the regular fade. The drop fade drops down behind the ear while a regular fade is more of a straight line around the back of your head. Most low fades are drop fades but far from all. You’ll see the difference below.

Next, pick between the shadow fade and bald fade. The shadow fade tapers down from short to very short while the bald fade goes all the way down to the skin. They both look great, it just depends on if you want the fade to blend in or stick out.

On top, anything goes. Hair can be buzzed short, a medium length, or worn long and messy. Or style it into a pompadour, bring out the curls, or even try a faux hawk. The key is finding the best product for your hair type and hairstyle.

Let’s take a look at the different low fade styles that you can get.

1. Modern Pompadour Haircut + Low Fade

Low fade mens haircut

This low shadow fade stands out against thick hair in a modern side part pompadour.

2. Low Fade Haircut For Black Men + Natural Curls

Low Fade Haircut For Black Men

Here’s a crispy example of a fade cut into a line instead of the drop fade.

3. Low Bald Fade + Messy Hairstyle On Top

Low Fade Haircut For Men

Clean sides contrast messy hair on top.

4. Low Taper Fade Haircut

Low Taper Fade Haircut

The taper fade is a type of fade at the sideburns and neckline. The main difference is the defined line behind the ear, as opposed to a faded line. This low version also features a nape shape.

5. Box Haircut + Natural Curls + Low Fade

Low Fade Haircut With Natural Curls

Close cropped sides make this curly high top look even taller.

6. Low Skin Fade + Side Part Haircut

Low skin fade side part haircut

Here’s a cool beard fade that separates hair from facial hair and adds a modern finish to this classic style. This look works for guys of all ages.

7. Low Bald Fade + Thick Medium Hair On Top

Low bald fade haircut

A low skin fade cuts hair down to the skin, making the hair on top seem even thicker and longer. Skin fade haircuts also work with beards of all lengths. The sideburns are gone but hair tapers back up into facial hair.

8. Short Men’s Haircut + Low Drop Fade

Low drop fade haircut

The arc of the drop fade contrasts with the straight line of blunt fringe. It doesn’t take a lot of hair to have a lot of presence.

9. Rounded Flat-Top Haircut + Low Fade

low top fade haircut

It’s a low top, not a high top and rounded instead of flat.

Low Fade + Curly Hair Men’s Haircut

Curly low fade haircut

The low line of this fade makes curly hair on top stand out.

Curly Fro-Hawk Haircut + Low Bald Fade


For longer curly hairstyles for men, a low fade cleans up the edges for an easy to wear but cool look. Go all the way down to the skin or ultra-short.

Military Haircut / Buzz Cut + Low Bald Fade

Low fade military haircut

For a military look, keep hair short and cut the fade even shorter. It’s a step up from your at home buzz cut.

Low Taper Fade Haircut

low cut fade haircut

This is as low as you can go with a fade. It’s a cool way to create a clean-cut hairline.

Low Fade + Hard Part + Side Part Haircut

Low Fade Comb Over Haircut

The straight line of the hard part contrasts with the blurry diagonal of the fade. This comb over can also be worn with a combed part and drop fade.

Medium Length Curly Hair Low Fade Haircut

 low fade haircut curly hair

Short and faded sides make it easy and stylish to wear a tousled tangle of curls on top. Try a hair cream for just enough hold plus some frizz-fighting.

Undercut Pompadour Haircut + Low Fade

best low fade haircut

There isn’t one best low fade haircut but the contrast between a medium length messy pomp on top over a low and tight fade is striking. Platinum and pink tones take it to the next level.

Twist Sponge Haircut + Low Drop Fade

low drop fade haircut black man

The fade goes low and the curls go high.

Short Textured Men’s Haircut + Low Fade

low fade haircut short hair

There is a symmetry between wearing short hair with a low fade. This isn’t just any short men’s haircut but the top trend, a textured crop fade.

Crop Haircut + Low Fade + Beard

low fade haircut with beard

There’s something to be said for growing facial hair longer than the hair on your head. Show it all off with clean lines and a blurry fade.

Buzzcut + Line Up + Low Fade

 low maintenance fade mens haircuts

Short hair and a short beard are the easiest to way to look really good. Trim that beard yourself in between barber visits but leave the fades to the experts.

Short Haircut For Black Men + Low Fade

And here’s a cool short hair look for black hair, with waves on top and a clean fade around the bottom. Wear it with a beard, or not.

Long Hair Men’s Hairstyle + Low Fade

This fresh style lets medium hair flow over a lower fade. Let it flow, bro.

Medium Textured Haircut + Low Drop Fade

Low taper fade

This blurry fade creates a striking frame for thick textured hair. This look is simultaneously modern and classic, cool and professional.

Slicked Back Low Fade Haircut

Slicked back haircut with low fade

The pomp fade is a popular hairstyle because it is easy to style and looks great. It can be worn with a mid or high fade but this low fade follows the lines of long hair on top.

Low Fade + High Pomp

And another pomp fade from the front. The low fade emphasizes how thick and full hair is at the sides. On top, it’s a modern look with some trendy texture. Try a hair wax to get that combination of hold and separation.

Check out the entire fade haircuts section for more haircut ideas.

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Sours: https://www.menshairstyletrends.com/low-fade-haircuts/

Hair short low fade

What is a short fade haircut? It’s exactly like it sounds – a short haircut with a fade around the sides and back. As usual with the versatile fade, hair can be tapered or buzzed low, mid, high while hair on top can be any length, texture, or style.

Short fade haircuts can go as short as a buzz cut with sides cut down to the skin to as long on top as short hair can be. Fades go with the trendiest short hair looks to classic styles and everything in between.

A few cool ways to get the look this year are with a cool buzz cut, modern spikes and longer, but still short, hair on top. That’s not all, though. Another popular look is the crop fade, which can fit into all of these categories.

Here are twelve different looks to get you started but there are also so many more possibilities. Mix and match any kind of fade with any short hairstyle on top to create your own look.

1. Very Short Hair

Very short fade haircut

The buzz cut is a top trend right now. Not necessarily the military cut but a high fashion version. A blurry fade adds style to the utilitarian look whether it is cut as close to the scalp as possible or a little longer. Add some texture and/or a defined line up for maximum impact with minimum hair length. Or trade that fade for a taper.

2. Spiky Hair

Short fade haircuts for men with spikes

One of the most stylish ways to wear short hair is with spikes. It’s a modern look that beefs up fine hair or takes care of thick locks. In addition to a fade, add some texture, unexpected angles or even a shaved line.

3. Longer On Top Haircuts

Longer on top fade haircuts

These cool men’s hairstyles are about as long as short hair can be plus even shorter faded sides. This length is just as versatile as medium length hair but easier to care for and style. While hair can be worn in a signature look, you can also mix things up between a pompadour, fringe, textured spikes or a quiff.

4. Fade + Short Hairstyles For Men

Fade short hairstyles for men

Without the blurry fade, line up, waves, and beard, this would be an ordinary buzz cut. All the details elevate the look.

5. Short + Messy Fade Hairstyle

Short fade hairstyle

A low fade keeps the sides clean for this cool messy style.

6. Buzz Cut + Skin Fade

Buzz cut with skin fade

Yes, cutting your hair and beard at home saves money. Time too. But it won’t look like this. It is possible to give yourself a fade and line up a beard but it will take a lot of practice to get to this level. Get the best of both worlds by visiting the barber before occasions and maintain the cut in between.

7. Men’s Short Haircuts + High Skin Fade

Men's Short Hairstyles + Skin Fade

The hair is short, the fade is high, and the beard is just right.

8. Very Short Fade Haircuts For Men

Very short fade haircuts for men

Just when you think hair can’t go shorter, the fade takes it down to the skin.

9. Short Fade Haircuts For Black Men

Short black fade hairstyles

With a skin fade and a beard, the question is how to connect the two. One option is a fade while the other option is this tapered beard shape.

Short Natural Hairstyles For Men + Fade

Short fade natural hairstyles

Short twists over a high fade highlights that natural texture.

Short Fringe Haircut + Fade

Asian men fade short hairstyles

A very cool way to wear the crop fringe, with textured cutting and styling.

Short Curly Hair + Line Up

Short fade hairstyles for black men

Hair is cut very short but long enough to reveal some texture. A line up literally frames the face.

Faux Hawk + Fade

Faux hawk with fade

This mohawk-ish look is wide and spiky at the front but pulled up into a peak. The V-shaped back and brow slash that continues into the temple adds to the edgy look.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst fade mohawk for black hair

A burst fade at both sides may be the most popular type of mohawk fade. Add a pointed neckline for even more of a statement.

Short Crop Fade Hairstyles

Best short fade hairstyles - crop top

This version of the trendy crop top sits heavy texture over a high fade that cuts straight around the head.

Comb Over Fade Hairstyle For Short Hair

Short comb over fade

When your comb over isn’t a cover up you can cut thick hair short on top and even shorter on the sides. Use a comb to get these textured lines.

Short Fade + Asian Hair

Asian hairstyles short fade men

Sometimes Asian hair can be thick and coarse with a tendency to stand up. This fade haircut works with this hair type for cool messy spikes with short sides plus a low fade.

Short Black Hair + Taper Fade

Short Black Hair + Taper Fade

The taper fade is a cool way to get crisp edges while cutting the least amount of hair. Why would you want to remove any more of these sponge curls.

Medium Fade + Crop Haircut

Medium fade short hairstyle for men

When you have head tattoos, show the off with a medium or even higher fade. A creative crop completes the look.

Fade + Short Combover

Fade combover hairstyles short hair

Here’s another way to wear a short combover, with a fade all the way up to where the side part would be.

Short Curly Fade Hairstyles For Men

Short curly fade hairstyles for men

Your smile when you look so much better than good. This cool look has short textured curls and a full beard with a stripe of a fade in between.

Short Skin Fade Hairstyles

Short skin fade hairstyles for Asian hair

This short cut is a cool way to tame thick, unmanageable hair.

Short Afro + Fade

Short afro with fade for men

This short afro with a fade is fresh and modern with some retro flair from the stylishly placed pick.

Short Twists + High Skin Fade

Black short faded hairstyles - twists with high skin fade

This high and tight ends in small twists that are short enough to stand up.

Short Side Part Haircut

Short side part haircut for men

If a fresh fade and wavy texture isn’t enough, add a side part.

Textured Crop Fade

Textured crop with skin fade

The crop top has been one of the most popular men’s haircuts for over year and counting. It’s a trendy look that works for all hair types. This version doesn’t need much length to showcase thick hair. The fade goes down to the skin to keep you cool and contrast with heavy texture on top.

Buzz Cut + Fade

Short buzz cut fade

Go any shorter and this dude would be bald. This ultra-short buzz showcases the precision of the barber, who managed to define a hairline and blurry fade with a fraction of a millimeter of hair.

Buzz Cut + Taper Fade

Buzz cut with taper fade

Here’s a longer buzz style with a shape up at the hairline and blur at the neckline. In between, you can see the arch behind the ear that is the hallmark of a taper fade. The fade into a defined beard

Short Curls + Mid Drop Fade

Short haircuts for black boys

This cool mid fade can be worn with all kinds of short hairstyles on top but looks especially good with this curly texture. The mid fade can drop down to follow the natural hairline, like above, or cut straight across.

Textured Spikes

Short fade haircut for thick hair men

The original spikes styled with hair gel were defined like bristles. This modern version is a softer look that is more texture than spike. Try a hair wax to get this look for thick hair.

Spiky Crop Haircut

Spiky hair for men

This longer version of a crop features a medium length and weight fringe. This somewhat spiky, somewhat messy, and totally cool faux hawk is another styling option when you don’t want to wear hair down.

Spiky Quiff

Spiky quiff

There is something about height at the hairline that is so flattering for men. This fresh look combines two high volume styles – the quiff and spikes.

New Hairstyles For Men

New hairstyles for men

The same place that brought us the crop also keeps coming out with brand new looks. Here is the fade and longer textured top that defines the crop top. The shaved line, horizontal spikes, and hint of a faux hawk are all new.

Short Pomp + Low Fade

Short pomp fade

This cool look may be a pompadour but it’s hardly vintage. The contrast between the sharp line up, curved pomp, and blurry fade are expertly executed.

Short Hair + Low Fade

Short fade hairstyles for men

Instead of contrasting shapes and textures, this short style is all about curves. The drop of the fade mirrors the sweep of bangs without the interruption of a side part.

Textured Crop + High Fade

Spiky crop fade

As we have stated over and over again, the shaved sides of a fade make hair on top appear thicker and fuller. It does that here while emphasizing the texture and volume of the style.

High Quiff + Low Fade

Cool hairstyles for grey hair men

This eye-catching style pulls all two inches of hair length straight up into a vertical quiff. Hair behind plays a supporting role a bald fade makes a clean finish. Also note the salt-and-pepper hair, even combined with some white in the beard, do not make this gentleman look old. It’s more about the style than the color.

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Sours: https://www.menshairstyletrends.com/short-fade-haircut/

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