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CVS is selling a  7″ Android tablet for $99. I’ve been trying to get one for a while now, and I finally got one when they added it to their website. It’s a pretty decent tablet for $99, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll keep it for my collection.

But I’m also seeing a weird battery issue, so not.

I’ve decided to amend this post with a recommendation that you not get this tablet.



It’s running Android v2.2 (I checked) and it comes with a great collection of apps. It  has Skyfire, DroidReader, SlideMe, Youtube, and others. The apps give me a pretty good feeling about the quality of the software developer.  It also has a pretty well designed custom home screen, which also speaks well of the software developer.


Update:While looking into this tablet I discovered that my unit is actually supposed to have HDMI out. That’s what the specs show on But that’s just a minor snafu compared to the hardware problems.  CVS shipped me the wrong tablet. There are actually several models floating around under the one name, and if you buy one you won’t know quite which one you get until you open the box. That alone is reason enough to avoid this thing.

It has USB Host (a converter), Wifi, a microSD card slot, microphone, and a so-so speaker. There’s also a headphone jack but it appears to be a smaller size. (Don’t lose the converter.) Sound quality was pretty good over the headphone jack but the speaker sound quality is poor. There’s also a stylus, and it has a slot on the back.

It shipped in a huge box with just the 2 converters and the power supply. It also had a paper sticker stuck to the screen, so be careful when you pull it off.

The touchscreen took some getting used to. But after I calibrated it and gave up on using the stylus I quickly got used to it. The screen is not the greatest in the world but I don’t see any obvious problems. The general image qualities of the screen are great.

Responsiveness and Speed

This is actually a pretty fast tablet – while plugged in. I’ve noticed a change in behavior between when the tablet is plugged in and when it is not. I’ve noticed that turning on the Wifi while not plugged in tends to make it sluggish. But turning the Wifi off again seems to fix the sluggishness.

I think the battery doesn’t provide enough power on its own, and that concerns me.


Update: After using it for a number of hours I know that it is a crapperjack* tablet. It has multiple flaws; this is a tablet that should not be set aside lightly; it should be thrown away as hard as you can. Folks this thing has no Sleep/Suspend mode and an underpowered battery. It’s JUNK. This is most definitely a crapperjack* tablet.

The biggest problem is that it has no sleep mode. Once you turn it on you’ll have to leave it plugged in or manually turn it off. Battery life  is about 3 hours, which is only okay because my sole reason for keeping this was to use it as a toy.

The other major problem is that the battery is underpowered. Whenever I try to run Wifi (without plugging in the tablet) the responsiveness would best be described as abysmal. That’s a pity because when plugged in this is a very speedy tablet.

* Crapperjack is a term I coined last year for Android tablets that were so bad that they might as well have come as a toy in a box of candy.


Sylvania 7-Inch Mini Tablet SYNET7LP Reviews


I purchased this tablet through a discount website. Once I received it I discovered that the wifi capability is extremely limited regardless of the speed that you have at home. I could not keep a wifi strength for longer than five minutes in order to even download any apps.





I had recently purchased the Sylvania Mini as a replacement for a Pan digital. I love this tablet. It has all the updated features just like the more expensive tablet and lots of memory. I had as a precaution purchased a sd card as well just as a back up and I have never as of yet had to use it. I have downloaded lots of great books and of course lots of games for my son. He loves it as well. The touch screen is not very sensitive and if you accidentally touch it you wont loose your spot or go off to another page. The only real problem I have noticed with the tablet is the battery life. If you are doing anything like reading or playing games you better have a back up power source. And it will just shut off on you when the battery is low, Other than that I love this tablet Way worth the money .. Battery Life Battery life is poor, games and reading with completely diminish the battery in no time and it will automatically shut off on you . Must have a back up plan in regards to battery like a power cord. Processing Speed Most of the time the processing speed is fair to good. I have not run into any problems as of yet Weight Not to light weight you know you are holding something on your lap or in your hands. You wont stand up and drop it on the floor not remembering its there. App Availability 1000s of apps just like the more expensive tablets. Great selection. And majority of the apps are available for this tablet to. I have only run into a problem twice when the app was not compatible with the tablets programming. Design Love it! Very sleek light weight not to heavy. Does not however fit into the standard sleeve for 7 inch tablets. Hard to find sleeves and cases. either to big or to small. Durability I have never dropped my tablet and hope I never do. I am not sure about the durability as I don't mistreat my electronics and treat them with kid glove. So as of current I would have to say I haven't had any problems with this tablet and the durability


Richlands, NC



Inexpensive option for viewing email, read books, play games. Size is easy to put into carryon bag or even purse. Battery Life fairly good battery time Processing Speed Speed is rather slow next to other tablets I use Weight weight is good App Availability Lots of anroid apps are available now Design navigating the layout and where to find things takes a little time Durability no issues






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How the Sylvania Tablet Works

The Sylvania tablet has some basic features that make it suitable for on-the-go planning and fun. Pre-installed applications include e-mail, a file manager, an alarm clock, a calculator, YouTube, a PDF reader, Kobo (an e-reader) and voice memos. You also get several pre-installed widgets, like a calendar, a music player, a photo gallery and a weather program [source: Sylvania 7" User Guide; Sylvania 10" User Guide].

Since the Sylvania uses the Android operating system, you can choose from thousands of great Android-based apps to download from the Web and use on the tablet. Apps are just cool applications -- tools, games and other software that give your device more functionality. Not all apps work on tablets, especially if they're meant to be used solely with smartphones, but you still have a huge number to choose from, like Angry Birds, a budget calculator and even Facebook Messenger (these three alone account for hours of entertainment).

All three sizes of the Sylvania tablet have a sensor in them to rotate the display from portrait to landscape view as you turn the device. This is a great feature for playing games because some games only work in one orientation or the other, and a few games even use this sensor as part of the game-playing experience.

And of course there's the Internet -- and what's more entertaining than a few hours surfing the Web? With the Sylvania tablet, you can use WiFi or Ethernet to get connected. Once you're connected you can download a new Texas hold 'em poker game, check out the latest Brandon Sanderson title on e-book, catch up with friends through e-mail and watch a trailer for the latest movie blockbuster on YouTube. Not bad for a $200 tablet, don't you think?

If you're looking for more tablet talk, you'll find it on the next page.

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