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Replacing Muffler 99 Ford Explorer Sport SOHC DEARBORN (dpa-AFX) &#; Ford Motor Co &#; reduce the potential for exhaust to enter the vehicle, dealers will reprogram the air conditioner, replace the liftgate drain valves and inspect sealing of the &#;

The average cost for a ford explorer exhaust pipe replacement is between $ and $ Labor costs are estimated between $70 and $89 while parts are priced at $

Ford is offering free inspection and repairs for more than million of its Explorer SUV models due to concerns over exhaust &#; air conditioner, replace the liftgate drain valves and inspect &#;

Responding to consumer concerns about exhaust fumes, Ford is offering to inspect and repair Explorer SUVs at no cost to owners. Ford maintains the vehicles — built at its Chicago Assembly plant on the &#;

The average cost for an exhaust manifold replacement is between $ and $1, Labor costs are estimated between $ and $ while parts are priced between $ and $

The Ford Explorer has been a staple for the company and for people who drive SUVs for a long time. Ford makes both a smaller and a larger SUV that look basically the same, but the Explorer has a great following because of its mid-sized appeal.

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If your muffler has failed and you want OE sound and performance for your Ford Explorer, we have the replacement in durable stainless steel or aluminized Exhaust Mufflers Assembly by Walker®. Together with delivering OE-style sound, the quiet-flow muffler features % structural stainless&#;

The average cost of replacing your muffler can range anywhere from $ to $1, But according to, performing the replacement for a majority of cars in the US prices at $46 to $ Of course, the site only speaks for "most" vehicles.

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Responding to consumer concerns about exhaust fumes, Ford is offering to inspect and repair Explorer SUVs at no cost to owners. Ford maintains the vehicles are safe, but said it&#;s making the repairs &#;

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Video Transcript for Trailer Hitch Installation &#; Ford Explorer. Today on our Ford Explorer we&#;re going to be installing;s Class 3 2" Trailer Hitch receiver, part number EThis is what our hitch is going to look like when it&#;s installed.


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Exhaust Manifold Repair Service

How much does a Exhaust Manifold Repair cost?

On average, the cost for a Ford Explorer Exhaust Manifold Repair is $ with $93 for parts and $ for labor. Prices may vary depending on your location.

CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
Ford ExplorerVLService typeExhaust Manifold RepairEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Ford ExplorerVLService typeExhaust Manifold RepairEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Ford ExplorerVLService typeExhaust Manifold RepairEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Ford ExplorerVLService typeExhaust Manifold RepairEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Ford ExplorerVLService typeExhaust Manifold RepairEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Ford ExplorerVLService typeExhaust Manifold RepairEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Ford ExplorerVLService typeExhaust Manifold RepairEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $
Ford ExplorerVLService typeExhaust Manifold RepairEstimate$Shop/Dealer Price$ - $

Show example Ford Explorer Exhaust Manifold Repair prices

What is the Exhaust Manifold all about?

Depending on your engine and type of vehicle, the exhaust manifold can either be a set of pipes or it can be a cast iron manifold assembly. Essentially the exhaust manifold takes the burned exhaust gases from the engine’s cylinders and ejects the gas through the exhaust system and out through the car's tail pipe. The exhaust gases are the burned fuel/air residue from the combustion process in the cylinders of the engine. Over time, the constant expansion and contraction of the components (caused by constant heating and cooling in the engine), may cause the manifold to crack and leak. These leaks can be hazardous as hot exhaust gases escape and can damage other components in the engine compartment. A leaky exhaust manifold can also impact engine performance.

Keep in mind:

Sometimes an exhaust manifold starts to leak because a mounting bolt has broken. If this happens, the mechanic will have to remove the broken bolt or stud, which can increase the labor time needed to fix the problem. Your mechanic may charge you an additional fee, depending on the severity of the situation.

How it's done:

  • Determine if the manifold is cracked or broken.
  • Remove and replace faulty exhaust manifold.
  • Inspect exhaust studs, clean carbon and old gasket off cylinder head.
  • Install new gasket and exhaust manifold.
  • Start engine and check for exhaust leaks.

Our recommendation:

The exhaust manifold is transferring burned gasses from the engine. It is located in a high temperature zone, and it will leak eventually. There is no way to prevent it. Your mechanic should use anti-seize compound on the bolts when they are replacing this part. This will help prevent bolts from breaking in the cylinder head.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Exhaust Manifold?

  • Loud noise from engine.
  • Lack of engine performance.
  • Check engine light is on.
  • Smells from the engine compartment (eg. plastic components next to exhaust manifold melting from escaped heat).

How important is this service?

A leaky exhaust manifold is a health and safety concern. Hot exhaust gases escaping from the engine can be a fire hazard melting nearby plastic components in the engine compartment.

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Muffler Replacement Cost Guide

The majority of car engines would produce significantly more noise if it wasn’t for the muffler. It’s a carefully designed part which works to reduce the amount of noise from the exhaust system, and if there’s an issue with the part you’ll notice a substantial increase in the noise coming from the rear of your vehicle.

While small holes can often be patched up and repaired fairly easily, more significant damage may mean your muffled will need replaced. Muffler replacement costs between $46 – $ for the majority of cars, with costs varying depending on the parts required and the labor time involved.

Muffler Replacement Cost Comparison

Below are a list of sample costs from the leading garage chains in the country. Many factors can influence the price, such as where you live and what kind of car you drive, so use these costs as a rough guide only.

Your Mechanic

Parts & labor12 months$44 – $


Parts & labor12 months$51 – $

Mr. Tire

Parts & labor12 months$55 – $

Pep Boys

Parts & labor6 Months$62 – $


PartsLimited$15 – $


PartsLimited$82 – $

What Is the Muffler?

Exhaust_pipe_mufflerA muffler is designed to significantly reduce the noise that your car engine produces. Inside it is a set of tubes that are tuned in such a way that they reflect the sound made by the engine and cancel some of it out.

The noise is created by pulses of high and low pressure air which forms when the engine exhaust valve opens and closes. The sound created from this effect travels faster than the compressed air molecules and arrives at the muffler before the gases do.

The science behind this is similar in principle to noise cancelling headphones. The exhaust gas enters the muffler through an inlet into a resonance chamber. From here it is forced into a perforated tube and released before being forced into a second perforated tube. The purpose of the tubes is to create a sound wave that is exactly opposite to the frequency initially created by the exhaust being released from the engine. The result is a cancellation of the sound before the exhaust gases are finally released through the muffler outlet.

The Benefits of Repairing Your Muffler

The main advantage with a new muffler is gas mileage. Over a period of time, sooty deposits can build up which impair the ability of a muffler to do its job. The muffler can break down inside with age and you may not notice it happening.

Essentially the engine is being choked and its efficiency can drop dramatically. A damaged or blocked muffler can also result in engine starting issues. So if you getting less mile per gallon than you expect, then it is time to get the muffler checked.

When Should A Muffler Be Replaced?

A hole in the muffler can cause a number of issues and it should be replaced as soon as possible. The perforation can cause:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) leaking into the cabin – Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, tasteless gas created as a by-product of combustion. In small quantities it can cause nausea, headaches and dizziness, while heavier exposure can lead to death.
  • Unacceptable noise levels can lead to criminal charges as many areas have laws that govern the amount of noise a car can make.
  • Excessive noise in the cabin will make your journey uncomfortable.
  • Engine damage can occur due to overheating or incorrect combustion. You should consider this when weighing up what a car muffler repair costs as it likely to be far more.

What Is Done During Muffler Replacement?

  1. The car is jacked up by the mechanic and made safe to allow them to go underneath.
  2. Penetrating oil is applied to all the bolts and clamps that need to be removed. There are usually fixings at the front and back of the muffler and the mechanic will allow time for the penetrating oil to do its job.
  3. The bolts and clamps are first loosened to ensure they are free then removed.
  4. The defective muffler is then freed from the hangers that hold it in position and removed.
  5. Jointing paste is applied to the pipes and joints before the new muffler is offered into position.
  6. The muffler is fitted and all pipes and clamps are tightened to the correct torque settings.
  7. Once the new muffler is in position, the car is started and the mechanic will make a detailed check for gas leaks and vibration. A check is also made to ensure that the muffler is not fouling on the underside of the car.
  8. The car can then be taken on a short drive to check for any noise or vibration.

How Can You Save Money on Muffler Replacement?

Tubo_EscapeIt is possible to replace the muffler on a car yourself, with the correct tools and equipment. It can save you on installation costs and you may be able to purchase the muffler for less than your local garage will charge.

Carrying out maintenance on a car can be dangerous so always make sure that it is on a flat surface before attempting to jack it up. A car should never be left on a hydraulic jack when being worked on so ensure you have suitable ramps or axle stands before going underneath. The car should be left on park with the ignition keys removed, and always have a safety person in the vicinity.

You will need a selection of tools including suitable size deep wall sockets, a hacksaw and a pry bar. Always remember to use penetrating oil before attempting to loosen the brackets and clamps.

There are numerous suppliers who will happily sell you a replacement muffler and the prices do vary considerably. Buy the best you can afford as it will typically last the longest. If new clamps and hangers are not included in the deal, you will need to budget for them separately. Make sure that you have a suitable jointing paste for reassembling the exhaust and muffler.

Tighten all nuts and clamps equally on both sides of the joint. Unequal pressures may lead to the muffler not seating correctly which will cause gas leaks and noise. It will also lessen the efficiency of the engine.

Start the engine and listen. If it sounds right, it probably is right. Take the car for a test drive over a variety of surfaces were possible and check for any strange noises or bumping sounds. It is also advisable to re-check the nuts and clamps after the test in case they have loosened off.

A correctly fitted replacement muffler will give many years of trouble free motoring, improve engine efficiency and enhance your driving experience.

Sample Costs for Replacing Your Muffler

We’ve compiled some sample costs for having the muffler repaired on some of the most widely owned cars in the country. These costs can vary from place to place, so should be used as an estimate.

Ford F-Series$31 – $$15 – $89$46 – $
Chevrolet Silverado$31 – $$15 – $89$46 – $
Ford Focus$31 – $$15 – $89$46 – $
Toyota Camry$44 – $$26 – $98$70 – $
Toyota Corolla$44 – $$26 – $98$70 – $
Nissan Altima$31 – $$15 – $89$46 – $
Honda CR-V$44 – $$26 – $98$70 – $
Honda Civic$44 – $$26 – $98$70 – $
Honda Accord$44 – $$26 – $98$70 – $
Ford Fusion$31 – $$15 – $89$46 – $
Thermal Explorer ST Exhaust Install

Ford Explorer Exhaust Muffler Replacement

The cost of an Exhaust Muffler replacement will vary greatly depending on the type of car you have.

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What is an Exhaust Muffler?

Maybe you’re not familiar with what an exhaust muffler is, but I bet you've heard a bad one before. You know when you're casually cruising down the street and all of a sudden you hear something that sounds like Harley Davidson, but it's actually a car zooming by? That’s a car that’s had its exhaust muffler modified or removed completely. Yup. Pleasant sound, isn't it? An exhaust muffler is a part of your car’s exhaust system and is responsible for limiting the sound your car makes. Because you probably want to be able to have a conversation while driving. And the people around you do, too. The exhaust muffler is placed along the exhaust pipe, and reduces the sound of the exhaust that passes through it. There are two primary designs for exhaust mufflers. Reactive exhaust mufflers are built such that the sound waves collide with each other, lowering their volume in the process. Absorptive exhaust mufflers use materials to absorb much of the sound, and are more popular for sports cars, because they sound a little better and result in a higher-performance car. Many exhaust mufflers blend absorptive and reactive designs. Although modern exhaust mufflers are quite durable, they get a lot of use, and they deal with extreme temperatures. So, you may end up replacing yours eventually.

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Symptoms of a failing Exhaust Muffler

Your car is LOUD

Like, really loud. Annoy pedestrians and fellow drivers loud. Have to really crank up the volume on your radio loud. Your exhaust muffler serves one main purpose, and that’s to keep your car from being too noisy. If your car is too noisy, it’s probably because the exhaust muffler is failing at its job.

Diminished fuel economy

While the exhaust muffler is primarily responsible for shushing your car, it is still a part of the exhaust system, and it plays a role in most of the things that the exhaust system does. One of those things is efficiency. If your exhaust muffler is partially collapsed or restricted your car will likely end up getting worse fuel mileage than you’re used to. And no one likes that.

Poor engine performance

A collapsed or restricted exhaust muffler can choke the engine and rob it of power. In extreme cases, it may even prevent the car from starting.

Rattling noise

One of the things that can happen to an exhaust muffler is it can become loose. When that happens, it will rattle and shake, and you’ll hear that noise from inside the car. It will sound like a chain fence in the wind, directly under your car.

Visibly falling off

This is a no-brainer. If you see your exhaust muffler literally dangling beneath your car, it's time for a new one.

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How urgent is an Exhaust Muffler replacement?

It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes, a busted muffler can let exhaust fumes into the cabin of your car. And that is an obvious health hazard.

In other words, you should get it replaced soon. You may have diminished performance and fuel efficiency, and, seriously, nobody wants their ear drums blasted.

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