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Rocket League Trading: Best places to do RL Trading

Rocket League Trading is a fundamental aspect of the game and an important system to fully understand. While most of our readers are probably familiar with Rocket League betting, in this guide we discuss why use Rocket League Trading and how to trade items in Rocket League “safely”.

Even though Rocket League has dedicated in-app trading, many reliable third-party trade bots or finder serve as a general hub for all your trading needs.


© Psyonix

Rocket League trading

For the average player, accessories you can get at PVE or missions are relatively bland and almost look like default skins in your garage. In contrast, flashy accessories coming from loot boxes or exclusive passes, you pay good money for, are flush and pristine.

The developers made sure that all players have alternatives to suffice their cosmetic needs. Through the Rocket League Garage system, you can exchange your in-game achievements, mainly currency-like keys, for items available in the store.

Of course, Rocket League is by no means a pay-to-win game, yet having that extra flair is a competitive advantage on its own.

Why use the Rocket League exchange system?

The main reason to use the Rocket League trading platform is simple: How else are you supposed to get extravagant effects for your car like a mucus trail when you skid the brakes? Or that incredible Halloween antenna with an eye hanging over the vehicle?

When talking about absolutely bombastic aesthetics, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Ultimately everyone wants at least some of them in their garage.

How to trade in Rocket League

Like most MMOs that allow the exchange of paid items within your game, the procedure in the Rocket League is relatively simple. The trading works cross platform whether it’s PS4, Xbox One, or Steam Engine, visit the main menu to create a party, invite your friends or matched trader.

Once everyone is in the party, you can invite the other players to trade by hovering the mouse over their icons and clicking on the &#;Invite to trade&#; button. Just like clockwork, you&#;ll be redirected to another screen where you&#;ll see the contents of both inventories and be able to make exchanges.

In this second screen just select the objects you want the other person to see and use the chat to bargain.


© Rocket League Garage

Besides the primary trading function, this default method gives you the abilities to:

  • Negotiate freely on the price of objects
  • Establish exchanges based on market value
  • Or even exchange objects paid for by in-game currency.

Once the deal is settled and both parties agreed, you will receive a confirmation notification and are redirected from the trading screen. After that, check your inventory and ensure you got the goods you are expecting. Rocket League trading isn’t precisely foolproof, so it’s crucial you take into consideration these advice before you start trading.

Read also: Rocket League Ranks Explained

Three Things to consider when Rocket League Trading

Like probably all MMOs that allow Free Market, the Rocket League is full of players willing to rip you off by trading you valuables for trinkets or making you pay millions for them.

This shouldn&#;t be a problem if you only exchange things with your friends, depending of course on the kind of friendships you have.

However, we consider it important to give you some tips before you go out there:

1. Check the swap box

Like some old games, the Rocket League swap box is a bit extensive. For this reason, some players make sure to fill the box with stuffing items leaving the most valuable items at the end.

Although at first glance this seems quite normal, many take advantage of removing the valuable object just before confirming the operation. This method of scamming is not new, which is why some old games like Maple Story chose to create swap boxes that fit inside the screen.

2. Duplicators

No online game exchange system lacks the classic duplicators. If someone offers to duplicate your game objects through a hack, it is best to block him immediately.

To begin with, the Rocket League hasn&#;t yet had a hack that allows you to duplicate objects. And even if this were possible, Steam&#;s consequences for this type of activity are quite permanent.

3. Know your Price

The most common scam method is not knowing the prices of the objects you are trading. However you have nothing to worry about, to know the Rocket League Price, you can simply go to pages like:


On these pages, you can evaluate the prices of the objects and even get players who publish what they are looking for and what they offer you in exchange. Similarly, you can also easily use the search engine to find specific skins.

Another option is to get an intermediary on Reddit, Discord servers or the Steam forums under the titles Rocket League Exchange or Rocket League trading.


© Psyonix

Third-party RL Trade, Buying and Selling apps

Besides the RL garage trading guide we shared, if you aren’t one who enjoys doing research on mere skins, there are also trustworthy sites that do the trading for you. Notably, the best-looking interface of them all is the Rocket-League site, where you can do a quick search on specific buys and sells.

Other sites, such as RL Trades and RL Insider, are also on par when it comes to the interface and reliability. Hence, what we recommend would be to review various trade offers across these sites to find the best deal available. Along the way, you might just get a good overview of the item prices and perhaps predict them from a glance.

Rocket League item types and prices

Shockingly, Rocket League skins aren’t just all components that make up a typical vehicle. Instead, some of the most expensive skins are Rocket League goal explosions that showcase your winning shot in a game. For instance, the infamous Black Reaper goal explosion can set you back by $, but really, the high value is due to its name and meme culture as well. It’s a black reaper dabbing to your goal, what else would satisfy your inner child?

Vehicle body skins are in high demand as well, since it’s the most noticeable component of your car. The Gold and Titanium variations of skins often go for very high value. A heavy favorite being the Titanium White Dominus, going for 23, credits or roughly $

Rocket League Titanium White Dominus

While it’s reasonable to splurge this much for the body, the Grey Apex wheels or Black Deici wheels actually cost more than the aforementioned expensive body skin. So really, these farfetched prices are often the result of these item drops’ rarity in the game despite their rather underwhelming appearances.

Regardless, the Rocket League fanbase loves their customized mod cars as much as they love the trails of goal explosion effects. So, it’s alright to try out your customized vehicle on a budget and discover bright ideas from the RL communities on Discord servers or Reddit.

To Sum Up

The Rocket League dev team has blessed the franchise with a free market within the game, so take advantage of it. Consider the Rocket League trading tips we explained in order to catch a bargain. Check the prices and the exchange box before confirming any trade. Like most trades, there will be opportunistic scammers who will try their best to get the better of their victims. Especially since these cosmetics have actual values and demand over the market.

If you are interested in earning some skins or rewards, perhaps Rocket League fantasy can be your calling. Predict the match outcomes among world-class Rocket League teams in tournaments without the risks and earn rewards.

If you have any questions or want us to do more to this note be sure to tell us in the comments section or check out also our Rocket League News for more!

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Once both players are in the party, you can initiate trading process. When the other player accepts, you will be presented with trade window. On the left side, you can see tradeable items in your inventory, on the right side there is a windows with your and your trade partner offerings. Add items from the trading inventory and once you are decided on the trade, click the "Accept" button.

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Rocket League Cross-Platform Trading

As you already know, it is possible to trade Rocket League items between players on the same platform. It is also possible to trade small selection of items between players on different platforms, such as XBOX to PS trade, XBOX to PC trade, PS to PC trade and all other combinations. The process starts the same as single-platform Rocket League trade. You invite your trade partner to party and later to trade.

In case of cross-platform trading, in your inventory part of trading UI you will see only items available to be traded with another platform. These may include all Rocket League blueprints, import quality cars and other vanity Rocket League items, non crate items, pre-blueprint crate items (series 1), free items (and crates such as Golden Eggs) and finally Rocket Pass items.

Cross-platform Rocket League trading was introduced along with Epic Games transition on 23rd September It allows players to share their items between multiple platforms they wish to play. You are no longer stuck with playing on one platform, as cross-platform trading and item sharing allows you to show off the best items in a ranked match on any platform!

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