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To fix wireless headphones or Bluetooth Earbud whose one side only work simply start by booting your headphones, if it doesn’t solve the issue then resetting its Bluetooth and re-pairing it is your next step. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to check your mobile/PC settings to make sure the headphone settings are not set to mono or else the issue from the audio itself or a connectivity issue.

To start with a deeper solution, you need first to be sure whether the problem comes from the headphones or from the media device you are connecting the headphones. in order to do that try to disconnect the Bluetooth wireless headphone from this media device and connect it to another device and see whether the issue is from the headphone side or the media side.

If this is the case, then we need to troubleshoot the issue further on your wireless Bluetooth headphones, please select your wireless headphone type experiencing the issue by clicking either on the title or the photo:

Here are simple 8 troubleshooting steps to fix any wireless headphones with only one side work issue:

  1. Check the side balance.
  2. Check Your Track Mono Or Stereo.
  3. Power off/on your headphone.
  4. Reconnect Bluetooth.
  5. Insert the sound cable plug while playing audio.
  6. Pull out back the sound cable while playing audio.
  7. Reset your wireless headphone.
  8. Troubleshoot the audio jack.

To break these troubleshooting steps down, willingly this could solve the issue before proceeding further into advanced solutions:

Check the side balance – (If you are using your headphone with a computer, check the audio speaker sides balance setting it might be set to right or left only.)

Check Your Track Mono Or Stereo – Check whether the track you are playing is mono (This also commonly happens that a user doesn’t know a mono track he is playing and think there is an issue with the headphone speaker. mono tracks plays only one side in any speaker or headphone.)

Power off/on your headphone.

Reconnect Bluetooth – (Try now playing an audio file and see whether the issue resolved and you could hear the sound on both sides, if not proceed to the next step.)

Insert the sound cable plug while playing audio (Will you hear both sides?)

Pull out back the sound cable while playing audio (Will you hear both sides?)

NOTE: You could also do inserting and pulling the sound cable plug into the wireless headphone jack several times as this could resolve the issue many times due to unclean jack that might cause the issue and by doing this type of movement you could clean jack internal pins.

Reset your wireless headphone (Some wireless headphones have an option to be fully reset, you can check your headphone model manual on how to do that, does that solve the issue?)

NOTE: If you plug your aux cable jack in the wireless headphone socket and the sound works fine in both headphone speakers, but only one side speaker works via Bluetooth then you are lucky, Below is why.

Basically what happens is upon plugging in the aux cable jack, there are small mechanical triggers (like small metal balls with springs) in the headphone jack port that will turn off the Bluetooth functionality. If only one speaker side works when connecting via Bluetooth (wireless), this means that one of the small mechanical triggers in the jack port is stuck in a position of halfway, this will tell your headphone speakers to function via the audio aux cable instead of the Bluetooth technology… this halfway point between the two functions will make one of the speakers not to work.

So, how do you fix this? (Simply by taking your aux cable plug and attempt to knock the small mechanical trigger ball back to where it was before by pushing the cable plug into the jack port (in and out) at different angles. This should work for you otherwise you need to proceed to the advanced troubleshooting steps below.)

Advanced troubleshooting steps – how to fix headphones with no sound

Since the above basic steps did not solve your issue of (Why is only one side of my headphones working?), this could be a hardware defection inside your side speaker which is not working.

During the below troubleshooting steps you might be needing to have the following items (check its promotion prices from the links):

NOTE: The issue also could be in the audio jack or plugin case if you are using a wireless headphone with a transmitting base that is connected to your computer or media device via an audio cable, check how to fix or replace an audio cable plug from my other tutorial HOW TO REPLACE A HEADPHONE JACK – THE CORRECT EASY WAY to learn how to deal with this issue.

Step 1: Checking whether it is a speaker issue.

For this step, you should open the faulty speaker (that doesn’t work) and this step basically is very easy if you know how to work well with a soldering tool, follow the below instructions step by step:

  • Displace the Batteries from the headphone and the aux cable in case if it is connected to the socket.
  • Remove your headphone speaker’s foam pads by twisting them counterclockwise (or by using a flat type screwdriver to open the clips type foam pad for some models, those foam pads should be separated from the headphone speaker body).
  • Most probably you will face screws (open those screws with the screwdriver so you can access the wires that connected to the speaker internally).

!CAUTION: Be sure that you have already removed the batteries that are inside the wireless headphone just in case if there could be any short circuit with the wires so no defection would occur.

  • Bring the additional aux cable that has a jack on one end (If you do not have such a cable you can either cut a similar cable from another old speaker or headphone from one end and leave the jack on the other end or bring an aux cable and manually fix the jack on it. If you do not know how you can check it in my tutorial How To Replace The Headphone Jack).
  • Slice the other end of the cable using the slicer tool to have around 2 cm metal cable shown.
  • Twist each cable end on one cable of the speaker tightly (temporarily without soldering it)

NOTE: To do it the proper way, you need to use the soldering tool to remove the solder from the points were original cables are soldered on the speaker, then solder the new cable on the same points, but remember that you have to remove the temporary cable again by using the soldering tool.

  • Plug the other end of the cable (the jack plug) into a media device player socket.
  • Turn the media device ON then play a song and see if the speaker works or not.

NOTE: If the speaker doesn’t work then you need to go to Step 3, But if the speaker works well, then you need to go to Step 2.

  • If the speaker works fine then you should turn OFF the media player first, then remove the jack plug from it, then solder back the original cables in their places on the speaker, and fix its cover back.

Step 2: (If step 1 is true) Checking that the headphone socket port physically functioning well.

If your wireless headphone plays music in one speaker and you have already checked that the speaker with no sound has no technical issue or it wasn’t the reason behind the issue then most probably the issue because of the socket port.

The socket port is connected to a small electrical circuit board (as shown in the below image) that connected to the speakers either directly or indirectly so if this socket has a mechanical issue (just like I stated above on the triggers) or an electrical issue on its board you need to replace it.

headphone jack socket port

But of course, you need to check it first:

  • Does it feel loose when you plug in an aux jack to this headphone socket?
  • Will the voice works on the silent speaker while listening to music in one side speaker and pushing in and out an aux socket?
  • Does an aux jack stuck and not been inserted completely inside the socket port and a portion of it remain outside?

If you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms most likely you need to replace the faulty jack socket of your wireless Bluetooth headphone. (Proceed to step 4)

Step 3: (If step 1 is false) Replacing the faulty speaker.

As shown in the below picture the speaker is connected by cables to the circuit board which we will remove and install the new speaker.

replacing wireless headphone speaker
  • Open the screws on the headphone base to see where the cables are going behind.
wireless headphone speaker circuit board
  • Using the soldering tool we remove all 4 cables as shown in the below image in order to take off the faulty speaker.
removing cables by soldering tool
  • We solder back the new 4 cables using the same method above of the new speaker in the same exact locations as the old cables, then we fix back all parts together following the same process backward.

Step 4: (If step 2 is true) Replacing the faulty jack socket.

  • Replacing the headphone’s jack socket you need to use the soldering tool to dismantle it from the board (check the below image of how the socket looks from the other side on the board fixed by solder).
headphone jack port socket soldered
  • Soldering the new socket on the same exact locations on the board (you should priorly order the same exact socket or use an old one from the same headphone model)
  • Fix back all headphone parts in reverse to have your headphones back as before.

Here are very easy 8 simple fix steps for wireless Bluetooth earbuds or AirPods headsets whose one side doesn’t work issue to check and follow to solve the issue:

  1. Enable/Disable Bluetooth – Enable and disable the Bluetooth function on your mobile. (does this fix the issue?)
  2. Reconnect Your Bluetooth Earbuds – Remove the Bluetooth connection from your mobile settings and add the headphone again. (does this fix the issue?)
  3. Check Earbuds Base Door – Wear both pieces (If your wireless headset is from Apple) while one of them is not working and keep on opening and closing the case door several times.
  4. Check Earbuds After Using It For a While – Keep on wearing both pieces (If your wireless headset is from Apple) for around 5 minutes while listening to an audio or video on your iPhone. (after a while the silent piece will respond and play the sound).
  5. Check Earbud Battery – Check the not functioning piece battery charge, if it doesn’t have a charge then it is off so simply charge that piece.
  6. Check Your Mobile – Connect your Bluetooth headphones to another mobile phone and see whether it is working fine or the same issue remains. (if both pieces work fine then the issue is in your mobile, you need to do some troubleshooting in your mobile like soft reset ..etc)
  7. Check Audio Mono or Stereo – Check whether the track you are playing is mono (This also commonly happens that a user doesn’t know a mono track he is playing and think there is an issue with the headphone speaker. mono tracks plays only one side in any speaker or headphone.)
  8. Check Your Audio files – Play different audio files or videos, maybe the issue is with the file that being played not with the headphones.

NOTE: If all the above did not solve the issue of one side earpiece is not working then you have nothing to do more but to replace that headset or give it to its authorized service center.


Headphones are electrical devices which sometimes we do not understand how or why they fluctuate in their performance especially when it comes to wireless (Bluetooth) headphones, so mostly the above basic troubleshooting steps should solve your headphone one side doesn’t work issue but if it did not, then proceed to the advanced steps.

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So your favorite Bluetooth earbuds have decided to die on one side. *Sigh* This can be super frustrating and let’s face it, only listening to music in one ear just ruins your sound experience. Particularly if you use your wireless headphones regularly to drown out external noise so you can work better.

But, wait. Before you solemnly bin them, there are some tricks you can try to get them back to full working order again. This is quite a common issue with headphones but luckily, it can be easily solved. 

There are a few methods of repairing your earbuds, but it does depend on what type you’re using. Each one is different and will need a specific repairing technique. Once you know how to repair a set of headphones though, you&#;ve got a skill that could be rather handy in the future!

We’ll take a look through some common causes of malfunctioning Bluetooth earbuds and steps on how to bring them back to life. As well as that we&#;ll answer some FAQs to help you with this super annoying issue. So, if you&#;re wanting to know how to fix headphones that only have sound in one ear, then check out the guide below!

Common Causes of Malfunctioning Bluetooth Earbuds

There aremultiple explanations as to why your Bluetooth headphones have suddenly started to malfunction. This is both good and bad. It’s good because a lot of causes usually mean there are many ways on how to fix earbuds. Unfortunately, it can be difficult knowing the exact reason for your earbuds breaking down. 

If you take your earbuds with you everywhere, you should be carrying them in a protective case of some kind. Just throwing them haphazardly into your bag or pocket is asking for trouble. They get chucked around, crushed, bent, and twisted. This will cause no end of damages, so always make sure you use a case.

Sleepwith your earbuds in? Yeesh, that’s a bit risky. We can’t control what we do in our sleep and once you’re firmly in the land of nod it’s highly likely you’ll be moving around, rolling over or tossing and turning. Considering that on average, you’ll sleep for hours a night, that’s a lot for your earbuds to put up with, so it&#;s not surprising that you end up with one earbud that doesn&#;t work. But don’t panic, if you need to sleep with some kind of sound, then you can buy specially designed sleep buds.

A 5-Step Guide to Fixing Your Earbuds

1. Try An Alternative Pair Of Headphones

First and foremost, you need to check whether it&#;s your headphones that are the problem. One way to do this is to use another pair of headphones that are in perfect working order and pair them with your device. If you don&#;t have another pair you can use, see if you can borrow some from a friend. If everything is fine then you know for definite that the problem is with your headphones. If both pairs are only working on one side then adjust your device&#;s audio settings.

2. A Reset Is Possibly Needed

If you&#;ve concluded that it is your headphones breaking down on one side, then one solution is to give them a quick reset. It&#;s super easy to do, simply press the power button on your device and keep holding it down until the headphones flash blue or red. Then try connecting them to your device again to see if that works.

3. Look For Broken Wires

If your headphones are fully charged and are still only working on one side then you&#;ll need to start looking for broken internal wires. To do this, don&#;t worry it&#;s super easy. Open the Bluetooth device, and remove the case. Use a soldering iron, find the broken wires and reconnect them. From there, put it all back together inside the case and turn the Bluetooth function back on to test it.

4. Check If It&#;s On Mono Setting

If the audio is set to mono then the sound will only play through one of the headphone speakers, making you think that they&#;re broken. This is annoying as you may unknowingly throw away a perfectly fine pair of Bluetooth headphones, so make sure to double-check this!

5. Make The Most Of Your Warranty

Most earbuds, especially the more pricey ones, tend to come with at least a month warranty. If your earbuds malfunction within that warranty period then it&#;s wise to take advantage of it and have them professionally fixed. Trying to fix your earbuds yourself could affect the warranty if something doesn&#;t work and they get ruined, and then, well, you&#;re stuck with a broken pair of headphones.

If you are a tech expert then by all means repair them yourself and preserve the warranty for a bit longer, however, if you don&#;t know what you&#;re doing then it&#;s not worth the risk.


Why is only one side of my earbuds working?

 When a pair of earbuds stop working or there’s only sound from one side, you might assume that they’re broken beyond repair. You’ll panic and frantically start turning the house upside down looking for a spare pair. Then when you realize that your ‘broken’ wireless headphones are your only pair, you desperately surf the net.

But then you’ve got to pay delivery costs AND wait a few days for them to arrive. Na-ah, you don’t need to wait that long or spend any money, particularly if your earbuds cost an arm and a leg, to begin with.

There are many reasons for headphones only working on one side and it’s important to get to the root of the problem before you can solve it. It could be that they&#;ve been dropped, accidentally sat on, or that there&#;s a wiring issue somewhere.

How do you get both wireless earbuds to work at the same time?

If you&#;re a whiz when it comes to technology then you may find it super easy to fix your earphones. If you&#;re just an average Joe when it comes to all things techy, then it may be wiser to seek the help of someone professional to fix your earphones. It may just be a case of rebooting them by turning them off, leaving them for a bit, and then turning them back on to check whether it worked.

You can try switching the power off and restart both earphones. Wait for your device to pick up your wireless earphones and pair them up again. Wait for the notification that they’re paired up. If your earphones are still fairly new then this may be all they need, however, if they&#;re older the issue may be a bit more serious.

The last thing you want to do is ruin your warranty by making the problem worse &#; always make sure you know what you&#;re doing before you attempt any DIY repairs, otherwise get a professional.

When will I need to buy new earbuds?

Unfortunately, there will come a time when your headphones are completely kaput and you just can&#;t fix them. If they&#;re only a cheap pair then replacing them may not be a huge problem, but if you&#;ve spent a pretty penny on them it can be frustrating. If you&#;ve had them for less than a year it may be worth contacting the manufacturer and asking their advice. If it&#;s been longer than a year then you may just have to accept that that&#;s the lifespan of most earphones.

Signs that you may need to buy new Bluetooth earphones include issues with the sound quality. If the audio quality begins to deteriorate or you start hearing crackling noises, you may have to kiss goodbye to them. Another sure-fire sign is the Bluetooth becoming unstable and unreliable. If you&#;re struggling to connect to your device or get a good signal, it might be a case of Sayonara for these earphones.

Other signs include pain when you wear them. If your headphones don&#;t fit right then they&#;ll cause discomfort and that&#;s something you shouldn&#;t have to put up with. Our ears come in all different shapes and sizes so make sure to try a few different pairs before you decide on a winner.

If the sound just doesn&#;t work at all, well that&#;s pretty self-explanatory, those earphones need to get in the bin! Another definite sign your earphones are on their way out is how long the battery is lasting. If they&#;re dying every few hours or taking forever to charge, you may have to think about upgrading.

If you have multiple pairs lying around with only one side that works, you can pair up the functioning ones as long as they are the same or similar models. Although the sound won&#;t be as good quality as a matching pair, at least you&#;ll have a working set of earphones so you don&#;t have to miss out on your favorite music.

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There's a way to listen to music when only one headphone works

SOMETIMES ONE OF your headphones will break. Whether it’s down to wear and tear or you just bought a cheap pair, you can be stuck with only one earbud working.

This can be annoying as the general standard for audio is stereo, which plays slightly different sounds through both ears. You can solve this by changing the audio quality from stereo to mono.

While mono loses some of the audio quality that you would usually have, you don’t lose certain sounds that might be specific to one ear.

That isn’t the only reason you would want to do this. Some people may suffer from hearing loss and can only listen to music or audio through one ear.

Whatever the reason for doing this, changing it is straightforward. On iPhone, this can be done in Accessibility. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and scroll down to sound.

You’ll see a scroller allowing you to prioritise sound through the left or right ear. Above that is the Mono Audio option which you should switch on too.

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Z Accessibility settings on iOS (left) and Android (right)

On Android, it will really depend on the type of device you use. Generally, you should be able to change this by going into Settings > Accessibility. Here you will seethe Mono Audio option. Switching that on will ensure the full music and audio will play through one ear.

And if that fails, you can just download an app that would allow this. An app like Just One Ear can change the audio settings to mono but be warned, it can pump the volume up higher than usual so don’t be wearing them when you’re connecting the first time.

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Fix Only One AirPod Working At a Time? Here's How to Fix in 2021 [AirPods Pro, 2,1]

Whether you are using wireless headphones or wired, anything going wrong with them can be extremely frustrating. Imagine listening to your favorite tunes, talking to your friends/family over a video call, or playing the latest video game, and suddenly you lose audio in one side of the headphones! Frustrating right?

So, how do you fix one earbud not working on your headphone?

Well, to fix the issue of one earbud not working, there are several solutions. One side headphone not working is a common problem that most of us face and here is a list of possible issues.

  1. Wiring is loose or cut
  2. Earbuds are dirty
  3. Water damage
  4. Problem with the sound settings
  5. Faulty sockets
  6. Faulty jacks

As you can see there are a variety of issues that could result in an earbud not working and now we will look at each problem and give you a detailed solution. Also, just in case you are looking for a true wireless solution &#; we recommend Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds. They are the Best in class earbuds and offer a great experience!

Simple Fix To One Headphone not working Right/Left

Mentioned below is a list of possible problems with their resolutions. It is recommended that you go through them one by one to see if the resolution helps fix your problem. If it doesn&#;t move on to the next one.

1. Jack not inserted properly

If you are using a wired headphone then the first thing you do in this troubleshooting process is to check if the headphone jack has been inserted properly or not. When you insert the headphone jack into the headphone slot on the device you are using, there should a slight click once it is inserted completely.

If the jack hasn&#;t gone into the slot in the proper manner, then you might face issues with an earbud not working. Sometimes, you might even experience one headphone louder than the other issue.

Therefore, disconnect your headphone from the device and once again insert the jack properly. See if the problem got fixed or not. In case you have an xbox you can check our guide on can i use regular headphones with xbox one

While you are at it, inspect your jack to see if it is dirty. As a precaution, take a cotton swab, dip it in water, and then squeeze out excess water from it.

Clean the headphone jack with the cotton swab to remove any dirt or dust from it.

Once done, take a dry cloth and remove all moisture from the jack. Reconnect it and check the performance. In case of pairing issues, you may check out this guide.

2. Check your sound balance in device settings

Improper audio balance settings can also result in one side earbud not working. To confirm if this is the issue or not, go into the Settings of your mobile or computer. There you will be able to see an option for Sound or Audio. Click on those and find the section for Audio Balance or Sound Balance.

The setting for the Balance should be in the center. If you see that it isn&#;t aligned correctly, then drag the slider and move it to the center position. Apply the settings once you are done. Reconnect your headphones and check to see if the problem has been resolved or not.

You could also restart your device once you make changes to the settings. This sometimes helps. Also, you should check out can i use iphone headphones as a mic on pc?

3. Mono sound setting

Mono sound is a setting in which the same sound is sent to both sides of the headphones. Sometimes, without us knowing, we listen to mono tracks and the sound only plays on one side of the headphone.

This could be a problem you could be facing. On your device, go to Settings and looks for Sound or Audio settings.

There you will see an option for Mono Sound or Mono Audio.

Make sure you disable it and then recheck the audio on your headphones. In some devices, the option for Mono Audio could be under Ease of Access options. Do remember to check it there as well. Also, check out our guide on how to use lightning headphones on laptop!

4. Dirty Earbuds

After prolonged usage, it is quite possible that your earbuds have been dirty and have got clogged. Closely inspect the defective side to see any dirt, dust, or ear wax accumulation. In case you find it dirty, follow the next steps.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a narrow opening to suck the dirt out of the earbuds. After vacuuming, wipe off the earbuds with a cotton swab dipped in lukewarm water or an alcohol-based cleaner.

If you use headphones with removable covers then it might be a good idea to take them out and clean them with lukewarm water.

If your headphones don&#;t have a mesh then you can take some lukewarm water in a bowl and dip cotton swabs in it.

Remove excess water from the cotton and clean your earbuds. This should remove any substance that might be blocking them.

If there is ear wax on your headphones, you can first dry dust them. To do this, use a soft brush like a hairbrush or a paintbrush to wipe the ear wax off the headphone. Once this is done, you can follow the steps mentioned above to clean the headphones.

5. Inspect the wires for damage

The first thing you need to do is to straighten out the headphone wires. Tangled wires aren&#;t good for durability and lead to performance issues.

Once you straighten it out see if it help solve your problem. If it didn&#;t then twist a small section of the wire from one end to another.

Keep your earbuds connected to the device and play some audio.

While twisting, sometimes tangled internal wires are set free and the problems go away. Closely check every portion of your headphone wires to see if there is any damage to them.

Tangled wires or ones that are cut often result in some issue.

If you do find a cut in the wire, use electrical tape to cover it. Wrap the entire affected section tightly with the wire and then check to see if the problem went away.

If it did, then make sure that the wire never comes off from the headphones/pair of earbuds for a permanent fix.

6. Problem with the device headphone slot

When you face the issue of one side earbud not working, there could be a possibility that the device has a problem and not the headphone. To confirm, use another new pair of headphones on the device to see if the problem persists.

If it does, then it means that you need to get the device audio slot serviced.

Sometimes, dust accumulation leads to issues in pair of earbuds. Disconnect your earbuds from the slot and then see if there is any dirt inside the slot.

If you see some, take a cotton swab and then roll it into a thin shape.

Dip this into lukewarm water, squeeze out excess water from the new pair of earbuds and clean the inside of the jack.

Then, take a dry cotton swab and dry the headphone slot. Any liquid left behind can permanently damage your device.

7. Check for signs of water damage

All our electronic devices are prone to water damage even if they claim to be waterproof or water-resistant. Headphones are exposed to sweat, rain, and precipitation so it&#;s likely such a thing could have damaged the earbuds on one side.

If the damage was done very recently, then without doing anything put your headphones/ pair of earbuds inside a container of raw rice.

Rice has the ability to suck out moisture and do the same with your headphones. Keep them in the rice for a couple of hours and then see if they work or not.

In case, you don&#;t have rice at home then what do you do? There are some replacements to rice such as dry oatmeal, synthetic desiccant packets, couscous pearls, etc.

8. Re-pairing wireless headphones

Diagnosing Bluetooth speakers requires a different set of troubleshooting steps. If you face the issue of one side earbud not working on a wireless headphone then the first thing you need to do is to unpair them.

Now keep the power button on your headphone pressed for a few seconds till the power indicator flashes blue or red.

This usually helps the factory reset the headphones. After you restart the headphones, pair them with your device once again. This should help fix your problem.

9. Half point issue

A half-point issue happens when the audio gets stuck during transmission. If you are using a wireless headphone that comes with a wireless jack, then first take it out from the device.

While the audio is still playing, reinsert the jack into the audio slot. If the audio plays in both earbuds then it was a half-point issue that is now rectified.

Resetting your device

Connect another pair of headphones into your device and if the problem persists, then there is a problem with the device and not the headphones. Follow steps 2, 3, 6, and 9 for resolution.

Even after doing this, if the problem doesn&#;t go away then you might need to reset your device/restore it to factory settings.

Take a data backup and reset your device. Sometimes, software glitches or viruses can cause issues with connected bluetooth earbuds and accessories. Resetting your device can help fix these problems.

How to repair damaged wires at home?

In step 4, we explained how you could inspect your wired headphones for any wire damage. If you do find it, then here are some steps you can follow to repair them at home.

  1. Identify the part that seems damaged
  2. Mark both ends of the damaged portion with a marker or tape
  3. Take a pair of wire cutters and slowly make an incision to remove the outer covering. Be careful not to cut the entire wire
  4. Once the inside wires are exposed, you need to find the section that is shorted out or cut
  5. Usually, there are red, black/white and copper wires inside
  6. If you find any wire that appears to have been cut, you will need to reconnect them
  7. Take a solder gun to fix the break. You can also use also splice them together
  8. Once you have fixed the broken wire, reconnect your earbuds to check if the problem is resolved
  9. When you are satisfied, you will now need to place to outer covering on the wire and tape is tightly

What to do if nothing works?

Well, if you have tried all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above and still failed to rectify your bluetooth earbuds/headphone issue in one ear, then there are only a few other options left.

  1. Get your earbuds serviced (check if they are under warranty)
  2. Buy new headphone

If your headphones have gone kaput, then there is no option but to get them replaced. It is quite painful especially if you purchase expensive ones. So, next time when you go in for a new set of headphones, buy a good pair from a trusted manufacturer.

Tips to take care of your earbuds

Hopefully, the steps listed above helped resolve the issue of one side earbud of bluetooth earbuds not working properly in one year.

To ensure that you don&#;t face such problems in the future, it is essential to take care of your wired or wireless headphones.

Here are some measures you can follow to keep your bluetooth earbuds/headphones safe and away from damage.

  1. Keep your headphones/earphones in a clean cover or box when not in use
  2. If you use wired headphones, always keep the wires untangled
  3. Don&#;t fold the wires too tightly
  4. Periodically, clean the earbuds, mesh, and any covers to remove dust and earwax
  5. Remove the earbuds from the device when not in use
  6. Keep your headphone away from water or precipitation
  7. Don&#;t overcharge your headphones
  8. Always use genuine chargers, wires, and accessories
  9. Don&#;t throw them around too much
  10. Clean the device audio slot and your headphone jack periodically


Wired or wireless headphones, all are prone to malfunction and damage due to daily use. When you face issues, don&#;t panic.

Follow all the steps mentioned in the order that is written here.

Sometimes, the issue could be with a device setting, loose jack, or tangled wires. Using simple methods, you should be able to resolve the problem of one side earbud not working.

Throwing away faulty earbuds always seems to be the easy way out. But it can cost you a lot of money if you keep discarding them every time your earbuds go bad. Fixing them yourself is always more economical, saves you the hassle of buying new ones or getting them repaired. Before you go, check out Windows sonic for headphones &#; a special feature that makes listening to music a treat!


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Simple tricks on how to fix left earphone not working

Earphones are one of the most used instruments daily on your smartphones. Perhaps you're a lover of music? Then, your earphone is subjected to be used in different locations such as in the rain, sun, kitchen, outside the hems of your house, and sometimes wrapped casually in your pocket. In instances where the left ear is not working, you'll be unhappy and find every possible means to replace the pair. Yet, you may not need to throw it away because there are simple ways of how to fix left earphone not working.

Buying a new earphone is not always the best option, although one ear is not deemed to be used to hear music, make calls, and watch videos. It may be easy to buy for you, but you may need to opt for a repair when the costly ones are faulty to save your money.

Do you want to know how to fix left earphones not working on your smartphone or your left wireless earbud not working? Here's a detailed thread on how to fix it

 left earphone is not working

Reasons Why Your Left Earphone Stops Working

Before we delve into guiding you on how to fix left earphone not working, here are some possible causes of the problem.

1. Cable Bending

One of the reasons why your earphone stopped working is because you casually bend the cables to suit your pockets or backpack. The earphone is visibly a tiny and fragile cable that requires extra care while handling. These cables should be gently bent in your pocket when climbing on a bike or in your backpack when not used.

2. Damaged Cable

A cable cut automatically disconnects the transmission of sounds from your plug to the earphone jack. This can occur as a result of overstretching your earphone when in use. You'll possibly need to bind the cables together to continue using it, and it's sometimes not feasible.

3. Shortage In Wire

This is somehow related to a damaged cable. A shortage in a wire will place a fault on you. In this case, your left earphone will stop working abruptly. Afterwards, you can trace the point where there's a feeling of a slight break with your touch and amend.

How to Fix Left Earphone Not Working

now that you’re aware of the cause of the problem, follow these tricks to learn how to fix left earphone not working.

1. Test and Repair the Earphone Cable.

The first attempt you should make when your left earphone stops working is to test the cable. Your earphone's tiny cable can be tested by inserting the earphone plug into your smartphone and make several bends with your fingers to detect a possible point of a cable break.

If the left earphone makes a sound while pressing, then the problem is from the wire. Afterwards, make an inscription on the point at which you detected a sound while bending. Get a blade or sharp material to peel the exact point of the cable and straighten the wire.

2. Test Your Earphone Plug

Your earphone plug is the pointed part that's attached to your smartphone. This plug is the centre point where the pair of earphones are joined together. Most times, it might not be the earphone plug, but, you need to erase every doubt.

Make a gentle touch to the angles of the plug with your earphone placed in the ear. If the problem is from the plug you will hear an unstable sound from the left earphone. To fix this point, you need to apply extra care in order not to tamper with the other connection point. In this case, a soldering iron will be needed.

Get a sharp instrument to scrap the upper point of the plug gently. Press and feel the connection point of the left earphone, after which you'll remove and solder again.

3. Check Your Audio Settings

You may not know that an equalizer has been enabled in your audio settings. Equalizers amplify different sounds like Pops, Rock, etc. You can forget that you or a friend created a custom Equalizer that prevents your device from transmitting sounds to the left earphone/earbud.

Check your audio settings now to look for a possible custom setting.

4. Disable Mono Audio

The mono audio option enables your left and right speakers to play the same quality of audio without a stereo effect. The Mono Audio option is recommended for those who have a better hearing of one ear in an earphone. However, the mono audio option is also needed to be disabled on a left wireless earbud not working

The mono option can be disabled in a few steps as follows:

  • Locate your device Settings
  • Click on Accessibility
  • You may need to click on Hearing enhancement on some devices.
  • Then, disable Mono Audio

Also, ensure the Audio balance below the Mono Audio toggle is at the centre. If not, drag the slider to the middle to balance the sound output of your earphones.

5. Check And Loosen The Front Case

Your earphone front case is the rounded figure where the speaker is placed and inserted into your ear. The front case is a metal-like structure with tiny cables soldered to it. You can loosen it with bare hands, or by applying a sharp material to the two lines that intersect the two covers. You can also apply this method to a left wireless earbud not working

Perhaps, there can be a possible cut of the left earphone on the speaker. You can fix this with a soldering iron

6. Consider A Replacement

If these options on how to fix left earphone not working well do not work with the left earphones and ear bud. Then you can opt for a replacement at a reliable store.

There it is! You’ve successfully learned how to fix left earphone not working on any device. If none of the tricks worked for you, however, consider buying a new pair of wired headphones. Or better still, switch to wireless earbuds.

How to Fix Earbuds Problem Connection to each other - SOLVED

Headphones Only Work in One Ear: Common Causes and Easy Fixes

When your headset is playing only in one ear, rule out possible device setting issues then follow these quick fixes to get your earphones working again.

Having headsets playing only in one ear can be frustrating, especially if listening to music or watching videos is part of your daily routine. If you’ve relied on your earphones and your favorite beats to block off noise as you work, then this issue is bound to hurt your productivity as well.

Buying or ordering a new pair is easy. But you may not be ready to give up on your expensive headset just yet. Or perhaps you simply don’t like the idea of throwing away hardware that may still be fixed.

Below are several tips and quick fixes you can do if only one of your earbuds is working. With these tips, you can have a working pair of headphones in just a few minutes. You don’t have to wait for your orders to be delivered, leave your house to buy one, or make do with one working earbud.

Ruling Out Phone or PC Settings

Just like other audio problems like headphone static, when headsets are only playing in one ear, many quickly assume that their earphones are broken. So they start shopping around for a replacement or looking for spare headphones at home.

But before discarding your earphones or attempting a repair, make sure that the issue doesn’t lie with your audio source.

Rule out the possibility that you’re hearing out of one headphone due to your audio settings or a temporary device malfunction that can be easily resolved. Follow the steps below to check whether the problem is being caused by your phone, laptop, or PC.

1. Try another pair of earphones

The first step is to get a pair of perfectly working earphones and connect them to your device. If they are working fine, then you know that the problem truly lies with your headset. In this case, follow the tips below for fixing wired and Bluetooth headphones. But if the functioning headset also starts playing only in one ear, you need to check your device’s audio settings.

2. Restart the device

Another simple fix you may want to try is restarting your device. This may prove especially helpful if the issue occurs right after a software update.

After restarting your phone or PC, check if you can hear out of both earbuds. But if the headset is still playing in only one ear, start checking your device’s audio settings.

3. Check the settings

Headsets may play only in one ear depending on your audio settings. So check your audio properties and make sure that the mono option is turned off.

In addition, make sure that voice levels are balanced on both earbuds. You can check this by clicking on the Sounds icon on your computer, going to Levels, and then selecting Balance. The voice levels must be equal on both sides of your headset.

Audio Balance on PC

4. Clean the headphone jack

People bring their phones everywhere–from their bedrooms to the rugged outdoors. Eventually, lint and dirt can get trapped in the headphone jack and affect the audio output. This causes a loose connection between your headphone port and the jack.

If your headset plays only in one ear when plugged to your device but works just fine in other gadgets, consider cleaning your phone or PC’s headphone jack. Carefully loosen the dirt with the pointed tip of a brush toothpick, then use the brush side to scoop these out.

What to Do When Wired Headphones Only Work in One Ear

There are a number of reasons why wired and wireless headphones may start working only on one side. As such, you must pin down the source of the problem first before trying out any of the quick fixes below.

Keep in mind that repairing your headphones affects its warranty. If your headset starts playing in one ear within the warranty period, it’s best to contact the manufacturer to have it repaired or replaced.

Diagnosis: Damaged or disconnected wire near the jack

When in a hurry, some users yank out their headset’s jack from their mobile phones and laptops. Others disconnect their headsets from devices by tugging at the cord instead of pulling from the plastic base. This can also result in a bent headphone plug. 

These habits can damage the wires near the headset’s jack. Over time, your headphones may start working only in one ear whenever the cords are twisted or bent. To resolve this, follow the steps below.

How to fix damaged wires

  1. Use a knife or cutter to slice through the plastic protective base around the earphone jack as well as the cord near it.
  2. Locate the section with the broken wires and cut it off.
  3. Remove the plastic cord around one end of your headset cord. 
  4. Use a match or lighter to briefly burn off the wire’s insulation.
  5. Solder the wires to the earphone jack following the illustration below.
    Make sure to connect the right wires to their corresponding section on the earphone jack.
  6. Cover the newly joined section with a heat-shrink tube or electrical tape.

Diagnosis: Shorted wire

Another reason for headsets only playing in one ear is a shorted wire. This issue usually happens when earphone cords are always tangled or wrapped improperly. Follow the steps below on how to locate and fix shorted earphone wires.

How to fix shorted wires

  1. Plug your headphones into your device and play an audio or video file.
  2. Locate the short by bending the earphone cord every half inch. Continue doing this until you start hearing sound coming off both earbuds.
  3. Remove the damaged portion of the wire.
    Damaged wire removed from headphones
  4. Get the remaining sections of the earphone cord. Slice through both tips of the plastic cord to expose the wires.
  5. Separate the copper wires (ground wires), insulation (white wires), and the colored wire. (The colored wire will be red if you are repairing the headset’s right portion, or green or blue if you’re working on the left section.)
    Separate internal wires
  6. Cut the insulation wires. Meanwhile, twist the copper wires to keep them together.
  7. Use a match or lighter to briefly burn off the enamel at the tip of the colored wires.
  8. Join the colored wires by twisting them together. Secure these with electrical tape.
  9. Link the ground wires in the same way and wrap an electrical tape around these as well. Ensure that the ground wires do not touch the colored wires.
  10. Put an electrical tape around this newly linked section.

Diagnosis: Faulty wiring within defective earbud

Sometimes, a loose or broken wire can cause your earbuds to play only in one ear. Once you’ve determined that the issue isn’t caused by a broken or shorted wire along the cord, follow the steps below to open and fix the earbud.

How to fix faulty wires inside earbuds

  1. Open the earbud casing using a small flat-blade screwdriver. You can also detach your nail clipper’s lever and use it to pop the earbud’s front case or ear tip open.
  2. Do not pull the case to further open the earbud–doing so can further rip the wires if they’re attached to the front case. Instead, push the cord up through the earbud’s upper housing. This will shove the front case and expose the internal components.
  3. Resolder the loose wire and let it cool before testing the headphones.
    Soldering loose wire

What to Do When Wireless Headphones Only Work in One Ear

Wireless headphones can save you from the hassle of untangling messy cords. However, these won’t spare you from issues that may cause headsets to play only in one ear. Below are 3 common causes of malfunctioning wireless headphones and guides on how to fix each.

Diagnosis: Needs reset

When one side of your earbuds isn’t working, sometimes a quick factory reset is all it takes to resolve your Bluetooth headset’s connectivity issue.

How to reset Bluetooth headphones

  1. Press your device’s power button.
  2. Keep holding it down until the headset’s light flashes blue or red. You can also follow these steps on how to reset each brand of Bluetooth headphones.
  3. Pair the headphones again with your device.

Diagnosis: Halfway point issue

If your headphones are functioning well when the aux cable jack is plugged in but start working only on one side when you shift to wireless mode, you may be dealing with a halfway point issue.

These issues occur when one of the jack port’s mechanical triggers is stuck halfway, causing one of your headphone speakers to malfunction.

How to fix a halfway point issue

  1. Insert then remove the aux cable plug from the jack port.
  2. Repeat step 1 at various angles to keep pushing the mechanical trigger back in place.
  3. Test your Bluetooth headphones to find out if the issue is resolved.

Diagnosis: Broken internal wires

If one side of your earphones still won’t work despite being fully charged, start checking for damaged or displaced wires in the hardware. Read the steps below on how to repair Bluetooth headphones.

How to fix internal wires

  1. Open the Bluetooth device and remove the casing.
    Open bluetooth earbuds
  2. Locate the broken wires and reconnect these using a soldering iron. 
  3. Return the internal components inside the casing.
  4. Turn on your Bluetooth earphones to test it, then re-seal if it’s all good.

How to Reuse Multiple One-Side Working Earbuds

If you have several headsets with only one earbud working, you can reuse these so long as they are of similar models.

Note though that the audio quality may no longer be as good as it used to.

Use a headphone splitter to reuse one-side working earbuds. (From: Amazon)
  1. Get an earphone splitter and plug it into your audio device’s aux output.
  2. Insert the two earphones’ jacks into the splitter’s output jacks.
  3. Play an audio or video file to test for sound quality.
  4. Keep your earphones looking neat by removing the excess cords and intertwining the functioning earbuds’ wires.

If you wish to skip the trouble and buy a new pair of headphones instead, make sure to read our tips on what to do with broken headphones.

Find Ways to Extend Your Earphones’ Life

If you are investing in quality headphones, you want to be able to use these for a long time. And even if you don’t have a pricey pair, you may not want to throw yet again another hardware just because one earbud isn’t working.

With the tips above, you can determine if your earphones simply need a quick fix before buying a new one. Aside from saving you some money, repairing your headset lets you help reduce electronic wastes. Most importantly, you can quickly go back to enjoying your music playlist or watching videos.

What are your thoughts on the fixes listed above? Do you have other tips and tricks for repairing headphones with only one earbud working? Share these below.


Now discussing:

How to fix earphones when only one side is working

How to fix earphones when only one side is working

In a world that is becoming super noisy, some consider earphones as godsent. Listening to your favourite beats can help block off noise while you work, and sometimes you just want to watch a movie without worrying about distractions. For this reason, a faulty earphone can be a day spoiler.  It is not always convenient to run to the store in search of a new earphone when this happens, so we want to show you how to fix earphones when only one side is working.

Just in case you are asking ‘why can i only hear out of one headphone on my computer or phone, One of the most common causes is a broken wire, usually the one connected to the now-mute earbuds. If you are not in a hurry to replace the earphone, read up some easy ways to troubleshoot and how to fix earphones with one side silent. 

Straighten out the earphone cord

If you are the kind of person who would regularly wrap or tie up your earphone cords, perhaps to fit it into your pockets, then this could cause any or both earbuds to stop working. To know the exact part of the cord that might be affected, you need to troubleshoot.

  • Connect your earphones to your device and play a music.
  • While listening to it, gradually feel the cord and straighten it out one spot at a time.
  • Observe and know the exact spot you touch that gets both earbuds working. Since the cord around the spot may have weakened, you should wrap a paper tape around the spot (at least three times) to keep it straight.

Try another pair of earphones

If you try to fix earbuds that work on one side, you need to first find out if it is a bug with your phone or a fault with your earphones, then you can bother about how to fix earphones with one side not working.

To do this, you should try another pair of earphones. If the second pair of earphones works properly, then the fault is from your earphone. But if not, then you will need to fix some bugs in your android phone to get it working again. 

If you find out that it is a phone problem (the second pair is also playing with one ear), you should clean the headphone jack. Refer to the next solution on how to do this.

Clean the headphone jack

One reason your earphones might not be working properly could be the presence of debris in your headphone jack. You know how you sometimes leave the phone unattended, and in dust-prone environments sometimes in your pockets and bags? Well, some debris can get into the headphone jack and affect either one or both ears from working properly.

There are different ways to clean the headphone jack.

  • If you have a can of compressed air available, you can point the nozzle at the port and take about four sprays to blow out the dirt. This is unlikely to cause any damage in your headphone jack, but it may not take out tough dirt stuck into the corners of the jack.
  • Another is to use a cotton swab (or cotton buds used for cleaning the ear). To use this option, ensure that the buds are not fluffy so that you do not have some of the cotton stuck in the earphone jacks. Once you are sure the cotton swab fits perfectly into the hold, gently push it in until it touches the end and spin it gradually to brush all the sides of the earphone jack. When you remove the jack, the dirt will come out.
  • Some recommend using the cotton swab lightly coated in alcohol. If you do this, ensure that you squeeze out the excess moisture so it is not soaked. However you should note that the earphone jack is made of metal, and can be corroded by alcohol. For this reason, this is not an option you should adopt unless you really have to.

After a couple of minutes, you can fix in your earphones and give it a try.

Restart the device

Some updates in your device can affect your audio functions of your device. You can also mistakenly alter settings in your phone in the course of browsing or operating your device. Before going further, first restart the device. To do this,

  • Press and hold down the Power button on the side of your android phone.
  • Select restart and give the phone a couple of minutes to shut down and restart itself.

Check the device audio settings

Weird as it sounds, your device audio settings may be responsible for the problem if the mono option is active. To remedy this, you should go to your audio settings and turn it off.

  • Connect your earphones to the device and start playing a music.
  • Press the volume button on the sides (either to increase or decrease the volume). The volume bar should appear on the side of your screen. Tap the three vertical dots at the base of the bar to give your more options.
  • Select Levels > select Balance
  • Listen to the music and keep modifying the balance until the voice levels on both sides of your headset are the same.

If this does not solve the problem, then some part of the earphone cords might be damaged.

Check for the earphone damaged wires

If you have earbuds that work on one side only, a wire might be damaged or broken inside. Before you ask how to fix earphone wires, you should know what caused it.

Some phone users yank their earphones from the device by the cord, instead of gently pulling it from the plastic base. Over time, this could lead to damaged or disconnected wired or a bent earphone plug.

The damaged wire could be anywhere around the cord or around the plastic base. If the damage is around the cord, and you are able to locate the exact spot, you could tape it together as explained earlier. If it is damaged around the plastic base, you will find that the music starts to play in both earphones when you hold down the plug or apply some pressure there temporarily.  To fix this, you need to see a technician as the process is a bit herculean.


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