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Porque el amor manda

Television series

Porque el amor manda (literal translation Because Love Rules, but simply known in English speaking marketings as Love Rules[1]) is a 2012 Mexican soap opera produced by Juan Osorio for Televisa. It is a remake of the Colombian telenovela El secretario, produced by Juan Andrés Flórez in 2011.[2]

Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto star as the protagonists,[3][4] while Claudia Álvarez and Erick Elías star as the antagonists.


On October 8, 2012, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting Porque el amor manda weeknights at 8:25pm, replacing Por Ella Soy Eva.[5][6] The last episode was broadcast on June 16, 2013, with Libre para amarte replacing it the following day.[7][8] Production of Porque el amor manda officially started on August 13, 2012.[9]

On March 11, 2013, Univision started broadcasting Porque el amor manda weeknights at 8pm/7c, replacing Por Ella Soy Eva.[10] The last episode was broadcast on November 20, 2013, with Corazón Indomable replacing it.[11] Starting December 2, Por Siempre mi Amor replaced one hour of Corazón Indomable, taking the former timeslot of Porque el amor manda at 8pm/7c until its conclusion on June 9, 2014.[12]


Jesus is a really nice guy; he is always smiling, caring and looking at the bright side of life. He works as a pizza delivery guy and in a restaurant kitchen, too. He also studies administration at night. He arrived in Chicago six years ago when he left his hometown, Monterrey, after ending a tormenting relationship with Veronica, who suffocated him with her obsessive order. When they broke up, he decided to change his environment and left Mexico, chasing the American dream.[citation needed]

Through a social network, he finds out that Veronica has a 6-year-old daughter called Valentina. Immediately, Jesus realizes that lovely girl could be his daughter, and bringing his past back to life, he decides to call his ex-girlfriend and discover the truth. Verónica admits Valentina is his daughter but tells him that she does not need him in her life since she is married to a wonderful man; but Jesus is eager to meet his daughter, so he decides to get back. Since he has no money saved, he turns to Ury, a Russian immigrant and regular customer at the pizza restaurant. Ury helps him by buying the plane ticket for him, but in return, Ury asks Jesus to bring a suitcase full of clothes for an orphanage. Jesus accepts right away, happy to have the chance to meet his little daughter; however, he is unaware that the suitcase has a hidden compartment with almost a million dollars in it. Ury calls Rogelio Rivadeneira, owner and chairman to a successful company, and informs him that his money is on its way. Rogelio is an arrogant and successful man for whom the most important thing in life is himself. Not even Alma, his beautiful girlfriend, comes first in his heart.[citation needed]

When Jesus arrives at the airport in Monterrey, he is arrested for money laundering and is presented before the authority. Unbeknownst to Jesus, he has committed a federal crime, and with no other options, he tells everything he knows. This way, Ury is arrested in Chicago, and Jesus is freed under custody. When Rogelio learns he has lost nearly a million dollars, he swears to take revenge from the one who spoiled his business.[citation needed]

With his life completely destroyed, out of money, jobless and now with a criminal record, Jesus must start over. He shows up at Veronica's and he can finally hold Valentina in his arms, but Veronica demands him to have a job and a place to live in order to let him see his daughter again. He later forms a friendship with Veronica's husband Elias Franco.[citation needed]

When Alma, Rogelio's beautiful and talented girlfriend, discovers Rogelio's brother, Fernando, having an affair with one of the company's secretaries, she decides angrily to get a secretary with whom Fernando cannot fool around, and plans to hire the ugliest one there is. However, it is destiny that brings Jesus to apply for a job there. When Alma and Jesus meet... something happens between them...their looks, their hearts, they have fallen in love but without knowing it.[citation needed]

Jesus is looking for a job in the accounting department, and Alma is looking for a secretary, but none of them clarifies that and Alma thinks it is not a bad idea to have an efficient male secretary instead of a sexy woman. Ignoring his criminal record, she decides to hire Jesus without letting him know the position for which he is being hired.[citation needed]

Jesus finds a place to live at a tenement house, downtown. There, he meets his neighbor, Luisa Herrera ( nicknamed "Chatita"), a sophisticated woman who is in the first phase of Alzheimer, but happens to be absolutely adorable. That woman is like a mother to him.[citation needed]

When Jesus is told that he will be the company's secretary, he rejects the job, arguing that he is more than just a secretary and leaves the company angrily. Chatita reminds him that if he wants to see his daughter, he is to accept the job. This way, Jesus goes back to the company, ready to become the best of secretaries; however, he is unaware that the company's owner is also the owner of the suitcase full of money that was confiscated at the airport. On top of that, Fernando, who is also going to be his boss, has decided to make his life miserable in order to make him quit and have Jessica back.[citation needed]

A story full of misunderstandings, romance, comedy and melodrama; which shows the daily struggle of common people trying to survive their financial shortcomings and injustice in life. A story with endearing characters that highlights the fundamental values of life and proves that nothing is impossible when... love rules.[citation needed][vague]



Awards and nominations[edit]


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  4. Pittsburg ca news car accident
  5. Topps cal ripken all star

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Llena de Amor #93 (Mex. 98) Wed 12/22/10 Whatever Happened To Holding Hands And Walking In The Rain?

Well, folks, Romance in this one tends more towards criminal assault. We begin with an attempted rape of Vicky/Mari by Mauricio and end with what looks like another attack--Axel assaulting Delicia. Don't know about you, but I'm ready to go back to a slower pace. In between, there's the usual amount of sexual tension between Brandon and Ilitia, Emanuel and Vicky/Mari and , gulp...Manolo and Oliver. Even Muñeca seems to be fantasizing....about el Lirio de Plata. Other than Paula and Maximo who are like a cozy old married couple, the rest of the episode is pretty steamy.

We start at Mauricio's pad where Vicky's virtue seems to be in danger. Luckily she came prepared with a shiv which she holds to Mauricio's neck. Even though he could easily disarm her, he goes all soft on her (no pun intended) and hastily promises that he really just wants to discuss the proposal. She prefers doing it back at the office....proposal discussion, that is. And hustles back there to forage in her purse for an inhaler and get Emanuel all hot , bothered and worried about her again.

In the meantime, Fedra's engineering her own assault. On Netty and her boardinghouse. Fedra, who can barely manage everyday Spanish, is now babbling in English. "I'm so sorry Netty. Estoy muy sorry" but I'm taking over this property, throwing you out and turning it into a bordello. That way, you has-been two-bit actresses will be able to find another kind of employment. That ladies are all a-flutter. Oliver and Manolo are outraged . But just when Fedra boasts that nothing is going to stop her, Super-Hero Emiliano arrives. And announces that he has saved the day by paying off the mortgage to the very last penny. Now it's Fedra that's outraged. And Netty who's fluttering her eyelashes for all she's worth in a swoon of gratitude. But it's little Manolo who rushes in for a hug. An extended one. Emiliano's confused (well, when isn't he?) And Oliver is jaundiced. That little twerp wants to hug any man he sees, sniffs our troubled policia.

Netty promises to pay back every dime and Oliver steps forward to thank Emiliano and all hell breaks loose. Our Superhero suddenly changes into a Homicidal Papa and is busy throttling the bejesus out of Oliver while Manola clings to the latter and everyone else shrieks hysterically. The scene goes on far too long. Let's just say Oliver survives...albeit with a sore neck and another black eye from the punch Emiliano later landed. And further more, Emiliano threatens to come back to do more damage. After all, this is the monster who stole away his daughter, abused her and is responsible for her internment in an insane asylum.
That may be, sniffs Netty, but that doesn't give you the right to turn my house into a boxing ring.(Sounds a little bland, but I'm sure Netty finds it impossible to believe that Oliver's guilty of any of those things. And she's certainly not going to let Emiliano throw his weight around even if he DID pay off the mortgage. So there!.)

Let's leave this tender scene and see what's going on at Muñeca's place. Brandon has come back....with a proposal. He wants her to help him trap el Lirio de Plata. How? By putting him in charge of security at the charity bash she's planning. At first she protests, but then she sees she has no choice. Otherwise Brandon will think that she's an accomplice. Up front she agrees, but in the back of her mind she's thinking she'll warn el Lirio of the trap. But better yet, she'll finally find out who he is...see him...touch him...What! Seems that dream wasn't just a one-time thing. Our sadder but wiser married gal is dreaming of greener pastures.

Anyway, this cozy talk with Brandon is interrupted by a clearly jealous Ilitia. She doesn't like it that he's hanging around her mama. Is he attracted to her? Is she to him? Sure I like your Mom, teases Brandon. She's one in a million. He then accuses her of being jealous, and in a gentler fashion, later on, so does Muñeca. And also reminds her that she's a married woman; her husband deserves fidelity and respect; and there's nothing more dangerous that a married woman who's attracted to another man. Hey Muñeca, maybe this lesson is for you as well as Ilitia! Ya think? Of course, we'll cut Muñeca a lot of slack, given that her marido is the scrofulous unfaithful murderous Lorenzo.

Okay. Heavy breathing. Panting. Heaving. Wheezing. Nope, no sex. Just Vicky clutching her inhaler while Emanuel mumbles "just like're just like her..." Lots of people have asthma attacks, she retorts. And heads into the office, slamming the door in Emanuel's face. Literally. He should be just about as black and blue as Oliver by now.

Vicky and Doris are now in Vick's office musing about what an idiot that Kristel must be to cling to skanarón Malicio. Still, Vicky/Mari admits it took her a long time to realize Emanuel was a slimebucket. And she still struggles with him. Whereas dealing with the odious Mauricio is child's play in comparison. Could be but Doris misses the sweet, cheerful Marianela. The one with the dreams and the illusions. Vicky goes all dead-eyed again and says that girl is "muerta".

In the agency hallway, we have another boxing match coming up. Looks that way anyhow.
Emanuel and Mauricio are antler-bashing while Kristel huffs and puffs between the two, furious over their mutual interest in the "Espanola guanabi" and wildly swinging her purse at both of them for emphasis.

Mauricio's take on things: You're not man enough for your own wife, Emanuel, much less for that Spanish babe."

Emanuel's take on things: " You stay away from her, you hear me. If you ever go near her again, I'll punch you out."

Okay. For now, the boys are using their words. Kristel is much more impressive with her windmill purse assault. You go girl!

Let's check on the aftermath at the boardinghouse. Gladiola is all shivery and goose-bumpy thinking how Emiliano roared in to save Netty's home and virtue. Netty's playing it much cooler. She'll pay back every cent. And she's not going back to Emiliano no matter what he does. Gladiola looks sceptical but shifts her romantic fantasy to Vicky and Brandon. Wouldn't it be great if they got together? NO sez Consuelo. She knows Brandon better than Glad and it's clear that Spanish señorita is not for him. Mothers are officially right in all these stories (well, with the exception of bad moms like Fedra) so Consuelo's opinions are dismissed as the trifling fantasies they are. ( Sorry Consuelo.)

Did I say no romance in this one? Well, unless you count the cozy arm around the shoulders that Manolo lays on Oliver once they're at the police station. Yep, our guy looks so macho with two black eyes, he/she can't resist. The Comissario walks in and more confusion ensues. He's a modern man, without prejudice, but Jeez guys! have a little discretion! He doesn't want that kind of gossip in the office. He leaves the dossier on Mauricio Fonseca with them, and advises that they get cracking on that little item rather than each other. What an understanding boss!
After he leaves, Oliver begs Manolo to PLEASE act a little more manly. Manolo scoots to the other side of the desk, leans forward....and crosses his legs like the Gretel he really is.

Paula and Maximo are also looking somewhat romantic on his comfy bed. But she's fretting about Gretel and he's reassuring her that she's safe and sound and that Victoria de la Garza is quite trustworthy to look after her. That settled, good lady Paula bustles off to prepare a low-fat, low-salt vegetable soup for her longtime love. Cooking definitely trumps romance at this age. Leaving the field free for Fedra to bust in, ready to upend beds and tear apart bathrooms in her quest to find Gretel. Instead she finds more trouble. Maximo coolly informs her that Gretel told him everything about her sordid past and the baby switch she pulled with his sister Carlota. (don't you love it when these characters set themselves up for an early death?) SOON I will destroy you. (So much trouble could be saved if these characters could just keep their mouths shut and SURPRISE the villans. But no...let's telegraph our plans so they can be short-circuited.) Having pretty much signed his death sentence, Maximo triumphantly bids adieu to Fedra who storms back upstairs.

And storms are still brewing back at the agency. Emiliano, Vicky, Emanuel, Kristel, Lorenzo and Mauricio are all at the conference table and Eman is still trying to get Vicky to confess what happened at Mau's apartment. She stonewalls him as effectively as Ilitia did earlier and then snaps that Mauricio was a lot more respectful of her than He was. Lies lies lies. But Emanuel looks properly chastened. And Mau looks intrigued. Kristel immediately demands an apology for her much maligned baaaabeeee. And Lorenzo suggests that Emanuel should be more concerned about his own wife, Lorenzo's daughter, rather than this.....woman (insert Lorenzo leer here) Victoria.

Why why why then was Victoria so upset it brought on an asthma attack?! Well, she was angry and upset because Mauricio didn't like her proposal and she had to do it over again. But she's sure that if Mauricio does his part, they can get past this. Mauricio oozes that he's ready to do whatever she wants.Let's take an ad break, swallow some Pepto-Bismol, and then get back to this nauseous scene.

Well, it gets better. Everybody leaves but Emiliano. Vicky wants to ask him for a loan so she can help out Netty. He reassures her it isn't necessary since he's paid off the mortgage. Ecstatic, she leaps into his arms and gushes Thank you Uncle. Thank, Fella. (We've been having a regular play on words. In Spain "tio" is used for "guy' or "fella". Gretel/Man also dashed into Emiliano's arms and called him "tio". So Vicky is trying to cover her and his mistake.)

More dastardly plans back at the Big House. Fedra's in a lather and wants Bernardo to kill Maximo right away. Or else render him so crazy he thinks he's Napoleon and Paula is Cleopatra. Her henchman counsels calm and discretion. We won't kill the old codger but let's hasten his dementia with these little drops, hauling out some handy ever-ready potion from his drawer. He goes to the kitchen, dismisses Nereida to go clean up his dusty room, distracts Paula by sending her to fetch some carrot juice for Fedra, and then dumps the potion in both the pot and the bowl of soup Paula's taking to Maximo. Hmmm. I'm no fan of the old coward, but I'd hate to see him go that way. Let's hope Bernardo screws up as usual.

Kristel meanwhile is groveling. Ugh. After causing a little scene with Mauricio about Vicky, she backs down quickly, promises not to fuss anymore, begs for some affection and gets brushed off by Mau. He's too busy for this. Kristel is so pathetic in this number you could almost feel sorry for her. Almost. She decides to go insult Vicky instead. Who isn't having any. Don't think you can come into my office and talk to me like that, sneers our slimmed down Marianela. I'll kick you out so fast your head will spin. Kristel is definitely on the downslope in this one.

And so is our sweet victimized Delicia. She creeps timidly into Axel's room with his laundry, turns her tidy little tush to him so she can put the clothes away in the drawers and oh attacked from behind, thrown on the bed and......CLOSE YOUR EYES!....

No, don't worry. For now it's all talk. And it goes like this:

So you like that old creep Bernardo, sneers our Mophead. We'll see if you still like him after you've been with me.

And on that disturbing note, we end.

Vicky/Marianela sees a picture of Emanuel in a wheelchair and wants to know when he had the accident. On the very day that Marianela left for Madrid, he replies. Cara impactada....big-time...for Vicky/Mari. Is this the beginning of a thaw?

puñalada en la espalda = knife in the back, betrayal (Fedra about Emiliano and the mortgage)
rematar = to auction, to sell off (what Fedra planned to do with Netty's boardinghouse)
burdel = bordello (what she planned to turn the boardinghouse into)
guanabi = Kristel's insulting term for Vicky "guanaco" is an adjective meaning "dumb" but "guanabi" -gua- pronounced as a "w" evidently means "wannabe" (Thanks Carlos!)
propasar = get fresh with, get inappropriate with (Emanuel accusing Mauricio)
sacar a patadas = throw (a person) out (threats from various characters in this one)
no me da risa = I'm not amused, don't think it's funny (Netty)
poner de su parte = do his part (Vicky about Mauricio)
echarle mas leño al fuego = throw more wood on the fire, make things worse
el que calla ortoga = silence implies consent...or guilt..(Comisario about Oliver & Manolo)

cábulas = crooks (what the Comisario wishes they would chase, instead of each other)
expedientes = dossier, file (on Mauricio)
cañon = awful! (Oliver's reaction to Manolo crossing his legs like a girl)
fuera de serie = one in a million, really special (Bernardo about Muñeca)

Dicho of the Day
La verdad no peca pero incomoda = The truth hurts ( lit. the truth doesn't sin but it's uncomfortable) Bernardo speaking to Ilitia about her conflicted feelings and obvious jealousy.

Poor Emanuel. None of the women in his life will ever tell him anything. He's back nibbling around Vicky trying to find out what happened to upset her so.

Labels: llena

La Fea Más Bella #139-140 12/22/10 Does this car make me look different?

Capitulo 139.
Read Amanda’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Alicia tells Marcia that Tomás is nothing but a rich naco, but his relationship with Lety is on the rocks, considering that Lety was crying her eyes out in the bathroom.

2. Fernando says to himself, “Carvajal, you’re an idiot. It’s not your fault; it’s my fault for listening to you. I have to tell her that I feel awful. Every day it gets harder to break up with Marcia. I didn’t give her the ring! It was that imbecile, Omar. He’s always wrong about everything.”

3. Marcia gives Fern a present from her trip, an esclava (“ID bracelet,” but also the feminine form of “slave.”) Lety hears her thank him for the engagement ring, and she is crushed into yet finer sand.

4. He brings today’s card, and she points out his bracelet. The card says, roughly, “You feel so distant. You don’t care that we missed our night together. I desire you. My body misses you. I can’t stand waiting another week.” Lety weeps, “If only it were true.” Fern hears her tell the witches and Irmita that her novio is taking her out to lunch, and he has a surprise.

5. Tom wants a $90K Mercedes, but Lety says it’s too much car for their image. He says they worked hard for it, and she gives in because of his love and support. Fernando can’t stand the thought of Tom with Lety, and he leaves, mid sentence. Omar tries to comprehend the idea that Fern is jealous.

6. The witches admire Lety’s car. Ali asks, “Whose chauffer is your novio?” Lety answers, “It’s Tom’s, and his ex- didn’t give it to him. He got it by working hard. What’s more, it won’t be repossessed.”

7. The witches ooh and ahh. Sara says it’s wonderful that she can use it. Others say a rich galan wouldn’t let his novia ride the bus, it’s good he does what her boss won’t do (get her a car), Fern only wants her to work and doesn’t care about her, and he should be ashamed that his right hand who rescues him from messes rides the bus. Lety says, “To Fernando it’s normal that feas ride the bus.”

8. Fernando is quaking with jealousy. She gushed about Tom to her friends. Lety says he seems so content with Marcia back. He denies, “Marcia is just happy because..” Lety finishes, “You gave her the ring.” Suddenly Lety holds the high ground and Fernando backpedals. But Lety says, “At least now she’ll be happy until you break the engagement.”

9. Fern knows that was a direct attack, so he acts based on fear. “Lety, you need to start on the balance. It has to be perfect so no one is suspicious.” Lety answers pointedly, “Yes, so no one knows your company is in ruins, and I have your company embargoed.” Now Fern is really scared.

Capitulo 140.
Read Amanda’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. The witches mock Alicia about her poverty so she calls Tom to arrange a date for tomorrow night. Marta fights with Alicia over a bonbon and Marta faints.

2. Fernando asks to take Lety home tonight, but she says Tom is picking her up. Besides, Fern shouldn’t take her home now that Marcia’s back.

3. Lety says that they’ll be paid $800K for the Sport Wind commercial, but it had expenses of $700K. Luigi insults Lety, Fernando objects, and Lety says, “Don’t feel like you have to defend me. In the end, Luigi is always very nice.” Everyone’s stunned.

4. As soon as they’re alone, Fernando asks Lety why he wouldn’t let him defend her. She makes an excuse that someone might misinterpret it. He tells her to send Tom away; he’s taking her home. Marcia interrupts. She says he doesn’t need to take Lety home since her novio is here in his new luxury car.

5. Lola confronts Efren on the street because he wants to take her house and leave his own children homeless.

6. Lety makes sure Fernando sees her leave with Tom, and Tom treats her like a date, while Fern fumes. He starts hyperventilate when it dawns on him that maybe Lety used FI (and thus Conceptos) capital to buy the car.

Labels: fea-2010

Eva Luna #33 Tue 12/21/10 Danny's not buying the B.S., but Eva is a soft touch.

Eva Luna, Ep #32, 12/21/10—Danny's not buying the B.S., but Eva is a soft touch.

Today was an especially whacked day for me, so this recap will be abbreviated or in reality, more of a summary, much of it based on memory. I'm adding a lot of screenshots because I feel bad about the delay of the video clips. Many screenshots include the English CC, which sometimes is unintentionally hilarious. (I've got a few of the Daniel-Eva screenshots out of order a bit—but they help illustrate what's going on so I'm leaving them as-is.)

I may try to flesh out some of the scenes later on, but at least I'm getting something up in case real life gets in the way. Also I'm working on adding some clips (including a very revealing scene with Marcela and the corrupt doctor) which will be up in the wee hours or tomorrow morning. The video encoding process is taking longer this time because . . . (oh, you reallydo not want to know! LOL).

STANDARD DISCLAIMERS:As always, additions, corrections, elaborations are very welcome. Please note that all video clips are streaming Flash (the same as on YouTube) and are hosted on my own bare-bones site. Right click on any video links to open the link in a new window.

Now onto the episode summary . . .

Marcela tries to put in the screws and play the guilt trip with Danny, but he's not buying this. I guess after years of being in a stupefied daze and stuck with the Bruja Icky, he's had enough. After finally being reminded of what "happy" feels like, thanks to Eva, he's not eager to give it up and reattach himself to the Bruja. He steadfastly refuses to relent. He won't agree to say the engagement is on again. He insists that this suicide attempt is not his doing, he didn't make that choice, and he had no idea that Victoria had that in her mind. (Viewerville knows how true this is, since it wasn't even Icky's idea to take the pills in the first place.) Marcela is very adamant, but Dano juts out his jaw and is totally not going for it.

Danny's not going for the guilt trip. (Click on image to see HD version.)

Eva, on the other hand, is the weak link here. She is a total wimp and is dissolving in guilt. She whines about it's all her fault, she and Danny should call it off, blah blah blah. We expected this. How tediously predictable.

Eva is overcome with guilt, guilt, guilt. Click on image to see HD version.

Daniel of course isn't buying this B.S. from Eva either. He's NOT going back to Ictoria. It's NOT Eva's fault. He CANNOT marry a woman he doesn't love. Blah blah blah some more.

Daniel and Eva comfort each other, after learning of the bruja's attempted "suicide." Click on image to see HD version.

Marcela has a private chat with Ictoria and tells her to amp up the crazy suicide-guilt-trip with Danny. Ictoria takes this advice to heart and tells Daniel later that if she doesn't marry him, "next time, I'll shoot myself with a gun!" Oh yeah, this crazy talk is just the kind of thing to get a guy running back in your loving arms, Ictoria. He looks horrified. (I would think that any sensible man—and for this moment Daniel is seemingly in possession of some sense—would be even moredetermined to extract himself from a bruja who has explicitly said that she knows where a pistol is and knows how to use it! What father would want a woman like thisaround his young daughter?)

Daniel looks suitably horrified as Icky spews crazy talk. Click on image to see HD version.

Daniel says he won't be blackmailed. Ictoria starts slathering on all sorts of nonsense about how her "love" for him is so great and she won't let him go. He looks at her as if she is nuts. Which of course she is.

Ictoria threatens to use a gun next time. Click on image to see HD version.

Leo of course is playing the grieved, outraged brother. He also tries to put in the guilt trip on Daniel (Daniel still not buying).

Leo gives the fisheye to both Danny and Eva and tries to make them feel guilty for Icky's alleged suicide attempt. Click on image to see HD version.

Then Leo dances around both Ictoria and Marcela, hinting that he "suspects" he knows who the other woman is. Both Marcela and Ictoria snap this up and are all over him, demanding to know who this woman is. He hems and haws and delays actually telling them.

Leo visits Ictoria and hints around about "la otra" (other woman). Click on image to see HD version.

Don Julio, who I am loving more and more with each episode, has a lovely conversation with Ictoria and asks her why she would do this, and gives her all sorts of loving, sensible, fatherly advice. He also starts thinking to himself that something is not right here and he's going to find out what's behind all this B.S.

Don Julio gives sensible fatherly advice to Icky. Click on image to see HD version.

Marcela has a very revealing conversation with the jolly doctor who is her cohort in crime. She casually tells him of all the stuff that's going on. She drugged Ictoria and convinced her that she tried to commit suicide. This was done to guilt Daniel into marrying her. Why? Well, Daniel owns a whole lot of the stock in the agency. Marcela wants Icky to be the heir. Wait a minute, Daniel has a daughter who is the heir. We'll talk about that later, Marcela says. (Oh noooooo!) What if Danny refuses to marry Ictoria, even after all this industrial strength guilt-trip therapy? Well, Marcela sneers, I know there's an "otra" and I'll just KILL her! (Oh nooooo! Oh wait, we totally knew that Marcela was capable of this.)

Video clip of Marcela telling all to her equally evil doctor.

Meanwhile, our other characters are having their drama as well. Don Ricardo goes to a lawyer to see about getting custody of Adrian, only to be told that since Tomas is his father, that's that. No, it doesn't matter that Tomas is a deadbeat criminal who abandoned Adrian. Poor Don Ricardo is pretty broken up about this as he relates it to Doña Justa. She is appropriately outraged that the system is as it is. They both discuss this for a while.

Don Ricardo is frustrated that he can't do more to help Adrian. Click on image to see HD version.

Alicia is insisting that Tony do right by poor Carlos who is still rotting in jail. No expressions of affection from her until Tony does the right thing. Tony visits Carlos in jail and spins some B.S. tale. (I need to go back and watch this again to get all the details, but it has something to do with Tony and Alicia going off to New York together, since Tony has work there.) Carlos is reluctant to believe that Alicia would take off with Tony like that. Tony is smug and smirking and talks a lot about "mi novia" and really rubs it in that she's his girl and not Carlos's.

Carlos rots in jail, while looking curiously attractive wearing a sleeveless jumper thing. (Okay, maybe it's just me who finds that attractive. Moving on. . . ) Click on image to see HD version.

But of course, Tony being the slimebag that he is, tells Alicia a completely different story about what went down when he visited Carlos in jail. He assures her that Carlos is getting out of jail Real Soon Now, but Alicia, in a rare moment where her sparse brain cells kicked in, refuses any affection until she SEES Carlos free and walking down the street.

Daniel is going to change his clothes before visiting Eva at the pension. He has a chat with a concerned Francisco about what's going on. Click on image to see HD version.
Video clip of this scene. Notice how the English CCs translate "patrón" into "pattern"! LOL

Leo visits Danny's house and tries to pry out of Francisco the location of Danny, but Francisco isn't telling.

Back with our main couple, Eva and Daniel, we end the episode with Eva insisting to Daniel that they must break up because Daniel is emotionally and morally "obligated" to Ictoria. Oh please, spare me this nonsense.

Here are multiple screenshots showing guilt and distress between our main couple.
Eva is telling Daniel to go back to Ictoria. Daniel is not finding this acceptable. Click on image to see HD version.

They really laid on the drama and guilt, guilt, guilt and made Eva cry a whole lot.

Link to video clip of avances.

Stay tuned as I hope to have at least one video clip, as well as the avances, up later on tonight or maybe tomorrow morning.  UPDATE: Links to streaming clips are up!

Thanks, Elvira.

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Soy tu Dueña, Tuesday, December 21: Ep 140--KABOOM!!!

Thank you for making it to this, my last Soy tu Dueña episode. It's been a wild roller-coaster ride, but soon we'll all be able to get off and have some tequila-flavored cotton candy or something. I hope you'll join me for Wednesday nights in Triunfo-de-Amor-land, which will in all likelihood be neither a triunfo nor amor. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Will the scissors come down? Well, Tizzy says if Ivana can handle being a matricide, she won't put up a fight. Gee, Santa Isabel, that's such a change from your usual attitude with Ivana. Pfft! "Do it. Do it now. Kill me. Kill me, but that won't solve the problem." Ivana drops the scissors and cries. Isabel tells her to use some frickin reason already and quit making bad decisions. "I'm not crazy! I just need people to love me. I want my mommy! Get me my mommy! I want my mommy to love me! I'm not a bad girl! Mommy, don't leave me, don't go, don't leave me, mommy, I love you a lot!" Isabel says she loves her too. Damn, can we find out what the deep childhood trauma is already, so I can decide I don't care and that Ivana is still a crazy skank ho?

JM tells Val he'd give anything for her to have avoided such a painful moment. Don Ern comes in, asking JM how Val is doing. She slept, but she was crying earlier, after her confrontation with Ivana. Why? "Because Valentina found out that Ivana caused Benita's death and she threw it in her face." Ern and Felipe are distressed.

The sheriff and some men are still looking for Rosendo, but they don't know where to find his hideout and they still don't have the frickin paperwork so they can get into his house. Filo hopes they find him before it's too late.

Rosendo is stripping off his shirt to deal with the bullet graze one of the guys gave him. Maybe he can sterilize it with all that hooch he's got. "To get rid of Rosendo Gavilan, you need more than a little scratch!" If you check his Facebook page, I bet that's one of his quotes. Along with the thing about skulls painting his teeth and "If I can't have her no one can!" He downs some hooch and uses it as disinfectant.

Lumi prays to the Virgen, remembering that last time she was there, Benita was with her. Since the Virgen granted her last request, getting Isabel out of jail, Lumi asks her to help Val get better fast and to never let Rosendo hurt them again. Oh, that doesn't bode well.

Godson, aka, Soon-to-be-Dead-Dude, says it's time to fulfill his destiny and get Rosendo back ahead of Ivana in the "confirmed kills" category…I mean, time to comply with his godfather's wishes and kill Rosendo, yeah, that's it. Definitely not a suicide mission, nope, not at all.

I pause it on Rosendo's hand on one of the creepy statues and Mr. 5ft wonders if he's taken to fornicating with statues now. Dude, I was really trying not to think it, especially because his arm is bare. He smokes his stogie and swears Val will be his, he'll take her to Paradise, and there she'll learn to love him. "With only one light, one spark, I'll make you mine! You'll be haughty again, like you were when I met you. That's how I like you." Still gross and creepy.

Z is in his hospital room screaming and cursing Rosendo. The dynamic duo go to check on him and run into Sandi in the hallway…"I guess he found out he's paralyzed, huh?" asks Mr. 5ft, whose skills in Spanish (or maybe just predictable plot-reading) are growing daily…Sandi confirms that yes, she broke the news to Z, who currently can't feel his legs, and he got a little upset. The godson left a while ago, to who-knows-where. Val's fine, though. Al begs to be taken to see him. Horacio says what they ought to do is go to the mines and tell the sheriff that Val is fine and see if they trapped Rosendo yet. Horacio asks Sandi if he can do anything for her. "No, sleepyhead, Amparito will be here soon." Horacio and Al both stew in the shame of having fallen asleep on the job. As they leave, Sandi rolls her eyes at the "valientes vigilantes" (valiant watchers).

At Hacienda Montesinos, JM is interrogating Mommy Dearest. She says they'll talk about "us"--you, me, Federico, and Rosendo Gavilan. She tells him, first off, that she loved Federico, but she realized he couldn't get her knocked up, so that's when she cast her eyes on Rosendo. He was an innocent, healthy, dreamer, but when she found out she was pregnant, she never went near him again. For her, being a mother, was a vital need. Oh, he gets it, for her the end justified the means. She pretty much agrees with him, at least as far as he's concerned. He tells her she's wrong and doesn't realize the harm she's caused by lying to him. Even if they share blood, he's still the same lowlife as always. "You even hired him as foreman, knowing that he killed the man you say you loved…the same man I saw and will always see as my father!" JM swears he's seeing this through to the end. He's turning Ros in for murder. Leo vows to stay out of it. "And if you want to know, it hurts me that you never turned him in to the cops because he still means something to you." Leo says she did it to protect JM. "For me, I don't have any other father than Federico Montesinos. I'll never give up his name, and my kids will learn to love him as I did and they will honor his memory!" Leo hopes he can forgive her one day. JM says she made her bed and now she's got to lie in it. He's grateful she gave him life, and rescued Val, but nothing is ever going to be the same between them again. Leo cries. I blow a raspberry at her.

Isabel locks Ivana in her room, watched by Lumi. She slips the scissors up her sleeve and tells Lumi that only Isabel should go in to take Ivana food. Lumi fills her in that Ern is with Val right now. JM went home to shower and he'll be back. Isabel asks Lumi to ask the new maid to fix breakfast. Don Ern comes up to Isabel, asking how Ivana is. Isabel says she's calm, but she cries on Ern's shoulder.

Rosendo digs into his bag of gold coins…*snort*…he's out of booze and says he'll go get Val today. When JM finds out she's with Ros, he'll rot from anger and jealousy…"That will be my revenge! To steal Val's love from…my own son."

Godson approaches the cave and sees that it's wired.

The sheriff has something with Ros's smell on it. As the men cheer, Godson lights the fuse.

Rosendo is wrapping up his bag of money.

Godson is running.

Rosendo is putting on his jacket.

Godson is still running.

The fuse is burning down.

Ros grabs his gun and hears a chittering sound…probably all the rats.

The fuse keeps burning down.

More rat squeaks.

2 fuses burning down.

A muffled boom and Rosendo's love cave shakes, then goes up in flames.

CGI flames come out of several mine entrances/exits.

The searchers all run away from the mine. The sheriff assumes Val and Ros both blew up. Filo is upset. The sheriff assumes Ros set it off because he was trapped. Al and Horacio break the good news to the sheriff that Val is back at home. Yes, we realize this is news to you, but in our defense, we did tweet about it, just that there's no cell reception in San Pedro. And Val's Facebook status got updated to "is alive and well at the Cracker Barrel, thanks for the well-wishes," but since there's also no Internet in San Pedro, I guess you didn't hear that way either. The letter will arrive by pony express in another week or so, no worries.

Val tells Isabel she's made a decision. She won't turn Ivana in for killing Benita, but ASAP, she wants Ivana hospitalized. She can't have someone in her house who hates and resents her. For everyone's good, especially her child's, that would be the best. Lumi busts in saying Toledo is there with some people to talk to Isabel. Val tells Lumi to send them up--she won't let Isabel confront them alone--and get Don Ern.

Ivana finishes putting on her face, gleeful that once the bank opens she can get her money and get the hell out of San Pedro. She sings to herself, summoning Oscar! "Soon everyone will know the truth, and they'll reject you! They already know you killed Benita! They've all realized that you're a monster of evil! Jose Miguel hates you and he already realized you're not pregnant! You killed Benita! You killed me! Everyone hates you! Killer! Killer!" Vana's having a very bad morning..hee hee! When she can finally pry her hands off her eyes, Oscar is gone. She keeps shivering and looking around for him.

JM tells Sabino that knowing about his sperm donor won't change a thing. He's a Montesinos, son of Federico, and Rosendo only deserves his disdain. Sab says those feelings are so heavy and hard to carry around. Horacio and Alonso come driving up with "good news! Rosendo's dead!" No reaction yet as we go to commercial. My prediction is that Ros isn't dead and is going to claw his way out of his rocky "grave" and do something nasty before this is all over.

Sab asks how. Al explains there was an explosion. Horacio says "muerto el perro, se acabo la rabia," (once the dog is dead, the rabies is finished). Al thinks he did it to escape justice. JM says there's no escape from God's justice. He does not tell the guys that Ros was his sperm donor.

In Val's room, she hears from the witnesses. Toledo, looking disturbed, interprets the testimony to mean that Ivana deliberately ran over Oscar. The couple says almost as soon as they got there, the car drove up, but then they got out and were yelling at each other. She broke up with him, then he threatened to tell everyone about her affair with some Alonso guy. They kept getting more and more upset, then she got in the car and didn't want to let him in. He was very upset and told her she had no way out. Then she put the car in reverse. He tried to keep her from leaving, but she ran over him with the car! Val, Isabel, and Don Ern all look at each other.

Ivana finishes brushing her boobs…I mean, her hair. Sorry, distracted by the cleavage display. She starts to roll her luggage out the door, but finds out she's locked in. As she's yelling "open up!" Lumi passes by in the hallway…"Your mom locked you in so you couldn't leave! And no, she can't come in because she's busy. Yell all you want, no one's going to hear you. Isabel is in my boss' room talking to Toledo and some other guests he brought." Ivana is determined to find out what they're there about and goes back to banging on the door, she then resorts to "I don't feel so good" and pretends to faint. Lumi doesn't want to open the door, but worries that Ivana might really need help. Lumi tries to "wake" Ivana, who shoves her into the nightstand and goes running out of the room.

Toledo tells the family he knows this is painful for them, and even though the witnesses saw her by chance in the plaza, they still have to do the official identification. Isabel asks him to please not do it, as Ivana is BSC, possibly since her childhood, but Isabel couldn't distinguish it from a regular tantrum. Ivana hears Val ask what's next for her. Toledo says he has an order to apprehend her. They'll evaluate her in jail in the DF. Ivana cradles her nonexistent fetus.

JM goes to tell the sheriff that Val is fine. Even though Al and Horacio told him already, JM says he needs to go to the Cracker Barrel and see for himself.

Godson runs fast. Z is pissed he'll be in a wheelchair for life, but Godson says Ros is burning in hell, which must be some consolation. The sheriff comes in and says Z has some things to answer for…"Ursulo Barragan!" Z is shocked to hear it. The sheriff says the charges are "associacion delictuosa" (conspiracy to commit crimes) "uso de nombre falso" (use of a false name) "usurpación de profesion" (practicing without a license) in the matter of Jose Miguel Montesinos' property. Z keeps shaking his head and says next thing they'll be accusing him of having been Rosendo's accomplice in the kidnapping and murder of Valentina. "What murder?" asks Felipe, "Valentina's back at home." Z and Godson's eyes get wide as saucers. The Sheriff says this is going to get interesting…"How did you know Rosendo died?" Godson admits he set off the charges and he puts himself at the Sheriff's disposal.

Ivana goes running out of the house, to the amusement of some of the farmhands. She runs into the stable, to the amusement of Mr. 5ft, who assumes she'll end up killing herself on a horse. She runs through the stables and out the other side. Gabi founds Lumi knocked out in Ivana's room. They don't know where Ivana is…Lumi explains how Ivana got her to unlock the door. Gabi suggests they go find her.

Toledo hopes Val gets better soon, and he says he'll do what he can to get Ivana into a good mental hospital ASAP. Gabi and Lumi run in and have to admit Ivana got out. Isabel is impactada. Don Ern almost fails to keep himself from rolling his eyes.

Leo is snotty to Juan, who just came to tell her the mine blew up. Leo is worried that JM was there, but Juan says only Rosendo died. Leo's frozen face cracks the most miniscule smile.

JM and the boyz come in, wanting to see Val. Sab tells them not to tire her out with a long visit. Gabi and Don Ern come barreling down the stairs saying Ivana got loose. The hunt commences, with everyone splitting up to search for her. Don Ern goes into what I imagine is the wine cellar calling "Ivana, dear, are you in here." Really, he's just looking for the stash of good tequila, hoping she'll break her damn fool neck before anyone finds her. Oh, wait, that's me. Don Ern's way classier than that.

Spanic actually manages to do a desperate run. It's not pretty, folks. I'm surprised she didn't give herself a black eye. You've gotta support the girls, you know. Rogue boobies are no laughing matter. She trips and falls in some hay, changes her mind, runs back the other direction ("I'm waiting for her to fall out of that dress," says Mr. 5ft, which I think would be a very unkind thing to inflict on the viewing public) and goes into some kind of outbuilding, where she boards herself in. She sees Oscar sticking a pitchfork into a bale of hay and starts screaming "Leave me alone! I didn't want to do it! You know I didn't want to do it!"

JM goes into the stable, calling for Ivana and looking in every stall. Al tells JM and Horacio that someone saw her running for the granary. JM and Horacio head that way and Al goes to tell Don Ern.

Valentina defies doctor's orders and heads downstairs, supported by Lumi. The phone starts ringing and Lumi insists Val grab onto the railing before she'll answer it. It's Moises. We can all guess what about. Val takes the phone and Moises tells her that Ivana came to cash a check, but since they were closing, he couldn't cash it and she was supposed to come by today, but she hasn't. That's all he tells her. Val just says that Ivana can't come to the phone right now and as soon as she's able, Val will have her give him a call. Isabel, Ern, and Gabi haven't found her. The Sheriff comes in and says he's happy to see Val alive. He tells her he needs to know who rescued her and how. Val says it was JM, but since she was passed out, she doesn't really know how. The Sheriff says she's lucky, because someone set off Ros' dynamite. Shock all around. "Rosendo carved his own tomb." The Sheriff says they're looking for the remains right now. Al comes hobbling in to tell them that Ivana is in the granary. Everyone goes running in that direction.

Gossip hags. Terrible news. Big explosion. Everyone says Rosendo died in it. Someone said the snake woman is back at home "recovering." So many days locked up with Ros…are you thinking what I'm thinking? Preggers! Ladies, I sincerely hope when Rosendo claws his way out of his rocky grave, he personally wrings each and every one of your necks.

Everyone's banging on the door as Ivana sits on a hay bale, rocking back and forth. The Sheriff says they'll have to break the door down if Ivana doesn't come out. Isabel wants a chance to talk Ivana into turning herself in. Val says when Ivana comes back to her senses, she'll realize there's no reason to stay locked up. Ivana whispers to Val to help her. Oscar says she won't. "She won't help you because you're stupid. You do everything wrong, Ivana." That's a little harsh, even for Dead Oscar. "Nothing can help you now! They'll take you to jail. Val and JM will curse the day of your birth. Your mother will reject you. Everyone will know you're not pregnant. You always lied, Ivana. You've always been a big fat liar." Ivana gets up and finds a random mirror. She admires her flat belly . "You're not pregnant!" chants Oscar.

JM hasn't managed to kick the door down yet. Everyone's still yelling at Ivana to come out, that they'll help her, etc. "It's a lie! Your mother can't do anything for you now! He's lying too! He enjoyed your body, then he tossed you aside like everyone else. Toledo's lying. He's a man. Men lie." Ivana finds rope, a table, and a crate to stack on it. She kneels in front of the mirror. "It's time now. Everyone will know who you are and you can't avoid it." Ivana says she can avoid it and strokes the mirror.

JM tells Val to go back to bed, but she refuses, saying Ivana needs them all. "But you're weak and sick!" "Ivana is weaker and sicker than any of us, but we never realized it before. She's shown us with all her actions." Sabino goes to get something to bust the door down with.

Ivana says men always loved her lovely neck. Why didn't JM? It's such a long, beautiful neck. She doesn't want her neck to look ugly. She hears Isabel calling and pulls on her hair. Toledo and JM start breaking down the door with axes. Ivana slowly climbs the table.

JM and Toledo hack at the door.

Ivana stands on the crate.

JM and Toledo hack at the door.

Ivana puts the noose up to her face, then stops to run a hand over her non-existent belly.

JM and Toledo hack at the door.

The family waits anxiously.

JM gets one hand through the door and pulls on the bar.

Ivana puts the noose around her neck.

Tomorrow: She'll probably be saved and spend the rest of her life in treatment, but until that happens, she's potentially dead. Bright side. Yes, I'm going to hell. As if there was any doubt.

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Llena de Amor #92 (Mex. 97) Tue 12/21/10 Oliver spends the entire episode naked. Other stuff happens, too.

Eugenio drops by Netty’s pensión late in the evening with some bad news. He beats around the bush for awhile, stalling the inevitable, asking her for some coffee, or maybe a cookie or concha. “Concha es la que está hacienda usted!” she says. {She could maybe mean he’s trying to hide in his shell like a turtle, or that he’s being obnoxious. These slangy nuances are over my head.} Finally he gets it out: Tomorrow, the bank is going to auction (subastar) the mortgage on the pensión. Netty is aghast that she may lose her home.

Fedra and her loyal henchman are back at the house, wondering why, out of all the tequila joints in all the cities in all the world, that nasty poli happened to be in La Mala Noche. They don’t know, but they do agree that it was good to run into Oliver, because now they know that Gretel isn’t with him. So where the demonio is she? Spidey teases that maybe she never even left the house, and she’s been here around them all this time. But that gives him an idea. What is the only place they have no access to? Fedra knows immediately. The basement. That old coot must be hiding Gretel! Nereida brings Fedra an envelope which was delivered from the bank. She reads the contents and loudly chortles and gloats. Ha ha ha! She’s going to throw out all those stupid pensión people! Can’t wait to see the tragic look on the actress’s face! Emiliano happens to be on the stairs to hear this.

Netty’s frantic. She’s got to find the money by tomorrow, some way, any way! Eugenio suggests that she contact Marianela for a loan. Apparently not that way! Netty says she’ll go live under a bridge before she’ll ask her niece for a single peso.

MariVicky and Brandon come home, MariV still gasping asthmatically. Netty comments that this is just like what happens to Marianela! Brandon mentions that they saw Emanuel at the restaurant. Netty mentions that those Ruiz y de Teresa bunch are like weeds; they just turn up everywhere. No one mentions the possibility of inhaled drugs to open up airways.

Speaking of those RydT weeds, one is upstairs in Oliver’s bed. Oliver is nekkidly asleep, and Gretel (no signs of Manolo now) is nekkidly draped over him, murmuring to his unconscious face that she doesn’t know how long she can stand to hide who she is and not be with him openly, but she can’t tell him, because Fedra will kill him if she knows Gretel and Mari are here. Brandon comes down the hall hollering for Oliver, and Gretel scuttles into her own bed and hides under the blanket just in time. Brandon fans the air and comments on the guarapeco (liquor smell). He is disgusted that Oliver’s drinking again, and dragging Manolo down with him! “You’d better stay away from my sister, you lousy drunk!” he says. Oliver sleeps through all this.

Emanuel and Ilitia arrive at home, arguing about Victoria. Ilitia can’t stand her and wonders why she interrupted their wedding so dramatically. Emanuel isn’t sure, but she’s probably just there to annoy them, at Marianela’s request. “She hates me. I have no idea why, but she hates me.” Ilitia doesn’t care for his wondering about other women, and he assures her that he married her because he wants to be with her and make her happy. She turns sweet and gooey at that, and says she wants to make him happy, too, even if she’s been acting totally weird. “Oh, no, normal, totally normal,” Emanuel gallantly though unconvincingly assures her. They agree it’s time to get started on the honeymoon. Smoocheroochy in the driveway, for all of a few seconds until Ilitia imagines it’s Malicio there and tells him to get away from her. Emanuel is mightily confused. When she won’t even tell him what’s going on, he gets frustrated and stomps inside. Fedra swoops in to nosily ask Ilitia why she and Eman aren’t sleeping together.

MariVicky staggers around her room and finally gets out her inhaler and uses it. She pep-talks herself, saying she’s not weak Marianela who’s in love with Eman, she’s Victoria, and she’s here for revenge. “You are going down, Emanuel Ruiz y de Teresa. You and your demon mother, I swear!”

Demon mom is busy telling Ilitia she’s an inadequate woman who doesn’t know how to get her husband to fall in love with her. Her job is to please her husband twenty-four hours per day; doesn’t she know? Ilitia is hurt and offended. She says Fedra has no idea what stress she’s suffering. Fedra callously tells her to work off her stress in bed. “Who taught you how to be a woman? Your pathetic mother, who has never been able to thrill Lorenzo?” Ilitia says to leave her mother out of this. Fedra orders her to consummate her marriage, or her life will be hellish. Ilitia’s looking at her like it already is. “Stop crying and do your job! I delivered you to my son on a silver platter, and I can take him away from you the same way!” Fedra hisses. I’m not sure what she means by that, but if it’s on a silver platter, it must be classy.

After the break, the viper still vipereth. “I set you up with my son so you’d make him happy and he’d forget about la gorda. If you’re not going to do your job, let me know and I’ll replace you!” Ilitia sobs that Fedra has no idea what’s going on. Fedra has never cared about that before, and she doesn’t care now. There are hundreds of dames who’d be happy to fill the position, so Ilitia had better pull herself together. Got it?!

The next morning, Emiliano breakfasts in the garden and opens the newspaper. Front-page story about Fedra again. The headline on this one says she’s mixed up with white-collar delinquents. He reads “I know dark secrets about La Reina Fedra Curiel, which will be revealed gradually in this column.” “La Reina? Why La Reina? Queen of what?” Emiliano wonders.

MariVicky arrives at her office to find Agent Orange sitting in her chair. He invites her to breakfast. When she declines, he orders her to have dinner with him. She says she doesn’t want to mix work with her personal life, and she’ll only meet with clients in the office. He says he’s making the rules here. She says he isn’t her boss. Malicio claims Emiliano said she has to do what Mau wants, and his project is very important to Muñeca, the other shareholder, so therefore she must succumb to his sleazy seduction. MV gives him her best cold-dead-eyed stare and he orders her to be at his house later.

GretelMan is up and back in disguise, tidying up the room. Oliver wakes up with a heck of a hangover and moans that he’s never going to drink again. Then he remembers that he had a really awesome dream and smiles. He starts to get out of bed, GretelMan gasps, and Ollie suddenly realizes he is naked. “What happened?! WHAT HAPPENED?!! Who was here?!”

Kristel is at the office, not giving up on her top model future, and smooching on Malicio and wondering why he’s in a suit and at an office. He tells her he’s working on a new campaign. Kristel wants to be the model. MV strolls up and tells her this one is for street children, but when they do an ad about street women, they’ll be sure to call her. Kristel gets all “Do you know who I am? I could snap my fingers and have you thrown out of here in a second!” MV blandly tells her that her novio wouldn’t like that, because she’s working exclusively on his project. She gives Mau the proposal. Kristel is not having it; she’s getting rid of this dame right now! She yodels for Emanuel, Daddy, and Lowrenzo, and they all slide out of their offices and stare at her.

Oliver is still freaking out. GretelMan swears s/he just brought him home and dropped him in bed, that’s all. “Then who undressed me? WHO?!”

Emanuel complains to Emiliano about Malicio’s vile existence. He doesn’t want them working on that lacra’s project. Emil agrees that he’s a skunk, but the project is important to Muñeca and they’re going to give Agent Ogre a chance. Eman asks him if he read the paper. That Lirio de Plata is saying that the mafia meets at their house! They must be talking about Mauriciodious. Emil says Kristel picked him, so they’ll have to put up with him. They have no proof that he’s mixed up in anything dirty. MV walks in and says even if they have to deal with Mr. Fonskanka, the benefit will help lots of needy children so it’s worth it. Eman says there are lots of ways to raise money, and he’d rather not be used for money laundering. MV says they may as well take that money to use for good, the way el Lirio de Plata does. She says she’s going to eat at Malicio’s house today, so they can discuss it. “No. NO. NO!!!” says Emanuel.

Malicio is in Lowrenzo’s office on the phone, asking for two more weeks and offering his help with anything. Lowrenzo listens intently as Mau casually mentions that he heard they were looking for a kid, and he can help with that. He’ll contact Maldonado. He hangs up and reports to Low that they have no clues about the kid’s whereabouts. Low makes Mau promise to give him any news he hears. Muñeca comes in and talks about a meeting she’s planning to go to, but Mau insists that she go to the orphanage and get the kids ready for the camera crews to film them tomorrow.

Emiliano agrees with Eman, that in absolutely no way should MV go alone to Malicio’s house. They each offer to go with her. MV says Eman can’t go, because Ilitia will get all jealous again. Emil wonders about that, and MV says if Ilitia’s always jealous, there must be a reason. She leaves and Eman admits to Emil that things aren’t going well with Ilitia. Speak of the celosa, and she appears. Emil flees his own office to leave them alone to talk.

Back at the Meany Manor, Paula sympathizes with Delicia. Nereida insists it was all Delicia’s fault, because that dreamboat Spiderus only has eyes for Nereida herself. Delicia just looks disgusted. Axel comes into the kitchen and throws his laundry at Delicia and tells her to wash it immediately, and she’d better be careful because those clothes are expensive and it will come out of her salary if they’re ruined. Delicia is even more sad.

Ilitia tearfully apologizes to Emanuel for the distance between them. He says the lack of physical intimacy isn’t the problem, it’s that she won’t tell him what’s wrong so he doesn’t know how to help. She cries that he can’t help her. She wanted everything to be so fabulous, and nothing has gone as planned. Things will never be the same as before. He’s still confused, but laughs that as soon as the post-nuptial stress passes, everything will be fine. She tells him it’s actually much more serious than that. On her way to the wedding, she was abused. Cara impactada de Emanuel.

Oliver’s still naked, and wondering why Manolo won’t look him in the eyes. GretelMan insists that Oliver took off his clothes and threw them all over by himself, then fell asleep and seemed to be dreaming of a woman, even saying her name, Gretel. Oliver wants more information. GretelMan claims to have fallen asleep. “Look me in the eyes and swear you didn’t take advantage of me! Tell me, are you gay?” GretelMan slowly turns around and says, “Well, yes… I am gay.” “No! And I’m standing here showing you all the goods!” Oliver shrieks, wrapping his comforter tightly around himself.

Paula tells Axel not to be rude. Axel continues to be rude. “What is your problem?” Paula asks Axel. Nereida snipes at her for daring to question one of the patrons and threatens to throw her out in the street. “If anyone’s getting thrown out in the street, it’s you, Nereida! You hear?!” Axel grouches.

Emanuel apologizes for being so impatient and insensitive with Ilitia. He thinks she should report the pig to the police, but she doesn’t want to be humiliated even more. He asks her to tell him who did this to her, so he can break the jerk’s face.

Brandon is at work, obsessing over catching El Lirio de Plata. Comisario Tejeda assures him that all criminals make a mistake sooner or later. Tejeda thinks the culprit either is or was a police officer, because he’s impeccable. Brandon swears he won’t rest until the scoundrel is locked in a cell.

Oliver congratulates himself on having divined that Manolo is gay. He could tell, the way he’s always checking him out! Of course, he is super guapo, so how could Manolo not? GretelMan asks if maybe the reverse isn’t true…maybe Oliver likes Manolo? Oliver swears he’s into the ladies. GretelMan suggests a pact. They’ll each just stick with what appeals to them. “Fine, as soon as you convince me that what whets your appetite is not this hot bod!” Oliver says, gesturing to his fine self and sending Gretel into a bit of a tizzy. “You see?! You see how you look at me?!” “Well, how about you stop making me look at you?” Oliver makes Manolo turn around so he can sneak off to get dressed, un-leered-at.

Emanuel will not calm down, despite Ilitia’s pleas, and swears he is going to kill that rat. Ilitia begs him not to ruin his life over some trashy guy. “He ruined your life, so I am going to make him pay,” Eman growls. ”Who was it?” Ilitia claims she doesn’t know; it was some guy who attacked her in the car and had a mask. Emanuel says then he will help her in any way possible. He thinks she should get professional counseling. Ilitia refuses and makes him promise not to tell anyone.

Malicio is once again spiffing up the blechelor pad and telling himself that no woman says no to Mau Fonseca. MariVicky strusts in in her marshmallow minidress and wonders what is all this. “Welcome to my palace,” Mau smarms.

Muñeca holds little Cristián and tells the rest of the orphanage kids that tomorrow, some people with cameras are going to come and film them for a fundraising campaign, so they need to fix themselves up nice and wash their faces. Brandon walks up and asks her if she’s received more donations from El Lirio de Plata. She lies and says she hasn’t. He asks about the new campaign and she tells him it’s for a children’s hospital, funded mostly by herself, Emiliano, and Mauricio. “Fonseca? You really like taking money from the mafia, huh?”

MariVicky is mad that Mau is trying to turn their work meeting into a personal party. He insistently oozes his oily substitute for charm all over her and tries to serve her champagne. She reluctantly takes the glass and starts, “Look, Mr. Fonseca,” but he object to that and wants her to call him Mauricio, or, even better, an intimate nickname like Super Mau. She smirks. He wants to hear about her, but she says there’s nothing to tell. SuperMauron smarms that by the second glass of champagne, she’ll be telling him all her secrets. So she throws the first glass in his face.

Brandon hassles Muñeca about her shady sources of funding and tells her if she receives more money from El Lirio, she’d better report it. Muñeca says she isn’t at all sure that Mau is a delinquent, but anyway, this benefit event is a legitimate way to raise money.

Netty emphatically declares she is going to put up a fight against the bank. Consuelo jumps on her bandwagon, but Gladiola rains on the parade a bit, saying going to the bank without money is like going to war without a gun. Netty says she’s going to use her best weapon, her talent. She will play the role of a desperate, sickly woman, all alone, and maybe that will buy her more time to come up with the money. Gladiola encourages her to really sell it, so maybe they’ll also forgive the interest. Netty and Consuelo make it as far as the door, where they’re met by Fedra and Spiderus. Fedra tells her the bank guy is a friend of hers, so, long story short, get your things and your dwarves out of here. “You can’t do this!” says Netty.

Malicio turns vicious and grabs MariVicky. She struggles to get away but that just excites him even more. He throws her onto the couch and she misses a prime opportunity for a castration via stiletto heel. Horror ensues.

Mañana: Kristel throws a fit because all the guys are fighting over Victoria. Iltia flounces out of the house with a suitcase. Eman’s secretary figures out that he’s interested in Vicky, and says Ilitia will have a cow.

Concha es la que esta hacienda usted -- You’re hiding in your shell? Update: Jarocha says "conchudo" means moochy. "You're being a mooch."

Subastar – to auction

Guarapeco – boozy stench

Charola de plata – silver tray

Lacra – (noun) blight, degenerate

Fusil -- rifle

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La Verdad Oculta EP70 12/21/2010 – Susana pulls a Gaviota

* Yesterday’s cruel cliffhanger: David died. Today, two seconds after the cliffhanger: David lives, the defibrillation saved him! The doctor takes a deep breath, wipes his forehead and outside tells the anxious family the good news. However, Blondie is still in a fragile state of health. FaustiMario tries to comfort Gaby but she’s inconsolable.

* It’s family time in Leonardo’s flat, however, Lionheart Who’s Just Been Shot can’t stay at home to enjoy Paulita’s and Julieta’s company because he has many things to do in his office.

* Juan José is waiting for the call from the blackmailer. He doesn’t dare alert the police: right now that letter is the most valuable thing on Earth.

* Adolfo is on the edge of nervous breakdown when Ramón shows up in the condo looking for Carlos. He needs to ask him a few questions, does Adolfo know where he is now? No, he has no idea, but he’s very curious about the connection between the police and his son. What are those questions Ramón wishes to ask? No, no, if Adolfo’s interested he should Faidella about them. After Ramón leaves the condo Dolphie calls Yolanda and orders her to ask Carlos about this mess.

* Susana manages to get in touch with Marcos and tells him what happened lately. Although she really wants to help him to get out of the prison, Marcos knows there’s no hope for him, so he sadly breaks up with her. She’d better leave Mexico City. Susana objects, she loves him and she’ll wait for him! No, don’t do that. After Marcos hangs up the phone heartbroken Susana starts to cry.

* Garnica calls JJ to tell him in exchange of the letter he wants 10 million pesos. When JJ starts to get inquisitive about that mysterious letter and the blackmailer’s trustworthiness, Garnica spills some beans: there were more culprits, and one of the is called… Ávila. Okay, Juan José is all ears now. Garnica tells him his conditions: first, no police. Second, put the cash in a trash bag. Third, next morning leave the house and while he’s away Garnica will call JJ’s contact (in this case: Asunción) and he’ll tell him the location and the details of the transaction. All JJ has to do is to call Asunción and then bring the money to a specific place. If everything goes well, he’ll receive the letter next evening.

* Carlos visits Yolanda who asks him why the police looks for him in Sagitario and in Adolfo’s flat. He doesn’t know. Yolanda is flustered and worried, too many awful things happened lately… And Carlos is sure that his dad sent the goons to kill David.

* Ramón gives Leonardo the list of the actors who was working in Adolfo’s theater when Marta was murdered. Comandante Faidella is in a hurry, Julieta and Paulita are waiting for him at home. Ramón smiles and implies there’s something between Leo and “the other sister”… Oh, if Leo’s eyes could kill, Ramón would be burning on a stake.

* JJ calls Alejandra and they plan to have dinner together.

* Garnica is at Ávilas, and he politely tries to convince Adolfo why he wants to become his associate: he has been working for him for ages, he has earned him mucho dinero, and so on. NO WAY! In Adolfo’s eyes Garnica is just an employee, and he doesn’t intend to either make him his business partner or give him more money. Anyway, he doesn’t believe Garnica has anything he could use against him. If that letter exists, then tell him who wrote it. No, Garnica can’t tell him anything. Then get out of his house! Fine, Garnica leaves but while he’s putting on his Horatio sunglasses, he says they’re not done yet. I’ll be back. *Viewerville: badass*

* Bertha tells her sister she’s leaving the house, she’ll live in Adolfo’s house. Alejandra’s head almost explodes.

* Yolanda arrives at Dolphie’s home and immediately start to drink her favourite green goo. The two nervous wrecks talk about Carlos and how are things going… How, how? Badly! What about Carlos, asks Adolfo. The boy has no idea what the policemen want from him. Does Adolfo believe the Genovéses may be able to prove he killed Marta? Has he forgotten something? Adolfo stutters he might have. But don’t worry, he’ll fix the problem.

* At the hospital Abelardo sends tired Gaby home, he’ll guard David. Juan José and Alejandra take the tired woman home.

* Adolfo shows his blonde handmaiden her new home. Btw, did her uncle tell her something about their last conversation? No, nothing. While they are upstairs Leonardo shows up and asks the maid about Félix. Sorry, she doesn’t know about him, he disappeared. Leo sits down in the living room and notices a woman’s handbag on the couch. Adolfo tries to kick him out, he says he has enough problems now, but Leo tells him he has to identify the cadaver of Félix Méndez. Of whom? The guy who tried to kill him. Adolfo repeats he doesn’t know that man. And what about the cuff-links? Or a special trefoil shaped ring? Adolfo says he has no idea what Leo is talking about. Really? What a coincidence, his son has a trefoil ring. Nevertheless, if Adolfo remembers anything about those things or Félix, please call him.

* Dora shows up in the hospital. She wakes up Adolfo and asks about David. Please, help her, she needs to see her son!

* Bertha, who was eavesdropping the whole conversation with Faidella, now assures Adolfo she wants to help him and he can tell her everything he wants. Now who’s the prey and who’s the hunter?

* While having dinner Alejandra and JJ are talking about the blackmail. She says he should tell everything to Leonardo but she can’t convince pumpkinhead. She’s afraid something may happen to him, what if the blackmailers are the same guys who attempted to kill him before? He doesn’t know but please calm down. Oh, come on, how could she not be worried about him! Why, asks JJ. Because I love you. JJ melts. I love you, too, muchísimo. Kiss.

* Dora has five minutes to visit David. When she sees her wounded child she breaks into tears.

* In the morning JJ is ready to leave and Asunción can’t dissuade him from going through with this madness.

* Fausto, Gaby and Alejandra arrive at the hospital and they meet Dora who apparently has returned from the other end of the solar system. She warmly greets and hugs the señorita and the señora but when Alejandra mentions JJ’s problem she becomes Snow Queen and swears she won’t say anything. Anything! *Viewerville: Oh, someone slap her. Please?*

* JJ calls Asunción from a phone booth. Any news? Nothing yet, JuanJo.

* Alejandra tries everything to convince Dora, but she’s afraid to death. She can’t risk David’s life, those people are capable of doing anything!

* Garnica calls Asunción and tries to tell him the location of the transaction, but anxious Limón quickly gets on his nerves. Since he can’t write, Caramelo draws a simple map.

* Juan José drives to the location, and while Garnica is spying on him from a distant spot he’s hiding the money. Viewerville don’t like Garnica’s content smile.

* When he arrives at home he scolds Asunción for getting the little girl involved in their business, but when he sees Caramelo’s map he breaks into a smile and says the kid is smarter than Limón. Both of them are nervous, however, they can’t do anything but hope and wait.

* After admiring his 10 million pesos, our newest Iago calls Juan José – this time as Garnica, the lawyer. He’d like to visit him to sign the contract. However, JJ wants to see the project first. *Viewerville: Wow, he developed new brain cells.* Then he calls Medina and they agree to check the project.

* Susana calls Adolfo but it’s Bertha who answers the phone. Who’s looking for Darth Ávila? I’m Susana. Bertha’s eyes almost pop out of her head: SUSANA? Oops. Sue nervously hangs up, then she tries to reach Adolfo on his cell phone. They agree to meet in a crowded place later. Then she rushes to the kitchen, hides the diamonds in the margarine (nice) and puts on The Shoes.

* JJ invites Alejandra for a trip to the beach. Next Saturday? She’d love it! No, she doesn’t mind if he has to work, she’ll be waiting for him on the beach wearing nothing but a SMALL bikini. Great. But there’s something important he must know: Dora’s returned. QUE? Oops, I’ve just given 10 millions to the blackmailer. Anyway. Where the hell is she now? In the hospital.

* Adolfo and his goon discuss the details of his next transaction which contains a pair of shoes, the photo, 2,5 million pesos and a girl called Susana.

* JJ storms into the hospital and greets Dora. It’s great that she returned, let’s visit Faidella right now. No, Sir, I don’t go anywhere. My son has been shot, and look what happened to Don Mario. JJ can’t believe his ears and begs her. Sorry, but she can’t talk, she can’t let something bad happen again. Please, understand her. *Viewerville: headdesk*

* The stage is set: it’s a sunny day, Adolfo is waiting for Susana in a café, his goon is bringing the money in a bag, El Marrano (or what’s his name now) is following Susana in a car, and Susana is summoning up the courage to meet Darth Dracula. But she never reaches the café, and Adolfo, who doesn't care about the screaming and shouting, doesn't understand where that silly woman is.


Merry Christmas to the Insomniacs Club!


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

La Fea Más Bella #137-138 12/21/10 Ruled by the bridle or ruled by the bit.

Capitulo 137.
Read k-Fuego’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

There is an old proverb, “He who will not be ruled by the bridle will be ruled by the bit.” A bridle tells a horse what to do, and a good horse will obey it. But a rebellious horse can ignore the bridle, in which case you use a bit, a piece of metal in the horse’s mouth. If he ignores the commands of the bit, it hurts his tender mouth until he obeys.

1. Yuri says Fernando sure will be surprised when he discovers his true feelings because he’s in love up to here. Fern sees Ali, and he couldn’t care less about the dancers, he just wants to find Lety.

2. Alicia orders Lety to find Fernando, and she insults Lety like street punks would, but then she spots Anais and switches to high class mode. Anaís avoids her like a bad stench. Anaís tells Lety to change her inside first, and the outside will follow. She had no fashion sense but she found a fairy godmother. Lety says, “They turned off my light,” but Anaís tells her to change and let her inner light shine.

3. Lola sees Efren, but she’s too jealous to talk to him. Remember Paula was jealous tonight too. I guess it’s a jealous night. Saimon that this serenade will make Paula his forever, but she’s not home.

4. Yuri starts the show. They sing Te quiero asíwhose basic theme is, “I love you so much, more and more.” Alicia tells Fernando that she found Lety, but Lety said he could cool his heels. Yuri and Mijares sing Y llegaste tú. The key lyrics are, “I didn’t know a world like this existed, nor that I could be so happy. You arrived, turned on the light. I floated through life without opening myself, you arrived and everything changed.”

5. Lety tells Fernando she’s leaving; Tom came to pick her up. He’s not happy. Suddenly his world is not a stable place anymore. He says, “I don’t know what your game is, but we had a date, and you’re going to keep your commitment!” She says she forgot her commitment with Tom. He orders her to stay with him and manhandles her.

6. Fern asks Lety what’s wrong, and again she answers, “What couldbe wrong?” He says he’s behaved well all night. HA! He asks which is more important to her, being with him or being with Tom. He claims that it’s alwaysmost important to him to be with her. (He will pay dearly for the untruth of that claim.) The dancers come in, Lety ducks out, and Fernando follows but he allows the dancers to delay him first (evidence against his claim a second ago), and by the time he leaves it’s too late.

Capitulo 138.
Read Julie’s original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. None of the dancers are fooled by Tom’s “Call my chauffer” schtick, but Alicia buys it, and she introduces herself to him. She flirts seductively and he flirts breathlessly.

2. Alicia introduces Fernando and Tomás and they glare at each other (if they were dogs they’d snarl right now) and give intimidation handshakes. Tom finds Lety and they leave. Fernando follows but too late. Yuri says, “I told you so.” He looks like he’s going to cry. This might be the first time we see this expression; it won’t be the last.

3. Paula is mad and doesn’t believe Saimon’s serenade story until she sees the roses he threw in the gutter.

4. Lety scolds Tom for flirting with Alicia, and Tom debriefs Lety on his confrontation with Fernando. Tom asks what’s next, and Lety says that very soon, she’ll throw it in his face, what a liar he is about the romance. She doesn’t know what she’ll do about the embargo; she knows revenge is wrong. What she’d love to do is just run away, but she can’t because her name is wrapped up in it.

5. Tom thinks that she’s going to keep letting them make a fool of her. To the contrary, she’s going to test to what extremes Fernando will go to save his company and keep her at his side, in love with him. Marcia calls Fern, and when he has to tell her he loves her, it tastes like acid in his mouth.

6. In the morning Alicia cries to her papi about losing the true love of her life, the Mercedes. She spends her little remaining money on bonbons when what she needs is a case of ramen.

7. Fernando tries to talk to Lety and gets worse than nowhere. “Didn’t it bother you to stand ME up? Am *I* not important to you?” (After all, I’m important to me!) She answers, mysteriously, “Love makes me forget things.” And now that Marcia’s back, she says they’ll have to wait another week. After all, those were Fernando’s rules.

8. Fernando begs Lety for the truth, what’s bothering her? She asks, “Are you going to break your engagement like you promised?” He tries to weasel, “I wish I could but I can’t.” He concludes that that’s what has Lety upset and acting strangely.

9. Lety asks Fernando to sign another promissory note. He’s reluctant to become even more indebted to FI. She says, “If you don’t trust me..” He immediately denies that and signs it. “No, I trust you completely. Don’t ever again think I distrust you.” PIGDOG!!!

10. Lety asks what happened to today’s card, and he’s stuck. Fernando tells Omar the horrors of last night. Omar says, “It sounds like you’re jealous. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with her?” Lety hears it and hangs onto a last ray of hope. “God, if he says yes, my life will return to me.” We all hope he’ll say yes and dodge the 2-ton anvil over his head. But he thinks to himself, “It’s an honest love and doesn’t deserve Omar’s burlas.” So since it’s such an “honest” love, he says, “Of course not. I’m furious at her. And not because of Tomás.” PIGDOG!!!

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Eva Luna #32 Mon 12/20/10 THE SECRET IS OUT

While Daniel and Eva are still enjoying their romantic evening together at the restaurant, Renata finds Victoria sleeping the sleep of the near dead and a near empty bottle of sleeping pills on the night table. Renata can't wake up Icky, panics, and screams for help. Mad Manipulative Marcela has been waiting for this and calmly sets down her tea. Renata races into Marcy's bedroom to give her the shocking “news”.

At the restaurant, Eva and Dano are dancing alone in the gazebo under a moonlit sky. They kid about each other having been annoying and Dan says he thinks it was a defense mechanism since the truth is that they both were interested in each other since the first time they met. Eva smiles at him and says she won't deny it.

Marcela and Leo walk into Icky’s room together. Marcy gives a stellar performance of the frightened and worried mother. They both start screaming at Icky to wake up and about Icky’s being dead. Marcy tells Ren to call an ambulance.

Dan's cell keeps ringing. He checks the number and ignores the continual calls. He asks Eva to hug him tight so he can feel that it's all true. She obliges. (I'm sure Eva feels a little "something" too!) They profess their love for each other, kiss, and then Dan turns around to the crowd and tells them that he is “truly in love with this woman!” The crowd claps. (I guiltily wonder what would have happened if some drunk had decided to boo.)

At the same time, Francisco and Marisol are in a major lip-lock at the penthouse. She chases Alicia away with her hand.

The ambulance arrives and Icktoria is driven away to the hospital where the family doctor, Rivera, will be waiting for them. (Viewerville eagerly wishes that Marcy for once would have gotten the dose wrong and put us all out of our misery.) In the ambulance, on the way, Marcy gives another performance. She gripes at the attendant to make sure her daughter doesn't die. He gets irked cuz he knows what he’s doing and probably just wants to be let alone to do his job. Dano drives up and watches the ambulance race by out of the gate. He peels off to the manse and asks Ren if something's happened to Don Julio. She tells him that Icky tried to off herself with sleeping-pills. He’s suddenly conscience-stricken-impactada. Ren tells him they’re taking Icky “to the hospital” (note: Ren didn’t tell him the name of that hospital, but he automatically knows exactly which one) and races off to join the family there.

Back at the penthouse Mari and Franc are still going at it on the couch. Suddenly Franc hears keys jingling just as the owner walks in on them in-lip-licious dilecti. Ruh-roh! Busted! The owner is obviously pissed and yells at them to tell him who they are and what they're doing in his apartment!!

At the same time, Eva is now ready for bed and wearing the nightgown and robe that Dan bought her while she was in the hospital. She thanks the virgencita for her night in Paradise. (Naw, a night in paradise would have included a birthday-suited Dano in bed, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries.)

Back at the penthouse again, Mari tries to greet the owner as if he was her cousin Horacio, but he yells at her that he doesn't know her. Ali tells him to join her in the kitchen and she'll explain everything. He heads for the kitchen and says he's calling the police. Ali races after him. Franc is pissed and says he's not sticking around for the police. He suspects Mari is up to no good and has been lying to him. Mari then has to admit it’s not her cousin and his name isn't Horacio. Mari lies to Franc and gives some sort of convoluted explanation that it’s because he has multiple personalities and that's why he doesn't recognize her. (Now that's thinking on your feet, girl! Damned creative, too!)

In the kitchen, Ali stops the guy from calling the police when she explains that Damian loaned out his penthouse to Marisol for the evening. He's excited knowing that this is The Marisol! He thinks Franc must be a client, but Ali tells him he's not a client, just a regular guy she's in love with. He goes out to tell Franc the truth but Franc plays along thinking he's talking to a different personality and trying to humor a “dangerous” crazy guy. Marisol keeps trying to get Franc to leave. The man tells Franc now that he’s glad he’s gotten a chance to speak with him because Mari is a fraud–a woman who hasn’t got a cent to her name and he needs to know the truth! Mari laughs like he's just acting crazy-cute. Franc tells him thanks for the heads up, that he hopes he recuperates soon, and, though it breaks his heart, he really has to go. Franc gives a secret thumbs up to Mari and leaves. Mari and Ali, relieved, each give the penthouse owner a slap across his face and get their things to leave. The owner is just as confused as when he arrived.

At the boarding house over a huge piece of chocolate cake, Eva tells Justa she's on cloud nine after the wonderful evening she spent with Daniel. (Oh for the days I could eat a huge piece of cake like that and not worry about the calorie count!) Yes, Daniel declared his love for her in the most romantic evening of her life!!

Marcy keeps up the concerned mother act for the doctor and Leo once they get to the hospital. She tries pumping Leo to see if he knows the reason Icky would try killing herself. He says he doesn't know but figures it was something really seriously upsetting. (No duh!) He comforts his anguished mama. Claudia arrives right after and asks what happened. Marcy tries pumping her, too. Claw keeps mum since she remembers Icky asking her not to tell anyone that Dan had dumped her at the dinner. All she admits to is that she knows Icky and Dan argued about something.

Leo and Claw leave for a minute. Dan arrives right after and Marcy screams at him for not answering her calls and she wants to know why. He tells her he doesn't have to tell her a single thing about what he does or when. She screams that she's certain he's the reason her daughter tried to off herself and if Icktoria dies it will be all Dan's fault!! She demands to know what the two of them argued about because after their dinner date Icky was crying and locked herself in her room after guzzling down three glasses of wine. Dan says this isn't the time. He'll tell her everything once things have calmed down and Icky's all right. She accuses him of not having even the least sense of guilt. He says he's not that heartless. The doctor comes in to tell Marcy that Icky's out of danger and that the dose she took wasn't that bad. It helped that Ren found her and they got her to the hospital in time, too. Marcy hisses at Dan and then leaves with the doctor to make sure she's there with her when Icky regains consciousness. Dan manages to keep his cool. (Is the guilt trip she's laid on him working???)

Merciless Marcy now wakes up Icktoria and sends the nurse away. She tells Icky that she's there because Icky tried to OD on sleeping pills. Icky is woozy and says she remembers everything but taking the pills. Marcy tells her that what's important now is that she has a chance to keep hold of Daniel by laying a major guilt-trip on him. Icky gets Mama’s drift and asks for Dan to come in and speak with her.

Eva is back in her bedroom thinking wonderful thoughts about Dan. Then she remembers her aunt's reading her fortune about tragedy leading to her meeting the man of her dreams who will cause her to experience both Heaven and Hell. She prays to the virgencita to make sure nothing wrecks her happiness now. (Viewerville's telenovela afficionados all know it's way too late for that. The virgencita will be taking a siesta and won’t get the message.)

Dan enters Vicky's hospital room. As Marcy listens from the back of the room, Icky gives her own Oscar-winning performance as she whines about how much she loves him. She whimpers something about doing it all because of him and because she couldn't live without him. Dan gives out a sigh but keeps his distance. He tells Icky she shouldn't have done something like this. Marcy jumps on him for "complaining" to Icky when it's his fault for destroying her life by leaving her. He hisses at her that it still doesn't justify what Vicky did to herself.

Back at the boarding house meanwhile, Eva and Ali kid around about Eva's fairy-tail love life. Ali wonders what Eva will do about her job. Eva figures she'll have to resign because of the shame when Don Julio and the others find out the truth. Ali says she'd be better off worrying about Victoria's reaction than Don Julio’s. Eva feels guilty about destroying Icky's life this way.

Back in Vicky's hospital room, the whimper act continues. Dan tells Icky he never thought she'd do something like this. Vicky tells her mama to leave the two of them alone. Marcy exits. Icky begs him to spend the night with her there, “even if just for compassion's sake”, like he did that time with that stranger. Dan is not in the mood, but Marcy’s guilt-trip has begun to work on him and he’s too nice a guy to say no.

The next morning at the manse, Ren tells Don Julio about Icktoria's suicide attempt. Don Julio is madder than a hornet because nobody bothered to tell him immediately. He decides to go to the hospital.

In the kitchen at Dano's, Laurita wonders if Jackie managed to make Franc jealous. Jackie says it seems he could care less if she's got a boyfriend. In walks Franc and he's talking up a storm about his love conquest the night before. Franc gets carried away with his racy description of the night he had and Jackie tells him to cut it out. He accuses her of being envious of him and he continues with all the great places he's going to travel to after marrying money. He'll send postcards. (¡Ya, basta! Even I'm sick of listening to it.) FF>>

Eva comes in to check on D. J. and sees him dressed. He tells her he's going to the clinic to visit his daughter because she tried to kill herself the night before. Eva is drop-jaw impactada (natch). Ren comes in and says she'll take him. He tells her he's having Eva go with him instead. They leave Ren standing there. Sour-puss Ren is pissed as usual at Eva's always being preferred over her.

Back at the boarding house, Ali and Mari are discussing the fright they had over the owner returning unexpectedly like that. Mari wonders what Damian must have been thinking to loan her the penthouse the night the owner was due back. Ali suspects that he did it on purpose to wreck Mari's game with Franc once and for all. Mari then gets carried away telling Ali about all the kissing that went on. Ali thinks he's going to propose very soon. Mari says fine with her—and with all that money! "--About time a poor girl gets her turn."

Don Ricardo and Adrian have another chat about trying to convince his father to move back to the boarding house. Adrian hopes his daddy might have changed for the better. Don Ricky knows better but decides to spare the kid the truth. FF>>

Meanwhile, in the coffee shop at the hospital, Marcy pumps Claw for the truth about the argument between Dan and Icky. Claw falls into her trap and Marcy tells her she knows the truth, tho’ she at first thought it was only another one of their spats, and now she knows that Claw knew also.

At the boarding house, Tony is still trying to get into Alicia's She reminds him nothing doin' till Carlos is out of jail. FF>>

Back in the hallway outside Vicky's room, Dan runs into D. Julio and Eva who are both just arriving and chatting with Leo. Dan and Eva share a guilty look when Julio asks Dan if he knows why his daughter would have done such a thing. Dano sidesteps an answer and tells Julio it would be best if he goes into cheer up Vicky ASAP. D. Julio says fine and leaves with Eva. Leo shoots dagger-eyes at Dan and walks off without a word. Marcy’s guilt-trip is taking its toll on him.

Out in the waiting area, Marcy tells Leo that Claw confirmed that the reason Icky tried to off herself was because Dano cancelled the wedding. Leo is pissed that Claw didn't tell him before. Marcy says not to gripe at Claw, the one who's responsible for all this is Dan and he can complain to him! She is going to give him a piece of her mind first, though, and she leaves. Leo grabs Claw by the arm and demands that Claw tell him everything she knows about this.

Vicky and Julio chat a bit, then she says hello to Eva. Eva says she hopes she gets better. Of course Icky doesn't miss a chance to claim Daniel again. "How could I not get better, especially since Dan spent the whole night here with me?" Marcy barges in and is surprised to see Julio up and around. Julio tells her that he won't forgive her for not letting him know last night about Icky but they’ll discuss that later. Marcy says he's right, but for now she'll let him chat with Icky. She really only came in to speak to Dan. Dan follows her out into the hallway. She shoos Eva out of the room also.

When Marcy gets Dan alone, she asks if he knows why she wants to talk to him. He has her methods down pat, though and won't give an inch. "--No, I have no idea. You always ask a question, investigate something, and then have something to complain about." She upbraids him for his impudence. "--That's out of place right now." He agrees that it probably is. She accuses him then of acting the innocent while he's the reason her daughter nearly killed herself. He insists he was just as surprised as Marcy was. "--Don't play dumb, Daniel! I know you broke off the wedding engagement!" He tries to say something but she interrupts. "--What? Didn't you think I'd eventually find out?" He explains that Icky wanted more time so that she could tell her herself, but he never dreamed she'd try something so crazy! Marcy goes off on him and asks how he thought a woman would act after being told scarcely a month before her wedding that it was off and that he really didn't love her? Who told you that you could leave her like that? (Guess she suspects some new babe he'd been two-timing Icky with had suggested it.) He explains he decided this himself. Well, she's got news for him! He's going to marry her daughter no matter what and whether he wants to or not!!! Dano hears this and his jaw is set; his eyes zero in on her.

Dano obviously doesn't know he's dealing with a vengeful homicidal maniac here. Will Dano give in to Mad Marcy's threats? Will he stay true to Eva? Will Eva understand? What will Ick-toria and Marcy do when they find out Eva's the new competition? Stay tuned.

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Soy tu Dueña - Capítulo 141 HD ¡Gran Final! (Parte 2/6)
Telenovelas Watch New Film, Movie or telenovela in the world many people do this online. As one of the most popular telenovela world community, Triunfo Del Amordeserve to get all of that. In addition to the storyline is very interesting to follow, El Triunfo Del Amor Capitulos CompletosTelenovela also starring pretty and cute artist who became a main attraction for viewers who frequently Del Amor Capitulo Watch Online in this virtual world.

We will share all the videos that exist in the telenovela entitled Triunfo Del Amor, meaning we all can see the impressions Videos Capitulos Completos Triunfo del Amor. Of course we can not give at once the video. But until now has hundreds of Online Video that exist in this page. Hopefully this show can make you all happy. Especially the fans of Triunfo de Amor novella.

Triunfo Del Amorconsists of several episodes or parte. Like a serial telenovela or drama series that aired through the television station.Televisa as a broadcast station and broadcast the El Triunfo Del Amor is one of television has become famous in this world.

Triunfo del Amor(Triumph of Love) is a Mexican telenovela starring Maite Perroni, William Levy, Victoria Ruffo and Osvaldo Rios with the antagonic roles of Daniela Romo and Dominika Paleta. It is based on El Privilegio de Amar (1998), a remake of Delia Fiallo's classic Cristal, which aired in the 1980s.

The telenovela aired in El Canal de las Estrellas on October, 25, 2010 sharing half an hour with Soy tu dueña . Full hour televised transmissions began on November 8, 2010. It will also be airing on Univision. The first promo aired on November 10th.

Plot or Synopsis El Triunfo Del Amor CapitulosMaria (Maite Perroni) is an extraordinarily beautiful young woman with a noble, gentle and captivating personality. She lived in an orphanage since she was three years-old. At the orphanage she grew up thinking that she was abandoned in the street, when in fact her mother Victoria Sandoval (Victoria Ruffo), had an accident. Maria grew with a very strong resentment towards her parents, but especially towards her mother, because she didn't understand why she had abandoned her. Due to the abandonment of her mother, friends and acquaintances called Maria an interesting nickname, "Maria Forsaken."

When Maria leaves the orphanage she gets an apartment with Nati (Susana Diazayas) and Linda (Dorismar), two girls that are very different both physically and morally, but who could relate to Maria because they had also suffered a lot in life. The three (Maria, Nati y Linda) become like sisters, despite the fact that they have completely different personalities. But affection and true friendship binds them together forever.

While living together all three women try to fulfill their dreams. Nati studies and works during the weekdays, Linda wants to find a rich man that will provide her with financial support and Maria wants to make her dream of becoming a high fashion model a reality.

Maria deeply admires Victoria (a great fashion designer who has triumphed in the upper world), never imagining that this woman is her real mother. The day that Maria finally gets to meet her an unexpected incident arises. She gets trapped in the elevator with Osvaldo Sandoval(Osvaldo Rios), Victoria's husband a famous and renowned actor with whom she sympathizes with. Later Maria decides to ask Victoria to hire her as a model. Victoria doesn't really trust Maria and is jealous of her because she suspects that she flirted with her husband in order to get to her and acquire the model position.

The misunderstanding grows, but later Victoria hires Maria in order to have the "enemy near" her. At work Maria is constantly humiliated by Victoria. With time Victoria regrets how she treats her, due to the fact that she feels that something connects her to Maria, which is nothing else than the voice of the blood. Both Maria and Victoria ignore this but soon they find out that they are mother and daughter. This is when Maria rejects her mother for all the pain she has inflicted in her life. Victoria suffers the torment of losing her daughter again, until an accident reunites them.

Meanwhile, Maria meets Maximiliano Sandoval (William Levy), the older son of Osvaldo and stepson of Victoria, who is an inveterate seducer and despite having a relationship with Jimena (Dominika Paleta) (the model star of Victoria's fashion house) will try to seduce Maria.

Maria starts developing strong feelings for him very soon but little does she know that Maximiliano's intentions are very different from those she envisions. He sets up a plan to seduce her and take her to bed. When Maria realizes that this is his intention she quickly rejects him by telling him that she is not like all the other girls he has been with and that she has values. Maximiliano had never met any girl with the determination, strength and character that Maria had. This sparks a newfound curiosity in Maximiliano as he begins to investigate whether she really is as genuine and innocent as she appears to be or if she's just putting on a mask. With time Maximiliano falls in love with Maria. It is Maria's constant rejection that motivates him to follow her everywhere and plead to her to let him back into her life. He promises her that he will respect her and take her seriously because he truly loves her. Maria takes him back and both plan to marry. Before the wedding Maximiliano seduces Maria and they finally make passionate love. After this Maximiliano finds out that his ex-girlfriend Jimena is pregnant. This news torments him immensely because it ruins all his wedding plans with Maria. He confesses the truth to Maria. Maria who had also recently received the news that she was pregnant is devastated, especially because she had wishes of having the perfect wedding and forming a beautiful family in which her baby wouldn't experience what she went through. Even though it takes Maria a great deal of effort to hide the secret from Maximiliano she succeeds and remains silent.

Victoria fires Maria when she learns that she had held a torrid affair with Maximiliano, her stepson. Maria then leaves the modeling agency and receives the warm welcoming of her friends who support her and protect her during the hard times she faces.

After a few months Maximiliano finds out that Maria is expecting a child and that he is the father. He is present when she gives birth. Even though they love each other Maria has to try hard not to fall within temptation, since Maximiliano is now a married man.

With hard work and dedication Maria becomes a famous and widely known super model, proving to Victoria and to many others that she was capable of achieving what she wanted in life. With fame, money and glory many things change in the lives of Maximiliano and Maria, but their love remains intact. In the midst of all the obstacles that keep them apart, will their love triumph?

* Maite Perroni as Maria Desamparada
* William Levy as Maximiliano Sandoval Gutierrez
* Victoria Ruffo as Victoria Gutierrez de Sandoval
* Osvaldo Rios as Osvaldo Sandoval

Antagonists, Main Villains

* Dominika Paleta as Jimena de Alba Main Antagonist
* Daniela Romo as Bernarda Montejo Vda de Iturbide Villain
* Guillermo García Cantú as Guillermo Quintana Villain

With the appearances of
* Diego Olivera as Juan Pablo Iturbide
* Eduardo Santamarina as Octavio Iturbide
* Susana Diazayas as Nathalia
* Dorismar as Linda Sortini
* Cuauhtemoc Blanco as Juan Jose Martinez-Juanjo
* Pablo Montero as Cruz
* Carmen Salinas as Doña Milagros Martinez
* Manuel 'Flaco' Ibanez as Napoleon
* Erika Buenfil as Antonieta
* Marco Mendez as Fabian Duarte
* Livia Brito as Fernanda Sandoval Gutierrez
* Mauricio Muela as Federico Padilla
* Andrea Garcia as Ofelia
* Archilan Franco as Pedro
* Alicia Rodriquez as Sor Clementina
* Ricardo Clainbal as Oscar
* Miguel Pizarro as Pipino Pichoni
* Vicente Fernandez Jr
* Salvador Pineda as Padillla
jessica zapata as maria madalena

Primer Avance Triunfo del Amor - Capítulo 34 Video Streaming Online
You can compare this with Triunfo Del Amor telenovela El Clon who have entered the final episode. Which one is more interesting for you watch. Hopefully you can feel comforted by the show Videos Streamong Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 34 which we give and share with you all of the above.

This is a list of the Series, season,, parte or episode of Triunfo Del Amor until now
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 176 Gran Final
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 175
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 174
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 173
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 172
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 171
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 170
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 169
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 168
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 167
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 166
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 165
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 164
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 163
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 162
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 161
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 160
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 159
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 158
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 157
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 156
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 155
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 154
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 153
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 152
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 151
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 150
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 149
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 148
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 147
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 146
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 145
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 144
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 143
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 142
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 141
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 140
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 139
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 138
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 137
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 136
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 135
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 134
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 133
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 132
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 131
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 130
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 129
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 128
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 127
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 126
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 125
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 124
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 123
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 122
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 121
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 120
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 119
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 118
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 117
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 116
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 115
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 114
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 113
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 112
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 111
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 110
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 109
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 108
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 107
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 106
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 105
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 104
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 103
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 102
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 101
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 100
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 99
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 98
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 97
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 96
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 95
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 94
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 93
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Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 77
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 76
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 75
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 74
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 73
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 72
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 71
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 70
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 69
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 68
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 67
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 66
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 65
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 64
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 63
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 62
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 61
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 60
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 59
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 58
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 57
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 56
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 55
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 54
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 53
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 52
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Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 32
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 31
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 30
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 29
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 28
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 27
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 26
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 25
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 24
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 23
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 22
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 21
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 20
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 19
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 18
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 17
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 16
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 15
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 14
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 13
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 12
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 11
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 10
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 9
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 8
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 7
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 6
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 5
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 4
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 3
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 2
Triunfo Del Amor Capitulo 1 Premiere

Tu dueña 138 soy capítulo

Monday, February 02, 2015

♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 2/1/15 ♥ #139 ♥

Capitulo 139: A Modest Proposal?

No refritos, just tonight's action:

La Costeña: Fanny tried to get her father to talk all about Ana and he told her he needed to talk to all of them first for what he was planning.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mi Corazon #138: It's In The Bag...Or Maybe Not

Cap. #138

It’s the Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day in Mexico—the traditional day when Mexican kids receive their Christmas presents.  While the twins mischievously put a fish on their big brother’s pillow, the police chase down Ana’s Three Wise Men thinking they’re hot on the trail of bank robbers who are using the same theme for their disguise [disfrazado].  

When the cops catch up to them in the SUV, Don Fernando tries to explain that they’re on their way to the hospital’s Children’s Ward, but the police don’t believe them because the supposed bag of toys in the trunk turns out to have the Lola costume in it, complete with Ana's bra that the police hold up to them as proof they're lying.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Mi corazon es tuyo, #137 That's why presents always need to be wrapped

Hello, everybody. I'm going to keep this short, because I'm feeling a little bit under the weather and as I was writing the recap I realized it made much more sense in my head if I cut out some of the continued silliness. I hope I haven't forgotten something important, but feel free to add whatever you think necessary in the comments.

Refrito : Ximena/ Nando/ Edith triangle

Magda/ Angel/ Ana (who has no clue) triangle

Isa & Johnny (who has no clue, either, but loves the attention)

The new stuff:

We begin with a musical number: Sebastian is singing for Sarai, while all his siblings and most of the young cast (+ Manuela) dance – Luz is totally adorable and Nando is totally hot with his normal hair.

Johnny & Isa

She asks him to come to her place because she has a leak … in the bathroom. He is a little bit surprised, but he’s happy to do the job for the money.

Before he arrives, Isa causes a huge mess in the bathroom, by hitting the faucet with a hammer. The maid, Ramona, arrives just in time to witness the whole thing, which Yolanda hilariously calls one of the Chabelaventuras (Isabela’s Adventures).

Johnny arrives and sure enough, Ramona looks smitten with him, too. He gets himself soaked in the bathroom and almost slips on the wet floor. Isabela keeps him from falling, they embrace in the middle of the watery mess, with Yolanda and Ramona looking on. She is totally turned on and Jonny seems to be quite receptive to her charms, too. He turns off the main water source and fixes the faucet. He realizes that Isabela broke it with a hammer and asks her why she did that, but she obviously has no answer. After Johnny leaves, Isabela is furious with Yolanda because the plan didn’t work.

Angel & Marta

Angel explains that he fell in love with Ana at first sight. Marta doesn’t think they’re compatible, but she refrains from saying more, because she knows it would only be her jealousy talking. She knows that he’s a decent, honest, man, which means that he would never interfere in Ana’s already existing relationship. Yes, Angel admits, my love is platonic and it will stay this way. Why not turn to a more accessible woman, then, Marta asks and Angel seems torn and rather tempted, too.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mi corazon es tuyo, #136, Ximena is back! and Nando is torn between two lovers... Edith is devastated at his silence... Isa calls Johnny and Ana is living dangerously for memories sake


On Bruno’s signal, Fanny leaves Edith at kitchen and heads outside. Edith is left with kids, something’s going on.. Alicia says never in this house!

Sarai arrives to kitchen to say goodbye to everyone.

Ana fails at getting Fernando’s attention to package so she opens it, is confused at the box she finds inside.

Fanny heads outside. Bruno is left with the kid at couch.

Nando and Ximena outside… she wanted to surprise him. How’ve you been? Did you get my email? You never replied. Was analyzing it (LOL!)

Fanny joins them. Nando is concerned.

Ana tries on the ‘inserts’ on her shoes… wonders why Fernando needs those. She loves him as he is.

Ximena tells Fanny, Nando that she and her mom are getting along great. She is even prepared for any news. Nando does not waste time to tell her that Edith, his gf, is in ‘da house! Fanny is surprised Nando had not told Ximena yet.

Lo Nuevo:

Fernando finally comes out of closet. Ana is in awe of his fragrance. He is willing to go shower again. Or give her the bottle, but she would rather him wear it. He blushes at her flattery. She wonders why a man like him buys things to ‘grow’. He drops his jaw when he realizes she opened the package, she apologizes, won’t do it again, he reminds her opening others packages is a felony. Ana keeps egging herself saying he has no reason to feel embarrassed. She does not mind torture and if he wants to use ‘that’ he is welcome to. (he starts giggling) he says he did not order them. She asks what does it say here. He confirms his name is Fernando Lascurain, but he is not the ONLY Fernando Lascurain in the house. She finally ‘gets it’.. he asks her if she knows about Nando having interest In ‘growing’. Ana now feels real bad and tells Fernando that Nando won’t like it that ‘we’ opened his package. Fernando confronts her ‘"we??", Kemosabi?'’.

Outside, we finally get the reaction. Ximena keeps repeating to him not to worry. It was ‘logical’ we were far apart and she was nuts. Fanny is glad Ximena looks and acts so well. Fanny even wants to retake the friendship and wants to catch her up to everything that has happened to her. Ximena says she no longer lives at the house, she lives in a nearby apartment. That house depressed her. Fanny leaves them alone. Ximena has to insist to a shocked Nando not to worry. Its all cool. She says she will leave now, but when he calms down he can tell her all about Edith, and leaves with a smile on her face. He finally smiles, and says Ximena is so different.

Inside, Edith asks Fanny why she was outside. Fanny has to lie. Edith insists. Fanny says it is for Nando to tell you.

Fanny finally tells Edith that Nando is outside. Ana comes down running. Fanny tells her Ximena is outside.

Edith is startled outside, but Nando says just chill and I will tell you all about it. Edith tells him she is dying of anguish. He tells her Ximena is back. Edith turns around very shocked.

Bruno comes down, Ana has baby in her arms again. Ana wants him to be straight with her about Betty. She is pretty, single, self-sufficient, charming, discrete and most importantly, she likes you! The problem is you are not experienced in the art of the greek god of love. If the chance shows up, what is wrong with pursuing it? Fernando comes down so they stop the chat.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mi corazon es tuyo #135 Ana and Fernando invent a new step... 1 2 3... kiss kiss kiss 1 2 3 kiss kiss kiss... Fanny gets a huge blow ... Ximena returns!! ... curiosity killed Ana the cat... It's Sarai's time to go ... sound like a one-pot gumbo?? well, it is!!!


Nando’s nightmare with Edith opening the door to pregnant Ximena and then fainting. Ximena is expecting!

Edith crying in her room wondering if Nando is spooked because making love was not all that.

Kids try to run when Isa is waking up. Yomama has a bodily fluids accident when she sees Isa, Fernando cracks up laughing, but gets real serious when Isa starts insulting the kids again in front of him!

Yomama gives Isa a mirror… Isa has a tantrum. No fair!!

Lo Nuevo:

Fernando is with the girls at the girls room. He is caressing Alicia and is worried about her. Luz wants to talk about Sarai’s parents divorce. Sarai will live most of the time with mom but will see dad frequently. Sarai asks why couples marry if they will divorce later. He tries to explain that keeping a marriage going ain’t easy. Adult issues are complex. Most married couples are compatible, have things in common. Luz asks about him and Ana. Yup, hope it will be foreva.

Ana is walking baby around her room. She puts baby in bassinet. Ana takes monitor and goes downstairs.

Fernando and Ana down stairs, he is eager to have the dancing practice tonight. Ready? Ana first asks what he thinks of Lenin. Gets along with Fanny. Ana thinks Lenin is real smitten by Fanny. Would he be better than Leon? Would he make Fanny suffer? Fernando says Fanny has allowed Leon to make her suffer. Ana wants less talk, more dance. Fernando more than willing to oblige. They dance to a Danzon. Very close… almost kissing. (did they learn about ‘my space’) … she dances around him and he pulls her right to a kiss… and then another… she pulls away, they dance some more…

At some young ones dance club, Fanny and Lenin are at a table. Lenin is not quite of the opinion this place lends itself to lots of chit chat. He decides to dance with her, makes some old style disco moves. (apropo to the place?) well… things just got interesting. Leon just walked in with Laura. They sit down. Laura tells him precisely she used to come here with Fanny and Ximena. They order tequilas. Laura kisses Leon. Meanwhile at dance floor Lenin and Fanny make some synchronized moves… Laura convinces Leon to go dancing, of course after she has shoved about 3 tequilas on him. Now Fanny and Lenin are sitting, Leon and Laura are dancing.

At Jen’s they are doing dishes. Johnny sends her to bed, he will finish dishes. He takes pleasure in ‘serving’ her.

Ana and Fernando in kitchen… she is giving him some water… tired? No way. Fernando wants to tell her about the prank on Isa. But first Ana tells him the kids put cough syrup on her food. Fernando laughs. Fernando tells her about the shaving crème on her. He could not stop himself from laughing after all the bad she has done to them. Fernando says love to see you happy. He comes around the table and takes her in his arms… she kisses his face all over. He says he wishes he could have a pocket size Ana. When he is at the office, when he is sitting on traffic, to tell her all the time he loves her. Would fill her with kisses, but prefer to kiss the real Ana… They are kissing, this time are interrupted by Edith. Fernando again comes up with the lash in the eye. But Edith cries, says Nando is acting strange. Ana comes around to hug her. Edith doesn’t get what she did wrong. Fernando gives her an understanding stare. Ana has some words of support for Edith. Edith leaves.
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Monday, January 26, 2015

♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ #134 Lunes 1/26/15 ♥

Capitulo 134: Holiday Madness, Part Infinity

No refritos, just tonight's action:

Lascuráin Mansion: Alicia was so upset at Pablo's departure that she decided to stay in her room. Luz tried to get her to go downstairs, but was not successful. Fernando entered to talk to Alicia about it. She told him she didn't feel like getting dressed up and pretending to have a good time. Wisely, he didn't attempt to press her into doing so. Instead, he hugged her and told her that she should come down if she changed her mind. She cried after he left her room.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mi Corazon es Tuyo #132 and #133, Isa is a party crasher

[Thanks to Cathyx for the quick rundown 0f Thursday's capítulo.  I didn't receive my episodio for Thursday till Sat. AM. (Thank you HULU and of course, the real culprit, Univision, who now doesn't allow you to stream and view it by early the next AM to allow for a quick recap unless you're signed up with the "correct" cable or satellite service.) --edit.]

Since we missed yesterday’s recap, (not sure what happened to Jardinera), I will try to remember what went on with some highlights of yesterday's show. 

*Pablo got discovered and Thankfully got talked into leaving with his brother. Yes! But not before an over the top cry session with Alicia and lots of teens kissing, yuck. 

*Alicia cried herself to sleep. Ugh! 

*Sarai and Luz slept with Ana because the crying would keep them awake.

*Ana and Fer got into a shouting match because Fer was blaming Ana for letting Alicia take up with Pablo in the first place and if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t be suffering now. (I know this is a stupid argument and they work it out later and kissed and made up.)

*Fanny accepted a “date” to see a movie with Lenin, much to Lenin’s surprise. The started to kiss and Fer interrupted them.

*Nando comes to Edith’s pad and Edith wants to do it, not sure if they actually did. 

I can’t remember anything else, so if you do, put it in the comments.

Now on to Friday’s episode.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend Discussion: Cross-Cultural Infusions and the Future

Still working on the photo gallery, but a new topic emerged yesterday in the midst of discussing the Christmas episodes of Mi Corazon es Tuyo.  It's been going on since the age of cinema and picked up speed after the emergence of television.  How much faster is this happening now?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mi corazon es tuyo #131 A new young man comes to stir some jealousy feelings in Fernando... and his brother hides under Fernando's bed


Fernando comes downstairs, notices Isa is all messed up by the baby, but as soon as she says Ana is with Alicia and Pablo in library, he heads there… Fernando gives Ana a couple quick kisses, despite her initial reluctance. Fernando gives a nice support speech to Alicia and Pablo, thanks Pablo for loving his daughter… Alicia makes MCET sign to him

Lo Nuevo:

Edith tells Fanny that she plans to sleep with Nando… Fanny is excited at the idea.

Bruno nervous that Zeus is taking too long to get the parts for the hot water in shower, Zeus is getting his dark spots removed at a spa… and lies to Bruno on phone that he was waiting for the person to tell him where to find the parts.

At company, Perla reprimends Leon for spending too much time with Laura at work… Laura leaves, Perla asks him what happened with his relationship with the Prez daughter. Leon says that is in the past… his relationship with Fanny is over.

Johnny comes out all dirty but shirtless and walks toward Isa… He can tell he is not indifferent to her so he milks it for what its worth… you can see all you want but all this you see has a duena(owner). We hear the baby crying in Isa’s arm. She keeps staring at him while he tells her what he had to do to the plumbing. Isa asks him to step away from her… but he sees that she keeps on scanning him top to bottom… She rants at him that HE is making the baby cry. As Johnny has walked away toward kitchen, Isa is fighting with herself that Johnny’s body is awesome, but Johnny himself is ‘spooky’. (espantoso)

Alicia and Pablo are still finding it hard to go their separate ways.

Ana comes back and as soon as she gets the baby from Isa he quiets down. Ana gets her phone off her leg and Isa seems to feel sick to find out where Ana keeps her phone. (between her legs, in a custom made pouch).

At office, Fernando has a visitor, Mr Medina, that he has to deal with before the meeting.

Perla tells Leon that Freeky woke up from the Coma but now he has gone nuts.

Angel and Magda talk about her excitement at working at the consult office alongside him. Ana calls Angel. She says she thinks the baby might have colic. Angel says sure, come over. When he hangs up he tells Magda who is Ana.

Isa invites herself to go to Angel’s office with Ana.

Fernando is talking to Torres about Freeky’s next of kin… Fernando knows Freeky’s dad died and does not know any other relative. Torres says the hospital wants to transfer him to the psych ward. Fernando says a step sister went to visit him at the hospital. He finds it strange, since Torres did not find any relative. Torres says it would be the company responsible for the decision, meaning… Fernando.

Nando is in his room with Sebas… some stuff about music measurements. Sebas wants to study for a music degree.

Edith calls Nando… She invites him to her room later on… to be alone. Nando is amused at the request/invite.

Isa and Ana are leaving to go let Angel see the baby. Ana asks Soledad to watch the other kids while she goes to take the baby to see Angel. Soledad’s cell rings right after Ana and Isa are out the door. Yomama called Soledad to arrange a meeting to have a coffee… or perhaps a margarita (LOL!). Soledad surprised.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mi corazon es tuyo #130 Tues 1/20/2015. Pablo has to move to Argentina... Fanny decides to walk away from Leon for a while... Ana keeps pushing Fer away with the 'kids cofusion' script and Fernando has little toleration to cold water showers


Ana/Fernando outside kissing, hiding from Sebastian, they state they are sure of their love for each other… even though Ana does not want to tell the kids yet… ‘we would’ confuse them, but it was you and I, then you married Isa, then I dated Diego then you and I again…’ yada yada… but it is enough for him to hear she does not doubt of his love. More kissing.

Lo Nuevo:

Sebas gives up on waiting for Dad/Ana to show up, goes back in… meanwhile Fer and Ana, still hiding behind the poinsettias, keep swearing the lurrrvvv… Ana insists they can’t kiss in front of the kids. Fer puckers up for another kiss but Ana is feeling pains in her back, gets a quick massage from Fer… Ana calls him on talking too ‘folkloric’ (LOL!) Fer is visibly running out of patience on the ‘waiting because of the kids’ pretenses… They finally walk back in.

When Fer/Ana come in, Fanny and Nando are impatient to hear something from the ‘picarones’. But Ana/Fer give the green light to open presents. The twins get costumes like ‘El Chavo’ (a character made famous by a comedian who died recently in Mex). Fanny keeps questioning Fer/Ana, she can’t understand the ‘hiding from the kids’ stuff either. She is asking why… just like he has been. Fer and Ana finally give in to Fanny that they were kissing, and Fer adds on that it was beautiful, wonderful!... Fernando moves on to watch the kids open presents. Alicia temporarily thinks she has no present under the tree… and even Nando mocks her saying ‘she ain’t got any!’ before Fernando says no, look harder. There is one for you too. She finds it and is real happy. Meanwhile Fanny is getting Ana’s reaction to the kiss… just as childish reaction description from Ana. Ana also tells Fanny Fer gave her a ring, and Fanny temporarily assumes its is an engagement ring, which Ana writes off right away.

At Leon’s they are also having Mau get his present… a small bike and some soldier (looks like Iron man, it is called ‘SUPER CHICO’), Mau is excited saying it is the one he had asked for!! He looks up and says ‘you are the best!’ to God while Leon takes a photo of him.

Fanny is trying to get Edith to get up from bed. Edith was dreaming about some plane. Fanny gives her some coffee. Edith notices Fanny has something in her mind… she has been thinking ‘maybe Leon is not for me’.

At Leon’s, Leon is talking to Reina about Fanny and Laura… Leon is saying same as Fanny ‘maybe princess Fanny is not for me’. Reina asks ‘what about Laura, is she for you?’

Edith still thinks Fanny could not live in a humble place like Leon’s… Fanny says it is more an issue of Leon’s temper. She reminds Edith that she and Leon have split and made up several times, but Leon solves everything violently. Fanny says it is a pattern that she does not like. She says Leon lacks maturity, has tantrums too often./easily.

Nando gets an e-card from Ximena saying she hopes to see him soon. He is impactado.

Ana is bringing the baby to her room, she gets a surprise flower bunch with a card ‘Via this card, I will inform to you that our dance practices will increase in intensity and intimacy/closeness. Please dress up even more beautiful than you are used to. For more information, please contact your dance partner… and hopefully, your life partner.’ Ana is elated… She looks again at the ring she just got from Fernando and writes him a response.

Fernando in his room gets the response slipped under the door. Fernando at first thinks it is Siete scratching the door but goes and sees the note. ‘Very dear dance partner… I thank you in advance for your attentions/details and I hope you too get ready for us to shine the dance floor… and if possible, get even more handsome, although that would be abuse… have a very good night, Ana Leal. PS… The “being my life partner” sounds wonderful!...’
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Monday, January 19, 2015

♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ #129 Lunes 1/19/15: Holiday Madness

Let's get to the important stuff:

Margarita's Apartment: Fanny caught Laura with León and was more annoyed than she tried to show. She gave Mauricio and Margarita their gifts and tried to make a fast but graceful exit. Laura followed her out saying she had to talk to her. Reina and Margarita saw this would not end well and both looked at León, who had to know what was on their minds.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mi Corazon: Amidst Christmas Pageantry A Few Surprises

This will be short as most of the episodio was a family celebration of Christmas with customary songs and some carols performed through various song and dance skits at the manse of Los Lascurain.

  • It's official: Freeky Enreeky has gone totally out of what's left of his mind.  He's witnessed by both Isabela and later his doctor having  hallucinations.  Fernando is officially notified of this by the company comptroller.
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Mi corazon es tuyo, #127, Thursday The good news is that chivalry isn’t dead. The bad news is that Johnny is one of its main representatives.

Skipping the old…

Fanny is telling Edith about what happened with Leon. Lenin keeps interrupting with texts, asking Fanny to answer his calls, because he has something important to tell her about the orphanage. Edith goes to see Nando, so Fanny can have the chance to call Lenin – she listens patiently to what he has to say, apparently it really is something important.

Edith walks into Nando’s room while he’s still reading about the “wraps” for growth. He shuts down his laptop immediately, hiding from Edith. She wants to know what he was doing, but he won’t tell her, so they get into an argument about being lied to / being nagged.

Edith goes to Fanny with her woes and Fanny says that Nando doesn’t like being controlled; besides, maybe what he was trying to hide was the present he plans to buy for her.

Nando is buying something, all right, he places an order on the site he has been checking out. In my opinion a little less hair gel and a little more confidence would do wonders for his maturity, but if he thinks that something bought off the Internet might help….

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mi Corazon es tuyo #126 Little Diego Nicolas is at a happier home for sure... but it is certainly not Fanny's day... or Leon's. but Fernando and Ana seem to be 40 going on 13


Ana talks to Johnny and Jen about finding evidence of Dorofeo by recording some meeting of his.

Kids get home to start their xmas vacation (almost 20 days). Fernando arrives home with baby.

Lo Nuevo:

Leon and Fanny are going out alone, they won’t tell anyone. Mau stays with grandma and Reina.

Ana has brought the baby to Angel’s office. He tells her that Isa had introduced herself to him as ‘Ines’. He realized she was Isa when the family was watching the baby at the nursery. Ana talks about Isa’s multiple personalities. Angel says baby is A ok. Someone is knocking at door. Its Marta, Angel’s ex wife. He makes her wait outside until his appointment is over. He is visibly impactado by her showing up like that.

Leon is showing Fanny the video they had recorded (the Grease video) at a drive-through. She says you told me that when you gave me the 7th drawing or video, you would ask me a special question. Leon shows her the video (with background music of their theme song with Fanny lip-singing it and Nando and Edith and Mau and Luz dancing, etc) and at the end Leon proposes to her on the screen. Leon in the car opens a little box that has a ring. She is in shock. Very sad looking. He says he is already finishing his thesis and will soon take his final test, is buying a house and will buy her a better ring later on. He figures they can marry in 6 mos to a year, when everything is lined up. She stops him there. She finally speaks up and says she is too young, she is just 21 and not ready to get married. That she WOULD, at some point later on, feel ready to share her life with him. But she is just starting to find her way around. She is learning a lot and does not feel ready to settle down and does not feel prepared to be Mau’s step mother. He rebuttes that it is because of his financial status… but she swears its not about that, that its about her and her not feeling prepared for married and being a parent. He is so upset he leaves, not even letting her drive him home.

Ana talks to Angel about Marta… she tells him that it seems he has not forgiven his wife for having aborted his child, but he still has huge feelings for her. Angel looks away.

Fanny has caught up with Leon and is trying to talk to him again, but he wants her to leave him alone. He keeps walking home and she stays at the gate crying.

Preparations for xmas continue at Lasc Manor. They are putting on the nativity set now. Fernando is pulling apart some moss… Luz found the donkey… Alicia remembers doing a ‘pastorela’ (a staging of the nativity scene). Alicia suggests doing another ‘pastorela’, the Lascurain pastorela. Fernando is all up for it. He calls Bruno and asks for the script (play script) of the pastorela that they did with Fanny Sr a few years ago. Fanny arrives home and is visibly upset. Fernando notices. Fanny runs and hugs her dad.

At home, Leon is whining to his mom. He says the only explanation is that Fanny does not love him. Margarita does not believe Fanny told him that. He says it’s the only reason. Margarita agrees that marrying very young, at Fanny’s age, is a bad decision. Margarita says not wanting to marry you right now does not mean she does not love you. ‘Fanny is too young and you have a son! It is not an easy decision for a woman who is just starting her life!’

Fernando sits with Fanny in her room. She asks for Ana, took the baby to Angel. Funny, isn’t it? Ana caring for Isa’s son.

Sebastian arrives home and will help them with the nativity set while Ana heads upstairs with the baby.

Fanny tells Fernando what Leon said… and he proposed… Fernando shocked. Fernando is anxious, asking what she responded. Ana has to point Fernando to look at Fanny’s face and figure out that she said no. Ana wants to talk to Fanny, asks Fernando to leave them alone. Fernando takes the baby and tells Fanny he loves her. Fanny cries on Ana’s shoulder.

Fernando is changing his baby when Bruno comes in saying he found the script for the pastorela. Fernando asks Bruno to go get more diapers and to prepare the bath for the baby. Fernando tells the baby that they look alike and that he loves him… but also… what did you eat, son?? (at this age, man? You need to ask?)
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mi corazon es tuyo #125 Sebastian and Sarai compete and win!!, Johnny and Jen show Ana the new pole dance studio, Fer and Ana take their relationship up one notch even if they have to kiss over the turkey


Not much, Ana dancing and thinking if Chicago disappears, she won’t have to tell Fernando anything.

Fernando silent with teary eyes staring at Fanny Sr’s portrait

Lo Nuevo:

Fanny and Leon take Mau looking for Christmas tree… She tells Mau she loves him very much… Mau saying you had not said that yet, I would remember it. Leon thinks about the last step (proposing to/asking Fanny) Leon makes Mau agree that Fanny is sooo beautiful.

At Chicago, Ana is saying a speech on the mike, wishes merry xmas to everyone and special greeting to her dear Jenny, Johnny and all her co-workers. A toast with red roses all around her on the stage… She announces they are closing for a couple weeks. Merry xmas and happy new year, Chicago! Cheers! Ana walks around hugging everyone.

Back to Fer and we hear the voice of Fanny Sr ‘don’t let her go, Fernando! … don’t let her go’. Him responding ‘No, Fanny. I won’t let her go. I won’t… let Ana go. Thank you… Than you.’ (he is very emotional, this is indeed a farewell)

(good acting on JS part…. Excellent… one of the few actor men who can cry realistically on the fly)

Back to Chicago… Johny and Jenny are leaving but find ‘la diva’ crying… she is sad she will be away from them such a long time. She loves working here. Good music, ambience, friends… you all. Jen tells her just give us a call. She is heading home to Agualulco near San Luis (San Luis Obispo?). Johny gives her a cell phone. She is real grateful.

At Lasc house, we get closeup of all the decorations… fireplace sparking… (WHOA!!!) Ana and Fernando are cuddling together in couch. Ana says they will make a stocking for Diego Nicolas. She will buy the materials and make it tomorrow. He is thankful.

F: This kiss we shared… (she is babbling some nonsense syllables LOL!... ) … yeah.. beautiful… you know I love you. And with that kiss I felt that you love me too.

A: AH you didn’t know?

F: Well. Believe me that sometimes I am not so sure because you never have told me.

A: Aaah!

F: That’s all.

A: … I love you!...

F: (in disbelief, emotional) Do you have any idea of how happy I feel to hear this??...

A: Yeah, but you are hyperventilating… I know because I feel the same.

(then they get to kissing and babbling about it being the first of thousands… no, millions… no, billions! Of kisses…)

She asks him one thing… whatever you say… anything… She asks him to keep it secret from the kids for now… he asks why… she does not want them to know yet… she wants to take things easy, slow to make sure they work out… He does understand her point… He recalls Luz saw him kissing Ana and then he married Isa. And Ana ended up dating Diego… and now they are back together… Ana says the kids won’t know what to think, especially the younger ones and she does not want to confuse them. (‘calmantes montes elegantes pintos pajaros cantantes’ … and in Ana’s vocabulary all that means ‘easy does it’) He says you're right, ‘si, mi amor’. She says she loves when he calls her that. (AWWWWW) However, he wants to continue kissing and points out that there is no one around right now. ‘sure!’ ‘I love yur englich’ (LOL!) Kissy kissy continues… he shuts her up… (FINALLY!! She was getting me dizzy)
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Monday, January 12, 2015

♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 1/12/15 ♥ #124 ♥

Capitulo 124: The Name Game

Prologue on Mount Olympus:

Have you seen Father?” asked Apollo. “I've been looking for him for the last few days and he's nowhere to be found.”

I suspect he's up to his usual old tricks,” said Athena. “He could be down on earth among the mortals.”

Oh, that's trouble we don't need,” said Apollo. “The last time that happened – “

Don't remind me,” said Athena. “We'd better see Hera. Maybe he's with her.”

They went into the palace toward Hera's boudoir, only to hear her voice calling out.

Zeusy? Zeusy? Where are you?” Hera emerged from her boudoir, disheveled and not quite looking like herself.

Oh, no. It finally happened. She's losing her mind.”

Zeusy? Zeusy? Where are you hiding?”

That's too dangerous. We have to do something now.”

You're the patron of physicians. That's up to you. You must have a potion for this.”

I'll work on that right away. Meanwhile, don't let her leave the palace. I'll send Pegasus down to help look for Dad by himself so Hera can't find him. Nothing worse than Step-mum on the warpath.”

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mi Corazon es Tuyo #123, Who survives? The Baby or Isabela?

I didn’t set out to write this in bullet points, but the way the show has been aired lately with quickly changing scenes and time passing by fast, that’s the only way I can do it. Also, there are really bad transitions and editing so a few things are difficult to follow or just make no sense as to why they are there.

Time is flying by rapidly; Fernando gets La Costaña financially healthy again, Sebastain is learning to use the crutches, Maricela has her baby, the kids and León prepare a production of Grease, which we never see so what’s the point, Isabela attempts to kill Enrique but there is an earthquake right as she’s about to stab him with a letter opener, (please!), so also what’s the point, León finishes his final thesis to get his degree, and Isabela is starting to feel contractions.

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Friday, January 09, 2015

Mi Corazón 122: No More Bet Debt For Johnny And Bela’s Scheme Wrecks Seba’s Dancing Dreams

Fanny and Leon admit their stolen/surprise non-kisses to each other and make up.  FF>>

Disguised as the Little Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe, Isabela walks along the stairstepped pathway at the Lascurain children’s private school, and with a twist of her cane, trips Sebastian as he’s demonstrating a dance move to Sarai.  Seb is screaming that his foot hurts and he can’t move.  Neither can the only other adult within hearing distance, apparently—the Lascurain’s chauffeur. He stands at attention like a wooden soldier and does absolutely nothing during the entire event.  (What’s he even in the darn scene for?  Must be somebody’s couch snatch.)  Alicia calls Ana who calls Don Fernando who calls El Médico Mágico de Angel while Bitchabelly escapes into her car and laughs all the way back to her apartment.  

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Mi corazon es tuyo #121 Ana and Fernando enter the set of 'Dirty Dancing' for a while and Fernando likes it so much he now wants to add a dance room to the house...


Nando won’t tell Fernando who hit him, ‘its not my information to give’.

Fanny and Edith talk about Lenin and Leon and her… Fanny claims kiss with Lenin was just spite. But Leon screwed the surprise he had fixed for her. Edith tells her you gotta forgive yourself and figure things out with Leon.

Leon sends Laura ‘por un tubo’. ‘Haz Click & delete yourself … I LOVE FANNY!’

Fernando calls Ana to come to office to take Nando to hospital. Soledad will go with Ana.

Isa gets to hospital with a surgical blade. ‘in any case Freeky is half dead already… if he talks I am lost…’

Lo Nuevo:

Edith and Fanny keep arguing, Seems Fanny learned about Nando getting beat up. Edith feels guilty, is crying. They are rushing to go to see Nando. Edith guesses it was Gabriel (well, who else?)

At office, Ana and Soledad run into Isa, who does not lose time to start namecalling them with her favorite ‘mommy n a c a and little n a c a.’ This gets a slap heard round the world from Soledad. Ana has to hold Soledad to stop her from ending in the floor from her arm swing.

Bruno argues with Manuela about her ‘UFO’ beliefs. Bruno calls them a fanatic sect. She let herself be brainwashed. Bruno prefers her ‘free spirit’ self. Manuela admits her ‘free spirit’ self only brought her suffering. He plays dumb, she almost brings back the old Manuela to rush to hit him, but she stops herself. But it seems it worked, we have the old Manuela… Bruno seems happier all considered.

Isa pulls the pregnant card. But Soledad says it did not prevent her form hurting them. Isa brags about her prank working well. Soledad wants to hit her again but Ana stops her… its not worth it, its like talking to the chair. Isa wants to keep arguing. Isa pulls the fact that she did get rid of the guitar. Soledad asks why she hates so much. Isa wants to twist the knife describing how she destroyed the guitar, but Ana and Soledad play the ‘see how much we care’ stand. Isa is mad that they kept on walking.

Siete is barking at Bruno. He says Manuela is back. Manuela has changed outfit to the old colorful wavy blouses she wore. She says she is the old one, but with a bitter version. Bruno looks happy anyway.

Ana asks Nando who he fought with. He says he needs Edith’s permission to give details. Fernando and Soledad also ask him but he won’t bulge.

Pancho Villa Dorofeo arrives with flowers to visit YoMama. She looks pretty good in royal blue lace dress… she is smiling. Dorofeo asks about Isa, he smirks a smile when she says Isa went to work.

Isa is whining to herself… she calls home but Yomama and Dorofeo are too busy flirting and drinking margaritas. Yomama answers anyway. But then immediately says she can’t talk to her and hangs up (You go Yomama!)

Edith arrives upset. Nando confirms to her it was Gabriel. Fernando and Ana ask who is Gabriel. Fanny asks Edith permission and tells them the story of Edith’s mother marrying a guy with 3 sons, the older, Gabriel raped Edith when she was 15. Edith adds that she did not denounce him because her mom did not believe her. She has since lived in the streets. Recently he found her. He came toward Edith in a bus and threatened her with a knife. Nando says he told Gabriel he had denounced him at the school. Nando swears to Edith that Gabriel will end up in jail. Fernando strongly supports that. He immediately summons for Cornejo. Fernando asks what is that embezzle’s full name. Edith tells him Gabriel Ramirez de Nocolinas (Lacolinas?). Ana mocks the name, that not even the Colinas (mounts) he will save him.
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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Mi corazon es tuyo #120, Nando gets another beating, Fernando and Ana continue flirting with each other as if they were in high school, Laura and Lenin plant trouble between Fanny and Leon


Kai performs…

Sarai asks if the water in the balloons is purified.

Fernando complains about the time and the ‘noise’. Ana dances the tapatio to him and says it is a modern serenade.

Nando complains to Edith that (Pablo) could have picked Mozart music instead… Edith says bring your ‘culture’ down two notches.

Ana convinces Fernando to let Pablo and Alicia alone for a few mins…

Alicia asks Pablo how he pulled it off to get Kai to come… Pablo says my brother knows them and helped me.

Fernando asks Ana what is up with ‘if Fernando hears it he will never forgive me for it’…

Lo Nuevo:

Isa and Yomama… Yomama cuddles Isa who is crying… Yomama says can’t lie when I believe you are screwing up with your decisions and actions… (Yomama seems to act as if Isa were 6 instead of 36)

Leon tells Fanny that Laura said the guy she slept with to pay for her school was Freeky. Fanny angry that Leon felt so bad that he had to console Laura. Fanny says first Laura went after Nando and now she is going after him. Fanny says then don’t complain about Lenin getting close. Leon says he had not told her because he knew she would get like this. This does not help. Fanny leaves in a huff.

Soledad is telling a story to Sarai and Luz. Something about a dove that was able to escape a monster. The lesson: always need to be grateful when someone does us a favor.

Fernando tells Ana about the ‘invisible wall’ he feels is between them since Diego left. Ana is super nervous and tries to send Fernando off the path saying it was about a photo. A photo Diego took of her that was a bit revealing. It was not in the album Fernando had, this one is still ‘in the cloud’, a photo where ‘something slipped out’ (think something like a breast exposed or stte)… Fernando does not think this is something so critical that he would not forgive. She is crying very upset, he does not understand but by now it is obvious he is more concerned at her current emotional state than at the story behind the photo, he is really sweet and caring with her. She insists that she believes that he would not react well because he is so conservative and that what he heard was just an expression, that she meant that he would not like it… [it is hard to understand Silvia when she is losing her breath crying]. He is even apologizing for no reason, he is calmly listening. She apologizes after him. He thinks he is questioning her too much. Coming back to the subject of the ‘wall’…. She continues to fake confusion and asks what he is talking about… he says maybe it(the wall) is indeed just in his head…

F: … (holds her close and tender, his hands around her waist)… you know I love you… eh?... (holds her chin in his hand) … do you know that?

A: (nods a yes, still very upset)

F: … and you… do you love me? (just at that moment Fanny comes in the kitchen)

Fanny worries about finding Ana crying… Fanny tells them Leon has been seeing Laura… the girl who wanted to steal Nando from Ximena… Ana runs to hug Fanny.

At Chicago, Johnny is talking to Jenny who is working at the bar… Johnny says what she needs is to distract herself with something, maybe dancing…

Doroteo and his men arrive. Dana tells him Yomama came by. He tells himself he has got to get something out of that woman.

Back to Isa’s… Isa wants to get revenge on Sebastian. Yomama is about to critique her but swallows her opinion. Yomama gets a phone call… its Pancho Villa (Dorofeo)… he tells her he has been thinking of her.

At house, Fernando is assuming Pablo is now gone, its been more than 5 min. Ana stalls him some more coughing hard. (as in trying to give Pablo/Alicia a signal LOL!).

Fanny asks Ana what is going on. Ana tells her about her dad’s suspicion of a ‘wall’ between them.

Fernando comes out ot living room, seems Pablo is gone. Alicia thanks Fernando for not getting mad. She wants Fernando to confirm that what Pablo did was great. Fernando jokes around saying it would have been better if Pablo himself sang, but it was indeed a nice gesture(detalle).

Fanny assures Ana that the video is no longer on the page. Ana sighs some relief. Ana tells Fanny things are getting really complicated, more and more as time goes by.

Angel remembers the last visit from Ana and the twins. He smiles.

Soledad is in boys room with twins and Sebas and Siete. The twins are telling them about Angel’s magic fire trick and the shots… shots did not hurt. Soledad suggests they go to sleep now. Sebastian asks her if it is true she was in jail. That is why she could not meet with Ana earlier. Soledad tells them it was an injustice that kept her away from Ana. But they are together again. YEY!!! Yell the boys.

Ana tells Fanny that she was in lala-land when Fernando got close to her and held her by her waist with his big hands. She kept her arms crossed… he started sweet talking her… she smelled his cologne… she went crazy. She was dying to open up to him, hold him and tell him she loves him too and tell him she wants to have his next children… maybe not many because her baby fusebox is running out but at least 2 o 3. Fanny says that would be incredible great. Ana can’t wait to tell him she loves him, his huge eyes, his huge hands and even his bad jokes that he thinks are great, but then there is also the other side that she’s been lying to him. Fanny doesn’t know what to tell her. Fanny admits she is also an accomplice. When Ana arrived at the house it was logical not to tell him but now… Ana again puts the excuse of now not being the time due to the holidays. Fanny says it will never be a perfect moment. Have to soon. Ana knows.

Fernando is in the girls room. He says ‘I know it is hard to talk to me about some things, to trust me completely.’ Alicia agrees. Fernando admits he lived many years with strict rules and his conservative ways. He confesses he gets jealous. More than that, he does not want anything or anyone to hurt her. Alicia says Pablo will not hurt me. Fernando insists sometimes love makes you suffer. Alicia says ‘like you with Ana, right?’ yeah. (they embrace).

Back to kitchen, Ana wants to talk about Freeky and Laura now… Laura went crying to Leon. Leon never told her anything even though he has been meeting with Laura for over a month now. He feels very guilty but … they have not been in romantic mode for a long time, he ruined their opportunity… she does not know what to think, and it hurts. Ana embraces her.

Boys are dreaming that Angel shows like a caped magician. The magician claims he can turn a human into anything. On suggestion from Liz he turns the twins into pigs… the pigs talk like the twins. ‘lets go to the mudd, pareja!!!’

One of the twins (Alex) wakes up from the nightmare and falls off the bed. The other twin wakes up from the noise.

Next day, Sebastian tells Sarai that he composed a song specially for her. Then he raps the song, blowing her a kiss. She feels flattered. Nando and Alicia peek from the library and kitchen doors… Luz and the twins are there too, it is all 6 of the siblings now as choreography backup… Sebas ends up hugging Sarai at the end of the number, the siblings come to congratulate them.

Fanny catches up with Laura at school. Confronts her about trying to get Leon from her. Laura lies to her saying the ‘kiss’ was an accident. Fanny not happy. Laura fakes apologizing. It was a mistake, things that happen. Laura calls her a traitor and does not want to see her ever again. When Fanny leaves, Laura smirks and says ‘oops!!’

At the bus on way to school Leon is remembering Fanny’s argument to him and punches his hand. Mau asks whats up and Leon tells him that he fought with Fanny. Mau says don’t like to have you 2 fight, papi. Leon calls Fanny but she just rants at him about the kiss with Laura; ‘you betrayed me again with the kiss!’ and did not let Leon respond. Mau asks what is wrong, Leon denies anything wrong.

At house, Ana asks Fernando hows working at the office with Isa. Fernando says he cleared up with Isa that their interaction would only be business stuff, that she should just work on the finances. Fernando can tell Ana asked because of some jealousy feeling so he tells her ‘don’t worry about it’… She denies she is worried so he jokes with Ana that she must have asked for ‘jealousy’. Ana laughs it off … ‘jealous of that woman? naw! She will see you every day AND You just married her already, AND she expects your child, AND she will spend more time with you than I?’ (Fernando gets serious since she got a point)… but comes close and keeps joking about her ‘jealousy’. He again tries to steal a ‘beso’ from her but to no avail. Ana ends up discussing the ‘jealousy’ with Fanny Sr’s painting… Cute scene.

Isa is spying on Sebastian and is thinking about an accident possibly for Sebastian.

Nando is walking Edith to school… they kiss goodbye… Then Gabriel approaches Nando from behind… He tells Nando he is Gabriel, Edith’s step brother. Elsewhere in the school Fanny and Lenin bump into each other and he ends up kissing her. Edith walks into the kiss. Lenin apologizes. Fanny says it was wrong, it was a mistake and asks Lenin why he kissed her. She was mad… Lenin asks if she was mad at her boyfriend. Some teacher comes to get Fanny and demands that she turn in her work in two hours. She also demands they keep quiet, they are in the library. Lenin walks away so Edith asks Fanny why she is mad at Leon. Fanny says he kissed Laura.

Nando ends up arguing and then fighting with Gabriel, who says Nando is not enough of a man for her. Nando warns Gabriel that Edith denounced Gabriel to the police. Gabriel mocks that saying ‘look how I shake about it!’ and Nando ends up having the worse part of the fight (fists and kicks) before a teacher makes Gabriel run. His glasses are broken and he is bleeding out the nose.

At the office, Fernando congratulates Leon on the office redesign (nice warm mudd color walls with modern art). Just like he wanted, Serious but modern, current but classic. And so fast. Leon is glad. Fernando mentions that he learned from Fanny that they had an argument. He hopes they can settle things.

Angel is working out in a huge bathroom (gets a cell phone call from his ex-wife).

At the little house, Jen, still in her pjs and slippers, is whining to Johnny that Nico has shown no signs of life. But he has communicated with Fernando several times since he left. Jen is getting bored with not doing anything. Johnny says ‘isn’t that what Nico wants?’ Johnny is trying to cheer her up making her a taco… Ana and Soledad come in. Soledad tells Jen that Ana gave her the story on Jen and that Jen can count on her as an adoptive mom for whatever she needs. Jen thanks her.

At a mall, Isa is buying a costume, of course being very offensive and rude to the poor girl at the costume store. Isa’s cell rings, Fernando is angry waiting for her finance report. He wants her at the office in ½ hr with the report. He hangs up on her. Again she is rude to the saleslady.

Nando makes it to Fernando’s office and he gets instantly alarmed. Nando tells him he fought. (he either went home or got his glasses fixed himself).

At the house, Ana and Jen tell Soledad that they are very close like sisters. Everyone is talking at once. They tell Soledad about the character of Lola that they had to come up with to get out of a bind with Fernando at the Chicago.

Johnny keeps waiting on them with coffee and more food…

Fernando yells for Betty to call the company doctor. Seems Nando got a hurt or broken rib. Fernando asks who hurt him, Nando can’t tell Fernando the whole story because it is not his story to tell.

Fanny still arguing with Edith about Leon being too impulsive and stupid. And she is stupid herself. Edith asks about the kiss with Lenin. Fanny says of course did not like that kiss, it was just out of spite. Fanny is dellusioned about Leon fixing her the surprised and the moment being spoiled. Edith asks her to forgive herself and figure out what she will do about Leon.

Laura goes to the office to see Leon. (wish Fernando would see her… he now knows what Fanny told him in the kitchen)… Leon is angry at her, saying SHE is the one that kissed him, asks her what she is pretending. Laura says she told Fanny it was an accident and it did not mean anything. Leon tells her Fanny is mad, and doesn’t even know Laura loves/likes him. He warns Laura he wants her away, he LOVES Fanny.

Doctor tells Fernando they have to get an x-ray of Nando’s thorax, he might have a broken rib. Fernando calls Ana. She is still at her house. He tells her someone hit Nando. He asks Ana to come get Nando to take him to hospital to get an x-ray. Soledad offers to go with Ana. Johnny offers to go get some payback for Nando (LOL!).

Isa comes to Freeky’s bedroom at hospital, but her costume does not look that different from the first one. Seems she has some injection of poison for him. Cancela! Cancela! That is a blade! Not a poison injection!

Previews: Fernando takes Ana in surprise trip to a dance studio. And Soledad confronts and slaps Isa at Fernando’s office.

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