Hawaii third circuit court forms

Hawaii third circuit court forms DEFAULT

Government Forms In Hawaii

2014 Hawaii Tourisam Authority County Product Enrichment ProgramPolice Department Motor Vehicles 2014 HTA/CPEP Appendix BPolice Department Motor Vehicles 2017 Tax Data ScheduleHoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board2241 Habeas Corpus FormHawaii District Court2241 Habeas Corpus InstructionsHawaii District Court341 Declaration - Pay Advices, Tax Returns, DSOsHawaii District Bankruptcy Court3C-P-370 Subpoena Duces TecumState Judiciary Circuit Court Forms For Hawai`I (Third Judicial Circuit), Hawai`I (Third Circuit) Court, Circuit Court, Circuit Court Forms For Hawai`I (Third Judicial Circuit) 54(b) CertifiedState Judiciary Circuit Court Forms For Kaua`I (Fifth Judicial Circuit), Fifth Circuit (Kaua`I), Judgment, Circuit Court Forms For Kaua`I (Fifth Judicial Circuit) 54(b) CertifiedState Judiciary First Circuit (O`Ahu), Circuit Court Forms For O`Ahu (First Circuit), Judgment, Circuit Court Forms For O`Ahu (First Circuit 54(b) CertifiedState Judiciary Circuit Court Forms For Hawai`I (Third Judicial Circuit), Hawai`I (Third Circuit) Court, Judgment, Circuit Court Forms For Hawai`I (Third Judicial Circuit) 54(b) CertifiedHawai'i State Judiciary54(b) CertifiedState Judiciary Circuit Court Forms For Maui (Second Circuit), Second Circuit (Maui, Molokai Lanai), Judgment, Circuit Court Forms For Maui (Second Circuit) Abandoned Application Important Notice and FAQ�sDepartment of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Professional And Vocational Licensing (Pvl), Accountancy, Professional And Vocational Licensing (PVL Abandoned Application Important Notice and FAQ�sDepartment of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Professional And Vocational Licensing (Pvl), Accountancy, Professional And Vocational Licensing (PVL Acknowledgment of Maternity and PaternityState Judiciary Family Court Forms For Maui (Second Circuit), Second Circuit (Maui, Molokai Lanai), Paternity, Family Court Forms For Maui (Second Circuit) Acknowledgment of Maternity and PaternityHawai'i State JudiciaryAcknowledgment of PaternityState Judiciary Family Court Forms For Maui (Second Circuit), Second Circuit (Maui, Molokai Lanai), Paternity, Family Court Forms For Maui (Second Circuit) Acknowledgment of PaternityHawai'i State JudiciaryAcknowledgment of Receipt of Child Support PaymentState Judiciary Family Court Forms For Maui (Second Circuit), Second Circuit (Maui, Molokai Lanai), Miscellaneous, Family Court Forms For Maui (Second Circuit) Adding a Designated Representative from the Business Entity's LicenseDepartment of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Insurance, Forms For Insurance Licensing
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Ho‘ohikiprovides access to State of Hawaiʻi-Judiciary Family Court *civil* case records from 1983-present. The information displayed is from official records, but does not comprise all information from court records available to the public. Confidential cases, sealed cases and sealed documents also are not available online. The Judiciary updates case information every evening. Generally, data is current to within 48 hours of the date a court document is filed or a court proceeding is heard.

State of Hawaii Judiciary sealeCourt Kōkuaprovides access to documents from traffic, District and Circuit Court criminal and civil, Family (Adult) Court *criminal*, tax court, land court,and appellate cases. There is a fee to purchase copies of documents.


The Hawai'i State Archives provides access to Hawaiʻi Judiciary Branch records ranging from 1839-1970. These Judiciary court records include: civil, criminal, marriages, divorce, equity, law, probate and wills. Please see the Description of Collections for other related materials housed in the collection.  

Sours: https://guides.library.manoa.hawaii.edu/hawaiicourts
Divorce in Hawaii


—Continue or Advance Court Date
–Non-Residents Waive Presence for Plea
–To Set Aside Traffic Default Judgement
–To Recall Bench Warrant
–To Dismiss No Insurance or License for Proof
–Sample Insurance Affidavidt

-Change of PLEA Form
–For First D.U.I.|Penaties
–Excessive Speeding Penalties

-If in COMPLIANCE – Motion to Waive Appearance
–Verification Form – Community Service

-Request for Expungement

-Order Form for Transcripts & Recordings

-Traffic & Criminal Agencies Directory | Public Defender Application

— in Family – Protective Order Petition & More Materials
— in District – Motion for Restraining Order & Instructions & More

~UNCONTESTED DIVORCE : Initial Materials | Defendant Forms | For Service by Mail

~FORMA PAUPERIS – Waiver of Court Motion Fees declaration

~DISTRICT COURT CIVIL : Summons | Complaint for Money
Foreclosure Mediation Request

Sours: https://808attorney.com/forms

Circuit court forms hawaii third

Hawaii Third Circuit Family Court

Court Reference

Home > Hawaii Court Guide > Hawaii County, Hawaii Court Directory

Report Corrections Here

Hale Kaulike
777 Kilauea Avenue
Hilo, HI96720

Phone: 808-961-7440
Fax: 808-961-7598

Website | Directions

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Online Court Resources

Resources for the Hawaii Third Circuit Family Court as well as online resources applicable to courts generally in Hawaii County, Hawaii, and resources applicable to all courts in Hawaii.

Search court case records

Hawaii Court Case Records

Search Hawaii Circuit, District, and Family Court case records in the Ho`ohiki database by case ID; by name; or by circuit, case type, year, and case number. Search Hawaii District Court traffic cases in the eCourt Kokua database by name, license plate, VIN, case ID, or citation number.

Hawaii Criminal History Information

The Hawaii Attorney General's Criminal Justice Data Center offers searches of criminal convictions by name, social security number, date of birth, and gender. Registration is required to search, and a fee is charged for a copy of a record.

Published opinions and orders

Forms and related information

Hawaii Court Forms

View and download forms for use in all Hawaii courts, organized by circuit or specialty court and case type.

Self help, legal research, general information

Hawaii Arrest Expungement Application

View instructions and download an application for the expungement of Hawaii arrest records.

Hawaii Alternative Dispute Resolution

View information about alternative dispute resolution processes in Hawaii courts, including mediation, arbitration, and facilitation to help parties resolve disputes without going to court. Links to rosters of mediators and facilitators, procedural guides for small claims, divorce, and probate mediation, and community mediation center locations are also included.

Hawaii Child Support Services

The Hawaii Attorney General offers information related to child support, including answers to frequently asked questions, enforcement of child support orders, establishment of paternity, parent location services, and other related resources.

Hawaii Courts Self-Help Resources

The Hawaii Courts provide information and resources for individuals representing themselves in legal proceedings. Self-help assistance is available for several case types, including divorce, juvenile, landlord-tenant, protection orders, small claims, and traffic. Contact information for Self-Help Centers, access to forms, and procedural guidelines are also included.

Hawaii Law Library

View information about the Hawaii State Law Library system, including locations, hours, an online catalog, available materials and services, document delivery, and additional online legal research resources.

Hawaii Laws

Search the Hawaii Revised Statutes by keyword, or browse by table of contents or section number. Search and browse links are near the bottom of the left column.

Hawaii Legal Information and Legal Resources

The Legal Aid Society of Hawaii offers legal information and resources by topic, including family, juvenile and elder law, education, health, immigration, public benefits, consumer, tax, and civil rights. Search by subject or by an alphabetical directory of resources and service providers.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Complaints About Hawaii Attorneys

The Hawaii State Bar Association offers information about making a complaint about an attorney and about fee dispute resolution services.

Directory of Hawaii Lawyers

Search the Hawaii State Bar Association's membership directory by name. The lawyer's license status is included.

Hawaii Free and Low-Cost Legal Assistance

Search a directory of organizations that provide free and low-cost legal and social services by location and legal issue, or view the full directory in alphabetical order.

Hawaii Immigrant Legal Services

The Hawaii Immigrant Justice Center provides legal assistance to low-income immigrants in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault, human trafficking, asylum, crime victims, family unification, child protection, citizenship, and deportation.

Hawaii Lawyer Referral and Advice

The Hawaii State Bar Association offers links to state and national lawyer referral services, and a free advice service by telephone.

Hawaii Public Defender Services

The Office of the Public Defender provides free and low-cost representation to eligible clients for criminal defense, mental health and juvenile matters. Contact information for local offices is provided.

Hawaii Volunteer Lawyers

Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii offers free legal assistance to low-income residents in the areas of family law, civil rights, collections, consumer, contracts, employment, foreclosure, immigration, land deeds, tax, landlord-tenant, non-profit, benefits, property, social security, wills, and probate.

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Sours: https://www.courtreference.com/courts/4730/hawaii-third-circuit-family-court
How to File your Court Forms to Start your Family Law Case

Court Information

Directions to the Court

In Hilo, the courthouse is located at:
Hale Kaulike
777 Kilauea Avenue
Hilo, Hawai‘i 96720-4212

In Waimea, the district and family court is located at:
67-5187 Kamamalu Street
Kamuela, Hawai‘i 96743

In Kona, the family court is located at:
77-6399 Nalani Street
Kailua-Kona, Hawai‘i 96740

In Kona, the district court and division 4 Circuit Court is located at:
79-1020 Haukapila Street
Kealakekua, Hawai‘i 96750

In Kona, division 3 Circuit Court is located at:
81-940 Halekii Street
Kealakekua, Hawai‘i 96750

Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system includes felonies, misdemeanors, petty misdemeanors and violations.

Different types of cases are handled differently within the court system. Violations, petty misdemeanors and most misdemeanors are handled in the District Courts. Felonies may begin in the District Courts, but after a preliminary hearing, are committed to the Circuit Courts. All jury trials are held before the Circuit Courts. Juvenile and certain offenses involving family members are heard before the Family Courts.

Criminal offenses are defined by state law in the Hawai’i Revised Statutes (HRS) or by county ordinance in the Hawai’i County Ordinances (HCO).

Some examples of the types of offenses prosecuted by the Prosecutor’s Office are described below:

A crime is a felony when a convicted person may be sentenced to a maximum term of imprisonment of more than 1 year. HRS 701-107(2). Felonies include murder, robbery, burglary, possession of dangerous drugs, sex offenses, assaults with serious or substantial injury, property damage of more than $1500 or arson more than $500, thefts and fraud of more than $300, theft of copper or agricultural products, unauthorized control of propelled vehicles, habitual operation of a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant (“OVUI”), and major weapons offenses.

A crime is a misdemeanor when a convicted person may be sentenced to a maximum term of imprisonment of not more than 1 year. HRS 701-107(3). Misdemeanors include assaults with minor injuries, property damage less than $1,500, resisting arrest, interfering with police officers, prostitution, and minor weapon offenses.

Petty Misdemeanors
A crime is a petty misdemeanor when a convicted person may be sentenced to a maximum term of imprisonment not to exceed 30 days. HRS 701-107(4). Petty misdemeanors include mutual affray, disorderly conduct, harassment, trespass, OVUI and contempt of court.

A violation is an offense that is punishable by a fine and is not punishable by a term of imprisonment. HRS 701-107(5). Violations include minor traffic offenses.

Juvenile Criminal Matters
When a youth is taken into custody by the police, the youth may be released to his or her parents or guardians, or taken to the juvenile detention facility. The police report will be written and submitted to the Family Court.

The purposes of the Hawai’i family courts are to promote the reconciliation of distressed juveniles with their families, foster the rehabilitation of juveniles in difficulty, render appropriate punishment to offenders and reduce juvenile delinquency. HRS 571-1

All non-felony offenses are reviewed by the Family Court intake officer to determine whether or not informal adjustment is appropriate. Informal adjustment may include participation in restitution projects, community service projects, community based programs, educational programs, youth-initiated programs, outreach programs, examinations or testing, placement in a nonsecure or secure shelter. HRS 571-31.4.

For cases not informally adjusted, the Prosecutor’s Office reviews police reports and determines whether or not a formal action should be filed. If so, a petition is filed and the child has a right to counsel. The child’s parents, guardian or legal custodian may accompany the child and in most cases, the hearing is closed to the public. If a child is adjudicated to have committed an offense, the court may place the child on probation and impose conditions which may include custody in a youth correctional facility not to exceed one year and other conditions including treatment, community service and restitution. If the child is not placed on probation, the court may vest legal custody of the child in a Hawai’i youth correctional facility or other approved public or private institution. HRS 571-41, 571-48.

Sours: https://www.hawaiicounty.gov/departments/prosecuting-attorney/victim-witness-program/court-information

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