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Infant / Toddler Mirror With Wooden Bar

AMI approved
Infant / Toddler Mirror With Wooden Bar


  1. Infant / Toddler Mirror With Wooden Bar
  2. Infant / Toddler Mirror With Wooden Bar
  3. Infant / Toddler Mirror With Wooden Bar


Babies and toddlers are fascinated by mirrors. By observing themselves in the mirror they discover their own identity and movements. A solid, unbreakable mirror (127 x 69 cm) with a wooden frame. The mirror comes with a wooden handrail, adjustable in 3 heights. By grabbing the rail, children can pull themselves up and walk along the mirror. The mirror can be fixed both horizontally and vertically. Measures: 69 x 127 cm.


BrandEduco, Nienhuis Montessori
Minimum age0 years
CertificationAMI approved

Six to Twelve Months

By six months, many babies can start to move around their space by crawling, scooting, pulling up, and creeping.  Materials for this age group are focused on encouraging movement, and creating a space where a child can explore without adult interference.  This is also the age to introduce solid foods and learning the basics of how to eat independently.

As with the three to six age, it’s still important to avoid any sort of containers that restrict movement like bouncy seats, jumpers, activity chairs, and walkers when possible.  These items directly oppose a child's natural inclination to strengthen her muscles and practice movement.  Car seats, strollers, and high chairs can be useful and necessary devices, but time spent in them should be limited as much as possible.

This page contains affiliate links, which help make it possible to bring you this Montessori gift guide.  If you purchase an item through one of the links below, we might earn a small commission for referring you, but it won't cost you any extra.



Helper Tower and Table and Chair

The classic learning tower is such a wonderful tool to have in your kitchen, but it does take up a lot of space. However, this helper tower from Kiddie Design folds down into a child-sized table and chair too! Excellent for those of us with small kitchens, or savvy space savers. This shop also has a wonderful indoor wooden slide and an infant cube chair set.



Pull up Bar

A wall-mounted pull-up bar is a fantastic material for a newly mobile child.  It helps a child enter and maintain a standing position without restricting movement like a walker or bouncy seat would.  For maximum fun, install the pull-up bar in front of a child-height unbreakable mirror.



Wall Mirror

A wall mirror is a recommended Montessori material for a child's space from infancy onward.  It's typically hung horizontally at the child's level on the wall next to the play mat.  An unbreakable acrylic mirror sheet is the best choice for this, since it's impossible to shatter or chip.



Two-Handed Puzzles

The egg and cup is a classic Montessori material for this age group.  It's a very simple puzzle that practices hand-eye coordination and concentration.  An adult might not find this puzzle very interesting, but to a child at the right developmental stage (around nine months), it's a fascinating and challenging puzzle.



Palmar and Pincer Grasp Blocks

Another simple but fascinating puzzle for children around eight or nine months are palmar and pincer blocks.  These puzzles practice two distinct fine motor skills—the palmar (whole hand) grip, and the pincer (two finger) grip.  And the concentration required to complete the puzzle is fantastic practice for a developing child.


amazon image plastic stacking cups.png

Stacking Cups

These cups come in a set of 10, but that is too many for a 6-12 month old.  Choose 2-3 cups of various sizes, and offer these as a nesting or stacking puzzle.  You can also hide a small object under a cup and ask your baby which cup it is under.  As your child begins to stack or nest the cups, add the rest of the set back in.


amazon image wood grimms bowls.png

Stacking Bowls

These heirloom quality wooden bowls from Grimm’s offer a similar experience as stacking cups, but with exquisite beauty and durability. Choose 2-3 bowls of various sizes to begin, and offer these as a nesting or stacking puzzle.  You can also hide a small object under a bowl and ask your baby which bowl it is under.  As your child begins to stack or nest the bowls, add the rest of the set back in.


amazon image wood stacking rings.png

Wooden Stacking Rings

This classic toy stands the test of time for a reason. Like the pink tower in a Montessori classroom, this toy helps develop a sense of size and the skill of organizing largest to smallest. The complete set of rings is too many for a 6-12 month old.  Choose 2-3 rings of various sizes to start.  You can demonstrate how to thread the rings onto the base, order doesn’t matter.  As your child begins to order the rings by size, add the rest of the set back in.



Walker Wagon

The only Montessori recommended walking aid is a walker wagon.  This is a gift for a child who is pulling up to stand (usually around 11 months, but this can vary).  A push wagon offers a child a stable surface to assist in balance without negatively affecting her gait.  And since the wagon doesn't restrict her movements, she can choose to start and stop using it on her own terms.  The walker wagon stays interesting even after a child learns to walk, since she can use it to carry toys and other objects.  Look for one that is simply made and colored (we prefer wood over plastic), and one that won’t tip when you pull up on the bar as a baby would. 



Soft Ball

A soft ball is a fantastic toy for newly mobile babies.  It will roll away, but slowly enough to encourage a child to crawl after it.


amazon image oball.png

Soft Ball

We also like this ball.  It has many places to grab, and doesn’t roll very fast.  A child can continue to use this ball as he gets older, to throw and kick.


amazon image wood olababy spoon.png

First Spoon

This is our favorite first spoon for babies.  It’s soft with curved edges which is gentle on tender gums, and has an easy-to-grasp thick stem.  You can use this as a feeding spoon from the very beginning as well as an independent utensil as your baby gains more control over her hands. 


amazon image inglesina high chair.png

Travel Highchair

It’s amazing how many places don’t have highchairs available, and for many six to 12 month olds, the chairs available are just too big and low.  We suggest a travel highchair that clips onto a family table, so everyone can eat comfortably together.  This one folds up and is quick to set up and take down.  You can wipe it clean.




A onesie is the go-to base layer for babies.  The simple shirt with a snapped bottom allows for comfortable, free movement.  Avoid any clothing with functional buttons (more difficult to put and take off) or potentially scratchy materials.



Stretchy Pants

A great choice for mobile babies to give them opportunities to practice using their feet.  These are easy pull-on/pull off pants—the buttons are just for show.



Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are incredibly convenient for frequent diaper changes, since they're one less thing to take off.  A onesie with leg warmers is a great outfit for mobile a mobile baby, since it protects her knees without covering her feet.



Sun Hat

Babies need protection from the sun, and a hat is far more convenient than constantly applying sunscreen.  This sun hat has a nice wide brim, and is adjustable through a wide range of sizes.




A play yard is more of a RIE material than a Montessori material, but it offers a practical solution for creating a clean, safe space for a child to move around and explore.  This collapsible play hard with a bottom is a great option for parents to take to an outdoor space.




A portable water-resistant blanket is handy for creating a clean, comfortable space on the floor or on the grass.


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Everyday, Nora is getting more and more mobile. She wants to pull up on everything and cruise along the furniture. So, I knew it was finally time to install a pull-up bar. A pull-up bar gives babies a safe place to practice their new standing up skill. At the bar, there's no fear that a heavy piece of furniture will topple over. Plus, it's hung at just the right height for success.

The mirror adds some interest and helps her explore herself and the environment around her.

I looked into purchasing a professional pull-up bar, but they are pretty expensive. I couldn't see justifying the cost for one item, especially when only one (or maybe a couple) baby would use it. So, we made our own! It was easy, cheap and fits perfectly into our space.  

The whole set up cost less than $10 and took less than an hour to complete. We bought an unfinished handrail at Home Depot. Then, we used the saw available at the store, to cut it to size. 

To hang, we just used screws that came with the hardware. Instead of hanging on an angle, we hung horizontally. It's very stable and I would feel confident that Nora (or even Henry) could hang on the bar without issue. 

We hung the bar at 17 inches from the floor. Nora is on the short side, so it's a tiny bit tall but she can still reach and pull up. Remember, when you hang the bar will be a bit taller than the holes in the wall. 

The mirror was one we had in our basement. It wasn't being used, so I repurposed it. I love the wooden frame. It's also a sturdy mirror with two screws so I know it's secured.

I also choose to leave the wooden bar unfinished. I will rub it down with olive oil from time to time. But, this way Nora can safely suck on and teeth on the bar! 

Nora loves the bar. She moving along the bar, smiling at the cute baby and teething on the bar. It makes me sad she's already so big, but it makes me happy to find something she loves so much. 

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The Montessori mirror with pull-up bars from Leea Toys

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