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Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HDUniversal Studios | | min | Rated PG | Jul 17,

I Feel Pretty


I Feel Pretty Blu-ray delivers stunning video and audio in this enjoyable Blu-ray release

A head injury causes a woman to develop an extraordinary amount of confidence and believes she's drop-dead gorgeous.

For more about I Feel Prettyand the I Feel Pretty Blu-ray release, see I Feel Pretty Blu-ray Reviewpublished by Martin Liebman on July 6, where this Blu-ray release scored out of 5.

Directors: Abby Kohn,Marc Silverstein
Writers: Abby Kohn,Marc Silverstein
Starring: Amy Schumer,Michelle Williams,Tom Hopper,Rory Scovel,Adrian Martinez,Emily Ratajkowski
Producer: McG

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I Feel Pretty Blu-ray Review

Reviewed by Martin Liebman, July 6,

If modern society has done anything, it's made everyone completely self-aware of their body image, fretting over every real or perceived flaw and, perhaps worse, leading perfectionists down a path towards unachievable goals. Because if one does not look like some airbrushed, food deprived, and often very unhealthy magazine image, then one cannot possibly be happyapparently. Directors Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein have tackled the body image issue in I Feel Pretty, an Amy Schumer Comedy vehicle about a perfectly normal looking girl who sweats the details about her body and allows her own perceptions and preconceived notions to cloud her better judgment and flush her self esteem down the toilet. The film asks audiences to go along for a humorous ride through extremes, as Schumer's Renee struggles to make eye contact with others and, later, flaunts her stuff with nary a care in the world. The picture moves through all of the predictable gradations of her mental transformation and settles on a trite, but still worthwhile, message on the importance of self confidence and belief in oneself, even if they don't necessarily align with some image of perfection society-at-large peddles in order to prey on the populace.

Still not pretty?

Renne (Schumer) has body image issues. Even as she goes to a spinning class in an effort to improve herself, she's embarrassed by her shape and her shoe size and, of course, the bike breaks under her weight and tears her pants at the crotch. She has dreamed of being "undeniably pretty" and enjoying all the social and personal perks that certainly come with that social status. Her struggles with self image are preventing her from applying for a dream job as a receptionist for a prestigious makeup company called Lily Le Claire; she doubts that she would be the "face" the company is seeking for the position. Her one and only wish in life is to be her own ideal version of herself, and when she takes a second spill on that fateful spinning bike, a knock to the head rewires her brain and turns her into a force to be reckoned with. She suddenly believes herself to be a stunningly beautiful woman, even as nothing has changed about her physical appearance. She begins dating a man named Ethan (Rory Scovel) and pursues her dream position at the cosmetics company where her newfound confidence quickly propels her into company head Avery's (Michelle Williams) inner circle and sees her become a key decision maker in the company's expansion into more affordable makeup. But is this reallythe real Renne or just a fairy tale born of a battered and bruised brain messing with her senses?

I Feel Prettyplays like an alternate take on The Nutty Professor, a film in which science aids an overweight man in losing a massive amount of weight in a matter of moments and humorously explores how the transformation changes his approach to life. In I Feel Pretty, there is no such physical alteration but rather a sudden change in the lead character's state of mind. The film is essentially a billboard for the power of positivity: envision it, believe it, and it will happen. Follow that mantra, repeat positive thoughts over and over in the mirror and, eventually, they will come to define one's identity. In the film, Renee skips over the time it takes to believe and jumps straight into the ideal (?) end result, of course with a more humorous bend. But the point of the movie is that life is a mind game. It's about perception and projection. It's not so much what others see, it's what others believe, and that begins with what the individual in question believes. If someone walks with their head down, others will see a drooping person with no confidence. If they walk with their head high, chest out, and projecting an image of success, confidence, and ready to tackle the world, that's what others will see, too. There can be overconfidence, too, as the film humorously explores in a few over-the-top scenes, but the film's core message is solid, if not trite.

The film certainly has charm on its side. Renee is likable through the prism of her flaws. She's a regular person, struggling with real and relatable issues everyone has experienced at some point. Schumer plays the part -- both extremes of it -- with a magnetic draw that may be overplayed here and there, usually for comic effect, but she finds the essence of her "sorry" side and her "transformed" side equally well, and when she reaches the character's, and the film's, predictable zenith, she handles the middle ground perfectly, too. But that predictability is the film's one major drawback. For all its charms and personality, it takes no risks. For all its good messaging, it never deviates from a moviemaking pathway. It's easy to see where her newfound confidence will take her, both personally and professionally, and the ride is less a unique experience and more a highlight reel of Comedy cliché and character components. But the film's lack of a unique direction doesn't interfere too much with its goodhearted nature. It does water down its message a little bit, but the takeaway is still a net positive and the film should, if nothing else, leave the viewer smiling and maybe reconsidering how they project themselves in the mirror and to the world.

I Feel Pretty Blu-ray, Video Quality

   of 5

I Feel Prettylooks gorgeous on Blu-ray. The image is capably revealing of every fine detail appearing on screen. The p presentation unearths various pores and lines on character skin, even some of the more manicured, makeup-covered characters. City textures are sharp and brick façades, concrete, storefronts, and all variety of decorative accents, signage, and urban textures appear very revealing. The image additionally offers impressive colors, particularly in the bold and intensely vibrant Lily Le Claire offices. Deep and dense reds and pinks are standouts, while a fairgrounds locale seen partway through the film offers an additional burst of colors, particularly lit signage that stands out against the onsetting dusk. Skin tones are natural and black levels find a nice balance towards true. Source or encode issues are non-factors. It would have been interesting to see this release on UHD; it's certainly one that would have probably found improved performance even over this first-rate Blu-ray.

I Feel Pretty Blu-ray, Audio Quality

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I Feel Pretty's DTS-HD Master Audio lossless soundtrack delivers a well-rounded listen. Musical fidelity is impressive. Width and depth are strong points, though there's not much here to distinguish this from a run-of-the-mill presentation. That changes when thunder booms off to the edges in chapter four as Renee makes a stormy-night wish to change. The effect filters across the back with startling efficiency and seamless movement. A second barrage of intensive surround elements come in the final moments when crowd applause encircles the stage with excellent accuracy and clarity. Light city atmospherics and office din filter around the stage with mild but necessary stage insertion to help create a more dynamic, well-rounded collection of in-film environments. Dialogue propels most of the film, and essential placement, clarity, and prioritization are fine.

I Feel Pretty Blu-ray, Overall Score and Recommendation

   of 5

I Feel Prettymay not make its case for positivity with any creativity on its side or freshness to its comedy, but the core message remains relevant and the movie is certainly spirited and well-meaning. Pacing can be a little sluggish but energized performances and feel-good contrivances elevate the movie a bit above expectations. Universal's Blu-ray lacks meaningful extras beyond a handful of deleted scenes but video and audio qualities are very good. Recommended.

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I Feel Pretty Blu-ray, News and Updates

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Blu-ray.com and Universal Home Entertainment are offering five members the opportunity to win a Blu-ray copy of I Feel Pretty (). The film stars Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Tom Hopper, Rory Scovel, Adrian Martinez, and Emily Ratajkowski. The disc streets

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Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that it will release on Blu-ray Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein's comedy I Feel Pretty (), starring Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Tom Hopper, Rory Scovel, and Adrian Martinez. The release will be available

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I Feel Pretty

Schumer's considerable physical comedy skills, paired with standout supporting performances, make this "go girl" comedy a fun pick for a ladies' night at the movies, despite some inconsistency. It's hard not to laugh when Schumer is so good at making an insecure, at times even unlikable character transform into what seems like a woman who's very comfortable with her body and herself. The problem, of course, is that the audience can't tell whether Renee is seeing her true self and just now believes she's hot as-is, or if her obvious concussion has magically caused some kind of Shallow Hal situation in her mind, making her see herself like her fellow SoulCycle classmate, a model played by Emily Ratajkowski.

Williams is hilarious as Avery, a cosmetics CEO who must impress her grandmother (who started the company). Avery's employees initially balk at the idea of a size 10 woman being in their presence, until Renee wins them all over with her charm. The romance between Renee and Ethan is adorable and easy to buy into, but there's also a somewhat off-putting, difficult-to-believe chemistry between Renee and Grant (Tom Hopper), Avery's womanizing brother. The movie works best when Renee is with Ethan or her best friends, lovingly played by Bryant and Philipps (who happens to be married to the co-director, Marc Silverstein). The two besties, who don't share in Renee's crippling insecurity and don't understand why all of a sudden she's acting like she is, are the real beauties of the film, because they don't require a transformation (either imagined or real) to be their true selves.

Sours: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/movie-reviews/i-feel-pretty
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