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When people mention New Zealand and bass music, there is one name that reigns supreme. Deep, Dark, & Dangerous label bosses Truth have been making disgustingly deep tunes for many years now. Their prolific label, Deep Dark & Dangerous, have some of the finest fruits that deep dubstep has to offer. There is no debating the significance of the duo to the genre as a whole.

Truth returns to dropping jaws on their newest project, the “Neptune” EP. It features otherworldly soundscapes that are sure to send tingles down your spine. This hefty and often horrifying project hits everything you’d expect from a Truth release with terrifying samples composed to complement their low-end frequencies.

From interstellar travel on the title track, “Neptune”, to cascading basslines on “Shrouds”, there are sounds for all different deep dubstep fans right here on Truth’s new EP.

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Dubstep’s current rude state of health has been undeniable throughout 2019 with a whole new wave of sounds, ideas and fusions coming into the mix. The output on Truth’s label Deep, Dark & Dangerous this year is just one example of how rich 140 music is right now as slew of next generation talent have all dished out triple-D heavyweight releases this year.

Khiva, Shlump, Distinct Motive, JLeon, Samba and Angelic Root are just some of the artists they’ve supported on their label this year, along with their own material which has been ramping up in the last few weeks. Both their remix of Shlump’s Alien Technology and Robot Society have dropped since late November. Now they’re dropping Risky. A devilishly dark and dangerously funky piece of work to sign the year out, it comes complete with their own addictive retro style video game where the highest score by the middle of January will win a massive Truth merch bundle.

Elsewhere in 2019, the duo have had an equally bountiful year. They gave us the powerful Pixelated Pixie track for UKF10 – Ten Years Of UKF album, dropped a disgusting quartet of leftfield funk-ups on Wakaan with their Unexpected EP and extensive toured their dual New Zealand / North America locations, including their first full domestic Deep, Dark & Dangerous tour of New Zealand and Australia.

With the promise of more Truth original material and plenty more rudely healthy designs from their ever-growing DDD troupe in 2020 we called them up to look back over their last year of the decade and see what’s coming next…

Been a strong year for DDD. Loads of wicked artists on the label this year…

Tristan: Yeah we had a lot of great releases from guys like Samba, Distinct Motive, Shlump, Khiva. Some really cool new artists have joined us too. Guys like like Jleon, Angelic Root and Wraz. We’ve focused on putting a lot of effort into next year and it’ll be even more intense.

Dre: It’s been great to bring through a lot of new artists and just the sheer amount of great music that’s come to us has been amazing. The sound itself is popping right now in terms of the quality, production, the amount of people around the world. Guys form Japan, Norway, Canada, west coast,  east coast, places in small Midwest cities. It’s crazy how far and wide the sound has reached and how much good stuff is coming. Lately it’s been like ‘I want to sign this this and this’. We’re fussy bastards too; we have a specific thing we’re about and a flavour we want to push with the label but lately it’s been awesome and made our job a lot easier.

I think that’s reflective of health of music in general isn’t it? You’ve released some far-out stuff too. Tracks like Distinct Motive’s Itchy Fingers and Khiva’s Butterfly Effect.

Dre: It’s a special sound we’re looking for. I’m glad you mentioned Khiva’s Butterfly Effect, that crosses some amazing boundaries for me. You got those jazzy 20s, 30s sounds then that incredible drop. It’s got so much character and has that edge. She’s killed it. We’ve captured that with a lot of these new artists. Like Angelic Root for example. He’s a new guy, we’ve just dropped his EP, he’s only 21 but it sounds like he’s straight from 2006 or 2007. It’s like a raw foundation sound.

Tristan: I think the scene has a whole has taken influence from a lot of places. UK guys like Rygby and Lord Jabu who are using some unique sounds. Dayzero in Japan making mental shit. Sectra makes stuff with noise and crushed weird sounds. There’s a massive variety out there and it’s very experimental.

Super healthy and super global…

Dre: It’s great man, it is really healthy. We’ve toured all the way through the times when people were saying dubstep is dying. There was always good music during all of that time but right now it’s like a whole new chapter and energy. Like a second renaissance. For years we’ve battled that weird anti-dubstep mentality. It went through an up-and-down history but now it’s in a nice place and none of that shit matters any more. It’s a hybrid sound, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s just dope music.

You did your first Deep Dark & Dangerous tour on home soil in New Zealand this year, right?

Tristan: There’s been plenty of DDD takeovers over the years worldwide, but this was our first proper tour downunder. We got Khiva and Sepia over for it, too. It was dope. It’s very underground over here compared to the States and Canada so it came with its own challenges but it exciting to see what people were interested in and to bring these shows here. Watching Khiva grow over the last three years, it’s gone crazy for her and it’s amazing to get her over at this stage of her career.

You’re helping the next generation. Who did that for you?

Dre: Mala did that for us. He was the first guy we met and we gave music too. He was the first guy to bring us over and got us to play at DMZ. We got booked for a lot shows after that night and did some big tours.

Tristan: It took us touring Europe to be noticed here! It was like local musicians weren’t taken as seriously at the time, that’s changed a lot now.

There’s a strong soundsystem culture in New Zealand isn’t there?

Tristan: Yeah it’s growing at the moment too. The Subtle Soundsystem is the flagship dubstep system here but there’s been a bunch of systems  appear more recently. Eyes Down Sound, Roots Fire Sound. It’s interesting to watch that grow, five to ten years ago they didn’t exist in the same way.

There’s been a strong love for reggae and dub culture in New Zealand for years though, right?

Tristan: There was a famous Bob Marley tour in the 80s and a lot of things popped up around then.

Dre: A lot of reggae bands too. There was a band called Herbs who had a chart hit. And that’s stayed part of the New Zealand sound with bands like Salmonella Dub and Fat Freddy’s Drop and Katchafire Bands like that set it up so when dubstep came in it was ready to go.

Let’s talk about your music this year. We copped Pixelated Pixie which has loads going on in it. Those triplets…

Tristan: Yeah it does have a bit of a different vibe. The intro’s got that double time triplet so it sounds like a weird time signature before it drops. It’s definitely on the more major key / happier vibe than we do with some of our other tracks.

Dre: It’s still dark and on the Truth vibe but it’s got that old school rave vibe that we love, too.

There’s been a nice little flow of new things from you guys in the last few weeks. Are we about to hear more?

Tristan: Absolutely, we have a whole bunch of new stuff coming up! Because we’ve been spending so much time on DDD we’ve sometimes felt Truth stuff hasn’t had as much of our attention. There’s been a lot of times where we felt we couldn’t or shouldn’t do both. But we’ve worked out a way so we can continue releasing Truth stuff regularly but also run the label regularly as well. We want to be able to release music by artists we love and our own stuff.

Dre: We’re stoked about Robot Society. We made it and got it out super fast. We made it in August, tested it in Outlook and Shambhala and got it out quickly. We got the artwork done, got it to the mastering house fast, I think we’ll be doing a lot more of that release flow. We’re doing singles with full artwork and a lot of energy and promoting it like it’s an album. When we dropped Robot Society people thought it was an album!

The more you invest in those details, the more it cuts through the noise and shows you’re committed to the music. It’s not a throwaway DJ tool…

Dre: Yeah we’ve got some exciting ideas about want we want to put out around each release. We have a game for the new track Risky. A fully original Truth game. It’s a throwback 80s arcade thing with amazing pixel art. A kind of Missile Command vibe. The highest score will win a really cool bundle of things too.


Dre: We’re so stoked about it. We want to do more stuff like that. Stuff outside the box. Different ways to celebrate and highlight the music, do things differently and keep ourselves and Truth fans excited. We’re really excited about what the new year and new decade brings…

Truth – Risky is out now on Deep, Dark & Dangerous

Follow Truth: Facebook / Soundcloud

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Truth Gets 'Deep, Dark & Dangerous' on New Label Compilation, Listen to 'Militant Sound'

Purchase Here

As significant members within not only the dubstep scene, but electronic music as a whole, Truth pushes forward with the latest release on their burgeoning label, Deep, Dark & Dangerous.

One of New Zealand’s finest exports in sound design, the duo consisting of Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake have been carving out new paths for the genre and up and coming artists around the world. We have come to expect a focus on testing the limits with unique and widely appealing releases that shine in musicality, originality, and a staple sound that has become their trademark. With Deep, Dark & Dangerous: Volume 1, the masterminds behind the menacing one eyed glare of the logo, curate a collection of groundbreaking and gripping material from emerging artists, revealing the aura and vision of DDD through carefully selected tracks and distinct taste.

“Having our own label has always been something we've dreamed about, and wanted to do. We are constantly being sent so much amazing underground music, much of which never sees the light of day. We felt it was time to really start exposing this music which deserves to be out.”

From heavy touring in North America, Europe, Australia and of course New Zealand, combined with multiple standout releases of their own on labels like Deep Medi, Firepower and Deep, Dark & Dangerous, the brand began to gain momentum naturally. Spurring excitement at DDD events in cities like San Francisco and recently in Los Angeles, and a radio show where exclusives were becoming the norm, the inevitable advance of the label brought itself to a boiling point. Tediously hand selected, the 12 track release was brought together with the fans in mind.

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“After being sent a lot of great music and testing it out at shows we started to quickly realize which tracks get the best responses, along with which artists are really crushing it right now, and we started to assemble our team. We decided now is the perfect time to release a compilation which reflects the sound we are pushing.

"…there is a sea of dope stuff out there at the moment, so it can be hard to really pick favourites. We spent a LOT of time coming up with this track list. Bear in mind there are 3 of us with varying tastes too, so we'd create folders of music that we're really into and then debate between us which ones we are feeling most. In some cases it was a no-brainer. For example “Nefarious” by Enochi we'd been playing out at our gigs for a few months and assumed it was signed or released. The second we realized it wasn't we just jumped straight on it. In other cases, like DMVU for example, we're huge fans of his sound and have been for a while, so we wanted to include some of his music, while at the same time representing the sound (sounds) we want the label to embody. Quite a number of the tracks were sent to us unsolicited, by producers who had no idea we were selecting for a release at the time.”

Although Truth may have their own specific style and sound, Deep, Dark & Dangerous offers a platform for expansion, but resonates with the roots of their dark and shadowy motif.

“Deep, Dark & Dangerous. That's the underlying ethos of the label, although you could interpret those 3 words in a wide variety of ways. It's no secret we like stuff that is dark and deep. We're into eerie and creepy sounds, horror movie soundtracks, music that embodies the grimy, detached and disenfranchised nature of urban life. We've thrown “Dangerous” into the mix too because sometimes you just have to get a bit crazy with shit. That's the wild card, in some ways it could represent almost anything.... anything dangerous at least.”

This of course is just the beginning of what lies ahead for Deep Dark and Dangerous. The chaos of the changing world around us, including the ongoing changes in the world of music, inspires the guys to maintain focus, and also moved them to work with a label manager they felt understood their vision and their goals. As he explains:

“It can take a number of years to iron out the bumps that can come about in the process of pressing and selling records. Being involved in this for a certain period of time can also give you more a sense of what music fits better on which format, its extremely crucial.

“…between the three of us we can make sure everything is on point, no matter what else is currently going on around us. We've got 3 or 4 other EPs in the pipeline for various artists. We're constantly on the lookout, always on the hunt. There's a lot to announce in the near future… we're digging deep for the right music.”

Deep, Dark & Dangerous: Volume 1 will be released digitally July 15, 2016 through Beatport.

NotLo - After Hours (DDD077)

Deep Dark And Dangerous 03 by Truth

Deep Dark And Dangerous 03 review

After the first thrilling Deep, Dark & Dangerous compilation follows Truth’s next release outline named after the ‘Devils Game’ EP. Again, the duo from New Zealand is up to something with this triple tracker, which is packed with their take on the ever-evolving sound of dubstep.

They way they reach out to the world with their carefully selected set of cuts is something worth mentioning; dragging many through hell and back with a mixture of the darkest vibrations, mirroring, charming vocals – and by unloading a fatal amount of overweighing bass repository. It’s the established contrast between light & darkness that makes this lineage extraordinary.

The vibe in opener ‘Devils Game’ turns bitter sweet almost instantly, as it escalates into a contemporary jam that might remind you of their classic Tempa or DEEP MEDi catalogue. A scorching roar pulls listeners right into a vortex only Truth know how to form, unleashing a brick wall of bass, numbing vocal and intelligent sample placement that will hit the brain like blind fire. The relentless impact of such a firestarter might upset your stomachs - watch it!

Remember Devil’s Hands? See Truth’s collab with the gifted Animai and Alicia Kiah as its 2.0 exciter. This heavily sought-after dub plate hits many on a vast number of levels, whether it’s in the audible range of 30 Hz or by aiming straight for the heart. The bad boys Truth allow Animai to take her lyrical wisdom to the next level, with Alicia Kiah’s glorious efforts in playing strings in the background. Ensure to head eyes down when Smoke hits you with its powerful high.

The joint strike force is in full command with Innamind-signee Quest joining Truth’s third Deep, Dark & Dangerous operation. ‘Tunnel Vision’ deals several punches through 808 bass galore and an exotic percussion lick. It all smears salt in the wounds as the track grows in magnitude and power, slowing down the healing process and affects your vision. If you love minimalistic, hard-hitting bass music, this EP closer will easily become the track of choice.

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TRUTH Unleash DnB EP on Deep, Dark & Dangerous


Production outfit TRUTH are using their New Zealand heritage within their forthcoming EP on bass music imprint Deep, Dark & Dangerous, the platform they created which gives them full creative control over their output. Renowned for their precise production standards and their searing basslines, their ‘Without You’ EP presents a different flavour from the duo, although it’s still linked to the music which provides a soundtrack to the clubbing spaces of their roots.

They’ve now exported this to California, where Andre now resides in LA, whilst they keep one foot in Christchurch, New Zealand through Tristan – and it provides an insight into the progression of TRUTH’s artistry. From Mala’s Deep Medi Musik, to the sounds on Deep, Dark & Dangerous, this drum & bass EP presents another turning point for the producers. Due to be released on July’s Bandcamp day, it also highlights one of the finest independent labels to come through in recent times.

Their immaculate ‘Without You’ EP is more understated than their approach to dubstep, but it still hits the same emotive tones and painstaking engineering which is often a signature of their craft. ‘Pass Me By’ features lush textures whilst being underpinned by a heavier backdrop, meanwhile cuts like title-track ‘Without You’ rolls through with cascading breaks. ‘Eyes on Me’ focuses on its segments of percussion and darker moods, whilst the expert drum work of ‘Heartbreak’ and the creeping intensity of ‘Miasma’ brings it to a close. It’s a walk through of the pair’s imaginative scope, something which this EP shows is demonstrably huge.

‘Without You’ perfectly encapsulates TRUTH’s diversity. And it’s this diversity which sees them stake their claim within the drum & bass world – although their name has already established itself internationally, following years of touring across continents and a label which pedestals bass music excellence.

Truth · Truth – Without You (DDD066)

Follow TRUTH







Slaine - Riddles (DDD081)

You get such an unearthly feeling. I will fuck this tight ass for 20 minutes before I pull out my cock and plunge it into yours. throat. You suck me hungrily, waiting for your warm sperm reward.

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