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Free Gems In Monster Legends | A Simple Guide To get 150 Free Gems In A Moment

Free Gems!! Ahh. Who doesn’t want them?? I don’t think anyone who plays Monster Legends will deny the fact that they don’t feel the pull whenever someone says “Hey amigo, I know a way to get some free gems!” If it’s me, I’m sure I’ll rush headfirst and shout to him ” just cough it up, dude!”

Therefore, I looked around and found some links whom you can copy/click on to get all the free gems. I assure you none of these links is fake, hence open them and get those free gems in Monster Legends.

“What do you wanna do with these gems, it’s up to you”, You can use them to open a new hatchery slot, buy a Breeding Joker, use them to fight a Grand Duel or just save them for the upcoming Ourosmic Tales,they are yours to spend.

How To Get These Free Gems

After clicking on any of the links abovefollow the steps given below to get the free gems.

Free gems in Monster Legends

Note: All these links are not mine; they belong toSocialpointand those respective users.Some of these links I found onChattuYT‘s youtube channel, so give him a big thanks as well.


How to get easy GEMS

No, Im not lying. Yeah It sounds like Im trying to tell you some super secret method or tell you to get the credit card from your mom's purse, but Im not. So Im about to tell you that getting gems is way easier to get than you think.

user uploaded image

Gems and what do they DO?

For newer players gems are a rarer form of currency that can be used to do almost anything, buy monsters, speed up in game tasks and get more attacks. All of which will help you get farther in the game.

There are 2 steps to getting a huge amount of gems in in a relatively short period of time. Step one is know where the gems are. And step two is have self control. Yeah this sounds kind of stupid, but it is how you get gems ok.

Step 1) Know where to look. Sounds stupid right? You: Shadow Im not DUMB you stupid idiot, I know how to get gems jeeezzzzz. Well the why are you reading this then Hhhhuuuuuhhhhhh?!?!?!

Ok besides that here is who you can get gems it the game.

Easy Methods:

Cleaning up rubble and fallen meteorites .

Some times they are easy to spot

user uploaded image

And sometimes they hide in unfair spots...

user uploaded image

Once the worker is finished, you can wait receive a reward! It will be 1) Gold 2) Food and 3) Gems! It takes 5 minutes to clean up rubble and 10 minutes to clear fallen meteorites. You will get better rewards if you clear a meteorite than if you clear rubble.

Another simple way is the roulette, you can get gems from the roulette spin. You can get 1 gem when you land here:

user uploaded image

and you will get 5 gems if you land here:

user uploaded image

Note: If you are far enough into the adventure map then you will get more than what I mentioned.

Another Simple way to get gems is via using your stamina.

user uploaded image

You have 3 options when using your stamina, all of which can give you gems.

user uploaded image

The first option, Adventure Map.

user uploaded image

Nice and simple, after completing a node, you will be given a reward, such as experience, food, gold, monster eggs and sometimes gems! They also give you a roulette spin if you get 2 or more stars on a node. Thats really it, since how many gems you get depends on where you are on the adventure map.

Next, the Dungeons.

user uploaded image

The dungeons are probably the BEST way to get gems fast. So these dungeons will give you gems for completing the dungeons. Gem Dungeons (obviously), monster dungeons, Premiere dungeons (sometimes), dungeon of books.

The final one is Multiplayer.

user uploaded image

Now in order to get gems from the multiplayer, you need to get into a league. The higher your league, the more gems you get.

user uploaded image

Log into Facebook, gives you fifty gems and a Komocat. As well you can play with friends:

user uploaded image

Next, Level up rewards, you get 1 gem every time you level up.

user uploaded image

Another method is to watch videos every time they are available to get 5 gems, and you can do tasks to also earn gems.

user uploaded image

The final free method is to use achievements which give you gems and exp.

user uploaded image

The method free-to-play can't use.

You can spend money to get gems:

user uploaded image

Don't buy gems unless there are offers or some reward for buying gems.

Well that's all the methods I can recall, so now, learn some self-control! No, you don't need to speed up the hatching, breeding, extracting, rank-up, crafting, and other stuff.

Now, if you HAVE to speed something up, then remember that the gems you have to spend is dependent on the amount of hours so when you spend gems remember that in order to save some gems, decide how long you want to wait, so spend some gems when you are over the 30 minutes

user uploaded image

and when you have a little less than 30 minutes, wait and then spend gems

user uploaded image

Well that's it for now, next will probably be Monster Analysis: Firesaur and the rankings for common monsters. Thats it for now, Cya!

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Monster legends free gems

[Total: 5    Average: 4.4/5]

Available: Android, iOS
Gender: Strategy
Players: Multiplayer
Launch date: May 2013

Monster Legends is a Facebook game created by Social Point and launched (in its alpha version and not available to everyone) in May 2013. You can use them to fight against other players in the sand or to explore the ten islands on the adventure map.

Montser Legends Trailer + Game Pictures

Montser Legends is a free-to-play application: downloading it will not cost you anything, although as we will see below you can buy things (the famous ‘purchases integrated in the application’) such as food, combinations, gold and gems.

Here is the official Montser Legends trailer so you can get a better idea of how to play this game:


The game is very basic and easy to understand. It is entertaining and, if you like battles, you will love it. Here are some images from the game to give you an idea of it:

Tricks for getting Gold on Monster Legends

  • Using power-ups and gold runes
  • Constantly sending requests
  • Connecting you daily
  • With the Gums Up platform you can get Gold for the Monster Legends game

Behind Monster Legends is Social Point, the studio that also developed Dragon City or Dragon Land. As you can see, fantastic beings that are difficult to find in real life but that will provide us with hours and hours of fun. The goal of the game is simple: create the best combat team to be the best. In order to do this, you must get new monsters and tame them, which will allow them to gain new skills and powers.

Challenge other players and get the rewards of Monster Legends! available for both Facebook and Android and iOS.


And that’s not all, you can join your friends in a team and participate in Team Wars, a worldwide competition where you and your friends face rivals from all over the world. It really sounds great, and if you try Monster Legends you’ll find out that everything it promises is true!

But to become a Monster Master you will need a number of resources, such as gems, gold and food to reach different combinations. Thanks to this, your monsters will grow, and you can even merge them into unique and even more powerful creatures.


The adventure will start in a paradisiacal habitat, which can range from a campsite to a remote island.

  • Add temples, farms or new habitats for the monsters, and you can start the great adventure alone to conquer the 25 islands of the adventure map and get the best combinations.
  • Each month you will have new themed islands to play on. Don’t forget to place the monsters in their favorite habitats and remember to feed them!
  • If you go right to resources (gold, gems, food …) you will have no choice but to go through the checkout and pay or have some other hack that there are by the networks, a hack that perhaps will make you have problems in a short time because they are not 100% reliable some of the hack that circulate through the networks …



Want to get thebest Monster Legends combinationsbut don’t know how to get to them? Without a doubt, to get there you have to understand and know how the crosses work. Crosses are the mating of different monsters to create the most powerful combinations in the game.


The first thing you should know about Gums UP is that you can download this application for free from the Play Store or the App Store. You won’t have any trouble finding it, and before you start using it you have to register. It won’t take you more than a minute, and from there you can start getting gums, the points that will allow you to get the Monster Legends resources or free Monster Legends gems you need. Gums UP is very intuitive and easy to use!


  1. The first thing you have to do is go to the Win Gums section, where a menu will open with all the options you have to get these points.
  2. The easiest way is to use another application, but you can also participate in surveys, watch videos or invite your friends.
  3. Each friend will give you 500 gums, a very interesting amount.
  4. Now all we need to do is go to Gifts for the resources, we will have plenty of resources like food, gold and gems plus the best combinations in Monster Legends and honestly, we don’t need a Monster Legends hack to do it, the best system is Gums UP!


There you’ll find PayPal money, the famous Google Play Gift Cards that you can use in the Play Store, or their counterparts for the App Store. These are the most common methods of making micropayments for mobile and tablet apps, and you can get all the combinations and resources you need from Monster Legends without spending a penny and without having to rely on hacking. This way, your aspirations to become the world’s greatest Monster Legends master come closer, as you can raise your monsters without worrying about resources.



In many games we can find tricks or hacks? to improve our stats. The Monster Legend Hack is focused on getting Labyrinth Coins, as you know this is the main currency of the game, available for real money, with the hack mentioned above you will avoid having to pay to get this kind of stuff.


And it has even more advantages! Because you get the gifts instantly; you don’t need to accumulate large amounts of gums to download the products from our catalogue and redeem them with PayPal (you can redeem gums for less than a euro!); and you will earn points every time you share the app with your friends.


In Monster Legends, you’ll find both a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode: in campaign mode your goal is to conquer a series of islands, while in online mode you can join other players and fight against others and their many monsters, both in stadium mode and in team warfare mode.


We are talking about Monster Legends, a video game with a very important social component that also incorporates a small campaign. In this video game, we will hunt monsters or defeat them so that those we already have at our disposal become more powerful. The greatest gameplay in this Monster Legends is the crossover between monsters to some more powerful ones that we can create.


Like MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online), it is also a management game.

  • By management we mean that we will have to raise our monsters, collect food and make them stronger for the arena of combat.
  • Besides of course breeding different species to cross them and make a more powerful monster come out and create an incredible team to battle against other monsters in the arena of combat.
  • Of course, you’ll have to train your monsters and give them food. Food and other resources like gold will be given to you as long as you have a good habitat and the best.


Join your friends with their respective monsters now, level them up, mate them and get the best monsters, whether epic or legendary, for battle against other players around the world. Don’t miss your chance to become the best fighter in the arena.


Below, we will show you some of the legendary monsters that can be created for this year:

NemestrinusRhynex + DarknubisThe head of the forest, the one who re-establishes the balance between the ecosystems. It can also be bought for 2,300 gems and its price when sold is 7,500 gold coins. Weak against the element of fire.
Lord of the AtlantisRazfeesh + Drop ElementaryThe King of the Seas who decided to start his journey on land, strong against fire but weak against electric power. It can be sold for 7,500 gold coins or bought for 2,300 gems.
VadamagmaSkipples + DuchessMonster born of a volcano, very powerful against enemies of fire but weak to enemies of water type. It is also invulnerable to blindness. It is available from level 25 and can be sold for 7,500 gold coins or bought for 2,300 gems.
ThorderRabidex + TartarusLightning Knight: one of its main characteristics is its speed. Strong against the water element but weak against the earth element opponents. It is available in the shop for 2,300 gems and can be sold for 7,500 gold.
RockantiumMusu + TerracrankIf we had to choose a monster for its imposing strength, this would undoubtedly be a clear candidate. Strong against the lightning element but weak against the dark element. You can get it in the shop for 2,300 gems and sell it for 7,500 gold.
DarkzgulFayemelina + DarknubisAs one of the chiefs of darkness, Darkzgul is strong against earth-like monsters but weak against light. He can be bought for 2,300 gems and sold for 7,500 gold.
GoldfieldErpham + Drop ElementaryMonster powerful against the element of light but weak against the element of plant. If we had to put in one body the word “magic” it would undoubtedly be Goldfield. It can be sold for 7,500 gold and bought for 2,300 gems.
Arch KnightGoldcore + EsthirelThe defender of light: strong against the element of darkness but weak against the element of magic. It can be sold for 7,500 gold and bought in the shop for 2,300 gems.
LaomuErpham + GallantLegendary nature-type monster. Its spirituality and reminiscence will blind many monsters. Strong against the element of magic and weak against the element of fire. It can be sold for 10,000 gold or bought in the shop for 2,300 gems.
NebotusObsidia + ChtulhuFirst legendary of darkness. Resistant to the earth element and weak against the light element. You can buy it for 2,300 gems if you don’t want to mate it as well as sell it for 10,000 gold.
Worker HulkPandalf + HyperionMonster resistant to the light element but weak against the nature element. It can also be obtained in the shop for 2.300 gems and sold for 10.000 gold.

As we have seen, each legendary monster belongs to a type ofelement representing its maximum exponent in its ecosystem. You can get them both by mating the monsters on the board and also by buying them at the videogame store, which will make you need a lot of gems and that’s why there are also Monster Legends hacks that can be found on the net.


In reality, the legendary monsters do not cease to be evolutions, which in this game are transmitted as mating to give rise to a stronger species. More and more video games are emerging in which our mission is to train and coach some beings to fight against other players and it is certainly a genre that has a lot of future. Not only because of the possibilities in combat but because it can give a never ending game experience!


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How To Get GEMS in Monster Legends FAST! (iOS/Android) Gems and Gold Farming Glitch 2021

Cheats, Codes, Tips and More for Monster Legends

Monster Legends is a mobile multiplayer role-playing game that you can play for free on both iOS and Android. The game is free to download and play, and you can technically play as much as you want without paying any money. Social Point, the developer of the game, is able to offer the game in this free-to-play format by selling a type of currency called gems, which can be purchased with real money (charged to your credit card).

There are technically two types of in-game currency, gold, and gems, but gems are tremendously useful. You can use gems to buy powerful monsters and speed up things that would normally take a long time, so most cheats and exploits, as well as legitimate tips and tricks for playing the game, are centered around obtaining gems without handing over any money.

Whether you just downloaded the game, or you're stuck and looking for a way to get ahead, we've compiled all of the most important tips and tricks you'll need to get free gems, breed and raise some powerful monsters, and become a legend.

Monster Legends Cheats

The most important thing to understand about free-to-play games like Monster Legends is that there are two ways to play. You can either take it slow while maximizing all of the opportunities the game provides, or you can pay a bunch of money to jump ahead.

There are a lot of apps, sites, and online key-generators that promise to provide a bunch of free gold and gems, but it's best to avoid these supposed shortcuts.

Monster Legends Has No Legitimate Cheat Codes, Free Gems, or Hacks

Downloading any programs, providing your login information, or filling out any surveys that promise free gems for Monster Legends may open you up to phishing or malware. Even if they did work, using a cheat or hack would likely result in your account being banned.

Playing a game like Monster Legends without boosts from free gems can be hard, but there are a ton of ways to get legitimate gems just for playing the game.

How to Earn Free Gems in Monster Legends

Monster Legends allows you to earn free gems by earning achievements, completing daily goals, completing daily missions, and completing various other in-game tasks. Here are some of the ways you can get your hands on a few free gems here and there:

  • Level up by earning experience.
  • Fight bosses on the adventure map.
  • Fight in the monster arena.
  • Clear meteorites on your island for a chance to find a gem.
  • Log in every day and claim your daily bonuses.
  • Watch ads and complete tasks in the Monsterwood once it unlocks.

The Monsterwood isn't available until you have played the game for a while.

Unlock Monster Legends Achievements for Free Gems

Monster Legends has achievements, which you can earn by reaching specific milestones like gathering a set amount of gold or winning battles. When you unlock an achievement, you are awarded both experience and gems.

Each achievement in Monster Legends has three tiers, and the game provides you with an award for reaching each tier. For instance, you get one gem for gathering 500,000 gold, three gems for gathering 10,000,000 gold, and 10 more gems once you collect 500,000,000 gold.

If you're able to unlock every tier of every achievement, you'll net about 300 gems. That would cost about $20 in the in-app shop, which is pretty decent for just playing the game.

After earning an achievement, goal, or daily mission, you need to tap the goals icon on the left side of the screen and then tap collect reward.

AchievementHow to Unlock ItNumber of Gems
Gather GoldCollect a total of 500K, 10M, and finally 500M gold from your habitats.1/3/10
Gather FoodGather a total of 100K, 2.5M, and finally 50M food from your farms.1/3/10
Collect StarsCollect a total of 20, 100, and finally 300 stars from the adventure map.1/5/25
Win BattlesWin a total of 10, 250, and finally 2K matches in the monster arena.1/5/35
Remove ObstaclesRemove a total of 10, 50, and finally 500 obstacles from islands.1/10/10
Get MonstersCollect a total of 5, 20, and finally 50 different monsters.1/3/10
Stolen GoldSteal a total of 50K, 2M, and finally 100M gold in the monster arena.1/3/10
Stolen FoodSteal a total of 10K, 250K, and finally 5M food in the monster arena.1/3/10
Stolen TrophiesSteal a total of 75, 750, and finally 5K trophies in the monster arena.1/3/10
Assist Your FriendsAssist a total of 50, 250, and finally 2K buildings on your friends island.1/3/10
Feed Your MonstersFeed a total of 25K, 300K, and 5M food.1/3/10
Use ItemsUse a total of 10, 100, and finally 500 items in any battle.1/3/10
Hatch EggsHatch a total of 10, 50, and finally 250 eggs.1/3/10
Evolve Your MonstersEvolve a total of 5, 20, and finally 75 adult monsters.1/3/10
Level Up Your MonstersLevel up a total of 5, 15, and finally 50 monsters.1/3/10
Receive GiftsReceive a total of 25, 500, and finally 2.5K gifts.1/3/10
Have FriendsMake a total of 5, 20, and finally 100 friends.1/3/10

Complete Monster Legends Goals and Daily Missions for Free Gems, Food, and Gold

Monster Legends provides you with a set of goals that help get you started if you aren't sure what to do next. Completing these tasks helps you make progress in the game by guiding you toward important goals, but they also provide you with free gold, food, and even gems.

In addition to goals, the game also provides daily missions. These missions are basic tasks like hatching a monster or gathering gold, and completing each one provides you with a reward of gold, food, or gems.

Goals and daily missions change, so you need to tap the goals icon on the left side of the screen to see what they are in your own game.

Here are some examples of goals in Monster Legends:

GoalHow to Accomplish ItRewards
Breed Firesaur With TreezardBreed your two starting monsters together.250 gold and 160 food
Start Your AdventureBattle enemy monsters on the adventure map.1 gem
Open Your First Free ChestOpen a free chest.1 gem

Here are some examples of daily missions in Monster Legends:

Daily MissionHow to Complete ItReward
Complete All Daily MissionsComplete all of the other goals for the day.4 gems
Collect Gold From HabitatsGather a total of 7,500 gold from your habitats.150 food
Collect Food From FarmsCollect food from your farms two times.150 food
Feed MonstersFeed 1,600 food to your monsters.500 gold
Breed MonstersBreed a monster.500 gold
Hatch EggsHatch an egg.150 food
Lucky MasterOpen a specific number of chests.500 gold
Adventure ModeFight a specific number of battles on the adventure map.500 gold
Log In TodayLog into the game.1 gem

How to Breed in Monster Legends

While you can buy powerful monsters with gems, that isn't really a viable option unless you want to spend cash in the in-app store. That means breeding monsters is extremely important in Monster Legends. Better monsters provide you with more gold and stand a better chance at winning fights.

Here's a quick rundown on rarities, elements, and legendary monsters to get you started.

Elements and Rarities in Monster Legends

There are nine elements in Monster Legends, and each is strong against one element and weak against another.

ElementStrong AgainstWeakest Against

The most basic creatures in the game are common rarity monsters. These are single element monsters, so they are weak against one element and strong against another. Breeding them together can result in uncommon, rare, or epic dual element monsters.

RarityEvolves to AdultMax LevelNotes
CommonLevel 740Single element
UncommonLevel 1060Dual Element
RareLevel 1575Dual Element
EpicLevel 2590Dual Element
LegendaryLevel 25100Dual element, one is always legendary

How to Breed a Legendary Monster

Legendary monsters are the most powerful creatures in Monster Legends, so you'll eventually want to get your hands on some to build the best team. Each of these monsters can be obtained by breeding a specific pair of lower level monsters. The chance of obtaining a legendary from such a pairing is low, but it is the only way to get legendary monsters without paying for them.

The specific breeding pairs required for obtaining legendaries changes from time to time, and new legendary monsters are added to the game from time to time, but these are some pairings you can try out:

Legendary MonsterMonster OneMonster TwoElements
Arch KnightGoldcoreEsthirelLegendary/Light
Lord of AtlantisRazfeeshDrop ElementalLegendary/Water
GoldfieldErphamDrop ElementalLegendary/Magic
Worker HulkPandalfHyperionLegendary/Magic

Monster in get legends gems

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