2004 ford ranger back seats

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Tutorial – Installing Jump Seats

I have a 2003 Mazda B3000 Dual Sport 2 door Extended Cab V6. I bought it about a month ago and have been adding the things I wanted that it didn’t come with. This tutorial is for those looking to add jump seats that didn’t have them before. Here are the steps I took and the things I learned. I am no expert so please forgive any of my mistakes or shortcomings.

1. Check to make sure your truck has the right holes to install them. You can do this by pulling up the carpet in the extended cab on each side. You will need to undo a few screws to get it up. There should be 2 screw holes up in the back corner on the floor and another 4 under a thick sticky pad (you can feel the holes through the pad with your finger). Note that you may be able to just look under your truck for these wholes as well as I could see through them right to the ground once I pulled the sticky pad up. If you have these 6 holes on each side you should be able to put Jump seats in.

Here is what mine looked like before the install:

Carpet pulled up:

Holes to install Jump Seats:

2. Go to a junk yard or buy some online that will fit these 6 holes. I found a 98 Ford Ranger at a near buy Junk yard that had some decent ones in it. When you remove them make sure you keep all 6 bolts, 2 cap plugs (for the plastic cover that covers the hinges), the plastic Cover that covers the hinges, and the actual seats. Optional: you could take off the whole wall behind the seats if you want to replace that as well (I decided that I would just modified the wall with a rotatory tool on my truck). Here are the tools you will need:
a. ½ inch ratchet
b. T-50 star head to put on your ratchet
c. Some muscle (they are not easy to unscrew and you don’t have much room)

What you need:

3. Starting to stall them in the truck I first removed the storage compartments door by removing the 3 screws and the bracket under it giving it support. Also remove the top latch that the compartment door latches too.

Remove Compartment Door:

Remove metal bracket:

Remove latch:

4. The Next thing I did was pull back the carpet by removing the 4 screws holding it down.

Remove 3 Screws along back to pull back carpet:

Remove 1 screw by door to pull back carpet:

5. Next take the sticky pads off where the 4 lower bolts go. This is a bit difficult as these are extremely sticky. If the pad starts to tear or some of the sticky stuff isn’t coming up, try to start in a different area. I used pliers to help pull it up as my fingers were getting tired and soar.

Pull up sticky pad:

With it off:

6. Next I just tried to fit the bottom bracket of the seat over the wholes. At this point it was apparent that I would need to remove the plastic wall where the bracket of the jump seat bumped up against it.

7. If you didn’t get the plastic wall panel from the junk yard use a rotatory tool with a drill bit end to cut out the plastic at the bottom so the bracket can be positions to be bolted down. See my pictures for how much I cut back. Also before you start make sure you remove the padding inside the compartment or your rotary tool will get all caught up in it (learned by experience ).


Pull out padding behind wall you are going to cut out:

Rotary Tool:


8. Vacuum up your mess from using your rotatory tool.

9. Bolt the Seat Belt star screw in first with a t-50 ratchet.

Seat belt bolt close-up:

Seat belt bolt back a bit:

10. Bolt the rest of the screws in starting them all before tightening them all. Note, on each side One of the bolt heads sheared off as I was tightening them so be careful. I still need to go back and find a way to get out the sheared off bolt and find a new one (I think they are self-tapping as the wholes they are going into are not threaded).

Bolts in:

11. Clean up your tools and start putting the carpet back as best you can. Once it is lined up cut slits in the carpet to fit around the bracket legs.

Carpet going back in:

Carpet back in and cut around the jump seat bracket:

12. Screw the carpet back down.

13. Put the bracket cover back on and push in the cap plugs.

Cover and cap plugs in:

Seat in:

Seat in view 2:

I hope this was useful for you. If it was, let me know.Thanks.

2003 Mazda B3000 Dual Sport Extended cab 2dr

Sours: http://www.fordrangerforum.com/

Supercab no back seat



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If your truck doesn't have suicide doors for the extended portion of the cab, having jump seats, while possible would be very difficult for the passengers to use. With the size of the extended cab, room back there is not very good anyway. Best left for children and pets than adult humans if anything living is going to be put back there. One of my future projects is to remove my jump seats and fabricate a storage box with drawers to make better use of the space and get what is back there out of sight of potential thieves.
Sours: https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/supercab-no-back-seat.185843/
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Can you fit 3 people in a Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger seats four people in the standard SuperCab model and five in the optional SuperCrew. Cloth upholstery comes standard. In both cabs, the front seats are spacious and comfortable, and drivers enjoy good forward visibility. …

How much room is in the back seat of a Ford Ranger?

The 2019 Ford Ranger beats it in hip room by 0.8 inches, but it falls short in headroom by 1.6 inches, legroom by 1.9 inches, and shoulder room by 0.9 inches. The Colorado extended cab’s rear seats have 36.7 inches of headroom, 28.6 inches of legroom, 57.3 inches of shoulder room, and 52.2 inches of hip room.

How spacious is the Ford Ranger?

Talking about cargo and luggage utility, the 2021 Ford Ranger crew cab is an epitome of premium and stalwartness, which has widened the scope of hauling and towing along with a decent cargo space of 26.5 cubic feet.

What are the back seats in a Ford Ranger called?

It’s called an extended cab. There are two seats in the back that sit sideways.

Is the Ford Ranger comfortable?

The Ranger is a solid off-roader, and its towing and hauling capacities are good for the class. Inside, the seats are comfortable, and SuperCrew models have more rear-seat space than many competitors. There are plenty of user-friendly features available as well.

How much gas does a 2004 Ford Ranger hold?

2004 Ford Ranger – Fuel Tank Capacity

TrimEngine TypeGallons (US)
XLT FX4 Level II – Extended Cab Pickup(4.0L V6 4×4 5-speed Manual 6.0 ft. Bed)Gas19,5
Edge – Extended Cab Pickup(3.0L V6 5-speed Manual 6.0 ft. Bed)Gas19,5
Edge – Extended Cab Pickup(4.0L V6 5-speed Manual 6.0 ft. Bed)Gas19,5

What size bed does a 2004 Ford Ranger have?

XLT 3.0L Standard 2dr 4×2 Regular Cab Styleside 5.75 ft. box 111.6 in. WB. 2004 Ford Ranger.

How much is a Ford Ranger 2004?

Ranger Trims

TruckOriginal MSRP / PriceEngine
Ranger 2dr Supercab 3.0L XLT$18,120 / N/A6 Cylinder
Ranger 2dr Supercab 4.0L Edge$19,240 / N/A6 Cylinder
Ranger 2dr Supercab 4.0L XLT 4WD$21,945 / N/A6 Cylinder
Ranger 2dr Supercab 4.0L XLT Value 4WD$20,540 / N/A6 Cylinder
Sours: https://www.mvorganizing.org/can-you-fit-3-people-in-a-ford-ranger/
Ranger Back Seat Delete

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Ford ranger back seats 2004

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2009 Ford Ranger Front Seat Recline Mechanism. Applicable for Mazda B Series Pick-Up Truck.

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