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Need a Lightweight Style to Protect You From the Summer Heat? Try Spring Twists

Between avoiding the sweltering heat, humidity, and other outside elements that can easily botch even the simplest of hairstyles, summer is probably one of the best times of the year to experiment with protective styles. We've seen tons of styles like knotless box braids, butterfly locs, Marley twists, and more thrive in the summer months over the years, but even with the wealth of hair inspiration that's already out there, there's another protective style that we're adding to our mood boards this summer: spring twists.

Spring twists, for the uninitiated, are similar to passion twists, except they're a lot shorter — usually shoulder-length — meaning that they're a lot more lightweight, and won't make you feel uncomfortable when you're wearing them in the summer heat. Like passion twists, spring twists are installed using a curly braiding hair that makes the twists look a lot curlier and, well, springy.

It's a great protective style to consider if your main goal is to keep your hands out of your hair for a few weeks, but how long they'll last you is likely dependent on your lifestyle and how well you take care of them. Still, much like box braids and most other protective styles like them, you can generally expect spring twists to last between four and six weeks.

Read ahead to check out some spring-twist inspiration.


Bob spring twist short hairstyles

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3 hours ago 👉🏾Amazon Official Store :👉🏾 Direct Link to the Toyotress Bob Spring Twists 1 Pack (8 bundles in 1 pack) Color T30 (Ca

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BOB SPRING TWIST Hair twist styles, Short hair twist

9 hours ago Aug 14, 2020 - Full Name: Toyotress Bob Spring Twist Crochet Hair - Cute & Versatile Pre-twisted Spring Twists Crochet Braids Synthetic Braiding Hair Extension NOTE:There are different colors with Bob Spring Twist Hair, you will find one that fits you to lighten your beauty.More colors and sizes will be updated soon, welcome to

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3 hours ago Hey guys, Happy Sunday!! I forgot to mention that the hair comes in 8" and it took a total of 6-1/2 hours to complete. I did NOT separate the hair whatsoever

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8 hours ago Hair Material: Crochet Spring Twist Hair Pretwisted,spring twists,bomb twists,spring twist,twist braids Hair type: b ob spring twist hair,short spring twist,short passion twist hair,Super Cute Spring twists ,bob spring twist hair prelooped . M ade Method: Hand Tied, Through 35 Working Procedures.. Color and Style:6 Inches pre-twisted spring twist hair Have 4 Colors

Rating: 4.3/5(477)

Hair Type: Curly

Color: 1b

Installation Type: Weave

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19 Spring Twists ideas twist hairstyles, natural hair

3 hours ago Dec 28, 2019 - Explore Sheila Smith's board "Spring Twists" on Pinterest. See more ideas about twist hairstyles, natural hair styles, braid styles.

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60 Best Short Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women in 2021

2 hours ago The short bob hairstyles of today are not what they were yesterday. The trendy blonde is no longer one, solid tone, it’s transformed into a light ash blonde color with lowlights. Accordingly, a bob is no longer just a bob, it is a messy, graduated bob with air within the strands, and it looks quite fabulous!

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LYbeauty Spring Twist Hair 4 Packs/Lot 8 Inch Short Bob

8 hours ago Material: Pre-twisted Spring Twist Hair, 100% Kanekalon Synthetic Hair, Low Temperature Fiber, No Harm to the Skin, Pre-looped Spring Twist Crochet Hair. Features: Short Curly Bob Spring Pretwisted Crochet Hair, Natural Looking Two Strand Twist Hair Extensions, Shiny and Silky, Easy To Install, Natural Hairstyles Braids for Women.

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8 Short Passion Twists You Absolutely Hairstyle Camp

7 hours ago 7. Short Bohemian Passion Twist. source. With bohemian styles, no blunt cuts can be found. The ends of these twists are all about creating a natural, relaxed feeling with your hairstyle. This look typically works best on long bob styles and those that reach your …

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20 Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for Women in 2022 Short

4 hours agoShort stacked bob. Spice up your look and go for a bright red bob like this. This one is a shorter cut with the hair just above the chin in the front and a short-stacked cut in the back. It’s a beautiful style that will look amazing for spring and summer. A hairstyle like this is perfect for women who want a dramatic transformation.

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4 Things You Need To Know Before Installing Spring Twists

3 hours agoSpring twists are not also called “natural twists” for no reason; This hairstyle has the potential to look like it’s growing directly out of your scalp! If you like a more natural look, go for a realistic length that is short to medium in length. For those of you with medium length hair (around 11 to 14 inches long) already, twist in hair

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84 Sexy Kinky Twist Hairstyles to Try This Year

3 hours ago Once the twists come out, you are left with these curls that are bold and unique. Talk about an impressive hairstyle. 57. Gorgeous Colors. This style is very short and we can see a very unique hairstyle. It’s a stunning one that would be great for an everyday style. 58. A Touch of Colors. A very short style that has some dark and lights together.

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Looking For That Perfect Lightweight PreTwisted

4 hours agoSpring twists are lightweight protective styles that give you the twisted look while your hair is neatly protected. If you like to try new styles that protect your hair and give you the peace of mind of not having to wake up super early to get started on hair, then this style will …

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9 hours ago Hair Material: Crochet Spring Twist Hair Pretwisted Hair type: b ob spring twist hair,Fluffy Twist,short spring twist,short passion twist hair,Super Cute Spring twists ,bob spring twist hair prelooped . M ade Method: Hand Tied, Through 35 Working Procedures.. Color and Style:6 Inches pre-twisted spring twist hair Have 4 Colors

Rating: 4.2/5(387)

Hair Type: Short

Color: 2

Installation Type: Weave

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45 Gorgeous Passion Twists Hairstyles StayGlam

3 hours ago 1. Short Passion Twists. First up, we have this beautiful half-up, half-down hairstyle. The twists have been parted on the side and about half of the hair has been styled up. This is a gorgeous hair idea that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. We love the length of the twists too, as it is a stylish look for the spring and summer

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71 New Top Bob Hairstyles that are Trending in 2021

9 hours ago The best Bob Hairstyles for your Face Shape. Heart-shaped Faces. Round-shaped Faces. Square-Shaped Faces. Oval-Shaped Faces. Trending Now. A bob hairstyle is classic and elegant. It can look unique depending on your cut and how you style it. For a modern look, you can opt for straight, wavy, sleek, layered, weave, or asymmetrical.

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Pretwisted Spring Twist Crochet Hair Short Braids Bob

6 hours agospring twist hair. Description. Reviews. 8 inches, 15 strands/pack. Package: 3 Packs/lot or 6 packs/lot. Hair Material: Top Quality Short Curly Spring Pre-twisted Crochet Braids Hair makes you more charming.100% High Temperature Kanekalon Fiber, It's Harmless to Human. Feature: Short Curly Spring Pre-twisted Crochet Braids Hair--The Most

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Short Haircuts Bobs 2022 New Short Hairstyles Blog

1 hours ago Fortunately the 2022 womens short haircut remains a winning choice for stylish ladies who want to adopt a top hairstyle. Short inverted bob is a nice and classic hairstyle that is overall complimenting and face-outlining. The hairstyle looks voluminous and very romantic. Pixie Bob Hairstyles 2022 As the name implies a pixie bob is a combination

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40 Hottest Short Hairstyles, Short Haircuts 2021 Bobs

9 hours ago Grown out short hairstyles become short bob on golden-brown hair. This is a great daily hairstyle for anyone with an oval face and thick hair. It’s quite long for a pixie haircut and really demonstrates how you can continue with simple hairstyles when your pixie is growing out. The long layers rely on dense hair to create a lovely rounded shape at the back, graduated to curve in nicely at

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50 Cool Twists and Kinky Twist Hairstyles to Try Out! My

1 hours agoShort Bob Twists Hairstyle . Source. You can even create a short bob out of twists. Style it by parting your hair on one side and use a pair of over-sized earrings and you’re good to go. That’s the beauty of kinky twists. They can be transformed into any type of hairdo you can dream of while still protecting your hair.

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22 Best Layered Bob Hairstyles for 2021 You Should Not

2 hours ago Extreme layered bob hairstyles with neutral blonde highlights on dark blonde base ‘Chic and trendy’ best describe this style of carefully-shaped, layered bob hairstyles for thick/medium hair. Notice the expertly-thinned last 2 or 3 inches, which is a new twist for …

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54 Senegalese Twists Loved by Millions of Women New

5 hours ago This one is for the shot of hairstyle lovers. There are some women, who always love the short hairstyles like the short brads, short dreads, short bob, and so on. For them, the Senegalese twisted braids are presented hair. The short hair reveals the smartness and confidence of the women with the beauty and glory.

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15 Badass Passion Twists Crochet Hairstyles You Can't Miss

9 hours ago 11. Short Bob Twists. Now let’s give space for gorgeous women that want it short and stunning – Not everybody likes a long hairstyle. But once in a while, if you feel like testing and play around with passion twists, feel free to try this. @iamshaylanash 12. Small Crochet Twists Hairstyle

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BOB SPRING TWIST 10" – Toyotress

9 hours ago If you are tired of a long hairstyle, just have a try on Super Cute BOB spring twist .you will fall in love with it. Size available: 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches Color available: 1B, T27, T30, T118, T350 Bob Spring Twist Cute & Versatile Soft & Lightweight PRE-looped & twisted Super easy to inst

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Cute Bob Spring Twist 8 Inch Spring Twist Synthetic

5 hours ago Cute Bob Spring Twist 8 Inch Spring Twist Synthetic Crochet Hair Hair Items Bob Spring Twist Hair Material: 100% quality Flame retardant fiber, Low Temperature Fiber Synthetic Hair Extensions. Hair Advantages: New Fashion Cute Short Bob Spring Twist Hairstyle, Natural And Personality, Soft &Lightweight; Pre-Looped & Twisted; Easy & Quick To Install; Neat & No Odor.

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Bob Spring Twist Hair Toyotress Bob Spring Twist ,Fluffy

8 hours ago If you are tired of a long hairstyle, just have a try on Super Cute BOB spring twist .you will fall in love with it. Size available: 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches Color available: 1B, T27, T30, T118, T350 Bob Spring Twist Cute & Versatile Soft & Lightweight PRE-looped & twisted Super easy to install Long-lasting Versatile Bob Spring Twist You can use the bob spring twist as crochet

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60 Beautiful TwoStrand Twists Protective Styles on

5 hours ago 3. Loosely Twisted Two-Strand Twists on Short Hair and Medium Length Hair. I love how Esther of @gameoffros took this side-by-side picture with her husband to show how your hairstyle will turn out if you have a shorter hair length.. This gives you a realistic expectation of what your two-strand twists will look like if you have a different hair length.

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Spring Twists 101: What to Know About the Protective Style

8 hours ago The Benefits of Spring Twists . Lightweight: Spring twists are incredibly lightweight, making them a great hairstyle for those that don't want a super heavy style or tugging along their hairline.; Look natural: Spring twists mimic the look of natural hair.; Low maintenance: The twists might take a long time to install, but once you're finished, they're really easy to maintain.

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UPDATED: 30+ Passion Twist Hairstyles (August 2020)

6 hours ago While spring twists look too springy and faux locks look too faux, this hairstyle starts to look more natural as it ages, blending with your real hair. We’re seeing more emphasis on undone hair on the runway, and this hairstyle is just perfect for giving you a rugged, bohemian look. In fact, a passion twist hairstyle is the union of

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Spring Hairstyles: 15 Cute Hairstyles for Springtime 2021

2 hours ago 15 New Hairstyles for Spring Season 2021: Let’s check here with mentioned top 15 spring hair ideas for women. 1. The Bow Bun Spring Idea: Save. We all have come across various varieties of the bun. But we are sure that you haven’t ever seen a bow bun! This stylish bow bun is a new fashion trend right now.

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Spring Hair Trends: Haircut & Hairstyles Ideas [Updated:2020]

8 hours agoHairstyle 5. Floral spring twist hairstyle Step 1. Start by clipping in a 3-clip weft from your Luxy Hair extensions at the nape of your head. Then, section off your hair at your ear and clip in a 4-clip weft. Finally, section off your hair at your temple and clip in a 3-clip weft.

Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

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31 Stunning Crochet Twist Hairstyles StayGlam

3 hours ago If you’re looking for a new ‘do, you should check out these 31 stunning crochet twist hairstyles: 1. Layered, Medium Length Crochet Twists. Source: @mynaturalsistas. Keep things short and cute like these layered, medium length crochet twists. This style is easy to maintain and perfect for hot summer days. 2.

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31+ Bob Hairstyles For A Wedding Guest

2 hours ago 18 Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair Bob Trendy Short. Wedding Guest Hairstyles 1 Curly Twisted Updo Source If you can t decide on a look this is one out of many wedding guest hairstyles that sort of incorporates it all A 2 Curved Twist 3 Classic Glamour 4 Braided Crown Bun 5 Bright and Beautiful. 40 Best Short Wedding Hairstyles That Make You

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Super Short Buzz Haircut New Short Hairstyles Blog

1 hours ago Cool Short Hair Styles Very Short Hair Short Hair Styles Super Short Hair . All Sizes 39468332 10156718719357718 4547469153476280320 N Flickr Photo Sharing Buzzed Hair Short Sassy Hair Super Short Hair . Pin On Short Hair . Badass Buzz Haircuts For Women 2017 Styles Art Short Sassy Hair Short Hair Styles Pixie Edgy Hair

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Best Short Braided Bob Hairstyles 2021

4 hours ago The beautiful collections of short braided Bob hairstyles will give you a wide range of choice and insight on how this hairstyle will look on you. Box braids can be achieved either as a box braid, twist, or other types of curls. So cool and suitable for parties and other occasions, both adults and kids will love this hairstyle.

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Twist Archives New Natural Hairstyles

4 hours ago Havana twist is a trendy and recent African American hairstyle. From the general people to the high-profile celebrities are using these hairstyles. Besides, Celebrities like Solange, Beyoncé, Keyshia Cole, and many others have added importance to this recent trend. It created from a lot of twists, turns, and weaves of your hair.

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, Beyonc

Passion Twist : Bomb Twist Spring Twist Crochet Braids

3 hours ago Bomb Twist Spring Twist Crochet Braids Crochet Hair Ombre Colors Synthetic Fluffy Hair Extension (12 Inch)

Category: Use words in a sentence

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15 Cute & Easy Twist Out Natural Hair Styles Curly Girl Swag

9 hours ago The simplest way is to start on an old twist. Next, separate your hair and put into into three vertical ponytails. Last, tuck each ponytail into a small bun and pin with bobby pins to hold them into place. 8. Super Chic Top Knot Bun. Here is another hairstyle by @dr_kami that is …

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35 Best Senegalese Twist Hairstyles For Women (2021 Guide)

9 hours ago Furthermore, Senegalese twist hairstyles are a beautiful way to give your tresses a break from routine styling. With so many twists for women to choose from, Senegalese twist styles are also incredibly trendy, versatile, and cute. Whether you want a short, medium, long, small, large or jumbo Senegalese twist, there is a stylish look for you.

Category: Use words in a sentence

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Spring Senegalese Twist Crochet Braids Hair Wavy End Soft

2 hours ago 6 inches, 18 strands/pack.Package: 3 Packs/lot or 4 packs/lot.6Inch Bob Spring Twist Hair Pretwisted Curly Twist Crochet Hair Short Twists Croche.. $17.90 Add to Cart

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Bob Spring twist hair prelooped?

Bob Spring Twist Hair Prelooped Crochet Hair Braids 6 Inch Short passion twist hair pre twisted 140 stands By Flyteng… Visit the Flyteng Store 4.3 out of 5 stars444 ratings

What kind of Hair do you use for spring twists?

Spring Twists are typically done with pack hair that is used for crochet hairstyles so that it gives you the option of crocheting the twists in or creating your own individual twists.

Which is the best way to do a bob hairstyle?

Curl formers are used to give the hair body and a luxurious look. The bob style looks great when it has more volume. The deep side part defines the bob hairstyle. You can make the twists bolder and bigger, then part the hair over to the side and pull the hair to one side to finish the look.

How long does it take to braid spring twist hair?

Great transitional hairstyle, going from relaxed to natural. The Spring Twist is a protective hair braid that feels light and airy but still looks amazing at all occasion. The whole braiding process can take 4-8 hours, depending on the type and length of hair.

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Spring Twists or passion twists

Spring Twists, also known as Natural Twists or Passion Twists, is a gorgeous, defined, and fluffy two-strand twist style that’s a must-try this season and frankly every season!

What are spring twists or passion twists?

Spring twists are a long-term protective style, that is not only easy to do but effortlessly manageable, and a cute way to help protect your hair as it grows or transition to natural hair.

The style requires coily hair extensions so that the final looks appear springy and bouncy. 

No matter if you’re looking for something to help you reach a hair goal or just want to give something new and fresh a try, spring twists make a really good go-to.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind before giving this beautiful look a try!

Pick The Right Hair

spring twists

Spring Twists are typically done with pack hair that is used for crochet hairstyles so that it gives you the option of crocheting the twists in or creating your own individual twists.

Amazon offers many different variations of “spring twist” crochet hair, but if that is not available to you, crochet curl patterns like “Jamaican Bounce” are also great for achieving this look!

Braid First, Twist Last

With every twist, you must braid at the base first to keep your hair from slipping and falling out. The great thing about spring twists is that each individual twist should be small, so if you’re not the strongest or neatest braider, it’s not as noticeable as when you do bigger twists.

You don’t need to braid too far down, either! Braid about an inch down before you begin twisting. If you have longer hair, moisturize and tame your hair before twisting for a smoother blend.

Why Not Go Short?

Spring twists are not also called “natural twists” for no reason; This hairstyle has the potential to look like it’s growing directly out of your scalp!

If you like a more natural look, go for a realistic length that is short to medium in length. For those of you with medium length hair (around 11 to 14 inches long) already, twist in hair about an inch or two longer than your natural hair so that you can still safely seal the ends in hot water.

Short Spring Twists or Passion Twists Inspo

Short Passion twists

For the above picture, click the below to watch her video on how she did that gorgeous installation. Watch below:

More short styles

short spring twists

bob spring twists

If you want to use your own hair for this look, it’s very simple– remember that these are really just two-strand twists!

Keep caring for your natural hair

You’ve heard it once, and you will hear it again: your hair absolutely still needs to be cared for while in a protective style!

Oiling and massaging your scalp, gently cleansing your twists, and redoing twists are all part of keeping your hair healthy and fresh.

Keep an applicator bottle filled with mixed oils on hand to nourish your scalp and roots when needed!

Extra hair to redo old twists at your edges and nape is also very important if you plan to wear this style for 4 weeks or more.

As a matter of fact, since you are here you might as well check out these two braid spray recipes I shared a while back! You might find them useful!

Spring Twist Demos

More pictures:
spring twists

@braidsby aja:
spring twists

how to do passion twists

Spring Twists are easy

How to do passion twists

How to do Spring Twists

Two more videos:

Passion Twists using the rubber band method:

Passion twists or Spring twists are great but if you want more protective style option you can click here for 35 more.

If you want to learn more about Butterfly locs, feel free to click here as well. Comment below and let us know if you have tried Spring Twists or Passion Twists.

Emily Cottontop

Hi! My name is Petra Lomax and I am the Editor in Chief at EmilyCottontop. I am a natural hair enthusiast and blogger for over 8 years. Professionally I create content for small businesses who want to win in SEO and sales and I also write and market for my own collection of websites including ECT. For strategic partnerships, advertising, and sponsored content ✉️ [email protected]

Spring Twist Crochet Braids- Rubberband Method on a Twa- Ft @Bretheegemini

Spring twist hair is the last word in braiding and natural hairstyles, and that’s absolutely deserved! The year has just begun, yet it has already given life to lots of new protective styles, and this one is just lit. Besides an amazingly cute appearance, spring twists come with whole lotta benefits for natural hair. Spoiler: protective styles have never been so lightweight and, erm, protective.

This trend is getting pretty huge now, so we can’t let our natural-haired goddesses miss it. Ahead, you’re going to learn all the basics about the new natural style. And, of course, we won’t leave you without mindblowing hair-inspo!

What Is Spring Twist Hair?

Credit photo:

First things first, you need to know what spring twists are, as well as how they differ from other natural hairstyles. Well, it’s all about the texture and weight: the installed twists are so light that they spring once you give it a slight tug (that’s how the style got its name though). And the result is dazzling: lots of cute little twisted coils hug one another with tons of shine in the hair.

Tip: Girls sporting dramatic Senegalese twist styles can switch to springs to finally give their scalp and hair some rest.

How To Spring Twist On Natural Hair

Credit photo:

As much as we’d love to say this natural hairstyle has nothing to do with other protective styles in terms of time and effort, it still takes a lot of time to get it done. However, the result is truly different, and it’s totally worth it, whether you’re into DIY or in a salon.

Now, let us take you closer to the process of getting the trendy style. First off, we will tell you what spring twist hair supplies you or your braider will use. And before getting to braiding, we will give you some advice on choosing spring twist braiding hair.

What kind of hair do you need to use?

The installation of spring twists is pretty similar to the crochet technique for box braids, so you should look for coily hair extensions. Basically, the choice is pretty vast, so if you’re a newbie, it’s better to go with kadi natural spring twist hair. As told by braiders, it’s a universal pick you can’t go wrong with.

How many packs of spring twist hair do you need?

Since spring twists are super light in nature, you can rock a super long mane without it weigh your hair down. In general, spring hair comes in a pack with three bundles, and you will probably need half of them.

Tip: Split each coil of spring twist crochet hair into two or three, depending on the size of twists you want to achieve.

How to: Installation

When installing the twists, you will need such tools as a crochet needle, comb, and clips. Also, the process can’t do without the right products: leave-in conditioner and pomade are the musts.

  1. Prepping and sectioning. Starting with freshly washed and conditioned dry hair, part your hair into 4 to 6 sections to begin the installation. When the sections are ready, make the twist parts as big as you want them to be. Then, add some hydrating product and follow it up with pomade so that your hair won’t pick out. Now, it’s time for extensions.

  2. Braiding at the roots. To install the extensions, you should braid the hair at the roots. There are a couple of ways to do that, and your task is to choose the one that works for you. You can create a small braid at the root and then go down an inch, looping the hair before completing a twist. Or, you can twist the extension down into your own hair.

  3. Twisting and detangling. Next, you’re going to create a twisted shape. To do so, gently twist (not twirl) the extensions, ensuring they’re springy. Some twists may be uneven or knotted, so make sure to detangle them as you go. Also, you can split the uneven twists and then twist them down to the ends for a more consistent shape.

How Long Do Spring Twists Last? + Tricks How To Fix Them

Rocking a style that makes heads turn is cool, but you also need to know how to keep it at its best from the day you left your braider to the date you meet again. Answering the most frequently asked question, we will share the essentials on maintaining your gorgeous twists.

Credit photo:

Q: How long do spring twists last?

A: The lifetime of spring twists pretty much depends on the installation technique, as well as the length and the way you maintain them. Still, in general, they may last from 4-8 weeks, just like any other protective style.

Q: How do you fix an uneven spring?

A: If you happen to see your spring twists unravel, simply split them into two and twist them one more time, adding some pomade to keep it all together. In fact, it won’t happen if you regularly moisturize your locks and sleep with a satin scarf.

Q: How do you keep spring twists from frizzing?

A: To get rid of frizz in spring twists, apply some moisturizing gel to them, gently ‘twisting in’ the product.

Awesome Spring Twist Hairstyles You Will Want To Try

While being lightweight and easy-to-wear, springs allow for countless experiments with colors, shapes, and styles! You can brighten up your fav side-swept styles by adding some color extensions or spice up your high bun with a hint of color. Even simple half-ups will look different with such a funky shape.

Credit photo: photo: photo: photo: photo: photo: photo: photo: photo: photo:

The world of natural hairstyles if full of surprises and spring twists seem to be its eighth wonder! You asked for proofs, we gave you more. Now that you’ve discovered how the style is done, how stylish it is, and how it can change your natural hair routine for the better, we bet it’s your turn to show up with twists!

FAQ: Spring Twist Hair

What hair is used for spring twist?

Spring twists are created with curly braiding locks and are quite easy to reproduce at home if you have a little bit of patience and know some of the expert-approved tips and tricks. Spring twists are tighter than other hair styles like, for example, passion twists.

How many packs of spring twist do I need?

Spring hair is normally sold in three bundles. However, most people only use one and a half bundles to cover the entire head. Just break each coil in the pack in half to get medium-sized twists, or in 3-4 pieces for smaller twists.

Can spring twists wet?

If you don’t want to wash your spring twists, you can simply get them wet.

What’s the difference between passion twist and spring twist?

Passion twists are frequently misunderstood for spring twists. They are created using pre-curled (pre-twisted) locks, whereas spring twists are formed with pre-twisted hair. Spring twists are available in various lengths and hues that will complement your personal style.

  • Whatever the occasion we have the inspiration you need to style your hair any which way. Source

Styles twist short spring

1How To Do Spring Twists on Natural Hair

Black Spring Twists

Spring twists are pretty easy to install and the process isn’t significantly different from other twisted protective styles. Starting on freshly washed, conditioned, and blow dried hair, divide the hair into small sections and start by braiding the hair at the roots for about an inch or so, then twist the spring hair into your natural hair, making sure the hair doesn’t tangle in the process. One of the great things about spring twists is that since the hair used is curly, there’s no need to use hot water to seal the ends – just give the ends a little twirl and a squeeze. As an alternative method, you can buy spring twist crochet hair and use the crochet method to install the twists. Whichever method you prefer, the end result is a gorgeous protective style. Take a look a 30+ beautiful spring twist hairstyles.

2Shoulder Length Spring Twists

Shoulder Length Spring Twists

These beautiful spring twists fall right around the shoulders and have a hint of color that really helps them pop. This is a great length for those who don’t like super long twists.

3Side Swept Spring Twists

Side Swept Spring Twists

These stunning spring twists are styled into a cute, effortless side swept look. This is a simple way to show off your twists and your favorite pair of earrings.

4Spring Twists With Half Up High Bun

Spring Twists With Half Up High Bun

These spring twists are styled into a casual half up high bun. This is an easy way to keep your twists out of your face and it also doubles as a cute style.

5Spring Twists High Bun

Spring Twists High Bun

Spring twists look great styled into a high bun like the one pictured here. Leave some of the ends out in the front to create the illusion of bangs for an elegant look.

6Ombre Spring Twists

Ombre Spring Twists

Use ombre colored braiding hair for a pop of color on the ends of your spring twists. This small detail really makes this style pop.

7Half Pulled Back Spring Twists

Half Pulled Back Spring Twists

You can never go wrong with a half pulled back style. This is a great way to show off these shoulder length spring twists and keep them out of your face.

8Short Two Toned Spring Twists

Short Two Toned Spring Twists

These gorgeous bob length spring twists are made with two-toned braiding hair for a pretty sun-kissed look. Style them into a half up half down style and add a cute hair accessory like a cowrie shell to create a more personalized look.

9Light Brown Ombre Spring Twists

Light Brown Ombre Spring Twists

These beautiful spring twists are made with light brown ombre braiding hair for a really striking final look. The two colors really make the texture of the twists stand out.

10Spring Twists High Bun With Tendrils

Spring Twists High Bun With Tendrils

To recreate this look, style your twists into a chic high bun and leave two twists out to form face-framing tendrils on each side.

11Shiny Spring Twists

Shiny Spring Twists

These stunning spring twists have a shiny appearance that really helps show off their unique texture. Having a variety of spring hair colors and textures to choose from makes the styling options almost limitless.

12Half Up Half Down Spring Twists

Half Up Half Down Spring Twists

The classic half up half down style is a great way to wear spring twists. This is a great way to show off these pretty bob length twists.

13Waist Length Spring Twists

Waist Length Spring Twists

If you like your protective styles to be long and luscious, these waist length spring twists are a great choice for you. The length of these twists gives you lots of styling options.

14Black, Blue, and Green Spring Twists

Black Blue and Green Spring Twists

This colorful take on spring twists is created using blue, green, and black braiding hair. This unique look is sure to stand out from all the rest.

15Red Ombre Spring Twists

Red Ombre Spring Twists

Deep red/burgundy ombre hair gives these spring twists a fiery pop of color that will complement any skin tone and turn heads wherever you go.

16Spring Twists Top Knot

Spring Twists Top Knot

These medium sized spring twists are styled into a simple half up top knot which really shows off their unique texture and beautifully precise diamond-shaped parts.

17Spring Twists With Brown Highlights

Spring Twists With Brown Highlights

These gorgeous spring twists feature brown highlights for a stunning finish. This protective style lets you play around with color while keeping your own hair safely tucked away.

18Bob Length Spring Twists

Bob Length Spring Twists

These stunning bob length twists are created with brown braiding hair which really helps emphasize the gorgeous texture of these twists.

19Spring Twists Updo

Spring Twists Updo

The curly texture of spring twists make them perfect for creating updos. Just pile the twists at the top of your head and secure them in place for a really chic, elegant look.

20Side Swept Brown Spring Twists

Side Swept Brown Spring Twists

These brown spring twists look beautiful styled into a simple side sweep. Whether this shade is close to your natural hair color or something different, it’s a great shade of brown that complements all skin tones.

21Shoulder Length Black Spring Twists

Shoulder Length Black Spring Twists

Shoulder length twists are a great length to go for if you’re having a hard time deciding between long or short twists. These spring twists frame the face really nicely.

22Voluminous Spring Twists

Voluminous Spring Twists

These gorgeous spring twists will give your style volume and movement. They also look great styled into an updo.

23Spring Twists Bob

Spring Twists BOb

You can never really go wrong with a bob and a spring twists bob is no exception. The unique texture of the twists really helps this style stand out.

24Reddish Brown Spring Twists

Reddish Brown Spring Twists

Getting a protective style is the perfect opportunity to try out a new hair color. If you want a color that’s more subtle, consider a reddish brown shade like this one. Using more than one color helps create gorgeous highlights.

25Half Up Half Down Black Spring Twists

Half Up Half Down Black S

One of the best things about spring twists is that you can easily style them in a variety of ways so you’ll never get bored. These black spring twists look great arranged in a casual half up half down style.

26Multi-Colored Spring Twists

Multi-Colored Spring Twists

These stunning multi-colored spring twists are a great choice if you’re looking for a style that will really stand out. With hues of brown, red, and blonde, you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go with this vibrant style.

27Spring Twists High Ponytail With Faux Bangs

Spring Twists High Ponytail With Faux Bangs

This is a really cute way to style your spring twists: arrange them into a high ponytail and let them fall forward to give the appearance of bangs.

28Short Spring Twists With Side Part

Short Spring Twists With Side Part

These short, cute spring twists are styled with a side part. This is a really great style that looks a lot like two strand twists on natural hair, but they help keep your hair tucked away and protected in the process.

29Short Golden Brown Spring Twists

Short Golden Brown Spring Twists

These beautiful golden brown spring twists frame the face nicely, falling right above the shoulders. This color will give you a natural sun-kissed look and it also helps highlight the natural texture of the twists.

30Black Blue and Purple Spring Twists

Black Blue and Purple Spring Twists

These beautiful black spring twists feature a hint of purple and blue color for a really striking contrast. Blue and purple are both vibrant but cool, understated tones that complement a variety of skin tones. This look is also perfect for those who want to experiment with color but don’t want to fully commit to one shade.

31Short Black Spring Twists

Short Black Spring Twists

It’s common for long protective styles to get all the love, but short styles are just as cute (and don’t take as long to install). Short spring twists look great and they’re also a great alternative for those who haven’t quite perfected their two strand twist technique.

32Reddish Brown Ombre Spring Twists

Reddish Brown Ombre Spring Twists

Ombre color looks amazing on spring twists, partially because of the texture of the twists. Ombre color also creates a great contrast when you style them into a high ponytail or updo.

33Spring Twists With Burgundy Ends

Spring Twists With Burgundy Ends

These black spring twists have a hint of burgundy on the ends for a gorgeous pop of color. Burgundy is a great shade because it looks good on everyone and it’s vibrant but not too bold.

34Black, Blonde, and Burgundy Spring Twists

Black Blonde and Burgundy Spring Twists

These black spring twists have blonde and burgundy color mixed throughout. The result is a unique multi-colored look that really catches the eye.

35Spring Twist Bob

Spring Twist Bob

Spring twists give the classic bob a little something extra. Style the twists with a side part and pin some of them back for a really elegant look that works for both casual and formal days.


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I know you may have wondered the difference between the two trending protective hairstyles—spring twists and passion twists.

And I believe your wondering thought has a role to play on which style you are about to wear next—just guessing.

If that be the case, then that’s why I am here.

In today’s post, I am going to tell and show you the difference and similarities between the two twists.

So let’s get started.


What are Passion Twists?

Passion twists are one of the trending new styles of two-strands twists, and a special wavy hair extension is what stylists use to achieve the twists’ style.

I wouldn’t want to go into the full history of how passion twist came to be, But let me tell you how it all started.

Rogers (Miami Based hairstylist) wanted to create a style that looks like a bohemian Lisa vibe for her client when she got the inspiration; the rest story is history.

You see will see what passion twists look like when you read down.

Before we proceed, I recently shared the 20 best passion twists crochet hairstyles you won’t regret trying out this year. If it’s something you’re interested in, do well to check it out.

What are Spring Twists?

As the name implies, spring twist got the title based on its gorgeous springy feature, which is one of the reasons a lot of ladies go for it, even men.

Just like passion twists, there is a particular coily hair extension that you need to achieve the springy and twisty pattern.

Also, Read;

The Difference between Passion Twists and Spring Twist

Now that you know what they both are, I am very sure you are eager to know the differences as well—no need to keep you waiting.

1. Weight

No matter how much you try to manipulate the strands (in terms of length and density), passion twists will always be more cumbersome when compared to spring twists.

Forget the length of extension as the primary cause; naturally, passion twists are not that light in weight (I won’t use the word “heavy” again, I think it can scare you away. lol)

2. Pricing

The type of hair extension used for each style(which is the difference), is the reason behind the price difference.

Spring twist is less expensive and economical when compared to passion.

You can even use spring twists hair extension again after removal(i.e., after removal). But I doubt if you can do that with passion twists extension.

3. Appearance, Pattern Impression & Texture

Spring twists and passion twists are both excellent, but to me, the most appealing style is the spring twists. The springy feature alone drives me crazy in love. I think I cannot decide for you.

For the area of texture, the Spring twist has a smooth and luscious texture, while passion twist has a thick texture.

4. Durability

No doubt, spring twists last longer than passion twists. Check my post on how long passion twists last vs. how long spring twists last.

One thing behind this is that passion tangles and unravel very quickly. When I mean very easily, it becomes messy and old.

The Similarities

Installation Method and Time: 

For the time spent aspect, just like I said in my previous post, the amount of time to be spent on installation depends on the technique used, how fast and experienced you or your hairstylist are with style.

Some ladies do split and stretch spring twists strand before they start installing. Doing this (which is sometimes necessary) increases the time.

That’s why I said it depends on how you install.

  • Another similarity I shouldn’t tell you is that they are both beautiful. Lol. But the individual choices and preferences have a huge role to play on which one is more beautiful.
  • They are both versatile. That is, you can style it to any hairstyle you can imagine (But Bangs are NO for passion twists).
  • Their care routines are quite similar; you just have to be creative with the way you handle them. That’s all.

Long Spring Twists vs. Long Passion Twists Picture

Long Passion Twists vs Long Spring Twists

Short Spring Twist vs. Short Passion Twists

Short Spring Twists vs Short Passion Twists

Now I would love to hear from you:

Did you find our post on the difference between passion Twists and Spring Twists helpful? And

Which style of hair do you want to wear next?

Or maybe you noticed something or experience to share with us.

Either way, do let me know by leaving a comment below right now and don’t forget to share with friends.

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Spring Twists 101: What to Know About the Protective Style

I love trying new protective styles. There are so many benefits, from getting a little extra sleep in the morning to helping hair grow by keeping manipulation to a minimum. Spring twists are a consistent favorite because they offer so much versatility, and some styles are light enough to wear in a bun without being too heavy. 

Ahead, everything you need to know If you're curious about trying spring twists for the first time—from the basics of where to find the hair, what the installation process is like, and how to care for and style your spring twists.

What Are Spring Twists?

Spring twists are a super lightweight, protective style for people with natural hair. The style is similar to Senegalese twists, but you use hair extensions instead of your natural hair to achieve the look. The hair is so light that once your style is complete, it will literally spring up when you give it a gentle tug (which is where this style gets its name). Like most protective styles, you'll spend up to eight hours installing the twists, but the reward of a new low-maintenance look is always worth it.

The Benefits of Spring Twists

  • Lightweight: Spring twists are incredibly lightweight, making them a great hairstyle for those that don't want a super heavy style or tugging along their hairline.
  • Look natural: Spring twists mimic the look of natural hair.
  • Low maintenance: The twists might take a long time to install, but once you're finished, they're really easy to maintain.
  • Long lasting: Depending on how often you wash and touch your hair, your twists can last up to a six weeks.
  • Easy to style: Spring twists can be styled in many different ways. You can pull them up in a bun, wear half-up, half-down, or in a chic updo.

What Kind of Hair to Use (And Where to Find It)

Spring Hair

Beyond BeautySpring Twist Hair$23.50


Spring twists can be whatever length you prefer. Since they're so light, you can wear a longer style without fear of it weighing you down. Spring hair typically comes in a pack with three bundles of hair, but most people only need one and a half bundles to complete their entire head. To achieve medium-sized twists, split each coil in the pack into two, or into three, or four if you want smaller twist.

How Are Spring Twists Installed?

There are similarities between installing spring twists and other protective styles. You'll need patience (whether you enlist the help of a stylist or take on the challenge yourself), a leave-in conditioner, pomade, and of course, tools (combs, clips, and a crochet needle depending on how you plan to install the hair).

  • Step One — Prep and Section: You'll always want to start the styling process with freshly washed, deep conditioned, blown-out hair. I would even recommend a pre-protective style trim as well to make sure your hair is in tip-top shape. Once your hair is prepped and moisturized, you'll part the hair into four-to-six sections (depending on your hair's thickness). Then it's time for the installation.
Eden Bodyworks

Eden BodyworksPapaya Castor Conditioning Hairdress$9.25


Once the hair is sectioned, you'll make each of your twist parts as big as you'd like, and add a hydrating product like Eden BodyWorks Papaya Castor Conditioning Hairdress. Then follow-up with a pomade to ensure your hair is smooth to prevent any of your hair from peeking out. Now you're ready to infuse the extensions with your hair.

  • Step Two — Braid at The Root: This step can be done a few different ways, based on your personal preference. Some braiders create a small braid at the root of the hair and braid down about an inch, then take a crochet hook to loop the hair before starting to complete a finished twist. Other braiders prefer to braid the spring hair in at the root down about an inch, and then twist the extension into the clients (or their own) hair. You can do what works for your hair type and your skill level.
  • Step Three — Twist and Detangle: Now that you've decided how you're going to install the hair at the root, you'll start to twist the hair—no twirling. Just twist to ensure the hair stays springy like a two-strand twist. As you're twisting, you may encounter snags. The hair could start to tangle, and you could find yourself with a little more hair on one side of the twist than the other. Like you would with your own hair, detangle the extensions as you go, and if you end with an uneven twist, split the hair as you did when you started at the root and twist all the way to the end. Cut any frizzy ends and give them a gentle rub between your finger to seal. No hot water needed.

Maintenance & Aftercare

The great thing about this style is that while installation doesn't save you any time compared to other protective styles, maintenance is relatively easy. Having a product to keep a gentle cleanser to keep build-up at bay, an oil to moisturize the scalp, and a silk bonnet to help maintain the style (and your hair's health) is all you need. Braiders agree that this protective style should only be left in between four and six weeks. 

This DIY Mask Has Been Used on Natural Hair for Centuries—But Does It Work?


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