Dirt bike helmet drawing easy

Dirt bike helmet drawing easy DEFAULT

Essential dirt bike gear refers to safety equipment, accessories and clothing that you just cannot do without. Whether you are a competitive motocross rider, enduro rider or simply love to hit the trails at the weekend; there are some items of dirt bike kit which should make your kit bag for every ride.  

If you are new to riding, you are probably still finding your way around the brands, which features you need, and what to look for when shopping. If you are more experienced, perhaps you have your favourites? TeamMA spent the day researching and going through our kit bags to build the ultimate dirt bike kit list.

Essential Dirt Bike Gear – What do I need to have?

Riding without the correct gear can mean an uncomfortable day or in a worst-case scenario, early retirement or potential injury. Wearing the proper dirt bike gear keeps you comfortable on the bike, and well protected in the instance of a crash. 

Let’s start at the top!

1. Full Face Helmet – Essential Dirt Bike Gear

Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Dirt Bike Helmet - Front

The only time you will see riders of off-road machines wearing open-face helmets is in trial riding. Trials riding requires maximum head movement while tackling obstacles at extremely low speeds, and so in this instance, an open-face is safer. 

For those of us who are tearing up the dirt, hitting jumps and riding at speed, a full-face helmet is essential. If you are riding motocross, enduro and weekend leisure riding, that means you.


Why are full – face helmets essential dirt bike kit?

A helmet protects one of the most critical organs in your body, the brain. Riding without a helmet is lunacy. Even a relatively slow crash can result in forces which can seriously injure a rider. Impact with rocks, stones, and sharp edges is never comfortable. When your head is involved, it can be fatal. Always wear a helmet, preferably a full-face. 

Dirt bike helmets use a full-face design for a reason. If you crash off-road, you may find yourself going over the handlebars, or coming down from a height. Without the protection of the chin bar, you can easily knock out teeth or break your jaw. The full-face design of a dirt bike helmet radically reduces the chances of such injuries, as well as reducing the possibility of a concussion, which is the most common form of head injury seen trackside.

Nowadays, owning a full-face helmet is not enough, though. With so many technological advancements, and exotic materials like Carbon, and impact-absorbing gels, manufacturers have raised their game.  

Essential Gear: Must have safety features for modern dirt bike helmets

Safety Features: 

When choosing a dirt bike helmet, you need to consider its safety features. There are many nice-looking, cheap imports available. Many of these budget helmets have no safety rating. Of course, budget is essential, and you have to be safe, whatever money you have available.

Beware when searching cheap helmets online. There are some which are simply not safe enough for off-road riding. 

We have listed the safest cheap helmets we could find here.

Every quality motocross helmet will have safety features designed to reduce impact and rotational forces, even at the budget end of the market. Each manufacturer has its take on these vital features. 

For example, some helmets have magnetic visors which detach on impact to reduce whiplash. Others have replaceable bolts which sheer off when the visor hits the ground. Premium helmets have advanced features such as 6D’s Omni Directional Suspension system.

6D fit dampers in the lining construction to help sheer rotational forces that affect the brain during a crash. This rotation results in the outer layer of the helmet travelling further than the inner lining. With reduced rotation, you are less likely to suffer a concussion.  

Another good example is the MIPS system, used by quite a few top brands including Fox, Bell, Troy Lee Designs and more. MIPS stands for multiple impact protection. A MIPS helmet contains numerous density materials, and layers to deal with different levels of impact in different ways. Which layers react, and how they absorb forces depends entirely on the direction and amount of impact sustained.

Essential MX gear: Safety certification

A dirt bike helmet should be, at the very least DOT certified. ACU, SNELL, FIM and ECE are others you should see. The more certifications, the better. If you are competing, you should check that the helmet meets the minimum standards required by scrutineers in the country in which you are racing. 

Other things to consider: 


Ventilation is another vital part of TOP quality motocross helmet design. Without proper ventilation, you will find yourself sweating and overheating. Increased sweating causes dehydration and lapses in concentration. Overheating can cause disorientation and general discomfort. None of these things is ideal as you are heading into a triple jump. 

Each manufacturer has its ventilation systems. Look out for multiple intake vents which direct air through the lining to cool your face, around the head to lower blood temperature and which exhaust the hot air from the back of the helmet: the more vents, the better.  

Helmet construction: 

Your helmet needs lightweight materials. Long days in the saddle can get very uncomfortable with a heavy helmet, as your neck muscles work hard to maintain your head position. Even short circuit racing is improved when you have a lighter weight helmet. Carbon fibre, composite carbon and fibreglass and high-quality polycarbonate are the primary materials to look for. 

Field of Vision: 

A motocross track can get very crowded at times. When you are approaching corners, jumps, and other obstacles, a wide field of vision is best. Look for a helmet with a wide aperture and pair it with some oversize goggles for the best results.


2. Dirt Bike Boots – Essential Dirt Bike Gear


Dirt bike boots have evolved over the years. There is a vast choice ofgood quality motocross boots that offer protection and comfort.


Why are dirt bike boots essential gear?

A proper motocross or enduro boot offers protection for your entire foot, ankle and your lower leg. Many manufacturers offer a choice of motocross or enduro design, even within the same range. 

When riding your dirt bike, your feet and lower legs are in the line of fire. Mud, water, stones, roost, branches and other objects fly at you; often at speed. If you don’t have a good set of boots for protection, an injury is likely. In stormy conditions, you need to maintain a grip on your pegs, and the side of your bike. Budget boots should provide adequate levels of grip, and include some armour around the shin, ankles and toes. 

Better quality boots will incorporate jointed armour and compression zones to absorb impacts, and encase your ankle joints, while still allowing flexibility. Look out for armour which helps prevent hyperextension and hyperflexion.

Essential shopping tips – dirt bike boots.

Good quality dirt bike boots are far more complicated than you might think. Set your budget as high as you can afford. Flexibility, comfort and protection come at a price point. Here are some things to consider when browsing for new boots.


A poor-fitting dirt bike boot is as dangerous as the wrong type of boot. A dirt bike boot needs to fit snugly to provide the right support. Allow for your waterproof socks and cold weather socks. Better to ride with hotter feet in the summer, than cold, numb feet in the winter. If you can afford to, buy a pair for each season, or demote old boots to winter as they will have likely stretched a bit.   

Just like shoes, dirt bike boots can vary from brand to brand. If you are buying online, use the manufacturer’s sizing scale to determine your correct size, and then read the reviews from riders who have bought them. You will often see comments such as “These are sized small” which means that you should buy one size down from where you would typically buy.

One thing to note is that boots do take a little while to bed in, so after a few rides, you will likely find the boots fit better than they did out of the box. You can use leather food or dubbin on new leather to help break them in.  

If you intend on wearing knee braces at some point (and why wouldnt you?), boots should be a bit bigger at the top of the leg to allow for the props. Decent dirt bike boots will enable a range of adjustment for you to ride with and without braces, with no sacrifice on the fit. 


A high-quality dirt bike boot offers protection from rock strikes and anything else that your foot may come in contact with when riding. Quality brands have very sturdy material around the ankle to help eliminate unwanted twisting and protect the fragile area from impacts.

Boots should also have a sturdy sole on them which is for support and comfort when standing on footpegs. Many have a steel plate running through the sole to reduce the chance of bending your foot back with impact. 

No boot will weigh as little as a shoe; however, some brands are more lightweight than others. The trade-off is adequate protection V flexibility V weight. Once you have found the right pair of boots for you, you will likely remain faithful to your choice for some time.


3. Dirt Bike Pants – Essential Dirt Bike Gear

TLD G.P. Air Dirt Bike Pants

Whether you are riding motocross or trails, a set of jeans just won’t cut it. Flexibility, comfort and all-weather performance are vital features of essential dirt bike kit, and pants are no exception. 

Why are dirt bike pants necessary?

Dirt bike pants essential for any rider because they are designed to withstand snags and tears, but also allow a wide range of movement. Many dirt bike pants are manufactured with fewer seams to stop uncomfortable chaffing. 

Essential dirt bike gear – Shopping tips

Be sure that the pair you choose will stand up to the elements and remain comfortable on any length of ride. It is wise to buy harder wearing enduro pants for adventure riding and trail days. For competitive riding, you will want lightweight, hi-tech materials which keep the wind and moisture out, wick sweat away from the skin and don’t restrict your movement.  

We have listed some of the best cheap dirt bike gear combos here.


Polyester has been proven time and time again to be durable, breathable, and hold up well to washes.

You may find leather around the inside of the knees where you grip the dirt bike. Leather stands up well when rubbing against the plastics. Leather and faux leathers also provide high levels of grip and heat resistance.


It is a common mistake to think that dirt bike pants should fit like regular pants. That is not the case. Your dirt bike pant will likely have the same waist sizing as your everyday pants. However, good quality motocross pants offer some range of waist adjustment via Velcro side straps or the buckle.

The length of a dirt bike pant is often relatively short so that they don’t bunch up inside your motocross boots. So do not be concerned if your pant sits a little bit higher than you imagined.

Dirt bike pants should feel roomy around the knees as you will likely wear knee braces under them at some point. If the pants are too tight around the knees, then your ability to move will be restricted.


Top-quality dirt bike pants will offer some sort of ventilation. Vents will prevent you from getting too hot while riding and dry away excess sweat.

4. MX Shirt – Important Dirt Bike Gear

TLD GP Air MX Jersey

The same principles apply to motocross and enduro shirts as we have just seen for pants. 

When riding your dirt bike, match your pants with an appropriate top; heavier duty for enduro, and lighter weight for racing. A shirt will help stop roost, branches, dirt, and other debris from causing abrasions across your torso and arms. A shirt will also help to prevent sunburn when out riding on hot days.

Essential dirt bike tops – Shopping tips

Type of shirt: 

A dirt bike jersey will feature better abrasion resistance than a regular shirt. The better the shirt, the better the ventilation too. If you have found the right pants, then it is likely there is a matching top which has the same features. Matching top and pants are called gear sets and are a popular choice among riders. 


Choosing the correct size for a dirt bike top is relatively easy although there are a few important things to point out.

First off you need to decide if you will wear a chest protector above or underneath the shirt. If you wear one underneath, then you may have to opt for a larger size than usual.

Overall, your shirt should not be too baggy, either. An overly baggy shirt can get caught on things will riding. 

Extra Features: 

Some high-quality dirt bike jerseys will offer extra features to make them more appealing to regular riders and competitive riders. 

Look out for padding around the elbows and forearms. Extra reinforcement gives longevity and durability. Padded areas do not replace body armour, but they will make sure your tops do not wear in places where high impact and friction occur.

Technical materials and wicking will improve comfort by drawing moisture away from your body.

5. Dirt Bike Goggles – Essential dirt bike gear

% Racecraft Dirt Bike Goggles - glasses LTD, mirror gold lens

Dirt bike goggles are one of those common-sense items that all riders should have. Goggles are as important as a helmet. 

Why are dirt bike goggles necessary?

Motocross goggles are per cent necessary because they protect your eyes from flying debris which includes; roost, dust, bugs, branches, water and stones. Getting something in your eye when you are riding is likely to cause a crash. You may even lose your sight.  

Essential dirt bike gear – Shopping tips, goggles

Here are some things to look out for when searching for a good set of dirt bike goggles.


The larger the goggles, the more you can see. Oversize goggles are extremely popular with Pro riders and amateur riders for this very reason. 

You should look for a goggle that fits comfortably with your helmet, and still allows for the largest field of vision possible. Many modern helmets have oversize apertures now, to accommodate the contemporary trend of large goggles.


One of the worst features of cheap goggles is that they fog up. For this reason, it is essential to find goggles that offer excellent ventilation. While most goggles will fog up when you are stationary, and air temperature is cold, you should see them begin to demist as soon as you start moving. Replace goggles which mist up constantly when riding.  

Foam comfort and fit: 

Most dirt bike goggles have a layer of foam which sits against your face. There are different types and layers of foam used by various companies. When choosing goggles, be on the lookout for deep foam that allows for comfort, ventilation, and absorption.


Lens choice will be dependent on the type of dirt biking you do. Googles that allow replacement lenses are best. If you can interchange lens styles, this is even better. 

As far as colour goes, clear lenses offer minimal distortion and maximum clarity. However, if it is exceptionally sunny, riders will often wear goggles with some sort of tint.

You can find out which tint is best for which conditions here.

6. Dirt Bike Gloves

 Troy Lee Designs Air Dirt Bike Gloves Americana

Wearingdirt bike gloves will ensure that you find comfort and grip during those long or intense rides. Unlike road bike gloves, dirt bike gloves have far less armour. Motocross gloves are more fitted and allow for maximum feel of the bars and feedback from the bike. Enduro gloves are a little more robust. 

Why are dirt bike gloves necessary?

Wearing a pair of dirt bike gloves will protect against abrasions and burns, and blisters. They also provide padding to lessen vibration, which is a common cause of numbness when riding. 

Essential dirt bike gear – Shopping tips, gloves 


Sizing for dirt bike gloves is pretty simple. Just remember to buy tight-fitting gloves. Bagginess can result in reduced grip, snagging and potential crashes. Sizing charts are easy to read with gloves ranging from small to extra-large.


There are as many different fabrics as there are manufacturers. Many have their own branded material mixes. Ideally, look for something that is stretchy enough to provide freedom of movement, is breathable and abrasion-resistant.

Dirt bike gloves will also often feature some sort of grip on the palm or lever fingers to maximise grip. These grips are silicone or a similar substance. Enduro gloves may have double layer panels, with leather making up some or all of the construction of the glove. 


Some gloves are very minimalistic, and others feature much more padding. We like gloves that feel like a second skin when racing. However, if you want more protection, there are many varieties to choose from Some gloves will even feature armoured knuckles and fingers to protect small bones and ligaments. 

Hands are one of the three main points of contact with your bike. Your gloves should not reduce the feel of the bike, nor cause you to feel disconnected from the bike in any way.

7. Knee Braces – Essential Dirt Bike Gear

Pod K8 Motocross Knee Braces

Knees tend to take a lot of abuse when you are riding offroad. The constant pounding of ruts, and uneven terrain and compression forces when landing jumps will all affect your knees. If you snag, drag or bend your leg, these forces are even more extreme. Knee braces help reduce that wear and tear, as well as providing stability on the bike.  

Why do I need knee braces?

Knee injuries are one of the most common in sport. Dirt biking is no different. Hyperextension or hyperflexion of your knee can prove costly. These types of damage have the potential to cause long life problems. Wearing knee braces is a no brainer. 

Essential dirt bike gear – Shopping tips, Knee braces


The problem with cheap knee braces is that they have less adjustment and can be ill-fitting.  Thebest motocross knee braces offer adjustment so you can get them to fit perfectly. Some companies provide custom-sized knee braces, but these are usually very expensive. Cheap materials and poor construction can create sharp edges and increase friction. Always budget for as high a quality pair as you can afford. 


Look for carbon composite, titanium and super lightweight tech materials at the premium end of the market. High-quality polycarbonate and aluminium are popular at the budget end of things. Buy from brands which have a know racing pedigree and that have reviews from serious riders. 

Brace sleeves/socks: 

Always use knee brace sleeves if your dirt bike socks aren’t thigh-high. The sleeves will stop any uncomfortable rubbing of the knee braces against the skin. The sleeves will also help control sweat to increase comfort levels.

What Dirt Bike Gear is essential for racing?

Now that you have read about the essential dirt bike gear that is a must-have for all riders, it is time to look at all of the extra dirt bike gear that is good for more advanced riders and competitive riders.

Elbow Guards

Essential dirt bike gear - fox elbow guards

Elbow guards are a pretty underrated piece of equipment when it comes to dirt biking. Your elbows are vital joints when it comes to controlling the bike and supporting your weight. Protecting them makes perfect sense, especially when competing. 

Why are dirt bike elbow guards important and do I need them?

During a dirt bike crash, a rider will often put their arms out in front of them as a natural reaction to try and lessen impacts on the body. Unfortunately this means a lot of arm and elbow scrapes and impacts. 

Collisions between riders are also prevalent, and elbows are one area likely to get hit when another bike or rider collides with you.

Essential Dirt Bike Gear – Shopping tips, Elbow guards


The first thing any rider should look at when deciding to wear elbow pads is how the pads are held on. Most designs use an adjustable strap system to locate the guard tightly.

Some dirt bike elbow guards feature a sleeve with a grippy bicep cuff to stop the pad from sliding around. These cuffs add an extra layer of comfort. 

Whatever style you choose, always lock the pad securely in place so it will not move up or down your arm with an impact. 

Hard or soft: 

There are usually two styles of elbow guards to choose from, a hard shell style, or a softshell.

A hard shell elbow guard will feature bio-mechanical designs which hold plastic plates in place.  These hard shells are great for both absorbing impacts (with the help of a foam lining) and preventing slide injuries such as road rash and other abrasions. This style of elbow guard may not have the same freedom of movement as soft shell designs. 

Softshell elbow guards are designed to be lightweight and flexible. Since there is no solid structure these are usually the most comfortable to ride a dirt bike in. The guards can still offer great protection, however not to the extent that a hard shell elbow guard will.

If your style of riding demands lots of movement, with less chance of big collisions, a soft guard will be sufficient. If you are riding hard and fast, with big jumps and gnarly courses, then it is worth trading some flexibility for increased protection.

Neck Brace

best dirt bike neck brace - Leatt

Dirt bike neck braces have become quite a common sight in recent years. With the increased protection that they offer, this comes as no surprise. All of the big brands have their take on neck brace design.

Why is a dirt bike neck brace important and do I need one?

A dirt bike neck brace is an essential piece of kit for any advanced rider as it offers excellent protection against spinal cord injuries.

It is common knowledge that crashes can throw the rider into awkward positions. A lousy landing may result in hyperextension or hyperflexion of the neck. A neck brace will limit the riders head movement to stop this from happening.

If you are a rider that likes to take a few risks or is competing at any level, you should consider wearing a neck brace.

Essential dirt bike gear – Shopping tips, neck brace 

Head restriction:

The most common complaint we hear is restricted movement. However, this is usually because the brace is not sized correctly and is sitting too high. A modern, proper fitting neck brace will allow plenty of room for comfortable dirt biking head movement.


Some of themost high quality neck braces offer multiple adjustments to achieve a perfect fit. The more points of adjustment, the better the chance you have of finding the right setting for you. 

Having lots of adjustment is also handy for growing riders as it prevents the need to buy a new brace every season or so.


Since a neck brace will sit right above the rider’s shoulders, a bulky brace can cause fatigue. If possible, go for super lightweight components, and you will find that you adjust to the neck brace without too much disruption to your riding style. 

The best neck brace is one that the rider will hardly even notice they are wearing when out on their dirt bike.

Body Armor

essential dirt bike gear - fox body armour

Body armour is an extension of the neck brace in many ways. The two components work together to keep your upper body safe from heavy impacts and abrasion. 

Why is dirt bike body armor important, and do I need it?

Dirt bike body armor can offer protection for vital organs, ribs, shoulders and your spine (depending on the armor). The downsides reduced movement and increased heat. As with a neck brace, high-quality components, adequate ventilation and maximum adjustment points all offset the negatives.   

Essential dirt bike gear – Shopping tips, body armour

Bulky or minimalistic: 

The most significant decision to make whenchoosing the best dirt bike chest protector is whether to go full armor or reduced roost guard only. 

Full armor will offer superior protection, offering multiple rigid plates on the outside. This biomechanical armour is often lined with breathable foam to increase comfort and breathability. Full armor will almost always offer spine protection as well which is a huge plus.

A roost guard gives greater freedom of movement while still protecting the rider from flying debris and abrasions. Most will offer some sort of hard exterior shell. Cheaper alternatives have only a soft foam layer to help disperse impact. A roost guard chest protector is often quite comfortable to ride in and can be worn under a rider’s jersey without being extremely noticeable.


A significant factor to consider when choosing dirt bike body armor is how the design manages airflow. If the armor has no ventilation, then the chances are that it will get extremely hot to ride in.

Always choose armor that will wick away moisture, and which has multiple cooling vents to prevent overheating.

Hand Guards

Acerbis Best Dirt Bike Hand Guards

Handguards are mostly found on dirt bikes that are used for trail rides, extreme MX and adventure riding.

Why are dirt bike handguards essential?

There is one thing we all agree on at TeamMA HQ; nature can be harsh, and sharp. Dirt bike handguards are a must-have for off-road enduro and trail riders. There is always a chance that objects can crush your figures and so a pair of handguards is a great idea.

Should you use handguards on a motocross track? This decision comes down to personal choice. Newer riders may benefit from the extra roost protection and reduced moisture and mud. Handguards will also prevent bent levers or unplanned braking too. 

Essential dirt bike gear – Shopping tips, Handguards 

Off-road vs. motocross handguards: 

There are two types of handguards out there that can be purchased. The first is off-road handguards which offer a full metal brace to stop it from flexing in towards your hand under impact. The other type is a motocross handguard which will hold up to roost but under heavy impacts will flex.

Never use motocross-style handguards on the trails as they are not designed to take the beating that fully braced off-road dirt bike handguards can take.


An essential factor to think about when choosing handguards is the aerodynamics of them. Cheaply made handguards will act like sails in the wind and alter the handling of your dirt bike. High-quality dirt bike handguards are streamlined so that air will flow around them and through them.

Many highquality dirt bike handguards are available, in finishes to suit most manufacturers.

Cold weather riding: 

There are cold-weather options available for extreme adventure riding. These usually feature a big profile and are designed to keep the wind and mud off of your hands while dirt biking.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the type of dirt biking you do will be the deciding factor as to what gear you should be wearing. Always buy as high up a range as you can afford with these essential items. Prioritise these suggestions over other less critical kit or accessories.

Can you tick off every item on this list in your kit bag? If not, then you have created your priority shopping list for the season. 

Sign up for our newsletter here to be kept up to date on the latest gear reviews.

Have fun out there!

Martin and the crew at TeamMA 

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Drawing a dirt bike is as simple as gathering the necessary materials needed to draw and color and then putting together all of the steps so that it comes out to be what you pictured, and I plan to teach you just that!

To find out all of the details and see pictures of how to draw a dirt bike in ten easy steps, keep reading!

1. Grab Drawing Utensils

Some essential things that you will need to draw your bike will be a pencil, an eraser, and some colored pencils or crayons if you plan to color your bike at the end. It&#;s a good idea not to draw the dirt bike in pen, in case your lines aren&#;t good as they can&#;t be erased. Something that I am a super big fan of is the erasable colored pencils.

Mistakes are great, so draw your dirt bike in whatever medium you choose.

Something else to consider grabbing is a ruler. If you want your lines to be super straight and even measure the distance between your lines I would suggest grabbing a ruler. A compass might also help you create the perfect circle for the tires; if you are a perfectionist, I suggest this.

Also, don&#;t forget to grab some paper. I would make sure you have more than one because this will likely take you more than one try to get it just how you&#;d like. It&#;s totally fine to mess up in this process.

2. Draw a triangle and two lines

To first start drawing a dirt bike, begin with one triangle and two lines on opposite sides of the triangle. The triangle will be a little bent inward to form the line of the seat. So, if you want to make it easier, draw a triangle and then draw a crooked line inside of that line if that helps you draw the seat for the dirt bike!

The two lines should have some distance between each other, as they will be the poles that attach the tires to the dirt bike. If you need to grab a ruler to measure the distance between the two and make sure your lines are straight, do that! It could be super helpful. It&#;s not what I did, but it might help you get things looking great early on.

3. Start Drawing the Inside of the Body

Now, it&#;s time to start drawing other parts inside the body of the dirt bike. Draw another odd-shaped triangle above the line in the back of the bike, where the exhaust pipe will be. Instead of connecting the triangle in one line, make it come to a square-like bottom.

Draw the bottom of the bike. By adding an oval shape to the back line of the bike you will be able to connect the pole where the back tire will be. Make sure that the oval encapsulates the straight line.

Draw a square for reference for the other shaped part that is just below and to the front of the dirt bike seat, and then bend it in a little.

Next, near the intersection of this square-like shape and the long line, draw a half-circle.

You&#;ve completed the third step. Your bike won&#;t look like a bike yet, but the pieces are coming together. Don&#;t lose hope. Adding tires in the next step will make it look like a dirt bike.

4. Draw Two Tires

During the first step, we drew to lines that were parallel to each other, these lines are where the tires will go. Draw two large circles around these lines so that the end of the lines will be in the middle of the tire.

This will make everything look a little bit more accurate, as dirt bikes normally have that for balance and to keep the bike upright and moving with stability. It kind of looks like a dirt bike, right?

5. Draw the Exhaust Pipe and Another Odd Triangle

We are then going to add more details to the inside of the dirt bike. Add another circle to the inside of the odd oval shape we created earlier. This is where the chains for the tire are at on a bike.

An exhaust pipe should be drawn just below the second odd triangle. This can be down by drawing a shape similar to the barrell of a baseball bat. Start these lines even with the square bottom of the triangle-shape and circle. Draw the lines out to the tip and circle it back around.

Then, a square should be added to the middle of the dirt bike between the exhaust, chain, and seat.

One more thing to do here is to make the half-circle more dimensional. Draw another half-circle underneath the existing one, and connect them. It should look like a crescent moon.

All of these shapes may seem kind of repetitive at the moment, but it will soon come together, they all serve a purpose on an actual dirt bike, and if you can name them as you go, even better!

6. Draw Four More Circles

There are so many shapes inside of this dirt bike, but these shapes are certainly much easier to draw than most others. The four more circles that need to be added to this drawing are inside the two circles that are already on the dirt bike for the tires.

There should be two circles added to each tire, each within the other. These two extra circles are for not only the tires but for the spokes, which are a part of the tires themselves and add detail to the dirt bike drawing.

7. Draw the Handle Bars and Add More Detail to the Body

Just like we made the half-circle into a crescent moon, we will need to make sure the pole connecting the front tire to the body has more width. Draw a parallel line from the tire to the line.

Our dirt bike now needs something to start and steer it, so now it&#;s time to add handlebars to the dirt bike. On top of the pole where the tires are, it&#;s time to add some different shapes to the top of that pole. Make sure that there is a handle on top of that pole, as that is a key element for steering. Draw two horizontal lines and connect them by a circle. Next draw a headlamp shape, and a little mushroom on top of the handles.

Your dirt bike will definitely be looking more like a dirt bike right now, as there are more elements of a dirt bike, such as the tires and steering wheel, which are essential elements to driving and steering the bike overall.

8. Connect the Body

You may have noticed that the bottom of our body does not appear to be connected to the rest of the body parts that we have drawn so far. Not a problem. Now, we will draw a line on the bottom of our dirt bike so as to connect all of our pieces.

Where the chain cover is, draw a line connecting the tire to it, going under it, and then draw a line with a little bump in it. Curve this line up to meet the cover for the tire in the front of the dirt bike. Your parts should look more connected and the body should look more like a dirt bike.

Where the seat of the bike is, there will need to be more of a tail. So, draw another triangle shape, starting at the seat already there, and go back. Once over the exhaust and the middle of the back tire, bring the line back. Connect this line with the top of the odd-shaped triangle.

9. Add to the Inside of the Body

There are a few more parts that need to be added to the inside of the body of the dirt bike. Where we drew the curve from the previous step there will be another few curves and lines that should be added above it and connected to it to create more depth to the dirt bike. Draw a shark-fin shape.

There are a few more other odd things inside of the bike that is added for detail and is like the parts on an actual bike, as they make the drawing very similar to an actual bike. You can choose to add these if you want to make things look more realistic.

Add Details!

To make the bike more realistic and add depth, draw details such as the spokes and some large circles for the nuts and bolts of the bike. You can even add some ridges or bumps to the circles of the tires to give it some unique quality. These details are a good idea to add to the dirt bike, but not super important.

This is also the time to go back through and straighten up any lines that you might think are wonky. Hopefully, you have taken my advice to use a pencil instead of a pen. If you are not planning on coloring in your drawing, then erase any overlapping lines.

Color (Optional)

It&#;s now time to color in the bike! This is a completely optional step and doesn&#;t have to be included, but it is a super fun step and can greatly diversify and make your dirt bike your own. Plus, it can also get rid of any visible erase marks.

Something I like to do when I&#;m coloring in something that I&#;ve recently drawn is outlining the object I plan to color in so as to have a border to keep the color in more easily.

You can make your dirt bike any colors you want and add or take away any parts that you want to make your dirt bike completely your own. Have fun with this step!

Tips and Tricks

This bike that we have drawn together is a basic generic dirt bike. It&#;s something that someone would be able to identify as just that. If you are looking for something more specific to the model you have or want, there are some things you can do.

Something else that may be helpful, and even make your bike unique, is print out a different dirt bike, or even your own, and trace it! This is super great to do if you are a beginner. Tracing a dirt bike that you&#;ve wanted or something that you already have and want to replicate is a fun way to make your dirt bike unique and tailored to what you want.

So, if you want to have a certain model, find it and trace it. Or, after you practice a generic bike, like the one we have done, freehand your favorite model. Have the picture pulled up or printed out.

Practice tracing over your dirt bike multiple times to get a hang of what parts are more difficult for you or what parts you want to make different so that it&#;s either bigger or better than other bikes you&#;ve seen and wanted.

The perk about drawing a dirt bike is you can add or take away whatever you want to make it a completely unique dirt bike. Giving it whatever designs or new body parts to make it a totally new bike!

If you are a beginner and are struggling, print off our drawing and trace it.

May all of your dirt bike drawings go well!

Finished Dirt Bike PDFDownload

Sours: https://www.dirtbikeplanet.com/how-to-draw-a-dirt-bike-step-by-step-instructions/
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  3. Framed metal leaf wall decor

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If you are a dirt bike rider, I already know that you are a fun-loving person. Also, if you are an art-lover, it’s totally normal to wish to draw your bike or the helmet you wear every once in a while.

Now, drawing a dirk bike helmet can be quite tricky, and you will need to know about the basic things first to perfectly draw a helmet.

So, to make your wish granted, we are going to talk about how to draw a dirt bike helmet step by step in this article. Now, to draw a perfect dirt bike helmet, you will need to keep your necessary tools in handy. Follow your helmet to know the shapes you are going to draw.

I am pretty sure that if you follow the steps we are going to show, you will be a master at drawing dirt bike helmets in no time! So, stick to the end to get a bonus on how to draw dirt bikes!

how to draw a dirt bike helmet step by step

What You Will Need:

The first step to know how to draw a dirt bike helmet is to keep all the necessary things around you. Pencil and eraser are the most essential to draw anything literally. You should also keep the pencil sharpener in hand.

When it comes to colors, you are free to use colored pencils, markers, crayons, or watercolors. But whatever you choose to use, make sure you have it ready while drawing. And last but not least, you need a good quality clean paper to draw on!

Now, let me show you how to draw a dirt bike as well as a dirt bike helmet!

How to Draw a Dirt Bike Helmet Step by Step:

  1. Try to draw the head shape of the helmet. It will generally include an oval and a line at the end.
  2. Then, draw the face shield as per the helmet you have with you.
  3. Make a triangle on the top to get the shape of your visor. Then, take a marker to draw the exact shape. Add the small shapes you might have on your visor.
  4. Through this part, you are almost done with drawing the main things.
  5. So, now you need to take the marker and fill out all the small shapes to add the designs to your helmet. The best thing is to follow the helmet you have for yourself.
  6. Once you are done with the small parts, and your helmet looks like the one you have, you can start coloring.
  7. Make sure that the coloring doesn’t exceed the line you are using as a guideline.
  8. After coloring, you can erase the guidelines, and your drawing will be ready!

Quick Tips About How to Draw a Dirt Bike Helmet

If you are a complete beginner trying to draw a dirt bike helmet, it’s always best to take your helmet as a sample. Whatever part you are drawing, you can use it as a guideline, and it will get a lot easier to understand the shapes you need to draw.

Before trying to draw the whole thing, you should draw some shapes in sketches to follow and get the shape you want. You can then erase them after you have drawn the helmet successfully.

When it comes to coloring, I would always suggest using a pencil color or watercolor with thin brushes because it will be easier to color the small parts with them. However, you can use crayons or pastel colors too. But you will have to extra careful not to cross the line with those.

Steps of Dirt Bike Drawing:

In this part, I am going to talk about the steps you need to follow for dirt bike drawing easy. Make sure you understand the steps perfectly, and then start to draw.

  1. At the very beginning, you need to draw a triangle and a line. Make sure that the figures are as perfect as possible, especially the line.
  2. After that, try adding another rectangle, a curved line, a triangle, and an oval.
  3. Now, draw two more circles, one around the line and one beside the oval. Then, make a rectangle right beside the oval and draw a curve on the first triangle.
  4. After that, draw some small shapes to get the basics of your dirt bike.
  5. Then, add four more circles. Draw two inside the circle and two outside the circles.
  6. In this part, you can draw the rest of the parts in the way you like.
  7. Don’t forget to erase the guidelines!
  8. You can now start coloring!

Final Words

So, here goes our answer to the question: how to draw a dirt bike helmet step by step? Make sure you follow the steps carefully to get the best result. Also, I hope the quick tips turn out to be useful to you! Thank you very much for reading!

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Sours: https://dirtbikehelmetshub.com/how-to-draw-a-dirt-bike-helmet-step-by-step/
How to make a dirt bike helmet

How to draw a dirty bike

Grid step

You can print out the base construction lines and start drawing on tracing paper or you can draw the grid layout yourself using the following steps… Show more

1) Draw a rectangle that will define the conditional proportions and boundaries of the chosen drawing.
2) From the middle of the rectangle, draw one vertical and one horizontal line equally dividing the shape.
3) Draw another horizontal line equally dividing the upper half of the rectangle. Similarly, draw a horizontal line equally dividing the bottom half of the rectangle.
4) Draw a vertical line equally dividing the left half of the rectangle. Similarly, draw a vertical line equally dividing the right half of the rectangle.

Step 1

Mark off the width and height of the picture. Add guidelines for the man’s body and his bike. Draw his helmet and a line through its center. Outline the wheels.

Step 2

Draw smaller circles inside the wheels. Sketch the frame of the bike. Add the man’s neck and body.

Step 3

Add guidelines for his arms, legs and the front part of the helmet. Outline the inner part of the wheels.

Step 4

Outline the shapes of the arms and the legs of the biker. Draw the frame and pedal of the motorcycle. Detail the shapes of the wheels.

Step 5

Sketch the bike, paying special attention to the biggest parts. Detail the helmet.

Step 6

Draw the biggest and most important parts.

Step 7

Work on the figure, paying special attention to small details.

Step 8

Contour the dirty bike with his rider, trying to vary the thickness and blackness of the line. Add more detail, add the road and bushes. Erase all guidelines.

Print version
Sours: http://www.supercoloring.com/drawing-tutorials/how-to-draw-a-dirty-bike

Easy helmet drawing dirt bike

15+ Best New Dirt Bike Drawing Easy

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How to draw Dirt Bike Helmet step by step

How to Draw a Motorcycle Helmet: Step by Step Easy Guide &#; Sporty Journal

Do you know how to draw a motorcycle helmet? If your answer is a no, then do not worry!

Here we have a simple guide on how to draw a motorcycle helmet. This will allow you to learn how to draw like a pro.

Drawing a helmet is not as difficult as you think it is. However, drawing a helmet requires effort and patience to follow the instructions correctly and achieve the desired results.

how to draw a motorcycle helmet front

In this detailed guide, there are two ways on how to draw a motorcycle helmet step by step. One method involves drawing a dirt bike helmet and the other is drawing a half-face helmet.

Whether you draw from your mind or an image, both of these methods require step by step instructions to draw a perfect headgear.

How to Draw a Motorcycle Helmet Step by Step

Method 1: How to Draw a Dirt Bike Helmet

Dirt Bike Coloring Pages free image

Drawing a dirt bike helmet is a great way to show your drawing skills for riding on a racing track.

If you want to know how to draw a dirt bike helmet, then you need to do some research on the parts of off-road headgear.

To know how to draw a dirt bike helmet, follow the instructions below:

1) To begin Drawing is to draw a little circle at the center of the paper.

2) Then draw a thin rectangle diagonally below the little circle. This represents the bottom part of the helmet.

3) At the right end of the thin rectangle, draw a curved line to represent the back end of the helmet and continue the line until you reached halfway.

4) Draw a little curve to represent the back of the helmet and add a triangle to it. The triangle represents the back ventilation channel.

5) For drawing the front view of the dirt bike helmet, draw a line and continue to the top part of the helmet. Then continue to draw on the left to represent the eye-port.

6) At the bottom of the eye-port, draw a little circle with two lines across and add an extra circle to represent the eye-port holder. 

7) Below the eye-port, draw an inverted ‘C’ to present the eye view. Then draw two triangles to portray the inner liner cushion of the chin bar.

8) Draw the remaining line to represent the chin bar. Do this by drawing a curved line at the other end of the thin rectangle. This helps to complete the look of the chin bar.

9) Add extra designs and lines to portray the sporty look of the dirt bike helmet. You can add extra lines on the chin bar to present the chin ventilation channel.

10) To make your drawing stand out, color the dirt bike helmet with color pencils or acrylic paints. If you want to outline your drawing, use a black felt-tip pen.

If you want to have a look at the tutorial for how to draw a motorcycle helmet front, check out the video.

Method 2: How to Draw a Half Face Helmet

File:Helmet template half face.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Drawing a half-face helmet is a fun way to know how to draw a motorcycle helmet step-by-step easy front view. If you prefer to draw a helmet in a quicker method, here is an easy guide on how to draw a half-face helmet.

Drawing a half-face helmet is easier than drawing an off-road headgear as it only requires a few steps.

To draw a half-face helmet, simply follow the instructions below:

1) Draw a semi-circle that shapes like a half-walnut shell. The semi-circle should shape like a dome.

2) At the right end of the circle, draw a little rectangle to represent the rim of the helmet by drawing a small lip. This represents the holder of the chinstrap.

3) Lastly, draw the chinstrap by drawing the two curved lines. Starting from the bottom of the little rectangle to the near front of the semi-circle.

4) To add the final touch, draw an extra-fine line of the dome-shaped helmet to give the riding effect for motorcycling.

That is it! You have drawn a half-face helmet.

5) To make your drawing stand out, color the half face helmet with color pencils or acrylic paints. To outline your drawing, you can use a black pen or felt tip pens to stand out from the paper.

Wrap Up

Here are the two methods on how to draw a motorcycle helmet. You can see that drawing a motorcycle helmet is not as hard as you think it is. Drawing a helmet is a fun activity as much painting a motorcycle does. If you know how to draw a motorcycle helmet, then you will draw a headgear like a pro! All you have to is to follow either one of these methods on drawing a helmet and add the colour of your choice to stand out from your sketch.

If you own a helmet, you can draw from observation or you can check out any images from the internet and draw it onto the paper. Once you draw, you will feel like a professional artist of drawing protective headgears.

If drawing is not your hobby, you can refer to the guides on how to paint a motorcycle helmet.

As you know, practice makes perfect!

So choose either one of these methods on how to draw a motorcycle helmet and start drawing a great helmet!

You can browse best half helmet and open face helmet!

Sours: https://sportyjournal.com/how-to-draw-a-motorcycle-helmet/

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