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Bonus costumes

Successfully complete the game while collecting the costumes for Max and Monica, then start a new game. You can now choose any costume you previously collected for Max and Monica.

Easy items

To get health and battle items easily, go around and collect more people to put on the train. Then go on the train and make them join your party. Use them to make things such as Cheese, Roasted Chicken and Improved Bombs.

To swindle some free items, get Polly and/or Ferdinand to accompany you on your journey. When you are on the train, add them to your party. Press Triangle and go to character. Go to them and use their ability to gain free items. Parn is also a good character to get. Put him in your party, and if your better character dies, use his special ability to leave a dungeon for free.

Easy level up

Take one of your strong characters (i.e., most health, strongest weapon) but not the Ridepod, and go to a dungeon that you can get minimal damage done to you. Kill the enemy with your strong person, and immediately afterwards, press L3 to switch characters or R3 to switch to the Ridepod. This is especially useful when trying to build up the Ridepod since he loses fuel easily. This makes it so he does not move or get hurt.

To level up your weapons faster, alternate your characters. Press L3 immediately after defeating an enemy. The ABS points will then get distributed evenly between your right- and left-handed weapons. This way, you do not have to actually use your gun/armband to level them up.

Easy money

When you get Erik in Chapter 2, go up to him and add him to your party. Press Triangle to go to the menu and select "Character". Select Erik and use his ability to make bombs. Then, send him back to the train and sell them. Keep going back to him when his skill points increase. Do this repeatedly. Each of his bombs cost 150 Gilda.

Go into the first floor of the underground channel. In most of the treasure chests, you will find up to about four Attribute Crystals (Flame,Cyclone, Chill, etc.). Each crystal sells for 75 Gilda apiece, which is 300 Gilda per chest.

Invent the "Turkey" Spheda Club using Special Peking Duck, Tree, and Windmill Feather. Then, get at least three Rolling Logs and three Scrap Metal. The total cost is 90 Gilda. Make one and sell it for 230 Gilda.

Equip the Lure Rod to Max and put on one lure of any kind. Make sure you have another lure of the same type with you. Go to the Lure Rod status screen. Go to the extra lure and equip it. At this point, it should have made a noise and you should still have the same amount of lures in your inventory. You can do this as many times as needed until you have up to 998 lures on your rod (not including the one in your inventory). Select the lures with Triangle and move them into your inventory. You can now sell them for 150 gilda each, for almost 150,000 gilda total.


Once you gain the ability to have a third party member, go to Erik and have him make bombs for you. Then, switch to someone who is more useful in the field into your party. When you return from fighting, see Erik again and have him make more bombs for you if he has recharged enough ability points. You can also sell Erik's bombs for quick cash.

Easy photos

Spin around the room or area you are in to find all the photos you need.

Knight Boots

The best invention is Belt, Shield, and Moon. This is the Knight Boots. They are already equipped to Monica, but they can spectrumize into two attack points for weapons. You can get it at the start of the game. Sell the Attack Spheres for money. You already have the Belt. The Moon is in the sky, at night. The Shield is in the weapon shop.

Laser Arm Four for Ridepod

To make the Laser Arm Four for the Ridepod, you need the Legend Of The Moon, Blue Lantern, and Energy Pipe.

Low sword value

Try to sell the sword Seventh Heaven at the Wise Owl shop to learn that it is only worth 1 Gilda.

Lure Rod

To make a Lure Rod, all the photos you need are Fish, River, and the Lafrescia Stem.

Saving money

Use the following trick to save Money when escaping dungeons. When you have 1000 Gilda or more, make sure to talk to Conda and buy as many gold bars as possible. Since they buy/sell for the same price, you can get your money back whenever needed. If you run out of Escape Powder, you can escape the dungeons and lose a lot less money.

Save Ridepod fuel

To save Ridepod fuel on levels with Ridepod Only medals, run around the levels as Max. When you see an enemy, press L3 to defeat it, then press L3 again to return to Max and not waste fuel.


Enter Max's house and talk to Adel. She will need to get items to make new clothes for you. Get the items and give them to her. Leave the room, go back in, and talk to her.

Borneo and Erik

Borneo and Erik become available to move into the houses you build in the Georama area in chapter 5.


As the game progresses, Cedric begins to get more parts for the Ridepod in every new chapter.


Play a game and Hide and Seek with her. Find her both times, and she joins you. She is in Max's room and the upper hall in Claire's house.


You need to buy an Indestructible and Dark Coin. Give them to Donny and he will join you.


To recruit Ferdinand, you must help him complete his recipe by giving him a Roasted Chestnut.


If you remember correctly, Max's Dad gives Max a gun. Level this gun up twice into the Bell Gun. Max's Dad should join you after returning the gun to him.

The Mayor

Enter City Hall and go upstairs. Talk to the Mayor. He will need a code for his safe. The code is "1221".


Talk to Mina and she will say that she is feeling sick. This will start several rounds of Spheda. Compete in ten rounds of Spheda.


Finish in first place in any of the classes of the Finny Frenzy.

Defeating Bats

In a level where you have to defeat all enemies with only Max's wrench or Monica's sword for a medal, you can kill the Bats easily by using Max's or Monica's charge up attacks.

Defeating Mimics

Use the following trick to easily defeat Mimics and enemies that charge. Hold R1 as the enemies charge at you. Press X button to pick them up, then toss them at a wall or another enemy to make then dizzy. Slash twice, then repeat by picking them up before they charge at you again. This works well with Mimics. Mimics are best approached from behind. This works well with those hard to hit Gemrons. It is much easier to pick them up and toss them at another enemy, and attack while they are confused.

Avoiding Mimics

When opening a treasure chest, open it from the back. If it is a Mimic, you will be able to get some good hits on it and might kill it before it can turn around. Also, if you pick up a Mimic (you cannot pick up a King Mimic) and throw it, it will stall a slightly, allowing you to run in and hit it one or two times.

Fishing for Giant Kaji

Fish at the location where the Shigura were at using the Lure Rod and the Minnow.

Fish stats

The following stat explanations are useful when you are trying to win the Finny Festival or Fish Races:

    Tenacity: Determines how badly the fish will try to win. It increases by 1 point when a fish is fed a Prickly.

    Stamina: Determines how fast your fish can go. It increases by 1 point when a fish is feed a Evy.

    Endurance: Determines how long your fish can stay at its top speed. It increases by 1 point when a fish is feed a Petit Fish.

    Boost: Determines how fast your fish will start off at the beginning of the race. It increases by 1 point when a fish is feed a Carrot, but the gender of your fish will change.

    Power: This stat does not affect races. It is a stat used the Battle Tank.

    Weight and Length: These two stats do not appear to affect how your fish will do in the race.

    Aquatic: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Batton at a Froggy.
    Beast: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Cheese at a Sewer Rat.
    Card: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Dimonds at a Dimond Card.
    Darkling: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Gold Bars at a Spider Lady.
    Flora: Bought at Jurak Mall.
    Magical: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Sturdy Rock at a Statue.
    Moon: Received from Donny.
    Reptile: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Wind Element at a Wing Gemron.
    Spirit: Throw gift capsule filled with 3 Gooey Peach at a Pixie.
    Sun: Received From Donny.
    Undead: Attack a Skeleton Soldier with Holy Water.
    Windup: Attack a Bomber Head with Bomb.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Past, Present, and Future (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
    Weapon Synthesis (Bronze): Synthesize a weapon.
    Tinkering Away (Bronze): Create your first invention.
    Shapeshifter (Bronze): Transform Monica into a monster.
    Birds and the Bees (Bronze): Breed a pair of fish.
    Playing with Time (Bronze): Close a time distortion in a game of Spheda.
    Mechanical Upgrades (Bronze): Purchase an upgrade for Steve the Ridepod.
    Alternate Alias (Bronze): Use a Name-Change Ticket to change the name of a weapon.
    To the Outside World (Silver): Complete Chapter One.
    Resurrection of the Great Elder (Silver): Complete Chapter Two.
    The Sage of the Stars (Silver): Complete Chapter Three.
    Good-Bye Shingala (Silver): Complete Chapter Four.
    Conflict of the Past and Future (Silver): Complete Chapter Five.
    When Two Eras Collide (Silver): Complete Chapter Six.
    Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer (Silver): Reach photography level eight.
    Monster Master (Silver): Obtain every Monster Transformation Badge.
    Core Strength (Silver): Acquire Steve the Ridepod's Master Grade Core.
    What? Your Monster is Evolving! (Silver): Evolve a monster into its final form.
    Fighting for Fun (Silver): Defeat 200 enemies without dying.
    Partners in Time (Bronze): Recruit a companion to join your party.
    Supporting Cast (Silver): Recruit all possible companions to join your party.
    A Royal Arsenal (Silver): Build Up to Monica's Island King and Five Star Armlet weapons.
    LEGENDary (Silver): Build Up to Max's LEGEND and Supernova weapons.
    Finny Frenzy First (Silver): Win the Finny Frenzy Master Class.
    A True Visionary (Gold): Invent every possible object.
    Medalhead (Gold): Earn all medals in every chapter.
    GeoraManiac (Gold): Fulfill 100% of the requirements for every Georama.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Freak Show (Bronze): Escape the circus tent.
    A Class of its Own (Silver): Catch a Baron Garayan.
    The Forgotten Adventure (Gold): Defeat the Dark Genie.
    Palace of Flowers (Silver): Defeat the Dark Element.
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Welcome to the Dark Cloud 2 wiki guide.

The original Dark Cloud RPG was a huge success on the PS2, partially because it was a good game, and partially because at the time, the PS2 had a dearth of RPGs. Now the sequel is upon us, and it has improved the game in almost every area. At its core, Dark Cloud 2 is still an actiony dungeon-crawler with some intriguing and unique Georama city-building elements. It's also much more difficult than its predecessor. That's where IGN Guides comes in. We've crafted a massive tome (over 130 pages) that will get you all the way through this massive adventure... and help you collect everything you need along the way. In addition to a detailed walkthrough, this guide has a full list of all Ideas, Enemies and Inventions, plus tips on fishing, beating all the bosses in the game, and collecting all of the Scoops. Have fun!

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Dark Cloud 2

Dark Cloud 2

Build your world. Invent your weapons. Create your adventure! In Dark Cloud 2, discover a secret binding the past, present and future.
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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

They call this the sequel to Dark Cloud, but actually it's an amazing new game that takes what was fun about the original Dark Cloud and kicks it up to a whole new level. The dungeon crawls are quite fun and very replayable because of all the extra bonusses you can go for. The town development you do can be visited in the future to see how well they develop over time. You can wander around your towns that you create, and populate them with people! You can catch fish, cook them, sell them, keep them in aquariums, even breed them and race them! Then there's the camera, where you can take pictures of all sorts of items, trade some cool ones in for points, and use others to come up with neat new inventions. This game is just amazing.

IMPORTANT!! Normally I really advise people to PLAY first and then read the walkthrough only when they're stuck, because you lose half the fun if you don't discover things for yourself, sort of like knowing Darth Vader was Luke's Father before going to see the Empire Strikes Back. But in Dark Cloud 2, there are some 'scoop' photos that you only get ONE CHANCE at. So I'm breaking my normal guidelines and suggesting that EVERYONE read the scoop list when you start to play, so you don't permanently lose your one chance to get your scoops.

Gameplay Basics
Moving Around & Controller Use
Combat Notes
A Character Listing
A General Item Listing
How Weapons Work
How Photos and Inventions Work
How GeoMod Works

Intro: A Night at the Circus
Getting To the Circus
The Circus and Donny

Chapter 1: To the Outside World
Underground Channel: Dungeon Levels
Underground Channel: Monster List
Palm Brinks Buildings and Shops

Chapter 2: Resurrection of the Great Elder
Rainbow Butterfly Wood: Dungeon Levels
Rainbow Butterfly Wood: Monster List
Furbits and the Carpenterion
Sindain Checkpoints
The Ending of Chapter 2

Chapter 3: The Sage of the Stars
Starlight Canyon: Dungeon Levels
Starlight Canyon: Monster List
Building the Plateau Village
Temple Checkpoints

Skills for Dungeon Bonusses
How to Fish!
How to play Spheda (Golf)

Photographs, Scoops and Inventions
Listing of Scoops (cool unique photos) - A MUST READ
Listing of Inventions & Photo Combinations
General Listing of Photographable Items

Fun Tips, Tricks and Techniques
Townspeople Request List
Townspeople - Skills and Uses
Synth Sphere Creation List: By Item Type
Synth Sphere Creation List: By Ability Type

Weapon Evolving
The Wrench
The Longsword
The Magic Brassard
The Trumpet Gun
The Gladius

Lisa Shea Author

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Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle) - How to Weapon (Synthesis Guide)

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