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Eagle Torch Gun Butane Gas Lighters Assorted Colors PT101U

Eagle Butane Gas Torch Gun Lighter
is the ideal lighter affordable, refillable, and handy. It comes in assorted colors such as: black, blue, orange and red. Jumbo 4” Tall, Single Side Torch Gun Lighter. Utility, Refillable and flame adjustable.

Eagle Butane Torch Gun Lighter 
The Eagle Butane Torch Lighter has Frosted tank whichl bring the heat down and cool you down.
The transparent fuel tank allows you to see how much lighter fluid is left to spare.

The Eagle butane torch lighter its perfect for all of your torch and lightning needs. Whether you need to light up a cigar with a perfectly distributed torch flame or need to heat up some, nails or screws the Eagle Utility Lighter is your go to lighter.

It also comes with an easy adjustment lever to ensure that you create the perfect torch every time. And if you need an intense amount of heat for a longer period of time, the Eagle has the power to lock its flame in place with the push of a button. Not many lighter can do that.

Plus the Eagle Torch comes in a assorted color pack. This affordable and dependable torch only takes up a mere four inches of your space. It’s big enough to not misplace yet small enough to transport with you when you need a powerful torch on the go.


  • Single flame angle Torch Lighter 
  • Butane Refillable 
  • Lockable
  • Flame Adjustable
  • Windproof
Sours: https://smokewrap.com/eagle-torch-gun-butane-gas-lighters-assorted-colors-pt101u.html

The Eagle Jet Torch Mini Angle Lighter is an ultra small and cost-friendly refillable windproof butane torch lighter with innovative Safe Stop technology.

It uses an angled nozzle with adjustable flame control that allows you to customize it's performance to match your current needs.

Eagle replaces the classic locking feature with a hinged door design that covers the igniter for safe storage while it's not in use.

Just open the cover and press down the ignition button to spark the flame. Underneath the nozzle there is a slider with + / - symbols that you can use to easily control your flame size.

When you've finished up and release the ignition, Eagle's advanced Safe Stop technology ensures the flame instantly dies out.

Eagle also incorporates a small hook on the bottom of the lighter that allows you to attach them to keychains, lanyards, etc.

To refill your Mini Angle Eagle Torch just place the tip from your butane canister vertically into port on the bottom of the lighter.

Lightly press while the lighter fills and when you're finished thoroughly wipe it down. Allow it the fuel to stabilize for about 5 minutes and then you're set for use.

Pick one up for yourself today in five semi-transparent color options or collect the entire set!


  • 1 x Eagle Torch Mini Angle V2 Lighter (Choose Color)
Sours: https://ezvaporizers.com/eagle-torch-mini-angle-lighter-v2_p-5838.html
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Introduction: Fixing That Jet Lighter You Love

So I was fixing my jet lighter (by now a fairly archaic design but a very good one and it only cost me£1 at a car boot sale) I used to fix antique lighters with my dad, thankfully jet lighters tend to be a bit more standard for repairs.

So In this I'll cover diagnosis, repair and also dismantling and assembly (most lighters designs' are a common principle... )
Ok so i got a slightly better camera than my phone, it's an ancient canon powershot A60, only 2MP but check out the macro in the pics, it was top of the range once upon a time and it shows.

Step 1: So What You'll Need for This

- a small philips head screwdriver (the tiny ones) it almost alway philips head.
-a penknife or a small flathead screwdriver (for adjustments)
-a pair of pliers, needle nose are great her but I can do it with my fake leatherman start to finish (make damn sure the pliers aren't magnetized it's annoying)
-a safety pin or some thin tough wire or a drawing pin (you'll see what I mean if it comes up)

-some sturdy wire about 24awg (anything that fits will do (again you'll understand pretty quick) is handy
-lighter gas, really helps diagnosis, in fact try the first...
-You may need rubber tubing or a piezo spark depending how you broke it (if you dropped I already know whats wrong. the lighter in this is my drinking lighter because it's made of metal and I know how to fix it)

Step 2: Ok Diagnosis Time Doctor

First put gas in the lighter, you should have done this already but this helps us determine alot.

Fill it with gas and listen, it may leak for a up to 30 seconds but that's ok as long as it stops.

Push down the button, is there gas coming out and is there a definite click from the spark (if yes to both this will be easy)

If there's no gas coming out at the nozzle but it's going somewhere then the connection has been broken probably nothing more than the flexible gas line has slipped off the seat of the reservoir end (there's more room here so it fall off that end but it's easy to fix anyway)

If you push the button all the way down and no click go to the shop and buy a really crappy cheap electric lighter, not a bic though, their piezios have no wire.

try turning down the gas a bit (sometimes the gas can't ignite because it going too fast for the tiny arc to heat... This always happens if you set the lighter when it's hot because it starts easier but wont once it's cooled down again.

All of these things are curable, this lighter hasn't many original parts, at one point I was going to hotrod a second nozzle in but There's no room, eventually I'll make an instructable about how to make your own jet lighter.

Step 3: Opening Your Lighter Up

This step just tells you how to take it all apart.

First look on the bottom, there should be a small (mostly likely philips head) screw not far from the filler valve, unscrew it, usually that is the only thing holding a lighter together, now pull the casing down off the rest (hold on to the cap and carefully pull the casing off) now you should see the guts of your lighter, there's probably 2 pins holding the assembly together. Enter the safety pin, Use the pin or wire to push the pin out of its hole.

now try moving everything apart, careful not to lose anything (yes my pins are made from steel wire but shh the screw came off a tiny circuit board, i didn't lose it, the screw was too long to start with.)

Check the image, the parts should be recognizable, and the note will explain all...

Step 4: Adjusting the Spark

This is easily the most common problem with jet lighters because they have metal bodies...

Basically the piezo is grounding out to the body or the chassis...

All we need to do is move the wire out and put it against the nozzle so it's touching it, that'll be guaranteeing near 100% performance in lighting. The first picture here shows the spark wire end pulled out and away a bit to so we get a clear idea of where we can put it. Wrapping it around the nozzle is good if there are no close metal body parts but the best is definitely doing it like picture 2. You should have kept all the pins, but really you should hav just left it together had this been the case. Before putting the case on, see if the lighter fires up if so slide the case on again and see if it still goes, if yes screw it back on and go light something up with it (In my case a Marlboro Red but in yours it may be a fuse... )

Step 5: So I Did That, But I'm Not Getting Anywhere

Simply check where gas is going by pushing down on the lever for the gas valve on the reservoir, look carefully along the gas line, you should see something similar to 'heat wiggles' (from the change in desity between gas and air) if theres a leak, I you have a crappy BBQ lighter kicking around then cannibalize that for some gas line (there's enough for five or six replacements) and if you needed it they're a great source of igniters due to the extra long cable.

If the gas still isn't getting out the nozzle then the nozzle's clogged, symptoms include the lighter bursting into flame for a second during use. take some thin wire or a pin and put it through the nozzle to clear it.

At this point I can't think of much else to go wrong, if the gas filler valve leaks when you fill it up then tighten it. If everything works but the lighter won't light or can't hold a flame turn down the gas flow a bit. If the flame sputters and has trouble keeping going then it's too weak to stay above the nozzle, turn the gas flow up a little. Finally we put it back together.

If there's any problem I have missed comment me and I'll add steps, to be honest I can't think of anything other than components going wrong after this.

Step 6: Putting It Back Together

Right now we rebuild the lighter

From the picture you should be able to tell your own parts easily enough.

This list goes bottom to top in stacking up the components again, refer to the pictures to make full sense


- Reservoir
-gas valve lever (best put in before piezo for convenience
-button cover/s
-lid top assembly (make sure the gas tubes go back in the right place)
-slide the cover back on and screw on

Step 7: I Do Believe We're Done

Again if there's anything I missed or any questions comment me and I'll do my best to help.

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/Fixing-that-jet-lighter-you-love/
How to fix a new lighter. How to purge and fill a butane lighter. Common butane lighter issue.

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Torch not eagle working lighter

How To Troubleshoot A Butane Torch Lighter



2 flame torch

How To Troubleshoot A Butane Torch Lighter

1 Review the instructions that came with your butane lighter. They often have troubleshooting tips. Referring to the instructions for your exact lighter model will give you the most specific and helpful advice.

2 Turn the flame setting up or clean the burner if the butane lighter creates a spark but will not create a full flame. Move the flame adjuster toward the “+” sign to turn up the setting. If this does not work, the burner may be clogged; clean it with a blast of compressed air. If neither of these methods works, you may be low on butane or may have an air bubble in the lighter’s tank. The only way to definitively solve either problem is by emptying the lighter and refilling it with fresh butane.

3 Refill the lighter if the flame grows without being adjusted, or if the flame gets very short. The butane lighter is low on fluid and needs a refill. Refill it according to the butane instructions.

4 Replace the flint or return the lighter if the lighter will not spark. If you just purchased the butane lighter and it doesn’t work, return it to the store and ask for a replacement. If the lighter has a flint, the flint has run out and needs to be replaced. Replace it according to your lighter’s directions.

5 Decrease the flame adjustment at higher altitudes and increase it at lower altitudes. A sporadic flame or inconsistent function may be due to altitude changes. It may take a few tries to determine the best setting for the altitude.

6 Turn down the flame adjuster if the lighter makes a hissing sound. The flame setting may be too high. If the sound continues, the hissing noise means that the lighter is leaking. It will need to be fixed by a professional. Take it in for service before using it again.

Sours: http://bobalu.com/blog/how-to-troubleshoot-a-butane-torch-lighter/
Eagle micro Jet torch Review

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