Aluminum t slide track channel

Aluminum t slide track channel DEFAULT

Toolcraft | T-Track Universal Metric Aluminium mm | T-TRACK55

  • Toolcraft South Africa extruded Aluminium T-Track is in constant demand for every woodworking application from making your own router tables, drill press jigs, tenoning jigs, layout boards, fences, feather board tracks and everything else in between
  • The T-Track is available in mm lengths and can easily be cut to size with a hack saw or on a mitre saw with an aluminium cutting blade


  • Total Width - 18,97mm
  • Total Height - 12,70mm
  • Throat Width - 8,97mm
  • Internal Slot Height - 6,70mm
  • Internal Slot Width - 12,97mm
  • Total Length - mm

Toolcraft South Africa also supplies the correct Metric rectangular nuts, knobs, bolts and hold down clamps enabling you to custom make any T-Track based jigging system you require


Toolcraft Mitre T-Track, Metric, Aluminium, mm

Toolcraft South Africa Extruded Aluminium Mitre Track is in constant demand for many woodworking applications where a mitre slot based system is required.

Whether you are needing a channel in which to lock a jig, or a channel to slide a jig in, Toolcraft Mitre Track is perfect for the application. 

The Mitre Track is available in mm lengths and can easily be cut to size with a hack saw or on a mitre saw with an aluminium cutting blade.

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Aluminum C Channels and Aluminum Slide Track Channels

When you&#;re looking for a light but sturdy aluminum extrusion product, that&#;s extremely versatile, adds color and shape to your project, then aluminum C Channel is probably the answer. Aluminum C Channels can be used as a reveal in a wood panel project, dress up a reception desk or used to build a custom display or shelf unit, a frame around an opening, or many other applications. Aluminum is popular and is widely used on numerous fabrication and construction projects due to its lightweight and corrosion-resistant attributes. It has a high strength to weight ratio, is non-magnetic, and is resistant to stress cracks.

Our aluminum C channels and slide track channels are easy to cut, form or weld. C channels can be used to protect the edges of millwork, add a reveal look to wood panels, for store fixtures, mounting or displays (they work well with Slatwalland Z clipsfor creating store displays), and for framing. Using aluminum as finish work on your project will add a dash of sophistication and a touch of aesthetic appeal. Aluminum is easy to care for, clean, and polish.

We Fabricate What You Need With the Quality and Speed You Deserve

At Eagle Mouldings we stock a huge number of custom aluminum extrusions in our inventory. We understand that our customers value material availability, having it on hand in stock for diverse projects and various uses. Our aluminum extrusion service shop will work to cut, bend or form, punch, drill your needed aluminum C channels or slide track channels to any specification necessary. If we don't have what you're looking for, we will find it or create it for you. We also carry in stock a huge variety of colors and finishes and believe that you will find what you have in mind for your next project. Our customer service technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. Eagle Mouldings has been serving the architectural millwork, store fixture and display and OEM industries for over 30 years. We look forward in sharing our expertise with you on your next project. Give us a call today.
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Slide channel t aluminum track

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