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We Swear By These Affordable Curtains to Make a Room Look More Expensive

Belgian Flax Linen Rod Pocket Sheer Curtain

Add subtle texture to a room with Pottery Barn’s Linen Sheer Curtains, made from premium flax fibers grown in Europe. Sold as individual panels, the gauzy curtains come in three lengths and five different colors. Not sure which one to pick? You can order free swatches to test them out at home. For easy hanging, there’s a rod pocket at the top of each panel, though you can also use clip rings if you so choose. All in all, these curtains are effortless, and exude effortless style, too.

Wayfair Basics Solid Sheer Rod Pocket Curtain Panels (Set of 2)

It doesn’t get any easier than these sheer Wayfair Basics curtains. They come in a set of two, so all you need to do is thread your curtain rod through each of them, and voilà—your windows are properly dressed! These super sheer polyester curtains come in a variety of neutral colors, but also some vibrant shades like purple and turquoise.

Best of all is that they’re machine-washable, making maintenance a cinch. Pick one of three lengths, including a 63-inch variation that’ll fall right at the window sill if you want to keep things extra short.

Urban Outfitters Allover Fruits Window Panel

Love a splash of citrus in your cocktails? Consider adding a splash of citrus to your décor scheme, too. The Allover Fruits Window Panel has a fun, blocky pattern of oranges and grapefruits that'll brighten up any room and add all-around sunny vibes. This cotton curtain is thin and breezy and lets plenty of light in, making it especially great for darker spaces.

The look is finished with a tie-top construction so you can casually affix the curtains to a rod with some hand-knotted flair. While these curtains are machine-washable, they’re on the more fragile side, so treat them with care!

The Best Places to Find Stylish, High-Quality Curtains Online

Sun Zero Kenwood Chevron Blackout Grommet Curtain Panel

With its stylish chevron pattern, this Sun Zero curtain is proof that blackout curtains don't have to be unattractive. While it won’t prevent all light from entering your room, it'll do a pretty good job of keeping the worst of the sun’s rays out—and that includes the heat that comes from them, too.

It's also great at muffling noises from outside, allowing you to get the restful slumber you deserve. This curtain comes in three colors—navy, gray, and stone— and three lengths, and it has a grommet top for standard-size rods.

 Record Name Amazon Basics Room-Darkening Blackout Curtains with Tie Backs

Have east-facing windows in your bedroom? Block out the sun’s harsh morning rays with Amazon Basics' Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains. Featuring a triple weave, these heavy-duty polyester window treatments not only effectively keep a room nice and dark (and quiet!), but they also regulate temperature, keeping heat in in the winter and out in the summer.

These machine-washable curtains come in sets of two and can be affixed to rods either via pockets or grommets, depending on the finish you select. Choose from a wide assortment of colors and patterns, and from widths and lengths, too.

Sunlight Doesn't Stand a Chance Against These Blackout Curtains

West Elm Crossweave Curtain

The elegant Crossweave Curtain from West Elm is a gorgeous, understated window treatment that adds just enough texture to keep things interesting. Its best feature, however, is the fact that you can order it lined with blackout backing or unlined to let dappled light filter through. If we had our way, we’d order one set of each!

It’s also versatile in the rod attachment department—there are both pockets and hidden back tabs atop the curtain so you can choose the style you want. Take note that this curtain is dry clean-only, and it should be ironed or steamed for smoothness and shine.

World Market Ivory Jute Striped Sahaj Tab Top Curtains

For a subtle, textured look, World Market's Sahaj Tab Top Curtains work wonders. These super sheer curtains are all about piquing visual interest in a room, given that their transparency doesn’t do much in the way of blocking light. Natural jute fibers provide plenty of texture, while horizontal stripes contribute additional visual intrigue.

These tab-top curtains, which only come in one length, are sold as a set of two and are dry clean-only. Styling tip: These curtains look best when gathered to the side of your windows, tied back with a ribbon or string.

Exclusive Fabrics Heritage Plush Velvet Curtain

Nothing says opulence like regal velvet curtains, even if the price is actually low enough to not break the bank! These sumptuous velvet curtains come in seven bold colors, from vibrant Aztec Gold to mysterious Eternal Blue.

Aesthetics aside, these curtains are ideal for blocking out sunlight—and keeping cold drafts at bay—so they’re ideally suited for a bedroom or a media room where you plan on watching movies. They have a rod pocket/back tab header construction for hanging, so no need to deal with rings and grommets.

Target Sketched Triangle Curtain Panel - Project 62

Feeling a little bold? This design has just enough geometric patterning to make a statement, though its hand-drawn quality keeps things unfussy and even a little boho-chic. The colors also lend an earthiness to the curtains—they come in white with gray triangles, white with wheat triangles, and peach with terra cotta triangles. Pick from three lengths to create your desired look.

Keep in mind that these curtains are sold as individual panels, so you’ll need to buy two to create a complete set. They’re machine-washable, so they’re totally safe to have in a house with pets and young kids.

10 Professional Tips for Getting Custom-Looking Window Treatments on a Budget

Sheer Hidden Tab Top Curtain

For an airy, gauzy look, try the Bella Sheer Curtain Panels. These sheer polyester curtains drape beautifully from the hidden tab tops (there’s also a rod pocket if you’d prefer) and can be left alone to hang vertically or cinched back for some billowy drama.

We’re partial to the beautiful dusty rose hue, but these curtains come in a variety of pastel and neutral colors, both in 84-inch and 95-inch lengths. Sold in a set of two, the Bella curtains can be spot cleaned or washed by hand and ironed on low heat to remove wrinkles.

Bee & Willow Home Quincy Curtain Panel

Add a little nautical flair to a coastal-chic living room or complete your modern farmhouse kitchen with the striped Bee & Willow Home Quincy Curtain Panel. This breezy curtain, which comes in gray and light green, gently filters daylight for a diffused, soft glow.

Sold in individual panels, the Quincy Curtain comes in four different lengths and is easy to hang from rods via rod pockets or back tabs—and it’s machine-washable for low-key maintenance. It’s a perfect no-fuss window treatment that adds just enough pattern into a room to draw the eye without being too distracting.


Touch of Class

Check out Touch of Class window treatments for black curtain rods, sheer lace panels, or even drapes for the bedroom. Available in common lengths like 63", 84", and 95" long, these curtains feature geometric designs, simple stripes, or even tropical prints.


Revolutionize your windows with an ensemble that gives you the precise amount of privacy, lighting, and style you need. Whether you're a purveyor of the single patio panel or you love layering valances over heavy drapes, you're sure to find exactly what you need to make your dream window treatment a reality.

An obvious place to start is with the curtains themselves; many decorators use the patterns and colors featured on drapes to inform other decorations in the room, like a bedspread with pops of coral pink or perhaps even a chevron rug. Buffalo check curtains, for example, bring a bold punch to a white kitchen. Skew modern with clear acrylic chairs surrounding a circular table, or hark back to buffalo check's rustic roots with exposed bulb lighting above the kitchen island.

What if you're looking to lend a little old-fashioned glamour to your living room? Display tassel curtains either all on their own or as one panel standing in for a shade beneath a pair of heavier drapes. Fringed lace edging calls to mind the historical beauty of a Victorian parlor. Let your windows strike an enchanting pose with panels in Victorian rose pink, or turn instead to pure white for a clean and classic look. A pair of holdbacks topped with faceted crystals completes a traditional atmosphere.

Of course, perhaps your tastes lean more contemporary, and dangling tassels aren't quite your thing. Fortunately, you have plenty of modern living room curtains to choose from, including those with grommet- or tab-top rod enclosures. Far more casual in appearance than a rod pocket, grommet rings and tabs grant a casual vibe to your surroundings. Shop sheer geometric curtains, and let light stream in through Greek key designs. Or, let a thermal blackout panel help diminish harsh light and reduce energy bills. Shades like chocolate, midnight blue, and white ensure your panels will match perfectly with your current aesthetic.

Whether you're hanging them in the dining area or the bedroom, curtains and valances always look better when paired with coordinating hardware. Black curtain rods, for example, would really pop against an all-white window treatment, creating a lovely bit of contemporary contrast. Otherwise, let a beautiful bronze-finished rod play off the earthy hues found in a pair of Southwestern-style drapes. If you need an extendable curtain pole, find a plethora of widths with ranges like 28" to 48", 48" to 86", and 86" to 144".

Windowsill-length or touching the floor, these fashion-forward curtains come in a variety of styles for your decorating needs. Also find matching valances, cafe curtains, and more treatments ideal for all sorts of looks. Scope Touch of Class drapes for a pair with a matching bedspread, or stick to standalone panels for easy maneuverability on the curtain rod. However you proceed, one thing's for sure: your windows will never have looked so good!

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What Are Rod Pocket Curtains?

When you go shopping for new curtains, it can be overwhelming to decide on which curtains will look best in your home. Another factor you’ll have to consider is whether you can install the curtains in your home. Some curtains are easier to hang than others, and some run longer than others. Measurements are super important when you are curtain shopping!

Rod pocket curtains are specially made to fold over on top so the curtain rod can fit behind it and be unseen. This factor makes rod pocket curtains an easy choice if you already have the curtain rod installed in the wall. No extra equipment is needed to install the curtains. These types of curtains also look good with layered window coverings and atop solid colored linens.

Rod pocket curtains are very common, and most likely, the curtains you will come across a lot when shopping. Many of these curtains are also cost-effective when compared to thicker curtain styles.

Rod pocket curtains are also not meant to be opened and closed often since they fit tightly around the rod. The pockets also come in various sizes, so make sure to measure your curtain rod before buying any rod pocket curtains.

Rod Pocket Curtains Fit Over Your Curtain Rod

Rod pocket curtains have pockets that cater to different curtain rod sizes. The pouch is on the curtain’s top backside to keep the curtain rod hidden from view. The ends of the rod will be visible; however, it can still cover most of it.

The pocket sizes are one, three, and four inches wide. Make sure to know your curtain rod’s diameter before curtain shopping, so you don’t have to return it for another size.

Rod Pocket Curtains Come In Different Fabrics  

Most rod pocket curtains are cotton or other cheaper materials to keep prices down. However, there are ranges in costs for curtains, depending on where you shop. You can also buy more high-end curtains for places that you want more decorative in your home.

Choosing the same curtain with different materials can also help differentiate each room and provide an extra decorative touch.

Rod Pocket Curtains Are Great, Casual Styled Curtains

Most people who buy rod pocket curtains are looking for a casual style to their space. This factor also makes the curtains popular with many homeowners. They also look great in apartments and other living situations.

Their versatility makes these curtains very sought after. They come in a variety of styles and colors so that they will fit in with any aesthetic. 

What is the difference between Rod Pocket Curtains and Pleated Curtains?  

So, you know a bit more about rod pocket curtains. Now, you want to see whether you should get rod pocket curtains or pleated curtains. Both have similarities and differences. The curtains you buy will all depend on what suits your lifestyle and home. Their differences will help you decide which will work in your home.

Pleated Curtains Are Thicker

Pleated curtains have heavier materials in their construction compared to rod pocket curtains. These curtains also have the rings at the top of the fabric, so the curtain rod is visible, unlike rod pocket curtains. Pleated curtains are often the only curtain laid over windows, whereas the rod pocket curtains can be layered with other types of curtains. 

Formal versus Casual

Pinched pleated curtains are the most popular kind of pleated curtain, which gives the curtain a more formal look. The heavier fabric also gives pleated curtains a more formal appearance compared to rod pocket curtains. The rod pocket curtains layered with other types of curtains provide a casual look. Pleated curtains hang alone since they offer a formal look, so layering isn’t necessary or needed.

What Other Factors Should You Consider?

If you have decided on rod pocket curtains, then there are other factors you need to consider when buying your curtains. Not every curtain will work out in your home, so you will need to prepare beforehand. The first thing you will need to do is take measurements. You need to know the diameter of your current or future curtain rod, as well as the height from the end of your window or floor to the rod.

Curtain Length Can Make Or Break A Look

You will need to know how long your curtains can be before you buy them. All curtains come in different lengths, so find out how long you want your curtains to be. The last thing you want is to have to take curtains back because they were too short or too long.

Know The Diameter Of Your Curtain Rod

The rod pocket curtains come with pockets that fit around your curtain rod. They can range from one to three inches. You should make sure you have the right diameter size, so you don’t have to return the curtains.

Overall, these facts about rod pocket curtains should help decide whether they will be a good fit for your home!

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Curtains and Window Blinds Collection at my Home - How I have Styled my Home

18 Curtains That Will Give Your Living Room an Instant Refresh

Change the look of your living room by swapping out one simple feature—the curtains. Curtains have the ability to make a big impact on the design and comfort of your living room without calling for a major investment of time or money. Our Southern grandmothers consider window treatments the unsung heroes of any room and curtains definitely fall into this category.

You can swap out the curtains in your living room in just a few minutes and starting at under $10 per panel. When deciding what kind of living room curtains you'll be shopping for, you'll want to measure the space to decide what length to buy and how many panels you'll need. Some panels come in sets of two while others are sold individually, which is important to look out for when you're making your purchase.

Now for the fun part—the design. From solids to stripes to patterns, there are so many different looks to choose from. Whether you are going for a classic look, a modern feel, or a farmhouse aesthetic, there's sure to be a choice here that will give your living room the refresh it needs. 

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Curtains and Window Blinds Collection at my Home - How I have Styled my Home

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