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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of knee kicker does Home Depot use?

GT Knee Kicker The GT Knee Kicker is the choice of professionals when installing or repairing carpets. It easily adjusts with one button from 18-7/8 In. to 24 In. lengths. The extra-wide head enables improved load distribution and the high contour neck is for use over stretcher head and poles.

What kind of tools can you rent from Home Depot?

We offer tool rentals and rental equipment from our wide selection of trusted, professional-quality brands. Whether you’re looking for carpet cleaner rentals, woodchipper rentals, lawn rollers, saws or any other tool for your project, we have the tool you need at rental prices that suit your budget.

What to do with a GT knee kicker?

The GT Knee Kicker is the choice of professionals when installing or repairing carpets. It easily adjusts with one button from 18-7/8 In. to 24 In. lengths. The extra-wide head enables improved load distribution and the high contour neck is for use over stretcher head and poles.

What can you rent at Home Depot Canada?

For carpet cleaning, we’ve got steam cleaner rentals that give you the power to clean and sterilize your carpets, no matter what condition they’re in. Whatever you need to rent to complete your next project, you’ll find it all at The Home Depot Canada.

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6 Tips for Installing Carpet Yourself

Professional installation by an experienced crew is now so inexpensive and quick that it's hard to justify doing this work yourself. Carpeting is now often sold with installation costs included since so few consumers want to go through the headache of DIY installation.

The Truth About Free Installation

It is true that carpeting that is advertised as "free installation" is not really free, since the cost is actually slightly inflated to cover the labor of the team who will come to install it. You can, therefore, save some money by specifying that you want to buy carpeting without installation labor. But by the time you buy or rent the specialty tools, padding, seaming tape, and other supplies necessary, the extra $1 to $1.50 per-square-foot cost for pro installation starts to seem like a bargain. If you've ever gone through the headache of trying to install carpeting yourself, you are unlikely to want to go through the ordeal again. Many installation teams will move furniture, remove and dispose of old carpet, install padding and new carpet, and move the furniture back in place—all within a few hours.

Still, there may be instances where your budget is so tight that saving on installation costs is critical. Or perhaps you are carpeting many rooms at the same time, or have many irregular shapes or stairways that mean your cost savings will be more substantial if you install the carpeting yourself. If so, here are six tips to make DIY carpet installation go more smoothly.

Rent Special Tools

Some DIYers make the mistake of thinking that they can install carpeting just by cutting pieces with an ordinary utility knife and rolling out the pieces over the floor. This is a disaster waiting to happen. While carpet installation will require many standard home-shop tools—such as a hammer, utility stapler, tin-snips, chalk-line, and utility knife—there will be several carpet-specific tools you will need in order to do the work correctly. These tools, available for lease at tool rental centers and home centers, include a seam iron, power stretcher, and knee kicker. These are expensive tools and it is much more economical to rent these tools rather than buy them, unless you expect to install carpeting often.

Learn How to Use a Carpet Stretcher

While it is possible to install carpeting without a stretcher, the results will look terrible, with wrinkles and lumps quickly forming. Two types of stretchers are essential to a good carpet installation: a long power stretcher that will brace against the walls to stretch the carpeting taut across the entire room, and a knee kicker that will help you push the edges into corners and over the tack strips around the perimeter of the room. Proper stretching is 90 percent of good carpet installation, and if you're not prepared to learn this skill, it's best to hire pros.

Install Tack Strips With a Gap Between the Wall

Tack strips are strips of wood with sharp pointed tacks. They are attached to the subfloor around the perimeter of the room to provide the anchor point for the edges of the carpeting to be gripped. For novice DIYers, the temptation is to shove the carpet tack strips (sometimes called "tackless strips") all the way against the wall or baseboard. Don’t do this. You will need the extra space in order to tuck the edges of the carpet over the strips. The gap between the tack strips should be just a hair less than the thickness of the carpeting so that the tucked portion remains tightly wedged in place.


If you are replacing old carpet, leave the tack strips in place for reuse with the new carpet. You'll likely only need to replace any strips that have been damaged by the removal or show signs of other damage. This will save you time, money, and effort.

For Patterned Carpet, Buy an Extra 5 Percent

You will experience more waste with patterned carpet than with non-patterned carpet, since cutting and seaming pieces requires you to match the pattern. Most experts recommend adding 5 percent overage for waste on a non-patterned carpet, and you should add another 5 percent, for a total of 10 percent overage, for patterned carpeting. The larger the pattern, the more waste you will have.

Do Not Attach Padding Over the Tack Strips

This is a standard rule of carpet installation: Do not lay the padding over the tackless strips. Keep the padding within the inner perimeter formed by the strips. Padding should touch the edge of the tackless strips but should not overlap them. If the padding overlaps, then you’ll have a fat lump around the edge of your carpet—not very attractive. It is also a good idea to make sure your padding is of very good quality. Even cheap carpeting will perform much better if the underlying padding is of good quality, such as high-density memory foam.

Consider Carpet Pile Direction When Seaming

Obviously, if your carpet has a pattern, seaming two pieces requires careful attention to matching the pattern between adjoining pieces. But even for non-patterned carpeting, you can detect the direction of the carpet’s pile by looking at it from different directions in strong light. Keep carpet pile consistent from piece to piece. Even professional installation teams have been known to get this wrong.

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/tips-for-easier-carpet-installation-1821622
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The Home Depot's qualified carpet installers can perform whole house installation services or lay high-quality, new carpet in just a room or two. However, our installers aren't limited to just bedrooms and living rooms.

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Similarly, it is asked, how much does it cost to Restretch carpet?

So by the time you add up the costs to your budget and body, it may be just as economical to hire a contractor. They cost about $100 and can finish carpet re-stretching in no time.

Subsequently, question is, how much is a carpet stretcher at Home Depot? *Visit your nearest Home Depot Tool Rental Center for same-day holds. This tool requires a $50.00---- deposit.

Carpet Power Stretcher & Case.

$25.00 4-Hour (Minimum)$144.00 Per Week
$36.00 Per Day$432.00 4 Weeks

Also asked, does Home Depot do carpet repair?

When you get carpet replaced through The Home Depot, you can feel confident knowing our local, licensed installers and their work is backed by our brand and supported by friendly financing options. If speed of service is important to you, our home services also provide some of the fastest carpet installs in your area.

How do you Restretch a carpet?

Stretch and embed the carpetPlant the power carpet stretcher against the opposite baseboard and add extension sections until the gripping head is about 6 in. away from the wall. Push down on the lever of the power carpet stretcher and embed the carpet backing on the tack strips with your hand.

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Submersible Pump Rental - The Home Depot Rental

Carpet Kicker Rental Home Depot

Brand Listing

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I rent a carpet cleaner at Home Depot?

Rent a Carpet Cleaner from your local Home Depot. Get more information about rental pricing, product details, photos and rental locations here. Home Tool, Truck & Equipment Rental Floor Cleaning Equipment Carpet Cleaner Rug Doctor | category #09 group #901

What kind of tools can you rent from Home Depot?

We offer tool rentals and rental equipment from our wide selection of trusted, professional-quality brands. Whether you’re looking for carpet cleaner rentals, woodchipper rentals, lawn rollers, saws or any other tool for your project, we have the tool you need at rental prices that suit your budget.

What's the length of an adjustable knee kicker?

Adjustable Knee Kicker This model has been the Industry Standard for over 25 years. The superior die cast aluminum body is lightweight and durable and the trigger assembly easily adjusts the length from 17 in. to 21 in. It's comfortable to use thanks to the exclusive non-slip checkered hand grip and the foam-filled seamless bumper pad.

How does a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner rental work?

Wide-track machine cleans larger spaces in less time for added convenience. Larger solution and recovery tanks also relieve customers from frequently refilling the machine, getting the job done more quickly and efficiently. Each rental comes with a upholtery hand tool , making cleaning stairs, furniture and car upholstery a snap.

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Rental carpet home depot kicker

A carpet knee kicker one of the tools you can use when pulling your carpet on the floor of the room you want to install your new carpet.  Yet, it might not possible to buy a carpet knee kicker sometimes. There is no need to purchase a new one if you do not have any plan to run a carpet business or if you use it only once or a few times. You will find here 7 companies where you can rent a carpet knee kicker including online shopping.

If you feel more compatible with store shopping, you can find the store address and phone number to go and rent with the most suitable price for your own purpose.

By using this type of tool, you will need not to leave wrinkles and bulge, which include a sturdy aluminum frame and a foam comfort grip so that you can cushion your knee while working.

Where to Rent a Carpet Knee Kicker?

There are many online options to rent a carpet knee kicker. You can choose one of them just easily to try. Here are seven companies to rent and more pieces of information about the companies related to the address, phone numbers, and the prices you need to pay for the rental.

1.Rentals Unlimited

Rentals Unlimited offers you many products under rental categories to rent. You can find many air tools, buffers, vacuum, plumbers tools, trucks, and lighting. 

Among many options of carpet and floor categories, here is one example for you to check its details. 

You can rent this carpet knee kicker Code 3225 at a remarkable price. Depending on your needs, you can rent daily, weekly, and monthly. While it is $ 7.50 daily, $ 24.00 weekly rental and $ 48.00 monthly.

It is just easy to pay online. You can pay via credit card of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

One of the best advantages of online shopping from this company is that the delivery regardless of the product you want to rent carries only one-day minimum charge. 

For further pieces of information or any other one to ask, you can call this number: 1-800-638-2926.

There is no one branch of Rental Unlimited. Here are 5 of them and their addresses with phone numbers:

Clarksburg Branch:

Address: 24000 Frederick Rd, Clarksburg, MD 20871

Phone Number: (301) 972-6200

Rockville Branch:

Address: 14925 Southlawn Ln, Rockville, MD 20850

Phone Number: (301) 294-6066

Frederick Branch:

Address: 36 Thomas Johnson Dr, Frederick, MD 21702

Phone Number: (301) 663-9200

Hagerstown Branch:

Address: 1458 South Potomac St, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Phone Number: (240) 420-0200

Sterling Branch:

Address: 44783 Old Ox Road, Sterling, VA 20166

Phone Number: (703) 709-9300

2.United Rentals

The next website you can rent a carpet knee kicker is United Rentals. You can rent many specific tools for carpet installation online. 

This company that is known as United Rentals was founded in 1997 as the largest equipment rental company in the world. Being in 49 states and 10 Canadian provinces it offers the customer a store network nearly three times the size of any other provider. If you do not any experience of rent from this company, you should move as soon as possible.

With the carpet knee kicker installer, you can easily stretch your new carpet evenly into the corners of your floor without wrinkling your material and having no difficulty in smaller areas like closets or stairs.

You can call the customer service anytime you want to take some pieces of information.

The phone number of the United Rental is 833.528.9438.

Here is the link of the website for you if you want to take more information and order your carpet knee kicker rental: https://www.unitedrentals.com/marketplace/equipment/surface-preparation/carpet-installation#/

3.Taylor Rental of Concord

This company was established in 1971 by being NH has been a family-owned and operated business of NH for over 47 years.

You can find many products under the rental categories with party equipment and tools for home decoration, industry, contractors and many more.

If online shopping is not suitable for you, or if you feel more comfortable with store shopping, here is the address and phone number to contact:

Store Address: 231 South Main Street, Concord, NH 03301    

Phone Number: 603-224-1931

Here is one of the examples of carpet knee kicker rental for you: https://taylorrentalconcord.com/equipment.asp?action=category&category=38&key=400910kneekick

There are options for daily and weekly renting. While it is $ 20.00 daily rental, you can rent a carpet knee kicker with the price of $ 80.00 weekly if you need it longer time period.

This product is served all of New Hampshire, including Manchester, Canterbury, Loudon, Hillsboro, and Northwood.


Here is another company you can rent a carpet knee kicker not longer times like month and year but hours like 4-6 hours.

It is also possible to use a coupon or a get gift card to give your beloved ones to make them surprise. They can find not only carpet products but also other products such as the ones related to home decoration, gardening, painting, hardware products, and organization tools.

Carpet Stretcher 4-Hour Base Rental: https://www.menards.com/main/rental-equipment/flooring-tools-sander-rental/roberts-reg-carpet-stretcher-4-hour-base-rental/5760104/p-1444422343527.htm

For each, you need to pay $18.00 4 hour base rental. It is just easy to use this product by locking the switch handle into 17 different stretches.

This feature makes this carpet knee process of installing your new carpet much simpler. 

After paying $18 for the first 4 hours, and you need more time to use, you can take some additional hours. It is $1 for each additional hour but hourly rate only applies during store hours.

Here is the contact information to get more information about the rental process:

Address: PO Box 99 Elk Mound, WI

Phone Number: 54739-0099

5.Rental City

Rental City, Inc. has 41 years of experience. It works as the leading source of party rentals and equipment rentals in the Omaha area. 

You can find many products to purchase and rent under the category of audiovisual, decoration, heating, tables, carpet and flooring.

For the carpet knee kicker rental, you can check its website: https://www.rentalcityomaha.com/equipment.asp?action=category&category=12&key=CAR%2DKNEE%2DKCKR

The advantage here is the opportunity to rent hourly. For 4 hours of renting, it is $ 8.50. While it is $ 12.50 for daily rental, it is $30. 00 for a weekly rental of a carpet knee.

On its website, you can find many comments to encourage you to rent from Rental City. For example, having a steel telescoping mechanism together with 5 adjustments for length, ranging from 19 in. closed to 24 in, it gives you a great opportunity to have a new double-engagement button eliminating wear or hole elongation.

Moreover, it has a wide head grips carpets, the combined hold of 3 replaceable nap grippers, and 16 adjustable hardened-steel pins.

Address: 14809 West Center Road, Omaha, NE 68144

Phone Number: (402) 334-5190

Fax: 402-334-6997

İlgili resim

6.Northeast Georgia Rentals

Since 1986, Northeast Georgia Rentals has been serving the Northeast Georgia area to assist with all of your equipment rental and event rental needs.

Here is the list of top equipment rental categories you can find: Air Compressor Rentals, Compaction Equipment Rentals, Concrete Equipment Rentals, Earth Moving Equipment Rentals, Forklift Rentals, Dolly Rentals, Pump Rentals, Saw Rentals, and Steam Washer Rentals.

Here is the link you can find where to rent a carpet knee kicker: https://www.negarentals.com/equipment.asp?action=category&category=15&key=CRPTKNEE

There are two options to rent as daily and weekly rental of carpet knee kicker. For the daily rental, you need to pay $15.00. Yet, it is $30.00 for weekly rental.

Address: 4204 McEver Road Oakwood GA 30566‎

Phone Number: 770-536-1355

Interstate Rentals ile ilgili görsel sonucu

7.Interstate Rentals

Interstate Rentals company began in 1953 until today in the core principles of caring, collaboration, and stellar customer service, and the business grew.

You can rent Carpet Knee Kicker Rental also known as Knee Kicker Carpet Stretcher under four main categories such as hourly, weekly, monthly, and daily.

Here is the website you can check for the more information about the carpet knee kicker rental: https://www.interstaterentals.net/equipment.asp?action=category&category=65&key=065%2D0030

It is  $9.00 for 4 hours, and $ 12.00 for daily rental. While it is $36.00 weekly rental, you need to pay $72.00 for the monthly rental.

Address: 1130 North Schmeer Road Portland, OR 97217

Phone Number: 503-285-6683

How Much Does It Cost When You Rent a Carpet Knee Kicker?

The range of costs might between $17-$20 per day. However, I suggest you rent also large rental outlets which are about $30-$40 per day or $125 per week. It is better to have other pieces of equipment so that you can handle detailed ones, too.

For those who can not afford a carpet knee kicker, there are other alternatives to install a carpet but it is not recommended because of not being qualified enough.

What About the Features of a Carpet Knee Kicker?

It is better to know about the features of some brands to rent a carpet knee kicker. 

Also, after renting a carpet knee kicker from one of the stores, you might think of having one. Here are three options for you to check if it is suitable for your purpose of usage. Not to regret, it is better to get informed about the characteristic of the product you choose.

A. Adjustable Carpet Knee Kicker Installer with Telescoping Handle

This product is strongly recommended by many because of its superior quality including some tools engineered with extra and high- quality heavy aluminum castings.

It is designed with industrial-grade steel so that you can use rugged strength and durability, which many other products do not have.

Moreover, you will find a stretching tool in its pocket. You can use it by pulling the close carpet and making carpet installed more level off in the condition of your carpet is laid.

There is no need to get worried about if it will be suitable for your carpet since it is okay to use for a variety of carpet types by fixing loose carpet easily. Apart from the fixing loose function, some other small installations provide you with many usages of this product.

The steel teeth will help you when you want to adjust the length of the extension. Also, extending steel tubes have four settings and you can use them for length adjustment together with an ultra-wide aluminum head that is replaceable with gripper.

For more piece of information, you can check the website: https://www.amazon.com/Carpet-Kicker-Installer-Adjustable-Telescoping/dp/B07PQHSLBH/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=carpet+knee&qid=1570693880&sr=8-10

B. XtremepowerUS Carpet Installation Knee Kicker With Adjustable Stretcher

If you want to use your carpet knee kicker to stretch your new carpet into the corners without suffering from any leaving wrinkles and bulges, this product is just an ideal one for your purpose.

Alternatively, you can use this product in order to get a tight fit on the stairs and in closets when you need it. 

It has a sturdy aluminum frame and a foam comfort grip. That means you can cushion your knee comfortably. It has also double-locking pins, which means it is just easy for you to adjust the length.

Having steel, PVC, and rubber as materials will make the products life longer.

For more piece of information, you can check the website: https://www.amazon.com/XtremepowerUS-Carpet-Installation-Adjustable-Stretcher/dp/B00CKZH2OA/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=carpet+knee&qid=1570693880&sr=8-6

C. Crain Cutter 505H Adjustable Carpet Knee Kicker

With five adjustments for length which is ranged from 19″ closed to 24″, this carpet knee kicker known as Crain Cutter 505H has a steel telescoping mechanism.

If you want to eliminate wear and hole elongation, you can use double-engagement buttons. Moreover, in order to grip your carpet, you can use the wide head together with three replaceable nap grippers, and 16 adjustable hardened-steel pins. It will help you to provide adjustability to carpets of all thicknesses.

If you have any hesitation about the extension feature, you need to know that it is possible to use a quick thumb release and comfort pad insert. This product is also okay for different types of carpet fluff thicknesses, and it will your life easy by giving you a variety of benefits and durability.

You can find this product ad a rental option for some companies online.

For more piece of information, you can check the website: https://www.amazon.com/Crain-Cutter-Adjustable-Carpet-Kicker/dp/B0000224QL/ref=sr_1_10?keywords=carpet+knee+kicker&qid=1570709440&sr=8-10

Sours: https://goodcarpetguide.com/7-companies-where-to-rent-a-carpet-knee-kicker-rental/
How to Use an ECHO Power Pruner Rental - The Home Depot

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