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If you're on TikTok or Instagram, you've probably seen that the claw clip — arguably the most iconic '90s hair accessory if you discount accordion headbands and scrunchies — has made a return. Hundreds of simple videos instructing how to whip your hair into a cute and easy updo in moments are garnering millions of views, and the best part is that they work for all hair types, textures and lengths.

Scroll ahead for the best quick and easy claw clip hair trends to try now.

The best claw clip hairstyle for long hair

Fashioned by Kira on Instagram, this claw clip hairstyle occupies a space between chic and undone thanks to the perfectly twisted base (which you can achieve by twirling your hair around your index finger) and the mussed up top where the ends have been left to cascade over the crown. If you want to keep the ends in place, simply spritz with stronghold hairspray. Long hair will require a relatively large claw clip to secure every inch.

The best claw clip style for short hair

Yes, you can get in on the claw clip trend with short hair. Using a small claw clip, TikTok's Sophie Hannah has dreamt up three styles in this video. Firstly, the twist and clip. Simply wrap your hair around your index finger, secure the clip and let the ends fall from the top. Then there's the half-up-half-down twist. This is exactly the same as before, but you're twirling just the top section of hair before clipping. Lastly, the half-up-half-down ponytail: gather the top section, secure at the base and you're good to go. Like Sophie, you can pluck out sections of hair to frame your face.

The best claw clip style for medium-length hair

TikTok's Ally Chen has served up not one but six claw clip hair trends to try if you have medium-length hair: the half-up-half-down fanned out style, space buns and our personal favourite, the French braid. To achieve the braid, weave your hair into a low plait, secure with a hairband and conceal it with the claw clip. If your hair is a tad shorter, take inspiration from TikTok's Toni Rose with this very easy twist.

The best claw clip style for thick hair

Instagram's Stefa Saddi shows us exactly how to wear the claw clip when your hair is on the thick side. Scoop your lengths into a low ponytail and tie with a hairband to ensure the style won't unravel as soon as you clip it up. Just like other styles, twist your hair around your index finger and secure with a large square claw clip. Using a hair serum or texturising pomade, twirl the ends with your fingers and allow them to fan out over the clip.

The best claw slip style for natural and curly hair

TikToker Sariyay's makes this claw clip hack for curly hair look so easy. Depending on the length of your hair, leave some tendrils of hair free at the front and twist your hair at the back. Fasten the twisted section with a large claw clip and fix any stray strands with hair grips. For a sleek finish, apply a little edge control gel where needed.

The best claw clip style for fine hair

TikTok's Leah Malone collects her hair into a low ponytail but the trick is not to tie it. Instead, spin your hair around your index finger, twist it anti-clockwise so that it creates a loop and then clip into place. Raking a little shine serum through your lengths will ensure a smooth, frizz-free style for longer.

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Best hair claw clips for 2021 — and how TikTok helped them surge

The resurgence of fashion trends from the 90s and 2000s (Y2K) is seeing a specific revival of certain brands popular during these decades, from Delia’s to Juicy Couture and Von Dutch. One particular trend seeing some love on platforms like TikTok right now is the claw clip, as well as other hair accessories like barrettes and butterfly clips.

The claw clips' recent surge in popularity was "pretty much written in the stars," according to Amanda Varano and Kristina Raimondo, founders of Canada-based hair accessory brand Toni Rose.

Varano and Raimondo are the talent behind the brand’s TikTok account, which helps followers achieve certain hairstyles. The duo’s most viewed TikTok post covers claw clips, specifically, and how to create iconic 90s hair-dos with them — their channel has garnered 50,000 followers since they created it in August 2020.

“The 20-year rule is a common reference in the fashion industry,” Varano told Shopping. “They say fashion repeats itself every 20 years or so.”

Fashion is indeed cyclical and experts predict upcoming generations will pull inspiration from the 60s, 70s and 80s, according to Insider — of course, the particulars of what is in aren’t always the same across generations, namely Millenials and Gen Z.


The best claw clip for you

Claw clips come in multiple varieties— your hair length and thickness should be the biggest factor when buying, but you should be able to make some use of just about any claw clip.

“You can’t go wrong with a large claw clip,” Varano said. “It holds up all hair types and is so versatile.” She and Raimondo recommended smaller, or mini, claw clips for thinner hair or for half-dos given thicker hair.

Claw clips can most commonly be found at local pharmacies or their online counterparts, including CVS, Walgreen, or any other pharmacy retail store. However, if you’re looking for something more unique and “trendy,” you may want to consider brands like Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie. Smaller businesses like Toni Rose and Minimal Hair custom design their products for shoppers.


Best claw clips

To give you an idea of the variety of claw clips available online, here are some of our favorites, along with how to make the most of them.

4-Piece Matte Claw Clips

This claw clip set boasts a 4.7-star average rating from 900 Amazon reviewers. The large clips are designed to have a strong hold for thick hair and work with thin hair, as well.

Toni Rose Large Dreamy Claw Clip

Toni Rose’s large Dreamy Claw clip (seen in the above TikTok post) is meant to provide a strong hold for thick hair and comes in three colors: Dark Tortoise, Light Tortoise and Marble Ivory. They’re made from an eco-friendly celluloid acetate that, according to Varano and Raimondo, makes them “significantly more durable” than a plastic cup — and “a more polished finishing.”

Squiggle 3-Piece Claw Clips

This set of claw clips from Anthropologie sport a fun and non-traditional squiggly design and are available in Coral and Moss colorways.


Holden Metal Claw Clip

The Holden Metal Claw Clip has a minimal wireframe design that is meant to give it a cut-out appearance in your hair — it’s available in Silver or Gold.

Speckled Mini Claw Clip 6-Piece Set

If you are looking for mini claw clips, you may want to consider this six piece set from Anthropologie. They are made from acrylic and come in four colorways: Pearl, Sky, Mint and Neutral.

Butterfly Mini Claw Clip 3-Piece Set

The Butterfly Mini Claw Clips is a three piece set and comes in Purple and Neutral colorways — it's designed with a frosted matte plastic.

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Rebecca Rodriguez

Rebecca Rodriguez is a production coordinator for Select.

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It’s official: Throwback hairstyles are having a moment, and the claw clip might be the biggest. It’s not the only one—every time you open Instagram or TikTok, you’re probably bombarded with prom-style tendrils, tiny hair clips, and baby braids. (I know I am.) But the humble claw clip is the hair accessory that’s led me to abandon all my sparkly pins, fancy scrunchies, and pearl-encrusted everything.

To me, claw clips have always been utilitarian. My mom has worn a plain tortoiseshell one when she’s cooking for as long as I can remember, and I used to wear one to keep my hair out of my face in elementary school. It wasn’t something I ever expected I’d want to wear again until a pre-COVID trip when I was walking through a dollar store in Tokyo. There it was: the cutest pink clip. I bought it on a whim, thinking I’d use it to hold back my hair during my nighttime routine.

At first my new claw clip didn’t make it out of the house, but then I suddenly began seeing them everywhere I looked. Overnight it seemed every Insta-girl was wearing a candy-colored Emi Jay clip, and more sleek versions were popping up in celebrity pap shots left and right. And then it hit me: Claw clips are officially chic.

Flash forward to now, when claw clips are full-on happening, and I never leave the house without a claw clip in my hair or tucked in my purse (or sometimes clipped on my purse strap). While, yes, it’s amazing at its main job—holding up a lot of hair with minimal effort—what I love most about the clip is its versatility.

My first venture into wearing a claw clip out of the house is a look comedian and host of the Glowing Up podcast Caroline Goldfarb dubbed the Brigitte Broke-dot. Essentially, it’s piling a bunch of hair into a half-up, clipping it, and leaving your front tendrils or bangs out. It’s romantic, easy, and insanely flattering—the half-up with some pieces around the front frames your face in such a pretty way. The look somehow fixes any bad hair day and makes every outfit a little more pulled together.

Effortless French twists secured with a claw clip are trending on TikTok, while the look of choice for celeb models like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber is a slicked-back bun with the clip holding it all together. It’s a very ’90s supermodel look that manages to feel fresh and modern. The sleekness of the bun looks put-together, but a claw clip lends it some “oh, this old thing?” charm and effortlessness. I’ve never been into slick hair, but the ease of a clip makes it feel totally wearable. Plus, this style lets you really show off a cute clip—it feels like you’re wearing jewelry in your hair.

While there are certainly luxe options, my favorite thing about this trend is that most clips clock in at under $25. Believe me when I say you won’t be sorry to resurrect them.

Shop the best claw clips, below.

Chunks Jumbo Claw Clips

France Luxe “Couture” Jaw Clip

Urban Outfitters Flower Claw Clip

VWMYQ Big Claw Clips

Large Clear Hair Claws (6-Pack)

Emi Jay Big Effing Clip in Yellow Daisy

Emi Jay Big Effing Clip in Virgo

Urban Outfitters Colorblock Claw Clip

BP. Large Jaw Clip

ASOS Design Hair Claw

Bella Cacciatore is the beauty writer at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram@bellacacciatore_.


There are many '90s beauty trends that we wouldn't mind leaving in the past (butterfly hair clips, frosty eye shadow and pencil-thin eyebrows, anyone?). But one hair trend is making a comeback and we are totally on board: Claw clips, the one-stop-shop for a chic and easier-than-ever updo. They are back in style and (bonus!) won't damage your hair like other hair accessories and elastics might.

In addition to being a nice change from ubiquitous high ponytails and messy buns, claw hair clips are structured and feel modern, even though they are a blast from the past. The traditional way to wear them is to twist hair up and clamp the clip on, but you can also use smaller sizes for a half-up 'do or to pull back bangs or shorter pieces. However you choose to sport them, you know your style will be locked in place, as these hair accessories typically have a strong hold on hair.

Not sure where to buy the best claw clips? Here, we've narrowed down the chicest clips for any hairstyle or need, including thin hair, thick hair, large and jumbo size, minis, and more:

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Best Overall Claw Hair Clip

Rounded Open-Sided Hair Clip


This tortoise shell claw clip has been a top-seller at J.Crew for years and is a Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab expert go-to. "My mom always told me to get hair clips that are made in France, as they are made of acetate instead of regular plastic, which is stronger, lighter and more flexible," says GH Beauty Lab Senior Chemist Sabina Wizemann. This one fits the bill and while on the pricier side, Wizemann thinks it's definitely worth it. "I’ve had this one for years and it's great for every day," she says. "My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it, and this picks it all up." 


Best Value Claw Hair Clips

Hair Classics Women's Medium Claw Hair Clip


Talk about a bang for your buck! While these Goody clips are super budget-friendly, they don't sacrifice quality for cost. They have a good grip, strong construction and really stay closed when in your hair. 


Best Claw Clips for Thick Hair

Big Hair Claw Clips


Thanks to the non-slip grip, these claw clips from TOCESS are easy to use on even the thickest of strands. Plus, the colors are super fun with neutrals and brights alike. 


Best Claw Clips for Thin Hair

Large Metal Claw Clips



Take your pick — these Willbond clips come in all of your favorite metallics. The tiny, interlocking teeth hold even the finest strands in place, making these ideal for those with thin strands. 


Best Large Claw Hair Clip

Metal Hair Claw Clips


The just-right size for anyone with medium to long hair, Kitsch's large metal clip is both pretty and practical. Despite its streamlined appearance, the minimalist design is secretly strong while being lightweight.


Best Jumbo Claw Hair Clips

Jumbo Claw Clips


Size matters when it comes to hair clips and super thick hair. Riviera's jumbo clips (which are approximately five inches long!) have a strong spring and sturdy hold, keeping your hair off your neck all day long.  


Most Popular Claw Hair Clips on Amazon

Strong Hold Hair Claw Clips


Boasting over 15,000 ratings on Amazon, Revlon's strong hold hair clips are a top-seller for all hair types, from fine to uber thick. "These are the absolute best hairclips ever," one reviewer shared. "They keep my hair secure with the double teeth and are the perfect size."  


Best Claw Clips for Layered Hair

Tortoise Shell Cellulose Acetate Hair Claw Clips



Small but mighty, these chic clips from BeautyChen really get the job done. They are ideal for fine hair, but also come in handy for bangs, shorter layers and fun multi-clip hairstyles. 


Best Small Claw Hair Clips

Small Basic Half-Claw Clips


Whether you use them to hold up sections while styling hair, create a half-up 'do, or pull all of your hair back, these Goody clips are quite versatile. The three neutral shades work with any hair color, so you can mix and match as you please. 


Best Claw Clip for Curly Hair

Hair Clip


Designed for textured hair, Pattern's claw clip is ideal for curly, coily, and kinky strands. It's large size and strong closure hold a lot of hair without budging. Plus, the clip can be helpful for sectioning strands when styling. 

Dori PriceFreelance Beauty EditorDori Price is a Boston-born, New York City-based freelance writer, editor and beauty, style, and wellness expert who was the Beauty & Fashion Director at Family Circle for 13 years before she joined Good Housekeeping, Prevention and Woman’s Day as a freelance beauty editor.

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Clips styles jaw mini hair

11 Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles to Upgrade Your Casual Looks

Look, scrunchies are all good and dandy, but there’s another '90s hair accessory making a comeback. Enter: claw clips, the latest answer to all your casual updos and messy buns. Friends (specifically Rachel Green) was always hair inspo, but now popular influencers (like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber) are bringing back the everyday statement clip. So whether you're prepping for a Zoom call or going on an outdoor lunch date, we have 11 easy claw clip hairstyles to make your go-to looks extra chic.

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claw clip hairstyles tousled do

W101/Getty Images

1. Tousled 'Do

Nothing says casual but chic like this tousled ‘do. Just brush, twist and clip all your hair at the crown of your head. It’ll go from an elegant updo to a laid-back look just by leaving a few strands out in the front and back. You’ll be ready for any last minute call with your boss.

Shop the clip: Amazon ($15); Anthropologie ($24); Shopbop ($75)

claw clip hairstyles bun


2. Top Knot

Forgo the bobby pins and extra hair ties for a hair clip instead. After you perfect your top knot (aka a good ole twist and wrap around ponytail), clip the ends with mini claws and viola, your top knot got an upgrade.

Shop the clip: ASOS ($14); CoEditions ($18); Nordstrom ($65)

claw clip hairstyles loose braid


3. Loose Braid

A braid is already elaborate, but how about adding some bold hair decor? Whether you're going for the two-twist, french or dutch braid, replace the hair ties for claw clips to really keep them secure.

Shop the clip: Etsy ($5); Amazon ($7); ASOS ($9);

claw clip hairstyles topknot

Ruce Sitorus/EyeEm/Getty Images

4. Messy Bun

No more hair sticking at the back of your neck while you’re working out. Gather your hair on the top of your head and grab a large claw to hold it all together. Problem solved and now you’re can exercise without any distraction.

Shop the clip: Etsy ($6); Ulta ($10); Nordstrom ($18)

claw clip hairstyles low twisted bun

W101/Getty Images

5. Twisted Bun

If top knots (or messy buns) aren’t your thing, consider this twisted bun. Create a ponytail at the very back of your head, twist it around and secure it with your go-to claw clip.

Shop the clip: SheIn ($2); Anthropologie ($24); Revolve ($28)

claw clip hairstyles side twists

Urban Outfitters

6. Side Twists

Remember showing off this look (along with some fun butterfly clips)? Well, we found a grown-up version that’ll bring back the nostalgia. Grab a few front strands, twist to the side and clip. This is great for all hair lengths.

Shop the clip: Urban Outfitters ($10); Lulus ($14); Amazon ($15)

claw clip hairstyles half up

Free People

7. Half Up 'Do

Whether you have long, short, fine or curly hair, this half-up 'do is great for everyone. Just separate your hair into two sections, gather the top half and clip together. And leave some front strands out to elevate the look.

Shop the clip: Etsy ($8); Nordstrom ($42); Free People ($48)

claw clip hairstyles twisted up do

Free People

8. Twisted Up Do

This is the popular claw clip style that you can see Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner rocking. It’s all about twisting up and tucking your ponytail ends inside the claw clip. The intentional yet effortless look you’ve been waiting for.

Shop the clip: Etsy ($3); SheIn ($10); Free People ($16)

claw clip hairstyles low ponytail

Urban Outfitters

9. Low Ponytail

No hair tie? No problem. For a low pony, grab all your hair and clip. One step and you’re ready to start your day. Bonus points if it’s a colorful or bedazzled claw clip.

Shop the clip: Urban Outfitters ($12); ASOS ($12); Wolf & Badger ($14)

claw clip hairstyles double clip

Urban Outfitters

10. Double Clip

What’s better than one claw clip? Two. Small or big, have fun adding as many claw clips as your hearts desire. Plus, this technique is really helpful for curly gals or people with thick or long hair.

Shop the clip: ASOS ($11); Amazon ($13); Urban Outfitters ($12)

claw clip hairstyles half up topknot

W101/Getty Images


21+ Easy & Stylish Claw Clip Hairstyles that Will Transform Your Look

In the world of hairstyle, the buzz is all around two words – claw clips!

This staple of your former elementary school is making a big comeback this year and celebrities are leading the way.

The 90s revival is back in full force and it would be a shame to miss it – especially if it involves one of your all-time favorite hair accessories.

If you want to give it a go and try to avoid looking like you just took the time machine to the 90s, there are plenty of modern hairstyles for any hair length that works perfectly with claw clips.

There is also an abundance of gorgeous and innovative claw clip designs – something that was a bit of luxury back in the 90s.

Get a few ones for the weekend and experiment with what looks the best.

Without further delay, here is our roundup of claw clips hairstyle inspiration from Pinterest – you can find plenty more on our board Pinterest.

21+ Best Claw Clip Hairstyles

Pick your favorite and let us know in comments!!!

1. Long Simple Hairstyle

claw clip hair

If you have a long and wavy hair, this claw clip hairstyle is exactly for you. A twisted half down and a simple claw clip. Elegant enough even for an office hair.

2. Simple Bun

claw clip hair

Turn your simple low bun into a marvelous claw clip hair. Easy and beautiful enough for a night out.

3. Classic Bun with Clip

claw clip hair

The classic bun could be a fashionable hairstyle with the appropriate accessory.

4. Half Open Bun

claw clip hair

Half up, half down- a hairstyle for every day and every occassion. A sophisticated claw clip could make this hairstyle good for a fancy brunch with your friends.

5. Messy Up-Do

claw clip hair

For some people this is the hairstyle when you are getting a bath. But the recent trends show the convenience of being a more casual. So, why not? Simple, messy, and plain.

6. Elegant Claw Clips

claw clip hair

Who said a claw clip hair couldn’t be fabulous? Check this! It is like a piece of small jewelry.

7. Messy Small Claw Style

claw clip hair

This one is exactly like little baby girl first hairstyle. Cuite and simple.

8. Twisted Ponytail

claw clip hair

The twisted ponytail is a little boho hairstyle and when you fix it with the right add-on, you get the look from a professional.

9. Statement Claw Clip

claw clip hair

Make a statement with a solid claw clip. It gives a final touch to your entire vision.

10. Pearl Claw Clips

claw clip hair

Tender, feminine and so gorgeous. If diamonds are girls’s best friend, the pearls are their sisters.

11. Semi-Open UpDo

claw clip hair

If you have mid-hair you will like this hairstyle. A bit neglige, simple, and playful.

12. Small Claw Clips

claw clip hair

Do you know the real name of the double bun? It comes from Japanese-  (お団子, odango). Comes from Dango- which is dumpling and o- is honorific.

13. Short Hair Style

claw clip hair

Having short hair doesn’t mean you could not wear hair accessories. Claw clip hair is suitable for all hair lengths.

14. Double Clip

claw clip hair

Give your braid some glitter with double claw clips.

15. Twisted Low Ponytail

claw clip hair

A very natural and chic claw clip hair. It reminds a fashion magazine editor style. Plain and unselfconscious, but with a lot of character.

16. Elegant UpDo Clip

claw clip hair

Very feminine and romantic. Easy to do and good for all-day meetings and activities.

17. Double Bun Style

claw clip hair

A hairstyle that has an optical illusion. This double bun style makes your hair look thicker and longer.

18. Mini Clips

claw clip hair

Like a schoolgirl. Leave your loose hair and simply twist the sides with small claw clips.

19. Butterfly Claw Clips

claw clip hair

Very chic and girly claw clips. Small butterfly drops that look like a small bijou in your hair.

20. Claw Clips as Accessory

claw clip hair

21. High Up-Do

claw clip hair

Mulan’s hairstyle shows your energy and strength. Make it fancier with a sophisticated claw clip.

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How to wear a Mini Jaw Clip 

The beauty of our Mini Jaw Clips - they’re versatile and can be worn to secure your fly-aways or create a chic, on-trend hairstyle. 

Scunci Mini Jaw Clips are designed for easy, fast fashion. Simply open the clip and place - super simple and convenient! Mini Jaw Clips are optimal for holding and styling smaller amounts of hair, so it’s recommended to avoid clumping hair together in the one clip.

Our Mini Jaw Clips aren’t just practical, they’re also adaptable, allowing you to hold your hair and style a stunning, on-trend hairstyle. 

Here are a just a few of our favourite hairstyles you should try: 

Mini Jaw Clip Hairstyles 

  1. A pulled back twist: section a strand of hair, twirl it, and then place a Mini Jaw Clip to hold back the twist. This allows for an effortless yet fabulous style. 
  2. A decorated plait: to create this style, plait your hair, and add a special touch by placing a few of the Mini Jaw Clips throughout the plait to give a fun, playful addition. The Mini Jaw Clips will look beautiful spread out in your plait, and give a pixie-like look to your style. 
  3. Sleek, high pony: place your hair into a high, sleek ponytail and with any fly-aways, secure them down with a Mini Jaw Clip. Choose from a variety of colours and clip on the side of your hair. 

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