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    Ben Tennyson/Ben 10 

See his own page.

    Gwen Tennyson 

Voiced by: Meagan Smith (as a preteen), Ashley Johnson (as a kid, Omniverse; as a teenager), Montse Hernandez (Reboot)

Ben's cousin and original sidekick. Despite being the same age of him, Gwen is a Child Prodigy surprisingly mature and smart for her age, mastering various classes as school and with some practice in martial arts. Her snarking, rational personality often clashed with Ben's, causing their relationship to be very explosive. Eventually, she calmed down as Ben matured and they ended up with a more affectionate relationship. Though she initially had no power of her own, Gwen happened to discover herself aptitudes for magic over the course of her adventures with Ben, eventually stealing a spellbook from Charmcaster and using it to improve herself. It was later revealed her magic skills came from her grandmother Verdona, who was a Mana-manipulatingEnergy Being from an alien species known as the Anodites.

  • Action Girl: Even before she gained powers of her own, she could kick butt.
  • Academic Athlete: She has good grades and knows judo.
  • Alternate Continuity: Omniverse and a "What If?" episode in the original series revealed that there is at least one universe where Gwen is the one who gains the Omnitrix.
  • Animal Motifs: She had a cat motif as a child. Her large green eyes, abilities with magic and cat-themed costume as "Lucky Girl".
  • Barrier Warrior: At the beginning of Alien force Gwen uses energy to make shields and barriers to fight, though as time goes on she starts using spells again and pure energy blasts.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Despite their constant arguments, it's made clear on several occasions that Gwen does in fact care for her cousin and will always try to help him when needed.

    "They can't torment Ben like this! Only I can!"

  • Birthday Buddy: She and Ben share the same birthday. This fueled their conflict with each other in the original series era.
  • Blue Is Heroic: Outfit-wise, she's generally associated with the color blue.
  • Closet Geek: For all that Ben is the superhero fanboy, Gwen was the one who made a superhero costume.
  • Cool Aunt: Implied to be this by her nephew in the future in "Ken 10".
  • Damsel in Distress: Especially in the original series. Though in the later series she's a more competent fighter. That is until her mana shields break, rendering her unconscious. Forcing either Ben or Kevin to save her.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Unleashing the full extent of her Anodite powers potentially makes her even more powerful than Ben, being powerful enough to defeat Aggregor singlehandedly and utterly annihilate all of Ben's Ultimate Forms at once. However, since she hasn't gone through the 75 years of formal training required to fully control these powers, doing so for extended periods of time will destroy her identity and memories of her family.
  • Deuteragonist: Until the first episode of Omniverse. She is still the most prominent female in the series though.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: Gwen's a prodigy who can instantly master anything, be it athletics, academics, and even the Omnitrix in a "What-If" episode, in which she's instantly better at using it than Ben ever was.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Not at the same extent as Ben, but despite being strategic and intelligent by nature, there are times where she recklessly charges herself, even if she risks her life, in spite of anyone's objections.
  • Living Lie Detector: She can see through other people, either Ben or Kevin. Justified, since she is skilled on magic and with her magical powers she can tell whenever some is lying or telling the truth.
  • Magical Girl: In the Original Series, she found a magical trinket which granted her magic powers, donned a costume, and called herself "Lucky Girl". The only thing she was missing was the Transformation Sequence. In Omniverse, she replicates the costume with her Andodite powers.
  • Magic is Feminine:
    • Ben 10: Gwen starts learning magic after acquiring Charmcaster's spellbook and serves the role of the heroes' magic expert from then on.
    • Ben 10: Alien Force: "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" reveals that Ben and Gwen's grandmother Verdona is a member of an alien Witch Species known as the Anodites who can naturally manipulate Mana and that Gwen inherited her magical powers from her. Ben 10: Ultimate Alien introduces a female cousin of Gwen named Sunny who has also inherited magical powers from their grandmother. Verdona, Gwen, and Sunny are the only Anodites seen in the shows.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Obviously not in the Original Series (she was 10 after all and this is not that kind of show), Alien Force and Ultimate Alien have her appear occasionally in a bikini.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Technically, she is a Magical GirlHalf-Human Hybrid ascended from a species of Aliens Mana-manipulatingEnergy Beings and a skilled martial artist to boot.
  • Out of Focus: In Omniverse, after she leaves Bellwood to go to college.
  • Power Echoes: When she casts magic.
  • Recessive Super Genes: Gwen is revealed to possess the "spark" allowing her to manipulate mana. She inherited this from her Anodite grandmother, even though her father's generation was skipped.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: She's always the blue to whoever else.
  • She's Got Legs: Particularly in the sequels.
  • Significant Green-Eyed Redhead
  • The Smart Girl: Even at 10 years old, she was much smarter than the average kid.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Gwen is the only girl in Ben's team.
  • The Spock
  • Super Power Lottery: Gwen's Anodite abilities give her a plethora of abilities.
  • Tsundere: Type A when she was younger. She does care about Ben, but she seems to be near unable to express her affection for him other than by arguing with him. She even mentioned twice that no one can treat him like trash but her. Starting with Alien Force, she becomes a Type B tsundere, but towards Kevin and Ben.

Classic Series

Classic (2005) series

  • Badass Normal: For the first two seasons before taking Charmcaster's spell book and learning magic. Even before that, she wasn't useless, thanks to her far above average intelligence and exceptional athleticism and fighting skills for a 10 year old girl.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Her hair only goes down to her neck, and it helps to reflect her brashness, snark and temper.
  • Child Prodigy: She is really intelligent and aces school, she has great athleticism and martial arts training, and usually takes quickly to anything new she does, like learning magical spells or even how to use the Omnitrix in one alternate timeline episode. She's still not accepted into Bankcroft Academy, however.
  • Designated Girl Fight: When facing the Negative 10, Gwen always goes one-on-one against Charmcaster, except the one time Rojo tried to get into the fight.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: After she starts learning magic.
  • Fiery Redhead: While she's actually quite level-headed most of the time, she can easily be angered by Ben's antics or by the Villain of the Week.
  • Hypocritical Heartwarming: Gwen when defending her cousin against Kai essentially just tells her that she (Kai) can't talk to Ben in the rude, condescending way she just did. Only she (Gwen herself) could do that.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: A different kind than Ben; she is short-tempered, abrasive, and often quite smug toward him, but her heart is in the right place, and she genuinely cares about him.
  • Karma Houdini: She's never really held accountable for her poor treatment of Ben nor does she ever do anything to make it up to him when she tried to hit him for unintentionally causing her to be declined at Bancroft Academy or when she accussed of being a criminal thinking Kevin was Ben attacking San Fransisco in any of his alien forms.
  • The Lancer: She's essentially Ben's number two most of the time. This creates a bit of a complex and even some conflict between the two when she tries to ascend from this role as Lucky Girl.
  • Little Miss Badass: She starts off a Badass Normal, using her martial arts skills to take on a reanimated dinosaur and even knock out Rojo with one kick. Keep in mind, she's 10. Then she starts to learn magic towards the end of the series after obtaining Charmcaster's spell book and she becomes more badass from there.
  • Little Miss Snarker: Especially toward Ben.
  • The Load: In the first season, for the most part. She does have her moments, however.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Zig-Zagged and Played with.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Often feels this way when comparing her to Ben and his Omnitrix. This becomes a plot point of "Be Afraid of the Dark" when her and Max try to prove they are as good a help as the watch is.
  • Positive Discrimination: Often in the last two seasons, especially the third and in "Secret of the Omnitrix".
  • Slapstick Knows No Gender: Even with the above mentioned Positive Discrimination, she was hit with this often.
  • Sarcastic Devotee: No matter how much she mocks Ben and criticizes his immaturity, she will always be there to help him when there is an actual danger. It goes so far that when Ben had a crush on Kai, Gwen mercilessly mocked him, yet did everything she could to help him and took his defense when Kai treated him like a pet at the end of the episode.
  • Shorttank: A Tomboy with a Girly Streak who serves as the co-star to Ben, and while they, of course, aren't in a relationship, their constant argument really borders on Slap-Slap-Kiss.
  • Token Wizard: Gwen was originally only acting as support to Ben's full-on muscle given to him by the omnitrix. After they manage to defeat Charmcaster, Gwen manages to get ahold of her spell-book, Gwen becoming proficient in the mystic arts.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: In the original series, she's usually the tomboy to another one-shot girl character.
    • She’s the tomboy to Kai's Girly Girl in "Benwolf". While she later became more snarky and sharp-tongued in Omniverse, in the original series Kai was quite soft-spoken and mellow. This, along with the fact that her role was being the love interest to Ben in the episode, contrasted strongly with the snarky and sharp-tongued, short-tempered Gwen. Kai also spent the episode getting captured a lot and played the role of Damsel in Distress while Gwen was a lot more active in joining in the action, even running straight towards the werewolf at one point.
    • In the episode "Ghostfreaked Out", she tries to enrol at Bankcroft Academy, where she plays the obvious tomboy to Tiffany's girly girl. Tiffany is a stuck-up, high class snobbish girl who doesn't take kindly to the antics of what she calls a "quality family". She hides her prejudice and harshness through a facade of welcoming politeness (which is easy to see through), as opposed to Gwen who just lets her anger and snarky comments out in the open. Tiffany wears lipstick, has long hair, and wears a skirt, as opposed to Gwen's more tomboyishappearance. Like the Kai example, Tiffany plays Damsel in Distress, being held hostage by the Circus Freaks, whilst Gwen gets in on the action and even manages to take one of the freaks down.
    • Later in season four, she first meets her cousin, Lucy Mann, the Flower Girl in the wedding episode. While she only appears briefly, her sheer level of femininity compared to Gwen is immediately clear and obvious. This dynamic between them would eventually continue to be present when they interacted again in Omniverse.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: She is short-tempered, willing to take parts in fight when she has the power to fight back, knows martial arts and spends her free time on a computer. She also enjoys shopping, learned how to dance, and was very eager to take part in the wedding of her cousin during Big Fat Alien Wedding.
  • Took a Level in Badass: She goes from a powerless girl and occasional Damsel in Distress to a Magical Girl.

Alien Force & Ultimate Alien

Alien Force

Click here to see her Season 3 design
Click here to see her Ultimate Alien design
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Develops an attraction to Kevin, eventually ending up in a relationship with him. Though she's also interested in his softer side, and would usually get mad after his "bad" side. Although Word of God stated once that this was a case of her liking "a project", eventually it was revealed in the flashback episodes of Omniverse that Gwen had always had a crush on Kevin since they were kids.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: When the Dagon takes control of her it leaves her mentally scarred afterward.
  • Brought Down to Normal: This happens to her when Charmcaster drains her mana, leaving her powerless.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She acts this way in Ultimate Alien toward Jennifer Nocturne and Sunny.
    • Subverted back in Alien Force, when she's angry about Kevin and Charmcaster kissing. She then reveals she's not angry at Charmcaster for kissing Kevin as she knows that was just part of an Evil Plan, but she's angry at Kevin for kissing her back.
  • A Day in the Limelight: "It's Not Easy Being Gwen" is this, revolving around a day in her life.
  • Dead Alternate Counterpart: When Gwen goes back to time and prevents Kevin's mutation, it creates an alternate timeline where Gwen is killed by Charmcaster.
  • Dude Magnet: In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, she has attracted the infatuations of Kevin, Cooper, Michael, and Winston. However, Kevin and Cooper are hinted to have had a crush on her ever since the original series era when they were younger, which is confirmed in the flashback events of Omniverse.
  • Energy Being: She has the ability to turn into one as part of her Anodite powers, though she rarely does it.
  • Fiery Redhead: Moreso in the third season of Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.
  • Flanderization: In the first two seasons of Alien Force, Gwen started off as a calm, soft-spoken and responsible person with occasional Tsundere outbursts. However, from the third season onwards, she has turned into a sternly serious, moody, stubborn, snarky, and occasionally aggressive teenager.
  • Girliness Upgrade: She is significantly more feminine than she was back when she was 10/11 years old.
  • Glass Cannon: Her mana attacks and magical spells allow her to throw down with countless villains, but as she rejected her grandmother's Anodite offer, she's still human. Smashing her shields leaves her wide open to any opponent.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Moreso as time went on and her Tsundere traits were flanderized.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: 1/4 Anodite. Anodites don't have DNA, so she's genetically full human.
  • Heroic RRoD: Most notably happens to her when she uses her teleportation spell, which causes her to faint after use, due to exhaustion.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Kevin certainly does. So does Cooper.
  • Human Popsicle: Has the distinct misfortune of getting frozen on two different occasions, once in Alien Force, and another time in Ultimate Alien.
  • Letting Her Hair Down: In the first two seasons of Alien Force and when wearing a plumber suit.
  • Loose Lips: In "Hit'em Where They Live", after facing Zombozo again, she blurts out about Ben being used to be scared of clowns, despite not remembering him (or so it seemed). Kevin, upon learning of this, mocks him for it.
  • Magic Skirt: In the first two seasons of Alien Force and in Ultimate Alien.
    • Averted in the episode "Andreas' Fault" where we see a view up Gwen's skirt. Though because she's wearing tights, it's just the outline.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Gwen is all grown up, with a new outfit and noticeably bigger breasts and, as a time-displaced 10-year-old Ben noted, a bigger butt. She even has several scenes in swimsuits.
  • Red Is Heroic: Switched out the blue in her outfits for red in Alien Force season 3 and Ultimate Alien.
  • Shipper on Deck: Towards Ben and Julie.



Click here to see her 11-year-old design
  • Alternate Continuity: Gwen getting the Omnitrix was previously only a "What If" non-canon episode, but Omniverse reveals that there is an alternate timeline where Gwen gets it.
  • Bare Your Midriff: In her Anodite form.
  • Clark Kenting: As Lucky Girl, she wears a shirt with the exact same cat motif as her casual clothes, and yet most people don't even notice.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Defied; when she learns the details about Kevin being engaged with Princess Looma, she actually feels sorry for Looma and blames Kevin for playing her just for a piece of his car.
  • Compressed Vice: In "Mud is Thicker Than Water", Gwen suddenly shows an Irrational Hatred for her cousin Lucy to the point of which that she flat-out assumes with no real proof Lucy must be The Mole inside the Plumbers. Nothing in the Original Series suggested anything about this hatred and it's brought up only so Gwen can learn An Aesop about it only to never be mentioned again.
  • Demoted to Extra: It’s not as much as Kevin, but this only applies to some episodes involving 16-year-old Gwen. With that being said, she is still often an important character when she shows up.
  • Flanderization: Moreso than the third season of Alien Force, making her moodier.
    • In addition, her character design in this iteration takes the concept she had back in the original series (intelligence) and highlights it even more boldly through the fact that she is now freckled and sports glasses to compliment her nerdy girl theme.
  • Insistent Terminology: Prefers to be called by her full name, Gwendolyn when she starts attending college. This matches up with the original series, where future Gwen said that she'd been going by Gwendolyn since college.
  • Meganekko: She's smart, nerdy, and wears glasses.
  • Mind over Matter: She regains the Charm of Bezel that gives the user telekinesis.
  • Poorly Disguised Pilot: Her college episodes were this for a potential Lucky Girl spinoff for CN Asia.
  • Put on a Bus: In the first episode, along with Kevin. She leaves for college and Kevin goes to live near her.
  • Secret Identity: "Mystery, Incorporeal" shows that she's still fighting crime as Lucky Girl, and is trying to keep her identity secret. However, she does publicly use her abilities as Gwen, but Lucky Girl serves more of as a Second Super-Identity.
  • Teen Genius: Goes to college early in the first episode and takes Kevin with her.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Moreso than in the third season of Alien Force. Her jealousy toward Ben gets more emphasis, she is much more likely to get angry and threaten to hurt either Ben or Kevin (she throws them off a flying ship in “Showdown, Part 2”, though this was played for comedy), and “Mud is Thicker Than Water” retcons her having a borderline Irrational Hatred of her cousin Lucy (though thankfully she gets better by the end of the episode)
  • Took a Level in Kindness: She mellows out in her appearances toward the end of the series after she decides to start going by "Gwendolyn".
  • Youthful Freckles: Both her 11-year-old and 16-year-old designs in Omniverse.


Reboot (2016)

  • The Ace: Averted, with her being less prone to immediately succeed when trying new things compared to her previous incarnation; when she was stuck in Ben's body, she couldn't use the aliens well without his coaching.
  • Action Survivor: She attacked Vilgax with a fire extinguisher and lived to tell the tale.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: While still more mature than Ben, she is much less sarcastic and patronizing towards him, with the two now behaving like close friends and openly enjoying each other's company. This is in stark difference to the regular fighting and snark that formed their dynamic as children in the classic continuity.
  • Adaptational Wimp: While she's still incredibly athletic and takes part in the action, she never gains superpowers of any kind by the end of the show's run, unlike in the classic continuity where she become a prolific magic user. This goes on to become a source of insecurity, as she occasionally wonders how much she's actually contributing to any given adventure.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: She has a big crush on Ryan, Simon's older brother. Not only he is clearly not interested, but she can barely make him realize she exist.
    • She ironically subjects Kevin to this, showing no sign of reciprocating his crush on her.
  • Animal Motifs: Cats. The reboot completely runs with Gwen's cat motif from the previous timeline: she attends a cat-centric convention at one point, enters a game show while dressed as a cat (an outfit she uses again from time-to-time), loves cat-themed paraphernalia, and even ends up with a cat-themed set of Powered Armor in the season three finale.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Charmcaster after "The Charm Offensive" despite not having magical powers. Gwen is both thrilled and scared about it.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Attacking Vilgax just as he was about to finish Ben surely qualifies.
  • Big Eater: In "Assault on Pancake Palace", she won a pancake eating contest against several adults.
  • Cat Girl: In "Rath of Con", she cosplays as one while at a con dedicated to them.
  • Cheated Angle: Wherever the back of her hair points to depends on the direction she is facing.
  • Cute Monster Girl: As Stinkfly in "Innervasion".
  • Decomposite Character: An odd example. In the classic series, Lucky Girl was an alias she created to fight crime. Here, it's a magical girl series that she's is a huge fan of.
  • Does Not Like Spam: In contrast with Ben, she doesn't like waffles, preferring pancakes instead. An earlier episode has her wonder if a hotel has a waffle maker, suggesting she does like them, but not as much as Ben.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: In "The Charm Offensive", she laments the fact that while Ben can transform into super-powerful aliens, she is just normal.
  • No-Sell: After the first time, she learns to resist Morningstar's energy draining.
  • Not So Above It All: She is much more prone to join Ben on his shenanigans in this version, while still posing as his voice of reason.
  • Oblivious to Love: She is totally clueless about Kevin's Precocious Crush on her. Even Ben notices and repeatedly talks about it, but she dismisses it as one of his bad jokes.
  • Oh, Crap!: She is initially enthusiastic about having Charmcaster as an Arch-Enemy… until she realizes she (Gwen) has no powers of her own.
  • Spanner in the Works: In "The 11th Alien": Vilgax would have obtained the Omnitrix from Ben, had she not discovered the natural disasters were caused not by Shock Rock, but the Weatherheads.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In "Innervasion", when she uses the Omnitrix to transform into Stinkfly and fight the High Override.
  • What Would X Do?: She had Max put a laser cannon on their boxcar and use it to fight the Fulmini and enter the Omnitrix because it seemed like "The Ben thing to do".
  • Women Are Wiser: Not as much as the old version, but she still got a lot of advice to give Ben.

    Kevin Levin 

Kevin was originally a street troublemaker kid with the ability to absorb energy, who got regularly bullied and considered as a freak. Following a short-lived partnership with Ben he accidentally absorbed energy from the Omnitrix, causing him to mimic Ben's shapeshifting powers, but eventually lost control of them, causing him to end up trapped in the form of agrotesque, chaoticamalgam of Ben's ten original aliens. Blaming Ben for this, he went on a vendetta against him and dedicated himself to try to kill him, only to eventually end up trapped in the Null Void. Following the Time Skip between the original series and Alien Force, Kevin eventually recovered from his psychosis and mutation while in prison, and was able to go back to Earth where he starts working as a Con Man. Events led him to meet with Ben again and be forced to team up with him. Despite a harsh beginning, the two eventually reconcile, and Kevin becomes a valuable ally as well as Gwen's Love Interest.

For tropes relating to him as Kevin 11 in the original series, visit the Ben 10 Villains page.

Alien Force & Ultimate Alien
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Despite living in a world with aliens, Kevin doesn't believe in magic, and keeps saying Gwen's powers come from alien bloodline. He is partially right. This seemed to fade over time. During "In Charm's Way," he told Charmcaster (disguised as a girl named Caroline) that Gwen was "made of magic."
  • The Atoner: He officially becomes this after seeing Magister Labrid die and turns over a new leaf as a promise.
  • Beyond Redemption: Near the end of season 1, when he's remutated by absorbing energy from the Ultimatrix to defeat Aggregor. The result: Kevin becomes an Ax-CrazyPower Parasite who goes on a rampage absorbing the powers of everyone he comes across. After trying to reason with him and failing, Ben eventually becomes convinced that Kevin's too far gone and they have to put him down. When Gwen approaches Grandpa Max for help on the subject, she's shocked when Max agrees with Ben's approach, despite admitting that he never thought Ben would go that far.

    Ben: He's never gonna stop- unless I stop him. For good.

  • Big Bad: Is driven insane by absorbing Aggregor's powers in the first season of Ultimate Alien.
  • The Big Guy: He serves as the muscle on Ben's Team and has a tendency to act before thinking.
  • Body Horror: Suffers from this 3 times in the series as a result of being exposed to the Omnitrix's energy (1st in the original series, 2nd in Alien Force, and 3rd in Ultimate Alien, 4th in Omniverse). He manages to revert back to normal as each series progresses.
  • Book Dumb: Plays at this, but is in fact not. Gwen notes that he's good at math and a top-notch engineer, as well as having a knowledge of history. It helps that he literally hasn't gone to school since the age of 11, and most of what he knows he learned on the streets by doing rather than from books by studying. However, some terms like "Sacrelige" confuse him.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: He has a very laidback approach to life and could probably do a lot better if he put in some effort. In Omniverse, he does just this and manages to get a paying job.
  • Cool Car: With a load of Plumber tech in it to boot.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Starting with Alien Force, he turns into the latter as part of his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Usually regarding a mission he is unhappy with, or an undesirable outcome.
  • Disappeared Dad: Devin Levin. KIA, courtesy of Ragnarok. Or so we are led to believe. Omniverse retconned Devin Levin into a false memory implanted by Servantis to manipulate Max into watching over Kevin. The identity of Kevin's father is unknown; though a photograph of Devin does suggest that he was a real person, the explanation for his disappearance is most likely far more mundane.
  • Distressed Dude: He tends to suffer this on occasion due to now being the weakest of the group.
  • Ditzy Genius: While being an expert in mechanics and alien tech, he's clueless and naïve when it comes to subjects here on Earth.

    Gwen: If it isn't about his car... excuse me, his "ride", or some alien tech, he's pretty much oblivious.

  • Due to the Dead: His Heel–Face Turn was influenced in part by his improved mental state, but the thing that kickstarted it was wanting to honor Magister Labrid's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • The Engineer: Serves as this role on the team, as he's the go to guy for alien-tech.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: He goes from being one of Ben's worst enemies to one of his closest friends.
  • Freak Out: When he's transformed again in Alien Force after he and Ben (unsuccessfully) attempted to hack the Omnitrix. And once more in Ultimate Alien after absorbing the aliens in the Ultimatrix.
  • Genius Bruiser: He is the team member who relies on brute force the most, and his powers enable him to gain Super Strength and durability. However, he is also exceptionally knowledgeable about alien technology and is a Gadgeteer Genius.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Half human, half Osmosian. Notably, this is a Flip-Flop of God. Word of God is that the creators of the original series intended for him to be a mutant. Omniverse goes closer to the intention from the original series by retconning Osmosians into being a human subspecies, not aliens.
  • Heel–Face Return: He's a small-time crook with a heart of gold who is easily persuaded to join Ben and Gwen in the first episode of Alien Force, which is a far cry from how he was when last left off in the original series.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Went from neutral to evil shortly before his debut, turned good at the start of Alien Force, turned evil again 3/4 through Ultimate Alien's first season, then reverted back to good in the Season Finale.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Non-fatal example. He saves the universe and defeats Aggregor, but at the cost of his sanity.
  • Heroic Willpower: A flashback in Ultimate Alien reveals he had to concentrate to get back to normal from his transformation in the original series.
  • Hypocrite: In Ultimate Alien, a weird trend occurs where he starts being more distrustful and judgmental toward people who are either morally dubious or were evil and now trying to reform. Why this is hypocritical shouldn't have to be explained. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, Kevin!
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He tries to keep up his ruffian attitude, but he has genuinely changed and is now a force for good.
  • Knight of Cerebus: During the "Ultimate Kevin" arc, where he becomes one of the darkest villains and the show takes on a new level of seriousness. During this time he becomes a deranged, relentless, Power Parasite who absorbs the powers of everyone he comes across. Ben also displays a darker side where he becomes determined to put Kevin down.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: His hair reaches his shoulders. By Omniverse, it's a full-blown mullet.
  • Loveable Rogue: In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.
  • Punny Name: Kevin E. Levin can also be read as Kevin 11, which fits with Ben 10's name/title. Also doubles as Rhyming Names if you don't count the "E".
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Red to Ben's blue. With regards to Gwen, he's still the red one.
  • Redemption Demotion/Redemption Promotion: Both at once! While not as badassas he used to be, he's become smarter during the Time Skip and continues to show it as he spends more time with Ben and Gwen. This especially shows halfway through Ultimate Alien's first season.
  • Reformed Criminal: Mostly. By his own admission, he's not entirely trustworthy—and a lot of the tech he has in the back of his ride is stolen. Though in his defense, most of the ones he stole from were enemies they were fighting.
  • The Resenter: When he goes insane again after absorbing the Ultimatrix's power Kevin reveals a great deal of resentment towards Ben. Ben always beat him when they were kids, Ben becomes a world-famous superhero while Kevin gets turned into a monster, Ben gets a happy homelife... it's always Ben who gets everything. It's not really made clear how much of this is just the energy-driven insanity speaking and how much of it is real.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After being driven insane in Ultimate Alien he decides to go on one of these whenever he's not absorbing other people's powers.
  • Running Gag: His precious precious car keeps on getting destroyed.
    • "Not my ride!"
    • Omniverse lampshades and justifies it by revealing the reason he was still able to always repair his car despite all the wrecking it took is that he used an indestructible piece of Tetramand tech he got from his engagement with Princess Looma.
  • Slasher Smile: When he's re-corrupted with energy in Ultimate Alien, these return.
  • Shape Shifter Mode Lock: Throughout most of Alien Force's third season.
  • Speed Demon: Kevin Levin has shades of this from Ben 10: Alien Force onwards, where he is obsessed with his Cool Car which he modifies with alien tech to make it one of the fastest cars on the planet.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: His energy-crazy persona comes off suspiciously like this. His personality reverts almost entirely to what it was as Kevin 11, as if they had different memories, and only comes out when he absorbs energy and becomes more superpowered.
  • Super Power Lottery:
    • Energy Absorption: His original power. Read the spoilers and you'll understand why he never uses it again after the original series.
      • Combo Platter Powers: Absorbing energy from an alien will cause him to gain some of the alien's characteristics and powers. When absorbing energy directly from the Omnitrix, he will eventually turn into a monstrous, chaotic amalgam of several aliens.
      • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Initially, when he absorbed energy from the Omnitrix the first time. Didn't last however...
      • All Your Powers Combined: He at first had Ben's ability to transform, but after getting frustrated with Ben just giving up on him, he turns into an amalgamation of the original ten aliens.
    • Power Copying: He can also steal the powers of others, and integrate them into himself.
    • Material Mimicry: Capable of turning his body into various metals and/or solid materials that he touches, due to being part Osmosian. Ultimate Alien reveals he learned this from Quarrel.
      • Super Strength: When absorbing tough materials like stone, steel, or Taydenite, his strength increases immensely. He once casually blocked a punch from Vilgax, and in another episode, he picked up a car and hit a raging Ultimate Humungousaur so hard he went flying across the block.
      • Rubber Man: He once turned his body rubber after touching the tires of his car.
      • Midseason Upgrade: He gets shape-shifting powers in "The Vengeance Of Vilgax" that make him stronger, which he retains even after being restored to human form. It made a plot point in that if he hadn't got them as they'd have been unable to save the world from Hex. This really helps increase his usefulness to the team.
      • Healing Factor: It's revealed at one point that Kevin's armored form also has regenerative powers, much like Diamondhead. This comes in handy when he gets his arm cut clean off and is able to restore it in seconds.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: In "Hit'em Where They Live", when, Ben chastises Gwen for letting Zombozo's alliance kidnap his mother, Sandra when she was supposed to protect her. Kevin calls out on Ben's callousness when Gwen regrets failing to protect her aunt. Afterward, Ben backs down and apologizes to Gwen for his harsh behavior.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Used in Ultimate Alien to rectify his extreme change in character as a kid. He falls off the proverbial wagon again later on.
  • The Worf Effect: He's usually always the one who gets his ass kicked the most in battle.


  • Anti-Hero: Still one, but now can edge into Type V territory.
  • Blood Brothers: With Ben, by his own admission towards Proctor Servantis.

    Kevin: Ben's like a brother to me. Even when I don't deserve it.

  • The Chew Toy: Many of his appearances involve him getting injured... a lot. The Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era showed spades of this, but Omniverse really drove it home.
  • A Dayinthe Limelight: Even though he is less important than Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, he has some episodes dedicated to him such as OTTO Motives, The Rooters of All Evil, Weapon XI: Part 1, and Weapon XI: Part 2 which he appears in the flashbacks (only Ben is present in one being Weapon XI: Part 2) and present.
  • Demoted to Extra: Even when he does come back, he usually accomplishes even less than his Alien Force/Ultimate Alien self. For example, in "Showdown", his role in the whole episode consists in... befriending Khyber's pet. and in Mud Is Thicker Than Water he only makes a cameo appearance along with Rook who go to an auto show instead of helping Ben, Gwen, and Lucy with Pysphon and his thugs. However, he does have a few episodes focusing on him being OTTO Motives, The Rooters of All Evil, Weapon XI: Part 1, and Weapon XI: Part 2.
  • Didn't Think This Through: In "OTTO Motives" both his car and Rook's truck got totaled in the fight between Ben and Villain of the Week OTTO, who stole Warlord Gar's collection of the most valuable cars in the galaxy. As a sign of gratitude for saving the collection, Gar gave the car of his choice to Kevin, who chose the one made of solid taydenite. As he explained later he planned to sell it, so both he and Rook could rebuild their own rides. However, as Ben pointed out, it'll be very hard to find a buyer for something that expensive.
  • Fake Memories: The Rooters are revealed to have implanted some in his head to get him close to Ben. One of these false memories is his Osmosian father, Devin Levin.
  • Flanderization: His character design in this iteration takes the concept he had back in the original series (ruffian) and highlights it even more boldly through the fact that he now wears tattered clothes with eyeliner and looks like he just got back from a mosh pit show.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Receives an X-shaped scar on his chin from being whipped by Swampfire. The same scar he had as Kevin 11,000 in the original series.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Retconned. He's not an alien at all, "Osmosians" are just humans with a unique genetic component (mutants) that gives them powers, Kevin's being energy/matter absorption.
  • Manchurian Agent: Proctor Servantis altered his memories to get him close to Ben.
  • Never My Fault: Seems to have developed this problem again. When Princess Looma first shows up, he makes up many excuses as to why he bailed on her before finally just saying "It wasn't my fault!" Even by the end of the episode, he hasn't learned any better.
  • No Yay: In-universe, this is his reaction to seeing Bullfrag flirting with Attea.
  • Out of Focus: He accompanies Gwen when she leaves Bellwood to go to college, thus is absent for most of the series.
  • Put on a Bus: In the first episode, Gwen leaves for college, and he leaves to live near the campus.
    • Not as You Know Them: When he comes back, he now has a stubble, paler skin, some alterations in his outfit like dark stripes along his sleeves, and a shadier, more unpleasant attitude toward Ben and Rook.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Time away from Ben has brought him back to acting like this.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: He finds out that just about everything people know of him and what he knows of himself is wrong and based around false memories planted in him by Proctor Servantis of the Rooters. He naturally takes this pretty hard.
  • Took a Level in Dumbass: It's not as bad as Ben, but still, he is portrayed as even less thinking his actions through and with a chance of his schemes backfiring that rivals Argit. He also is the only one who fails to guess that Bullfrag is Ben in Frogs of War.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Possibly, in an attempt of Character Rerailment, portrays him as more of jerk by revealing his backstory with Princess Looma and having him pulling out a Batman Gambit to get rid of her by giving her to Ben. Even Argit seems to think he exaggerates.
  • Unwitting Pawn: To the Rooters due to false memory implants.
  • "X" Marks the Hero: Ignoring the regression of becoming a jackass again, Omniverse shows how Kevin got this scar.

    Rook Blonko 

Voiced by:Bumper Robinson

"Rook Blonko. I'm your new partner."

Ben's new partner in Ben 10: Omniverse. A Revonnahgander from Revonnah recently integrated in the Plumbers and sent by Max to team up with him after Kevin and Gwen had to leave Bellwood. A skilled, if inexperienced Plumber, Rook has been impressed by the legends around Ben's heroic accomplishments, and came to Earth partially to see if the boy lived up to the legend. Despite being an alien, he possess no special powers, instead relying on his skills, training, intelligence anda device called the Proto-tool that can transform into various weapons and equipment.

  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Despite being an alien in a world with various alien species running around, high-tech weapons and many other things, he believes Alien X is nothing more than a legend. He does see him in "So Long and Thanks For The Smoothies?" but his memory got erased when Alien X had to recreate the whole universe. He finally sees Alien X for real in "Universe Vs. Tennyson," and proclaims him to be "awesome."
  • Ascended Fanboy: He admires Ben; his personal reason for coming was to see if Ben lived up to the legend.
    • Because of this, when Albedo swaps places with Ben and appears to be taking Rook's advice, he wanted so badly to believe that it really was Ben that he never questioned him being an imposter, letting Albedo do as he pleased and keeping the real Ben in plumber prison as a result.
  • Badass Beard: His future self has one.
  • Badass Bookworm: He is extremely well-read and knowledgeable about galactic history, science, and technology.
  • Badass Normal: While he's very physically fit and agile, Rook lacks any abilities that could be considered super-powered by human standards. This doesn't stop him from kicking ass.
  • Bash Brothers: With Ben. The episode title "Bros In Space" lampshades it.
  • Battle Bolas: One of the many functions of his Proto-Tool is to fire a set of energy-bolas (which proves useful in catching fleeing criminals).
  • Berserk Button:
    • As seen in "So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies", seeing the Vreedle Brothers makes him pissed due to the fact that the two destroyed the Plumbers Academy and forced him to take his final exam in a space trailer.
    • Extended time around Pax is shown to irritate him to an un-Rook-like degree.

    Rook: I am suppressing a very strong urge to knock you out!

  • Beware the Nice Ones: While polite and considerate, he is still a highly trained law-enforcement officer armed with some of the best equipment in the galaxy. He also has some Berserk Buttons you don't want to press.
  • Big Damn Heroes: A champion at this. Lampshaded in "Of Predators and Prey".
  • Blue Is Heroic: Rook's main color scheme is blue.
  • Bond One-Liner: Played for laughs; due to Ben's Deadpan Snarker tendencies, he believes he's supposed to say something witty after subduing a criminal. The results are usually lame.
  • But I Read a Book About It: Rook doesn't have much experience dealing with actual bad guys but claims he has studied them extensively, however this makes it easier for the villains to fool him.
  • By-the-Book Cop: Rook is described as "all training, no experience". He also treated Ben as a superior rather than like a friend when they first met, acting respectful toward him and calling him "Sir", until Ben asked him to just call him Ben. However, unlike the usual example, he is less experienced than Ben.
  • Captain Obvious: He tends to point out obvious things to Ben quite frequently:

    Rook (after witnessing Albedo disguised as Ben betraying them): That is not Ben!

  • Cat Boy: Word of God is that his species are humanoid felines. It's revealed in "Arrested Development" that Rook had a tail as a child, and that his species's tails fall off at puberty.
  • Characterization Marches On: While later on it's established using contractions is the Revonnahgander equivalent of swearing, as evidenced by the quote above, he wasn't engaging in Spock Speak when he debuted.
  • Chick Magnet: "Bros in Space" states that girls flocked to Rook, but he only had eyes for Rayona.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: Compared to Kevin and Gwen (Ben's previous partners), who are people with superpowers and improvised fighting styles with an established repertoire with Ben, Rook has no superpowers, went through academic training, and didn't initially know Ben at first. He's also more Literal-Minded and less snarky than either of the two.
  • Convenient Replacement Character: Once Gwen and Kevin left Bellwood, that same episode has Rook stepping in as Ben's new partner.
  • Cool Big Bro: Has a good relationship with his siblings, especially Rook Shar, going out of his way to get her a recommendation to the plumber academy from Ben.
  • Country Mouse: He comes from a species of farmers and is the first of his kind to leave his planet.
  • Crazy-Prepared: His proto-tool is ridiculously versatile, allowing him to have the right weapon at hand for almost every situation.
  • Deuteragonist: He's Ben's partner in Omniverse, and gets a lot of Character Development throughout the series pertaining to letting go of his by-the-book nature and downplaying his Hero Worship of Ben.
  • Ditzy Genius: It comes from naivete rather than any actual ditziness.
  • Does Not Understand Sarcasm: He is socially awkward due to his lack of knowledge of Earth's customs and not understanding sarcasm.
  • Farm Boy: His entire species' culture is built around farming. He mentions that he honed his skills battling the rather dangerous vermin plaguing his family's crops before joining the Plumbers.
  • Foil: To Ben; he is a By-the-Book Cop with no actual experience, in contrast with Ben being Taught by Experience with little training. Moreover, he is a Badass Normal that relies on his Swiss Army Weapon, while Ben is a Shapeshifter who relies on the Omnitrix's alien Superpower Lottery. Word of God admitted this was the guiding purpose in his design.
  • Fur Is Skin: Being a cat-like alien, he has fur, but it looks like blue skin.
  • Future Badass: In Ben 10,000's era, he is the one set to succeed Max as Magistratus (the supreme leader of the Plumbers).
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He designed and built his Proto-tool; he also can operate a large amount of alien technology.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Ben already considers him his best friend.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: Played with; Ben is far from incompetent and has much more experience, but Rook still displays much more impressive fighting skills and ways to deal with situations.
    • Deconstructed in "Of Predators and Prey"; after going around with Ben for a while, he ends up believing Ben doesn't live up to the legend and only saved the universe because he had people around to help him. This, plus Ben's Jerkass tendencies, led them to argue and split up, allowing Khyber to finally attack Ben alone. While this ultimately seems to have just been a ploy to lure out Khyber, Rook admits that he was actually quite serious during his "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Interspecies Friendship: He, a Revonnagander, with Ben, a human.
  • In the Hood: He is introduced as a customer wearing a hood.
  • It Has Been an Honor: In "Final Countdown", when it looked like they would die on the base via explosion, Rook tells this to Ben proudly. Ben just responds with a smile of his own.
    • Repeated in the series finale of Omniverse during the Darkest Hour in stopping Maltruent's plan.
  • The Lancer: Rook now has this role to Ben.
  • Last-Name Basis: Rook is the family name — Blonko is actually his given name. Notably, Ben actually refers to Rook's siblings by their given names, but continues to refer to his partner as just "Rook," likely out of habit.
  • Literal-Minded: He has trouble with methaphors because of this.
  • Meaningful Name: Rook is a rookie when it comes to being on the field.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: In "Outbreak", Rook is accidentally made into a half-Upchuck version of himself due to a glitch with the Omnitrix, leading to:
  • Naïve Newcomer: Despite having read a lot about his task as a Plumber and trained extensively, Rook had never actually fought criminals before being assigned to Ben. As a result, he is naïve and inexperienced.
  • Nice Guy: In notable contrast with Gwen's and Kevin's snarkiness in the original series and Alien Force respectively, Rook appears to be a nice person who genuinely admires and respects Ben.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: Downplayed as he is a humanoid with some cat features.
  • Not So Above It All: Despite his usual serious attitude, he took a lot of pleasure making Ben fall in water in "Malefactor".
    • Also, in "Bros In Space", Ben is amazed to learn he has a Love Interest.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: He will sometimes feign even less knowledge of Earth customs then he actually has, usually to escape an awkward situation. His future self also does it (mostly to punk Ben).
  • Offhand Backhand: Deflects a laser with a spoon he was eating with!
  • Older Sidekick: According to Word of God, he's a little older than Ben.
  • One-Man Army: When first introduced, he neutralizes three alien criminals on his own with almost zero effort.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: "Rook Tales" when he learns that Kundo attacked his father, he tells his sister "You're staying here!" He used a contraction, something that Ben, Shar and Young One know he doesn't use and react in shock, meaning he is definitely not taking this news well.
  • Rank Up: Because of his efforts in leading his team to stop Kundo from destroying the base along with millions of innocents, he is promoted to Magister by Grandpa Max.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: He is the blue to Ben's red.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: He delivers one to Ben during their argument in Predator and Prey:

    "How many times you have saved this Universe? By yourself? Zero! Every time, there has always been someone there to help you! [...] I have been there! I have already saved you countless times, and I have only been with you for a few weeks! I am surprised you made it this far!"

    • Take note that, Part 2 of "Of Predators and Prey" shows that Ben and Rook were pretending to fight, however, Rook didn't get part of that memo and was somewhat honest about that whole "saving the universe by yourself" bit.
  • Shirtless Scene: In "No Honor Among Bros".
  • Single-Target Sexuality: Lampshaded in "Bros in Space" by his sister—Rook has only ever had eyes for his childhood friend, Rayona. However, he admits to being attracted, much to his and Ben's disgust, to Isosceles Right Triangle Vreedle.
  • The Sixth Ranger: A much straighter example than Julie, who only helped Ben's Team on occasion, without any true dedication. Ben at first treated Rook with an attitude newcomers usually get. Later on, he gets promoted to The Lancer role.
  • Skilled, but Naïve: In contrast to Ben, Rook is extremely well trained but inexperienced in combat with actual opponents as well as Earth culture.
  • Spock Speak: In the first three episodes, he used contractions, however, by the fifth episode, he begins to speak formally.
  • Static Character: Rook's overall personality doesn't change much over the course of the show.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: His Proto-tool is described as "the most versatile tech in the known universe." It can transform into almost any kind of weapon, including:
  • The Team Normal: Due to being the only member who relies on training and equipment rather than special powers. This is quite ironic considering he is the only one amongst the main characters to be 100% non-human.
  • Token Non-Human: Among Ben's main circle of friends and partners.
  • Trademark Favorite Food:
    • His planet's Amber Ogia.
    • In "Breakpoint" he develops a fondness for meatball subs.
  • True Companions: With Ben.
  • Weak, but Skilled:
    • Khyber pointed out during their fight that Rook's weapon was versatile, but lacked power. Rook wins anyway.

      Rook: Versatility does have advantages.

    • In general, he's this compared to Ben. Ben's superpowered aliens usually let him serve as the team's muscle, but Rook's skill consistently allows him to keep up with his partner in combat.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: He has a mild form of this with his traditionalist father who disliked him becoming a Plumber.
  • Well-Trained, but Inexperienced: Rook Blonko is a graduate from the Plumber Academy who becomes Ben's new partner. However, he tries to be a By-the-Book Cop, not understanding how bad guys think or act outside of what he has read about them. In his first mission with Ben, he foolishly gave a villain back his helmet so he can breathe just because he said he would tell them what they wanted to know, not realizing he would just run away afterwards.

    Max Tennyson 

Voiced by:Paul Eiding (Original Series to Omniverse), David Kaye (Reboot)

Ben's and Gwen's Grandfather, as well as probably the most badass human being in the whole Ben 10 Universe. A former member of a government organization known as the Plumbers, Max Tennyson serves to his grandkids as a Mentor and Reasonable Authority Figure.

  • The Ace: To the Plumbers, he is a legend because he was one of the best. On a meta-level, he is one of the few Plumber characters who never was subject to Police Are Useless.
  • Adults Are Useless: Averted. He has the experience, the tools, and the ability to take down villains with or without his grandchildren's help. He knows about the Omnitrix from the beginning, does his best to help, and, when informed by his grandchildren about aliens or other weird phenomenons, believes them.
  • Badass Adorable: Back when he first met Verdona, he managed to be cute while still being badass. The early 1960s setting—so early that one would think it to be fifties if not for the Kennedy reference—definitely helped.
  • Badass Normal: Seriously, how many non-powered humans are considered a threat by Vilgax?
  • Big Good: A Grand Magister of the Plumbers and presumably he's the one in charge of the branch on Earth.
    • In the future, Max ascends to the rank of Magistratus before retiring, becoming this for the Plumbers as a whole.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: A trait inherited by his sons and grandson.
  • Captain Crash: During his military days, he earned a reputation for crashing planes, including managing two in one day. Why they kept letting him fly is anyone's guess.
  • Commuting on a Bus: He doesn't appear as often after the original series. Justified in that Ben and Gwen don't need him as much now that they're older.
  • Cool Car: The Rustbucket.
  • Cool Old Guy: Aging clearly didn't weaken him that much.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Few people would expect this old, slightly obese, cheerful Lethal Chef to be by far one of the most competent Plumbers ever.
  • Dead Partner: Devin Levin. Though Omniverse retcons this into being a fake memory; Devin doesn't exist.
  • Flanderization: A minor case, but Max's Lethal Chef tendencies have taken to such an extreme almost every time we see him in Omniverse.
    • He also seems to be getting more and more strict in Omniverse, at one point even threatening to send Ben to military school.
  • Future Badass: Not that he isn't a badass already, but his future self in the Original Series is depicted as having lost his arm and replaced it with a very powerful Artificial Limb, allowing him to help in defeating Dr Animo. Omniverse revealed he kept operating for an insanely long time, retiring only at the age of 96, and gained the grade of Magistratus.
  • Go Out with a Smile: In "Max Out", Max pulls a Heroic Sacrifice taking off the focusing lens of his Null Void projector, turning it into a powerful hand-grenade, in order take out all of the Highbreed and DNAlien army. He tells Gwen to cast a mana shield to protect Ben and the boys before saying farewell to them, then smiling and even giving off a wink when he sets off his makeshift explosive. Fortunately, the explosion doesn't kill him and instead transports him to the Null Void.
  • My Greatest Failure: He always regretted putting Phil in the Null Void rather than just taking him to prison. This is made all the worse both times Phil returns, the second of which it is revealed that Phil is dead, meaning that Max will never get that second chance.
  • Hawaiian-Shirted Tourist: Never seen without his Hawaiian shirt, unless he's in full Plumber gear. Pakmar even refers to him as a "colorful shirt man".
  • Heroes Want Redheads: As evidenced by Verdona in the Whole Episode Flashback.
  • Interspecies Romance: His two love interests were both aliens; Verdona, an Energy Being, is the mother of his children (since she's a Reality Warper, they are human through and through, save for Gwen). He and Xylene are currently the trope picture for Boldly Coming.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: In the flashback episode to his early years, he fulfills this trope in spades. Yum yum.
  • Jerkass Ball: In "Kevin 11". Though to be fair, Ben got them kicked out of a four star hotel that Max already paid for, and Ben insulted him saying that he doesn't always have to listen to him because he's not his dad.
  • Lethal Chef: He is not a bad cook, he just has very... weird tastes in matter of food and ingredients (termites and squid to give examples). Gwen, Ben and most regular humans are creeped out just by looking at this, but some aliens, like Xylene and Rook, are quite fond of it.
  • The Mentor: Max teaches Ben all the things that makes a true hero.
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: He fits the role of the old guard mentor figure for The Hero who appears to die later on.
  • Missed the Call: The Omnitrix was sent to Earth with the intent of Max finding it, not Ben.
  • Morality Chain: Sort of, to Ben; at least, he played a large part into making Ben a proper hero; "Store 23" shows us an alternate reality where he died just before Ben got the Omnitrix, causing Ben to become even more narcissistic than he already was, create a Telereality show focused around him, treat all aliens as evil and almost cross the Moral Event Horizon by attempting to rip his dimension's Azmuth in half.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: And often much more reasonable than his grandchildren.
  • Retired Badass: Formerly retired. By Omniverse (as revealed in a flashback), he's come out of retirement to be a Grand Magister of the Plumbers.
  • Two Roads Before You: Had the chance to be the first man on the moon, but then he was approached to join a certain interstellar organization.
  • Unwitting Pawn: To the Rooters due to false memory implants.
  • You Don't Look Like You: A flashback episode in Omniverse had him looking more like Professor Paradox with a slim build and black hair, as oposed to the brown-haired strongly built appearance he sported in all previous flashbacks.

Reboot Series

  • Adaptation Origin Connection: Inverted: In the Original Series he fought Vilgax long before Ben was even born. In this series, he was as surprised as everyone else of his existence.
  • Adaptational Comic Relief: He acts a lot more silly than he used to be.
  • Adaptational Wimp: If he was a Plumber in this version, he hasn't kept his skills in good shape. In fact, especially in Season 1, often he was simply not present for the action. Alien-X-Tinction hints that he was indeed a Plumber, but he's keeping that information from his grandchildren for unknown reasons.
  • Baleful Polymorph: He was transformed in a chicken by Animo in "Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom".
  • Doting Grandparent: His fighting skill went way down in this version. His love for his grandkids didn't.
  • Lethal Chef: Averted. In this version, Max doesn't have the… unique taste he is usually associated with and has shown himself to look pretty good-looking food, even being confused at Ben and Gwen competing over eating the weirdest meal out of a cooking festival. He has no problem with eating burned hot dogs, however.
  • Manchild: He can get excited about the things he enjoys as much as his grandchildren, sometimes even acting as a young kid. Lampshaded:

    Gwen: [groans] "Is this what we're like when we drag him to the amusement park?"

    Ben:"We probably shouldn't ask questions we don't want answers to."

    • Incredibly Lame Fun: Some of the things he enjoys include bird-watching, a ride for little kids at a park, and being in the "four corners", the place where the borders of four states meet. Not only Ben, but even Gwen (herself an example of this trope) finds most of his choices boring.

    Gwen: "Sigh... I remember fun…"

  • Not So Above It All: In "Bounty Ball" he asked Ben to use one of his aliens to end the train tour quickly, as only Gwen was finding it exciting.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: He got past a firewall Gwen was struggling with by pretending to hit random keys.
  • Out of Focus: Since the series is more about Ben and Gwen, there isn't a lot of space for him. Downplayed in season two.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In "Innervasion" : he threatened Vilgax with a laser cannon, fought the Fulmini, and even transformed into Cannonbolt.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: He is afraid of goats, due to an accident when he was young.

Characters / Ben 10 Ben Tennyson

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Benjamin Kirby "Ben" Tennyson (Ben 10)

Voiced by:Tara Strong (as a preteen), Yuri Lowenthal (as a teenager)

The Protagonist of the franchise. Initially a regular ten-year-old kid, Ben Tennyson happened to accidentally stumble upon the Omnitrix, a powerful watch-like alien device, which promptly attached to his wrist. After discovering that it allows him to turn into various alien creatures, each with their own set of powers, he quickly takes advantage of the situation by becoming a Super Hero, dealing with various human, alien, and supernatural threats. Though initially immature and unable to use his powers correctly, he gradually learns, eventually becoming a Living Legend and saving the universe several times.

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    All Series 

  • Adaptational Badass: Video game incarnations of the character tend to give him better hand-to-hand skills, which, while he has in the show, does not use very often. This is presumably to give at least some sort of attack for when the Omnitrix times out.
  • All-Loving Hero: For all the jerkassery he is capable of, Ben always does his best to help and save the people around him.
  • Ascended Fanboy: He was a big fan of superheroes as a whole long before he became one himself.
  • Berserk Button: Trying to hurt any innocent people. Then he will get serious and beat the crap out of you. God help you if you actually succeeded in harming someone...
  • Big Brother Instinct: Hurting Gwen is a great way to get on his shit list.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: These originated from Ben's grandfather, Max, was passed down to Ben's father, Carl, and uncle, Frank, and inherited by him.
  • Birthday Buddies: Shares a birthday with Gwen that initially helped fueled their rivalry as kids.
  • Blood Knight: Especially when he was younger he loved to fight whenever he transformed. This still extends when he gets older as he's more subdued but still enjoys the thrill of fighting multiple aliens.
  • Boxing Lessons for Superman: The reason for the Brought Down to Badass entry below; starting with Alien Force, Ben started learning some basic martial arts from Gwen, and apparently received basic Plumber training. As shown in "And Then There Were None", this is something all Bens (including No-Watch Ben) apparently have in common.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: It's hinted several times that Ben is smarter than his attitude would suggest; he has an almost photographic memory, shows resources to adapt when the Omnitrix gives him the wrong alien, and can get an extremely good grade when he is working seriously at school. Khyber even admitted at one point he was a "smart kid."
  • Brought Down to Badass: On occasions, Ben has been separated from the Omnitrix, unable to use it or merely staying in human form. His ten-year-old self was still shown to be quite good using high-tech weapons, and his teenage self has acceptable fighting skills, at one point displaying enough agility and reflexes to disarm Manny while still in human form.
  • Butt-Monkey: In the original series, often as a result of his own actions. It stopped in the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era, but for some reason, the writers decided to bring it back in Omniverse.
  • Catchphrase: "Going Hero" in the original series and "It's Hero Time!" Alien Force onwards. He also frequently says "Aw Man!" when a situation is bad or the Omnitrix gives him the wrong alien (usually Grey Matter).
  • Characterization Marches On: The original series portrayed him as a rather generic Bratty Half-PintIdiot Hero with one big Chronic Hero Syndrome. Alien Force's first two seasons then matured him into a responsible leader with some Messianic Archetype tendencies and amplified his chronic hero syndrome; in season 3, the writers took the liberty of making him more like his younger, immature self... a little too much like his younger self. Fortunately, by Ultimate Alien, they moderate his competence and silliness as opposed to focusing on one or the other. Omniverse dials down the immaturity somewhat and instead focuses more on the fact that he's been in this superhero business for years and thus knows the ups, downs, lefts, and rights, likely to contrast him with Rook's heavy training but small experience in the field (although he suffers from a massive case of Flanderization).
  • The Chosen One: In the finale of Ultimate Alien, Azmuth finally admits Ben is worthy and gives him the final version of the Omnitrix.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: One of his most defining traits from the beginning of the show; even before he got the Omnitrix, Ben had an almost obsessive desire to help people around him whenever he can, sometimes at his own expense. This is why he Jumped at the Call when he got the Omnitrix. Partially deconstructed in the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era, where it's shown he takes it so far he is unable to sacrifice anyone (except himself), even if it means saving millions others. He will always try to find a better way if he can.
  • Civvie Spandex: Though he does call himself a superhero, Ben doesn't wear any special costume, instead merely using his regular clothes. Some of his aliens forms, on the other hand, wear costumes made from his clothes in the Original Series and Omniverse.
  • Color Motifs: No matter the series, Ben always sports an outfit that somehow incorporates green in it.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Initially more moronwith badass moments, but he gets the badass part better as the story goes on.
  • Destructive Savior: Ben tends to cause massive destruction anytime he practices his super-heroics.
  • Didn't Think This Through: A notable character trait of him at first, something that many enemies took advantage of.
  • Easily Impressed: Despite being the owner of quite possibly the most powerful tool in the universe (or multiverse...omniverse?) he can find himself awestruck and captivated by the most mundane of things. This gets downplayed in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, but comes back in full force in Omniverse. For instance, in the Omniverse episode, "Third Time's the Charm", of all the magical sorcery he bears witness too, the thing that amazes him most is... a card trick.
  • Future Badass: Ben 10,000 is an adult version of him who patrols the entire world, thus making mundane police obsolete.
  • Genius Bruiser: Relatively, and surprisingly for an Idiot Hero. He frequently manages feats of startling intelligence.
  • Henshin Hero: Completed with a green flash and a Transformation Sequence for each alien form.
  • Idiot Hero: Depending on the Writer; over the course of the franchise, he has been variably portrayed as truly stupid, only perfectly capable of being smart but too immature to bother doing so most of the time or even sometimes as a borderline Cloud Cuckoo Lander. That being said, he has enough moments of cleverness to make his Idiot Hero status an Informed Attribute.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He is immature, arrogant, can be quite a Jerkass at times, is not above using his powers for pranks and not unappreciating attention... but if people's lives are on the line, he will throw away everything to save them.
  • Keet: Again, Depending on the Writer, but he is typically depicted as skinnier than average, fairly hyperactive, and Kevin once referred to him as "kind of girly".
  • Kid Hero: He's a kid or teenager in every incarnation of the series, and the main hero.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Zig-Zagged; He tends to act like this sometimes and does get called out for his lack of thought. Other times he displays surprising cunning and a knack for outside-the-box thinking. Most importantly, he is good at adapting himself to the situation when the Omnitrix doesn't give him the form he intended to have.
  • Living Legend: Gradually becomes this over the course of the series. By Ommniverse, his exploits form a chapter and a half of required reading at the Plumber's Academy.
  • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: Though not clearly specified, it's implied Ben's personality changes according to the form he has. Most of them only cause relatively minor effects (Big Chill is a bit more of a Deadpan Snarker, Spider-Monkey is more excited, etc.), while others will lead to drastic change (Rath is a HammyLeeroy Jenkins, Alien X has three personalities, and Ghostfreak can take over his mind if not careful). In "Frogs of War", his new Incursean form Bullfrag has an outspoken attraction for Princess Attea, which he blames on the DNA.
  • New Super Power: Gains new alien transformations on a fairly regular basis.
  • Nice Guy: Apart from being a jerk sometimes, he's kind, forgiving, and can be polite to everyone even though sometimes people get on his bad side.
  • Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie: He is a KidSuper Hero capable of Voluntary Shapeshifting into various Aliens. Alien Force also makes him a honorary member of the Plumbers and reveals he has some alien blood himself (though not enough to make him significantly different than a regular human).
  • One-Man Army: Literally, as lampshaded in his dialogues with Alan:

    Alan: "I guess you're a monster too."

    Ben: "Technically, I'm a whole bunch of monsters."

    • Ben can only use one form at the time, but since most of his aliens are more than powerful enough to deal with entire armies it still counts.
    • In the Original Series, his future self had the Omnitrix's master control unlocked (which let him change into any alien at any moment) and was so effective a crime-fighter he patrolled the entire planet using XLR8, leaving all police and other heroes obsolete. When younger Ben unlocked the control in another episode of the same series, he was able to take on Vilgax and Kevin and fight them equally despite their Villain Team-Up. Azmuth unlocked the master control again in the season one finale of Alien Force so Ben could take on the Highbreed and their army of DNAliens.
  • Overprotective Dad: To his future son, Kenny.
  • Papa Wolf: In the future, he's very protective of his son. He's even protective of his younger self. Considering how much he changes in the future, it's kind of justified.
  • Protagonist Title: Every title of the franchise has Ben 10 in it.
  • Screams Likea Little Girl: He occasionally does this in Omniverse.
  • Secret Identity: In the original series and Alien Force (along with Omniverse, albeit only in the flashback sequences featuring the 11 year old Ben). Interestingly, this is one of the few cases of this trope that completely averts Clark Kenting; Most people thought those aliens creatures were either unrelated to each other or all part of a common team, and no one would suspect it was actually a shapeshifting kid; however, someone did figure it out eventually, leading to his identity becoming public knowledge in Ultimate Alien.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Ben gets his hair color and facial structures from his dad, but he inherited his green eyes from his mother.
  • Super Hero: He is very insistent on being referred to as such.
  • Superpower Lottery: The Omnitrix provides Ben with the following abilities:
    • Voluntary Shapeshifting/Combo Platter Powers: His main ability provided by the Omnitrix is to turn into various alien creatures, each one with its own set of powers. He started out limited to ten forms (hence his surname), only to get more and more as the story goes on. By now, he is assumed to possess more than seventy forms.
      • His future self has 10,000 alien forms unlocked, and according to Azmuth, the maximum unlockable alien forms in the Alien Force era was of more than one million.
    • Healing Hands: With the Omnitrix's genetic-repair function. Lost during the Ultimate Alien era due to the Ultimatrix lacking this function. It's unknown if the new Omnitrix got the function again.
    • Translator Microbes: According to Word of God, this is the reason he is able to communicate with most alien species he meets and be understandable even in alien forms that should logically not be able to talk human language. Some of them however, like Sixsix or Wildmutt, possess a language too complex or bizarre to be translated.
    • Multiform Balance: With over 1,000,000 potential aliens with various powers, he could handle any imaginable situation. Theoretically, anyway, thanks to the Omnitrix's tendency to be uncooperative and his own reliance on the Indy Ploy above planning.
      • Both Ben 10,000's have a variation of this. the original series/Omniverse version have the Master Control and the Ultimate Ben10K is able to use the powers of all his aliens without changing his human form.
  • Swiss Army Hero: Ben has a form for a huge variety of situations, and can gain more via plot or planning to better handle the situation he's in.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Ben lives by this principle and refuses to flat out kill anyone. If they're too dangerous, such as with Kevin's rampage, he will abandon this rule altogether.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He started out as an immature brat with a Hidden Heart of Gold and an overpowered weapon he barely had any control over. By the time of the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era, he has become a Living Legend who can intimidate a Forever King into obeying him with just one Badass Boast.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: As a teenager, he has a fondness for smoothies and to a minor extent chili fries. Ironically, Omniverse reveals he hated smoothies as a preteen before he gained a taste for them with age.
    • In "A Jolt From the Past", when Rook asks whether they should go out for celebratory smoothies, Ben notes that smoothies are for the day time and chili fries are a night food.
  • Transformation Name Announcement: Mainly in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, though it does pop up on occasion before or after, such as during "Of Predators and Prey, Part 2" in Omniverse, after transforming into Humungousaur for the first time after many attempts.
  • True Companions: Himself, Gwen and Grandpa Max in the original. Himself, Gwen and Kevin in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. Himself and Rook in Omniverse.
  • The Unchosen One: He wasn't supposed to receive the Omnitrix (his grandpa was) and its creator initially considered him unworthy of such a powerful tool. He decided to be a hero anyway.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: In the original series, Ben's entire fighting style revolved around this. His typical response to a threat was to use one of his strength-based aliens, such as Fourarms and Diamondhead, and simply rush at the bad guys to beat them senseless. From Alien Force onwards, however, he is more tactical with his aliens and takes martial arts lessons to minimize his reliance on the Omnitrix. Nevertheless, Word of God confirms that, out of all three members of the Power Trio, Ben is the least skilled hand-to-hand fighter. It also states that if Ben and Kevin were to fight each other while Brought Down to Normal, Kevin would win.
  • Weapon of Choice: Transformation, to be specific. Ben's go-to forms for most problems tend to be aliens that deal in both superhuman size and strength like Fourarms, Humongousaur, and Rath. Omniverse introduces Feedback through Flash Backs whom he uses almost exclusively and ends up deconstructing this reliance on specific aliens.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Partially justified in that being the wearer of the Omnitrix automatically makes him the target of every alien psycho trying to get it for nefarious purpose, but even without taking this in account, Ben almost systematically ends up in places with aliens, mutants, sorcerers and other strange things are happening.
  • You Are Not Alone: In Alien Force, Grandpa Max tells him that Ben cannot go about being a hero alone, and that he needs to put together a team.
    • This is eventually defied in the episode "Of Predators And Prey: Part 1", where Ben dumps Rook as a partner. To make matters worse, he gets captured by Khyber in the end. Then it's revealed that Ben and Rook planned this all along and only pretended to argue with one another (although Rook didn't catch that part when he went into his "The Reason You Suck" Speech).
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Gwen gives him a pep talk that amounts to this after he loses the Omnitrix.

    Gwen: What about all those times you saved Grandpa? Or me? Or lots of other people when you weren't an alien? You're still a hero, even if you can't go hero!

    Original Series

"It's hero time!"

  • Aesop Amnesia: Even lampshaded in Destroy All Aliens:

    Ben: "I've learned my lesson."
    Gwen: "You'll forget it again, but at least you learned it..."

  • Bratty Half-Pint: A heroic example.
  • Book Dumb: Ben generally isn't portrayed as a very good student, though whether he actually is bad at it or just too lazy depends on the series.
  • Comes Great Responsibility: Averted; despite his strong will to help and protect people, Ben would use his powers for personal gain on amusement at any moment (getting revenge on bullies, cheating at games, even once stealing video games), though this often led to the worst possible result, and he draws a line at doing anything that would actually hurt/kill people.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: His heroics were rarely if ever recognized or acknowledged even by those in on the Masquerade. Later averted in the sequels.
  • Flanderization: He underwent this when he appeared in an Ultimate Alien episode through the fact that he was somehow even less well behaved than he was back in the Original Series.
    • Amazingly, Omniverse placed this even further by flanderizing him again. While he always was immature and obnoxious back in the original series, Omniverse flanderizes the younger, original series era Ben (who is presented as being 11 years old in the flashback sequences) through exaggerating his immature, bumbling, and obnoxious Idiot Hero traits and taking them Up to Eleven.
  • Future Me Scares Me: Though initially in awe of his future self Ben 10,000, he later calls him on being a Jerkass. Ben 10,000, meanwhile, has a case of I Hate Past Me.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Ben initially had a hard time learning how to use the Omnitrix by his own, even causing his first transformation by accident. In the original series, he was able to activate the transformations, but would easily pick up the wrong alien and couldn't decide when he would turn back to normal, forcing him to wait for the time limit to be reached. By the time of Alien Force, however, he has learned how to switch between aliens and turn back to normal of his own.
    • He has a difficult learning curve when he just obtains a new alien, such as with Cannonbolt. It was downplayed for Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, with Ben figuring out how to use most of the aliens rather fast. Omniverse brings back the learning curve a bit, having problems with Bloxx and Gravattack at first (especially with the latter, due to the fact he had difficulties figuring out what Gravattack could do).
  • Jumped at the Call: He provides the page's quote. Ben loves possessing the Omnitrix and acting as a hero, both because of the thrill of adventure and because it allows him to help people.
  • Kid Hero: Despite the fact that he is only 10/11 years old, he is a hero who saves the world with the use of a powerful device.
  • Madness Mantra: He gets one in Secret of the Omnitrix after Gwen "dies".

    "It should've been me, It should've been me"

  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Played with & Zigzagged, for him & Gwen.
  • The Pig-Pen: He states with pride in the episode "Big Tick" that he hasn't showered for 4 days, and in "A Change of Face" is shown to neglect washing his socks.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Red to Gwen's Blue.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers!: As a kid, he was a rare heroic example; less so as a teenager, though he is still willing to do it if it overlaps with Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!.
  • Survivor Guilt: Ben suffers from this briefly during the original series story Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix after he thinks that Gwen was killed after being grabbed by an wild Florauna. Don't worry, she got better.
  • This Loser Is You: The show does everything it can to portray him as immature, unlucky, unpopular at school, and generally not bright or talented, especially compared to his much more precocious cousin Gwen. Fortunately, it is toned down in the sequels (although it comes back a bit in Omniverse, but it's nowhere near the same level than in the original series).
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: This happens to the younger, original series era Ben (who is 11 years old) in Omniverse, whose obnoxious Bratty Half-Pint characterizations are taken Up to Eleven compared to how he was back in the original series (when he was 10).
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Ben suffers from Chronic Hero Syndrome; he trusts people and always tries to give second chances, even during Kevin's sociopathic stage in the old show. When he drops this and resolves to kill Ultimate Kevin in Ultimate Alien, Grandpa Max himself notes that it's a sign of just how bad things have gotten.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Had a fear of clowns when he was younger. He got over it in one of the coolest ways imaginable. Unfortunately, this fear relapsed in Omniverse.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Played with in one episode. He is reluctant to fight Rojo's gang when he finds out they are girls because "heroes don't hit girls". Later in the episode, Gwen tries to take advantage of this by hitting him. He has no problem hitting back because he is not in hero form at this point.

    Alien Force & Ultimate Alien
  • Acquired Situational Narcissism: Taken Up to Eleven in season 3 of Alien Force. In Ultimate Alien's first season finale he cops to this. A special case in that there is no Reset Button.
  • Badass Boast: Delivers a quite epic one to the Forever Knights. It scares them into leaving:

    "Maybe you have forgotten something: I'm Ben Tennyson, wielder of the most powerful weapon in the universe. I stopped the Highbreed invasion, I defeated Vilgax in hand-to-hand combat, and I've beaten the Forever Knights more times than I can count. Here's what's going to happen: you're going to release these prisoners, you're going to crawl back to wherever you came from, and you're going to stop hunting down aliens because if you don't, I promise, you'll regret it for the rest of your very short lives."

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Even though he sometimes acts a bit egocentric and immature, Ben is still a nice, kind-hearted, and deeply altruistic guy. But push his Berserk Button, and you will regret it. Captain Nemesis, Aggregor and Discroll found out the hard way.
    • This is especially visible in Ultimate Alien, where it's shown at several points that Ben, when pushed too far, can become downright brutal. The whole point of the show seemed to have Ben struggling to not become a Knight Templar.
  • Character Development: He is more mature and serious compared to how he was back when he was a kid.
  • Celebrity Is Overrated: When his identity is outed by Jimmy in Ultimate Alien. While it does mean he no longer has to live a double life nor hide things from people, it does also bring a large amount of pressure and unforeseen troubles. Near the end of the first season, Ben admits he wishes he had his anonymity back.
  • Combat Medic: One of the Omnitrix's lesser known powers, revealed in Alien Force, is its ability to repair the damaged DNA of other creatures near its owner. Ben used this to turn the DNAliens back into full human beings, and he also eventually used it on the Highbreed themselves to repair the damage they'd caused by centuries of inbreeding.
  • Cool Car: He has one in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.
  • Famed in Story: To the alien underground in Alien Force, then amongst humans as well in Ultimate Alien.
  • Good Is Not Dumb: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien was by far the era where Ben was the smartest.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: 1/4 Anodite, although he doesn't have the powers of such. Anodites don't have DNA, so genetically, he and Gwen are full human.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: In Ultimate Alien, thanks to Harrangue's campaign against him. Though only with most adults; teens and younger kids (and a few adults) seem to think he's absolutely awesome.
  • Hidden Depths: In Ultimate Alien, it is suggested that the whole Idiot Hero act and constant one-liners as a kid were a coping mechanism so he could deal with having to make life-and-death decisions on a more or less daily basis.
  • I Hate Past Me: "Hate"'s a strong word, but teen Ben found his 10-year-old self to be quite annoying.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: A case which verges on Informed Wrongness. He's cited as being obnoxious since they ended the Highbreed invasion, which is a fairly understandable reason to feel cocky (which he even brings up); however, he doesn't claim sole credit for the victory, saying that they deserve to enjoy their success. Despite this, he's regarded by Gwen and Kevin as being naught but an arrogant douche.
  • The Kirk: To Kevin's McCoy and Gwen's Spock. Ben tends to temper his impulses with more rational thinking as he's gotten older.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": Toward Captain Nemesis. It doesn't end well.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Ultimate Alien!Ben 10,000 gives Ben all of his locked aliens that he'd used up to that point along with some new ones in the middle of Ultimate Alien's second season. He also brought back Swampfire and Waybig after the two were eroded into dust by Eon.
  • Older and Wiser: Significantly smarter and wiser than his 10 years old counterpart. He is still a kid at heart, but he actually listens to advice, accepts others' help, thinks before acting and is less likely to suffer Aesop Amnesia.
  • OOC Is Serious Business:
    • Near the end of Ultimate Alien Season 1, Kevin absorbs Ben's Ultimatrix energy in a last-ditch effort to stop Aggregor, and promptly goesAx-Crazy again. After failing to stop him several times, Ben, known for his Chronic Hero Syndrome and being a Wide-Eyed Idealist, decides outright that Kevin is too far gone to be saved and must be put down. While Grandpa Max remarks he'd do the same, he still notes that things must be really bad if Ben's willing to go that far and not try to reason with him or find a way to cure him first.

    Ben: I've had fun, but I always told myself that when the situation got serious, so would I.
    Max: I'm not going to argue with you, Ben. I just wanted to make sure you'd really thought about this.
    Ben: I have, Grandpa. I'm sorry about what's going to happen to Kevin. Really, I am. But this isn't kid stuff anymore. Playtime's over.

    • Also, Ben has a habit of calling out his Alien names upon transformation. If he doesn't, Ben's done playing.
  • Pride: Deconstructed. By the first season finale of Ultimate Alien, he outright states that he's grown tired of what comes along with his fame. In fact, the constant pestering due to his fame and the time it took up was revealed to be a major factor for his relationship with Julie taking a big hit.
  • Real Men Eat Meat: Ben tries to invoke this when trying out a lamb smoothie. But Gwen and Kevin point out meat smoothies are just baby food.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue to Kevin's Red.
  • Superdickery: Season 3 of Alien Force had a whole episode with the Plumber's Helpers attempting to stop an apparently psychotic Ben from killing them and Max while they were trapped on a space station. Of course, it turns out he was just acting like he had gone rogue as part of a test pulled out by Max for the Helpers, but Ben was still scarily good at acting evil.
  • Took a Level in Dumbass: In season 3 of Alien Force the writers tried Pandering to the Fanbase in a failed attempt to make him more like his 10 years old self, and he started acting more narcissistic and cocky again. Entirely justified in-universe in that saving the Universe went to his head and it only lasts for the first couple of episodes.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In the third season of Alien Force, due to letting his hero status getting the best of him.
  • Transformation Name Announcement: He's developed a habit of calling out his alien names every time he transforms. He explains in "Prisoner Number 775 is Missing" that he does so because he believes it strikes fear into his enemies.

    Kevin: You go right on believing that, bud.

  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • In "In Charm's Way," after Kevin spends the entire episode being a Jerkass to Gwen, believing that she hasn't even been trying to find a way to fix his most recent mutation, Ben chews him out over it, calling him a "giant rock-faced jerk" and not only informing him that Gwen has in fact been spending every spare moment since the accident occurred trying to find a cure for him, but also criticizing him for just automatically assuming that Gwen wasn't trying to help him in the first place.

    Kevin: She... she never told me.

    Ben: Should she have had to?

    • In "Hit'em Where They Live", Ben chastises Gwen for letting Zombozo's alliance kidnap his mother, Sandra when she was supposed to protect her. Conversely, Kevin calls out on Ben's callousness when Gwen regrets failing to protect her aunt. Afterwards, Ben backs down and apologizes to Gwen for his harsh behavior.

  • Aesop Amnesia: Around half of what he learnt over the course of the original series and the previous sequels have been completely forgotten in this iteration.
    • An example would be in the episode "Something Zombozo This Way Comes", where not only does Ben forget he already overcame his fear of clowns in the Original Series, but the episode ends with him falling into it again and he doesn't even overcome it a second time.
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: He doubts the existence of Chupacabras in "T.G.I.S.", even though his Universe includes not only aliens, but also magic, mad scientists, mutants and he has himself been in alternate universes at least twice at this point.
  • Badass Boast: Ben loves giving these in this iteration.
    • In "So Long and Thanks for the Smoothies":

    Ben: Three against one? I love those kinds of odds.

    • In "A Fistful of Brains":

    Ben (as Ditto): Three against one? No problem, when that one is Ben Tennyson.

  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: He and Kai had this dynamic in "An American Benwolf in London."
  • Big Brother Mentor: This is his position toward Rook in Omniverse in the sense he is The Leader and the more experienced of the two. Although he is still reluctant to admit it, he also serves as one to his dimensional counterpart Ben 23.
  • Can't Take Criticism: When Rook called him out for his attitude, in response, Ben challenges him to a fight, only to be declined.
  • Cat Smile: He sports this in most of his character models.
  • Chick Magnet: Lampshaded in "Rules of Engagement":

    Julie: "Just how many girls are in your life?"

    Ben: "At this point, I haven't got a clue!"

  • Cool Bike: The Tenn-Speed, which he built as Jury Rigg using parts from Rook's truck.
  • Deadpan Snarker: When teamed up with Rook, which leads to Hilarity Ensues since Rook Does Not Understand Sarcasm.
  • Defrosting Ice King: Toward Rook; lampshaded by Rath:


  • 11th-Hour Superpower: In "Showdown, Part 2", Ben is finally able to transform into Feedback again, five years after Malware destroyed the form.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • He uses the term "monsters" to describe the citizens of Anur Transyl because they resemble actual movie monsters, though apologizes and stops using "Sludgepuppy" when he's told that it's a racial slur to Lenopans.
    • Despite how less mature he's become, he calls out and expresses annoyance with his Universe 23 counterpart for actually being even less mature with his Omnitrix and fame. In fact, when Ben does interact with him, his less than favorable qualities are toned down.
  • Famed in Story: By the time of Omniverse, there is a chapter and a half of required study about him at the Plumber Academy.
  • Flanderization: The obnoxious, immature, and narcissistic tendencies he had back in the third season of Alien Force are amplified in this iteration, with his Butt-Monkey status from the Original Series brought back to boot and exaggerated as well.
  • Genre Savvy: Uses terms like Big Bad, and in "Rad Monster Party", he knows that his friends are being kidnapped and refers to it as a "horror movie trope".
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Despite his Flanderization, Ben does have his moments. He can think up winning strategies on the fly and is quite knowledgeable about his alien forms (knowing Ditto's species' name and home planet, for example, despite never having been shown meeting one of his species and learning their name that way, as happened previously with his alien's species names).
    • He is also familiar with Einstein's Theory of Relativity, specifically about the part of gravity affecting the speed of light (though he claims to have learned it from Sumo Slammers).
  • Innocently Insensitive: Ben is honestly shocked when he learns that "Sludgepuppy" is a racial slur. This is because, despite having Lenopan family members, nobody said anything.
    • Toes the line between this and Noble Bigot when, despite Rook telling him how wrong it is, he constantly refers to the residence of Anur Transyl as "monsters."
  • Informed Flaw: He's apparently afraid of peacocks. No peacock appears in the iteration however, so it's never actually shown.
  • It Has Been an Honor: In "The Final Countdown", when it looked like they would die on the base via explosion, Rook tells this to Ben proudly. Ben just responds with a smile of his own.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Frequently, but "A New Dawn" has Ben's transformations inspire a young Vilgax to develop an interest in obtaining the Omnitrix, making Ben indirectly responsible for everything Vilgax has done as an intergalactic warlord.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: He says that the college Gwen goes to, Friedkin University, is a creepy place and says that this is awesome, saying he's gonna go there. Amusingly, this episode comes right after his fear of clowns returns. He also liked Anur Transyl, saying that a town composed of monsters is cool.
  • Oblivious to Love: Completely fails to notice any of Ester's romantic advances on him. Rayona notes that he has no knowledge of earthling courting rituals.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: When it comes to Malware or, to a lesser extent, Vilgax, Ben is not his usual immature or jokey self. With Vilgax he acts more like his more serious personality during the AF/UA seasons. With Malware, he freezes up and is audibly terrified.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: He’s the red to Rook's Blue.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: No matter how many times Rook points it out, he constantly refuses to acknowledge Ester has the hots for him and their relationship is more than Just Friends.
    • Also had this reaction when people (notably Rook and Chadwick) make references to the Belligerent Sexual Tension between him and Kai.
  • Took a Level in Dumbass: This trope is taken to Flanderization levels on both his 16-year-old self and his 11-year old self, making them both much more bumbling, clumsy, and immature while removing a large amount of his badassery from Alien Force. Depending on the Writer, he's either a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass or just plain stupid.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: To an extent, there are episodes in Omniverse as well where 16-year-old Ben can be a bigger jerk than he ever was in the third season of Alien Force, such as taking credit for one of Rook's ideas, inexplicably treating Jimmy Jones like The Load, mocking his enemies or being generally uncaring of the damages he causes in inhabited areas. His Chronic Hero Syndrome also tends to be very toned down compared to the previous installments. In the Galactic Monster story arcs, he shows little concern about taking care of Zs'Skayr and was even going to leave Anur Transyl with him still on the run.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: It's zig-zagged, but he's genuinely appreciative of Gwen and is almost regretful of his past brattiness when his mind was swapped with his 11 year old self in "Ben Again". His sheer politeness and constant apologies for his behavior unnerve 11 year old Gwen, who initially thinks he's just messing around with her, and when he tells her that he misses her she thinks she's died rather than that she just moved out of town.
  • Unwanted Harem: He gains one over the course of Omniverse to compensate for the fact that the writers decided to end the relationship between him and Julie in this series. At least four women develop feelings for Ben. Whether Julie is still part of the harem or not is yet to be seen, but they're still considered friends based on how her one Omniverse appearance went.
    • Comes to a boil in “The Most Dangerous Game Show” when every girl Ben knows is summoned to compete for his love. Even when all his relatives are sent away, there's a crowd of women fighting for him even when some of them never expressed any interest in him and a few are already in committed relationships.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He has absolutely zero scruples over busting out Cannonbolt and then Gravattack on Attea and Eighteight in "Vilgax Must Croak".


  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: In the Original Series he and Gwen were Vitriolic Best Buds at best, and would constantly tease, make fun of and hit each other. Here they are on much friendlier terms, rarely argue (and never to the same extent) and are a lot more affectionate.
  • Admiring the Abomination: He keeps on calling Bashmouth cool in "Introducing Kevin 11" even while the alien was beating him up.
  • Affectionate Gesture to the Head: Does this to Gwen in "Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom": it was half sincere, half sarcastic and all adorable.
  • All Your Powers Combined: In the last episode of the first season, he uses Upgrade on the Omnitrix, unlocking Master Control to fight Vilgax.
    • Not quite "all", but in the last part of "Innervasion" he transforms into an amalgam of Four Arms, XLR8, Diamondhead and Heatblast .
  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Despite meeting aliens, sorcerers, monsters and mutants every other day he can't take the idea of the Forgeti being real seriously.
    • Taken even further during "The Monsters in Your Head". Ben outright states aliens don't exist. Gwen immediately shuts him down by turning him into Four Arms, after which Ben makes a large list of exceptions (including his and Kevin's aliens, Override, Vilgax and the Bounty Hunters).
  • Boss's Unfavorite Employee: Inverted. Ben subjects everyone to this during Roundabout. Because Forever Knight only really needed him and the other Squires were additional members he encountered while tracking Ben, he's the only one Forever Knight needs for the mission. Needless to say, Kevin, Billy and Charmcaster caught the Green-Eyed Monster.
    • Forever Knight's speech makes it clear he only valued Ben during the last part of their fight, along with having spent the entire season trying to make him switch sides. Ben seems aware of this and boasts for a bit while unaware of his real plan.

    Ben: "Guys, guys. This guy clearly knows what he's doing, he made the right choice."

  • Character Development: In Season 2. After his meeting with Vilgax in season 1, he starts acting more maturely with the Omnitrix, as well as doubting himself if he really deserves it.
  • Confusion Fu: In "Omni-tricked: Part 4": at first it was due to a malfunction in the Omnitrix, causing him to switch randomly from alien to alien against his will. Later, he used Upgrade on the Omnitrix to unlock Master Control. It was the only thing that gave him a fighting chance against Vilgax, who already easily defeated Ben in the previous episode.

    Grey Matter: "Prepare yourself, brute, for even I do not know my next attack!"

  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Downplayed: both the first two season's finales have him stopping some of the most feared creatures of the universe, but in both cases, he needed help from others and some kind of All Your Powers Combined. Plus he didn't technically defeat them, more like stopped them from getting what they wanted.
    • This goes further in season 3, as he still didn't defeat Forever Knight (or at least, in a way where Forever Knight wasn't pulling the strings) and only managed to restrain him before Kevin kept him from capturing Ben and Gwen inside the timestream.
  • Does Not Like Spam: He hates pancakes, in contrast to Gwen.
  • Genre Savvy: He immediately guessed what Morningstar was as soon as he showed his true colors.

    Michael: "You have no idea who you're dealing with!"

    Ben: "Top of my head? You're some kind of energy vampire that feeds off the worship of his fans. Aaand, a dork?"

    Michael:(beat) "Wow, spot on."

    Ben: "Well, when you've been in a game as long as I have..."

  • I Just Want to Be Normal: He usually loves the Omnitrix, but in "Omni-Tricked" he lamented the fact that due to the device malfunctioning and making him jump from alien to alien, he couldn't eat, sleep and was facing the real danger to never turn back to human.

    XLR8: I wish I never found this stupid watch! (switches to Four Arms) I can't eat! (switches to Upgrade) I can't sleep. (switches to Stinkfly) I can't even be me anymore!"

    • Downplayed in Season 2, where he starts realizing the danger of possessing the Omnitrix for him and his family and the fact he might not be the right person to have it.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": He is a big fan of Captain Betts McCabe, who was apparently the first person to play chicken with an asteroid and win.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: "The Ring Leader" shows he can sew. "My Bodyguard" also reveals he has some impressive cooking skills even he ignored.
  • Secret Identity: Completely averted: he freely transforms in front of others and has never been recognized by bystanders. Nobody really makes a big deal of it.
    • Forget bystanders… he and Gwen made a series of videos with him turning in his aliens, with every intention to show them to other people.
  • Super Mode: Unlocking Shock Rock gave him the ability to enhance his other aliens for a season.
  • Supreme Chef: As it turns out, in sheer contrast to the original Grandpa Max rather than Ben himself, this Ben is an incredibly good cook, making cakes and delicious meals with various ingredients.
  • Toon Physics: He gained those powers briefly in the episode "Xingo!" after the titular character escaped in the real world due to a combination of Upgrade and lightning. Good thing too, as they were the only things allowing him to fight Xingo.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: By unlocking Shock Rock and using him to power up his other aliens he allowed the Fulmini Empire to start the invasion of Earth.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: In this version, he is not afraid of clowns, but squids (more specifically, their tentacles).
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: In "Creature Feature": since they were fighting a movie monster Hex brought to life who devoured light, he decided to feed him more light, citing several movies where the monsters overfed themselves and exploded. The creature only becomes more powerful, forcing him to ask Hex how to stop it.

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  4. Should you buy used tesla

Awesome / Ben 10

  • The reintroduction of Four-Arms in Computer Games has him going against Sssserpent once again and easily catches his likely venomous hands without trying with his upper arms...and then smashes him witha pair of near-by automobiles. All Sssserpent can do is ask to go home.
  • Gwen defeating Zombozo without even having to fight. It was just... seriously, it has to be seen to be believed how awesome it was.

    Gwen: You have no idea who you’re dealing with!
    Zombozo: We’ve seen what your cousin can do.
    Gwen:I’m not talking about him. I want you to listen to me, then pass the word to every lowlife you know; if you want to come after Ben, or Kevin, or me, fine. That’s the life we chose. I’m talking to you. Look at me! Look at me! As of right now, the Tennyson family isoff. Limits!If any of you ever attacks one of our loved ones, or hurts one of our loved ones, or even bumps into someone we love in the street,this is what awaits you!

  • Ben rushing to Julie's rescue when Captain Nemesis/"Overlord" captures her, transforming straight into Ultimate Humongousaur, and proceeding to lay into him with everything he's got, without speaking a word (And note that since Alien Force, Ben usually says his alien form's name, which proved that he was dead serious with Nemesis).
  • After Aggregor kills the aliens and absorbs their powers, Ben loses itand gives him the biggest smackdown ever seen in the series. Gwen even had to hold him back.
    • And after several solid moments of getting his ass kicked into next week, Aggregor reveals that he didn't even feel a thing, and pays Ben and company back tenfold.
  • You know Psyphon, Vilgax's toadying sidekick? He'd be the last character you'd expect to have CMOA material. After one of Vilgax's many "final" defeats, Psyphon comes to Earth to avenge his master. He's got killer robots, he's got all the weaponry Vilgax had acquired before his "death," and he's got a serious mad-on. He was in fact the first villain ever to actually beat an Ultimate form - something Vilgax himself had yet to do. You'll spend half the episode saying "No way, he did that?"
    • Which brings us to Cash and JT using a giant alien energy-draining raygun to depower him and save Ben's hide. And nobody will ever know.
  • Admit it. Spreading himself as Goop throughout an entire water planet when Aggregor has stolen the very core that keeps the planet together and SUCCEEDING at pulling it back through sheer force of will is probably the biggest feat Ben has accomplished so far.
  • Gwen and Charmcaster are just awesome all throughout the action scenes of "Where the Magic Happens". In the non-action variety, Charmcaster's speech of defiance to her father's killer toward the end stands out.
  • How is Ultimate Kevin pimp-slapping Aggregor and draining all his awesome powers not on here?
  • In "Forge of Creation" a ten-year-old Ben manages to guilt trip an insane, monstrous Ultimate Kevin into not taking the powers of a baby Alien X, even though he knows that Ultimate Kevin could squash him like a grape.
  • "Absolute Power" is a bastion of awesome. To wit:
    • We finally get Gwen vs. Ben - and by golly, is it epic, with plenty of awesome exuded by both sides.
    • Later, Gwen vs. Kevin. She uses one of Charmcaster's summons on him. Gentlemen, the Les Yay from a few episodes ago has come full circle.
    • When they're putting the final touches on their plan, who should help but Cooper, who hit a major growth spurt. Took a Level in Badass indeed.
    • When Kevin shows up at Gwen's place, Max is there to greet him. He doesn't put up much of a fight, but man, does he kick some ass when needed.
    • A few seconds later, Kevin's stepdad shows up to try to talk him down. Kevin is about to raise his fist to his stepdad - a mere mortal with no magic powers or alien tech backing him up - and the guy doesn't flinch at all. Guess badass runs in the family.

      Harvey: I'm not afraid of you anymore, Kevin.

    • The Sonic Doom attack that Ultimate Echo Echo uses undoubtedly qualifies.
    • Finally, after all is said and done, Darkstar reveals that he just wanted to steal all of Kevin's powers for his own. It would seem that the series is about to invoke Here We Go Again!...then Ben reveals the last-minute failsafe in his plan, which strips Darkstar of his newfound powers.
      • Added awesomeness coming from Ben actually saying 'Like we didn't see that coming', showing Darkstar's Chronic Backstabbing Disorder has come back to bite him.
    • Future Ben 10,000. To elaborate, Future Ben (the Ben 10,000 we saw in the original series was confirmed to have been an alternate version) has only one form shown...Ultimate Ben. Basically, without actually BECOMING an alien, he can still use his Ultimatrix's alien's powers. He still has to switch between them, but man, is he awesome!
  • "The Purge": The Forever Knight, being turned back into a real threat by the return of Sir George, start hunting aliens and attempting to kill them if they can't or don't want to leave Earth. Ben fights Driscoll in a duel, asking that if he wins, they will have to let the aliens go. Though he wins, Driscoll goes back on his word. Ben answers by stabbing the wall just next to his head as Ultimate Spider-Monkey, turning back to human, and delivering the following speech:

    "Maybe you forgotten something: I'm Ben Tennyson, wielder of the most powerful weapon in the universe. I stopped the Highbreedinvasion, I defeated Vilgax in hand-to-hand combat and I've beaten the Forever Knights more times than I can count. Here's what's going to happen: you're going to release these prisoners, you're going to crawl back to whatever hole you came from and you're going to stop hunting down aliens because if you don't, I promise, you'll regret it for the rest of your very short lives."

    • Cue to Driscoll and his knight leaving without any more argument.
  • "Ultimate Sacrifice". Ben is willing, when faced with annihilation in order to let the now sentient Ultimates live, or planning an escape, he accepts dying for them, even telling Gwen he has no plan, he really is going to die. If it weren't for the fact that his willingness to sacrifice himself let the Ultimates out and stopped him anyway, as well as Azmuth coming to help, Ben would be dead.
  • In "The Widening Gyre", Way Big vs. the Garbage Monster.
  • "The Ultimate Enemy Part 1", George and Ben vs Dagon powered Vilgax. Also, Kevin freeing Gwen from Dagon's mind control. After he witnessed Gwen stomping Ben as Humongosaur with a mere gesture!
  • "The Ultimate Enemy Part 2": Ultimate Way Big. That is all.
    • After that, we have Ben stabbing Vilgax with Ascalon, sealing Dagon in said sword.
    • Vilgax, even though Ben has beaten him, nearly gets moral victory when almost manipulates Ben into using Dagon's power to remake the universe to his own liking, only to be stopped by Julie.
    • Using Ascalon to turn the Esoterica back to humans.
    • Vilgax telling Dagon the universe is his to conquer was pretty awesome. Vilgax baiting Dagon into killing himself was also pretty awesome.
    • And last but not least, Ben doing the right thing restores Azmuth's trust about him being The Chosen One and he gives Ben a new Omnitrix.
  • Sours:
    Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Duped (Full Episode)

    Characters / Ben 10 Omnitrix Aliens

    Ben 10franchise character index
    Main Characters (Ben Tennyson) | Omnitrix Aliens
    Villains premiering in: The Original Series (Vilgax) | Alien Force | Ultimate Alien | Omniverse | The Specials | The 2016 series
    Supporting Characters

        open/close all folders 

        The Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix 

    Voiced by:Yuri Lowenthal

    The original Omnitrix

    The original Omnitrix in AF

    The Ultimatrix

    The new Omnitrix

    The device created by Azmuth that Ben Tennyson uses to transform into different aliens.

    • The Ace: A variation. All of the alien forms present in the Omnitrix are actually the optimal genetic specimen of their species. Basically, they're to their species as Captain America is to humanity (peak and perfect physical condition).
      • Most blatant seen with Bullfrag, a genetically optimal and healthy Incursean: While the standard Inkursean grunts are human-sized, gaunt, and frail-looking due to their rather poor diets (except for Milleous), Bullfrag meanwhile is taller than the average human and has a Heroic Build. The only other Incursean to look significantly different is Attea.
      • Downplayed but noticeable with Fourarms as well. Female Tetramands are stronger than males, and Ben as Fourarms faced off against the Warrior Princess Looma, Warlord Gar's Greatest Warrior and not only matched her in strength, but defeated her in combat.
    • Black Box: Ben has no idea how the Omnitrix works at the beginning of the story; the best he can do is turning and pushing the dial. This frequently causes him to take the wrong transformation, turn back to normal at the wrong time, or merely make mistakes.
    • Chest Insignia: The Omnitrix's symbol will appear somewhere on the body of every alien it transforms its wearer into. Most commonly in the center of the chest, but it does vary for some.
    • Clingy MacGuffin: The thing is stuck on Ben's wrist. This prevents villains from simply taking it from him. Though by the last season of Alien Force this is no longer true, as Ben knows exactly how to remove the thing whenever he wants. He just doesn't want to.
    • Discard and Draw: Since Ben can only use one transformation at a time, his set of powers will change according to which form he is using.
      • The Omnitrix, due to housing far more potential alien forms than any one user could hope to sort through, generally operates in sets of ten randomly selected (though generally balanced) forms. Though others can be unlocked later, it will default to another set of ten if left inactive for too long, requiring older forms to be re-unlocked.
    • Early Game Hell: For lack of a better term. Ben's first set of aliens are balanced and strong in their own way, but it left him with few counters or specialists beyond 'this one is strong' or 'this one is smart'. This often forced Ben to get vastly more creative with certain aliens than he should have needed to. Later aliens gave him more specialized powersets, allowing him to react to situations with more finesse than if he was restricted to the original ten.
      • Also, the Omnitrix comes without a manual of any kind. This means that Ben and any other user has to learn every individual power and weakness of every alien on the fly, and how the device works in the first place.
    • Early Installment Weirdness: When Ben first finds it, it behaves like a piece of Organic Technology prone to Body Horror. It unhinges from the front like a blob of slime, lacks the green/black circuitry, and the dial/faceplate is an isolated piece of hardware. In "Back With A Vengeance", it unhinges more measuredly but from the back. In the movie, the dial has a column of hardware attached when Azmuth removes it. Likewise, the original series depicted it as growing with its wearer (the first seen Ben 10,000's was bulkier than both those of Ben 10 and Ken 10), a detail which none of the later series incorporated.
    • Emerald Power: The Omnitrix's signature color is green, which also happens to be the favorite color of both Azmuth and Ben.
    • Empathic Weapon: Strongly hinted; the Omnitrix is never specifically stated to possess a will of its own, but it does act like it had one occasionally. This is explicitly confirmed by Ben in the Omniverse finale. The Omnitrix has a fail-safe that will turn him into whatever form is necessary to avoid his death.
    • Eyes Are Mental: Though this wasn't the case in the original series, from Alien Force onwards, all of Ben's transformations have green eyes, just like Ben himself. This is why he wore sunglasses when he infiltrated the Incurseans as Bullfrag.
    • Flanderization: The Omnitrix's tendency to give Ben the wrong alien started out as only occasional, only to get worse over the course of the Original Series and even worse by the time of Omniverse, where it ends up becoming a surprise when he actually gets the alien he wants. It has reached a point where Ben doesn't even try to select an alien and just push the dial while hoping for the best. He complains about this to Azmuth, who merely blames Ben's lack of dexterity and habit of smacking the watch too hard (it's worth noting that Ben at times has visibly selected the wrong alien and failed to notice).
      • The first two seasons of Ben 10: Alien Force did avert this with Ben only miss-transforming twice due to the dial getting jarred by outside forces. Its implied that the Omnitrix re-calibration fixed the issue and it was only after he tried hacking the Omnitrix in the season 3 premiere that it started to actively malfunction again. And the Ultimatrix was an unfinished prototype, fixed by Albedo with multiple issues such as the Ultimate forms becoming sentiant, so it giving Ben the wrong alien from time to time is understandable.
      • Averted in the reboot series: In the first half of Season 1, Ben got quite regularly the wrong alien, but it was implied it was due to his inexperience with the device, along with it still being a prototype. It only ever happened once in Season 2 ("The 11th Alien: Part 1") after Upgrade rebooted the watch, and has barely happened in Season 3 (as of now, only in "Baby Buktu" does Ben get the wrong alien).
    • Forgot About His Powers: Ben rarely seems to remember that he can switch forms simply by tapping the Omnitrix symbol, wherever it's located on his body. In one episode, he accidentally changes into Whampire during the day in a desert, and runs around in agony, burning to death until Max taps the Omnitrix and changes him to Four Arms.
    • Fusion Dance:
      • In the original series, when the Omnitrix's faceplate was removed, it resulted in alien fusions with severe disadvantages.
        • Stinkfly + Four Arms = Stink Arms. Four Arms's weight made it difficult to fly, and he was also weaker than Four Arms.
        • Diamondhead + Grey Matter = Diamond Matter. Grey Matter's size with Diamondhead's abilities. Naturally, he's much weaker than Diamondhead, but he can cut through trees.
        • Heatblast + Ripjaws = Heat Jaws. This form not only had weaker flames than Heatblast, but his own heat very quickly dries out the Ripjaws portion, nearly causing him to suffocate himself. Turns out this form is actually not as bad as what Ben thought it to be initially, as going underwater strengthened his fire powers. He is also stronger than Ripjaws.
      • Ben 10,000 in Omniverse can do this at will with his Biomnitrix. With control to which aliens to use, he can create fusions that are actually advantageous.
        • Four Arms + Humungousaur = Fourmungousaur. Humungousaur's body, Four Arms's features and high jumping ability, and the combined strength of both.
        • Atomix + Alien X = Atomic X. Just as broken as it sounds (barring the inability to stop a Chronosapien Time Bomb). Demonstrated abilities include teleportation, super-strength that is able to send Vilgax flying with a flick of the finger, and the creation of black holes. Word of God states that he has Alien X's powers while circumventing the need for Serena and Bellicus.
        • Crashhopper + Shocksquatch + Crashocker. Crashopper's body and leaping ability, and Shocksquatch's features and electrical power.
        • Upgrade + Juryrigg = Uprigg. Juryrigg's body, Upgrade's metal skin, and the combined technological talents of both.
        • Way Big + Upchuck = Big Chuck. A smaller version of Way Big's body, with Upchuck-like dimensions and face. He has a portion of Way Big's strength, and Upchuck's regurgitative powers.
        • Humungousaur + Goop = Humungoopsaur. Humungousaur's strength and size with Goop's gelatinous body.
      • In the reboot episode "The Innervasion" Ben due to being inside the Omnitrix was able to merge the DNA of Four Arms, XLR8, Diamondhead, and Heatblast in a single super-powerful alien, with the combined powers of the four and no negative drawback.
    • Hour of Power: It can only sustain transformation for 10 minutes at a time, without Master Control or Life-Form Lock. It's longer or shorter as the plot demands it.
    • Imported Alien Phlebotinum: It was built by the First Thinker Azmuth and supposed to be delivered to Max Tennyson on Earth but Ben found it, and since his DNA was close enough to Max's, it accepted him.
    • Informed Ability: The Omnitrix used in Omniverse is supposed to be a perfected version of the original Omnitrix, but it has yet to display anything the original Omnitrix couldn't do, is more likely to give Ben an alien he doesn't want, and has a shorter time limit to stay in alien form. On the other hand, it has no cooldown time between transformations, allows him to return to human form whenever he wants, and damage taken while in alien form doesn't carry over into human form. While the problems were later vaguely explained by Azmuth as Ben being too rough with it, the device itself still has yet to show any improvement over the original Omnitrix or even the Ultimatrix. Part of the problem is the design is just less practical compared to the earlier versions, with the alien icons often being difficult to distinguish compared to the holograms of the AF/UA era or the outline icons of the original series.
      • The shorter time limit and lack of cooldown also are something of a Series Continuity Error, seeing how the flashback sequences that feature the 11-year-old Ben have the original Omnitrix function in exactly the same way.
    • Loyal Phlebotinum: Well, it can work on someone else technically, but once it has chosen a host, removing it is a difficult prospect at best (without intricate knowledge of its operation, anyway). The Omnitrix used in Omniverse is designed to only work for Ben. Unfortunately, this means that any sufficient change to Ben's biometrics by outside sources can render it mostly inoperable.
    • Made of Indestructium: The Omnitrix has never been physically damaged by anything other than itself. Ben's father once went through his entire toolbox without making so much as a scratch on it, and in the final episode of Omniverse, it tanks a point-blank explosion from the universe-destroying Annihilargh while activating its life-preserving failsafe. Seemingly the only other way to damage it is by hacking it or removing one of its parts.
    • Magic Pants: Whenever Ben transforms, his clothes either adapt to his new form (most of the aliens in the Original Series and Omniverse) or disappear (in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien), only to come back when he turned back to human in both case. Notably, Word of God actually did give an explanation for that (at least in Alien Force); nanomachines inside the Omnitrix break down his clothes and store them until his transformation ends. Presumably, the same nanomachines also modify them to fit the alien forms in the other series. invoked
    • The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body: Certain forms change Ben's personality as well, such as Brainstorm and Grey Matter making him smarter, or him becoming a Boisterous Bruiser as Rath.
    • Mon: An unusual example, as the aliens don't fight for humans, but the humans become the monsters themselves.
    • Multiform Balance: With over 1,000,000 alien forms with varying powers, the Omnitrix can allow its wearer to adapt to any situation imaginable. In theory, anyway.
    • New Powers as the Plot Demands: The alien forms occasionally display abilities never hinted at before or ever seen again, which were handwaved by Man of Action as "Omnitrix glitches".
    • Omniscient Database: The Codon Stream, for the previous models. Since the Codon Stream and Primus have been erased from continuity, the Omnitrix in Omniverse doesn't rely on the Codon Stream, instead having all of the DNA stored within itself in a computerized form.
    • Palette Swap: Used for the Emerald Power color-scheme to differentiate Alternate Universe users that aren't direct past, future, or contemporary counterparts to Ben.
    • Recurring Element: The first alien Ben used was Heatblast. Following this, generally, the first alien anyone uses for the first time is Heatblast or comparable.
      • The first alien Kevin hybridized with after absorbing the Omnitrix was Heatblast. This was also the first power he demonstrated at the end of his episode. The first alien Gwen transforms into is Heatblast as well (natch given it was a retelling of Ben's origin with Gwen instead).
      • The first mutation Dr. Amino causes with the Omnitrix's faceplate creates a giant Heatblast/bat hybrid.
      • Bothmovies released during original series run used Heatblast as first alien. note Although there are alternate versions of the former which have XLR8 or Eye Guy as the first alien used instead
      • The first alien he transforms into in Alien Force is Swampfire, an Expy combining the general abilities of Heatblast and Wildvine. The first Half-Human Hybrid they find as the story arc builds is Half-Heatblast.
      • The first Ultimate Alien he tries out is Ultimate Swampfire. The first alien that younger Ben transforms into after being brought to the future is Heatblast.
      • The first alien form that Alpha absorbs from the Ultimatrix is Heatblast.
      • The first alien predator introduced in Omniverse is Crabdozer, Heatblast's predator. The first compositeform Khyber uses after shacking up with Skurd was Crabdozer as well.
    • Resurrective Immortality: Shown once in Alien Force and confirmed in Omniverse: if Ben were to ever die, the Omnitrix's AI can kick in and turn Ben into whatever form he needs to survive. When Vilgax shattered Ben as Chromastone into pieces, he was quickly reformed into Diamondhead, and when Ben was swallowed up by the Big Bang, he was automatically turned into Feedback. The Ultimatrix seems to lack this feature, as when Charmcaster stole Ben's soul in one episode, he was not revived until his soul was magically returned.
    • Running Gag: The Omnitrix turning into the wrong alien. However, without this Ben would only have 10 aliens.
    • Self-Destruct Mechanism: One that can destroy the universe, given it's allowed to charge for a few days. Giving it a duration of less than a minute (30 seconds) makes it just powerful enough to blow a human's arm off.
    • Sex Shifter: Word of Godconfirms that the Omnitrix can change the user's sex if they turn into a species that has more than one, but Ben doesn't know how to access this setting so his transformations remain male or something equivalent.
    • Shapeshifting is the power it grants Ben and the forms available for shifting can escalate upwards forever.
    • Shapeshifter Mode Lock: The Life-Form lock function allows Ben to lock himself into an alien form for an extended period of time. He uses it to infiltrate the Incursean army as Bullfrag.
      • Blukic and Driba developed a microchip that can perform the same function.
    • Split-Personality Takeover: Has fail-safes in place to prevent sampled DNA from overriding the personality of the user. This is a Mythology Gag with every ghost-like alien Ben has going back to Ghostfreak who planned this intentionally. Often bypassed in normal function by natural biological changes such as reproductive cycles as seen with Big Chill, or the instincts of certain alien species like Rath's aggression.
    • Suddenly Voiced: From Alien Force onward.
    • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: The Ultimatrix which is basically a less perfect Omnitrix that lets the user transform into Ultimate Forms.
    • Superpower Lottery: Whenever Ben gains a new alien he is basically playing the lottery on what sort of power he gets. Sometimes the power is an obvious winner (Atomix), sometimes it takes a bit of time to figure out how to use the form (for example Cannonbolt), and on occasion the species is a Joke Character. Word of God even established during the Omniverse and later eras that Ben had unlocked a number of aliens with lower quality abilities that he mostly doesn't use and we never see until some art for them was made up in 2020: such aliens include names like Bungee Sponge, Hippopotamass, Skidmarx, Mealymouth and Crabtastic.
    • Story-Breaker Power: The Master Control is this. The one who wields the Omnitrix is considered the most powerful being in the universe, with the ability to transform into any alien. With the Master Control, Ben has access to all aliens stored, as in every alien species in the Milky Way Galaxy (plus 3 from the Anur System, and 5 from the Andromeda Galaxy). In addition to that, Ben can remain in alien form indefinitely, transform without touching the dial, and not have to deal with being randomly selected an alien that wasn't chosen, yet those are only some of the benefits and powers. The power and efficiency that comes with having Master Control would've been devastating during the runs of all series in the original franchise...that is if Ben knows how to activate it. All versions of Ben 10,000 have access to Master Control due to taking time to learn it.
    • Super Wrist-Gadget: It looks like a techno wristwatch.
    • Took a Level in Badass/Super Mode: The Ultimatrix's Ultimate Alien forms as a result of simulating what would happen if that alien went through a million years of civil war and thus evolving to be more combat-oriented.
    • Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth: Malware tried to absorb the Omnitrix during the time Ben was eleven. When he destroyed Feedback, Ben, out of rage, let him try to absorb it... and it caused him to explode. He survived, but that's still impressive.
    • Transformation Trinket: Into dozens of aliens.
    • Troll: If Ben wants Four Arms, he'll get Grey Matter. If he wants Grey Matter, he'll get Ghostfreak. If he wants Ghost Freak, he'll get Cannonbolt. While sometimes the Omnitrix knows better than Ben, other times the randomness can only be attributed to it being a jerk (or, according to Azmuth, Ben being too rough with the device). The most notable example is the occasion when it turned Ben into Rath, the only feline alien Ben had, in front of a villainess who could mind-control felines.

      Ben: Sometimes... I think this thing hates me.]

    • Ultimate Life Form: The transformations Ben becomes are, per several Word of God statements, the prime versions of their species that, with the Ultimatrix, be further evolved into combat-focus Ultimate Forms.
    • Universal Translator: Has one built-in.
    • Younger Than They Look: Ben's transformations are the same age as him or at least an equivalent for that species.

    Original Series Aliens


    Arctiguana/Ultimate Arctiguana (OS-27)
    Click here to see Ultimate Arcticguana as used by Albedo

    Voiced by Tom Kane (Original Series), Eric Bauza (Omniverse)

    Arctiguana's DNA was sampled from a Polar Manzardills, an alien species that is somewhere between a lizard and a fish. They have the ability to breathe frozen vapor which can be used as a weapon, provided they aren't out of breath.

    Ben 23's version is named Freezelizard.

    • Ascended Extra: He was only seen as one of Ben 10,000's aliens in future episodes of the Original Series while the alternate version of Ben 10,000 had also used him Ultimate Alien. Present Ben uses him for the first time in Omniverse.
    • Backpack Cannon: Ultimate Arctiguana has two ice cannons on his back.
    • Breakout Character: Part of the reason he appears more may be the fact that he's a fan-favorite alien.
    • Breath Weapon: Ice breath to be accurate.
    • Evolution Power-Up: Though the full extent of Ultimate Arctiguana's powers is unknown, his evolved state gains two large cannons that are attached to his back, and he can shoot fully formed icebergs instead of just freeze rays.
    • Facial Markings: Black stripes across his face.
    • An Ice Person: His sole power is ice breath.
    • Just a Stupid Accent: Omniverse has him speak in a Jamaican accent.
    • Overshadowed by Awesome: Big Chill has the same power along with flight and intangibility. This is possibly subverted, however, as it has been implied that Arctiguana is physically stronger, and has a faster freeze ray as well.
    • Shout-Out: The cannons on his Ultimate form give him a resemblance to Blastoise.
    • Super Not-Drowning Skills: Arctiguana can breathe underwater.

        Blitzwolfer (Benwolf) 

    Blitzwolfer (Benwolf) (OS-31)

    Voiced by Tara Strong (Original Series), Kevin Michael Richardson (Omniverse)

    Blitzwolfer's DNA was sampled from a Loboan, a werewolf-like species from the moon Luna Lobo which orbits the planet Anur Transyl. A wooded moon, Luna Lobo's landscape is prowled with a race of cunning wolf-beasts with a thirst for blood. While these feral creatures mostly hunt in packs, it is a lone wolf beast that often proves to be the most savage of all. Loboans have natural strength, speed, agility, and heightened senses that make them the top predator on Luna Lobo. They also have the ability to split their mouth into four parts and perform a sonic howl.

    • Dark Is Not Evil: Despite all the red flags in his debut episode (getting "infected" by an evil werewolf causing Ben to mutate into a werewolf himself), Ben's personality doesn't change at all in this form.
    • Lightning Bruiser: He possesses a decent amount of superhuman strength, plus a quite impressive natural speed.
    • Line-of-Sight Name: When Kai refers to the alien as Benwolf in Omniverse, Ben immediately claims to have changed the name, but can't think of a replacement name until he spots Wolf Blitzer on TV.
    • Make Me Wanna Shout: His signature ability consist in open his mouth in four mandibles to generate a powerful Sonic Scream.
    • Metamorphosis: Due to (according to Man of Action) the Omnitrix being stuck between "transforming" and "sampling DNA" functions when the DNA was sampled, Ben's first transformation into this form was gradual, with his skin turning blue, fur growing on him and the instinct partially taking over him. invoked
    • Noble Wolf: When Mr. "It's Hero Time" becomes a wolf, then yes.
    • One-Shot Character: He only appeared in one episode of the original series and didn't appear again until Omniverse. Dialogue from his return episode strongly implies that Ben never used him in the interim.
    • Our Werewolves Are Different: They're aliens from Luna Lobo, a moon orbiting around Anur Transyl. They obviously don't have a human form and don't infect people by biting (though it was initially believed by the characters they did in Benwolf-see Metamorphosis above). And they have the ability to generate a powerful Sonic Howl.
    • Retcon: Originally, it was stated that all Loboan cubs had green eyes like him and that all adult Loboans had red and pale orange eyes. Come Omniverse, Blitzwolfer still has green eyes just like the rest of Ben's transformations, and other adult Loboans have varying eye colors.
    • Space Jews: In Omniverse, he is renamed after Jewish journalist and news anchor Wolf Blitzer and his accent sounds vaguely Jewish as well.
    • Suddenly Voiced: Just like for Snare-oh, the alien his DNA was sampled from couldn't talk except through growls. Ben, on the other hand, can vocally express himself just fine.


    Buzzshock (OS-27)

    Voiced by Tara Strong (Original Series, Reboot), Eric Bauza (Omniverse)

    Buzzshock was sampled from a Nosedeenian, also known as Megawhatts, from the Nosedeen Quasar.

    • Ascended Extra: Like Arctiguana, he originally only appeared in “Ben 10,000”.
    • Me's a Crowd: Can duplicate if he has enough energy, or if he's cut in half.
    • Overshadowed by Awesome: When Ben 10,000 used him in the original series, he seemed like a perfectly viable alien with a unique power. When Ben actually unlocks him in Omniverse, he has already unlocked several electric aliens who can do what Buzzshock does and are either better at it or more versatile Note  Frankenstrike and Brainstorm can create electromagnetic fields. Brainstorm can also create electrical constructs. AmpFibian is described as a "master of the electromagnetic spectrum", displays many of the same powers as Buzzshock while also having intangibility. Feedback can generate more powerful electrical blasts as well as having Energy Absorption beyond electricity . The only technique Buzzshock possesses that is unique to him among the electric-based aliens is Self-Duplication but Ben has two other aliens who can use it without needing to absorb electricity or being cut in half.
    • Shock and Awe: Holds the distinction of being the first electrokinetic alien introduced, though not the first one Ben gained the ability to turn into.
    • Suddenly Voiced: Has understandable speech, unlike the other Nosedeenians.
    • The Trickster: Not Buzzshock himself, but Megawhatts as a species are well-known for constantly wreaking havoc due to their love of pranks and mischievous nature.


    Cannonbolt/Ultimate Cannonbolt (OS-15, UA-06, RE-01)
    Click here to see Ultimate Cannonbolt

    Voiced by Fred Tatasciore (Original Series), Dee Bradley Baker (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien), David Kaye (Omniverse), Travis Willingham (Reboot)

    Cannonbolt's DNA was sampled from an Arburian Pelarota, a shelled species widely believed to be extinct after the destruction of their homeworld by a being called the Great One.

    Ben 23's version is named Rollaway.

    • All There in the Manual: Ultimate Cannonbolt can supposedly fire his spikes, but this is never shown.
    • Back for the Finale: He made his Alien Force debut in "War of the Worlds".
    • Breakout Character: Cannonbolt replaced Ghostfreak as a 'original 10' alien in the last two seasons of the original series and went from an additional alien to one of three that has appeared in every iteration of the franchise. In several media set during the Alien Force era he would be used as a substitute for Alien X in a lineup (such as in Vilgax Attacks) and is a starting alien in the reboot.
    • Everything's Better with Spinning: Though it's a forward thrust thing, not just in place like a top.
    • Evolution Power-Up: Downplayed compared to most of Ben's ultimate aliens. Cannonbolt's current evolutionary stage already excels in combat efficiency so much that his perfect evolved form becomes only slightly more durable and bouncier in addition to just adding spikes.
    • Grievous Harm with a Body: Namely, his own.
    • Heart Is an Awesome Power: His sole power is to curl up into a ball and throw himself at the enemy in Rolling Attacks. Sounds pretty lame, right? Well, not so much when your body possesses a shell that can resist atmospheric re-entry. He actually is one of Ben's most used aliens.
    • Hyper-Destructive Bouncing Ball: In the original series, he bounced around wildly like a pinball. This is averted in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, where Cannonbolt is slower and in Omniverse, where he has more control.
    • Last of His Kind: Possibly, seeing how his planet was destroyed by the Great One.
    • Promotion to Opening Titles: In the original series, replacing Ghostfreak.
    • Rolling Attack: His main thing is rolling around.
    • Unbreakable Weapons: His shell has been shown, on at least one occasion, to withstand being stabbed by Petrosapien crystal. He survived falling back to the Earth from re-entry!
    • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?: Ben had this opinion when he first got him and that opinion became subverted by the end of the episode and onwards.


    Diamondhead (OS-01, RE-04)

    Voiced by Jim Ward (Original Series), Daran Norris (Race Against Time), Dee Bradley Baker (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien), Eric Bauza (Omniverse), Roger Craig Smith (Reboot)

    Diamondhead's DNA was sampled from a Petrosapien, a race of green aliens comprised entirely of a diamond-like organic structure from planet Petropia. Petropia is a craggy, geode-like planet where silicon-based beings evolved to build a complex society of separate underground kingdoms. While there are several different gem-based races, from ruby to emerald to sapphire, each with its own distinct abilities and culture, most Petrosapiens now coexist peacefully. The planet is well-known for having been destroyed by Vilgax and later rebuilt by their guardian Sugilite.

    Petrosapiens are crystalline beings whose bodies are formed entirely out of opaque gemstones and whose rock-hard physiologies make them all virtually invulnerable to physical attack. While jewel-like in appearance, Petrosapiens are no pretty boys. Their diamond-hard bodies make these fearsome warriors incredibly tough. Shards of the razor-sharp crystals jut out at numerous odd angles from their heads and bodies, discouraging physical contact, and also act as powerful weapons that can turn a car into confetti in a matter of seconds. Combined with their increased strength, Petrosapiens' shredding appendages can be especially devastating. Living prisms, Petrosapiens can refract light and beam-based weaponry, channeling them through their bodies and projecting them back at their source. Petrosapiens are particularly vulnerable to sonic vibrations. While a stereo blast might cause them to splinter, certain ultra-high-pitched sound waves can cause them to shatter - and no glue in this galaxy or the next can put a Petrosapien back together again.

    • Badass Baritone: Regardless of voice actor, Diamondhead always has an awesomely deep voice.
    • The Big Guy: Alongside Four Arms as one of Ben’s main physical aliens.
    • Blade Below the Shoulder: Not naturally, but he can shape his hands into ones.
    • Gemstone Assault: This is his signature ability.
    • Glass Cannon: Literally, though in a technical point of view, it's averted; Diamondhead actually is one of Ben's most durable aliens, as his crystal skin is extremely durable and he can regenerate his limbs.
    • Energy Absorption: In Alien Force, he inherited Chromastone's ability to absorb and channel energy attacks.
    • Healing Factor: His ability to shape himself gives him a very limited self-healing ability.
    • Lantern Jaw of Justice: He has one in Omniverse. It's not as prominent as Alien X's, but it's still present.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: He is made of diamond-hard crystal, and even if you succeed in damaging him, he can regenerate. The only thing that has been shown to damage him permanently is sonic attacks.
    • Rock Monster: Diamondhead's species is a race of aliens made of thick, organic green crystal material. As Diamonhead, Ben can manipulate the atomic structure of his physiology at will, allowing him to form his limbs into diamond weapons such as blades and bludgeons, fire crystal shards from his body and create constructs out of crystals.
    • Shapeshifter Weapon: He has entire control over his physiology, allowing him to shapeshift his arms into blades, project crystal shards, and many other uses.
    • Stealth Pun: Diamondhead is durable, but he can crack under enough pressure. He's a Glass Cannon!
    • Story-Breaker Power: Upon his return in Alien Force he ended up being the alien who dispatched Vilgax after Vilgax stomped every other alien Ben threw at him including Humungousaur.
    • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: To Chromastone in the season three premiere of Alien Force, even gaining his powers as well.
    • Took a Level in Badass: While he was already one of Ben's favorites in the original series when he returned in Alien Force, he gained telekinetic control over his crystals and the ability to make them explode. He ended up trouncing Vilgax despite the fact that he had previously been unable to scratch him. He does not retain these abilities in Omniverse.


    Ditto (OS-41)

    Voiced by Rob Paulsen

    Ditto's DNA was sampled from a Splixson, a race of small humanoids able to create unlimited duplicates of themselves. The clones are all linked telepathically meaning they share thoughts and feelings, including pain.

    • Awesome, but Impractical: In spite of the fact he can outnumber his enemies, the clones all share the same pain, getting separated long distances results in a much longer Omnitrix time-outs and they don't have much offensive power otherwise. Omniverse removes the pain restriction, but they're still fairly weak.
    • Badass Adorable: He's an adorable alien that's around the height of a kid who likes praying pranks. However, he managed to destroy an army of mutant bugs in his debut episode.
    • Crippling Overspecialization: He has the potential to create unlimited clones, and that's it. Other than that, he has subpar strength, speed, and power, and is considered one of Ben's physically weakest aliens.
    • Doppelgänger Attack: He's only effective in combat when he takes advantage of his ability to surround his opponents.
    • Ensemble Dark Horse: In-universe example as Ben mentions in Omniverse that according to websites, this alien form is a fan-favorite amongst girls, who consider him cute.
    • Expy: Of the Warner Brothers.
    • Flanderization: The Expy side was fairly subtle in the Original Series; in Omniverse, he is redesigned with more animal-like features and acts much more like them, down to having a chase scene based on their gags.
    • Lethal Joke Character: While physically one of Ben's weakest aliens, he can be effective when used creatively.
    • Me's a Crowd: His power.
    • Overshadowed by Awesome: Echo Echo (an alien form introduced in Alien Force) possesses the same power as Ditto without the Weaksauce Weakness and adds a sonic scream to it, making him much more useful than Ditto.
    • Retcon: In the Original Series, his duplication power had a very specific way of working; he split himself in half to duplicate, each clone was independent, they all felt each other's pain, and the death of even one of them would cause all the others to die. They wouldn't transform back into Ben until all of them were close enough to fuse back together, and would be pulled toward each other when they get close enough. In Omniverse, his duplication power works similarly to that of Echo Echo with his clones appearing in a flash of green light, being able to vanish, and apparently all vanishing automatically when the original turns back to normal. His weakness was now that "if the original dies they all die".
    • Tunnel King: In Omniverse; doubles as New Powers as the Plot Demands.
    • Weak, but Skilled: Compared to other aliens, Ditto is rather weak and lacks any strong power, but this can be balanced by using his ability to be in various places at the same time if you have a good sense of tactics.
    • Weaksauce Weakness: The clones all feel each others' pain. If even a single one of them dies, they all die. This was retconned in Omniverse as "if the original dies, they all die".


        Eye Guy 

    Eye Guy (OS-48)

    Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (Original Series), Paul Eiding (Omniverse)

    Eye Guy's DNA was sampled from an Opticoid, a reptilian race with 17 eyes across their body. Though none are on their face.

    • An Ice Person: He can fire ice lasers from some of his eyes.
    • Butt-Monkey: Omniverse frequently puts him in places where his multiple eyes do more harm than good (such as getting drenched in an eye irritant alien's saliva).
    • Chest Blaster: His strongest beam comes from a giant eye in his torso. He usually has to close the others to fire it.
    • Combo Platter Powers: Eye Guy can fly, shoot lasers, shoot elemental lasers, see all around him, and otherwise do a lot more than you might expect a multi-eyed alien to do at a glance.
    • Creepy Good: Half-bat, half-reptile, and eyes all over its body. He actually looks so much creepy that he was almost rejected by production because of it.
    • Early-Bird Cameo: He appeared for the first time in an alternate scene of Secret of the Omnitrix's opening scene but chronologically appeared first in "Ben 10 vs. The Negative 10, Part 2".
    • Energy Weapon: Most of his eyes shoot simple energy blasts.
    • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Amusingly, he's the only alien for which Ben and Ben 23 share the same name, which leads to Ben admitting that the name is lame.
    • Extra Eyes: Has eyes everywhere, except where they should be.
    • Eyeless Face: His face is the only place on his body without eyes.
    • Eyes Do Not Belong There: He has eyes on his chest, on his limbs, on his torso...
    • Eye Beams: Every eye can fire a laser beam. Some eyes have a different type of laser.
    • Playing with Fire: One of his eyes can shoot beams of fire.
    • Pungeon Master: In Omniverse, he has a tendency to make puns involving sight and the word "eye".

      Freezeghost (Ben 23): Cool. Get it?
      Eye Guy (Ben): Dude, watch the puns! Pretty soon, you use up all the eyeconic ones, and they just get cornea and cornea!

    • Wall Crawling: He can cling to walls.

        Four Arms 

    Four Arms (OS-02, RE-02)

    Voiced by Richard McGonagle (Original Series), Dee Bradley Baker (Ultimate Alien), John DiMaggio (Omniverse and Reboot)

    Four Arms' DNA was sampled from a Tetramand, powerful 12-foot tall aliens with four arms and armor-plated skin from planet Khoros. Khoros is a dusty and barbaric world where might makes right and survival is a constant struggle. Due to constant conflict, the planet's culture has long devolved, turning from a confederation of thriving city-states into a scorched and boundless wasteland. Nomadic tribes ruled by bloodthirsty warlords ceaselessly roam the landscape, seeking out relics of Khoros' past glory, all in hopes of rediscovering the secrets that will give them an advantage over their enemies.

    Ben 23's version is named Handy Man.

    • Badass Mustache: He ditches the long hair for one of these in Omniverse to give him a carnival strongman look.
    • The Big Guy: The biggest of Ben's aliens for most of the original series, and the one used primarily for tasks requiring strength.
    • Destructive Savior: He's got super strength, but he's a bit clumsy from time to time.
    • In a Single Bound: Not one of his main powers, but he can do it.
    • Leeroy Jenkins: Most notable in the original series; whenever Ben would act incredibly impulsive during a fight, chances are he'd turn into Four Arms. Granted, an alien of this case makes that sort of strategy rather effective.
    • Lightning Bruiser: While not the fastest of aliens, he's still speedy, super-strong, and has the ability to jump over skyscrapers.
    • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Obviously.
    • Proud Warrior Race Guy: Not Four Arms himself, but Tetramands as a species are this.
    • Punny Name: Forearms = Four Arms = 4 arms
    • Red Is Heroic: Red skin and all.
    • Unstoppable Rage: Ben's anger is especially prevalent in this form. His opponents who usually have him by the ropes get brutally beaten back the second he gets motivated (i.e when his family is threatened).
    • Shockwave Clap: By slapping all four hands together he can generate a sonic shockwave.
    • Super Strength: His main power, and various writers have said out of show that he is stronger than other super-strong aliens (though outclassed by someone like Way Big or Alien X).
    • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: He was Ben's favorite alien and had the tendency of appearing for a significant amount of times in the original series; he appears in 27 episodes overall, the most of any Omnitrix alien. Toned down in the sequels, as Ben couldn't access him again until Ultimate Alien. Played straight again in Omniverse, he is tied with XLR8 and Feedback as the most used transformation.
    • Vocal Evolution: Richard McGonagle uses a deep growling voice early on in season 1 of the original series. By season 2, he uses the higher gargling tone Four Arms is known for.

        Frankenstrike (Benvicktor) 

    Frankenstrike (Benvicktor) (OS-38)

    Voiced by Michael Dorn (Original Series), David Kaye (Omniverse)

    Frankenstrike's DNA was sampled from a Transylian, a race of large humanoids who augment themselves with powerful technology from Anur Transyl. They have the appearance of Frankenstein's monster.

    Anur Transyl used to be home to two different races, the Transylians and the Vladats. Transylians — specifically their blood — were the Vladat's main source of food. The Transylians eventually rebelled against the Vladats, and, using superior technology that they had developed in secret, they hunted all Vladats on Anur Transyl into extinction and became the dominant species on their world.

    Ben 23's version is named Lightning Volt.

    • Ascended Extra: He only made one appearance in the original series, but returned and is featured in more than one episode in Omniverse.
    • Batman Can Breathe in Space: Frankenstrike can indeed.
    • Creepy Good: He looks like a stitched-together corpse, especially in Omniverse. Having no effect on Ben's personality, Frankenstrike is just as heroic as he is.
    • Cyborg: Somehow, his mechanical parts are natural, since the Omnitrix reproduces them.
    • Dark Is Not Evil: Ben doesn't become any less heroic while using this guy.
    • Expy: Of both Dr. Frankenstein andhis monster.
    • Flesh Golem: His Omniverse design looks like his body is stitched together, with the body parts being different colors.
    • Frankenstein's Monster: He is based on one.
    • Genius Bruiser: It was vaguely implied in his debut (and confirmed by pop-up trivia) that Transylians possess some amount of Super Intelligence (though not as high as Grey Matter). This gets retconned in Omniverse.
    • In a Single Bound: He's a surprisingly good jumper.
    • Mighty Glacier: Debatably; Dr. Viktor still displayed the ability to react to and backhand XLR8, but was otherwise this.
    • No Name Given: He was never named on-screen, only being given the name Benvicktor in the credits of "Be Afraid of the Dark". He, along with Benwolf (Blitzwolfer) and Benmummy (Snare-oh) have been renamed in Omniverse.
    • Progressively Prettier: Inverted. His design in Omniverse is much uglier than the one he had back in the original series.
    • Retcon: Transylians were originally stated to be the second smartest species in the galaxy behind Galvans, and Frankenstrike was said to be one of the aliens Ben 10,000 used to create a second Omnitrix for Kenny. This was later retconned, with Cerebrocrustaceans instead taking this position, and Transylians not having enhanced intelligence at all. Then the first thing Frankenstrike did when he was used again implied higher intelligence so who knows...
    • Shock and Awe: Ben's first, and largely ignored, electrokinetic alien.
    • Shout-Out: To Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
    • Steampunk: Anur Transyl is like this, as is Frankenstrike himself.
    • Super Reflexes: Dr. Vicktor was able to backhand a speeding XLR8 (and he wasn't even aware of Ben's presence before that).
    • Super Strength: Dr. Vicktor could go toe to toe with Four Arms.
    • Technopath: Frankenstrike wasn't seen doing any of this, but his genetic donor operated several machines (and even a rocket engine) by plugging them into the towers on his back.
    • The Dog Bites Back: According to the species' backstory, the Transylians started out as the Vladats' slaves and power supply, resulting in them eventually rebelling and exterminating the Vladats.


    Ghostfreak (OS-04)

    Voiced by Steve Blum (Original Series, Omniverse), Jeff Bennett (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien)

    Ghostfreak's DNA was sampled from an Ectonurite, a race of incorporeal ghost-like aliens from Anur Phaetos. Though many legends have long spoken of it as the center from where galactic chaos springs forth, not much is known about the shadowy world of Anur Phaetos. Some say it is more a dimensional realm than a planet. Since no voyager has ever returned to tell tales of a visit and there is scant evidence as to the true nature of its existence, Anur Phaetos remains the galaxy’s most dangerous mystery.

    It's later revealed the Ectonurite DNA for Ghostfreak was sampled from Zs'Skayr, the Ecto-Lord of Anur Phaetos.

    • Adapted Out: He is not present among Ben's original 10 aliens in the reboot, having been replaced with Cannonbolt.
    • A Day in the Limelight: "Ghostfreaked Out" revolves around him breaking free from the Omnitrix.
    • And I Must Scream: Unlike other species sampled for the Omnitrix, even the smallest sample of DNA contains an Ectonurite's consciousness. A copy of Zs'Skayr's consciousness was subsequently trapped inside the Omnitrix and fully aware the entire time. His fight with Zombozo showed signs of Zs'Skayr taking over.
    • Badass Boast: To Zombozo in "Last Laugh":

      Ben/Ghostfeak: I just figured out there's something I'm even more afraid of than you: (punches Zombozo and turns invisible) losing my family to some goofball emotional vampire. In other words... (punches Zombozo by the nose and turns invisible again) ... you're going down, clown.

    • Chained by Fashion: He has these as part of his design in ''Omniverse''.
    • Combat Tentacles: Omniverse shows that that the tentacles under his second skin are strong enough to lift a bus full of people.
    • Confusion Fu: It's hard to figure out where he going to come at you from if he makes effective use of his invisibility.
    • Creepy Good/Dark Is Not Evil: Ben can get very creepy when he turns into Ghostfreak, but he remains a good guy... as long as Zs'Skayr doesn't take over.
    • Cyclops: he has a single eye, which can move on every part of his body.
    • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Even after regaining the form, Ben was afraid to use it due to the fear of Zs'Skayr taking over. Now that Zs'Skayr is no longer in the Omnitrix, Ghostfreak exists independently from him, so this no longer an issue. However, the fact that the presence of Charmcaster's stone creatures forced the Omnitrix to limit Ben's selection only to Ghostfreak, and Zs'Skayr emerging after Darkstar's ritual was foiled indicates that they might still be connected somehow.
    • Dark Is Not Evil: Double subverted. Despite being one of Ben's original 10 aliens, Ghostfreak was hinted in "Last Laugh" to have something darker to him. It was later revealed that he was sampled from the evil overlord Zs'Skayr and trapped inside the Omnitrix, eventually escaping and becoming one of Ben's most fearsome enemies. When Ben regains access to him, he (understandably) puts off using him for years, afraid of what had happened with him before. However, in Omniverse, he states that he still feels like himself when using him, which allows him to return Ghostfreak to his active playlist.
    • The Dreaded: Both Ben and Kevin were wary of assuming this form even before they found out why.
    • Eyes Do Not Belong There: Can move his eye around his body while in his second skin. Without it his eye is stuck in place because his head is a skull.
    • Grand Theft Me: Heroic example. He defeats Darkstar by possessing his body. Before that, however, Zs'Skayr existed as Ghostfreak, and his personality slowly overwhelmed Ben's over time the more he used the form.
    • Horrifying the Horror: Ben managed to scare the crap out of Zombozo just by using this form.
    • Intangible Man: He wouldn't be called Ghostfreak if he didn't have these powers. Though there are chemicals that can neutralize this ability.
    • Informed Ability: The Bandai profile mentions Ectonurites possess some amount of psychic powers. Ben was never seen using those abilities as Ghostfreak. Zs'Skayr, on the other hand... Ben, inexperienced as he was at the time, likely didn't know about them. Also, Zs'Skayr was only seen using those abilities in his true form, which Ben never used.
    • Mook Horror Show: Famous for delivering one of the greatest examples of this trope in the entire franchise to Zombozo.
    • Our Ghosts Are Different: They are a species of aliens from a mysterious sector called Anur Phaetos, are connected through a Hive Mind that can manifest through even the slightest sample of their DNA, and are Weakened by the Light. They can, however, wear a second skin to protect them from it, at the cost of weakening most of their powers. Said skin gives them their ghost-like appearance, but behind it, they look like creatures with black-and-white tentacles writhing everywhere, an upside-down cyclopean skull, and large claws.
      Omniverse dips closer to the conventional ghost; Ben boasts that, in this form, he is not technically alive and thus immune to Darkstar's Life Drain abilities. Word of God has stated that Ectonurites are alive; however, their concept of "life" is very different from other sapient life forms.
    • Story-Breaker Power: In a conflict against a single, powerful opponent, Ghostfreak can immediately end things by just turning invisible, flying up to them, and possessing them.
    • Superpowered Evil Side: Zs'Skayr started out as this before his Enemy Without. Ben now has complete control over Ghostfreak, as Zs'skayr is no longer inside the Omnitrix, and when he uses the form in "Mystery, Incorporeal" he says that he still feels like himself.
    • Took a Level in Badass: In the original series, Ghostfreak wasn't much good in a fight via the fact that he was too frail to do any serious damage and all Ben could do with him was turn invisible/intangible or try to scare people. In Omniverse, he can share his invisibility with others in addition to being immune to Life Drain and aware of how to use his possession abilities and his tentacles can launch out and are strong enough to hold a bus.
    • Vocal Evolution: Steve Blum's performance in Omniverse is much less raspy and villainous-sounding. It fits because Ben is now in complete control of the form.
    • Weakened by the Light: Though Ghostfreak wears a second skin that protects him from such a weakness. However, he is still vulnerable to fire.

        Grey Matter 

    Grey Matter/Ultimate Grey Matter (OS-02, RE-03)
    Click here to see Ultimate Grey Matter as used by Albedo

    Voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz (Original Series), Carlos Alazraqui (Race Against Time), Eric Bauza (Omniverse), Todd Haberkorn (Reboot)

    Grey Matter's DNA was sampled from a Galvan, a species consisting of small, incredibly intelligent frog-like beings from Galvan Prime. Despite its diminutive scale, Galvan Prime is one of the most scientifically advanced worlds in the galaxy. Miniature skyscrapers and ultra-fast causeways litter the landscape, leaving little room for nature. First kept as pets and then employed by other species as industrial technicians, spies, and saboteurs, Galvans were smart enough to keep the best secrets for themselves, eventually amassing enough knowledge to build a powerful empire of their own. In a chaotic world of intrigue and innovation, the coldly technocratic inhabitants of Galvan Prime work tirelessly and consume massive resources to keep an ever-tightening grip over their former masters.

    Azmuth, the creator of the Omnitrix, is later revealed to be himself a Galvan.

    Ben 23's version is named Brainfrog.

    • Adaptational Badass: In the reboot. He isn't any stronger physically, but he has Awesomeness by Analysis like Brainstorm.
    • A Day in the Limelight: The Original Series episode "A Small Problem" features Ben stuck as Grey Matter for almost the entire episode, with no other Omnitrix aliens making an appearance.
    • Author Appeal: He is Derrick J. Wyatt's favorite alien. Not only is brought back in Omniverse as a result, but his species has a much bigger role than in any previous entry of the franchise.
    • Cephalothorax: Ultimate Grey Matter is a M.O.D.O.K.Expy, so naturally this is in play.
    • Eye Beams: Ultimate Grey Matter can fire beams from his third eye which have the effect of negating Ben's transformations.
    • Gadgeteer Genius: Even at 10 years old, Grey Matter possesses enough intelligence to work advanced machines and build highly advanced weapons.
    • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Grey Matter's size makes him a fitting alien to escape bigger predators or hide, and his high intellect doesn't seem useless any more when you can use him to build a solar gun out of scraps. An even more extreme example in “Ken 10”, where Ken uses him to unlock the Master Code of his Omnitrix.
    • Improbably High I.Q.: "The Vengers" shows Brainstorm's IQ to be 10^30. If Galvans are truly smarter than Cerebrocrustaceans, then this trope must be in effect.
    • Incredible Shrinking Man: Ben goes from whatever size he normally is, to about 6 inches tall. invoked
    • Informed Ability: While the show's lore suggests that Galvans are smarter than Cerebrocrustaceans, in context the matter is up for debate. Brainstorm has generally done more with his Super Intelligence than Grey Matter has, running physics simulations in his head and accurately predicting every move his opponents will make, for example, while Grey Matter's Super Intelligence has so far mostly applied to technology, though he has had a few Awesomeness by Analysis moments scattered here and there, such as defeating Tyrannopede by copying Khyber's Hephaestan neural grip technique.
    • Lethal Joke Character: Compared to most of Ben's other aliens, his powers seem pretty laughable and useless in a fight, but if well-used, he can become extremely useful and deadly. Not to mention his species is considered the closest thing the Ben 10 Universe has to a dominant species in the Galaxy.
    • Mini-Mecha: His Omni-Enhanced form in the reboot puts him in one, adding (as he puts it) some brawns to his brains.
    • My Brain Is Big: Ultimate Grey Matter, while being roughly the same size as the normal form, is mostly brain.
    • Overshadowed by Awesome: While Grey Matter's high intelligence and small size were quite useful in the original series, Alien Force introduced Brainstorm, who also possesses high intelligence (though suggested by some of the characters to be less so than Grey Matter) and combines it with Shock and Awe and Mind over Matter. Then, Alien Swarm gave us Nanomech, who is even smaller than Grey Matter, can fly and shoot electrical blasts.
    • Shorter Means Smarter: The smallest alien until the introduction of Nanomech, and the smartest alien Ben has.
    • Shout-Out: Ultimate Grey Matter's form looks quite similar to M.O.D.O.K.
    • The Smart Guy: His main (and only) power is intelligence. As he has little to no physical ability (save for sharp teeth) he relies on his intellect to outsmart his enemies.
    • Super Intelligence: Grey Matter is implied at a few points to be even smarter than Brainstorm, smart enough to operate complex technology on instinct, and build high-tech weapons from scraps.
    • Wall Crawl: The mucus his skin secretes allows him to adhere to surfaces to climb them.
    • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?: When Ben was ten years old, Grey Matter was his least favorite alien because of the low physical ability.


    Heatblast (OS-01, RE-01)

    Voiced by Steve Blum (Original Series), David Franklin (Race Against Time), Dee Bradley Baker (Ultimate Alien), David Kaye (Omniverse), Daryl Sabara (Reboot)

    Heatblast's DNA was sampled from a Pyronite, a race of magma-based aliens from Pyros. Of all the homeworlds in the galaxy, Pyros is unique in that it is actually a fully functioning sun. Pyros is a wide-open landscape of endless natural wonders: Infernal plumes erupt miles into the atmosphere, and raging rivers of molten lava cut massive swaths across the fire-filled tundra. Magma based, all of its inhabitants are composed of flame-like energy. Drawing strength and nourishment from an almost limitless power source, this world's inhabitants are in need of little else.

    Ben 23's version is named Charcoal Man.

    • An Ice Person: In the episode, Side Effects, Heatblast's powers are inverted to instead generate ice as a result of Ben's cold altering his powers. Tellingly, while all the other aliens' powers are roadblocked, Heatblast is the only one whose inverted powers end up being a benefit for one occasion.
    • The Cameo: Heatblast was unlocked offscreen after season 2 of Alien Force, according to multiple Word of God entries via scanning Alan Albright. The hologram of Heatblast appeared a few times in the third season but Ben is never seen transforming into him during this time onscreen.
    • Convection Schmonvection: This alien is from, and is in essence, a walking talking sun. Nobody is harmed or complains about the heat from being in close proximity to him. He can even pick things up without burning them, and literally going supernova in one episode does nothing but evaporate the Fountain of Youth. This most likely doubles as Hollywood Fire. The true severity of Heatblast’s powers might not be all that appropriate to show in a family-friendly franchise, so it had to be toned down a bit.
    • Demoted to Extra: Heatblast was one of Ben's most used aliens in the first season but became much less frequently used in subsequent seasons note  He appears in 8 episodes in the first season, then 2 in the second, 4 in the third, and 3 in the fourth . He got a few appearances in later seasons of Ultimate Alien after only cameoing in Alien Force as a hologram but notably was absent from the middle part of Omniverse after getting roles in the early and later parts of the show.
    • Elemental Absorption: He can absorb fire.
    • Elemental Powers: Pyrokinesis.
    • Elemental Punch: As shown in his fight with Victor, he can wreath his hands in fire to increase the intensity of his punches.
    • Flying Firepower: Initially not, but in later episodes, Ben learned to use his fire abilities to propel himself in the air and fly.
      • Up to Eleven in the reboot, where his Omni-Enhanced form has a jet pack.
    • Human Aliens: According to Word of God, Pyronites have two forms; the molten rock form, and a form that looks very similar to humans. They can switch between the two at will. invoked
    • Jack-of-All-Stats: He can hit, possesses acceptable durability, flies with limited capabilities, and can blast fire.
    • Living Lava: He is literally this.
    • One-Man Army: Downplayed. In the original series episode "Secrets", he was easily able to one-shot an entire group of Vilgax's drones. In Ultimate Alien he was able to fight on par and defeat another One-Man Army in the form of Victor.
    • Playing with Fire: He can produce fire, absorb it and wreathe parts of his body in it.
    • The Power of the Sun: What with Pyronites being born on stars and all.
    • Shout-Out: When his head goes out, his face looks like Iron Man.
    • Super Speed: In the reboot, his Omni-Enhanced form can fly faster than XLR8 can run, as shown in "High Stress Express".
    • Super Toughness: While not Ben's most durable alien, he was still able to get thrown through three buildings while on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle from Vilgax and was no worse for wear.
    • Weaksauce Weakness: Subverted. Just pouring or spraying water on him isn't gonna kill him. One episode of the original series even has him swimming in a pool with no detriment, and his flames spark right up again the moment he gets out. Omniverse even has him able to produce enough heat underwater to melt metal.


    Ripjaws (OS-03)

    Voiced by Fred Tatasciore (Original Series), Dee Bradley Baker (Ultimate Alien), Eric Bauza (Omniverse)

    Ripjaws' DNA was sampled from a Piscciss Volann, a race of aquatic fish aliens from Pisciss. The water world of Piscciss is one of extreme danger. Thousands of exotic species live in a vast anarchic ocean of eat or be eaten. While most Pisccians live in schools because of the safety in numbers, there is still little feeling among these cold-blooded kinfolk. A world of strong currents and highly stratified environments, the deeper one dives on Piscciss, the darker and more dangerous it becomes.

    While the Volanns are not the biggest fish in the Pisccian sea, they are definitely the most hazardous. A monstrous hybrid of alligator, eel, and leech, Volanns are incredible swimmers who are amazingly fast and agile in the water. A Volanns' huge mouth filled with rows of razor-sharp teeth can chomp through almost anything. Their lower jaw unhinges, enabling them to grip large objects with the strength on an industrial-sized vise. Sinewy and covered in slimy scales, Volanns use their claw-tipped fins to fight in a unique "zero gravity" style that makes them masters of aquatic combat. They can dive deep to the ocean’s floor, easily withstanding the crushing pressure while continuing to breathe through their gills. For all their skill in the water, Piscciss Volanns are unable to walk and are basically useless above the waves. Volanns must keep their gills wet or they'll dehydrate rapidly, which can actually result in their death on dry land. As members of their species grow older, however, their ability to spend time on dry land increases, making them more amphibious in adulthood.

    Ben 23's version is named Fish Fingers.

    • Abled in the Adaptation: The reboot Rijpaws used by Gwen 10 has the same respirator tech the reoccurring Piscciss Volann prisoner wears, allowing Ripjaws in the reboot to be active outside of water a lot more stably than the classic Ripjaws was able to be used.
    • Adapted Out: He is not present among Ben's original ten aliens in the reboot, having been replaced by Overflow. He is used by Gwen 10 in the finale episode of the reboot however.
    • Alluring Anglerfish: He's got the angler, but we've never seen it glow.
    • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: He does not appear at all in the third season of the original series.
      • His icon in the watch does appear in a few episodes and Ben explicitly attempts to transform into him twice; neither times is he successful, however.
    • Creepy Good: Seriously, just look at his face.
    • Crippling Overspecialization: He excels in mobility, territorial control, and power underwater, but this is undercut by the fact he needs water to breathe, and is thus mostly useless on dry land. Downplayed in the sequels, where he can spend more time above water, but his abilities are still too situational for him to get more use.
    • Joke Character/Lightning Bruiser: He's the former on dry land, but in water, he becomes the latter.
    • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: He has a lot of teeth in his mouth in the original series. In Ultimate Alien, he was given more traditional fish lips. The teeth returned in Omniverse.
    • Our Mermaids Are Different: He has a unique mermaid-like tail when he's underwater.
    • Out of Focus: Appears the least out of the original 10 aliens, with the exception of Ghostfreak. Unlike Ghostfreak, whose lack of use was a specific plot point, Ripjaws just doesn't get used much.
    • Retcon: Early supplementary material stated that Piscciss Volanns had no legs and that Ripjaws' were created via the Omnitrix modifying his form. Secret of the Omnitrix debunked this by showing a criminal Volanns in Incarcecon standing on legs just like Ripjaws, with all future Volanns featured in the franchise able to change from legs to tails like Ripjaws. His "tail" from then on became a complex carapace that wraps around his legs in water and shrinks into a pseudo-loincloth when on land.
    • Running Gag: A pair of minor ones:
      • If he's up against a water-based threat (especially in season 3), expect a few aliens that don't do well with water before Ripjaws shows up, if at all.
      • Conversely, expect about 50% or more of the transformations into Ripjaws to be accompanied by a complaint of the Omnitrix messing with Ben.
    • Super Not-Drowning Skills: He's aquatic.
    • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Used almost specifically for aquatic environments, and is useless anywhere else.
      • One of the last times he was seen in the original series was when Ben used him in a beach episode. Surfing.
      • Although occasionally this could be subverted, as shown in Ripjaws' last appearance in the Original Series, where he proceeded to start tearing chunks out of a bad guy's car, despite being in the desert and the car MOVING.
    • Weaksauce Weakness: He can't survive without water for long. As a result, he is one of Ben's least used aliens. This is improved upon in the sequel series but doesn't see him used much more at that point due to there being Loads and Loads of Characters, many of which can survive in and out of water.

        Snare-oh (Benmummy) 

    Snare-oh (Benmummy) (OS-37)

    Voiced by Richard Green (Original Series), Kevin Michael Richardson (Omniverse)

    Snare-oh's DNA was sampled from a Thep Khufan, an alien species that is comprised entirely of bandage-like strips from Anur Khufos. Anur Khufos is a planet rich in Corrodium, a substance known for being extremely radio-active and causing horrible mutations. As such, Thep Khufan had to adapt to this to survive.

    • Ascended Extra: He only made two brief appearances in the original series. He's used more often in Omniverse.
    • Combat Tentacles: The bandages that make up his body actually are thin, but very strong tentacles he has complete control over. They can be used to effortlessly lift Diamondhead.
    • Confusion Fu: Needless to say he has a very unorthodox attack pattern.
    • Dark Is Not Evil: Though the alien who provided the sample sure was.
    • Mummy: His look is based on one, though otherwise, it follows almost none of the clichés usually associated with the trope.
    • Mummy Wrap: His primary power; all these bandages actually are tentacles he can use to grab anything and anyone.
    • Forgot About His Powers: In "The Frogs of War, Part One", Ben apparently hadn't used this form for so long that he'd forgotten what it could do.
    • Healing Factor: Can easily be torn apart and even shredded to bits, and reform nearly instantly.
    • How Do I Shot Web?: Initially, Ben doesn't really know how to use Snare-Oh's powers, and spends a good deal of a fight with the Yenaldooshi (the DNA sample of Blitzwolfer) getting his ass beaten.
    • Losing Your Head: "Secret of Dos Santos" reveals that his faceplate can be detached from his bandages with no ill effect.
    • No Name Given: Like Frankenstrike, he was never named on-screen, only being given the name Benmummy in the credits of “The Return”. When he returns in Omniverse, his name is still not stated on-screen, but he is listed as Snare-oh in the credits of "The Frogs of War: Part 1".
    • No-Sell: Thep Khufan are completely immune to the horrible mutations corrodium radiations usually cause, allowing them to carry the substance inside their body with no ill side effects. Ben shows this ability as well while in alien form, but it's unclear if it's his aliens' ability or just thanks to the fact he is transforming through the Omnitrix.
    • One-Shot Character: He only appeared in one episode of the original series, although he did make a brief appearance as a Continuity Nod in a later episode. When he returns in Omniverse, his name is still not stated, but the credits for "The Frogs of War: Part 1" list him as Snare-oh.
    • Suddenly Voiced: Ben can speak as Snare-oh, despite the fact that the alien he got the DNA sample from is The Speechless.
    • Zombie Gait: Averted — he's actually one of the more nimble aliens Ben can use.


    Spitter (OS-27)

    Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (Original Series)

    Spitter's DNA was sampled from a Spheroid from planet Scalpasc.

    • Ascended Extra: Subverted. Just like Arctiguana and Buzzshock, he appeared as one of Ben 10,000's aliens. Unlike them, however, he has never made an appearance since the original series aside from appearing in the intro for Ultimate Alien. He's thus one of only four aliens to not appear in Omniverse and like Fasttrack, his species aren't even given representatives.
    • The Cameo: He tends to make very brief appearances.
    • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: He was last used in "Ken 10", and present-day Ben was never seen using him.
    • Inflating Body Gag: He inflates whenever he spits.
    • Super Spit: He can spit a powerful blast of slime.


    Stinkfly (OS-02, RE-06)

    Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker (Original Series, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse), Greg Cipes (Reboot)

    Stinkfly's DNA was sampled from a Lepidopterran, a race of winged insect-like aliens from planet Lepidopterra. With its advanced and highly specialized ecosystem, Lepidopterra is a generally peaceful swamp planet whose numerous species live among a fantastic variety of giant plants. Residing in a complex of giant hives each ruled by its own queen, Lepidopterrans are the predominant inhabitants of their planet. Life on this planet is seasonal, and every species does its part to make sure the flora continues to produce its fruit so that all can live together in harmony as they have for countless eons.

    Ben 23's version is named Big Bug.

    • Beware My Stinger Tail: He has a bee/scorpion-like stinger that is sharp enough to rip through metal.
    • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Basically a giant alien fly.
    • Breath Weapon: Shoots slime from his mouth and eyes. He can alter the properties of this goo, making them either flammable or fire retardant, for example.
    • Energy Weapon: When a time-traveling 10-year-old Ben used him in Ultimate Alien, his eyes shot lasers instead of goo.
    • Eye on a Stalk: Stinkfly has four eyestalks arranged around its head, with the Omnitrix symbol in the middle resembling a single large eye; possibly an allusion to insects with patterns designed to mimic another creature.
    • Fartillery: When Ben is reduced to a four-year-old, this is Stinkyfly's power.
    • Flight: While he never was Ben's only flyer (Ghostfreak was one as well, and Heatblast later was revealed to be one), this is still the main use Ben had of him most of the time.
    • Glass Cannon: Seriously, just throw some water on this guy's wings and he's through.
    • Overshadowed by Awesome: While Stinkfly has an array of useful powers his role of main flier has long been usurped by a variety of other aliens that can fly similarly well and offer more than he does (more power, more durability, better ground-based combat, etc.). Even in Omniverse where his main competition, Jetray, was absent he appeared rather infrequently, especially for one of the original aliens.
    • Super-Deformed: The adults of the species show that his features will exaggerate after maturing. His eyes, tail and the tips of his legs are all disproportionately large relative to his body, like some kind of homunculus modeling.
    • Token Flyer: Was Ben's go-to choice for flight in the original series, as Ghostfreak escaped from the Omnitrix and Heatblast's flight powers were much less reliable. After Ben starts unlocking more flying aliens in the sequels (most of which tend to be better choices than Stinkfly in most situations), his uniqueness is heavily diminished.
    • Weaksauce Weakness: Stinkfly's wings are very vulnerable. Even to water.
    • You Don't Look Like You: He receives the most drastic redesign in the reboot series by far, not only taking on a more humanoid form, but having only two (completely different-looking) eyes, losing his tail, and even changing in color from green to blue. He doesn't even shoot slime from his mouth and eyes anymore, instead of firing it out of holes in his shoulders. This happened due to his original design being considered "too scary" and being hard to animate.
    • You Need a Breath Mint: Stated several times by other characters that Stinkfly, well... stinks.


    Upchuck (OS-39)

    Voiced by Dave Wittenberg (Original Series), Dee Bradley Baker (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien), Eric Bauza (Omniverse)

    Upchuck's DNA was sampled from a Gourmand from Peptos XI, a small green species with large appetites. Gourmands have three prehensible tongues, seven acid-filled stomachs, and diamond-hard teeth, allowing them to eat almost anything. Once they feed, they are able to project deadly energy beams from their mouths.

    Ben 23's version is named Vomit Man.

    • Adapted Out: After being one of five aliens to appear in every classic series, Upchuck was nowhere to be seen in the reboot. No Gourmands even appeared in it, unlike Ghostfreak whose species at least appeared.
    • Big Eater: Except he can't digest what is normally considered "food", leading to some rather bizarre culinary choices on his part.
    • This Billboard Needs Some Salt: At one point, he drinks an animated "Mr. Smoothie". In the original series, this is quoted as Ben exclaims that Upchuck is a bottomless pit, but just can't eat regular food.
    • Breath Weapon: Upchuck can fire laser beams from his mouth (or as he called them in Upchuck's debut 'exploding loogies'), though it has only been used twice (first against the Forever King in the original series then later on against Chromastone (who had escaped from the Omnitrix) in Alien Force. He prefers to fire exploding green energy pellets instead.
    • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass:
      • While being able to eat a lot is useful, Upchuck isn't that impressive compared to the other alien races. Then cut to Omniverse where it's one of the few races confirmed to lack a predator. The only other known race to share that trait are humans.

      Upchuck: Top of the food chain, baby! Upchuck doesn't have a natural predator!

      • Word of God has suggested that Upchuck could have defeated the Galactic Gladiator, the same species as Alien X, had Ben so chosen.
    • Eating the Enemy: Upchuck can devour practically anything, which includes enemies. Of course, if they're alive he usually spits them back out.
    • Extreme Omnivore: He can eat everything... except, ironically, regular food. And by everything, an episode on Omniverse shows that the species as a whole has Plan Omega, which is to eat their entire planet!
    • Glass Cannon: A given since he's the size of a woodchuck.
    • Meaningful Name: When he showed off his powers of "exploding loogies", Ben exclaimed that he had "Upchuck power", that is to say, acidic vomit. Wanna know why Upchuck's species comes from Peptos XI? Because due to the species enacting Plan Omega—which is to devour their entire planet — they've done this so many times in the past!
    • Voluntary Shape Shifting: Sort of. There are two races of Gourmands; one are called Perks, who resembles Upchuck's design from the original series, and the other are called Murks, who resemble Upchuck's design from Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. In "Tummy Trouble", Upchuck displays the ability to switch between the two races. Derrick J. Wyatt stated that he did this because he likes both designs of Upchuck, and wanted to be able to use both.


    Upgrade (OS-04, RE-04)

    Voiced by Tara Strong (Original Series, Omniverse (11 year old), Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United, Omniverse (16 year old))

    Upgrade's DNA was sampled from a Galvanic Mechamorph, a bio-mechanical race. Galvanic Mechamorphs were an accidental creation of the Galvan resulting from an experiment on their moon Galvan B when they attempt to turn the moon into a planet-sized space station through nanotechnology and a device called the Helix. The experiment was successful but ended up creating artificial life forms, resulting in the Galvanic Mechamorphs. The Galvan eventually gave up the experiment and helped the newborn Galvanic Mecamorph to create their own civilization before recognizing them as an independent species.

    Ben 23's version is named Techno-Bubble.

    • A Day in the Limelight: A fairly minor one, but "Game Over" revolves around Ben and Gwen trapped in a video game, their quest being to find Upgrade's icon so they can get out, and the villain also attempting to retrieve Upgrade so he can use his form to escape.
    • Ascended Extra: Zig-zagged in the reboot: in Season 1 he has basically the same role as in the original series; in Season 2 he doesn't appear until the Season finale (his absence has been noted several times, however) where it's revealed his DNA had been destroyed and forced to fuse with Ben's DNA and became the Genius Loci of the Omnitrix, taking the name "Glitch". In Season 3 he escaped the Omnitrix, joining the protagonists as the Sixth Ranger.
    • Blob Monster: Of the "liquid metal" variety, much like the T-1000.
    • Catchphrase: Ben likes to say "How about an Upgrade?" when using him.
    • Confusion Fu/Mighty Glacier: He's the latter when he's just Upgrade and the former when... everything else.
    • Cyber Cyclops: Has a single eye on the end of his head. Omniverse puts the Omnitrix symbol on top of it (for the 16-year-old Ben's Upgrade. 11-year-old Ben's Upgrade has a slightly modified version of his design from the Original Series).
    • Expy: He is seemingly based on the T-1000 liquid metal terminator.
    • Expressive Mask: Well, "eye". It's the only way to tell if Ben's angry or glaring.
    • Eye Beam: Though it took Ben time to figure out, Upgrade can, even when not fusing with machines, shoot a plasma beam from his single eye. This ability is absent in Omniverse, due to the Omnitrix symbol now being where his eye usually is.
    • Fusion Dance:
      • Ben uses him to do this with Rex in Heroes United, making his already powerful constructs even more powerful.
      • In "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad... Ben World", Ben 23 uses his own version of Upgrade, Techno-Bubble, to do the same with mainstream Ben's Clockwork.
    • Mechanical Lifeform: He is made of very advanced Galvan nanotechnology.
    • Purple Is Powerful: The reboot changed his colors from black, green, and white to two different shade of purple.
    • Robo Speak: Averted, Ben (And Max in the Original Series episode "Gwen 10") retains his human voice in this form, albeit with some static noises in the background. A pop-up in the original series explains that, due to Galvanic Mechamorphs being unable to "upgrade" living tissue, the merge with Ben's DNA is incomplete.
    • Rubber Man: Can stretch his limbs and body at will, being a liquid metal.
    • Shapeshifting: He can reshape his body, stretching out to act as a parachute while falling, or projecting spikes to attack opponents.
    • The Smart Guy: Along with Grey Matter, the main appeal Upgrade seems to be brains over brawns, as he can merge with technology and use it to fight for him. Unlike Grey Matter, Upgrade can hold his own in a fight for the most part; he's just never Ben's first choice to go into physical combat with.
    • Technopath: He can take over any machine by fusing with it, upgrading it (hence his name) to incredible levels in the process. But it has limits; if the machine is sentient, it can struggle with the possession and get free.
    • Took a Level in Badass:
      • Alien Force reveals through Ship that Mechamorphs can "eat" technology and gain the ability to turn into whatever they've eaten at will.
      • In the original series his upgrades were limited by the machinery he possessed. Sure he could get things to shoot lasers that had no business shooting lasers, but if he possessed a piece of exercise equipment he was not going to be moving anywhere. In Omniverse, when he possesses Kevin's car he gives it the ability to fly and turn into a Humongous Mecha.
    • Tron Lines: Galvanic Mechamorphs as a species have these, and they do well to add extra awesomeness to whatever tech they fuse with

        Way Big 

    Way Big (Secret of the Omnitrixnote Part 3, or technically OS-52note Used by Ben 10,000 in OS-46, RE-167-172)/Ultimate Waybig (UA-52)
    Click here to see Ultimate Way Big

    Voiced by Fred Tatasciore (Original Series), Dee Bradley Baker (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien), Eric Bauza (Omniverse), Roger Craig Smith (Reboot)

    Way Big's DNA was sampled from a To'kustar, a race of enormous aliens created in cosmic storms. Despite their power, they are actually peaceful in nature.

    Ben 23's version is named Giant-Manster.

    • Achilles' Heel: Destroy All Aliens establishes that To'kustars' head fins are vulnerable to attack. Hit them there and they're paralyzed. It's unclear how long the paralysis lasts since Ben's transformation ended soon after he was hit. This weakness has yet to be shown in any other piece of Ben 10 media.
    • The Big Guy: In terms of physical power, he is by far Ben’s strongest alien.
    • Blade Below the Shoulder: Though he has yet to use it offensively. They get increasingly exaggerated in his normal form in subsequent installments, but ironically, they are very much downplayed in his Ultimate form.
    • Deadly Disc: The Energy Weapon variant.
    • Destructive Saviour: One of the reasons Ben only uses him sparingly, as Way Big's immense size and strength risks a ton of collateral if he isn't careful. Perhaps the best demonstration of this is in Destroy All Aliens, where a fight between him and another To'kustar levels an entire city.
    • Disney Death: He was aged to dust by Eon, but restored by Ben 10,000.
    • Evolution Power-Up: Way Big's ultimate form is Ben's largest alien to date, and the most prone to collateral damage not accounting for Ben's nuclear aliens, which is why he only used it once. Though not much changes, Way Big becomes three times bigger and stronger and can shoot his To'kustar Cosmic Rays as discs. The only downside to this form is that the strength of his lasers is not proportionate to his evolution, which negates his need to become bigger if he's not using his size and strength directly.
    • Expy: Of Ultraman. Right down to the + style energy beam.
    • Eyes Do Not Belong There: In the original series and Omniverse, he has two extra eyes protruding from his cheeks.
    • Just a Stupid Accent: In Omniverse, he speaks with an exaggerated Japanese accent. Considering what he's based on, it makes sense.
    • Kamehame Hadoken: He can fire a powerful energy beam from his hands by putting them into a plus sign. In Omniverse, this changes to an X formation.
    • Lightning Bruiser: His size might make him look like a Mighty Glacier, but it's later revealed he's quite fast as well.
    • Negative Space Wedgie: According to the official bio, this is the species' birthplace; To'kustar are born in giant cosmic storms.
    • One-Man Army: Given his size, he can literally crush entire armies at once.
    • Our Giants Are Bigger: The biggest species in the galaxy.
    • Shout-Out: Way Big is a fusion of various Ultras from the Ultra Series: he has the color scheme of the original Ultraman with the exaggerated head fin of Ultraman Ace backwards. Additionally, his silver skin is composed of a different material than the red parts, paying tribute to one of the original ideas for Ultramannote That being the silver parts of Ultraman would be his armor, and the red would be more vulnerable. Another is a moving mouth, but that's a very minor detail here. Way Big's Ultimate form has two horns like Ultraman Taro but the color scheme of Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna, and has access to the Ultra Slash technique, a common Showa Ultra technique. Ultimate Way Big's elbow spikes also serve as an early example, as the only Ultra with the exact same arm fins as Ultimate Way Big is Ultraman Geed Primitive. In addition, the species name, To'kustar, seems to be a reference to the name "Tokusatsu"; the genre that Ultraman belongs to.
    • Spin to Deflect Stuff: In Ultimate Alien, he deflected lasers by spinning like a tornado.
    • Story-Breaker Power: A lot of enemies would be defeated in a matter of seconds if Ben just used this guy (his first appearance had him easily defeat Vilgax), which might explain why he wasn't introduced until the original series' finale and brought back in the season two finale of Alien Force. After that, the writers were forced to either rely on Ben carrying the Idiot Ball or the Omnitrix's tendencies to give him the wrong alien to ensure Ben wouldn't use him too often. Way Big also can't be used inside buildings or aboard space ships because he's too big to fit inside them. Ben knows that using Way Big is overkill in normal circumstances.
    • Super Speed: Displayed this ability in Ultimate Alien, where he ran in circles on the ocean so fast that he created a giant tornado of water. In Omniverse, he's still shown to have extraordinarily fast reflexes, being able to react to the Incursean's conquest ray midblast with his own cosmic beam.
    • Super Strength: The Ben 10 wiki states that he has great strength even in proportion to his massive size. To put things into perspective: his debut established he can throw a normal-sized Vilgax into space. Alien Force shows he can throw a Way Big-sized Vilgax into space.
      • So much so that in "Ken 10", Ben didn't use him until Kevin pushed his Berserk Button and harmed his son. Note that this was in the middle of a populated city. Ben was really pissed at Kevin at the time.
    • Ultraman Copy: He is colored dominantly in red and white, capable of changing size and even has a crest in the same way as the original Ultraman. In Ultimate Alien, his Ultimate form even performs a "Rise" to further drive the point. And to boot his species is named Tokustar after the genre which Ultraman helped codify and popularize.
    • World's Strongest Man: The strongest alien in the Omnitrix in terms of raw strength, though he is eclipsed by Alien-X and Atomix as the most powerful alien of all.
    • The Worf Effect: As one of Ben's most powerful forms (his Ultimate form even moreso), he's been subjected to this on several occasions.
      • When Ben first encountered Eon, the latter effortlessly aged Way Big to dust with a time ray.
      • As Ultimate Way Big, he was easily defeated by Dagon to show how dangerous the thing was.
      • A more humiliating example occurs in Omniverse, where Trombipulor managed to get the upper hand on him after eating peanuts to grow to a massive size.
      • He was defeated and absorbed by Malware's One-Winged Angel form, who had absorbed so much of Galvan Prime that he even towered over Way Big himself.
    • Tornado Move: He used his Super Speed to make a tornado powerful enough to throw a giant monster into the sun.
    • Vocal Evolution: Omniverse gives him a Japanese accent.
    • Your Size May Vary: Way Big's size is portrayed very inconsistently throughout the franchise. He's been portrayed anywhere from just a couple of stories tall to taller than a skyscraper, and different official sources have stated him to be anywhere from 60 to 200 feet.


    Wildmutt/Ultimate Wildmutt (OS-01, UA-32)

    Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
    Click here to see Ultimate Wildmutt

    Wildmutt's DNA was sampled from a Vulpimancer, a race of canine-like creatures from Vulpin. A pitch-black planet at the galaxy's edge, Vulpin has long served as a dumping ground for hazardous materials far too dangerous for other worlds. The little that was once natural here long ago became corrupted by dangerous outside influences. Part penal colony, part toxic waste dump, whatever life that does survive here among the subzero temperatures and the poisoned forests must learn to adapt to the harshest of climates.

    Notably, Vulpimancers are also a common species in the Null Void, though the ones from this place tend to have a much more monstrous appearance.

    Ben 23's version is named Dog-Nabbit.

    • Adapted Out: He is not present among Ben's original 10 aliens in the reboot, having been replaced with Wildvine.
    • Angry Guard Dog: With ape arms.
    • Beware My Stinger Tail: Ultimate Wildmutt gains a spiked tail.
    • Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit": Or in this case a dog.
    • The Cameo: Made a brief appearance in "Viktor: The Spoils", while Ben was unconscious, before making his official reappearance in "Prisoner 775 is Missing".
    • Disability Superpower: Has no eyes but can "see" with its other senses. Except when Ben gets a cold, therefore clogging up his sinuses and rendering him blind.
    • Early-Bird Cameo: Meta example; a toyline first revealed the existence of Ultimate Wildmutt.
    • Evolution Power-Up: Wildmutt's Ultimate form is capable of articulating words, unlike his predecessor. Upon evolving, Ultimate Wildmutt grows a tail with a spiked tip and spinal spikes. Due to his evolution as a tracker, Ultimate Wildmutt also has a noticeable bloodlust that affects his personality and makes him more ravenous.
    • Expy: Of Taz the Tasmanian Devil, possibly. He's a hairy creature who's unintelligible, speaks in growls and snarls, has an attack that involves rolling into a ball.
    • Jack-of-All-Stats: Wildmutt has a fairly good balance of strength, durability, speed, and agility compared to the other alien forms.
    • Skunk Stripe: Ultimate Wildmutt has one down his back. It's even got a black outline where it attaches to his back, making it more obviously this trope.
    • Suddenly Voiced: In Ultimate Alien, he gains the ability to speak after evolving into Ultimate Wildmutt.
    • Super Senses: Can hear a wide range of sounds and track scents.
    • The Unintelligible: Wildmutt can't speak, communicating only through growls and roars. Averted with Ultimate Wildmutt, whose speech is understandable.
    • The Worf Effect: Was pretty prone to this in the original series—he would often get beaten up to highlight the threat posed by the Villain of the Week.


    Wildvine (OS-20, OV-11, RE-09)

    Voiced by Jim Ward (Original Series), Dee Bradley Baker (Omniverse), David Hornsby (Reboot)

    Wildvine's DNA was sampled from a Florauna, a race of sentient plants from planet Flors Verdance.

    • Combat Tentacles: He can uses his arms like this.
    • Cyclops: He has a single large eye.
    • Divergent Character Evolution: Inverted. Omniverse gives him Swampfire's healing factor and vine-spawning seeds.
    • Glass Cannon: His explosive seeds and elongated arms allow him quite a potential for attack, but he is as fragile as any plant. Granted, his Healing Factor makes up for this.
    • Green Thumb: He could merge with plant life in the original series and gains the ability to spawn it in Omniverse.
    • Healing Factor: Wasn't revealed in the original series (Ben never got in a situation where he was hurt that bad while in this form), but Omniverse did reveal through the character of Pax that Florauna can heal from being reduced to pieces from a blast.
    • Immune to Mind Control: Due to being a plant, Sublimino's hypnosis doesn't work on him.
    • Informed Flaw: The Bandai profile states that Florauna will quickly wither up and weaken if deprived of water, sunlight, or exposed to the cold; Neither Wildvine nor the various actual Florauna that have shown up in the series have ever displayed such a weakness.
    • Overshadowed by Awesome: Swampfire possesses similar plant-based powers, plus a remarkable Healing Factor and Playing with Fire. Possibly corrected in Omniverse, where it's revealed that Florauna possesses a healing factor as well.
    • Plant Aliens: Based on a Venus flytrap.
    • Rubber Man: His vines can elongate to great lengths.
    • Swiss Army Weapon: His seeds can be used as bombs, knockout gas grenades, or grow more vines.
    • Tunnel King: Thanks to his roots, he is capable of digging at high speeds and move underground.
    • You Don't Look Like You: Like Stinkfly, he was given a more humanoid appearance in the reboot, though in his case this mostly amounted to giving him legs and getting rid of the Venus Fly Trap-like shoulder protrusions.


    XLR8 (OS-01, RE-02)

    Voiced by Jim Ward (Original Series), Yuri Lowenthal (Omniverse), Josh Keaton (Reboot)

    XLR8's DNA was sampled from a Kineceleran, an incredibly fast-moving species from planet Kinet. A world of violent electrical storms rapidly orbiting the sun, everything on Kinet is accelerated. Days are compressed into minutes and lifetimes are spread over weeks. Due to the ever-changing nature of their environment, Kinetan society is forever in flux. Although the inhabitants remain constant in their highly charged hyperactive nature, it is said, like lightning, that no returning visitor to this world ever experiences the same place twice.

    Ben 23's version is named Speedyquick.

    • Breakout Character: In the original series, XLR8 was the most popular of Ben's aliens, even winning Cartoon Network's official popularity contest. In season 2 and 3, XLR8 even started to become the most used alien in the show.
    • Cool Helmet: It has a retractable visor that protects his eyes while he's moving at high speeds.
    • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: Looks like an armored velociraptor with wheels as his feet.
    • Flanderization: He had a fairly normal personality in the original series and was perfectly capable of moving like a normal person. In Omniverse, XLR8 is downright hyperactive and seems unable to move and talk without being fast. In "Third Time's a Charm", Ben uses him to quickly look through magic books, only to quickly get bored and start reading Sumo Slammers instead.
    • Fragile Speedster

    10 tropes ben tv

    Western Animation / Ben 10

    It's Hero Time!note Clockwise from bottom: Ben Tennyson, Grey Matter, Wildmutt, Fourarms, Ghostfreak, Stinkfly, Heatblast, Diamondhead, XLR8, Ripjaws, and Upgrade.

    It started when an alien device did what it did
    And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
    Now he's got super-powers, he's no ordinary kid,
    He's Ben 10!
    So if you see him you might be in for a big surprise,
    He'll turn into an alien before your very eyes,
    He's slimy, creepy, fast and strong, he's every shape and size,
    He's Ben 10!
    All new powers, he's on the case
    Fighting off evil from Earth or space.
    He'll never stop 'till he makes 'em pay,
    'cause he's the baddest kid to ever save the day!
    Ben 10!

    Expository Theme Song

    Ben 10 is an American action/adventure series created by Man of Action Studios (a group of comic book writers consisting of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle) that aired from 2005 to 2008. The show revolves around the adventures of Ben Tennyson, a 10-year-old boy who, while on summer vacation with his grandfather Max and cousin Gwen, he comes into the possession of a mysterious alien device - the Omnitrix - that allows him to changeinto a multitude of alien heroes. At first, there are only ten aliens (hence the name "Ben 10"), but more forms were discovered as the series goes on.

    Why isn't the device in more capable hands? Well, once it attached to Ben, it was stuck there. It won't come off. And with that problem established, Ben and his family decide to continue traveling the United States, fighting off evil from Earth or space, all while slowly discovering that Ben getting the Omnitrix may not have been as much of an accident as previously thought and that Grandpa Max may know far more about these alien threats than he lets on. Also, don't worry about Gwen being left out in all this: she eventually gets her own skill set.

    The show is notable for being primarily aimed at kids, yet including a substantial amount of Character Development and universe-building, as well as two big Plot Twists in the first and second seasons, respectively.

    The beginning of the original continuity in the franchise, three more series follow in this timeline: the Darker and EdgierTime Skipped sequel Ben 10: Alien Force that follows Ben as a teenager, then Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (which immediately follows the events of Alien Force), and finally the Lighter and SofterBen 10: Omniverse that immediately follows Ultimate Alien. The foursome who created the original series went on to create Generator Rex, and later work on Ultimate Spider-Man, before returning to reboot this series with Ben 10 (2016).

    The original series also has three television movies based on it; Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, which serves as the canonical Grand Finale of the original seriesnote the movie aired during the middle of the final season, with the last episode of the series to air being a What If? story months later, an Alternate UniverseLive-Action AdaptationBen 10: Race Against Time (notable for starring Lee Majors as Grandpa Max), and a 2012 all-CGI film called Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens that was later Ret Canoned.

    Not to be confused with the Bren Ten.

    This show provides examples of:

    • Aborted Arc: The episode "Permanent Retirement" ended with a Limax escaping in its spaceship and another remaining at large at the retirement resort, but nothing was made of it, not even in the three Sequel Series.
      • The Sequel Hook of "Ben 10 vs the Negative 10" hinted that the Forever King/Driscoll would return, something never followed up on in the original series due it ending with the fourth season. Driscoll would return in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien under different circumstances.
    • Abusive Parents: Kevin's, who apparently threw him onto the street. Later Kevin himself, using his son Devlin to get his revenge on Ben. Future retcons would only muddle this further.
      • It's hinted that it's not the case with Kevin: he either ran away on his own and was thus lying, or his parents threw him out for being freaking nuts and not because of his powers, but in Kevin's mind, his "freakish" powers were the reason.
      • Also, Hex serves as an abusive parental figure to Charmcaster, which comes back to bite him in the ass.
    • An Aesop:
      • In any given episode, Ben almost invariably tries for one of the physically strong characters in the watch-at first. The Omnitrix would often shift him to a form that could actually handle the crisis better, or just required him to think to see how it could be useful. Sometimes the lesson (much) harder that 1) muscle isn't everything; 2) if you're not handed what you wanted, work with what you have.
      • "You shouldn't be a hero for the thrill of it and the praise afterwards. You should be a hero because it's the right thing to do." An entire episode was dedicated to teaching Ben this, and it's something that can easily apply to other fields. You shouldn't do good things because of praise and/or because you find it exciting. You should do good things because it's the right thing to do.
    • Aesop Amnesia: The sheer number of times Ben has learned lessons about being nicer to Gwen, using the Omnitrix smarter not harder, and respecting other people, only to promptly discard them by the next episode is truly staggering.
    • Added Alliterative Appeal: Happens in "Side Effects":

      Max: It's your hives. The cold must have turned them into pus-filled pockets of–

      Gwen: Pure putridness!

    • The Alcatraz: Incarcecon, the prison satellite.
    • Aliens Speaking English: Most aliens are able to speak perfectly in English without the use of a translator, and not just the ones that Ben turns into.
    • All Bikers Are Hells Angels: Rojo's gang.
    • All-CGI Cartoon: Its 2012 film, Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens.
    • All Myths Are True: On average, for every five or six that can be attributed to aliens, there's one that can't.
    • All There in the Manual: Pop-up commentary during a Ben 10 marathon revealed a lot of facts that aren't stated in the show, most notably an extensive backstory for Ghostfreak and even a true name for him: Zs'Skayr. They also spoke about certain characters that would appear in later series, like SevenSeven, older brother of SixSix.
    • All Your Powers Combined: Kevin 11 to Ben's original 10 aliens.
    • Alternative Foreign Theme Song: The show has a different ending theme for the Japanese version called "Ladybird Girl", a love song, which is not very fitting for a show about transforming into multiple aliens.
    • An Aesop: Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.
    • Animesque: The art style is semi-realism, which is generally used in most anime.
    • Apocalypse How:
      • In "The Big Tick", the titular monster is a Planet Destroyer which has inflicted a Class X on every world it visited by rooting into and feeding off the core: the tick's influence first mutates the floral and fauna before the planet suffers an Earth-Shattering Kaboom. It's responsible for destroying the homeworld of Cannonball's species just a week before this episode takes place.
      • In "Camp Fear", the fungal Monster of the Week intends to release billions of Mushroom Man spores into the atmosphere, which Gwen notes could spread over the whole state or country in a Class 0.
      • In "Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray", Animo threatened to cause a Class 4 or a Class 6 variant by mutating the Earth's entire biosphere into Omnitrix alien fusions, intending to use his Doomsday Device in conjunction with a satellite.
      • In Season 3, Zs'Skayr attempts to inflict The Night That Never Ends on Earth as a form of Hostile Terraforming, by covering the planet in a Corrodium shield. The fact the Corrodium will effectively cause a Class 4 by mutating all animal life on the planet into monsters is thought to be merely a side-effect.
    • Argument of Contradictions: What some of Ben and Gwen's conversations boil down to.
    • Armor-Piercing Slap: Gwen smacks Ben-as-Four Arms on the arm after he accidentally wrecks a town fooling around with a giant ball of rubber bands. Given Four Arms' size and strength, it's surprising that a ten-year-old girl could hurt him.
    • Artifact Title: From the moment Ben discovered the eleventh alien in the Omnitrix.
    • Artistic License – Biology: In an episode, some cows and a human were turned into mutant monstrosities due to exposure to an alien mutagen. Fortunately they were 'only briefly exposed', so the mutation reversed itself by the end of the episode. Needless to say, that's NOT how biology or radiation work!
    • The Atoner: Tetrax.
    • Author Avatar: The kid Ben tries to save in the pilot episode? That's Glen Murakami.
    • Ax-Crazy: Kevin 11 is shown to have sadistic and violent tendencies.
    • Badass Family: Max Tennyson and his grandchildren travel the country fighting world-threatening aliens.
    • Badass Normal: Max Tennyson has been fighting powerful aliens for years in spite of just being a human being with no powers.
      • Ben himself in the episode "Gwen 10" where Ben loses his powers, Ben still proves to be pretty badass, even using Grandpa Max's BFG with no problem.
        • In "Grudge Match", Ben manages to defeat an alien robot even after his Omnitrix times out. Admittedly, he already weakened it as Diamondhead, but it was still more than capable of killing him.
    • Baseball Episode: The episode "The Unnaturals" in which the Cannons (their hometown and Ben's school baseball team) and their opponents named Squires (disguised as baseball players but actually they are robots) had a baseball game in Philadelphia. One of its team are the school bullies named J.T. and Cash. During the game, XLR8 sabotages them before acting in favor of the team. Later in the episode, Ben sneaks into the Cannons and wears Cash's baseball t-shirt with an inscription "23" at the back of it. He failed to bat the ball two times but when he bats it successfully, he runs from his starting point up to the umpire or referee and from that part of the field, he turns into Four Arms.
    • Be Careful What You Wish For: The beginning of an episode has Ben easily thwart a robbery. At the end of the preview, he outright states if there's anyone who can give him a challenge. Just so happens, it was the Negative 10 episode.
    • BFG: Some of Max's guns.
    • Big Bad: Vilgax in season 1, Kevin 11 in season 2, Ghostfreak in season 3, and the Forever King in season 4.
      • Vilgax, being the Arch-Enemy, also had the role of secondary Big Bad in seasons 2 and 4.
    • Big Damn Movie: Secret of the Omnitrix.
    • Big Eater: Ben's alien form Upchuck can eat pretty much anything...except human food.
    • Biker Babe: Rojo, who's also a Hot-Blooded (bordering on Ax-Crazy) Badass Biker.
    • Birthday Buddies: Cousins Ben and Gwen Tennyson share the same birthday, and since they are both 10 years old that means they were born on the same day. Since they are both spending the summer travelling with their grandfather Max, they get into an argument over whose birthday should be celebrated on the actual date of their birthday.
    • Bizarre Alien Senses: As Wildmutt, Ben lacks eyes, yet still experiences "images" of what's around him. This perception is probably scent-based, as the images grow sharper when he takes a breath and he had trouble navigating when Ben changed into him while having a cold.
      • Clockwork from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien has a temporal sense that sees into the past. He can project this effect into a whole area by winding the key on his head.
    • Black-and-White Morality: The show is mostly this trope, but the main hero's character flaws can push it slightly into Black-and-Gray Morality at times.
      • Black-and-Gray Morality: Besides the main hero's character flaws, sometimes even the villains can push this trope. A good example would be The Kraken. She's not beyond injuring (and even killing) innocent civilians, but she does this to seek her lost children who were potentially taken by those people.
    • Black Box: The Omnitrix itself. Even its creator doesn't know exactly what he's made.
    • Black Magician Girl: Charmcaster has magic powers.
    • Body Horror: For a kids show there sure are a lot of them...
      • Many of Ben's transformation involve this.
      • Kevin after he is forced to be a conglomerate of Ben's original 10 forms.
      • The Stock Footage transition montage could become this as well.
      • The way the flesh on Ben's wrist stretches like chewing gum when Vilgax removed the Omnitrix.
      • The mutations inflicted by Corrodium in the episode "Under Wraps" were particularly unnerving; monstrous, twisted, black shadows with glowing purple lines gouged across them. Later on, in "Be Afraid of the Dark", when we actually see the mutations taking place as the entire populace of Earth is subjected to them, it's even more disturbing.
    • Broken Aesop:
      • In the Ghostfreak two-parter, tries to do an Aesop about teamwork. Unfortunately, this fails when The Hero is armed with one of the most powerful artifacts in the universe; try as they might, Gwen and Max reallydon't compare. It's like Tien and Yamcha trying to teach teamwork to Super Saiyan Goku. Also, at the beginning of Part 2 ("Be Afraid of The Dark"), Gwen tells Ben "We don't need your help". Frankly, the story makes it seem like she's jealous of the Omnitrix, and having sidekick issues. Max has a lesser case, but, not being ten, he knows when to shut up and get on with things. At the end of the second episode, Ben ends up learning his aesop about teamwork after... he uses his Omnitrix to save Gwen and Max's asses as they plummet from space to Earth.
      • She is also guilty of a Broken Aesop in the opposite direction. The first season episode "Lucky Girl" revolves around her becoming a superhero based on a magical charm she finds. After losing it and finding out that the Big Bad of the episode possesses many similar charms to augment his magical power, she opts to destroy them rather than use them herself, justifying it as a decision to "just be me". Unfortunately, this Aesop is broken for two reasons. First, her stance on not relying on such power tends to be overshadowed when her cousin keeps using that Omnitrix thingy, especially since she benefits from it as much as everyone else. Second, what does she do in later episodes? She readopts the persona briefly after finding an even better charm. Then she learns that she is capable of using magic, and (with a few tools stolen from one villain) starts regularly using it herself. In fact, in the future-based episodes, she carries and uses the exact same charms that she destroyed in that first episode! It seems those powers are just too cool to pass up after all.
    • Came from the Sky: This is how Ben got the Omnitrix.
    • Can't Live Without You: Ben and Kevin in the Chained Heat episode — their shackle is set up so if one of them dies, so does the other.
    • Canon Immigrant: Eon, a movie villain, would later appear in the sequel shows. It's explained that the movie took place in an Alternate Timeline, hence why no mention of him in this series.
    • Cape Busters: The Forever Knights often target Ben because of his Omnitrix enabling him to assume different alien forms.
    • Captain Ersatz:
      • Waybig, for Ultraman.
      • There's a shocking number of comic book characters in "Ready to Rumble" getting the treatment: Wolverine, Cyclops, Wonder Man, Killer Croc, even a gang boss based somewhat on Kingpin. The clincher? Wolverine and Killer Croc were adopted by Aunt May.
      • Fourarms actually switches to Goro's wardrobe later in Ultimate Alien.
      • Ben being able to use the Omnitrix to take on the forms of many aliens and use their powers to fight crime is rather similar to the Hero Dial enabling people to turn into different superheroes in Dial H for Hero.
    • Casting Gag:
    • Catchphrase: "Goin' hero!" and variations, when Ben uses the Omnitrix; and "Oh, man!" when he does something stupid or realizes he did something stupid (the latter of which would carry over to his teenageyears).
    • Centrifugal Farce: BenMummy and a Werewolf-esque alien fight next to one of these.
    • Cerebus Syndrome: While the series never loses its humor side, it gets a lot more serious and dramatic in the second half. Last chapters? Fighting the Knight of Cerebus. First chapters? Fighting Mega-Whatts, a bugman, and a doctor who has a device that basically destroys any laws of biology through use.
    • Chained Heat: "Grudge Match" had Ben and Kevin chained together for most of the episode.
    • Character Name Alias: In "The Unnaturals", the robot Little League team all have the names of famous dead MLB players.
    • Circus of Magic: Implied. Zombozo is the head of a circus act that gets people to laugh before using a machine to suck all the happiness out of them to fuel his own health and abilities. However, their supernatural abilities are never attributed to alien activity, implying that they're somehow magical in nature, as Zombozo was bitten by a zombie prior to the series.
    • Clingy MacGuffin: The Omnitrix latches onto Ben's wrist and sticks there for the remainder of the series.
    • Comic-Book Adaptation: Stories based on this show were featured in the earlier issues of Cartoon Network Action Pack. As the comic book continued publication, it stayed up to date by switching to adaptations of Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.
    • Conveyor Belt o' Doom: "Ready to Rumble" - The mother of two mutant kids was tied to a conveyor belt in an old wood mill. She was heading towards a wood saw that's right between her legs.
    • Cool Old Guy: Ben and Gwen's grandfather Max Tennyson is a retired member of an organization known as the Plumbers, who specialize in policing aliens.
    • The Corruption: Corrodium (it's even in the name!), a high-energy mineral of alien origin which is harmless to aliens from the Anur system, but causes any humans or Earth-native animal life that are exposed it it to mutate into surreal-looking monstrosities.
    • Cowardly Lion: Gilbert in "Camp Fear". When he's not running around screaming his head off, he's quite helpful fighting off the mushroom monsters and protecting the younger campers.
    • Create Your Own Hero: Vilgax trying to get the Omnitrix for his scheme was what eventually led the device to end up on Earth and stick itself on the wrist of Ben Tennyson. This even gets a lampshade in Ben 10: Omniverse.
    • Creepy Child: Meet Kevin, eleven years old and willing to kill a subway load of people without a second thought.
    • Crossdressing Voices: Tara Strong as Ben and Upgrade.
    • Cute Monster Girl: In "My Big Fat Alien Wedding" the majority of the shapeshifting aliens are very ugly non-humanoid sludge monsters in their true form. The non-evil one (who's marrying a human) oddly looks like a fairly attractive purple-skinned woman in her true form. Despite being the daughter of the episode's villains.
    • Dark Magical Girl: Played with in regards to Charmcaster. She does sincerely have the background of a normal DMG (raised and trained by an evil, abusive guardian,) but she actually chooses to be evil rather than join herMagical Girl counterpart.
    • Description Cut: Vilgax, in the first episode, prattles on about how no one in the universe can stop him. Then the scene cuts to Ben, in school, throwing a paper airplane at his teacher before the bell rings.
    • Disney Death: Happens twice in The Movie, albeit fairly convincingly compared to other examples.
    • Doomsday Device: Animo's telescopic Transmodulator, the Loboan's makeshift receiver designed to spread Corrodium over the Earth, etc..
    • Doting Grandparent: Max Tennyson.
    • Dream Intro: An episode has Ben transform into Wildmutt (one of his aliens) in order to rescue a boy stuck up a tree. The viewer then notices something is wrong when Ben, as Wildmutt, starts talking. The reason this is wrong is because Ben cannot talk while he is Wildmutt. The boy then transforms into Ghostfreak and then Ben wakes up.
    • Earth-Shattering Kaboom: The Storyboarding the Apocalypse shows that the titular Planet Destroyer in "The Big Tick" eventually does this to every planet it feeds off.
    • Eating the Enemy:
      • One of Ben's aliens, Upchuck, is a Gourmand, a species of big eaters capable of devouring practically anything inorganic. In his first appearance, Ben uses him to eat a robot machine that hijacked his grandpa. Strangely, while he can eat inorganic things, he can't digest organic matter.
      • Various aliens have tried to make a meal of the characters. A notable example being the Mycelium who was a giant fungus brain who wanted to devour ever creature on Earth and take it over.
    • Eldritch Abomination: The Great One from "The Big Tick".
      • The Mycelium in "Camp Fear".
    • Elemental Powers: Several of Ben's alien forms have powers based on a specific element, the most obvious one being Heatblast.
    • Emerald Power: The Omnitrix glows green when active.
    • Empathic Weapon: The Omnitrix.
    • Enemy Without: Early on, Ghostfreak was implied to have a mind of his own and even secretly possessed Ben. In the second season, he finally escaped the Omnitrix.
    • Evil Counterpart: Kevin 11 to Ben, especially after he copied the powers of Ben's original ten alien forms by draining the energy of the Omnitrix. Charmcaster to Gwen because they both have magic powers.
    • Evil Sorcerer: Hex is a sorcerer and one of the show's recurring villains.
    • Expository Theme Tune:

      It started when an alien device did what it did

      And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid

      Now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid

      He's Ben 10! (Ben 10, Ben 10!)

    • Expy: Zombozo demonstrates similar behavior to Pennywise, he even turns into a giant spider in a hallucination(?)!
      • JT and Cash resemble Toji Suzuhara and Kensuke Aida from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    • Extra-Strength Masquerade: As a Fantasy Kitchen Sink show borderlining on World of Weirdness, it's really inconsistent with regards to whether the existence of aliens, robots, and mutants is commonly accepted knowledge, or whether such things are supposed to be regarded as myth by the general public.
    • Face Fault: Look hard enough, Gwen in Charmcaster's body in "A Change Of Face" has these.
    • Family-Friendly Firearms: Sometimes justified by the sci-fi setting, but really...where are ordinary gang members, mall cops, and other assorted armed Muggles getting their sci-fi firearms?
    • Family-Unfriendly Death: Kevin 11 killing sentient robot Slix Vigma by impaling him on his Diamondhead arm, and almost give the same fate to Ben. Another example includes villain Ghostfreak, who was burnt to ashes. Twice.
    • Flanderization:
      • Early on, the Omnitrix is fairly reliable, only transforming Ben into the wrong alien once every few episodes, and Ben is justifiably surprised when it happens. Fast forward to the Season 3 finale, and out of the four times Ben transformed in the first part, he only got the alien he wanted once, and he's reduced to frantically begging the Omnitrix to please cooperate with him this time...
      • Ben himself also suffers from this Is quite obvious in the 3-minute shorts that frequently appear on Cartoon Network.
    • Flower Mouth: Ben's Blitzwolfer form has a snout that opens in four different directions.
    • Foreshadowing:
      • There are many hints that Max wasn't just a normal Plumber, such as knowing that Heatblast is not a monster but an alien, and mentions of Vilgax making him tense.
      • In "Kevin 11", Kevin boasts that he's "taking all of [Ben's] alien powers". In "Framed", its revealed that he did. But by the end, he bit off more than he can chew.
      • When the Omnitrix first falls to Earth in "And Then There Were Ten", it doesn't just land near Ben; it actually changes its path to fly in his direction, as if personally seeking him out. This hints at a later reveal that The Omnitrix was sent for someone with the same DNA as Ben i.e. Grandpa Max.
    • "Freaky Friday" Flip: Gwen and Charmcaster in "A Change Of Face".
      • Later on happens to Gwen and Ben in the same episode.
    • Fiery Redhead: Gwen has red hair and is often ill-tempered.
    • The Freakshow: Source of the Circus Freak Trio.
    • Freudian Excuse:
    • Frog Men: The Kinecelerans.
    • Full-Contact Magic: Played perfectly straight; mixing a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and magic alien energy-manipulation powers gives Gwen dynamic and fluid fighting scenes.
    • Future Badass: Ben 10,000, Gwendolyn, and cyborg Max. That is all.
    • Future Me Scares Me: When Ben and Gwen go to the future, Future Ben is pretty much a jerk.
    • A Glitch in the Matrix / Out-of-Character Alert: Ben realizes that the Forever Knights trapped him in a Lotus-Eater Machine when he encounters a dream version of Vilgax who only tried to send him to the Null Void and wasn't even after the Omnitrix.
    • Grand Finale: "Secret of the Omnitrix", as Word of God confirms it takes place after "Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10" (canonically speaking), which means the movie is episodes 49-51 in official order of the show note Even though it aired in the middle of Season 4 (between "Big Fat Alien Wedding" and "Ben 4 Good Buddy") and in production order the movie is episodes 401-403 or the first three episodes of season 4. The actual last episode of the series is "Goodbye and Good Riddance", but that episode is a non-canon What If? story.
    • Grand Theft Me: Charmcaster can't get the Omnitrix off Ben, so she's just going to do this instead.
    • Green-Skinned Space Babe: Xylene.
      • With Non-Mammal Mammaries, even after she states that her race does not take care of their young at all ("On my planet, once you hatch, you're on your own.")
    • Growing Up Sucks: Ben 10,000 has Ben decide that being an adult isn't cool if he's going to be a jerk. This statement causes his future self to change his ways and become a better person.
    • Hands-On Approach: Done with Gwen teaching Ben to dance in "My Big Fat Alien Wedding." See Relationship Writing Fumble below.
    • Height Insult: Gwen teases Ben several times about being too short un "A Small Problem": first after being denied access to a water slide that Gwen is tall enough for, later after turning into Gray Matter (although he wanted to turn into the much larger Ripjaws) to try the water slide, and then at the end of the episode after Ben turns back to normal.
    • Hijacked by Ganon: Season 3 introduced in one episode an werewolf-like alien who was seemingly killed at the end of his episode, but was revealed to have built a machine as a Sequel Hook. A mummy-like alien is then introduced in a later episode. Both come back and are revealed to work for a new villain named Dr Vicktor in the first part of the season finale...and then it turns out Dr Vicktor himself was The Dragon to Ghostfreak/Zs'Skayr, a villain who had been introduced in a previous season 2 episode.
    • Hour of Power: The Omnitrix only allows Ben to be an alien for a limited time. After the time limit runs out, he returns to normal and has to wait for the Omnitrix to recharge before he can change into an alien again.
    • Humanoid Aliens: Many of the aliens vaguely resemble humans.
    • Hurricane of Puns: Witty one-liners make up a good 75% of dialog, mainly when Ben is in alien form.
    • Hypocritical Humor: A bit of it in "Gwen 10", where Ben keeps telling off Gwen for doing things he knows perfectly well he did in the past.
    • I Am Not Left-Handed: A couple of occasions, but possibly the most awesome is in "Grudge Match", where Kevin 11 has Ben trapped, and boasts that he can handle any of Ben's 10 aliens, since he IS all those aliens combined. Ben then reveals that he's unlocked a new form since Kevin last saw him: Cannon Bolt. Kevin gets hammered.
      • A similar, if more subtle version comes from "Ben 10,000", when Vilgax makes the same boast about all TEN THOUSAND of Future Ben's aliens, except that Future Ben has one form Vilgax overlooked: human.
    • I Never Said It Was Poison: Max inadvertently reveals that he wasn't a normal plumber when he tells Ben he doesn't want him fighting Vilgax - unfortunately, he mentions Vilgax's name before Ben tells him what it is.
    • I'm Cold... So Cold...: Happens in an episode when Ben offers another character a piece of chocolate, which ended up poisoning him due to him ingesting foreign food.
    • Implacable Man: Vilgax. No matter what happens to him, he won't let it stop him from hunting down Ben and trying to get the Omnitrix.
    • Imported Alien Phlebotinum: The Omnitrix.
    • Instant Expert: Gwen when she gets the Omnitrix in an alternate timeline. Subverted with her magic, which she bumbles through for many episodes before getting good at it.
    • Intangible Man: Ghostfreak.
    • I Owe You My Life: In "Grudge Match", a gladiator named Technorg offers Ben to be "master" after Ben spared his life in battle. Naturally, Ben refuses the offer and forces Technorg to get off the Mega Cruiser while he still can
    • Jade-Colored Glasses: Ben 10,000 has been wearing a set for years, apparently.
    • Joker Immunity: Vilgax. Helps that he's Nigh-Invulnerable, of course. It's a bit hard to kill somebody who survived being nuked. And has upgraded himself since then.
    • Jumped at the Call: Ben was quick to accept the idea of using the Omnitrix to save the world.
    • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: Kevin's "crash a passenger train" plan. Fastest partnership breakup ever.
    • Kid Hero: Ben is only 10 when the show starts.
    • Kid Hero All Grown Up: Every iteration of the series has featured at least an adventure with Ben meeting himself as an adult, usually going by "Ben Ten Thousand". Gwen as an adult is usually featured in such stories.
    • Fight Fire With Fire: Present in the very first episode, Ben accidentally starts a fire, Grandpa Max tells Ben that in order to stop it, he should start another one.
    • Knight of Cerebus: The series, at its heart, is about a kid who does heroic and stupid things with his Omnitrix, but when Vilgax, Kevin and Zs'Skayr appear, the episode's gonna take itself fairly seriously.
    • Lamarck Was Right: Averted in "Ken 10"; Kenny needs his own Omnitrix to get his own powers.
    • Laughably Evil: Many secondary villains such as Dr. Animo, Charmcaster, or the Circus Freaks are this, contrasting to the more serious Big Bads.
    • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo:
      • An alien version of Billy in Ken 10. Even shares the same VA.
      • Versions of Konohamaru and Team Ebisu from Naruto in the Christmas episode.
      • A Sakura Haruno near the end of "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures".
    • Legion of Doom: The Negative 10. Several of their members were villains Ben had previously fought, even ones that hadn't been seen since the first season like Clancy and Rojo.
    • Leitmotif: Several, including ones for Ben's aliens and a one for the occasional instances of Sky Surfing that happen a few times over the series.
    • Limited Wardrobe: A subtle nod to this in "Gwen 10": Ben throws several shirts identical to his own out of his suitcase while he's searching for a lost item.
      • Subverted in the live-action movie of course. But Ben wore this very shirt later in the movie.
    • Lotus-Eater Machine: "Perfect Day" had Enoch attempt to trap Ben in one so that he could easily remove the Omnitrix.
    • Lovecraft Lite: The earlier seasons can stumble onto this territory. To name a episodes that does...
      • "The Big Tick" has an Eldritch Abomination capable of destroying the Earth, why it chooses to do so nobody knows.
    • Lovecraftian Superpower: The Omnitrix can turn Ben into a variety of things, some more disturbingthan others.
    • Magic Misfire: Gwen, too. She even figured out how to use the misfire to her advantage. Sort of.
    • Magic Pants: ANYTHING that Ben was wearing before he goes alien - no matter how badly it was ripped during the transformation sequence - will be back, in perfect condition, when the Omnitrix runs out of juice.
    • The Man Behind the Curtain: In Secret of the Omnitrix Ben and company confront the creator of the Omnitrix, a giant alien with a booming voice. It turns out to be a biosuit. Azmuth is tiny.
    • Man Hug: When Max runs into his old plumber buddy Phil, the two greet each other with a hug.
    • Merchandise-Driven: The show had a LOT of toys made for it, and the toyetic nature of Ben's alien forms would only get more obvious with each following series in the franchise.
    • The Men in Black: The Plumbers, who are a secret organization
      • Subverted a bit with the Special Alien Containment Team (or SACT) because they are obviously government-affiliated, but one can't help but notice their similarities to the Plumbers.
    • Missed the Call: The Omnitrix was intended for Grandpa Max and not for Ben.
    • Monster Clown: Zombozo.
    • Monster of the Week: The show lives on this. Considering the strange and varied varieties of trouble that tend to occur wherever Ben goes, one feels sorry for this kid's hometown if summer vacation ends. Yeah, it gets toasted.
      • Sometimes inverted in a few seasons, where the Monster Of The Week wasn't just what Ben faced, but what he became.
    • Mook Horror Show: Ben sometimes invokes this on criminals. This includes one time when he was fighting two robbers as Ripjaws. However, the most noteable time is when he literally scares Zombozo to death as Ghostfreak.
    • Motive Decay: In his debut appearance, Dr Animo wanted to get a price that was taken from him; all his next appearances in both the original series and the sequels has him either wanting to conquer or mutate the world.
    • The Movie: Two of them - Secret Of The Omnitrix, and the live action movie Race Against Time.
    • Multiform Balance: Theoretically, each of Ben's alien forms have powers applicable to specific situations. In practice, due to Ben's lack of tactical thinking and the Omnitrix's tendency to be uncooperative, whether an alien will be used in the appropriate role is never certain.
    • Mundane Utility: Sometimes Ben uses his alien forms to do something as ordinary as looking for a prize in boxes of cereal.
    • Mushroom Man / Plant Mooks: The Tennysons face an army of them in "Camp Fear".
    • My Friends… and Zoidberg! "...and leave the rest to the game pros... and Ben."
    • Near-Miss Groin Attack: Happens to Grandpa Max, with crystal spikes landing all around his body as he keeps backing up to avoid it hitting his groin.
    • Negative Continuity: Later in the series, almost all the time, ranging from changes in height to more plot related problems (Stinkfly's sudden inability to swim in They Lurk Below, the event noted in the Ben 10 entry in "Freaky Friday" Flip, etc.)
    • Never Say "Die": All the deaths are either offscreen, not outright stated, or obscured by explosions, with a good dash of What Measure Is a Non-Human? to 'lighten' it further. It's a touch jarring when Ben says "Gwen's dead" in the movie Secret of the Omnitrix. She's not.
    • The Night That Never Ends: Zs'Skayr (to whom sunlight is fatal) tries covering the sunlit side of the Earth with a shell of radioactive material in "Be Afraid of the Dark", so he can rule it as his domain. (The fact that this will mutate the entire population of the Earth is an unfortunate side effect to him.)
    • No Celebrities Were Harmed: "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures" features an actor named Abel North, who played a television hero Ben grew up with called Kangaroo Commando. He's quite obviously a spoof of Adam West and his role as Batman in the 1966 television series.
    • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: How Vilgax says hello.
    • No Ontological Inertia: The episode "The Big Tick" features an Eldritch Abomination which completely ravages its surroundings for several hundred meters around. After it's destroyed, the local area returns to its former state immediately, despite there being nothing to suggest that the destruction was illusory! For some reason, the characters find this to be perfectly acceptable.note In the "how does it make sense" kind of way, obviously. Nobody's going to complain if their world that was almost destroyed went back to normal.
    • No Sense of Humor: Adult Ben, as seen in the episode "Ben 10,000". He gets better in the end and continuing into "Ken 10".
    • Oblivious Mockery: Early in the What If? episode "Gwen 10", Gwen gets the Omnitrix stuck on her wrist and turns into Heatblast. Ben, who remembers going through this before, warns her about the danger of using fiery powers in the middle of a forest. She immediately responds that only an idiot would set the forest on fire. Naturally, that's exactly what Ben did in the first episode.
    • Off-Model: At the end of "Side Effects" Ben has Gwen's eyelashes.
    • One-Winged Angel: Both played straight and nastily subverted.
    • Only Six Faces: Averted. Even with cousins Ben and Gwen.
    • The Other Darrininvoked: Discussed in-universe in the episode "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures", where Ben mentions that his favorite television hero Kangaroo Commando, usually played by Abel North, was instead played by Abel's brother Kane in one episode.
    • Papa Wolf: Grandpa Max towards Ben and Gwen. Ben himself in the future, where his son Kenny is concerned.
    • Parental Hypocrisy: Ben's future self Ben 10,000 becomes a hypocritical parent in the episode "Ken 10". When his son Ken is excited about getting his own Omnitrix for his 10th birthday, Ben tells his son that saving the world isn't kid's stuff, despite the fact that he himself first became a hero when he was his son's age. Later, Ben 10,000 asks where his son gets his attitude shortly after Ken gets angry with his father and acts the same way Ben did whenever he got into a disagreement with his grandfather Max. Both occasions hang a lampshade by having Grandpa Max give a scornful look at Ben whenever he makes his hypocritical statement.
    • Parental Marriage Veto: In "Big Fat Alien Wedding", Joel's parents are pretty much against his marriage to Camille, a Sludgepuppy, which would cement a treaty between both human and Sludgepuppies. This is because both Gordon and Betty Jean (Joel's Parents) are Plumbers who have been fighting Sludgepuppies for the longest time, and are thus slow to trust a species that's, only until recently, been their mortal enemy. During the wedding itself, it's revealed that Camille's parents (who, up until this point, seemed like nice people) hate the idea of the wedding uniting the enemy races. The end of the episode has Gordon and Betty Jean warming up to their daughter-in-law.
    • Phantom Zone: The Null Void. Unusual in that things were let out before the viewer was let in on it.
    • Planet Destroyer: The tick monster mentioned below moves from planet to planet, mutating and ultimately destroying each one for sustenance.
    • Planetary Core Manipulation: In "The Big Tick", the planet is attacked by a tick-like alien which destroys other planets. When doing so, The Great One injects its tentacles deeply in the planet to its core, devouring it from the inside out.
    • Plant Aliens: Wildvine is an example of this.
    • Power Perversion Potential: The Naljian Destructor copies everything it sees and mimics the intention behind it.
    • Production Foreshadowing: One of the Vilgax drones causes Rojo to mutate like an EVO.
    • Pro Wrestling Episode: "Ready to Rumble".
    • Psycho for Hire: Kevin 11. As noted in "Grudge Match", while his main desire is revenge on Ben, he likes to seek any excuse to fight, brutalize, or even kill various opponents.
    • Puny Earthlings: Humans are the only species that doesn't have at least one ability that would be classified as a superpower. That said, Humans appear to also be the only species capable of breeding to create human/alien hybrid offspring, like Kevin and (one generation removed) Gwen.
    • Puppy Love: Ben and Kai.
    • "Reason You Suck" Speech: Tetrax berates Ben for relying on brute strength to solve every situation, and never using strategy. Ben takes this to heart and later uses Gray Matter to win against the last two bounty hunters.
    • Retroactive Precognition: Ben has this in "Gwen 10" when he gets mysteriously transported to the past, and remembers everything that happened over the past several months, but nobody else does. Out of denial or disbelief though it takes Max a while to believe Ben despite the fact that Ben now knows about Vilgax (who only Max has met) and the Omnitrix, which is unknown to most people on Earth. Unfortunately for Ben, things have changed enough that his knowledge of future events is limited in its usefulness.
    • Rhyme Theme Naming: Ben has a cousin named Gwen, who has an older brother named Ken. Kevin finds this amusing.
    • Rule of Cool: The show stars a ten-year-old boy with a watch-like device stuck to his wrist that enables him to assume a variety of different alien forms, which he uses to fight crime.
    • Rule of Fun: Especially compared to its Darker and EdgierContested Sequels, but actually less so compared to its Denser and WackierContested Sequel.
    • Running Gag: How many times was a hotdog cart knocked over again?
      • "It's too quiet...Where's Ben?"
      • "Grey Matter?! Aw, man..."
      • The many, many times Ben tries to turn into one alien but ends up as one that's more suited to the situation.
    • Sadistic Choice:
      • In "The Return", Vilgax has knocked out Gwen and Max and threatens to kill them if Ben doesn't surrender.
      • In "Back With A Vengeance", Vilgax and Kevin 11 kidnap Gwen to force Ben to hand over the Omnitrix.
      • In "Ghostfreaked Out", Ghostfreak possesses Gwen and threatens to make her fall to her death if Ben doesn't drop the sun gunnote the sun gun projects a beam of sunlight which is Ghostfreak's only weakness, at which point Ghostfreak will possess him and gain control of the Omnitrix.
    • Schmuck Bait: "It" in "Tourist Trap".
    • Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale:
      • In Negative 10, the power source has "as much power as the sun." Then Max goes on to say that if it goes off, it can blow up a continent the size of Texas to outer space. An energy source that powerful would blow up more than a continent, much less Texas. And then when the Big Bad finally absorbs this ultra-powerful energy source into his Powered Armor, the most he can think to do with it is use it to shoot rather mediocre eyebeams.
    • Sealed Evil in a Can:
      • Vilgax, tends to be put in a can of whatever sort between appearances, be it a healing chamber, a block of ice, or a pocket dimension. He's slightly unusual in that we see him out of the can first.
      • Ghostfreak/Zs'Skayr is an odd example of evil that got sealed in a can accidentally, his DNA sampled for the show's Clingy MacGuffin so that the wearer can turn into him, and the personalities of his species being encoded in their genes somehow. Eventually, he gets loose and becomes Ben's Enemy Without.
    • Second Person Attack: At least Once an Episode.
    • Secret Legacy: Grandpa Max, who had had a long history dealing with sirens as the Plumbers.
    • Self-Guarding Phlebotinum: The Omnitrix generates a small field around itself when someone who is not the person who it is currently attached to tries to touch it. However, it should noted that the Omnitrix is neither Empathic nor Loyal and only tries to protect itself; in fact, one way you can obtain it is to kill the current user and then take it for yourself.
    • Sequel Series: Ben 10: Alien Force, set five years after the main series.
    • Shout-Out:

      Grampa: "Yeah. I still got The Right Stuff.

      • And of course one to Naruto at the end of the Christmas episode and "Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures".
      • The Pisciss Volann (Ripjaws) Plumber in "The Mother of All Vreedles" looks and sounds like The Incredible Mr. Limpet.
      • In the first episode, Ben's grandfather's car has the license plate "S81Z1M".
    • Snap Back: Ben never seems to learn from the Aesop in any episode and at the start of the next episode continues behaving like an idiot bent on doing things his way no matter what, despite his level of intelligence and understanding to the contrary. This is actually lampshaded at the end of the CGI "Destroy All Aliens" film.
    • Space Cadet Academy: The Plumber's Academy from the later series.
    • Spiked Wheels: In "Ben 4 Good Buddy", Turbine has wheel spikes as one of the weapons on her Weaponized Car.
    • Status Quo Is God: Ben gaining mastery of the Omnitrix? Reset Button time.
    • Steven Ulysses Perhero: Ben Tennyson has access to ten alien forms in the beginning of the series.
    • Storyboarding the Apocalypse: The tick's worshippers in "The Big Tick" do this.
    • Super Power Lottery: The Omnitrix essentially embodies this trope (in more ways than one). After gaining the Omnitrix, Ben had the abilities of Super Strength, Super Speed (and reflexes), Super Intelligence, pyrokinesis, underwater breathing, the ability to manipulate crystals, the power of Flight, goo expulsion, Technopathy, regeneration, invisibility and intangibility. All of these powers are still just the first ten forms. Later forms would introduce duplication, super flexibility, a sonic howl, electrokinesis, solid matter ingestion, Eye Beams and Way Big who can swat battleships out of the sky. This is downplayed as while, Ben does have access to all these powers, they are typically exclusive to certain forms and the Omnitrix tends to be unreliable most of the time.
    • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
      • The What If? episode "Goodbye and Good Riddance". After several weeks of crazy adventures, what brings it all to a halt is not Ben messing up and watching people die, or getting an alien unsuitable for the present situation, but simply his summer vacation ending. Followed immediately by Vilgax thrashing his house, because the summer is over. They aren't.
      • When Enoch finally gets the ancient superweapon he and Grandpa Max were racing to find, it crumbles to dust in his hand. Five thousand years of age and neglect will do that to a sword, even a mythical superweapon.
      • From time to time the Omnitrix will mess up and turn Ben into an alien other than the one he chose or an entirely new one. It is later revealed that this wasn't due to a glitch or malfunction, but rather Ben slamming his hand down on it to initiate his Transformation Sequence. It’s a complex piece of technology and is quite sensitive.
    • Sword over Head: Ben to Kevin in "Framed".
    • Synchronization: Ben's alien form Ditto.
    • Tastes Like Friendship: Subverted. Feeding theobromine compounds to an extra-terrestrial may not be the best idea...
    • The Group: The Forever Knights' cover name is The Organization.
    • Theme Naming: Ben Tennyson is ten years old. Kevin E. Levin is eleven.
      • Ben gives his alien forms extremely marketable names based on their appearance or powers.
    • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: In "The Big Tick", the episode where Ben first unlocks Cannonbolt, he initially hates the alien form for being unwieldy and uncontrollable, and refuses to use it again. Guess which alien turns out to be the only one capable of defeating the Eldritch Abomination threatening the Earth that episode?
    • This Loser Is You: Ben, especially within the later seasons. See Flanderization above.
    • Those Two Guys: J.T. and Cash.
    • Time Skip: Ben 10: Alien Force skips ahead five years.
    • Token Adult: Grandpa Max, being the only adult of the group, and an authority figure to Ben and Gwen.
    • Transformation Trinket: The Omnitrix
    • Traveling at the Speed of Plot:
      • XLR8 is exactly as fast as the plot calls for, and no faster. Sometimes it's literally too fast to see, most of the time not so much. Thus, aliens with nowhere near its speed can still hit it.
      • The Omnitrix's "ten minute" time limit is usually quite a bit shorter than that, to ensure that Ben can't beat the Monster of the Week too quickly.
      • From the moment when the Omnitrix starts beeping and flashing red, there is variable time until the moment Ben returns to his human form - sometimes it is almost instant, and sometimes... it takes a while.
    • Tree Cover: In "The Visitor," Ben eavesdrops on Max and Xylene by turning into Wildvine and merging with the tree.
    • Tuck and Cover: Cannonbolt's function in a rescue operation.
    • The Unchosen One: See "Missed the Call" example above.
    • Unexplained Recovery:
      • The third time Kevin shows up (despite apparently being killed previously), his explanation of how he survived boils down to this, as well as a recap of what happened last time. He doesn't actually use the phrase, but it's implied.
      • At the end of Tough Luck, both Hex and Charmcaster's powers were sucked by the destruction of the Charm of Bezel. Yet, when we see them come back, their powers have come back without any clear explanation. Averted with Hex turning back into a child however, as it's specifically said that the Fountain of Youth's effect were temporary. Played straight in that we never see how Charmcaster retrieved her magic bag after the end of A Change of Face, though it's shown to have a level of sentience so it probably made its way back to her on its own.
    • The Unintelligible: Wildmutt and Sixsix.
    • Third-Person Person: "No-one boos Technorg! Technorg is champion!"
    • Webcomic Time: The summer road trip lasted nearly the whole of the original series.
    • Weirder Than Usual:

      Gwen Tennyson: Ever since we decided to go to the circus, you've been acting weirder than normal. What are you scared of?
      Ben Tennyson: I'm not scared of anything.

      • In "A Change Of Face" when Charmcaster was inhabiting Gwen's body.

      Ben Tennyson: Grandpa have you noticed Gwen has been acting weird lately? I mean weirder than usual?

    • Wham Episode: "Secrets", which resolves the Myth Arc hinting at Max's past and formally introduces Vilgax to Ben's life.
    • What If?: The out-of-mainstream-continuity episode "Gwen 10".
      • The show's last episode: "Goodbye and Good Riddance", which takes a look at what Ben's life would be like when summer vacation ended but is declared non-canon.
    • Where's the Fun in That?: In the What If? episode where Gwen was the one the Omnitrix attached itself to, Vilgax has her restrained and selects from a range of sharp-looking tools to forcibly remove it from her.

      Gwen [nervously]: Couldn't you just slip the watch off?
      Vilgax: And what fun would that be?

    • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: In Ben's case, clowns. In the case of the clowns, Ghostfreak.
    • Would Hurt a Child: Subverted in the sense that whenever Ben transforms and does battle, he gets beat up pretty graphically, which would look unsettling if it was happening in his human form. Played straight when he reverts back to Ben and his enemies don't hesitate to take advantage of his vulnerability.
    • Wrench Wench: Road Crew member Turbine is a villainous version.
    • Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy: Incarcica in The Movie is described as this, even though it's technically a prison.
    • You and What Army?: Ben asks this Dr. Animo when the latter announces he will Take Over the World with the mutated Lepidopterran he created out of Ditto's DNA. Animo's response is "this one" and the Lepidopterran clones itself into an army in a similar fashion to Ditto.
    • You Must Be This Tall to Ride: In the episode "A Small Problem", Ben is told he's too short to go down a water slide, which he immediately decides to rectify by turning into Ripjaws. Maybe it's for the best that he ended up as the less-noticeable Grey Matter instead.
    • You Won't Feel a Thing!: Ben defeats a cyborg Rojo by merging with her as Upgrade and says "This won't hurt a bit" before adding "Okay, I lied".
    • Your Other Left: Totally played straight when Gwen is trying to ride on Ben (as Wildmutt)'s back after he is rendered "blind" from a cold.

    Alternative Title(s):Ben Ten

    Top 10 Darkest Ben 10 Moments That Fueled Our Nightmares

    Characters / Ben 10 Supporting Characters

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    Villains premiering in: The Original Series (Vilgax) | Alien Force | Ultimate Alien | Omniverse | The Specials | The 2016 series
    Supporting Characters

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    The Plumbers

    An organization that plays a key role in the franchise. What they are exactly are have been somewhat inconsistentbetween the series, but they are overall depicted as an organization dealing with aliens which Max was a part of. They retired a bit before the Original Series started, but have been brought back in the Time Skipbefore Alien Force.

        In General 

    • All There in the Manual : The Pop Up Trivia in Original Series episode The Ultimate Weapon gives several background details on the group, such as their founding in the 1700s by the Founding Fathers.
    • Arch-Enemy: They used to be this with an alien species called Sludgepuppies. The whole point of "Big Fat Alien Wedding" was to end the conflict by marrying their Star-Crossed Lovers.
    • Ascended Extra: They have always been important, but in the Original Series, they were essentially a background element used to give Max a backstory and justify some of the non-alien high-tech used in the story. In the sequels, they have a progressively larger role.
    • Big Good: The Magistrata.
    • Cardboard Prison: Plumber HQ in Omniverse is absolutely terrible at keeping its prisoners; villains constantly escape from it, sometimes offscreen (like Psyphon, who got arrested around three times yet always is on the run again by the next episode he shows up), and when they are shown escaping (Albedo, Dr Animo and Zombozo), they do it incredibly easily. Lampshaded by Ben in “Something Zombozo Comes This Way” when he and Max discover Zombozo managed to easily escape and pretend he was still there by leaving a kidnapped Plumber disguised as him, with nobody apparently considering checking him sooner, nor anyone finding it suspicious a Plumber disappeared.

      Ben: "Plumbers HQ really needs to work on its security system, Grandpa!"

    • Elaborate Underground Base: In Omniverse, their headquarters in Bellwood are this.
    • In-Series Nickname: "Red spots" in Omniverse, due to their red-coloured badges. Note that this is only the case in Omniverse; their badges were never shown in the Original Series and were portrayed as looking similar to the Omnitrix symbol in the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era.
    • The Men in Black: In the Original Series.
    • Men of Sherwood: When they aren't falling under Police Are Useless, they are this.
    • Order Reborn: As explained in Omniverse, the group was rebuilt during the Time Skip between the Original Series and Alien Force.
    • Police Are Useless: For most of the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era, they were pretty useless the few times we saw them, and it was even implied they willingly limited their resources on Earth because they couldn't afford to waste them on a backwater planet. They get slightly better in Omniverse thanks to Earth becoming an open system and allowing them to operate more freely, but they still tend to be conveniently absent or ineffective whenever they could end the episode quickly (for example, they don't show up at all when Looma's father threatens to blow up Earth in “Many Happy Returns”), villains manage to easily infiltrate their HQ several times despite all the security systems, and their prison still somehow fails to keep criminals like Psyphon contained for a long time. Also, they recruited Blucik and Driba as their technology expert.
    • Retcon: In the Original Series, they were portrayed as a mostly human secret organization that dealt with the paranormal. In the sequels, they are portrayed as a space police where most members are aliens.
      • They were also explicitly stated in Ultimate Alien to only deal with aliens to the point they couldn't get involved in arresting supervillain King Vicktor due to him being originally human; in Omniverse, they are seen dealing with some non-alien villains such as Doctor Animo and Billy Billions (who are both full-blood humans) and Zombozo (who has been confirmed by Word of God to be a supernatural being).
      • Word of God is that there were two separate groups of Plumbers, the Earth-based Men in Black of the Original Series and the Space Police of the sequels, with the remnants of the Earth group merged into the larger organization at some point before the start of Ben 10: Alien Force
    • Retired Badass: In the Original Series, most Plumbers we get to see are retired members who stopped their activities long ago, but still have plenty of skills and alien tech at their disposal.
    • Shout-Out: Their armors in the Original Series were very reminiscent of the Ghostbusters.
    • Space Police: In Alien Force onward.

        Magister Patelliday 

    Voiced by Rob Paulsen

    A Pisciss Volann (Ripjaw's species) Plumber, and the second-in-command of the Plumbers on Earth.

    • Alluring Anglerfish: Being of Ripjaw's species will make you that, though he is not as impressive as Ben's version of his species.
    • Ascended Extra: He appeared for the first time as a cameo character in Ultimate Alien episode "Mother of All Vreedles". Ben 10: Omniverse makes him the Second-in-Command of the Earth' Plumbers and a recurring character.
    • Badass in Distress: In "Gone Fishin'", he is captured by Space Pirates who attempt to serve him to their captain as lunch. Max display limited concern, insisting Patelliday can handle himself on his own. He indeed escapes easily before they arrive: the only reason he was staying as a prisoner was to better figure out what the pirates were up to.
    • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: His appearance and mannerism are much less impressive than Ripjaw, and he seems like a comical character at the first approach, but much like Max, he is more than meet the eyes, as proven in "Gone Fishing" and "Rooters of All Evil".

      Phil: Aren't you getting a little long in the tooth?

      Patelliday: You tell me. (bites him)

    • Mauve Shirt: Is one of the few named Plumbers outside of Max and the main cast and he reappears quite frequently (compared to the other magisters: Labrid and Gilhil).
    • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: It’s not as obvious as for Ripjaw, but still visible.
    • Number Two: To Max.
    • Remember the New Guy?: He has been introduced in Ultimate Alien only, but both a conversation between Max and him and a a comment from Phil suggest that he was there before the Plumbers disbanded before the Original Series, and might even have been the first alien Plumber to operate on Earth.
    • Shout-Out: His voice is a homage to comedian Don Knotts, who starred in The Incredible Mr. Limpet as a man who becomes a fish.
    • Super Not-Drowning Skills
    • Weaksauce Weakness: Averted; according to Word of God, his suit includes systems that allow him to stand out of water without dehydrating like his species usually does. Still a problem in the season 3 finale, where a month in captivity with minimal water is enough to overwhelm the suit.
      • Sustained high temperatures can also be a problem, as shown in "Clyde 5," where Vera Tennyson cranks up the heating of Plumber HQ, leaving Patelliday almost completely dehydrated in a matter of minutes.

        Magister Labrid 

    Voiced by Jeff Bennett

    A Plumber officer, and one of Max's friends. He shows up in Alien Force's pilot episode to investigate the Highbreed invasion and help Ben find Max. He gets killed, and leaves to Ben the mission to end the invasion.

    • Small Role, Big Impact: He appeared in two episodes, not counting a very short cameo in a later flashback episode, and dies at the end. In this short time, he directed Ben and his friends toward fighting the Highbreed Invasion and partially initiated Kevin's Heel–Face Turn.
    • Weaksauce Weakness: He needs his suit to survive on Earth. A rupture that not only exposed his flesh but also left a gash in him caused him to die of exposure.
    • We Hardly Knew Ye: He gets killed an episode after his debut, but we do get to find out more about him in a flashback.

        Magister Prior Gihil 

    Voiced by J. K. Simmons

    The Plumber officer in charge of the sector where Earth is located during the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era.

    • Four-Star Badass: In this case Magister Badass; the Officer in charge of the entire sector. Also a pretty good fighter capable of easily defeating Kevin.
    • Genre Blind: While you can't blame him for being skeptical about the Highbreed invasion due to not having any proof, he doesn't even bother investigating himself to make sure. He also doesn't both to check the source of his tip to make sure he isn't walking into a trap.
      • He gets better by Ultimate Alien, where, when receiving a distress call from Aggregor's ship and being given a flimsy excuse by Aggregor to justify it, he decides to still give it a look just in case. Sadly, this ends up costing him his life.
    • Jerkass: Comes out like this in "Darkstar Rising", where he attempts to arrest Ben's team for supposedly passing themselves as Plumbers, flat out states the Plumbers can't afford to waste their resources on backwater planets like Earth and refuses to listen or investigate about their claims about the Highbreed invasion is going on. He, fortunately, gets better by the end of the episode.
    • Killed Off for Real: By Aggregor in Ultimate Alien.

        Victor Validus

    Played by Hebert Siguenza (Alien Swarm), Brian George (Ultimate Alien)

    A Plumber introduced in the Ben 10: Alien Swarm movie, and Elena's father.

    • Brainwashed and Crazy: Courtesy of the Hive.
    • Cassandra Truth: He tried to warn the other Plumbers about the sentience of the Hive, but wasn't listened to.
    • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Dies in the time between Alien Swarm and Ultimate Alien.
    • Killed Off for Real: In Ultimate Alien.
    • Large Ham: In Alien Swarm, while controlled by the Hive.
    • Mad Scientist: subverted; he was believed to be this, but his actions actually had a really sane motive.
    • Posthumous Character: In Revenge of the Swarm.
    • Red Herring: The beginning of Revenge of the Swarm sets him up as the main antagonist for the episode. He actually was dead in the time between Alien Swarm and that episode; the real villain is Elena, possessed by the Hive.
    • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Ben goes through a lot of trouble in Alien Swarm to defeat the Hive without having to kill him... only to have him die anyway in Revenge of the Swarm.

        Blukic and Driba 

    Voiced by Paul Eiding (Blukic) and Eric Bauza (Driba)

    The two dumbest geniuses in the Milky Way Galaxy, ladies and gentlemen!

    A duo of Galvans introduced in Omniverse. The two of them are tech support in the Plumbers' HQ, in charge mostly of machines. Though they possess advanced knowledge in technology like all Galvans, they are incredibly dumb when it comes to practically everything else.

    • Aliens Speaking English: While that is very obvious in this universe, they take it Up to Eleven by being able to write in English, albeit poorly spelled. During their first time on Earth, they facilitated the needs of Translators in order to communicate with humans.
    • Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?:

      Driba: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

      Blukic: I hope not.

    • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: in one episode, they are distracted by a Mr Smoothie commercial while Ben and the other Plumbers are dealing with a crisis.
    • Been There, Shaped History: They were the aliens that crashed near Roswell.
    • Big Guy, Little Guy: They're both pint-sized, but Blukic is tall while Driba is short and squat.
    • Fantastic Racism: They seem to have it out for Cerebrocrustaceans, as they have been known to make unpleasant comments about the species at least twice in the show.

      Driba: "We are not Cerebrocrustaceans; we know what we are doing."

    • The Engineer: They serve as the Plumbers' techsupport, although they momentarily forget they were techsupport.
    • Genius Ditz: While they have the natural intelligence that comes with Galvans, they are very stupid for their species. They are smart enough to repair the Omnitrix when a piece is missing in "Outbreak", albeit after several failed attempts. In "Catfight", they also created a remote control for the Omnitrix. However, in "Evil Encore" they make an emergency exit in the ventilation shaft, but are too stupid to make it bigger than Galvan height.
    • Guttural Growler: Blukic has a gravelly, bass voice.

      Blukic: ayup...

    • Informed Ability: Despite being recognized as dumbasses by Galvan, they are supposedly smarter than any human being, and even smarter than Cerebrocrustaceans. As Ben lampshades it, we have yet to see any indication of that.
    • Joke Character: Mostly there for comic relief.
    • The Load: Safe for a few times where they actually prove useful, they tend to mostly make things worse for the Plumbers and their stupidity almost killed the heroes at least twice. You seriously come to wonder why they even keep them around.
    • Metaphorgotten:

      Driba: Like Icarus, we flew too close to the sun. And like Icarus, we never got our smoothies...

    • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: They fixed the Annihilargh.
    • Noodle Incident: When the two get eaten by a humongous alien elephant super-villain, Bluric mentions "this is the second-worst time I've been stuck in an elephant's mouth." We never find out what the first was.
    • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Dumb by Galvan standards, geniuses by Earth standards. Or so people say.
    • Percussive Maintenance: Blukic fixes things by hitting them with a wrench. Surprisingly, this actually seems to be some of his most effective repair work.
    • Remember the New Guy?: They were first introduced in Omniverse, but they had allegedly been around the whole time even though we had never seen them. Flashbacks in-between the original series and Ben 10: Alien Force inject them into the continuity even though there was never any mention of them. The real kick is they had been on Earth since Max was young and were actually the first aliens to officially make contact with humans, being the alien captured during the Roswell Incident.
    • Shorter Means Smarter: well... supposedly at least.
    • Skewed Priorities: They apparently consider getting smoothies to be more important than possibly being demoted.
    • The Smart Guy: though Ben begs to differ.
    • Those Two Guys: They are almost never seen apart, and the one time they are, they greatly miss one another.
    • Too Dumb to Live: Practically everything they do; they abandon the Plumbers during a major crisis to go get Smoothies, somehow repaired a Doomsday Device capable of destroying the Universe, and built Galvan-sized doors in a base meant for humans and other alien species. It's practically a miracle they haven't been fired already for their incompetence.
    • Tuckerization: They are named after storyboard artists and directors Butch Lukic and Dan Riba.

        Lucy Mann

    Voiced by Tara Strong

    Lucy is a Sludgepuppy, a species of shapeshifting sludge aliens, and Ben and Gwen's cousin-in-law. She is the cousin of Joel Tennyson's wife, Camille Mann. While she mostly uses her powers for espionage like things, she is fully capable of kicking ass.

    • Annoying Laugh: Her laughs are often accompanied by a snort.
    • Ascended Extra: She only appeared once as a very minor character in the original series via the episode "Big Fat Alien Wedding" (in fact, she had only two scenes that barely last two seconds and wasn't even the main focus of said episode). In Omniverse (both in the flashbacks and present), she is shown to have hung out a lot with Ben and Gwen as kids in the flashbacks and she joins the Plumbers five years later, being the first Sludgepuppy to do so, and gets a whole episode dedicated to her.
    • Blob Monster: Lucy's full Sludgepuppy form is a benevolent example.
    • Catchphrase: "Psyche!"
    • Cute Monster Girl: Played with, in a more subtle way than the Original Show. In "Big Fat Alien Wedding", Camille's evil mother had a classic monstrous Sludgepuppy form, while Camille herself had a more humanoid, attractive one. Lucy in "Mud Thicker Than Water" shows the ability to use both variants.
    • The Gadfly: Likes using her powers to trick people, especially Gwen.
    • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo: In the original series, she looked like Naruto's female form, whisker marks and all.
    • Genki Girl: Not much removes the smile from her face, and even a fight won't stop her from pranking people.
    • Red Herring: ”Mud is Thicker than Water” is set up to make her seem like The Mole. In reality, she was The Mole hired to help discover the real mole, a Tetramand named Gorvan.
    • The Reveal: Her being a Sludgepuppy in the original series as it is easy to forget she came from the bride's side of the family in addition to her short screen time. It's only until the end this was showcased when Ben ends up slipping on her sludge while trying to dance with her at the reception.
    • Shapeshifting: Apparently, Ben is not the only shapeshifter in the family.
    • Token Heroic Orc: Sludgepuppies were best-known for being the Plumbers' sworn enemies for years. She is the first of them to join their ranks. Though to be fair, by the point she joins, the war between the two has been over for around six years.
    • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Lucy is the Girly Girl to Gwen's Tomboy
    • Troll: A Running Gag in "Mud is Thicker than Water" is pranking Gwen with her shapeshifting. "Psyche!"


    Voiced by Steve Blum

    A cowardly insect-like alien, and member of the Plumber's Alpha Squad, who first appears in "Vilgax Must Croak", and later joins Ben, Rook, and Rad Dudesman in their trip to the Anur System.

    • Butt-Monkey: Most of his appearances involve him being placed in scary situations (from visiting Anur Transyl to escorting Vilgax), shot at, attacked or otherwise mistreated. Ben even considers him like a Red Shirt.
    • Cowardly Lion: Despite his cowardice, he's somehow a member of the Alpha Squad.
    • Deadpan Snarker: As cowardly as he is, he's prone to this.

      Whampire: I got a planet full of monsters after me, an alien vampire just turned my friends into puppets, and my appetite is really weird!

      Hobble: I noticed that when you were about to eat me!

      Whampire: More like I was gonna drain your energy.

      Hobble: Oh yeah, so much better.

    • Hopeless Suitor: He had a crush on Charmcaster.
    • Insectoid Aliens: His design is somewhat bug-like.
    • Red Shirt: Even wears red armor. However, it's downplayed since he doesn't die, but he is a Butt-Monkey, and Ben even calls him a "red shirt" in “Rad Monster Party”.


    Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui

    A Loboan Plumber operating on Anur Transyl, and one of Rook's former classmates. He serves as their ally during their visit to Anur Transyl in the Galactic Monster story arc.

    • Ascended Fanboy : Much like Rook, he read a lot about Ben while studying in the Plumber Academy, and was inspired by him into becoming a Plumber.

        Molly Gunther

    Voiced By: Tara Strong

    One of the few recurring female plumbers and a member of Alpha Squad.

    Premiered in the Original Series

        Tennyson Family 

    Ben's and Gwen's paternal family, most of whom served in the Plumbers.

    Carl and Sandra Tennyson

    Carl played by Dee Bradley Baker (Original Series, Destroy All Aliens), Don McManus (Race Against Time, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien)

    Sandra played by Tara Strong (Original Series, Destroy All Aliens), Beth Littleford (Race Against Time, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse), Vyvam Pham ("Ben 10 Returns, Part 1")

    Ben's open-minded parents.

    • Almighty Mom: Compared to her more easy-going husband, Sandra is the more authoritative of the two. She even has the guts to talk down Ma Vreedle, an often-feared criminal, and intimidates Ben with a 'look' when he tries to do heroics under their nose.
    • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Invoked. They're the stereotypical Granola Couple.
    • Badass Bystander: Upon finally accepting Ben is a hero, Carl and Sandra go to assist him, with Carl grabbing an alien rifle Max left behind and blasts a Highbreed across the room!
    • Big Ol' Eyebrows: Carl inherited these from his father, Max, and passed them onto his son, Ben.
    • Canon Immigrant: Added to the cartoon after debuting in Race Against Time.
    • Cloudcuckoolander: In Omniverse, Sandra get a visit from Princess Looma trying to deliver her wedding gifts to marry her son; said gifts include Rook, Esther, Julie, and one of Fistina's arms. And then Ben and Fistina arrive to fight Looma right at her front door. She spends the entire scene watching this completely insane situation and treating it like if it was completely normal. Then again, she is Ben's mom so...
    • Doting Parent: Both tend to do this, but Sandra arguably takes it a bit further.
    • Dumb Blonde: Subverted with Sandra; see Obfuscating Stupidity.
    • Early Installment Weirdness: They initially appeared in a What If? episode of the Original Series with completely different designs, before being given the movie designs in Alien Force.
    • Hidden Depths: In both the Original Series and Alien Force, it's mentioned Carl resents Max for neglecting the family in favor of Plumbers matters and, when he learns about the Omnitrix, for involving Ben in it. He gets better.
      • While we don't see his reaction, based on how his brother (Gwen's father) reacts to seeing Verdona Tennyson (their mother), it's implied that both Tennyson brothers have mixed feelings toward Max and Verdona.
    • Lethal Chef: Not really, but Ben doesn't like Sandra's cooking. Rook does, though.
    • Locked Out of the Loop: Excluding a non-canon episode from the Original Series, they didn't learn about Ben's super-heroics until around the middle of Alien Force. They initially reacted badly, but eventually allow Ben's duties as a hero.
    • Obfuscating Stupidity: Alien Force shows they are much smarter than they appear to be; when they find out about Ben's heroics, it disturbs them so much that they easily foil any attempt from him to leave without their knowledge or communicate with Kevin and Gwen, eventually forcing him to just transform and force his way out.
    • Odd Friendship: Sandra has one with Ma Vreedle in Omniverse.

    Frank and Natalie Tennyson

    Frank played by George Newbern

    Natalie played by Juliet Landau

    Gwen's conservative parents.

    • Big Ol' Eyebrows: Frank inherited these from his father, Max.
    • Freudian Excuse: It's implied Verdona's free-spirited and irreverent nature and abandonment of Frank is the reason Frank is so conservative and straight-laced as an adult.
    • Obnoxious In-Laws: Natalie really doesn't care for her mother-in-law even before Verdona tried to abduct Gwen and take her back to her home planet. When Verdona says she'll be checking back on Gwen, Natalie's response is a very deadpan, "Oh, joy."
    • Sibling Yin-Yang: Frank is more conservative and less excitable than his slightly New-Age brother as shown in their reactions to discovering their children's secrets: Carl flips out when he finds out about Ben's Omnitrix while Frank resignedly accepts Gwen's powers will bring his mother back into their lives.
    • Strong Family Resemblance: Natalie looks like an older version of her daughter. Frank also resembles his brother strongly to a lesser extent.

        Cash and JT 

    Cash Murray played by Dee Bradley Baker (Original Series), Tyler Patrick Jones (Race Aganist Time), Matt Levin (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien)

    JT played by Adam Wylie (Original Series), Tyler Foden (Race Aganist Time), Yuri Lowenthal ("Ben 10 Returns, Part 1"), Scott Menville (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien)

    A duo of bullies who used to bother Ben in the original series, typically by hanging him to trees. Once he got the Omnitrix, Ben developed a liking to giving them a payback.

    • The Bully: In the Original Series and briefly in Alien Force.
    • Butt-Monkey: Whenever they appeared in the original series, Ben found the time to give them a mega-wedgie. Even worse in Alien Force and ''Ultimate Alien', where they even lost their bully status due to Ben no longer being someone to bully.
    • Can't Take Criticism: Cash did not take Ben's speech telling him to grow up and get a life with any amount of maturity.
    • Creepy Child: Invoked with pale-skinned black-haired Cash.
    • A Day in the Limelight: “The Gauntlet” and Reflected Glory”.
    • Empowered Badass Normal: Cash ends up fusing with a Techadon gauntlet able to take on Ben.
    • Evil Is Petty: Cash takes Ben's "The Reason You Suck" Speech in "The Gauntlet" personally, leading him to trash Kevin's car in retaliation.
    • Good Counterpart: While they aren't seen, their counterparts in No-Watch Ben's universe are Ben's closest friends.
    • Guyliner: Cash(!)
    • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Particularly in Alien Force onwards. In the one episode Cash manages to become a genuine villain by merging with Techadon tech, all he accomplishes is defeating Kevin, before failing to even inflict a single scratch on Ben.
    • Opaque Nerd Glasses: JT.
    • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Courtesy of Ben in "The Gauntlet." After they spill a smoothie on him as a prank, he chides them for pulling the same nonsense since grade school and admits disbelief that he used to be afraid of Cash. Though JT took it in strides but Cash took it personally.

      Ben: You know what? You two aren't even worth it.

      Cash: Huh?

      Ben: It's ridiculous! Could you at least try being original for a change? You've been doing the same old bully routine since the Second Grade, Cash. It's tired. Spilling my drink? Seriously? I can't believe I used to be afraid of you. Look around, Cash, we've all grown up. But you're still the same pathetic loser that has to torment others to feel good about himself. You're just sad.

    • Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up: Attempted by Cash in Alien Force episode "The Gauntlet". This... wasn't very successful.
    • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: To Ben in the Original Series; he hates them, but they are little more than school bullies who hardly are a threat.
    • Those Two Guys: They're rarely seen without each other.
    • Took a Level in Kindness: JT has mellowed out by Ultimate Alien.
    • We Used to Be Friends: JT used to be friends with Ben until deciding to remain on Cash's good side.


    Voiced by Robert David Hall (Original Series, Destroy All Aliens), Jeff Bennett (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien), René Auberjonois (Omniverse)

    The brilliant, if cynical and obnoxious, creator of the Omnitrix. A Centuries years old Galvan (Grey Matter's species) considered as the smartest being in three galaxies, Azmuth created the Omnitrix as a means to allow all species to be in each other shoes and better understand each other, and as by this way promote peace. As such, he was disgusted when people like Vilgax attempted to use it as a weapon, becoming disabused with the Universe. After Ben proved to him the Omnitrix could still be used for good however, he got back part of his hope in the Universe and started to act as one of Ben's Mentor.

    • Above Good and Evil: He had two variations of this over the course of the series:
      • In the original series, he only wanted beings from the universe to understand each other to create peace, and the use of the Omnitrix as a weapon by one person was the same as another, and the sides and reasons did not matter.
      • Afterwards, his dedication became to the universe, and sees the universe as it is, as Albedo found out—The battles between good and evil within the universe are petty and insignificant. The ambition of those who are "evil" is ultimately pointless, as to tear down and destroy is of no consequence or quality.
      • Maltruant also states that regardless of the time or dimension, Azmuth is always too smart to be evil, which is why in order to get himself repaired, he had to settle for the second smartest being in the galaxy, Dr Psychobos.
    • The Atoner: He once created the Ascalon sword, a weapon so powerful it caused the destruction of the Incursian home planet after one of them tried to use it to unify his species. This is partially the reason he then dedicated himself to pacifist causes.
    • Badass Bookworm: Not so much most of the time, but "Showdown, Part 1" demonstrates to us that he is one.
    • Big Good: He shares the position with Max and Paradox.
    • Comic-Book Fantasy Casting: In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Jeff Bennett was channelling René Auberjonois—which probably explains why when Omniverse recast Azmuth, they just got Auberjonois himself to do the part.
    • Cool Old Guy: Zig-zagged; he is irascible, pessimistic, condescending, insufferable and brash, but on the other hand, he is well-intentioned and does display a softer side on occasions.
    • Crazy-Prepared: He's called the "First Thinker" by the Galvans because he tries to prepare for every contingency he can think of. For example, he built a device to disable the Omnitrix in case it ever fell into the wrong hands, which he uses on Albedo in Omniverse.
    • Create Your Own Villain: A speciality of his; to date, he's responsible for turning the Incurseans into space pirates, giving Sir Georgethe Ascalon Sword, and accidentally screwing up the body and mind of Malware. It's also implied that his dickery was what led Albedo to turn out the way he is.
    • Cynical Mentor: Comes with being a cranky old man, even by Galvan standards. He can be wise in ways both worldly and emotionally, but at the end of the day, he's still a stressed-out old scientist.
    • Didn't Think This Through: For all of his genius, and usual good intention, the flaws with his Omnitrix are glaringly obvious, especially so in hindsight:
      • He created the Omnitrix in the first place to promote peace by making the "walking a mile in their shoes" a Literal Metaphor, without taking into account all of the abilities the watch gives essentially making the user a One-Man Army and the various power-hungry villains who can steal it and use it for their own ends.
      • The Omnitrix's basic design is vague at best to beings that do not have space travel, or just don't understand technology in general, which considering the Omnitrix's purpose to promote relations between races is fairly unhelpful. No details explaining what the alien is or what its abilities are are elaborated, the most that a new user can get is a silhouette. This also extends to maintenance, since the Omnitrix can be surprisingly fragile in a few exploitable ways and can malfunction, there's also no immediately obvious way to fix it without going to someone privy to the technology.
      • He failed to take into account beings that can retain consciousness and reform From a Single Cell, which not only creates a possible And I Must Scream situation for that individual and the owner, but also leads to the creation of a villain in the form of Ghostfreak/Zs'Skayr.
      • Simply choosing an alien can be a chore due to the Omnitrix sometimes ignoring inputs for seemingly no clear reason. it also locks off its user from the majority of its functions, and will seemingly lock-off previous choices further down the line when new aliens can be accessed, also for no obvious reason. Omniverse later suggested that the reason the Omnitrix ignores inputs is that Ben keeps slamming the button down instead of just pressing it and it could be assumed that the locking off of old aliens was just a result of the Omnitrix being left idle for almost half a decade between the OS and Alien Force.
    • Figure It Out Yourself: In his own words: "Don't you want to figure it out on your own, as a true hero would?" Humorously, he likes the fact that Ben was honest and told him he didn't want to. Still didn't help him learn.
    • For Science!: This used to be his primary motivation until it cost him his girlfriend and he created a weapon that destroyed a planet; in the present his intentions are more altruistic, like creating the Omnitrix.
    • Good Is Not Nice: He is a well-intentioned scientist, a convinced pacifist and wants nothing but good for the universe. Sadly, he has the bad habit of acting like a dick with almost everyone around him.
    • Grumpy Old Man: Really gives off this vibe in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.
    • Heel Realization: He realizes it's just stupid to blow up the universe when the Omnitrix is near self-destruction.
    • Insufferable Genius: He's never shy about bragging how he's the smartest being in five galaxies. Though he can back it up, much better than Albedo.
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Azmuth can really be a dick sometimes and his social skills are abysmal, but he does mean well.
    • Mad Scientist: Sort of. He's currently more or less a reasonable scientist, but he still tends to be... eccentric, to say the least.
    • My God, What Have I Done?: His reaction when he found out what the Incursians did with the Ascalon sword.
    • No Social Skills: That would almost be an understatement; Azmuth has a bad habit to act like an obnoxiousjackass with a lot of people around him, even though he almost always mean well; his first assistant ditched him for not, according to her, giving her any credit about the creation of the Omnitrix, his other assistant developed a massive superiority complex on him that led him to commit a Face–Heel Turn, his girlfriend left him because he was neglecting her for his work (and he didn't notice she had left until it was far too late) and one of his creation became a rampaging sociopath because he took his time to find a cure to heal him.
    • The Nth Doctor: While the Omniverse episode "Universe Vs. Tennyson" establishes Celestialsapiens, the source species of Alien X and a species of Reality Warpers, as the cause of the various redesigns and The Other Darrins throughout the franchise, Azmuth himself is cited as a specific example, pointing out his redesigns and voice changes (going from Robert David Hall in Secret of the Omnitrix and Destroy All Aliens to Jeff Bennett doing a René Auberjonois impression in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, to Auberjonois himself voicing the role in Omniverse.)
    • Restored My Faith in Humanity: Or the universe. By the time Ben met Azmuth in Secret of the Omnitrix, the scientist had completely given up on the whole Universe, to the point that he was willing to let it, along with himself, be destroyed. However, after seeing Ben in action, he has a Heel Realization, helps Ben win, and becomes more rational in later episodes
    • Same Character, but Different: He was a lot more sarcastic and cynical when we first see him in Secret of the Omnitrix, but is more stoic and serious (though retaining a sense of sarcasm) by the time of Alien Force. Justified in that there was a five-year Time Skip in-between appearances.
    • Science Hero: One of the most brilliant scientists in the Ben 10 universe, and he knows how to use his knowledge to his advantage.
    • Sink-or-Swim Mentor: With some very rare opportunities, such as the Alien Force season 2 finale, Azmuth usually prefers to let Ben figure out by himself how to use the Omnitrix, and very rarely helps him.
    • The Spock: In Alien Force, he tends to encourage Ben toward no-nonsense choices. Less present in the Original Series and Omniverse.
    • Technical Pacifist: Azmuth dislike fighting and rarely takes part in conflicts directly, but will defend himself if it's actually needed.
    • The Watcher: he can follow Ben's use of the Omnitrix on regular basis through elements inside the Omnitrix.
    • Took a Level in Jerkass: He has always been kind of a dick, but Omniverse tends to exaggerate this aspect of his personality; In a flashback episode, he openly doesn't care when Max asks him for help about Ben being trapped in alien forms and refuses to help until Ben as XLR 8 starts wrecking his own lab. Also, he takes petty revenge on Albedo for capturing him by casually trapping him in an 11 years old Ben form.
    • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: His creation of Ascalon led to the destruction of the Incursean's homeworld, and giving it to George led to the foundation of the Forever Knights.
    • World's Smartest Man: Azmuth is considered the brightest mind in three to five galaxies and sometimes even the universe. He's a Galvan, a species already known for Super Intelligence, and he's the brightest of them all, to where they named him First Thinker.

        Tetrax Shard 

    Voiced by Dave Fennoy

    One of the Bounty Hunters recruited by Vilgax to get the Omnitrix in season 1 of the Original Series. It however later turns out he was actually The Mole and wanted to make sure Vilgax didn't get the Omnitrix. Tetrax actually is a Petrosapien who once accidentally allowed Vilgax to destroy his native planet of Petropia after providing him with the Crystal required to power his weapon. He has then been fighting Vilgax as a way to atone for his crime.

    • The Atoner: He attempts to prevent Vilgax from getting his hands on destructive devices as a way to atone for being the one who provided him with the crystal that allowed the destruction of Petropia.
    • Beard of Evil: Played With by his Evil Doppelgänger of Dimension 23 in Omniverse, who has a fairly awesome-looking beard made of the same crystal the rest of his body is. However, the alternate Tetrax is more of a Hero Antagonist than a true villain.
    • Bounty Hunter: He's really good at hunting targets. He proved more or less an acceptable match to the combined forces of Sixsix and Kraab, and practically Curb Stomped Diamondhead during their first encounter
    • Dark Is Not Evil: Yes, the guy dressed in black armor with a helmet is a good guy.
    • Gemstone Assault: Well, he is from Diamondhead's species, so yeah. Notably, his suit apparently is built so he won't have to remove it to use his powers.
    • Good All Along: In his debut, he's hired by Vilgax to retrieve the Omnitrix, but he reveals when he finally catches up to Ben that his actual mission is to retrieve the Omnitrix at all costs and keep it out of Vilgax's hands.
    • Good Counterpart: To Sixsix in the original series.
    • Heel–Face Turn: Initially, he genuinely worked for Vilgax, but, he decided to fight against him after Tetrax became indirectly responsible for the destruction of Petropia by aiding Vilgax. By now, he still is a bounty hunter, but he only works for those he considers honest hirers. He seems to work on a regular basis for Azmuth.
    • Hero Antagonist: Downplayed by the prime dimension's Tetrax, who is revealed to be Good All Along but is looking to remove the Omnitrix from Ben until the episode's end. Played Straight by the alternate Tetrax of Dimension 23: he and his allies are ultimately merely trying to retrieve Ben 23's Omnitrix and return it to Azmuth, with Ben 23's less-than-altruistic use of his Omnitrix up to that point and the seemingly widespread and indiscriminate distrust of aliens on that dimension's Earth seemingly leaving little room for argument.
    • Hover Board: He has one, which he gave to Ben later. He was also introduced with this as his production name.
    • Identical Stranger: To Diamondhead, especially since aliens of the same race can and often look different (except Highbreeds). Possibly justified considering he was supposedly the Last of His Kind at this point, meaning his DNA was most likely used for Diamondhead.
    • It's All About Me: Used to follow this. It bites him in the arses hard, and he gave up on it after that.
    • Last of His Kind: By his own fault. At least until Petropia is restored by Sugilite.
    • OOC Is Serious Business: In the original series, he was pretty easygoing and a friendly ally. When he returns in Alien Force, he immediately grabs Ben and starts screaming demands at him, as well as resorts to violence to get what he wants. It's because he needs Chromastone to restore his people and there's only has so much time to pull it off, so politeness had to take a backseat.
    • "Reason You Suck" Speech: delivers one to Ben at their first encounter, pointing out Ben's Leeroy Jenkins tendencies and his lack of strategy. Fortunately, Ben was smart enough to learn from this.
    • The Reveal: He wore a helmet hiding his face for most of his first appearance; it wasn't until the last minutes of the episode that he removed it and revealed himself as a Pretrosapiens.
      • It Was His Sled: By now, all fans are well aware he is a Pretrosapiens, and it's hard to not get the information from the fandom before you watch the episode.
    • Throw the Dog a Bone: His planet gets rebuilt with all its population resurrected in "Secret of Chromastone" thanks to a combination of Chromastone's powers and a failsafe inside the crystal.


    • Adaptational Villainy: Since Vilgax didn't destroy his planet in this version, he is still an amoral bounty hunter.
    • Bond Breaker: While calling him, Kraab and Sixsix True Companions or even friends would be pushing it (as seen during their interaction in "Bounty Ball") it's implied they have worked together for quite some time and acted as a team on several missions. Due to Tetrax betraying the other two in "Mutiny for the Bounty", it's doubtful they'll work together ever again.
    • Chained Heat: With Ben in " Mutiny for the Bounty ": it's a subversion, since it was Tetrax that chained them together to bring Ben to his client and could have released them anytime. The device holding them was also designed to counter Ben's transformations, like creating two more cuffs when he turned in Four Arms.
    • Exact Words: He captures Gwen and uses her as a hostage to force Ben to surrender, promising he will let her go if the child does. After Ben is captured, he drops her from the train roof they were fighting on.

      Ben: "You said you'd let her go!"

      Tetrax: "I did let her go."

    • Kick the Dog: His Exact Words example above.
    • Know When to Fold 'Em: After Vilgax gives him, Kraab and Sixsix a Curb-Stomp Battle and sends them packing through their own teleporter, they wisely decide to not go back to the battlefield.
    • Healing Factor: Possibly averted: in "Mutiny for the Bounty" Kraab shatters one of his arms and he doesn't regrow it before leaving.
    • I Owe You My Life: After Ben helped him fight Kraab and Sixsix (who Tetrax double-crossed to keep all the bounty to himself) he lets Ben go. He is quick to add that it's only for this time.
    • The Leader: Of the group he forms with Kraab and Sixsix. After "Mutiny for the Bounty" it's safe to assume their group has been disbanded for good.
    • Once a Season: Tetrax is a fairly recurring villain, having shown up once every season.
    • Only in It for the Money: Which makes him unpredictable: one episode he could be helping Ben fight Vilgax, in another trying to hunt the kid.
    • Nothing Personal: He said it verbatim to Ben in "Bounty Ball", explaining they were only hunting him for money. Ben (as Grey Matter) argued back that attacking his person is the definition of personal.
    • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: He and the other bounty hunters run away when Shock Rock proves too much for them.
    • Super Reflexes: Enough to keep up with XLR8, much to Ben's surprise.
    • Teleport Gun: He uses it to quickly arrive and leave a scene.
    • Vagueness Is Coming: When they give up on the hunt, he warns Ben it's only the beginning.

      "You're no longer worth the trouble, earth child! [...] We just wanted money! There will be others who want far more from you!"

    • Wild Card: He has nothing personal against Ben, therefore it's impossible to guess if he will be on his side or not when they meet.
    • The Worf Effect: He, Six Six and Kraab are quickly defeated by Vilgax, showing what kind of treat the conqueror is.


    Voiced by Grey DeLisle

    The alien who was in charge of bringing the Omnitrix to Earth, and one of Max's old Love Interests. She was the one who unlocked Upchuck for Ben.

    • Ace Pilot: In "And Then There Were 10", she manages to shoot at Vilgax while he is still inside his ship, damaging him so much that he has to spend the whole season in a Dark Lord on Life Support situation.
    • Action Girl: Xylene is no slouch in combat.
    • Amicable Exes: She and Max ended their relationship on good terms.
    • Battle Couple: Xylene and Max were this during his days as a Plumber.
    • Call-Back: She gets a mention in Omniverse episode "Gone Fishin'" as a Continuity Nod.
    • Green-Skinned Space Babe: Despite her tentacled features, she's a beautiful space babe.
    • Lizard Folk: She is a reptilian alien.
    • Love Interest: To Max Tennyson. Apparently, Max has a thing for alien chicks.
    • Maternally Challenged: Xylene's species as a whole, since they don't take care of their offspring once they hatch. She isn't able to understand attachment to children in other species, which is implied to be a major factor in why her relationship with Max ended.
    • Mind over Matter: Xylene has the power of telekinesis. It's versatile enough to even control water.
    • Non-Mammal Mammaries: An especially blatant case in that she explicitly states her species don't take care of their children at all, making you wonder the point of those.
    • Small Role, Big Impact: She only appeared in two episodes, including one where we don't actually see her (only her ship is shown). Yet, she was the character who initiated the whole plot of the franchise.
    • Supernatural Is Purple: Her telekinesis surrounds anything it is used on in purple light.
    • Third Eye: She has a third eye on her forehead.
    • What Happened to the Mouse?: She disappeared entirely after her one appearance (outside of a mention in Omniverse) despite having a key role in Ben's origin, an obvious interest in Max, and a lack of explanation as to why Azmuth chose her to deliver the Omnitrix.

        Kai Green 

    Voiced by Bettina Bush

    Ben's first shown Love Interest, and granddaughter of Wes Green, a retired Plumber and old friend of Max. She began to take an interest in Ben after he began transforming into Blitzwolfer, though only because she wanted to keep him as a pet. According to a pop-up in the enhanced version original series episode ''Ken 10'', she is Ben's future wife and Ken's mother.

    Original Series
    • The Chick: She's pretty much this in "Benwolf", being unable to contribute to the action unlike Ben and Gwen.
    • Damsel in Distress: Briefly at the beginning of Benwolf, where she gets caught in a flood and Ben has to save her.
    • First Girl Wins: Subverted here but played straight later on. See below in the "Omniverse" section.
    • Kick the Dog: Infamous for this in the Original Series, where she got interested in Ben only because she wanted to keep Blitzwolfer as a pet, something she flat-out admitted in his face with no remorse. Even Gwen was outraged by such an attitude. Instead of being a marker of being evil or mean, it's more a mark of being obliviously jerkish. She was too young and socially inexperienced to realize just how messed up it was, saying "I could train you, tame know!" in such a way that she thought Ben, or anyone really, would be totally understanding of her mindset. At least she preceded it by saying Ben was still a nice guy and "the alien thing is cool"
    • Long Hair Is Feminine: Her hair is long and straight in this series, and she's more feminine here than she is in "Omniverse", where she sports a ponytail.
    • Love Interest: She was this for Ben, though it's mostly one-sided in the Original Series.
    • Loves My Alter Ego: In her first appearance, she was more interested in Ben when he was Blitzwolfer.
    • Nice Girl: Moments of brushing off Ben's feelings and treating him like a pet aside, Kai is easily the most outwardly kind, most mild-mannered, and least sarcastic and snarky out of herself, Ben and Gwen in this series. She is far less so in the sequel series.
    • Small Role, Big Impact: In the sense that she only had one appearance in the original series (minus a cameo in "Perfect Day") and then never appeared again until 3 sequels later. She then became Ben's most love interest and eventually his wife in the future. But had this episode not happened, then Kai wouldn't have existed and Ben may have ended up staying with or getting back together with Julie, or ending up with Esther (who in the game show episode, was made out to be his next most likely love interest at that point).
    • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Kai is the girly girl to Gwen's tomboy in "Benwolf", with Kai's soft-spoken nature, mild manners and non-action traits clashing strongly with Gwen's snark, sass, brashness and temper.

    • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Excalibur is capable of cutting through blast-proof doors like they were butter.
    • Adventurer Archaeologist: Alongside her grandfather in Omniverse.
    • Ascended Extra: While Man of Action did confirm that she was Ben's wife in the future, she actually had a very little role in the Original Series, appearing only in Benwolf as a character and in "Perfect Day" as a cameo in Ben's dream while she was completely absent in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. Omniverse brings her back and makes her a recurring character as well as Ben's final Love Interest and wife in the future.
    • Badass Bookworm: Incredibly well versed in history and uses Big Ben's chimes as a distraction. Predicting just when they come.
    • Badass Normal: Uses martial arts and knowledge of alien technology to fight.
    • Deadpan Snarker: She has become this in Omniverse.
    • Everyone Can See It: The Forever Knights mistake them for boyfriend and girlfriend and Rook calls their back and forth arguing "romantic bantering".
    • First Girl Wins: A double subversion: it isn't the case at first in "Benwolf", but ends up being played straight after all in "Ken 10" (which reveals that she is Ben's wife in the future). Word of God even confirms that she is the ultimate winner in Ben's Omniverse "harem." This comes to pass in "The Most Dangerous Game Show".
    • Flanderization: In the Original Series, her interest in Blitzwolfer was fairly subtle. She was interested in him in that she thought it could be amusing to have him as a pet, which was only expressed in one line at the end of the episode. When she comes back in Omniverse, it has turned into a borderline obsession to the point of which that she encourages Ben to turn into him whenever the occasion presents itself and uses Blitzwolfer's picture instead of Ben's for his profile on her phone. "The Most Dangerous Game Show" pushes it even further by having her apparently love all of Ben's aliens but acting disdainfully of him when he is in human form to the point that she treats them as separate individuals.
    • Future Badass: In the future, she has at some point found Excalibur and it is her main weapon.
    • Girliness Upgrade: Inverted. Kai becomes less feminine here than she was in the original series, having taken several levels in badass and snarky attitude, as well as adopting a Tomboyish Ponytail.
    • He Is Not My Boyfriend: Says this about Ben in Omniverse. While it's true, there's clear sexual tension going on between them.
    • Love Interest: In Omniverse, the two have Belligerent Sexual Tension in spades and hold each other's arms after Ben rescues her from falling off of Big Ben, though they break as soon as it's commented on. And she gives him a goodbye kiss on the cheek. "Secret of Dos Santos" is chock full of Belligerent Sexual Tension between the two, and she gives Ben (as XLR8) a kiss on the lips when he discovers the path to the temple.
    • Loves My Alter Ego: She shows signs of this in Omniverse, similar to the original series, wanting Ben to turn into Blitzwolfer, and petting him when he does and subsequently saves her from falling (though she does give Ben a parting kiss on the cheek).
    • Official Couple: As of "The Most Dangerous Game Show". she is Ben's girlfriend and eventually becomes his wife.
    • She Is All Grown Up: Ben points this out as soon as he meets her again in Omniverse. Then again, so's he.
    • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Once she and Ben meet again, this is the relationship they have. Even in the future where they are married with a son, they still bicker when fighting together.
    • Tomboy and Girly Girl: She's the Tomboy to Ester's Girly-Girl in Omniverse.
    • Took a Level in Badass: Between the original series and Omniverse thanks to after school judo lessons.
    • Took a Level in Jerkass: Also in Omniverse. Her Kick the Dog moment in the original was done out of youthful obliviousness, but now she knows exactly what she's doing when she's mean to Ben. To be fair, Ben often gives as good as he gets.

        Alternate Bens and Omnitrix wearers 

    Voiced by Fred Tatasciore (original series), Sean Donnellan (Ultimate Alien), Judd Nelson (Omniverse)

    Ben's future self. Since the future is constantly changing, and there are various timelines, we have seen different versions of Ben 10,000 over the course of the franchise, with at least two confirmed to be from different alternate futures (the third one is... complicated).

    • Alternate Self: Presumably thanks to the future constantly changing, the Original Series, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse each gave a different version of Ben 10,000. While the one appearing in Ultimate Alien is confirmed both by Word of God and in-universe as being an alternate self, the two others' case is somewhat less clear (Derrick Wyatt stated they are meant to be the same characters, but many elements between the two— such as their relationship with Kevin— don't match).
    • Badass Beard: One of the things all Ben 10,000 have in common.
    • Broad Strokes: Omniverse Ben 10,000 is stated by Word of God to be the same one as in the Original Series, but many details about both of them (including Word of God from both previous and these same writers) don't match such as Kevin being reformed (or at least having a habit of switching regularly between villain and hero) and having lived the events of Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse (he was still evil and had spent his entire life in the Null Void in the Original Series). Word of God's explanation is that this was due to alteration in Ben's past- despite the existence of various alternate timelines being established. The Ben 10 Wiki notably disregards Wyatt's statements on this and presents the Omniverse Ben 10,000 future as just one possible future.
    • Composite Character: Omniverse's Ben 10,000 has a slightly modified version of the original incarnation of Ben 10,000's design and life, but has some of the immature tendencies of his Ultimate Alien counterpart
    • Fusion Dance: In Omniverse, his Biomnitrix allows him to transform into alien fusions, such as:
      • Atomic-X: Atomix + Alien X
      • Fourmungousaur: Four Arms + Humungousaur
      • Crashshocker: Crashhopper + Shocksquatch
      • Uprigg: Upgrade + Juryrigg
      • Big Chuck: Way Big + Upchuck
      • Humungoopsaur: Humungousaur + Goop
    • Future Badass: Another thing all versions of Ben 10,000 have in common is that they are several times more badass than Ben's present self, usually having unlocked the Omnitrix's full potential and lost their immaturity with age. They all have access to 10,000 alien forms at the very least, can switch between forms with no glitches or time limit and fully know how to operate the Omnitrix even without the Master Control.
    • Gadgeteer Genius: According to Word of God, he used the minds of his smartest aliens to create a second Omnitrix for his son, and did the same to create his Biomnitrix.
    • Happily Married: To Kai Green in the Original Series and Omniverse, though in the former's case this is only known through Word of God. Ultimate Alien Ben 10,000's marital status was unknown.
    • Informed Ability: None of them ever get to use all 10,000 forms they are stated to have. Justified in that seeing 10,000 different aliens would require a lot of episodes.
    • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Before his past self managed to make him grow out of his jerkassery, Original Series Ben 10,000 dealt with Vilgax by literally ripping him to pieces so he wouldn't come back again (it didn't work). Considering the victim was Vilgax, it's hard to blame him.
    • Manchild: Compared to the other versions of him, Ultimate Alien's Ben 10,000 really isn't much more mature than his present-day self. Omniverse Ben 10,000 kind of qualifies as well.
    • One-Man Army: Up to Eleven; Original Series Ben 10,000 was stated to have become so efficient he single-handedly patrolled the whole world to deal with criminals everywhere, making police and other superheroes obsolete.
    • Overprotective Dad: Initially towards Kenny.
    • Our Presidents Are Different: President Action variety with Ultimate Alien Ben 10,000, who stated he was once President of Earth during a Vilgaxian invasion. Though he stepped down later to let Gwen take over.
    • Papa Wolf: Towards his son, Ken. Deconstructed in Ken 10, where he acts so protective toward Ken he doesn't actually leave him a chance to prove himself.
    • Super Mode: Ultimate Alien Ben 10,000's "Ultimate Ben" form allowed him to use all his aliens' abilities without actually transforming into them.
    • Took a Level in Jerkass: Original Series Ben 10,000, when met by his past self, had become cynical and quite anti-social, spending all his time in his alien forms and refusing any help. He gets better by the end of the episode.
    • Transformation Name Announcement: Both Ultimate Alien and Omniverse Ben 10,000 activate their unique abilities (respectively his Ultimate Ben alien powers and his fusion forms) by shouting the name of the forms.
    • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Unlike Ben's present self, Original Series Ben 10,000 has unlocked the Omnitrix' Master Control, allowing him to switch between all his form with no glitches, time limit or need to push the dial. Presumably, the other Ben 10,000 can do this as well.
      • Shapeshifter Default Form: In the original series, his most commonly used form was XLR8, as it allows him to patrol the world much faster. Whenever he wasn't in a fight, XLR8 was the form he was in.

    Voiced by: Tara Strong (Original Series), Scott Menville (Omniverse).

    Ben 10,000's son. Was given a replica Omnitrix of his own on his tenth birthday. He is named after Gwen's older brother, Kenneth Tennyson.

    • All There in the Manual: How there is even a second Omnitrix is explained in the pop-up edition of Ken 10: Ben 10,000 simply used his smartest aliens to create one.
    • Art Evolution: In the original series, he had the skin tone of his mother, Kai. In Omniverse, he had his father's skin tone in a brief cameo presented in "And Then There Was Ben". When he returns later in the episode "The End of an Era", he has Kai's skin tone again.
    • Brought Down to Normal: He used to have an Omnitrix, but Ben and Kai took it from him when he was grounded. Then he was given a time-travelling device by Paradox and became Spanner.
    • Calling the Old Man Out: He isn't pleased with his dad constantly babying him and calls him out on it.
    • The Cameo: He has a silent one in Omniverse.
    • Cool Pet: Got one of his Aunt Gwen's Stone creatures for his 10th birthday.
    • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Helps bring down Kevin 11,000 with a set of defensive aliens and only a day's worth of experience.
    • Foil: While, as noted below, he acts a lot like his dad there are some key differences between Kenny and Ben: Kenny is far more tactical in his use of aliens than Ben was thanks to years watching his dad use them. He's also more appreciative of that kind of alien: his disappointment is more in not getting to pick his own aliens and the fact he has no offensive aliens than the aliens themselves (outside of Toepick), and he has a circle of friends, something 10-year-old Ben notably lacked.
    • Gadgeteer Genius: He used Grey Matter to hack his Omnitrix, and unlock Master Control.
    • Generation Xerox: Acts just like dear old dad did at that age. His relationship with Devlin Levin also mirrors his dad's initial interactions with Devlin's dad Kevin.
    • The Ghost: Snakepit, Sandbox and Shellhead are the only aliens never seen on screen.
    • I Just Want to Be Special: Really just wants to be a hero like his dad but Ben begins Kenny's career by protecting him at every turn rather than let Ken make his own mistakes.
    • Instant Expert: Is already fairly skilled with his aliens after less than a day of superheroing and with his father specifically trying to keep him out of harm's way. Justified as he seems to have a detailed knowledge of his dad's aliens.
    • Jumped at the Call: Had been chomping at the bit to join his dad in the hero business.
    • Kid Hero: Like father like son.
    • Mixed Ancestry: His dad's white while his mom's Native American.
    • Stone Wall: Shellhead, one of his unseen aliens who according to Ken his only power is being invincible.
    • Strong Family Resemblance: To both his parents, having his father's looks but his mother's skin tone.
    • Unwitting Pawn: Kevin Levin uses him to get to his dad.
    • Weak, but Skilled: Ben put mostly defensive or skill-based aliens in his Omnitrix. He makes up for his skill and creativity with them. Becomes even more apparent when he uses grey matter to unlock master control.

    Voiced by: Yuri Lowenthal

    An alternate Ben introduced in "And Then There Were None", from a universe where there never was an Omnitrix.

    • Badass Normal: Seems to be his future path, specifically as a Plumber.
    • Be Careful What You Wish For: At the start of "And Then There Were None" he complains that nothing special ever happens and he wished for excitement, shortly afterwards he gets attacked by evil alternate Bens.
    • Establishing Character Moment: Most of the first half of "And Then There Were None" highlights the similarities and differences between Prime!Ben and him: He is seen helping an old lady get her cat out of a tree, finding the town he lives in boring, desiring more, having an awkward relationship with his cousin (since without discovering the Omnitrix, they never became friends), and seems to have a friendly relationship with Cash and JT rather than the same one as Prime!Ben.
    • Naïve Newcomer: Spends the second act of "And Then There Were None" terrified and confused by the Omnitrix wielders until Paradox explains things.
    • Nice Guy: He is far less egotistical and self-centred than the regular Ben, presumably due to never becoming famous.
    • Screams Like a Little Girl: When the regular Ben transforms into Spider Monkey, and when he's being carried away by him.
    • Small Town Boredom: He's grown tired of living in Bellwood and desires to find something else in life.

    Voiced by Tara Strong

    An alternate version of Ben, whose own version of Grandpa Max died shortly before he received the Omnitrix and who thus had to teach himself how to use it. Though still ultimately fashioning himself as a hero, without Max's guidance and teachings this Ben became even more self-centred, amoral and obnoxious than our Ben had ever been, and knows next to nothing about the aliens he meets or turns into, or even about the Omnitrix itself. A worldwide figure, entertainment mogul and hero to millions, he lived a comfortable life milking his heroism for personal gain before an interdimensional meeting with Ben put him on the right track.

    • Aesop Amnesia: Downplayed. He tries to decline a plea for help to save the Multiverse from Vilgax and Evil Bens, still suffering a case of Bystander Syndrome, but goes along with them anyway since it's the right thing to do.
    • Anti-Hero: He's a fame-obsessed annoyance, but he does save the day in the end anyway.
    • Atrocious Alias: His alien names are, for lack of a better word, lame.
    • Bystander Syndrome: Surprisingly, considering Mainstream Ben's most defining trait of character. He doesn't lift a finger to help people being victimized by non-alien threats, because the press doesn't lap it up as they do when he fights titanic battles against aliens. Ben basically has to drag him into helping take down a bunch of bank robbers, and even so he takes so long trying to call his cameramen in to film the fight that he misses it entirely. What's worse, since the only villain he knows of is "The High Intellectual" (actually Azmuth, trying to reclaim his Omnitrix), who specifically targets him, which means he only ever protects the public from threats that are only a threat to him in the first place.
    • Catchphrase: "It's Gyro Time!" Also, calling his villains "haters."
    • Fantastic Racism: Believes all aliens to be monsters, invaders or "haters." He gets better.
    • Fiction 500: He claims to be rich and influential enough to practically run Bellwood, which seems to behave weight in at least some respects.
    • Foil: He represents what Ben would've turned out to be without Max to rein in his ego and greed, and lacks the patience, skill, and some of the morals of the main Ben. He gets better, as a result of meeting the main version and working with Azmuth afterwards, though does still veer into his questionable morals.
    • Giver of Lame Names: Pretty much all of his aliens are poorly named, either as a line-of-sight on their appearance and powers or some variation of "[X] Guy/Man". Examples include Freezelizard (Articguana), Electricyeti (Shocksquatch), Charcoal Man (Heatblast), and Plug Man (Feedback). Though he changes Plug Man to Feedback after hearing Ben's name, and Eye Guy has the same name.
    • Hidden Depths: Ben 23 may well be a whiny, bratty, arrogant, selfish spoiled rotten twerp by nature; but he isn't completely without merits. At the end of "It's a Mad Ben World part 2" he gives a stunning speech of how individuals using the Omnitrix are only worthy of the power they wield when they use it to better the lives of others and he goes on to say that with everything riding on their choices, they best not mess up
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's obnoxious and sometimes seems to care only about his fame and his image - even at the expense of other people at times - but deep down he really does want to be a hero, and he genuinely respects and looks up to our Ben after meeting him. He is also legitimately receptive to Ben's advice, even when it goes against what he's built his image up to be though he doesn't really let it sink in until after he nearly kills Azmuth and Ben has to get tough with him. By the end, he comes off more as a misguided kid than the all-out jerk he seems to be.
    • Lonely at the Top: Pointed out by his version of Azmuth when the two finally meet: Ben 23 has money, fame and the adoration of millions, but none of that holds a candle to having Grandpa Max with him - and he still misses him.
    • Miles Gloriosus: Exhibits many traits of this, though he is not a complete example. Though he is a competent and effective hero in his own right, he constantly exaggerates or even lies to make himself look better, particularly in front of his less accomplished but far more heroic alternate version.
    • Morality Pet: Ben Prime tends to act a lot more mature whenever he's around Ben 23, steering him away from selfish decisions and toward a genuine heroic path.
    • Obliviously Amoral: Though he certainly wasn't above using the idea to make himself look good, he legitimately had no idea that not all aliens were evil. When Ben tells him so, he's amazed rather than disbelieving. After learning his lesson, he gradually becomes a much better person for it.
    • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: He has Nanomech, or "Teeny Weeny" as he calls him, meaning that at some point, he fought and defeated his world's equivalent to the Nanite Hive.
    • Palette Swap: His Omnitrix is a blue and gold version of Kid Ben's, and his aliens are blue palette swaps of Ben's.
    • Person As Adjective: He tends to use his own name as slang for "awesome," as in "that was so totally Ben." Given that he uses it when hyping up a crowd, it's likely part of his image.
    • Stepford Smiler: He seems cocky and content with the rich lifestyle he's built for himself, but it's really just a cover to cope over the loss of Grandpa Max.
    • Trademark Favorite Food: Gyros - literally, as his name is branded all over his favorite franchise. Though when asked about it he dismissively refers to Gyros as "yokel food," possibly implying that his love for them may be just another part of his image.
    • Unskilled, but Strong: Self taught with the Omnitrix, and as such lacks finesse in the way he uses his aliens - in favor of brute force. Unlike the main Ben, though, he can at least consistently pick the transformation he actually wants.
    • Vague Age: It's never stated exactly how old he is, but he appears to be older than Ben's kid self, but younger than his teenage self, meaning he's somewhere between 11 and 16. Wordof God says he's 12-14.

    Voiced by:Ashley Johnson

    A Gwen Tennyson from an alternate timeline where she got the Omnitrix instead of Ben.

    • Ascended Extra: Amusingly enough, she wasn't even technically a character at first; "Gwen 10" was a What If? episode from the Original Series imagining how things would have gone if Gwen got the Omnitrix instead of Ben. In fact, Gwen didn't even get to keep the Omnitrix at the end of this episode. Comes Omniverse, the concept is used to create an alternate timeline where she actually kept the Omnitrix.
    • Distaff Counterpart: Her alien forms are all female versions of Ben's.
    • Instant Expert: No Watch Ben and Paradox pick her up on the same night as the Omnitrix arrived, yet she demonstrates nearly the same level of skill with her aliens as the others do theirs.
    • Little Miss Badass: Still 10 years old when she appears, and still kicks ass.
    • Palette Swap: Her Omnitrix is the original, but with the same colors as her shirt, the symbol has cat ears like on her shirt, and the green has been changed to pink.
    • Took a Level in Kindness: It might just be because of the situation, but compared to mainstream 10-year-old Gwen, she is a lot less abrasive toward the various Ben she teams up with, and while she still snarks at them, it's much less mean-spirited.

    'Voiced by:/ N/A

    An alternate Argit briefly seen when Paradox is recruiting the alternate Ben's. In his reality, he got the Omnitrix. Nothing else is known other than that his Omnitrix is gold and he's filthy rich.

    • Bling-Bling-BANG!: His Omnitrix is golden.
    • The Cameo: Only appears as a gag and is never actually interacted with.
    • Joke Character: The protagonists are so repulsed by this version of Argit that they simply refuse to recruit him even though having an extra Omnitrix wielder would help them in their plans against Vilgax and Eon.
    • "No. Just... No" Reaction: The Bens, Gwen and Paradox quickly back out of his reality. This includes No-Watch Ben and Gwen, neither of whom had ever met Argit.
    • Noodle Incident: Everything about him is unknown, especially how he got the Omnitrix to bond with him despite not having Tennyson DNA.
    • Pooled Funds: Swims in a pile of money Scrooge McDuck-style.

        Devlin Levin

    Voiced by:Charlie Schlatter

    The son of Kevin 11,000 from an Alternative Timeline.

    • Everyone Has Standards: Although it was the Tennysons who locked his father away Devlin tried to keep his father from hurting them since he didn't want to hurt anyone and only wanted a family.
    • Freudian Excuse: He tricked Kenny into thinking they were friends in order to get access to the Null Void projector and release his father, a very dangerous criminal although he only did that because he loved his father and wanted him in his life. The altered version of the timeline shown in Omniverse makes this considerably softer as that version of Kevin 11,000 had simply been driven insane by absorbing extreme amounts of energy and was eventually cured, returning him to a state more consistent with his Character Development.
    • Happily Adopted: He was thrilled when Ben and Max offered to adopt him.
    • Heel–Face Turn: When he realized that Kevin didn't care about him and only wanted revenge on the Tennyson family Devlin quickly turned on him, apologized to Kenny and helped the Tennysons re-capture him.
    • Missing Mom: Devlin's mother is never seen nor mentioned. It was revealed in pop-up trivia that his mother was a woman from a Saturn colony whom Kevin had a relationship with before being captured and thrown back in the Null Void. It is never revealed what happened to her.
    • Raised by Rival: Ben decides to adopt him after re-capturing Kevin 11,000 since Devlin has no mother and Kevin couldn't care less about him.
    • Rhyming Names: Devlin's name is just two letters away from his surname Levin.
    • Strong Family Resemblance: He looks a lot like his father when he was a child.

        The Galactic Enforcers

    A trio of alien superheroes introduced in the Original Series, first met by Ben when they came on Earth to track Sixsix and Vulkanus. Their group consisted in Ultimos, a Superman Substitute; Tini, a female Tetramand; and Synaptak, an brain-like alien with psychic powers.

    • Abhorrent Admirer: In her introduction, Tini had a crush on Fourarms, much to Ben's dismay. This ends after he arranged for Synaptak and her to get together.
    • Amazon Chaser: Synaptak has feelings for Tini, a Tetramand girl.
    • Bald of Awesome: Ultimos.
    • By-the-Book Cop: Ultimos bases his behaviour entirely on the Galactic Code of Conduct.
    • Dropped A Bridge on Them: While it's left ambiguous whether they actually died or not, all three of them are defeated by Vilgax in Vengeance of Vilgax, with Tini and Synaptak disappearing under a rock slide and Ultimos having his powers absorbed by the warlord. They haven't been seen since them.
    • Flying Brick: Ultimos, being based on Superman, shares the same powers.
    • Head Blast: Synaptak can fire beams of telekinetic energy from his brain-like head.
    • Insufferable Genius: Synaptak acted this way toward Ben, though it's unclear whether it really is his usual personality or if he was just jealous about Ben getting Tini's attention.
    • Mind over Matter: Synaptak's power.
    • Official Couple: Synaptak and Tini, thanks to Ben.
    • Overshadowed by Awesome: In the Original Series' future, Ben 10,000 became so effective of his own he basically made the three of them obsolete, reducing them to glorified cops who come to arrest the criminals after he defeated them. However, after being enlightened by his 10-years-old self, he decides to let them handle some criminals again.
    • Pastiche: Ultimos is one of Superman.
    • Superman Substitute: Ultimos is a Flying Brick alien with a Kryptonite Factor and a friendly demeanour.
    • Weaksauce Weakness: Ultimos is vulnerable to chocolate.
    • The Worf Effect: Ultimos gets easily defeated and depowered by Vilgax as a way to re-establish him as a big threat.


    Voiced by Kath Soucie

    Tiffany is a student at Bankcroft Academy. She is known to have a stuck up attitude, and disliked the Tennyson family because they're middle-class.

    • Academic Alpha Bitch: In spite of her Alpha Bitch tendencies as described below, Tiffany is ultimately successful at academics, given how she is a student of a prestigious school. Not that this is shown. See Informed Attribute.
    • Alpha Bitch: She welcomes all potential new students to the academy and seems to have a high influence over the decision of whether or not they get accepted. Anyone who doesn't meet her standards of class and social status gets rejected. Because of her prejudice of the Tennyson family, Gwen doesn't get in.
    • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: She tries to put on a polite and friendly, welcoming facade when introducing potential new students to the school. She's actually snobbish, condescending and unwelcoming.
    • Damsel in Distress: She ends up being held hostage by the Circus Freaks and the titular ghost in "Ghostfreaked Out".
    • Informed Attribute: Given she is a student at the highly regarded Bankcroft, she is allegedly a really smart and talented person. However, all we see of her is her acting like a stuck-up snob and nothing else. She's utterly useless in the climax of the Tennyson's versus Ghostfreak and the Circus Freaks. Ben quickly points this out when praising Gwen, someone with actual Action Girl capabilities who contributed to stopping the villains.
    • Long Hair Is Feminine
    • The Perfectionist: In the sense that every student at the academy has to maintain the standards she has in mind of perfect class, refinery and decorum. People from "quality families" just don't make the cut for her.
    • Real Women Don't Wear Dresses: Tiffany wears a skirt and has a generally more feminine appearance than Gwen. Guess which of the two girls is actually useful when the school is attacked and the heroes and villains face off.
    • Slobs Versus Snobs: Tiffany is high class and a student of the prestigious Bankcroft Academy. She denies Gwen the right to enrol there because she is from a "quality family".
    • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Tiffany is the girly girl to Gwen's tomboy. The former is a snobbish, stuck-up, high class Alpha Bitch, compared with the snarky and brash, action-prone latter.
    • Ungrateful Bastard: Ben saves her life when she's in peril and she shows no gratitude for this at all.


    Voiced by Vanessa Marshall (Secret of the Omnitrix), Vyvam Pham (Alien Force)

    A female Chimera Sui Generis (Vilgax's species) who worked as Azmuth's assistant and helped him developing the Omnitrix. He refused to give her credit for it though, resulting in her taking her revenge by putting her own signature inside it instead of Azmuth's. During Secret of the Omnitrix, she is found in Incarcecon by Ben, Gwen and Tetrax, and helps them find Azmuth. After the universe has been saved, she makes up with Azmuth and become his assistant again.

    • Berserk Button: She takes offense to being mistaken for Vilgax (plus she's a woman, so...)
    • The Cameo: Briefly appears in "The Most Dangerous Game Show".
    • Cthulhumanoid: Just look at her. Though she won't drive you insane or anything like that.
    • Cute Monster Girl: Averted with her Original Series look. YMMV if the trope is played straight or not with her Alien Force look, but it definitely is in Omniverse.
    • Genius Bruiser: she is a brillant enough scientist to be Azmuth's assistant; she also is from the same species than Vilgax.
    • Lovable Coward: More than willing to let a ten-year-old do the fighting.
    • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Chimera Sui Generis are supposed to be an aggressive, warrior species (proven in the Omniverse episode "Vilgax Must Croak"; they managed to repel a full-scale invasion of their homeworld by the Incurseans in a matter of hours). Myaxx, on the other hand, is a self-admitted coward who rather avoids fighting whenever possible.
    • Progressively Prettier: When she was first introduced in Secret of the Omnitrix, she barely had any difference with Vilgax's original appearance to the point Ben actually mistook her for him. Her cameos in Alien Force and Omniverse gradually despict her as more feminineand attractive. A strange choice when you consider her initial appearance was very explicit about her looking like Vilgax.
    • Unwitting Pawn: Word of God revealed that she was the one who accepted Zs'Kayr's offer to provide her with DNA samples for the Omnitrix, allowing him to secretly put his own sample amongst them and resulting in Ghostfreak.

    Premiered in Alien Force Era (Force-Ultimate)


    Voiced by David McCallum

    An unknown scientist from the Cold War who was experimenting on Time Travel. His experiment went wrong, causing him to end up floating randomly through space and time for 100,000 years, unable to die or age. Though initially becoming insane because of it, he eventually became Bored with Insanity, and was able to take control over his time travel, starting to use it to save Earth at various points by alternating the course of time. This led him to meet with Ben's team during the Alien Force era. Though eccentric, he is otherwise a reliable ally.

    • The Ageless: Due to existing outside of time, he can't age and apparently also doesn't need to eat or sleep. This also makes him immune to time manipulation to some degree (he can't be aged into dust or anything like that, but he still feels it to some degree).
    • All-Powerful Bystander: While he does assist the heroes from time-to-time, he's prevented from being there for every instance. It's later explained that being a Paradox Person whenever he visits a location, the walls of reality will thin and eventually threaten it's destruction. This may also be in part due to the fact if he always stayed, he would be a case of Story-Breaker Power.
    • Artificial Limbs: In Omniverse, he apparently lost his hand in the Time War and has replaced it with the Chrono Navigator disguised as a bionic hand.
    • Badass Boast: Tells Eon that if he goes through with his plan, no force in all of time will be able to protect him from Paradox.
    • Badass Bookworm: Well, he used to be a scientist after all and since his field was studying and manipulating time... Well, he's better at that now.
    • Badass in a Nice Suit: Nice tie.
    • Big Good: One of the most powerful forces of good in the franchise, whose purpose is to counter any evil that threatens all of space-time.
    • Bored with Insanity: In his own words:

      "At first, I went mad, of course. But after a few millennia, I got bored with that, too, and went sane. Very sane."

    • Call-Forward: Word of God said that in Race Against Time (a movie that's otherwise non-canon), Paradox guarded the Hands of Armageddon from Eon for several years until Ben stopped him.
      • This is finally revealed in "Ben 10,000 Returns". The movie was actually set in an alternate timeline and thus Paradox guarded that alternate timeline's Hands of Armageddon.
    • The Cameo: He makes a brief one in "Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51". Prior to becoming immortal, he worked at Area 51 with Max and Colonel Rozum.
    • Cloudcuckoo Lander: His constant time travel and immortality cause him to often appear as this; he doesn't live events in the right order (for example, he apparently met a future version of Ben before meeting present Ben for the first time) and will offer gumballs to people in inappropriate situations.
    • Cool Old Guy: He doesn't look like it, but he is really 10,000+ years old.
    • Cultured Badass: He dresses and speaks the part of a well-educated Science Hero.
    • Doctor Whomage: From Doctor Who, Paradox is basically a giant love letter to the Doctor, especially the tenth incarnation played by David Tennant.
      • The quirk of offering gumballs brings to mind Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor (with him offering jelly babies).
      • His Chrono Navigator has taken the shape of a pocket watch, referencing the fob watch that is part of the TARDIS chameleon arch. It also took the form of a gauntlet, which references Rassilon's gauntlet from "The End of Time".
      • He has a tendency to use the phrase "Spoilers", taking after River Song, a companion of the Eleventh Doctor.
      • He Doesn't Like Guns, similar to most incarnations.
      • Both have had their arm cut off, with the Tenth Doctor losing his arm shortly after his regeneration before it grew back, while Paradox lost it offscreen and replaced it with his Chrono Navigator.
      • He once utters the Fourth Doctor's line: "I walk in eternity."
      • Both have participated in a Time War.
    • Does Not Like Guns: When first meeting Colonel Rozum, he removes his gun from him without him noticing and throws it away, saying he never liked them.
    • The Fog of Ages: He calls himself "Paradox" because he can't remember what his real name is (despite the fact he meets an old colleague who does).
    • Fourth-Wall Observer: Overlapping with Leaning on the Fourth Wall, Paradox appears to be aware of when the commercials are going to come on.
    • Go Mad from the Isolation: He spent nearly ten thousand years floating randomly through time, but eventually, he got Bored with Insanity and went sane again. Very sane.
    • The Herald: He will pop out of a time portal near Ben and say, "I need your help with X".
    • Have We Met Yet?: Asked Ben this when they (from Ben's perspective) met for the first time. From Paradox's perspective at this point, they're already old friends.
    • Hero of Another Story: He is constantly on adventures of his own and the first time he appears, it's stated he's already saved the world hundreds of times.
    • Labcoat of Science and Medicine: His original attire has him wearing a lab coat, before he changes to a steampunk outfit.
    • Living Forever Is Awesome

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    Characters / Ben 10 Villains Original Series

    Ben 10franchise character index
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    Villains premiering in: The Original Series (Vilgax) | Alien Force | Ultimate Alien | Omniverse | The Specials | The 2016 series
    Supporting Characters

    A character subpage for Ben 10 Villains.

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    Major Villains


    See his page.

        Kevin 11 

    Kevin 11 (Kevin Ethan Levin)

    The supervillain alter-ego of Kevin Levin, Ben's original Evil Counterpart and second major nemesis. An 11-year-old boy Ben befriends in New York City, Kevin seems like your average street kid delinquent, but actually has superpowers that allow him to absorb energy. After revealing himself to be a disturbed sociopath, Kevin absorbs the power of Ben's Omnitrix, which backfires on him when it eventually mutates him into a hideous amalgamation of all 10 of Ben's aliens. Now dubbing himself "Kevin 11", he is obsessed with getting Revenge on Ben.

    Original Series
    • Abusive Parents: Implied to have them, as he claims they threw him out due to his powers. Ultimate Alien reveals this to be untrue; his mother and stepfather didn't kick him out. He went insane after absorbing energy and demolished their house, and his insanity caused him to remember things differently. He's also an abusive father to his son Devlin as Kevin 11,000 in the future.
    • All Your Powers Combined: Downplayed. He absorbed the powers of Ben's original 10 aliens, but none of his additional forms such as Cannonbolt or Wildvine. This also serves as a bit of an Informed Ability considering we never see him using the abilities of Wildmutt, Grey Matter, Upgrade, or Ghostfreak. It's also worth mentioning that his powers function at 10% of the strength of the original. Although thanks to Ben's advice during the Chained Heat episode, Kevin learns that he can combine various abilities to increase their efficiency.
    • Anti-Villain: He could be considered a very rough Type II. Word of God is that he was always meant to develop into more of an Anti-Hero overtime.
    • Arch-Enemy: To Ben during the original series. He was the second most dangerous and personal, preceded only by Vilgax. Notably, he stayed that way in the Ben 10,000 future (as shown in the Original Series episode "Ken 10") before reforming (as revealed in the Omniverse episode "The End of an Era").
    • Ax-Crazy: In his first appearance alone, without gaining any of Ben's power, he plans to crash trains into each other to take valuables from the people that will be killed.
    • Barbarian Long Hair: He sports an impressive black mane, which is the only thing recognizable when he turns into a mutant alien. It really emphasizes his savage nature.
    • Big Bad: Of season 2 of the Original Series, though he shares the position with Vilgax in the season finale
    • Blessed with Suck: Kevin's energy absorbing powers are useful, but also incredibly destructive and earn him the fear of those around him. It gets worse when he absorbs the Omnitrix's powers, as he can't shift into a human for long and eventually gets stuck as a monstrous alien hybrid.
    • Blood Knight: He seems to feel right at home on the Megacruiser, openly enjoying the gladiator style battles a lot more than Ben.
    • Body Horror: The result of his powers.
    • Blade Below the Shoulder: He often morphs his Diamondhead arm into a blade, which he notably uses to gut Slix Vigma.
    • Chaotic Stupid: As a kid, though he has some moments of actual planning. Kevin 11,000, however, was more calculating before his reform into a good guy.
    • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: To Vilgax. Both serve as Ben’s most personal enemies and both want the power of the Omnitrix. But while Vilgax is an alien who wants to use the Omnitrix to create and army of aliens to conquer the universe, Kevin is a human who absorbs the power of the Omnitrix and transforms him into a mutated abomination who wants to kill Ben and his family.
    • Creepy Child/Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: A dark-haired, black-wearing kid living on the street despite being 11 years old, prone for Slasher Smiles, with destructive electrical powers and disturbing levels of psychosis for his age. And this is all before he starts physically mutating.
    • Dark Is Evil/Evil Wears Black: His clothing from his original human form is black.
    • Disney Villain Death: His apparent demise at the end of "Framed". Unsurprisingly, he survived.
    • Energy Absorption: His basic power allows him to absorbs energy from aliens, gaining part of their abilities in the process. Ultimate Alien reveals that it also has the sad side effect of making him go more and more AxCrazy.
    • Enfant Terrible: He is only one year older than Ben, yet he rivals Vilgax as one of the most psychotic villains in the show.
    • Evil Counterpart: He's a lot like Ben, but without any of his morals or standards.
    • Evil Laugh: He lets out an absolutely chilling one at the end of his debut appearance once he realizes that he's successfully absorbed all of Ben's powers.
    • Evil Makes You Monstrous: While Ben's alien alter-egos are usually bizarre to look at, Kevin's mutation is positively grotesque, an abomination cobbled together from bits of DNA he absorbed.
    • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Kevin 11,000 has an X-shaped scar on his chin.
    • Family-Unfriendly Death: Gives one to Slix Vigma by impaling him with his Diamondhead arm...and if Ben hadn't gone Cannonbolt, he would have been next.
    • Freudian Excuse: Everyone treated him like a freak and a monster because of his powers, so the unstable kid basically decided to do his damnedest to prove everyone right.
    • From Bad to Worse: Kevin started out as a small-time, albeit horrendously amoral delinquent with strange powers. Then he gets a taste of the Omnitrix and starts wrecking havoc on a larger scale. Then he mutates into a monstrous combination of all 10 aliens and becomes a savage, inhuman beast driven by his hatred for Ben.
    • Humanoid Abomination: As Kevin 11,000 he is capable of turning back to his human form, but still possess all the alien abilities he absorbed, and is capable of turning into one creepy One-Winged Angel form.
    • Inferiority Superiority Complex: He is arrogant and likes to say that he's the best, but his anger at people mocking him or calling him a freak exposes his insecurity. Kevin 11,000 on the other hand, does not seem to have such insecurity, outright saying he knows he's the best and is only attacking Ben and his family because he likes it.
    • Informed Ability: He boasts that his mutant form has all of Ben's ten original alien's powers, plus his own energy absorption ability, hence the nickname "Kevin 11". In practice however, he was never seen using his energy absorption power in this form, nor the abilities of Grey Matter, Ghostfreak, and Upgrade.
    • Jerkass: As he becomes more powerful, Kevin also becomes much more of a petty, bullying prick toward Ben. He frames Ben for his own crimes, mocks his attempts to reason with him, and spends as much time as he can treating the kid like garbage when they're chained together on the Megacruiser.
    • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: He milks sympathy from Ben in his debut, only to pull a Redemption Rejection afterward.
    • Lack of Empathy: His response to being called out for potentially killing hundreds of people just to grab some quick cash? "No pain, no gain."
    • Lightning Bruiser: He has access to XLR8's speed (albeit he doesn't master it as well) plus the physical strength of Four Arms.
    • Lovecraftian Superpower: Absorbing energy from an alien allows him to acquire its power, but has the side effect to turn him into a disturbing hybrid of said alien and himself. Absorbing energy from the Omnitrix itself eventually causes him to turn into a very disturbing amalgam of all aliens.
    • Magic Pants: Zig-zagged. When he transforms into versions of Ben's aliens, his clothes change with him, even becoming Ben's clothes at times(though this might be because Ben's data was programmed into the Omnitrix). Yet when he mutates into his chimera form, his clothes clearly shred and he's shirtless the rest of his appearances. This is mostly averted as an adolescent, but used again as Kevin 11,000.
    • Master of None: As Kevin 11, he has the powers of all 10 of Ben's original alien forms, but they are diluted and only a fraction of what they should be. During a brief Enemy Mine team-up with Ben, he learns to compensate for this by using multiple powers at once, in combinations that Ben isn't capable of.
    • Mirror Character: Part of his introduction. Just like Ben, he is a kid with powers who is not afraid to use them to screw the rules. [[{{Foil The difference is]], Ben is genuinely altruistic and has some standards, while Kevin is a sociopath with no scrupples or empathy whatsoever.
    • Never My Fault: He blames Ben for his mutation, even though technically, he was the one who tried to mess with the Omnitrix in the first place. He also blames Vilgax when the two become trapped in the Null Void, even though Kevin was the one who betrayed Vilgax.
    • Sanity Slippage: While Kevin was never a very stable boy, he was more rational when Ben met him and didn't try anything seriously destructive until he saw what the Omnitrix could do. After taking the watch's power, he physically and mentally devolves into a brutal, unhinged monster, flying off the handle constantly and savagely attacking anything in sight. The later series would provide a more detailed explanation for this.
    • Shape Shifter Mash Up: It happens whenever he absorbs Ben's powers, as he can't maintain control over the transformations the way the watch can.
    • Not Worth Killing: Ben tells him this word for word after defeating him for the second time. Unfortunately, this causes Kevin to lose all control of his anger and hate as well as his control over his powers, turning him into a chimera made from Ben's aliens.
    • Pet the Dog: In his first scene, he steals a bunch of tokens for Ben when the latter doesn't have money for the arcade. And this was before learning what the kid really was. Sadly, any shred of human decency is lost on him as he gets to know Ben better, and it takes a long, long time for him to gain it back.
    • Redemption Rejection: After defeating him for the first time, Ben offered to help reform him and get people to like him, even offering him a spot as an ally. Kevin seemingly accepted… only so he could get close enough to try and take the Omnitrix.
    • The Rival: To Ben, even after his Heel–Face Turn in Alien Force.
    • Sadist: Referred to as one by Slix Vigma in the Chained Heat episode.
    • Slasher Smile: His most frequent expression.
    • The Sociopath: He has a complete Lack of Empathy for anyone else.
    • Then Let Me Be Evil: "If they thought I was a freak before, just wait."
    • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: In his introduction episode, he attempted to provoke an underground bus accident that would cause many people to die just so he could take money and valuables on their bodies. In alien and mutant forms, he is frequently shown trying to kill people in gruesome ways, typically using Diamondhead's Blade Below the Shoulder, all while smiling gleefully. Keep in mind that at the time, Kevin was 11 years old.
    • Took a Level in Badass: As Kevin 11,000, he's not only more powerful, but alot calmer and more calculating than his psychotic but immature kid self.
    • Took a Level in Kindness: Granted, we don't see it progress until much later, but his time in the Null Void and his chance friendship with Kwarrel helped restore his humanity both figuratively and literally.
    • Unexplained Recovery: During the third time he shows up (despite apparently being killed previously), his explanation of how he survived boils down to this, as well as a recap of what happened last time. He doesn't actually use the phrase, but it's implied.
    • Ungrateful Bastard: When Ben spared him in the original series, Kevin snaps and transforms into a hideous chimera of Ben's aliens.
    • Villain Forgot to Level Grind: Downplayed example in "Grudge Match", where he boasts that he knows all 10 of Ben's aliens and as such nothing Ben can do will surprise him. Unfortunately for him, Ben had acquired Cannonbolt in-between.
    • Weak, but Skilled: His powers as Kevin 11 are only a tenth as efficient as Ben's but he can combine them to overwhelm his opponents.
    • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Implied in "Framed." When Ben calls him out on risking the lives of innocent people just to get back at him, Kevin responds as follows:

      Kevin:Nobody's innocent! They just haven't had a chance to make fun of me yet!

    • "X" Marks the Hero: Inverted with Kevin 11,000: despite being a complete asshole and unrependent, he sports this scar on his chin.
    • Younger Than They Look: After his transformation, he's an 11 year old kid in the body of a hulking chimeric alien, much like Ben in his adult-like alien forms.

    Reboot Series
    • Adaptational Badass: Not him (see below), but the Antitrix's version of Grey Matter, Dark Matter: he is much taller than Ben's, strong enough to hurt Four Arms and capable to create some kind of crystal-like substance to form weapons and trap opponents.
    • Adaptational Heroism: The original Kevin was an Ax-CrazyEnfante Terrible, whereas this one is mostly a bully and is capable of being reasoned with, even helping Ben and Gwen out on occasion. He still shows a willingness to kill Ben, but only Ben.
    • Adaptational Jerkass: But by the same token, the original Kevin's villainy resulted from a combination of being bullied and treated as a freak due to his powers and a side effect of his powers making him psychotic when misused. This version of Kevin doesn't have any insanity-causing power, instead using his own Omnitrix, and he is himself a petty bully who takes pleasure in inflicting misery to others.
    • Adaptational Intelligence: The old Kevin was a good mechanic as a teenager; this Kevin, as an 11-year-old no less, is able to build a device similar to the Omnitrix following a dream he had.
    • Adaptational Superpower Change: Instead of absorption powers, he wields a knock-off Omnitrix.
    • Adaptational Wimp: A minor example, he lacks his powers from the Classic Continuity, but unfortunately for Ben, that doesn't mean he isn't a threat.
    • Anti-Villain: He's not without his better qualities, and even at his worst one can certainly understand the pain that is motivating his actions.
    • Ascended Extra: Somewhat Downplayed. While the Classic Kevin 11 was an important villain, he didn't necessarily appear too often, contrary to how some older fans might remember it. Even his final appearance was just a quick cameo in Ben's dream. In the reboot, however, he has now topped Vilgax as the most frequently recurring antagonist, making at least 32 episodic appearances and appearing in The Movie. The higher-ups demanding 12 extra episodes featuring Kevin in Season 3 only further emphasize this trope. This oversaturation is somewhat fixed in Season 4, where several of his appearances are quick cameos and he generally doesn't have much substance to his appearances outside of the Grand Finalemovie.
    • Arch-Enemy: He considers himself this to Ben.
    • Berserk Button: Kevin gets very angry in "Introducing Kevin 11" when Ben points out that he, unlike Kevin, at least has people he can run to for help. His lack of friends or attentive family members clearly hurts him more than he lets on.
      • In general, he hates being reminded he's alone. Say the wrong thing about his situation, he can go anywhere from defensive to outright attacking anyone who crosses his path. He also doesn't like being compared to Ben.
    • Big Bad Ensemble: With the Forever Knight in Season 3 after refusing his offer to join him. At least until "Introducing Kevin 11", where he officially joins him due to his jealousy towards Ben.
    • Body Horror: In "Which Watch" Charmcaster uses a spell on his Antitrix, causing the device to use the DNA of all the 11 aliens on Kevin and mutating him in a grotesque amalgam of body parts, just like the Kevin from the original series.
    • The Bully: He was Ben's worst bully at school, even worse than Cash and JT.
    • Character Development: In Season 4, while he's still The Rival to Ben, he's become a lot more mellowed out in his demeanor after returning from being lost in the timestream for a long time.
    • Composite Character: His appearance takes after Kevin from the original series and his role as Ben's Omnitrix-wielding rival takes after Albedo. He also is now in the role of Ben's old school bully previously filled by J.T. and Cash. The dynamic being developed between him and the Forever Knights also calls to mind Kevin and Servantis' dynamic from Omniverse.
    • Demoted to Dragon: Eventually joins the Forever Knight.
    • Demoted to Extra: Kevin was so important to Season 3 that additional episodes were ordered for it under the mandate that he be included in them. In Season 4, he doesn't make nearly as much appearances, and a few that he does are just brief cameos. He does have a major role in The Movie serving as the season's finale, though.
    • Easily Forgiven: Beyond their childish Eviler Than Thou rivalry, Charmcaster works together fine with Kevin in "Roundabout", never bringing up that he was inadvertently the one who destroyed her spellbook in "Which Watch" or that he caused her defeat in "What Rhymes With Omnitrix". Even him destroying her new power source just gets her comedically miffed rather than truly angry.
    • Enemy Mine: There are many instances of it in the extra ordered episodes of Season 3, and in "Roundabout: Part 2", he ultimately teams up with Ben and Gwen against the Forever Knight when he realizes that their personal interests are incompatible and that the Forever Knight never truly believed that he was stronger than Ben. It also happens in Season 4, with Kevin more open to it at this point.
    • Evil Counterpart: Once again is this to Ben, this time with his own Omnitrix.
    • Eviler Than Thou: He and Charmcaster seem to have a mild rivalry concerning this, with both insisting that they are the more capable villain.
    • Genius Bruiser: Apparently, he is a skilled mechanic, seeing as he was able to create the Antitrix.
    • Green-Eyed Monster: "Introducing Kevin 11" reveals that part of his hate for Ben comes from the fact that Ben has a supporting family, unlike him.
    • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Following the originally ordered episodes of Season 3 where he was part of a Big Bad Ensemble, the extra ordered episodes of Season 3 revolve around Kevin's constantly flip-flopping morality as he begins falling between being an Anti-Hero and being an Anti-Villain. By Season 4, though, he's more of a solid Anti-Hero who simply insists on not getting along with Ben and trying to beat him at everything, including heroism. This status persists even in Ben 10,000's future, where his insistence on competing with Ben causes him to get permanently stuck in an alien form of his own making but he is still willing to join fights for the greater good.
    • Heroic Sacrifice: Allows himself to get lost through time in order to defeat the Forever Knight and allow Ben and Gwen to return to the present in "Roundabout: Part 2".
    • Hypocrite: In "Which Watch", Kevin dismisses Charmcaster's petty grudge against Gwen as "stupid drama". All while continuing to take his own petty grudge against Ben completely seriously.
    • I Surrender, Suckers: In "Buggy Out" he found himself being overwhelmed by Rath, so he pretended to surrender (as well as sweet-talking Ben), before sucker-punching him with Hot Shot's flame.
    • Jerkass: He loves to make people miserable For the Evulz. As the show goes on, he swings between Jerk with a Heart of Gold and Jerk with a Heart of Jerk regularly.
    • Lack of Empathy: While not the sociopath that his Original Series counterpart was, this Kevin still suffers from this. The show's staff have said that this is the main thing setting Kevin apart from Ben: Ben will feel regret when he's messed up and apologize for it, whereas Kevin is largely incapable of doing the same.
    • Mistaken Identity: Because of his watch, expect someone to mistake him for Ben or a relative of his. Taken up toeleven when he and Ben lose memories and swap phones, leading them to read each other's diaries and think they're each other.
    • Mythology Gag: At the end of "Which Watch", Ben says "Way to go, team!" to himself, Gwen and Kevin, who were a team in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. Cue Kevin angrily shoving Ben away, insisting they are not a team and that he'll be back to destroy him later. Happens again in "Roundabout: Part 2", where despite working with them and making a Heroic Sacrifice for them, he insists that he is still their enemy and will ultimately be the one to destroy them.
    • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: In The Movie, he comes the closest to a full-on Heel–Face Turn as he has ever had. As a result, he gets put through the wringer over and over again, and having his fears of inadequacy especially when compared to Ben reinforced stronger than ever before.
    • Nominal Hero: Many times in the additional episodes ordered for Season 3, he ends up playing the hero either against his will or because he has a selfish objective to be gained in doing so.
    • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: He's furious when Charmcaster controls him to try to kill Ben in "Which Watch", because if it's under her control then it doesn't really count as him getting to do it. He also protests her trying to kill Gwen in "Roundabout" by saying that if anyone gets to kill her, it'll be him, although in this is just a cover for his Precocious Crush on her.
    • Parental Neglect: He is the victim of this, as shown in "You Remind Me of Someone".
    • Pet the Dog: He helps Ben and Gwen in "Franken-Fight", even parting ways with them on peaceful terms for once.
      • He also ends up working together with Ben in "Four by Four", even taking a laser tag bullet for him, although he insists it was for just his own benefit.
      • At the end of "Introducing Kevin 11", he helps Ben save innocent people from a collapsing building since he doesn't want people not involved in he and Ben's feud to get hurt (hence why he knocks the building onto Ben once the people are safe).
    • Precocious Crush: As shown in "Franken-Fight", he has a one-sided crush on Gwen. As we see later on, he vehemently denies it in front of either of the Tennyson cousins.
    • Redemption Equals Death: Well, in this case it equals getting lost in a time portal, and he stubbornly insists it isn't a redemption. And he was right, as he finds his way back to the present in Season 4 and goes right back to causing trouble, albeit with less intense of an attitude as he had before.
    • Redemption Rejection: Like in the original show, he does this frequently, as his stubborn pride and hatred of Ben is just too strong. He even makes a Heroic Sacrifice while still insisting he's "the baddest around".
    • Remember the New Guy?: He is introduced as someone Ben knows from school, but neither Gwen nor the audience are familiar with.
    • The Rival: To Ben. He is even described as such in official material.
    • Running Gag: Some season 3 episodes has some of the villains describe him as "emo Ben" due to having a watch with aliens like Ben but being overall Darker and Edgier, much to Kevin's chagrin.
    • Shout-Out: Now that he has been fleshed out more as a rival to Ben rather than a legitimate villain, the dynamic between the two is quite reminiscent of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.
    • She Is Not My Girlfriend: If anyone dares to suggest that he has a crush on Gwen, which he does, he will swear up and down that he doesn't.
    • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: He may be a Jerkass bully, but deep down he's also a lonely kid.
    • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: He may be Kevin, but he's still a kid, and so acts accordingly:
      • He's upset when he hears his favorite cartoon is getting canceled and overreacts.
      • Attacks an amusement park for toddlers solely because nobody ever took him there before.
      • Does pranks for attention (albeit often to Enfante Terrible levels) and likes playing Laser Tag.
      • Has a Precocious Crush on Gwen, another clever kid from his age range.
      • That aside, him inventing the Antitrix (a manmade knockoff of the Omnitrix using garage parts) means he can customize it to have stronger forms, change whenever he wants to and stay transformed longer. But, as even the actual Omnitrix isn't flawless, he's prone to a more sensitive device, instable forms occasionally and inconsistent transformation time, such as when Ben lasted longer than he did when he transformed before Kevin. Because of that, his watch needs constant tuneups to stay functional.
    • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: While not Ax-Crazy in general like in the original show, this version of Kevin has still made it clear that he'd have no qualms killing his rival Ben. He also claims he'd be fine killing Gwen, but in that case he's obviously in denial.
    • Unishment: In Ben 10,010, continuing to tamper with alien DNA in order to one-up Ben caused him to become trapped in the form of Humangoraptor, his answer to Ben's Humungosaur form, for several years, with no clear endpoint in sight. But given that this mean's he's now a giant, super-strong humanoid dinosaur, Kevin isn't exactly bothered by his condition.
    • Ungrateful Bastard: A recurring trend with him is that any time Ben helps him or saves his life, it only makes him hate Ben more because he can't stand seeming weaker than him. The most blatant example is in "Buggy Out", where Ben saves Kevin from the angry Forever Knight, only for Kevin to willingly go back to the Knight at the end of the episode and offer up a way to use Ben's beloved family members against him.
    • Un Manly Secret: “Xingo-Nation” reveals that he’s a fan of Lucky Girl, though he doesn’t like people to know that.
    • Unskilled, but Strong: His modifications to his alien forms makes them more powerful, but Kevin still needs more practice. Likewise with his aliens; they do have additional features and strengths the originals don't but they also come with a drawback of not being that alien. Dark Matter for instance is much stronger than Grey Matter, but it's not quite as smart, and its larger size makes it easier to hit compared to Grey Matter.
    • Unwitting Pawn: To Vilgax. The dream showing him how to build the Antitrix was sent to him by Vilgax, and Vilgax always intended to take it from him once he escaped the Null Void.
    • Villains Out Shopping: In "Four By Four" he simply wants to enjoy a good game of Lazer Tag. It takes him a while to convince Ben he is not stalking and planning to attack him for once. This kind of incident happens more often with him in the additionally ordered episodes of Season 3, and a few in Season 4.
    • Wild Card: He can cause trouble, help to fix trouble, or both in any given order. Ben even lampshades in "Bottomless Ben" it by saying he will never be able to understand Kevin given how much his behavior keeps changing.
    • Would Hit a Girl: As we see with his fight with Gwen in "Roundabout", he doesn't discriminate by gender when it comes to how ruthless he can be in dealing with his opponents. He also attempts to fight Charmcaster alongside Ben in "What Rhymes With Omnitrix", but it doesn't go well for them.
    • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Gwen and Grandpa Max tell him this in The Movie to convince him to help them.

        Doctor Animo 

    Dr. Aloysius James Animo

    Voiced by:Dwight Schultz

    One of the few villains in Ben's Rogues Gallery to be a human. Dr. Aloysius Animo was once a brilliant veterinary, until he made genetic experiments on animals in the hope of gaining a famous medicine prize. His experiments were judged amoral, and the prize was instead given to another doctor. Unable to stand this, Animo retreated for years and went on in his experiments. Eventually, he ended up developing a device named the Trasmodulator that allowed him to transform animals into giant mutant monsters.

    Original Series
    • Arch-Enemy: He's considered to be Ben's third most important nemesis, preceded only by Vilgax and Kevin 11 (the episode "Ben 10,000" even had him as the Big Bad of the future and responsible for Vilgax's resurrection).
    • Badass Normal: Well, he's not much of a fighter, and "normal" is certainly a stretch, but for all intent he's a middle-aged man who is just smart enough to create mutation machines powerful enough to rival alien tech like the Omnitrix.
    • The Beastmaster: Of his own, he has little to no fighting skills, especially against someone as powerful as Ben. But he usually has an entire army of mutated animals at his beck and call, so it doesn't really matter.
    • Breakout Villain: Animo may be a comical Starter Villain largely considered a joke by both the characters and fans, but he's become a franchise mainstay at this point. To date, he is one of the few villains other than Vilgax, Kevin, Charmcaster, and Hex to have appeared in every iteration (disqualifying the live-action films) as well as one of the few whose had the same voice actor.
    • Cool Old Guy: Not at Max's level, but he comes close at being an awesome senior citizen.
    • Dude, Where's My Respect?: The reason behind his Start of Darkness.
    • Even Evil Has Standards: When Animo first meets Ben on his crusade for vengeance, he tells the boy to just leave and not be a hero. Unfortunately, this goes right out the window when it's clear Tennyson's a threat, at which point he devotes a majority of his plans to killing Be and destroying his world.
    • Evilutionary Biologist: He often mutates people and animals for his own uses.
    • Evil Is Hammy: Holy crap, Dwight Schultz is clearly having way too much fun in the role.
    • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: When wearing his red glasses.
    • Friend to All Living Things: A rather twisted example. Animo has nothing but contempt for his felllow humans, but tends to treat and talk to the animals he uses like they're his dependable comrades.
    • Gadgeteer Genius: This guy can build a machine to mutate animals and resurrect prehistoric beasts from tools and pieces he got at the local market.
    • Karma Houdini: Ben may wreck his stuff and send him to jail repeatedly, but he continues to come back from it over and over, to the point where he's still at it years into the future, albeit with his head on a gorilla's body. By proxy, this makes him one of the few villains who never gets a lasting comeuppance.
    • Large Ham: What did you expect from an egomaniac Mad Scientist? Naturally, he often gets mocked for this.
    • Mad Scientist: An archetypal example.
    • Mix-and-Match Critters: All the creatures he creates tend to have shades of this.
    • Necromancer: A scientific version as his future self as able to revive and restore a badly-mangled Vilgax.
    • Pet the Dog: He does seem to have fondness for his mutant animals and tends to treat them like they're his only friends.
    • Required Secondary Powers: He has the ability to telepathically control animals, which is how he can keep an army of giant mutants under his control. He apparently learnt this from Clancy during their time together in the Negative 10; it's unknown how he controlled them before this.
    • Starter Villain: He was the first proper villain fought by Ben.
    • Static Character: Out of all the major antagonists, Animo never really changes as a character. He's so committed to the life of a mad super-biologist he'll still be at it years into the future while his mortal body has died. Enemies may become allies or change ambitions, but Animo will always be there to serve as Ben 10's resident madman.
    • Vocal Evolution: He's much less low-key in his first appearance, but later appearances play up his Large Ham persona.
    • We Will Meet Again: It was mocked at the end of "Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray":

      Gwen[watching Animo's arrest on TV] I feel like I'm watching a rerun...
      Animo[on TV, being taken to custody by the cops]YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF MEEEEEEEEE!
      Gwen: Yeah, I wish...

    Alien Force & Ultimate Alien
    Click here to see D'Void
    • Demoted to Extra: He appears significantly less often than he used to in the Original Series.
    • Dimension Lord: As "D'Void", he managed to impose himself as a dictator in the Null Void, and is planning to conquer other dimensions as well.
    • Evil Sounds Deep: He uses a deep voice as "D'Void", but once he's outed as Dr. Animo in the same episode, he drops it.
    • Not-So-Harmless Villain: In "Into The Void", he turns out to have used his animal controlling abilities to take over the Null Void and become a Dimension Lord.
    • Same Character, but Different: In his debut, with a new alias and everything. By Ultimate Alien however, he starts acting closer to his Original Series self.
    • Took a Level in Badass: Just look at those muscles!
    • Walking Shirtless Scene: As D'Void. Justified in that it was probably not easy to find shirts in the Null Void.

    • Body Horror: He now has his brain exposed. And just like in the original series, his future self has his head inside a glass dome attached a gorilla's body. His control antennae are also now directly interfacing with his brain, which may be the reason for his Flanderization as detailed below.
    • Flanderization: His hammyness and Laughably Evil tendencies are raised to even wackier level than they were in the original series; he invokes classic villain stock phrases, he is Hearing Voices and his monsters tend to look far less grotesque and more cartoonish than they were back in the original series.
    • Hearing Voices: Insanity version. He thinks his stuffed animals are arguing or praising him, sometimes he makes the voices himself, sometimes he just hears them.
    • Laughably Evil: Much moreso than in the previous iterations. With his Fashion-Victim Villain tendencies, his general hammyness and his habits to invoke classic villains catchphrases, it's hard to take him seriously.
    • Necromancer: Again, through science. "T.G.I.S." sees V.V. Argost, Big Bad of The Secret Saturdays, resurrected by him.
    • Too Dumb to Live: Ben transforms into Gutrot, an alien he has never used before, by complete accident, so Ben asks Future!Animo what it can do. Future!Animo tells him almost every detail about Gutrot, meaning that Ben beats them without really even trying.
    • Villain Team-Up: With Argost in "T.G.I.S.". And later, with his future self in "Animo Crackers".

    Reboot Series
    • Body Horror: After he injects himself with the alien DNA from the Omnitrix, the various parts of his body starts fluctuating between all Ben's aliens, giving him briefly a look not so different from the original Kevin.
    • Freudian Excuse: He loved his brilliant veterinarian father and wanted to live up to his legacy.
    • Friendly Enemy: Surprisingly can be this from time to time - despite his hatred for Ben, he works together with him very well in "Animorphisis", and actually allows Gwen to give him some psychiatric help in "Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom" and even thanks her for it as he's being escorted to prison.
    • His Own Worst Enemy: During his therapy session with Gwen in "Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom" he considers if the reason he is always explaining his plans out loud is because he deep down wants to be stopped.
    • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: His obsessive desire to live up to his father's work caused him to become more amoral and unhinged.
    • Panthera Awesome: After the Body Horror phase, he transforms in one of Ben's aliens... Rath.
    • Parental Neglect: He dearly loved his father, but he feels his parents were never proud of him.
    • Revenge: He hates Ben for destroying his finest creation and swears undying vengeance upon him as a result.
    • Took a Level in Badass: After transforming in Rath by injecting himself with the stolen alien DNA, he is able to land some blows to Vilgax, and almost kills Ben. Since the effects were similar to Ben changing with the Omnitrix, it only works for a few minutes.
    • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: He's shown in a photo as a humble science student alongside his father.
    • Villain Team-Up: With Vigax in "Animorphosis". After getting what he wanted, the alien betrayed him, leading to Animo to ally himself with Ben.



    Voiced by:Khary Payton (Original Series to Omniverse), Robin Atkin Downes (Reboot)

    A powerful Evil Sorcerer, and Charmcaster's uncle. Hex mostly serves as Gwen's Arch-Enemy rather than Ben's. He seeks to conquer the world with the power of the Charms of Bezel. He hails from Ledgerdomain.

    Original Series
    • Abusive Parents: He is Charmcaster's uncle and guardian, and he mistreats her terribly, which comes back to bite him. He grows out of this and comes to genuinely love her and wants to live with her peacefully.
    • Arch-Enemy: Comes to see Gwen (or rather, "Lucky Girl") as this, though from a story perspective, her rival Charmcaster fits the role better. He was her nemesis until Charmcaster took over the role.
    • Dark Is Evil: Word of God says that his mana is black and red due to his evil soul.
    • Evil Sounds Deep: He has a booming voice, courtesy of Khary Payton.
    • Evil Old Folks: When he was losing his youth.
    • Evil Sorcerer: He fits this trope to a T.
    • Evil Uncle: To Charmcaster. Of course, it's not that she is much better...
    • Hoist by His Own Petard: In Don't Drink The Water, he goes on a quest to find a Fountain of Youth, as he has started getting older. He eventually gets it... but ends up overexposed to it and turned back to childhood.
    • In the Hood: All the time; we don't get to see him bare-headed until Omniverse.
    • Red and Black and Evil All Over: He has black markings on his face, uses black and red mana and wears a black and red cape.
    • Tattooed Crook: Omniverse revealed that the white and black markings on his face are a tattoo.
    • Troubled Abuser: What his relationship to Charmcaster boils down to. He saw all his people die to a warlord that took his homerealm, and is taking out his untreated trauma on both his niece and the humans of Earth.
    • Unexplained Recovery: At the end of Tough Luck, his powers were sapped by the destruction of the Charm of Bezel. Yet, when we see him come back, his powers have come back without any clear explanation. Averted with him turning back into a child however, as it's specifically said that the Fountain of Youth's effect were temporary.
    • Walking Shirtless Scene: The man seems to be wearing clothes everywhere but his torso.

    Alien Force & Ultimate Alien
    • Characterization Marches On: In the original series, he usually was rather impatient and easily irritable, often yelling out his lines. Alien Force portrayed him as a calmer, slightly wiser villain who actually calls out his niece for being too hot-headed. He also seems to genuinely love her now even though he is strict, as opposed to how abusive he was toward her before.
    • Demoted to Extra: While he only appeared thrice in the original series, he would usually play a major role in any episode he would show up. Alien Force and Ultimate Alien had him as the main antagonist in only one episode ("Time Heals", and it's an alternate future version of him at that) while his second and only other appearance was a cameo at the beginning of "Enemy of my Frenemy".
    • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: His niece Charmcaster. According to Word of God, their relationship is complicated.
    • Freudian Excuse: The destruction of his people and home by Addwaitya. Unlike his niece, he has given up on freeing their world, opting to conquer another instead.
    • Hidden Depths: Hex's cruel, power-hungry bravado(particularly in the first series) is merely him lashing out in rage and grief over losing his people and being trapped in a world he doesn't understand and doesn't understand him.

    • Characterization Marches On: A bizarre case of it, as he is now a charismatic professor who all the ladies love... a far cry from the creepy guy he was in the previous shows.
    • Chick Magnet: Of the "ProfessorJones" variety. He's surprisingly popular among the girls in his class.
    • Cool Teacher: Gwen even said that he was her favorite teacher.
    • Easily Forgiven: Gwen never found any hint that Hex was plotting anything, so she happily allowed the two of them to bond as professor/student. Until he gave her a B+.
    • Embarrassing Tattoo: Bemoans how hard it was to get his teaching job with a tattooed face, which confirms that it's not makeup after all.
    • He Cleans Up Nicely: Turns out all he needed to be considered a heartthrob was ditch the "Dark Mage" getup for a well-tailored suit and well-kept hair. They actually look quite good with his grey skin and skeletal facial tattoo.
    • Heel–Face Turn: He's put his days of evil behind him, and became a teacher at Gwen's college. The fact that the trope is played completely straight is, for this series, a plot twist in itself.
    • Heel–Face Return: He has already made the transition from evil to good by the time we see him here.
    • Large Ham: Much like his niece Charmcaster, he's become one in this series.
    • Laser-Guided Karma: He raised Charmcaster to be evil and power-hungry, so for her to be so toward him even after he's put his evil and power-hungry ways behind him and wants her to do the same is admittedly pretty karmic.
    • No Guy Wants to Be Chased: Professor Helena Xagliv has a crush on him, much to his dismay.
    • Same Character, but Different: Clearly something has happened to him since he was last seen since his personality has become far more affable, likely to do with his constant failures. He's renounced his villainy, sincerely wishes to be a family with Charmcaster, and he bears no ill will towards Gwen. The only things that are the same about him are the facial tattoos and his possession of the Staff of Ages.
    • Taken for Granite: He ends up turned into a stone miniature by Charmcaster, just like Addwaitya and Darkstar.
    • Took a Level in Kindness: He's become a genuinely nice guy who is concerned about Charmcaster, and wishes for his niece to put villainy behind her like he has so they can live a normal life as family.
    • We Can Rule Together: Oddly enough, he gives a speech very much like this to Charmcaster, only the prospect is for her to renounce her evil, power-seeking ways and settle down with him for a peaceful life.

    Reboot Series
    • Adaptational Dumbass: He's still as powerful as ever, but now easily duped and frightened.
    • Adaptation Personality Change: From a ruthless and frightening sorcerer to a hammier, occasionally bumbling wizard.
    • Arc Villain: Of "Ben Gen 10".
    • Ascended Extra: All things considered, Hex was one of the lesser foes in the original continuity, whereas he is one of the most frequently recurring in this continuity.
    • Belief Makes You Stupid: His justified belief in magic makes him believe anything, even that sleight of hand magic tricks are real magic or that zombie cosplayers are actual zombies.
    • The Comically Serious: He isn't trying to be funny, but he often can be all the same.
    • Evil Brit: He has a British accent in this version.
    • Evil Sorcerer: Like he was in the original series.
    • Expy: He resembles Jafar in his demeanor and voice more than he does the original Hex.
    • Large Ham: Despite being equivalent to the original show's Hex, this version is more like Omniverse in his theatrical demeanor.
    • Really 700 Years Old: "Creature Feature" reveals he has been around for centuries at the very least, and according to Kelly Turnbull, he's over 10,000 years old. He must bathe himself in a special pool of magic light every hundred years in order to survive.
    • Red and Black and Evil All Over: This is his color scheme once again.
    • Scaled Up: He turns into a giant snake in "Story, Board".
    • Ungrateful Bastard: Played with in "Creature Feature" with Hex. Ben saves his life, and he stands down from turning on Ben as a result. But according to him, this is not out of gratitude - one of the laws of his magic is that he must obey a life debt. He insists that next time they meet, the debt will have been paid and he won't hold back.
    • Unrelated in the Adaptation: Subverted, he didn't appear to be Charmcaster's uncle in this version at first, but "What Rhymes With Omnitrix" confirms that he is.
      • In a less literal sense, he also has little to no connection to Gwen this time around either, being strictly one of Ben's enemies rather than Gwen's initial Arch-Enemy.



    Voiced by:Kari Wahlgren (Original Series to Omniverse), Tara Strong (Reboot)

    Hex's niece and disciple, as well as Gwen's personal rival. At first appearing to be an unwilling and submissive servant of her uncle, Charmcaster shows her true colors when she double-crosses both him and the heroes in an attempt to gain the power of Bezel for herself. After her second defeat at the hands of Gwen, Gwen takes her spellbook away and learns magic from it, cementing the pair's rivalry.

    In Ultimate Alien, it's revealed that her true name is Hope and that she comes from the dimension of Ledgerdomain. Her father and all other humans save for her and Hex were slaughtered by the evil Addwaitya, who conquered the realm for himself. Hope's goal is to liberate her homeworld and also find a way to resurrect her father, no matter what the cost may be, and she thus walks the line between good and evil frequently.

    Original Series
    • Ambiguously Brown: Due to the way the shading in OS is handled, it's not clear if her skin is dark, or if the lighting is just bad.
    • Anti-Villain: A slight variant of Type I (see Worthy Opponent), with shades of Type II. Word of God is that she was always meant to develop into more of an Anti-Hero overtime.
    • Arch-Enemy: To Gwen. She overtook this role from Hex.
    • Bastard Understudy: To Hex, whom she learned both magic and villainy from.
    • Black Magician Girl: "I don't respect ANYONE!"
    • Breakout Villain: Was initially introduced in Tough Luck as a sidekick for Hex. By Omniverse, she had far more episodes, Character Development and interactions with Gwen than Hex ever had; it was only when the 2016 reboot largely seperated the two from each other that Hex became nearly as prominent a character.
    • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: She constantly switches sides to whichever one will benefit her most. She's joined with Hex, then with Gwen, then Hex again, then by herself, then Ben (while she's in Gwen's body), then by herself again, and then became a part of the Negative 10.
    • Deceptive Disciple: Hex is abusive to Charmcaster and through most of Tough Luck she acts scared and submissive to him. In the end, it turns out that she was luring him into a false sense of security in order to betray him.
    • Distaff Counterpart: To Kevin. She is the Evil Counterpart to Gwen, just as Kevin is to Ben. In addition, both Kevin and Charmcaster swing across the morality spectrum, struggling between the temptation of power and the duty to do what's right. Though unlike Kevin who makes a full Heel–Face Turn and becomes a full-fledged hero, while Charmcaster goes through Heel–Face Revolving Door and is just as often an enemy as she is an ally.
    • Evil Counterpart: To Gwen.
    • Eviler Than Thou: Considers herself this to Hex...well, not so much eviler than just plain smarter at being evil.
    • Freudian Excuse: She was raised by her uncle, who is shown to regularly threaten her if she doesn't obey him. Gee, is it any wonder she turned out bad?
    • Hot Witch: Skilled at magic and quite attractive
    • Inferiority Superiority Complex: She acts very egotistical, but is insecure deep down and can't stand to be insulted, humiliated or defeated in any way.
    • Kick the Son of a Bitch: She betrayed her uncle for her own evil goal, but Hex definitely had it coming.
    • Little Miss Badass: Not as little as Gwen, being a teenager and all, but equally badass at magic.
    • Manipulative Bastard: Beit her uncle or the Tennyson family, she will manipulate anyone to get her way.
    • Mirror Character: With Gwen, played with blatantly in their "Freaky Friday" Flip which highlights both their similarities and their differences.
    • Mystical White Hair: Magical powers? Check. White hair? Check.
    • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: She and Gwen actually both attack Rojo during the Negative 10 battle when she's about to attack Gwen, thus interfering with Charmcaster's magical duel with her.
    • The Rival: To Gwen, and to a lesser extent to Rojo in the Negative 10.
    • The Starscream: Betrays Hex to get the Charms of Bezel at the end of her debut. Also qualifies as The Dog Bites Back given how badly Hex had treated her up to that point.
    • Tomboyish Ponytail: She sports a ponytail in the original series.
    • The Trickster: Her original color scheme was even originally going to be fox-themed, representing how cunning she is.
    • Unexplained Recovery: At the end of "Tough Luck", her powers were sucked by the destruction of the Charm of Bezel. Yet, when we see her come back, her powers have come back without any clear explanation. We also never see how she retrieved her magic bag after the end of "A Change of Face:, although it can be assumed it found its way back to her on its own.
    • Worthy Opponent: She actually wants Gwen to be this to her, chiding her for not making better use of the spellbook she stole.

    Alien Force & Ultimate Alien
    • Anti-Villain: A major Type II with shades of Type I, a reverse from the original series. She lost her whole people and her father as a child, was forced to live in a world where magic was almost entirely unknown and was raised by her evil uncle who brought her up to be evil too. And her whole motivation was to resurrect her father.
    • The Atoner: In "Couple's Retreat". She doesn't like ruling Ledgerdomain, thinking it's boring, but she sticks to doing so anyway in order to make up for what she did to it before.
    • Bad Boss: In her first Alien Force appearance, she does little more than badmouth her rock creatures and call them names. This comes back to bite her in the end when Gwen tries to suck her into a portal and the rock creature is the only thing keeping her from it. After one insult too many, the creature deliberately lets go and drops them both in.
    • Broken Bird: As of "Enemy of My Frenemy", even more broken than before.
    • Characterization Marches On: In the original series, she was a snarky, hedonistictrickster, and her Alien Force debut portrays her as much the same, albeit with a seductive angle. Afterward, she's portrayed as a character ruled by her emotions and who is far more serious and driven in her causes.
    • Cry Cute: Happens frequently in Ultimate Alien.
    • Dark Magical Girl: The antithesis to Magical Girl Gwen. In the third series, we learn her backstory. A tyrannical being killed her parents and left her lonely and bitter. After defeating him, she develops a typical Magical Girl-Dark Magical Girl bond with Gwen and even when she relapses later, Gwen is insistent on helping her toward goodness.
    • Deal with the Devil: She made a deal with Dagon where he would resurrect her father in exchange for every soul in Legerdomain.
    • Defrosting Ice Queen: In "Where the Magic Happens", she becomes slightly more friendly to Gwen as the episode progresses. Sadly undone by "Enemy of My Frenemy", which makes her more of a Broken Bird than before.
    • Despair Event Horizon: Even by the end of Ultimate Alien, she still hasn't fully recovered from losing her father forever.
    • Dimension Lord: She becomes the ruler of Ledgerdomain after defeating Addwaitya.
    • Do with Him as You Will: In "Couples Retreat", after finding out Darkstar was just using her for her power, she takes it all away from him and leaves him at the mercy of the heroes.
    • Easily Forgiven: Gwen instantaneously forgives and feels sorry for Charmcaster after being revived following Charmcaster's murder of her. Then again, considering who her boyfriend is and how he used to be...
    • Enemy Mine: Gwen convinces her to help them retrieve a piece of the Map of Infinity from her home before Aggregor does. They fail.
    • Femme Fatale: In her Alien Force debut, she disguises herself and seduces Kevin in order to control his mind.
    • Freudian Excuse: The fact that every other human from her home dimension was killed, including her father, with the whole place being taken over by a crazy Sorcerous Overlord did not help Hope have a well-adjusted life.
    • Girliness Upgrade: To the point of being Ms. Fanservice.
    • Green-Eyed Monster: Hates Gwen to a disturbing degree because of jealousy.
    • Hazy Feel Turn: After "Enemy of My Frenemy", she opts for a neutral position in the whole good and evil conflict.
    • Heel–Face Revolving Door: In Ultimate Alien. She's bad, then good, then worse, then neutral but working toward becoming good.
    • I Choose to Stay: She takes the trio back home but stays to fight for hers, aware that she'll be trapped.
    • Ironic Name: Her real name is "Hope". Considering how she keeps being thrown in despair... The plan behind the name wasn't so ironic, as it was apparently a hint at her ultimate Heel–Face Turn... but then Dwayne McDuffie Died During Production, and the whole thing ends up an Aborted Arc. Omniverse never brings up the name again.
    • Kick the Son of a Bitch:
      • Her sucking out Addwaitya's soul in "Enemy of My Frenemy".
      • The end of "Couples Retreat", toward Darkstar. Charmcaster is good with this trope.
    • Lady of Black Magic: She's more graceful and her magic is much more potent and destructive.
    • A Lighter Shade of Black: Charmcaster is hardly a saint, but Addwaitya is way, way worse: she may have done more damage than he did temporarily (though one could argue that regardless of what Spellbinder claimed, wiping out all life in her realm in one go is still more benevolent than Addwaitya's systematic killing over the ages) but is called out on it and becomes The Atoner afterward; by contrast, Addwaitya was power-mad and unrepentant to the end.
    • Love Makes You Evil: Her whole evil motivation is based off her love for her father.
    • Manipulative Bastard: In "In Charm's Way". Not so much afterward, where she just relies on the brute force of her magic.
    • Mood-Swinger: Zips through many emotions in "Couples Retreat".
    • My God, What Have I Done?: Does this after she revives her father, only for him to point out that doing so by returning to Ledgerdomain and sacrificing its entire population was the polar opposite of what he had wanted for her and is basically disrespecting him and his dying wishes.
    • Mystical White Hair: Still magical? Check. Still white haired? Check.
    • Never a Self-Made Woman: Beyond her Irrational Hatred of Gwen, Charmcaster either works for men (Hex, Zombozo) or is motivated by her feelings for men (her father, Darkstar).
    • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Though it wouldn't seem like it given many of her past performances, she manages to rack up a body count only the Highbreed, the Incurseans, and Vilgax have managed to exceed, and they have entire armies. She even killed the heroes, something no other villain has managed. The body count was only temporary, as all her victims get brought back from the dead shortly afterward, but that hardly detracts from the fact that she pulled it off.
    • Pay Evil unto Evil: Sucking out Addwaitya's soul for her Deal with the Devil. While most of her other victims were innocent and didn't deserve it, he certainly did. She was certainly getting back at him for killing her father and fellow people.
    • Physical Goddess: As the ruler of Ledgerdomain, she has access to all the mana in the world, along with the Alpha Rune.
    • Pointy Ears: She was redesigned to have these during this era, though she regained the normal ears in Omniverse.
    • Redemption Failure: She undergoes a Heel–Face Turn once she is returned to her home dimension and is able to liberate it from its tyrannical overlord. But once this only creates a power vacuum that causes everyone she freed to fight a war over the throne, she crosses back into villainy, after which she remains in the Heel–Face Revolving Door for the remainder of the following series.
    • The Rival: Still to Gwen, though this gets muddled past "Where the Magic Happens."
    • Same Character, but Different: Not only in personality, but in looks as well: her skin tone, eye and lip color, and facial structure have all changed...and she inexplicably has developed Vulcan ears.
    • Sanity Slippage: In "Couples Retreat", her Despair Event Horizon and subsequent drive for atonement have made her, while more benevolent, also more erratic and unthinking. Her idea of a fun time is to almost get herself and her new boyfriend killed in a fighting arena! Kevin even (rather hypocritically) notes that she's a nutjob now.
    • She Is All Grown Up: Lampshaded by Ben and Kevin in "In Charm's Way."
    • He Who Fights Monsters: She becomes even worse than Addwaitya to try and revive her father, something he calls her out on, resulting in a My God, What Have I Done?Villainous BSoD. Thankfully, she seems to have gotten better in the next episode, trying to be a better ruler and person. (Though not exactly a smarter one...)
    • Tears of Remorse: During her reaction to her father pointing out that she's acting worse than Addwaitya in "Enemy of My Frenemy".
    • Took a Level in Badass: When she becomes ruler of Ledgerdomain.
    • Took a Level in Dumbass: She loses her manipulative streak after her debut appearance. Also, she's incredibly gullible and trusting toward Darkstar in "Couples Retreat" despite barely knowing him and is easily manipulated by him.
    • Took a Level in Jerkass: She wasn't nice in the original series, but she's much bitchier in Alien Force, especially to her rock creatures. She takes a much more severe level in "Enemy of My Frenemy".
    • Took a Level in Kindness: In "Where the Magic Happens" and again in "Couples Retreat".
    • Villainous BSoD: After she makes a Deal with the Devil to revive her father by sacrificing all the souls in her home world, including Ben, Gwen, and Kevin, he tells her she's become She Who Fights Monsters and he doesn't want to be revived at the cost of some many other lives, which makes her cry as she realizes he's right. He breaks the deal, undoing everything, leaving Charmcaster completely crushed, the one thing she'd spent her entire life trying to obtain now forever out of her reach. She's so heartbroken over this that, even after everything she had just done, Ben and co. agree not to apprehend her and just leave her alone out of pity.
    • You Killed My Father: She says this to Addwaitya.

    • Above Good and Evil: Her personal stance on her morality in this series, not exactly because it's true so much as it's since she's like a goddess now. As such, she can be both.
    • Affably Evil: Whenever her interests align with the heroes, she's surprisingly nice and sociable.
    • Anti-Hero: Between Type IV and V, see A Lighter Shade of Black above. She's a hero in regards to Ledgerdomain but little else, especially not Earth and its inhabitants.
    • Anti-Villain: Type I. She just wants to be a good ruler to her realm, even if that screws over other worlds, and the powerful items she seeks technically are rightfully her's. Also, her "evil" actions are taken at the suggestion of another...
    • Arc Villain: While never becoming an outright Big Bad, she has a brief story arc throughout Omniverse.
    • Badass Adorable: She's both more powerful and cuter (save for when powered by the Alpha Rune) than she was in the previous iterations.
    • Broad Strokes: Applied to her entire arc in Ultimate Alien, particularly to "Enemy of My Frenemy" which is never mentioned and even contradicted several times. According to both Matt Wayne and Derrick Wyatt, this was because it was both so dark and so controversial among fans that it was making it difficult to even incorporate Charmcaster into Omniverse.
    • The Cameo: She has a non-speaking role in "The Most Dangerous Game Show" as one of the many women competing to marry Ben.
    • Cloudcuckoolander: She comes off this way when she's talking to her bag.
    • The Cuckoolander Was Right: She's not insane. Addwaitya and Darkstar are inside the bag and she's talking to them.
    • Defeat Means Friendship: What Gwen believes after defeating her once and for all, though obviously it will take a good long while before Charmcaster is on the same page as her. Though given Charmcaster's character trope combined with the Backdoor Pilot nature of Gwen's episodes, this belief does seem credible. According to Man of Action, it most certainly is.
    • Denser and Wackier: Her regular personality is nuttier and move over-the-topthanks to accumulated stress from past events and her abuse of ultimate magic power. When on the good guys' side, this actually makes her pretty fun to hang with. But when she's against them...
    • Dimension Lord/Physical God: Still rules over Ledgerdomain and has total power over all magic while there. Gwen is reminded of this the hard way.
    • Enemy Mine: Teams up with Ben and Rook against Zs'Skayr in her full debut appearance to retrieve the Alpha Rune he stole. When she gets it back, she immediately double-crosses them under Addwaitya's advice, which is later hilariously referenced by Ben ("What's that, magic bag? You say I should try to kill Ben even though he helped you get the Alpha Rune back? OK!") She's later one of many female villains to help save Ben and fight Charles Zenith in "Most Dangerous Game Show".
    • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Her real name revealed last series goes completely unsaid in Omniverse.
    • Genki Girl: She's become a lot more energetic in this show.
    • Hazy Feel Turn: She's right back to this by "The Most Dangerous Game Show"; even she and Hex seem to be on safe terms again.
    • Hearing Voices: Subverted in that the voices are not in her head but are in fact very real and coming from her bag.
    • Heel–Face Revolving Door: She seems to be permanently wedged in it. Much like Argit, she can both help and hinder Ben and his friends depending on which action is convenient to her. The two little statues in her bag giving her advice are the chief influencers of such actions. This is why Ben has more problems trusting her than perpetually cool-headed Rook and lovestruck Hobble.
    • Hoist by Her Own Petard: Gwen, Hex, Darkstar, and Addwaitya are freed, and she ends up trapped inside her own bag.
    • Hot Witch: She is a very beautiful teenage-looking witch. Hobble even has a crush on her.
    • I Surrender, Suckers: Pulls this trick back out again, this time on her uncle Hex.
    • Jerkass Ball: Due to the Split Personality angle.
    • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Darkstar suffers more at her hands at the end of "Mystery Incorporeal".
    • Large Ham: She's taken a big level in this.


    • Laughably Evil: It's difficult to fear her, hate her, or take her seriously despite how threatening she is when she's just so giddy.
    • Let's Get Dangerous!: She seems flighty and laid-back, but when she enters a fight, she takes it dead-seriously.
    • A Lighter Shade of Black: Most of her appearances saddles her with a bigger, much less morally gray villain to play off of: Darkstar, Zs'Skayr, and Addwaitya respectively. Averted with Hex. Her uncle has genuinely made a Heel–Face Turn, with Charmcaster playing the darker shade of black, albeit with hints of Darkstar and Addwaitya's even darker shades influencing.
    • Ms. Fanservice: She is very attractive and her design in this series features a more... "pronounced" chest.
    • Mystical White Hair: Still magical? Check. Still has it? Check.
    • Not Evil, Just "Damaged": As described by Hex and Gwen.
    • Older Than They Look: She's 21 years old in this series (the same age she was in Ultimate Alien), but she looks mostly the same as she did when she was 15 (in the original series).
    • Pet the Dog: Helps to save Ben in "The Most Dangerous Game Show".
    • Redemption Rejection: Refuses a good, peaceful life with Hex when he offers it to her, as she's become too fixated on seeking power to use against those who have wronged her. Though come her final appearance, Gwen still believes that redemption is possible now that she's a harmless stone token in her and Hex's custody.
    • Psychopathic Womanchild: She can be highly immature, motivated by payback against her enemies and power to prove herself the best magic-user there is, both very childish aspirations.
    • Same Character, but Different: In characterization and appearance, she is now a composite of traits from how she was back in the original series and in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien. It seems intentional, as a mental breakdown following Ultimate Alien has forced her to reconstruct her whole identity.
    • Scaled Up: In "Third Time's a Charm", she transforms into a dragon before being defeated.
    • Split Personality: She's sometimes nice and friendly, other time she's mean and confrontational. It's because of the influence of two different entities within her bag: Addwaitya and Darkstar.
    • Taken for Granite: She ends up turned into a stone miniature in "Third Time's a Charm", though she's back to normal three episodes later.
    • Throw the Dog a Bone: After staying in Ledgerdomain for so long and going through several traumas damaged her mentally, Charmcaster finally is forced to be confined to a stable place on Earth where she has two people who explicitly desire to help her get better. She doesn't see this as an example of this trope at the time, of course, but give it time.
    • Tomboyish Ponytail: She has it back again in this series.
    • Took a Level in Badass: She's more powerful with her magic than ever before, to the point of forging a body armor out of her rock creatures which Ben freely admits is "the coolest thing he's ever seen." And she later becomes a dragon.
    • Took a Level in Cheerfulness: She's recovered from the depression that she had in Ultimate Alien through using magic as a stimulant, which often causes her to go overboard with giddiness.
    • Took a Level in Dumbass: Yes, listen to Addwaitya, Charmcaster. He couldn't possibly be manipulating you, right? To be fair, she is recovering from a breakdown and is Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life, so she's easily open to suggestion, even from Addwaitya. But in the end, as expected, the actions she takes lead to her imprisonment and his escape just as planned.
    • Unexplained Recovery: She's turned into a stone totem in her last full appearance, but is back to normal a mere three episodes later when competing on Charles Zenith's game show. Her psychosis also seems back to normal, though spending time deprived of power would probably do that.
    • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: She goes visibly crazier than the norm when she uses the Alpha Rune's power. Poor Hobble gets to watch it happen up close and personal. While "the norm" isn't half as crazy as it initially seems to be, the magic power of Ledgerdomain (which itself came from the Alpha Rune), still keeps Charmcaster more erratic than she used to be instead of allowing her to recover from her previous mental breakdown. In "The Most Dangerous Game Show", after spending quite some time without it, she finally appears to be back to regular sanity levels.

    Reboot Series
    • Adaptational Badass: Her magic in this series gives her a boost in her physical abilities. In "What Rhymes With Omnitrix", Ben and Kevin both attack her in very large, muscular alien forms...and she kicks their asses!
    • Accidental Hero: She takes away with a spell Kevin in "Which Watch" just as he was about to kill Ben whose watch has timed out. She had no intention of saving him however: she was actually trying to kidnap Ben, wanting to use him against Gwen.
    • Adaptational Heroism: The original Charmcaster was more than happy to wreak havoc just because she could, committing crimes that had nothing to do with the Tennysons. This version is more reserved and keeps her focus squarely on her rivalry with Gwen. A good example is in "Which Watch", when she informs Ben when he's risking causing an explosion and fire outbreak, and allows him to evacuate civilians from the building. Compare to the original show's "A Change of Face", where Charmcaster outright causes an explosion and fire outbreak in a building full of civilians without remorse.
    • Adaptation Origin Connection: Rather than being Hex's niece, Charmcaster is now a normal girl who became magical due to buying Hex's spellbook, which only ended up being put on the market thanks to Ben and Gwen defeating Hex in "Freaky Gwen Ben". But as of "What Rhymes with Omnitrix?", it then turned out she is Hex's niece after all.
    • Age Lift: A mild case, but given her design she seems to be a few years younger than her 15-year-old counterpart from the original show.
    • Anti-Villain: This version of Charmcaster is a truly sympathetic character from her introduction, particularly due to the new origin she is given.
    • Arch-Enemy: To Gwen, of course. Her debut episode even ends with Gwen feeling both happy and concerned that she's gained one, and is even titled "Gwen's Arch-enemy" in German.
    • Be Careful What You Wish For: Charmcaster swaps places with Gwen in "Charm School's Out" in order to ruin Gwen's supposedly perfect life. Grandpa Max ends up making her try to fix an absurdly large and complicated radio, which is such a hassle for her that she re-thinks her view of Gwen's life.

      Charmcaster: I cannot believe he'd make Gwen do this!

    • Berserk Button: Do not call her a nerd, a reminder of what she was before she became a sorceress. Gwen in general is also this for her, since she reminds her of her past self and yet is somehow more successful in life.
    • Breaking Speech: Gives on to Kevin in "Which Watch", shaking his self-confidence so that he's more liable to join the Forever Knight in the future.
    • Broken Bird: She had a lonely background, and at the end of her debut it only gets worse as she notes that she's learned that she doesn't need anyone.
    • Black Magician Girl: And a frighteningly skilled one, at that. Even Ben and Gwen are freaked out by her magic powers.
    • Casting Gag: Coupled with her new characterization of being more book-loving and prone to stress-induced freak-outs, Tara Strong voicing her makes her come off as a villainous version of Twilight Sparkle.
    • Dark Magical Girl: Even more blatantly one in this incarnation, and this time she's introduced before Gwen even actually becomes a Magical Girl.
    • Discard and Draw: After losing her spellbook she gains a rune necklace from her uncle that works differently. She finds she has to read Kevin's poetry which the necklace translates into incantations for spells. At the end of the episode where it appeared she loses even that but still manages to conjure a portal by wishing for it.
    • Early-Bird Cameo: She turns out to be the fangirl that approached Michael Morningstar in his first appearance.
    • Easily Forgiven: She put Kevin under her control, gave him a Breaking Speech, and generally caused him a lot of grief in "Which Watch". She gives him even more in "What Rhymes With Omnitrix". He doesn't bring any of this up at all in "Roundabout" and has no qualms working with her. Even when he stops her from killing the girl he has a crush on, he's more comedically miffed than angry and it's played more as part of their childish Eviler Than Thou rivalry.
    • Eviler Than Thou: She and Kevin seem to have a mild rivalry concerning this, with both insisting that they are the more capable villain.
    • Evil Is Petty: In "Which Watch", her main objective is to destroy a space camp just because Gwen enjoys it so much.
    • From Nobody to Nightmare: Charmcaster was an awkward, nerdy girl with low self-confidence until she gained magical powers from Hex's spellbook and developing a new, aggressive goth-like appearance and attitude.
    • Green-Eyed Monster: In "Charm School's Out", she is shown to be envious of Gwen's "perfect life" and swaps places with her in order to ruin it for her, only to find out it's not as perfect as she thought.
    • Hypocrite: In "Which Watch", she demeans Kevin as thinking he's more important than he is and that without his watch, he's nothing. Says the girl whose whole self-esteem hinges on a book.
    • I Hate Past Me: She hates Heather, the "weak" nerdy girl she used to be, and the source of her rivalry with Gwen in this version is because she reminds her of her past self and yet somehow is able to one-up her, thus defeating Gwen will be the only way she can prove her reinvention as "Charmcaster" is justified.
    • Inferiority Superiority Complex: It's an even bigger part of her character in this show than it was in the original, and what drives her rivalry with Gwen.
    • Jumping Off the Slippery Slope: In "What Rhymes With Omnitrix", she has become so hateful of Gwen that she actually attempts to harm innocent people in order to get to her, which was something she previously was above doing. Gwen calls her out at the end of the episode by saying that she should know better than to devalue others like playthings, as she knows how that feels.
    • Kick the Son of a Bitch: She traps Michael in her book. He more than deserved it. What she does with Kevin in "Which Watch" might also qualify given how thoroughly unlikable Kevin is. She wasn't even originally going to do it until Kevin tempted fate by boasting about how much better he is than Ben because his watch has 11 alien forms.
    • Mirror Character:
      • Her and Kevin's squabbling in "Which Watch" and "What Rhymes With Omnitrix?" highlights their similarities - both arrogant, both immature, obsessed with defeating their Tennyson rival, and both actually feeling like they'd be nothing without a certain item (Kevin's watch and Charmcaster's book and amulet respectively.)
      • She and Gwen also qualify, not so much in regards to how Charmcaster is now but to how she used to be, which is what fuels Charmcaster's hatred of Gwen.
    • Mystical White Hair: She wouldn't be Charmcaster without it.
    • Mythology Gag: Her real name in this continuity is Heather. In the classic continuity, this is the name Darkstar mistakenly called her when asked if he remembered her true name, which was Hope.
    • Noble Demon: Has definite shades of this - see Pet the Dog below.
    • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Despite possessing very powerful magic, Charmcaster doesn't really come off as particularly threatening in her first few appearances. Then she has her spellbook traded out for a magical necklace, which leads to her becoming more ruthless and dangerous of an opponent.
    • Pet the Dog:
      • After trapping Michael in a book, she has an easy opportunity to eliminate Gwen, who is powerless, and Ben, whose Omnitrix has timed out. Instead, she leaves them alone as thanks for saving her from Michael, albeit with the declaration that they will be enemies the next time they meet.
      • In "Which Watch", she actually tells Ben about the danger of mixing Stinkfly's goop with Kevin's fire and lets him evacuate the innocent civilians from the building, as she only wants to destroy the Tennysons and not anyone else.
    • The Rival: To Gwen, as is the norm.
    • The Smurfette Principle: She's the only girl in the Forever Knight's team in "Roundabout".
    • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: As hostile and nasty as she behaves, the sense of insecurity and self-loathing she has for her old "weak" self is palpable in everything she does.
    • That Man Is Dead: After Michael is exposed as not caring about her, he tries to worm his way out of punishment, calling her by her real name of Heather in the process. Her response is an angry "My CHARMCASTER!"
    • Took a Level in Badass: First when she gains magic powers, and then again when she finally sees Michael for what he is. She takes another one when she trades her damaged book out for a magic rune, which boosts her power and causes her to be more willing to get her own hands dirty as opposed to controlling other things or people to do it for her. By "What Rhymes With Omnitrix", she puts both Ben and Kevin on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle with her magic.
    • Ungrateful Bastard: Played With - she leaves Ben and Gwen alone because she is grateful for Gwen saving her from Michael - but that gratitude is also part of why she declares herself The Rival to Gwen and vows to defeat her if they meet again since it's a reminder of how weak she was in the situation and she can't stand that.
    • The Unfettered: When she obtains a magic rune necklace, she loses any restraint and uses its magic power with reckless abandon, especially to attempt to eliminate Gwen.
    • Unrelated in the Adaptation: Subverted, this version of Charmcaster didn't seem to be Hex's niece like the original version, but "What Rhymes With Omnitrix" confirms that she actually is.
    • Villains Out Shopping: In "What Rhymes With Omnitrix", she is attending a poetry reading without any ulterior motives, and only ends up causing trouble when the sight of Gwen triggers her Berserk Button.
    • What the Hell, Hero?: To Grandpa Max in "Charm School's Out", asking him what kind of grandfather makes a child fix an absurdly complicated RV radio. She sounds legitimately offended on Gwen's behalf.
    • You Are What You Hate: Gwen calls her out in "What Rhymes With Omnitrix", saying that she shouldn't let her anger consume her to the point where she's using others as playthings, since she knows how that feels: Michael did it to her. But since this valid point comes from Gwen, Charmcaster ignores it.

    Forever Knights

        The Forever Knights 

    The Forever Knights

    An order of Templars-like Knights created in the middle ages who survived until now and deals with most alien threats. Over time, the Forever Knights ended up divided into various factions due to the departure of their leader, Sir George, resulting in both an Enemy Civil War and in-universe case of Motive Decay, since each faction ended up with its own goals or interpretation of the original goal. Most of them, however, have in common to display Fantastic Racism toward aliens and to illegally trade alien tech on Earth. In Omniverse, the group has been mostly wiped out due to their war against the Esoterica, with Joseph Chadwick being the sole remaining Forever King.

    • Ancient Conspiracy: A very complex one. One faction believes the conspiracy is to kill an Alien Dragon, another thinks it's to use alien tech to conquer the world, and yet another thinks it's to follow the path of "The First Knight" who founded them.
    • Anti-Magical Faction: At the very least, they are shown to despise magic. Sir Cyrus flat-out referred to Gwen as a "witch" in a hateful tone.
    • Big Bad: The Forever King; Driscoll, who was Forever King in the original series, is half the Big Bad of the fourth season (Vilgax being the other half through the "Secret of the Omnitrix" three-episode movie). Old George is part of the Big Bad Ensemble for season 2 of Ultimate Alien.
    • Cape Busters: Considering the aliens are mostly super-powered in that universe, yeah.
    • Characterization Marches On: The Original Series' Forever Knights were portrayed more like some sort of evil FBI who were merely using knight-themed suits. Alien Force and Ultimate Alien accentuated the Knight aspect to the point of giving them Medieval hierarchy and behaviors, as well as fanatical tendencies such as Fantastic Racism toward aliens and anti-magic believing.
    • Demoted to Dragon: Driscoll to Old George in Ultimate Alien.
    • The Dragon: Enoch to Driscoll in the original series.
    • Enemy Civil War: To date there are at least four Forever Knight factions, all of which think of the others as frauds. Each has their own Forever King, in order of appearance: Driscoll, Patrick, Urian, and Cyrus. This was lampshaded in one episode where Ben and company had to ask which faction the present group they were facing were with. Turns out they were with the fourth faction they hadn't met yet. And then Old George, said First Forever Knight, returned and united all four factions.
    • Evil Counterpart: To the Plumbers, especially in the original series.
    • Evil Versus Evil: Against the Esoterica.
    • Faceless Mooks: Exaggerated in "Reflected Glory" when we see Knight with his helmet on, while brushing his teeth.
    • Fantastic Racism: Quite literally their mission statement; its just after Old George left last, they sorta drifted off onto other goals. Until he returned.
    • A Father to His Men: Sir Cyrus, leader of the fourth Forever Knights faction, is extremely protective of his men.
    • Good Versus Good: Against Ben while George led them.
    • Killed Off for Real: With the exception of Joseph Chadwick, Sir Morton, the twins Comedy/Tragedy, and the Forever Ninja (who is a robot), all of them died in the battle against the Esoterica.
    • Knight Templar: Depend on the faction, but at large, they usually genuinely believe they are protecting humanity from alien threats. The problem is, they consider all aliens as threats.
    • Let's Get Dangerous!: Thanks to Old George, they've gone from four splintered and laughable factions to a deadly force with Powered Armors forcing aliens to either leave the planet or die, to the point where Ben has to threaten to kill every last one of them to get them to retreat.
    • Lotus-Eater Machine: Enoch put Ben into one, and then was trapped in it himself, the first series trivia pop-ups say that Enoch would be in that Lotus Eater Machine for years, he did recover, though.
    • A Lighter Shade of Black: The Forever Knights might be racist assholes, but in the end, the Esoterica are far worse and Sir George joins forces with Ben to fight them off.
    • Motive Decay: In-Universe example; Sir George created them with a very specific goal in mind-protect Earth and Humanity from Dagon. By the time Ben meets them, they have ended up divided into various splintered factions with each one their own interpretation of this goal. Said interpretations range from world domination to slaying alien dragons, to just killing everything alien on sight.
    • Muggle Power: The "If you can't join them, kill them" type toward both aliens and magic, though they also have occasionally tried to acquire power through alien tech and magic artifacts.
    • Noble Demon: Enoch on occasion, particularly the "Ben 10" video game in which he tries to stop Vilgax and save the world, though using extreme measures to do so. The Ultimate Alien groups also have traits of this, teaming up with Ben and company on occasion. Sir George in particular stands out.
    • Powered Armor: Their higher members usually wear these.
    • Punch-Clock Villain: Some of them; one is even shown playing an MMORPG in his off time.
    • Schizo Tech: One suit was from the ancient Aztecs.
    • The Remnant: After the war against Dagon, almost all the Forever Knights were wiped out, but a remnant of them still continues their anti-alien activities.
    • Villain Decay: They still were a decent threat in the Original Series and at the beginning of Alien Force, but then become more and more of a joke, to the point Gwen outright suggests ignoring them in one episode. Eventually fixed in season 2 of Ultimate Alien (see Let's Get Dangerous!).
    • Villain Team-Up: Driscoll was responsible for the biggest one in the whole franchise by assembling the Negative 10, a team consisting in himself and his Dragon, plus 8 of Ben's enemies (Dr. Animo, the Circus Freak Trio, Rojo, Charmcaster, Clancy and Sublimino) in the last season of the original show.
    • You Have Failed Me: Forever King Driscoll leaves Enoch trapped in virtual reality for failing him too many times. Subverted with Old George towards Driscoll; the latter expects this trope to apply, but George forgives his failure.



    The first Forever Knight leader to be introduced in the Original Series, and Driscoll's Dragon.

    • The Cameo: His picture made a brief appearance in a The Secret Saturdays episode.
    • The Dragon: To Driscoll.
    • Expressive Mask: Averted in the Original Series. Played straight during his short cameo in Ultimate Alien.
    • The Faceless: We never got to see what he looks like behind his mask.
    • Killed Off for Real: Like most of the Forever Knights, he died in the battle against Dagon and the Esoterica.
    • Malevolent Masked Man: Both him and his minions.
    • Noble Demon: In the first videogame. He attempts to stop Vilgax from invading earth.
    • Put on a Bus: Save for a brief cameo in Ultimate Alien and appearance in the Cosmic Destruction video game, he hasn't shown up at all since the original series. According to Derrick Wyatt, he is dead.
    • Retcon: Man of Action Studios initially stated he survived his last original series appearance, though it took him years to recover, and Ultimate Alien supported this statement by giving him a cameo in The Purge. Derrick Wyatt, the head director for Omniverse, stated he died in the battle against the Esoterica.
    • The Starscream: Hinted at; In Perfect Day, after being put in a Lotus-Eater Machine, Enoch is in a dream where he succeeded in taking Ben's Omnitrix. Rather than give it to his king, Driscoll, he puts it on himself and gloats about how the power is his. Granted this was essentially a Power Fantasy, but the fact that Enoch believed it was reality shows that he may have been plotting behind Driscoll's back long before being abandoned.
    • Start My Own: Also hinted at; in the Original Series, Driscoll eventually grew tired of his failures and left him behind. In The Purge, he shows up as seemingly a separate leader, suggesting he made his own Forever Knight faction during the Time Skip.

        Forever King Driscoll 


    Voiced by: Richard Doyle

    The Forever King of the Forever Knights faction met in the original series, who serves as the Big Bad for the first half of season 4.

    • Bad Boss: Abandoned Enoch in a Lotus-Eater Machine for failing him too many times.
    • Bald of Evil: Very hairless and very villainous.
    • Big Bad: In the first half of season 4 of the Original Series; Vilgax filled the role for the second half in Secret of the Omnitrix.
    • The Bus Came Back: After his defeat in the Original Series, Driscoll returns in Ultimate Alien.
    • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: Driscoll does not seek the power of the Omnitrix like the previous main villains did, instead he seeks to obtain a powerful alien energy source called the Sub-Energy and use it to both take over the world and get revenge on the plumbers.
    • Darth Vader Clone: In the original series. Right down to quoting him, even.
    • Demoted to Dragon: In Ultimate Alien, when George comes back, he willingly submits to him along with the other faction leaders and becomes The Dragon.
    • Fallen Hero: He was originally a member of the Plumbers until he trades alien technology illegally, leading him to be fired and join the Forever Knights.
    • From Nobody to Nightmare

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