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Bed Frames At Big Lots

Bed Frames At Big Lots are by far one of the most important accessories. That your mattress needs. The same as any other accessory that may come with the mattress, it ought to be in a variety of design, design, dimensions, and color.

These styles are double bed frames, single frames, queen-sized, along with king-sized frames. As an important rule to follow when choosing a mattress frame, be certain that it is going to coincide with the dimensions of your mattress. Not too big or not too little, else you will experience major discomfort when you're lying down.

If do a bit of study, you'd notice that there is an Endless supply of layouts for your mattress frame Producers of these frames work hard day and night in order to fulfill their customers in giving them the utmost comfort with their frames. In a brief standpoint, bigger frames cost more than smaller ones. Since the dawn of the recession on the stock exchange a couple of years ago.

Therefore, a lot of cheap Bed Frames At Big Lots are climbing up in today's market to produce consumers save a lot of money but still attain that high degree of quality at the framework. Better to choose a frame that will go well with the Plan Of your bedroom. Ensuring that the design of the framework doesn't conflict with the design of the mattress or your room.

Pick a frame that compliments all the furniture that is stationed on your bedroom. One of the cheapest styles of frames are the Ones That are made Of metal. It's simply composed of simple design that could be generally found with wheels attached at the ends of the framework.

But in case you've got a large sized mattress like a king-sized one, it's better to make that excess effort in getting a stronger frame like the wooden ones. All these wooden frames have a more in-depth design and can go with any space that supports a common theme. In Case You Have one of these water beds, then a platform framework Should be your primary choice since it's made to deliver an absolute support for water beds.

A number of these types of mattress frames also have a storage capability wherein a drawer or 2 are hidden on the faces of the framework. The Cost of each frame depends on its dimensions, the design, and
Most notably the substance that was utilized in making the framework. Whenever we want to purchase a new mattress frequently we end up in Purchasing the whole bed arrangement; mattress frame is a portion of it.

Occasionally we choose to obtain a framework while we proceed for buying a new mattress. There are a few additional situations like requirement of new framework instead of the old and the present one is a common motive to obtain a new framework for mattress. Though it might sound weird, buying the right bed frame frequently is not so simple as we might think reluctantly.

A couple of things have to be kept in mind while we make a choice for the chosen frame of the mattress. 5 common points are narrated here, which can be handy and useful hints for buying an appropriate framework for your mattress. The most Frequent versions of mattress frames are wood made mattress Frames and metallic left.

Both of these versions have different pros and cons, however, before buying you need to think about the fact if you demand a footboard or a headboard and if these could be attached correctly with the new frame you've determined for buying. In the majority of the instances the headboard later adjusting with new framework imposes a slight difference in height adjustment. The next important point you should consider is about your Bed mattresses, in the event the mattress will fit properly in the framework.

Some of the frames can be nicely adjusted using their width, for example with single beds or normal double beds, but in these instances, mattresses are needed to be in appropriate size in order to have appropriate adjustment with the new frame for supreme comfort level. Therefore the size of these mattresses is prime elements need to take into account before purchasing a new framework. Few instances of bed framework can be found which are Flexible using their width; these alterations framed are especially suitable for children's space and four guest bedrooms.

Nonetheless, in the event you have any strategy for modification of your current bed size, adjustable frame is going to be the best option for your purpose; it'll be cost effective too. While purchasing a new framework you Should Think about the storage Option with mattress arrangement; if you've got a strategy for making storage choice with the coordination of the framework and mattress together, it's best if you go for platform framework choice or for box-type bed frame with drawer facility comprised in it. It's always Suggested to do some homework by internet widow Shopping; it will certainly help to gather some sensible ideas about different frames available for beds and so you'll be able enough your requirement with the available options.

It's always Suggested to make the purchase from reputable Online retail factors. It's Far Better to collect all the available choices about Bed frames so that you can just go through them to assess your requirements. There are multiple color choices available with bed frames and if you feel Nothing you are becoming as per your proposed strategy, it's better to plan for a Customized framework for your exclusive bed.

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Big Lots Returns and Refunds

Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Big Lots below. We encourage you to leave a comment regarding your experience requesting a return or refund from Big Lots so others can benefit from what you learned.

Big Lots Return Policy

Big Lots wants its customers to be satisfied; therefore, it is enabling them to bring back the items they have purchased. The return policies are outlined below:
  • No refunds or exchanges are granted without a valid receipt accompanying the merchandise that was purchased.
  • Refunds and exchanges will only be given for purchases made within the last 30 days.
  • Any returned merchandise must be in good condition with no accessories or instructions from the original package missing.
  • The method of payment used for the purchase helps Big Lots determine how the refund will be granted.
  • Any video games and software that have been opened may only be returned for an exchange.
  • Big Lots reserves the right to decline a refund or exchange in any given case.

See what others are saying about Big Lots returns, refunds and exchanges

Posted by Ms. Hirlinger

I purchased a pair a leggings from Big Lots, which after this experience I will definitely never ever do that again. I understand now why people just stick to Dillard's and Macy's. Anyways, I got home realized I grabbed the wrong size. Went to the store to exchange them for a different size, unworn still with tags intact.
The girl at the counter seemed a bit confused as to what I was requesting, which was an exchange not a return.
The lady beside her register was watching rather closely I noticed.
Ok so I go back home with my "exchanged" leggings. Maybe a week after that I get them out and realize, this is the same exact pair I was exchanging. So I never got the correct pair handed back to me.
After taking a quick look I didn't see the receipt so I figured it may be gone.
Ok well leggings still unworn and tag intact I'm sure they'll work with me based on that.
I go in explain what happened.
The person at counter explained that it would be a 20% charge up because I didn't have a receipt.
So naturally I was a bit confused, but not confrontational. I look over and see it was the lady the was watching my last "exchange" ever so closely and say, oh hey do remember me exchanging these? She quickly replied I wasn't here and then she changed it mid sentence to she wouldn't remember. Which let's me know she remember. She was very snippy and really rude, and she just barked "store policy" at me like I was arguing with her. Which again I wasn't. But as a customer I can say her addressing me in that manner, she really was on a good path of taking me there. I'm not sure why your employees feel the need to be so rude Big Lots, perhaps they believe they're stopping something in it's tracks before it starts. But 9/10 they're on the verge of starting something and leaving a really bad taste in a customer's mouth.
Even your "customer service line" isn't any better.
So to sum it up, I would have been paying for your employees to get paid to make mistakes because they are not paying attention? I understand policy, what I will not do however, is pay for your employees coachable moments.
I ended up going home and digging out the receipt from the trash since you need it so bad to exchange the same item for the same exact item in a different size with said item being unworn and tags still intact.
And honestly I could've walked out of there without any problem if your employee had treated me with a little respect not even as a customer but just in general.

Posted by Ghnj

Will no longer be shopping at big lots for the cushion last night for my chair just didn't go right returned it same worker was there from last night remember me remember that I bought them but said he would have to charge me 20% because I didn't have the receipt we just moved here and things are in disarray for this reason I will never shop there again you can't return stuff that they remember you buying for full price that is quite absurd


I was looking for a new couch after remodeling my home. Went in Big Lots numerous times after comparing prices in other stores. July I paid over $ cash for a sectional and large ottoman. I live alone so I'm the only one who sat on it. Several months ago I noticed batting around the cushion and found the zipper was stripped all the way around the cushion.Also the cushions are foam rubber making it hot and uncomfortable to sit on. Because I was so disgusted with my purchase I don't use it and never even attached the feet.Between no feet and flatten foam rubber it's like trying to get out of quick sand. HATE this couch and out of $ bucks that my dad left for me upon dying January Big Lots has an "F" rating with the BBB.

Posted by Darwin Lott c/o BIG

I received a pkg from BIG LOTS Delivery today 05/01/ via FedEx for my order # My Raspberry Preserves and Orange Marmalade were broken and shattered with the tops loose and falling off. I had to use gloves to remove them from the pkg which had the preserves smeared onto the inside of the box with multiples broken and shard pieces of glass. Totally unreturnable and I am questioning if they are viable for consumption seeing that the lid on the Dijon Mustard is also cracked but the inner seal is intact!!?, as if it were tossed on it's top and into the box. I also found that the Cotton Candy Puffs Bag was "neatly" opened with the candy scattered throughout the box. It was so very strange and very obvious that there was malicious tampering with this pkg which was originally delivered(???)on 04/18/21 and redelivered on 04/27/ and was finally received today, because the batteries which were also included in this delivery box with pkg ID #, were clearly untouched with any preserves. Very STRANGE INDEED!!? Esp. seeing that BIG LOTS packaging is usually designed with safety wraps and adhere to higher standards of packaging than how these boxes had EVERYTHING tossed and no containment or shock resistant wraps. I am NOT faulting BIG LOTS packing or the FedEx delivery. The fault obviously happened when the pkg was left on The St. Bernards' Park Apts Property. Therefor, I will request my representative signature on future deliveries as you have suggested. (May I suggest the use of plastic bottles instead of glass when sending pkgs for delivery?) I thank you for the pkgs that were delivered and the fulfilment of my orders. Everything else was A.O.K. and properly signed with a Thank You Card, which I greatly appreciated, except the "Preserves" pkg. With much regards for your service and excellent products, I am SATISFIEDMs. Darwin-Ann (GIBBS) Lott

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase a mattress set from Big Lots. I was told that there is 10yr warranty on the mattress set. After a year the mattress begin to sag on the middle. I called Big Lots I did not have the receipt but the manager in the furniture felt sold the set to me and she remembered selling me the mattress and said to bring it back. Because of COVID they were not receiving any furniture returns. I went to my local Big Lots stores to inquire
about returning my mattress the woman that sold me the mattress was there she no longer worked in the furniture dept because of a promotion but she remembered selling me the mattress. Her boss was there I think the district manager her boss was the mere. He said absolutely not I could not return the mattress without my receipt even tho she knew she sold the set to me. He was very adamant about it. So I am sick with mattress which I am going to have to replace myself. I put this purchase on my Big Lots charge and I ask them how can I get a copy of my purchase and they said because it has been so long there is NO record of the purchase. So I am not satisfied but there is nothing else iI can do even tho there is a 10
Yr warranty on the set. It not worth anything . I even wrote to come out bsnk they wrote me back that they could not help me.

Posted by Anonymous

Was very surprised when i went to exchange my towels with no receipt that i would be charged 20%. I was exchanging for different color.

Posted by Disappointed

Purchased a sectional living room set 1 year ago. The arm broke on the sofa and a piece of wood fell out of the other sofa. We paid for lifetime warranty. Now here's the fun part. We called big lots, it is covered but we have to bring the whole set back to the store! We do not own a truck and we are not renting a truck . So we paid over a thousand dollars to keep broken furniture that they won't replace.

Posted by Seriously Upset

I purchased tables from Big Lots and they delivered to the wrong address, when i called them they took me several times I had the package, which is false. Later, on sale rep stated the tables were delivered to a different address which wasn't mine and they would resend the tables. I asked could I pick them up in store amd they said no. I decided to buy tables elsewhere. Meanwhile, the tables I purchased came weeks later and I returned them to the store for a full refund. They told me they would take 20% of the total refund due to ordering online are u serious? So, this is how you all work without telling people this??? I will never order online from these people again

Posted by Sleepless

We purchased a mattress less than two months ago and it was a sealy. We have had nothing but problems with this mattress. Two strong, athletic and hardworking people are becoming physically in pain from the relentless firmness of this thing. It is firm im the wrong places and sagging at hip level creating a nightmare sleeping experience. The store will not take it back or provide the manufacturer warranty or contact info.

Posted by Ashiannetti

Bought a dresser dollars it's been 4 months Neve touched it or moved it I just went to move it me and my bf leg was broken at the bottom the wood had a slice in it we went to move it to look at the bottom the entire top broke off. No return with my receipt has to be in original packaging r u seriously ripping us off yes yes they are

Posted by Anonymous

We just had a sofa and loveseat delivered. It is broken. I will try to return it but the comments on this worry me. We used the delivery service they suggested. Paid $ plus $40 tip on top of the almost $ for the set. One side of the rocking recliner loveseat wobbles and doesn't close. The recliner on the couch doesn't open. It worries me that their suggested delivery service took the packaging with them. I do have the receipts and may have to have my bank cancel the charge but will give Big Lots the opportunity to fix this first.

Posted by Mimi

I just purchased a mattress set from big lots about a week ago spent $ and paid for delivery. Only to get it home and discover that the mattress is unusually short. I am 5'5 and my feet hangover the end of the mattress. I am so disappointed. I knew I should have followed my mind and purchased a mattress online. Total waste of money ?!

Posted by adlrmama

why did they not emphasis they are not taking returns right now!!I bought a chair online but I changed my mind when the package arrived. I would not have dragged the heavy box onto my car, drive all the way to big lots, then lifted that heavy box in a cart and pushed it all the way into the store just to be told they are not taking returns right now!! Are you kidding me?! Put signs up at your store! Put in on your website!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought an expensive patio set on April 1st and all of the chairs are now crooked and leaning. Do they have a weight limit of pounds? I'm and they are horrible. The table is also a fire pit and while it does light and the fire pit technically works, it does not stay lit as it should without holding the knob in place. As soon as you let go of the knob, the fire goes out. $ spent on the table and chairs set and all of it is awful. And they aren't taking any returns right now. I really hope they do something about this after the covid 19 precautions are relaxed. I've spent a lot of money in there recently and I have all of my receipts.

Posted by Jen

I'm hoping that returns will be allowed in full after the COVID response is back to normal, even if it's after 30 days. I bought a pool yesterday and filled it up. Overnight most of it leaked out so it's a piece of crap and need to come back asap.

Posted by Sylvia

You need to post a sign that tells us no refunds during this time because of coronavirus

Posted by Anonymous

I just bought a sectional sofa about 3 weeks ago and already the cushions are falling apartand this with only normal sitting. I am beyond angry and will NEVER purchase from them again if it's not dealt with after all goes back to normal following the covid situation. Will NOT be my fault if it's over 30 days!!!

Posted by NatKin

Bought a Lane Ottoman. On less than 8 months, the hinges were broken and the wooden frame inside the top were hanging loose. I contacted Lane. They offer a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Big Lots ordered me a new one. It was replaced without question and I didn't even show them my receipt.

Posted by Mare

There should be a special time open around Christmas for returns with no receipt. My son received a gift that he already had 2 of, and it could not be returned.

Posted by HellfireNYC

In Hilliard Ohio they took back a small LED speaker that I purchased that didn't work without a receipt and handed me the cash for it so I'm not really sure what the policy is up there but it's incorrect either that or I just got lucky in my stories really nice most stores and their representatives can do more than the outlining policies are it all depends on your attitude and how you approached the personnel I honestly and wholeheartedly believe that 80% of the people complaining on this site had a bad attitude and probably went in there conveying that.

Posted by Skye

We bought a sectional 3 months ago. One of the plastic legs were broken. Not worth taking that huge couch. After sitting on trying to get comfortable night after night, I hate it! There is no lumbar support at all. The back cushion curves in before it gets to your low back. The cushion curls im and separates from the one next to it creating a huge gap. One of the cushions snagged about a week after we go it. Don't even know how it happened. What a piece of crap! Never again!

Posted by Anonymous

It seems like the prices of all their toiletries are sky rocketing!! Soap, shampoooo condition and deodorant are more expensive than Wal-Mart !! Might as well go to Wal-Mart then!!!

Posted by LSC

Bought some inflatables from Big Lots; put them up after Thanksgiving. Two of them have stopped working; the fans are no longer working. Going to get receipt and returnwe'll see what happens

Posted by Mrs V.

Bought an oversized recliner in Nov 2 and it is already misshapen. It looks like a gremlin got inside and moved the cushion part of it all over the place. Its past the 30 days so I'm stuck. Paid $ Guess I'll put in a spare BR. I'll never purchase furniture from them again. It may look good but there is no quality to it.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a reduced item at the Delaware store and when I got home, was charged regular price not marked down price, question can I go to different big lots to get resolved or the same stireb

Posted by Disappointed

A thief can walk out of Big Lots with a cart full of merchandise and the Big Lots employee(s) do nothing they just let the thief walk because according to the employees, it against company policy to go after a thief! Wow Yet, I am a consistent customer, I shop at Big Lots often and know most of the staff and management. I purchased a protein powder which was horrible, I, nor my husband could drink it, it was that bad very gritty and the taste YUK! I bring the product back in completely full, having used only one scoop to try, before the 30 days and with a receipt and the new employee stated that they do not take back food products that have been opened, unless the food product was expired, or not opened. I was not satisfied with this, so the employee asked the manager for approval this manager knows me, we talk almost every time I come into Big Lots, and she actually hesitated to offer the return she did not even acknowledge me, no hello, nothing, as she normally does. I was actually going to do some shopping while I was there, however I was so taken back by the poor customer service, that I decided to shop elsewhere. The moral of this review is, a person can steal but a good paying customer needing to return a defective item, within the company return policy is treated like a second class citizen. NO common sense anymore!!!

Posted by Game Day pop up shelter is not w

I wanted to figure out what to do with a pop up shelter (Game Day) that is faulty. I bought it that way. Since Big Lots policy is only to return merchandise in good condition AND the item manual instructs me to contact the manufacturer, I am out of ideas now. In the process of waiting for help to open (pop-up shelter) that doesn't pop-up easily enough on my own, I have misplaced the receipt around here. Also I bought for use over a month after purchase. It is impossible to rely on stores to carry this item for long. They sell out, so I was unaware of the damage within a month. Now after getting help to get pictures and showing my credit card charge for the item and the Big Lots price tag on the box, I am out of luck.

Posted by jpb

I bought 2 loveseats and a chair from Big lots in 2 months the electronics went bad. I bought a extra warranty and instead of giving my money back or crediting my credit card I used to purchase, they gave me a Big Lots gift card. What a Joke. I never want to purchase from them again. They never told me with I paid for warranty that they paid with gift card. My money for a cheap store gift card. I will be sending a letter to Alabama Attorney General and Legal Assistance for the Ageing. Along with my copy of receipt and warranty purchase.

Posted by Cecilia

I bought a clock that was broken when I took it out of the box.


We purchased the Simmons Denim "L" sectional in Victorville, CA, Our first furniture purchase at Big Lots. We paid extra for delivery/ setup. My husband noticed a leg put on wrong. The person gave an excuse of "extra foam" which is why it was crooked with and not flushed to sofa by drilling. We asked him to redo and he did with much ATTITUDE. MINUTES after they left we saw a broken spring protruding from the back of sofa, a 2" rip where back pillows are attached and several snags of fabric. IMMEDIATELY we called the store. We had to wait a week for the delivery, which we agreed to do. On , the Manager Marco called stating they'd only replace one section. We said NO, requesting full replacement. On calling to check on delivery replacement, we were told "the manager was bending store policy to replace and a 30 day return policy was for mattresses. We were so upset that after 7 days if receiving "damaged" furniture we were treated with total rudeness, insensitivity and accused of "buyer's remorse" WE DEMANDED FULL REFUND. Never again will we purchase furniture at BIG LOTS.

Posted by Disappointed customer

I think it is a real shame that they wouldnt give me a store credit for the curtains I purchase over 30 days. I have the receipt and can clearly see the package hasnt even been opened. Plus they still carry in the store.

Posted by Anonymous

Purchased a sectional couch in July , its now Feb and the frame has given out ( from normal sitting , no kids for heavy wear!) Cannot return .. $ for 6 months NOT WORTH IT!

Posted by Acat7

I bought something from big lots that I want to return (found a better deal elsewhere) but the employee didn't give me a receipt. Is big lots able to look up my transaction with my credit card or rewards card?

Posted by Anonymous

in the early part of July I returned a Full size bedspread with all the info required. To this day I have not received a credit on my credit card. Could someone please help me.???
I do like to shop in your store.

Posted by Poke

Were glad that the workers at big lots lisen only to the lose prevention and not the customers because they determine if they lose there job are not. However without making your customers happy you will have no company at all who do you think really determines if you lose your job so stupid morons watching a camera all day r customers cause you can stay in business if you have no customers and big lots and there greedy attitude about keep the gift r give it away no reciept no return policy is ludicrous the company is just greedy and thats why walmart will shut you idiots down sorry the shirt i got for Christmas didn't fit big lots don't worry i threw it away for you you happy. Hey

Posted by Anonymous

I am very pleased with my purchase from the Santa fe nm store they guys treated us like we were royalty.. my couches are so comfy from my older ones .. I will be going back..

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a couch recliner in July One of the worst investments I ever made. Mechanics are bent and don't work. Side falling off. I will never purchase anything of value at big lots.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a Vtech phone from Big Lots Clarksville Indiana. I have not even had it a good month yet. It was bought between December28 to January Today is January 28,and it is not working. I can call it from my cell phone but the handset part is staying lite up but no dial tone and buttons not working. I will try take it back this evening and see what I get. I cannot find my receipt and I have the papers from the box but not the box. I had no idea I would be needing to return it or any type problem for thst matter. I will report the out come of my return attempt

Posted by Anonymous

I just brought a vacuum and my daughter misplace the receipt and can't find it when i open the box it's not even new it's been used and not working properly and i can't return it without receipt it's just the feeling that i throw money it stressing me up i need money and the same time i need a vacuum not stepping in biglots again

Posted by CRYIN 1

I paid for furniture at big lots had it a year got in did not last a year i call them they would not refund us OUR MONEY BACK

Posted by BIG LOTS sells very bad quality

I bought a queen size Emory mattress. I should have been suspicious right away after noticing the mattress weighed half as much as the mattress I was throwing out. The Benson lasted two months before the sag was intolerable. There was the only one person sleeping on the mattress, but the wide sag also made the other side unusable. The springs where poking through and the sagging where hurting me. Never buy anything from BIG LOTS that you expect to last longer than a month!!!! Also most of the food is bad for you too.

Posted by Three1

Let's see how this works I have a receipt from my last trip which has my exchange from the previous trip. Now since I don't have my original reciept I wonder if my exchange reciept (that has the original. Reciept number on itwill work

Posted by Appalled

I was in outrage when I went to return some seamless bras on Sisk Rd. in Modesto. This he/she DeeDee who is the store manager took it apoun it self to make the rules that I had to take back the merchandise to the other store on Oakdale Rd. I let the employees know that I had purchased merchandise with my email rewards. So they could look it up that way
They refused to look up my email.

Posted by Anonymous

I received my purchase and want to return it. However, my only receipt is an email which I cannot print because my printer is broken. What can I do? Thanks

Posted by Cyd

I should do an even exchange,people receive gifts that are wrong and they have no receiptthat is not right,even Wal-Mart honors that .

Posted by schnade

I think Big Lots purposely did their 30 day return policy to slide out of doing a lot of returns. In July I purchased a serta twin bed set for my disabled daughter. Her current bed was almost 20 years old and starting to look worn. So we bought this brand new bed with her birthday money. She was so excited until now, just 3 months later, the side is sagging and almost slants downward from the center. When I thought I'd flip the mattress I was shocked to see the springs poking through the backside!! This mattress is 3 months old!! Big Lots refuses to take it back because it's more than 30 days and can't be returned in original condition! What?? If it was in original shape I wouldn't have to return it! Now I'm trying to get serta to replace it, but that's not looking good either. I will never shop at Big Lots again and am warning others of them too.

Posted by Mrs T

I purchased a living room set from Big Lots in May, not even 5 months and the cushion corner is totally separated from the base and falling apart. I'm heartbroken. I don't have money for a new couch. I spent the last of my moving money on this.

Posted by Cyndi

I purchased a sofa from Big Lots at the end of April It has already fallen apart. It did not even last me 5 months. Very disappointed.

Posted by portis

wi)l never shop at big lot again I worked at sears roebuck for 30 years and the customer was always left happy and
I know time has changed and my little forty eight dollars for a 60/day old non working carpet cleaner sham poo don't mean nothing to you but will never set foot in your store again on your 30 day return policy. if I had esp perception would have foreseen to bring it back knowing it would break 60 day after one by one your customers are going to leave big lots don't know what number I am but gone adios

Posted by Kathysp

I am so disappointed! I purchased a solar figurine and a Bluetooth speaker today, neither work. Somehow I lost my receipt but just want an exchange. The exchange policy is just not good customer service.

Posted by brightdaisy

I bought a Flexon Oasis Lifetime Guarantee Kink-Free hose on April 20, Big Lots' return policy only allows 30 days for return. On May 28, the end blew off. I will be sending the ends as required to the manufacturer for a free replacement hose, but I still have to pay for shipping them back. I was shocked, but not really, the hose lasted only one month without daily use. I believe it's made in China, but I would have to check. Explains the quality Just FYI

Posted by anonymous

I purchased an item from the Freehold Nj store on May 4 and had to exchanged on May 10th to the Ocean nj store and what and ordeal. The lights on the item I purchased were defected and broken. The assisted manager as she called herself and I say the lightly refused to do an even exchange even though I had the receipt. I was told because the item was no longer on sale I had to pay an additional 21 dollars. Crazy right !. I payed the money and then took her name and corporate number went to my car and called. Thank you Jan from corporate for all you help. I went right back in the store and got my 21 dollars back. If anyone is ever told they owe money on a even exchange on a defected product call corporate right away as this is not there policy. Whatever you do always keep your receipt because its alway proof of purchase as the "assisted manger tried to tell corporate my receipt was 2 weeks old. Nice try .

Posted by Dpayne

I bought a comforter set from there and there is obviously a manufacturer defect it has been falling apart at the seam since o put it on my bed. I paid about 80 dor this set and it is after the 30 days. I didnt put it on my bed until at 30 days after purchase. Is there anything that can be done. You can definitely tell it's a defect!

Posted by curls

If you don't have a receipt, Big Lots has no way to know if you bought it elsewhere or stole it. Don't blame BLs if you didn't keep your receipt.

"It's a gift" doesn't work since buyers can get gift receipts. If they don't, it's not up to BLs to deal with it.

Return policy is 30 days. Ask before buying.

The furniture issues seem bigger. Shouldn't be falling apart in the first year. There's a warrantee, instead of return policy.

Posted by Shebec85

Horrible return policy. Got speakers as a gift can not use at all. I didn't want money back just wanted to exchange for something more but would not allow me to.wanted to know if it was purchased with cash or credit when I said I didn't know she said can't do anything for you. I guess I should of lied. Well I just went and bought a fireplace from somebody else.

Posted by JB

Really bad return policy. I purchased two bras that fell apart in more than 30 days. Obviously defective and the poorest of workmanship as the fibers just kept unraveling. Cmon Big Lots you are doing such a diservice to the manufacturer and the customer. They need to be aware of the awful quality. Buyer Beware for somethings purchased here!!

Posted by OhBoy

Well contacted big lots in Marion Ohio Today. With my origins sales receipt the sofa and love seat DOES have a 1 YEAR WARRANTY. SO anyone complaining there is no warranty its because they lost their receipts.. Note to the not so wise, I keep my receipts in the bible. So I know I wont lose them. Store Marion Ohio store thanks for helping out!!

Posted by OhBoy

So my husband and I purchased a king bed set mattress split box frame head board foot board rails. We also purchased a sofa and love seat and tv stand. We did the purchase in may and it was delivered in July. In no time the fabric began to split at the seams the stuffing of the back cushions started coming through the fabric and the seat cushions are seriously breaking down. We spent well over $3, at big lots on the items we purchased. Being a former sales person for big lots furniture I can honestly say this is not the same quality of products that were sold in The quality has seriously gone down hill since the old AMES department store CEO took over at Big Lots. That is very obviously the problem. The second hand leather sofa and love seat set we have had for 4 years and we paid $ for it. And it gets used a lot more. Big Lots has Lots of Big Problems. I will be contacting the store in the morning. Since I still have the sale receipt to see what we can work out.

Posted by ScrewBigLots

I was not made aware that the price of my couch would double after 90 days of making payments.

Posted by nmfloch87

Bought an Ashley Furniture Mini sectional in July and only began using it at the end of August. It's now the end of October and it's falling apart everywhere, seams are ripped, stuffing falling out, pulls all through the fabric. In no way should a $ couch fall apart after 2 months of typical use. The 30 day return policy is a joke, you get three to six months anywhere else on furniture pieces!

Posted by goodness22

Warning!!!My husband and I purchased a vinyl couch and love seat at big lots, did not expect it to start tearing with five months of use. It is not holding up to light use. It appears that the quality of materials used is very inferior. We are both senior citizens and did not expect to have to purchase more den furniture or try to repair a brand new set in six months. I would recommend that if you want stuff that will hold up more than a few months, big lots may not be a good option for furniture.

Posted by debra jackson

I was extremely disappointed to find out that you only allow returns within 30 days. Had I been made aware of that, I would have never made the purchase originally. I am now out $, and won't be purchasing anything from big lots again. Extremely dissatisfied!

Posted by anonymous

My husband and I bought a couch from big lots in June of ' It was a very easy process. The sales associates were easy to work with and fairly helpful. However, it is now September and it has steadily been falling apart. This was put first time buying a brand new couch, so you can imagine our disappointment. Our second hand couches held up better that this current couch. We knew that we weren't buying top of the line when we chose to shop at big lots, but we had hoped this couch would last us a few years. The material started separating along the seems within the first two months. Shortly after that, a board along the back snapped. I would not recommend buying from big lots.

Posted by TORNADO

I Have Multiple Myeloma Rare Bone Marrow Cancer And I Just Did A Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant @ Stanford Hospital Which I Was Hospitalized For 58 Days. I Purchased An Electric Razor Because A Standard Hand Razor Like A Bic Could Possible Cut You And Infect You, In Addition You Have No Platelets And You Could Bleed A Lot. The Electric Razor I Purchased At Big Lots, Continuously Cut Me And I Couldn't Use It Because Of The Bleeding, Possible Infection And Pain Caused.
It's Past Your 30 Day Return Policy But I Was Stuck In The Hospital Fighting For My Life,
Could You Please Consider Allowing Me To Return This Defective Electric Razor.

Posted by folieadeux

Bought a $ recliner from big lots in March so i could rock my newborn to sleep. After a month the cushion sunk down so far you could see the wood frame. Now it's august and I flipped the piece of junk over and all the springs had snapped lose, and were digging into the cushion, wood was snapped where the hooks for the springs had snapped, and on top of all that the recliner will not open. Nothing visibly wrong with the mechanism from what I can tell. Just won't work anymore.

This recliner is not worth $ let alone $. Absolute garbage.

Can I return it? No. Screw you Big Lots. $ for a recliner that started to fall apart after a month? Ridiculous!!!

Posted by Surreal_

I bought 2 youth beds from the store and I am over my 30 days and that's exactly how long it took for it to fall apart both beds has the rails falling off and I'm continuing to have to fix it do to I thought it was wood boards but its actually looking like its made out of card board now that it has fell apartlooks can be really deceivingI will not buy anymore from them

Posted by Chab0dad0n

Never by furniture from here. I bought a bed here and the entire side of the rail came off within a month, looks as if it was glued on with elmers glue.

Posted by Extremely Dissatisfied EX- Custo

Beware of furniture!! Bought a $ recliner - it lasted one year. Handle completely broke off & chair leans totally to one side. We DO have the complete receipt but "because it was over 30 days", NO return or refund. Are you kidding??? Buy a $ chair to last 30 days?!?! Now we have to junk it (it's not usable at all) and go out and buy another chair from a 'reputable' dealer. Oh, and by the way, this chair was only used by my 90 year old mother. Would never set foot in a Big Lots store again - they sell 3rd hand junk!

Posted by Anonymous

Can I return an item if I don't have the plastic wrapper

Posted by Anonymous

Good evening,
I purchased a tablet during the Black Friday Sale in , and it has alot of difficulies such as: lose speaker volume freezing up while on device
I have tried to reboot the tablet and it still isnt working like it should.
Its on but you cant even use it anymore.

Posted by Shopper

I see most of the complaints are because people wanted to return something and "accidentally threw away the receipt" or "lost the receipt" or "never got a receipt" come on people, you are grown adults, you know you need a receipt if you want to make a return, so it's not Biglots fault, but your own carelessness.
These excuses and bad reviews are worthless. A mature adult can see through this, so I will skip over those.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a pair of headphones that wont charge or turn on. Who keeps reciepts these days??! stuck with a bad pair of headphones that I may as well throw away.. even though I have the original box and materials..with the damn Big lots sticker on the box. I can't get a refund or exchange! what a load of crap!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a little bed for my cats that is supposed to stick onto the window ledge from Big Lots. Due to moving, I wasn't able to put it on for about 2 weeks. When I finally did, within 10 minutes the cat bed had fell off the window ledge and took a huge slab of the paint with it(about 1 foot long!). Horrible product, but I expect nothing more from Big Lots. I usually keep my receipts on items like this but unfortunately, was not able to find it. Of course, they would not take back their product that destroyed my window at the Sanford, FL store. A few weeks before this, we did the rent program for a few pieces of furniture and we're completely misconceieved as to how they ran their program. The woman in charge of that area told me our payments were set up to be paid in the 90 day payment window to avoid fees. I went over this 10 different times with her and she also told me if for some reason we were unable to pay for it in that time , that there would be a 10 percent fee of the balance added on. Sure enough, 90 days were up recently and the renting company told us we were in fact not set up for payments that would have taken care of it in that time AND It was 70 percent of the balance they charged you. Thats almost twice the original balance!! Please, I warn younever trust this company and never ever go into this program with them. We were completely lied to and taken advantage of. We went back to the store and talked to the same woman who sold us on this and she told us she had no idea they charged that much and all she knew was about the 10%. She seemed shocked. Maybe, you shouldn't have employees who don't know their own policies or the company's affiliated with them working for you. Wowjust wow. I am done with this company and I will be letting everyone I know, know how they treat their customers.

Posted by Short sheeted

ReDiculse !!!!!! I bought a SET of sheets ON sale,no notation anywhere on package that anything was wrong with this SETgot home,helllooooaFLAT sheet would make a set !!!!!!!-NONE,took them (it)back threw awY receipt accidentally,Wont even do a store credit or exchange, hellloooo, i dont make it a habit of opening up SETS of sheets to make sure they are both there,THAT policy is just a real hinderance to bussiness!!!!!Take a lesson from Khols!

Posted by Anonymous

POOOOOOOOOOOR quality I bought two twin blankets for my guest bedroom and they shed all over the sheets and comforter because I didn't have the receipt I was stuck with them so I took everything off the bed and washed them according to the instructions and now there are little balls everywhere NEVER BUY ANYTHING THERE AGAIN! That is why things are cheap once you buy them you are stuck with them.

Posted by angryreturner

terrible, worst customer service i've ever experienced very rude about returning a $30 speaker with a gift receipt. Insulting to me as a customer, did not help me in the end. I will never be returning to big lots

Posted by adrionyekel

Extremely poor service. Lady was very rude almost insinuating that I stole this item which was small candle holder for Even though j clearly walked in withe is and it was still freezing cold from being in my vehicle. Just because a customer doesn't have a receipt doesn't make them a thief! And I don't be treated like one in front of other customers.

Posted by stormbrew

inexpensive mens watch hands fell off in 2 months, store would do nothing; got refund through credit card co. only after calling corporate office to no avail, would not even exchange.

Posted by currentemployee

*Pay attention to the return policy. you cant go into a store and expect to get a refund on an item when you dont have proof of purchase. so if the guy below wants to return a gift he recieved thats why there is a thing called a gift reciept.. if you dont have a reciept, your purchase can be looked up from the Debit/Credit card you used or by your big lots Buzz Club Card.
*as far as stale crackers.. they should have refunded that with no hassle (as long as it was within the 30day return policy)
*all remanufactured items state that on item you buy.. selling them as BRAND NEW is false advertising.. which is against the LAW. so if you bought a remanufactured TV and thought it was brand new.. sorry to say, you just didnt READ
READING will cut down on most of these complaints!

Posted by MTV

I love Big Lots they always have great prices and great merchandise.

Posted by dee

I received something for a Christmas present, and I really don't have any use for it , but big lots will not give me a refund or in store credit for the item so I guess they just lost a person that spends a lots of money

Posted by Dbc

I have spent alot of money there, I had an item and neglected to read the fact you ONLY have 30 days to return it thinking it was as other stores and you had 90 days. Not going to be shopping there again.

Posted by madmewillspreadtheword

I bought a pop up tent cover from the one in Longview Texas on May 19th for $ using their reward program card. Went to put it up a week later and it was already broke out of box. Store wouldn't take it back with receipt. Finally I figured out i could log onto big lots reward card web site and even though it has the purchase their and the date they won't take it back because I'm past 30days. Well if they would have told me I could have pulled it up that way before hand I WOULD have Not shopping there again

Posted by MaryO

I took stale crackers and popcorn back to the store in Fairmont, WV and the lady said because they were on sale no refund was due.
I didn't get the refund from her, but I got it from another
needless to say, I was upset.

Posted by Xemployee

in it, because everything is remanufactured. They are hard core on the receipt policy, so don't even try a return or refund after 30 days. Furniture is bashed! Cosmetics and batteries are repackaged to hide the expiration dates and/or store origin (buyouts from drugstores). Staff is stressed by working crazy yet another stupid question. Long hours, short staffed, stupid policies (try working at the corporate office with those babies all day!) all make for one long week in H-E -

Posted by M

took a recalled portable space heater back to store # Modesto CA with the receipt & box. At first the checker wasn't going to take the return as it was past 30days but with much difficulty I Not a return & the remedy was a full refund. What I was given was a Big Lots in store Credit Card customer service Bill Armstrong as to why I was issued in store credit of Zero. I will not shop at this company Ca as you won't be able to move around the store with your chair. A lawsuit just waiting

Posted by Anonymous

and they last for a year and one-half. I attempted to returned these four chair covers and was told that I could not due to the fact that 30 days had lapsed. I was so disappointed to have spent the money I had and not have the satisfaction guarantee or your money back policy. My husband told me that we vacation. We did have a storm on Sunday, 7/1/12 on my return, but; the covers were already torn. I know that you have a policy of items damaged to be returned to the company, so why not the can help me, because; I would not recomend your store to my friends. I had already told some of

Posted by greg

i am getting ripped off and stolen from, i used my rewards card to buy it and biglots here in attleboro wont give me a refund, they never told people they were remanufactured tvs, they sold them as brand new..i just want my money back, nobody wants to pay over dollars for something that is suppose to last more than 2 month..i just want my money back and you can have the tv back

Posted by sammy

a sealed one dollar bottle of spices to the store without a receipt for an exchange. This was in Olathe, Kansas. I was told rudely no exchange without the sales receipt. I said, its easy to exchange this. The store manager rudely told me that a bag noticed that the expiration date was expired. I took the remaining two bags back to the store for an exchange or refund. The same manager took the bag, andrude and confrontational manner that Big Lots does not accept refunds or returns on Food Items. No has decided that she is the final word on Big Lots store policy. I have emailed the company and

Posted by useless and danagerous

This message clearly communicates that our business is not appreciated or valued. In addition, Big Lots sells defective merchandise, wireless headphones (). When I returned this headphone, in its original condition with package materials and instructions, with a receipt, and within 30 days of purchase, I was given a gift card (…16) instead of a refund. I wanted and deserved return my hard earned money. The store manager (James Herring) attempted to shame and belittle me in the presence of customers. The merchandise was defective.

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Big Lots

Rated with 1 star
Barbara of Oldsmar, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18,

I purchased some furniture and my card was charged for that purchase. Then the next day I was charged again. I called and they said that the first one is just a pre-authorization and it will be released in days. They wiped out my account. Now it's negative. The person I spoke to was rude and didn't care. How is it that they take money the same day but I have to wait for it to be put back. It doesn't make sense to me that the first charge is just a pre-authorized amount and then they just take more when the stuff is delivered. I want my money back and will file a dispute with my back as fraud. I will never buy anything from them again and be aware do not order anything unless you have extra money. They can just hold for however long.

Rated with 1 star
Cynthia of Mountain Home, AR Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 14,

My husband bought a bed frame from Big Lots and it was infested with bed bugs. I took pictures of the skins and eggs and live ones crawling around. Called an exterminator and he said it very well came from this bed frame because of the amount of infestation in the frame itself and due to the fact that it was the only new thing brought into the house. We hadn't traveled anywhere and we hadn't had any company come over and spend the night or even visit. We just moved to this area and we don't know anybody. Now they want to take 30 to 60 days to do a total investigation before they render their decision on helping us with fumigation and the replacement of the box spring and mattress that we had to throw away and the reimbursement of the bed frame.

So now my husband, my grandson and myself are all sleeping in the living room with our bedroom doors taped off hoping and praying that they don't crawl through the walls and migrate out into the living room where we're at because then our house will become uninhabitable. Right now we're living just off my husband's disability because I recently had back surgery and we cannot afford this extermination process. Very disappointed in you Big Lots.

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Rated with 1 star
Joy of Independence, MO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15,

Wanted to purchase a recliner. Showed not in store. Tried to order online. Went to purchase and it said unable to complete. Card denied. There was more than enough money in my account. Tried again. Same thing. Tried a third time. Another notice that transaction not accepted. Guess what? Even though "transaction unable to complete", they DID process the initial $ and THEN proceeded to wipe out my checking/debit account!!! Called BG customer service. Said transaction didn't go through but to allow at least 10 days for the funds they held to be released. WHAT? You wipe out my account for not only the initial $ but take out everything from my account on transactions not approved, but I am to wait DAYS, over a get MY money back. This is NOT right. This is clearly an unfair and unjust practice.

I called my bank but can't dispute because its pending charges that has frozen my money. Meanwhile, BG is making money/interest on my money wrongfully taken. I WILL be taking this matter to court. You can't wipe out someone bank account for days and expect them to live. I have bills due. I need groceries. But I can't buy because Big Lots. I will also file complaint with Attorney General and BBB. DON'T DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THESE FRAUDULENT CONARTISTS!!! (5 DAYS LATERMONEY STILL BEING HELD BY BIG LOTS)

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Rated with 3 stars
Ruthie of Sanford, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21,

I have bought 5 pieces of furniture from Bog Lots and sadly ALL of them had a defect in some way! Their furniture is garbage and will never buy anything again! I recently bought a $ rollaway bed and it broke down in 3 days!!!! The only good experience I had was buying with Progressive leasing. I’m sure I will buy other things at Big Lots but definitely NOT their furniture.

Rated with 1 star
Krystal of South Paris, ME Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 13,

I looked at all the horrible experience before purchasing a mattress. & I still went to order a $ mattress. First off the customer service sucks. Not only they took forever to ship my mattress out. It arrived drenched in I don’t know what. It wasn’t raining. & the entire side was black like it was rolled to my house from the warehouse. I wasn’t mad at Big Lots knowing it wasn’t their fault. It was the warehouse but when I called to explain that it didn’t just arrive in dirt & mud they also took my mattress instead of leaving it so I can sleep on it! The new mattress was disgusting & destroyed. I called like 5 customer service representative none cared that I didn’t have a bed to sleep on. It's going on 2 weeks. Still waiting on the replacementThis is a Joke! NEVER AGAIN. I’m so happy I tested this out with my bed only. Definitely buying my kid's bed & guest room bed SOMEWHERE else.

Rated with 1 star
Lisa of Ringgold, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 12,

We went after 2 weeks and ask the associate the status on our furniture and she was very rude!! She was yelling at my husband in front of other customers just because he ask her if it was back yet. She was very rude and unprofessional!!! We will never buy from this Big Lots again. This was the Big Lots store #

Rated with 1 star
Melanie of Knoxville, TN Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 30,

I made a purchase at my local Big Lots for a mattress to pick up along with some other items. Half of the items were not available so half were being shipped and another half I had to pick up. When my order was marked as ready to be picked up, I drove there to get it. The clerk in the furniture section came out and loaded the mattress along with some pictures on my vehicle. I was parked right at the front door. My boyfriend went in to buy rope and went past a employee saying, "Her card didn't go through" and they started panicking and ran outside.

The clerk then addressed me differently agitated and told me he had to get everything off my vehicle. My payment didn't go through. I was dumbfounded. I asked why. He said I needed to go discuss it with my bank. He made sure there was other employees standing out there watching as he got the stuff off my car. This was embarrassing and the fact that when it said my bed my ready, I threw away my old mattress. So I went home and called my bank, guess what? The payment was on hold. I then accessed Big Lots online help chat and they told me not to worry that the money would be refunded within 2 to three business days. I didn't want to go without a bed so four day later I bought a cheaper bed from somewhere else.

Ten days later I check my account and it says my items are ready to be picked up still. I was furious. I again accessed chat who then gave me a case number. I believe I waited a whole 15 days to receive dollars back into my account. This is not right. I always loved shopping at Big Lots but I felt so downgraded and like my issue didn't matter. I just wanted this to be out there. They need a new process in ordering furniture. I would not have thrown my bed out if it wasn't ready and the fact that my payment did go through and I was treated like that is the topping to it all.

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Rated with 1 star
profile pic of the author
Alex of Covina, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20,

So I bought online a twin mattress set for my son. It says it was in stock so I bought it even said pick the date and all our information. I paid not even 10 minutes get a email saying it’s cancel. They don’t have it in stock. I’m like what just happen. It said they did have them both in stock so they basically took my money and 10 minutes later telling me both items I just purchased were out of stock? First of all It should of said that online in the first place why take my money? I had similar experience with Macy’s. The only difference Macy’s never took my money. They said, "Sorry we don’t have them items" but never took my money like Big Lots.

Now I have to wait days for my refund and it’s close to a week and still my money is not back in my account. Keeps saying pending only. I honestly don’t recommend anyone shopping online at all. They shouldn’t had taken my money when something it’s out of stock. Now I’m still waiting for my money back cause is close to a week and still nothing. Thinking calling my bank. Taking forever. At this point never again. I’m honestly scare that they did fraud or something. Regardless I’ll be reporting this to my bank, As a Influencer I will be posting about my experience online too. That’s my job.

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Rated with 5 stars
profile pic of the author
Heather of Bend, OR Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 17,

Big Lots is a great and friendly place to work. All the staff feels like family. I enjoy all the regular customers that make me really feel like part of the community. If you are looking for a nice place to work this is it.

Rated with 4 stars
Kim of Dundee, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 5,

We bought a Broyhill sectional from Big Lots in Winter Haven, Fl in March of Although it is showing signs of wear, overall it has held up well and is still in use. We spend most of our time when home on the sectional. It has been a very comfortable, durable choice. I definitely feel we got our money’s worth of use. We would buy a Broyhill from Big Lots again.


Big lots queen platform bed

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Affordable Queen Platform Base Big Lots

2 hours ago 80"L x 60"W x 14"H. Material: Steel. Product weight: 44 lbs. Assembly required. Features. Premium platform base for a queen-size mattress. Durable foundation does not require a frame or box spring. Use freestanding or pair with a headboard. Ideal for a master or guest bedroom.

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9 hours ago This dreamy platform bed is all about understated elegance. The graceful camelback headboard features a neutral beige fabric, accented with a row of antique bronze nail head trim for a touch of traditional charm. The gently sloping shape offers a soothing silhouette for the bedroom, while light padding ensures comfortable support.

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1 hours ago Beige Tufted Arch Upholstered Queen Platform Bed. Product Overview. If you have any issues, contact our Customer Care Support Center at BIG-LOTS () for assistance with making your return. Please be prepared to provide your order number and email address, or your rewards number, so that we may better assist you.

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Bedroom Furniture: Shop Bedroom Sets & More Big Lots

8 hours agoBig Lots Bedroom Furniture. Big Lots has the bedroom furniture pieces to fill your rooms with style and fantastic design - all at an incredible value. Whether you're modern, traditional or somewhere in-between, we have bedroom furniture including headboards, bed frames, nightstands, dressers, mattresses and more to furnish your bedroom.

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Just Now Ameriwood Andover Oak Espresso Twin Headboard. Ameriwood Andover Oak Espresso Twin Headboard. Non Combo Product Selling Price : Original Price : List Price : Price Type : Min Price : Max Price : $

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50 Most Popular Natural Wood Platform Beds for Houzz

7 hours ago The Nagoya bamboo platform bed is available in a queen or king size and offers solid, upward curved wood slats upon which the mattress is placed. full size 3-drawer bed can be paired with different Nexera full size headboards to create a complete bed set with lots of storage. This bed also features a unique metal and hardwood slat

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Platform Queen Bed Bed Bath & Beyond

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Bed bed frames at big lots

2 hours ago More Buying Choices. $ (15 used & new offers) Allewie Queen Size Button Tufted Platform Bed Frame / Fabric Upholstered Bed Frame with Adjustable Headboard / Wood Slat Support / Mattress Foundation /Dark Grey (Queen) out of 5 stars. $

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Affordable Queen Platform Base Big Lots Folding bed

9 hours ago Sep 9, - Get a great price on this queen platform base. This platform is perfect for a queen size mattress-in-a-box. Order online today & get free in-store pickup! Serta Queen Gray Box Spring - Big Lots. bed base elegantly combines functions of a mattress foundation and bed frame to create a contemporary stand-alone platform bed

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Visit the Big Lots in Parkville, MD, Located on

7 hours ago Your local Big Lots in Parkville, MD carries everything you need at affordable prices. Shop our wide selection of furniture, household goods, home decor, mattresses, grocery & more. You can visit the Big Lots in Parkville (#), located in the Parkway Crossing Shopping Mall, or shop online at and pick up your order at the

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Just Now of over 20, results for "Big Lots Bedroom Furniture" Allewie Queen Size Platform Bed Frame with 4 Drawers and Headboard, Diamond Stitched Button Tufted Faux Leather Upholstered Mattress Foundation with Storage, Black-Brown. out of 5 stars $ $

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25 Incredible QueenSized Beds with Storage Drawers

8 hours ago 4. South Shore Back Bay Queen Size Platform Bed. A sleek and modern platform bed with two drawers beneath the platform, one on either side. The dark chocolate finish is nearly black. No box spring is required for this look, and a wide border around the bed can serve as a …

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Queen bed big lots Beds Bizrate

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Visit the Big Lots in Melbourne, FL, Located on S

6 hours ago Our people make Big Lots a great place to shop - and a great place to work. We're looking for individuals who are committed to customer service and who want a career filled with opportunities, challenges and rewards. Search Jobs. About your Melbourne store (#)

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Queen Bed Wayfair

3 hours agoQueen Bed. by Winston Porter. From $ $ Free Shipping. Clean, refined, and classic, this American traditional bed set is the perfect choice to decor your space. Available in grey, brown, and white. Frame Material: Manufactured Wood. Upholstery Material: Faux leather.

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Visit The Big Lots in Prescott, AZ Located on Gail Gardner Way

9 hours ago Your local Big Lots in Prescott, AZ carries everything you need at affordable prices. Shop our wide selection of furniture, household goods, home decor, mattresses, grocery & more. You can visit the Big Lots in Prescott (#), located in the shopping plaza near Gail Gardner Way, or shop online at and pick up your order at the Gail

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Big, Biglots platform bed frame

4 hours ago LIKIMIO Queen Bed Frame with Headboard, Platform Metal Bed Frame Queen with 14 Heavy Duty Steel Slats, More Sturdy, Noise-Free, No Box Spring Needed …

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Queen Metal Beds at

5 hours agoPlatform beds eliminate the need for one, using flexible wooden slats beneath the mattress instead. No matter what type or size bed frame you’re looking for, Lowe’s has the twin bed frames, full-size bed frames, queen bed frames, king-size bed frames and platform bed frames to meet your needs.

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Visit the Big Lots in Sugar Land, TX, Located on

4 hours ago Your local Big Lots in Sugar Land, TX carries everything you need at affordable prices. Shop our wide selection of furniture, household goods, home decor, mattresses, grocery & more. You can visit the Big Lots in Sugar Land (#), located near the Shops at Williams Trace, or shop online at and pick up your order at the Highway 6

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Big Lots Henry Queen Sleigh Bed Siderails & Slats, 2 of 2

9 hours ago Strong, supportive and simple is what you get with the Henry queen sleigh bed rails and slats. Presented in a warm finish, this piece features a classic and comfortable sleigh bed design. Must purchase Henry Queen Sleigh Bed headboard and footboard (SKU ) and rails and slats (SKU ) for complete bed frame.

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Black Friday Furniture Deals Contempo Space

9 hours ago Find the perfect black friday furniture deals from our vast selection of entertainment furniture, wardrobe furniture, armoire furniture and cyber monday furniture deals at Contempo Space

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Red Barrel Studio&#; Charge Twin Storage Platform Bed

4 hours ago When you buy a Red Barrel Studio&#; Charge Twin Storage Platform Bed online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Red Barrel Studio&#; Part #: W on this page. If you have any questions about your purchase or any other product for sale, our customer service

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August Grove&#; Cliffrose Platform Bed & Reviews Wayfair

9 hours ago The hot spots of this metal bed are its simple design and classical lines. It is designed to fit your bedroom and provide a fun place to sleep.&#;Strong bedstead and manufacturing experience can avoid noise, vibration, and scratches. It accords with ergonomic design and provides you with comfortable sleep. The bed frame is made of steel with ultimate strength and safety design, where its 6 legs

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Wayfair Beds You'll Love in

4 hours ago Enjoy Free Shipping & browse our great selection of platform beds, Murphy beds and more! Is sturdy enough (so far) and I like the height. Lots of space under the bed so I can put in storage bins.. Gitu. Mississauga, ON. Opens in a new tab. Sale +3 Sizes (online says queen is 12” and the queen box that arrived said

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Union Rustic Talia Platform Bed & Reviews Wayfair

5 hours ago When you buy a Union Rustic Talia Queen Platform Bed online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Union Rustic Part #: W on this page. If you have any questions about your purchase or any other product for sale, our customer service representatives are available

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Lynx2 Dark Gray Uph Platform Bed Bedroom Beds City

9 hours ago Lynx2 Dark Gray Uph Platform Bed - Includes:&Nbsp;Headboard, Footboard And Rails The Handsome Lynx Platform Bed Offers Broad Appeal For The Bedroom. Upholstered With The Look Of Antiqued Leather, The Rich Color And Grid Tufting Gives This Bed An Inviting Look The Complements A Variety Of Home Decors. Dark Gray, Upholstered, Queen

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Platform Bed Pros and Cons Guide Comparison vs. Box

5 hours agoPlatform Bed Pros and Cons, Types of Platform Beds – In Depth Guide After reading this article, you will know more about platform bed pros and cons and where to purchase them. Make sure to check out this comprehensive guide to platform beds for 30 pages of …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of furniture does Big Lots have?

Big Lots has the bedroom furniture pieces to fill your rooms with style and fantastic design - all at an incredible value. Whether you're modern, traditional or somewhere in-between, we have bedroom furniture including headboards, bed frames, nightstands, dressers, mattresses and more to furnish your bedroom.

What kind of bed is a platform bed?

What Is a Platform Bed? A platform bed is a simple frame constructed from various materials that offers a foundation for any mattress without the need for a box spring.

How to return a Big Lots King Bed?

Completely adjustable to fit king or queen mattresses. If you wish to return your Big! Delivery item, contact our Customer Care Support Center at BIG-LOTS () for assistance with making your return. Please be prepared to provide your order number and email address, or your rewards number, so that we may better assist you.

Do You need A headboard for a platform bed?

Some platform beds include headboards to give your bed a more prominent and outstanding posture, while others embrace minimalism. This platform bed includes a headboard to add appeal, while this model provides an optional footboard as well. Some frames offer extra storage space under the bed for functionality.


Lots frame big bed

Average Cost of a Bed Frame

A bed frame is one of the most important purchases of whenever you are moving to a new place or trying to refresh the look of your bedroom. The problem with bed frames however is that they can range from the incredibly cheap to the insanely expensive. They can be simple metal poles to elegant wooden beams. How much should you reasonably expect to pay for one? In this guide we run through the average cost of a bed frame.

Average Cost of a Bed Frame: $

Our bot found that the average price point for a bed was about $ on Amazon. Some beds were as cheap as $90 while others as expensive as $ Some brands however will have bed frames that range from $ to over $1, For the most part however the majority of beds you encounter will be around this $ price point.

The range in price really comes down to the material of the bed, the quality of those materials and the design. Basic metal frames are going to be the cheapest options, often costing less than $ Wooden frames are going to cost more with special types of woods being the most expensive. For example, a West Elm Mid-Century bed frame made of eucalyptus wood costs $


Cost of a Bed by Brand

As we&#;ve alluded to, different brands can wildly differ in price. The main difference in price is going to come down to the craftsmanship of the frame.  Does more expensive mean a better bed? Is it even necessary to invest in an expensive bed? That will really be up to you to decide. A high quality bed frame can help support your mattress and ensure a better night sleep. While we can definitively say a bed frame is necessary and important, we cannot say definitively whether you should or should not go with a cheaper brand. Here is how different brands compare for the price of their bed frames.

Zinus frames are the most popular on Amazon and are pretty minimalist bed frames. They are metal frames covered in upholstery. With a headboard you can get a Zinus bed frame for less than $ Casper, more famous for its mattresses, also offers a cheap, simple metal bed frame. Casper also offers a frame made of aluminum that comes with a headboard that costs $ for a full bed or a box spring with wooden slats for about $ Ikea is the most popular place to get bed frames and is only slightly more expensive than the average price we&#;ve found.

Price of a Bed Frame by Size

It shouldn&#;t come as a surprise that the size of the bed frame is going to influence its price. What does come as a surprise however is that the difference in price really isn&#;t too steep. At Ikea, full and queen sized beds are priced the same while king sized beds are on average 30% to 35% more expensive. To get an idea of how much you more you may have to pay, we compare a Zinus bed and Ikea bed based on different sizes.

Sample Beds

Knowing how much extra a larger bed costs however can be very useful to know if you are planning on upgrading the size of your current bed.

Cost of a Bed Frame by Material Type

Generally you have two options for bed frames: wood or metal. Within those materials you have further options such as aluminum, iron, maple, oak, etc. Wooden bed frames are less prone to squeaking and are more durable thus are more expensive than metal frames which are dramatically cheaper.

The standard metal frame you can find for under $ will ultimately get the job done. However you most likely will get squeaks eventually. We recommend if you can afford it, to invest in at least the cheapest wooden frame you can find.

Average Cost of Adjustable Bed Frames: $ to $1,

A type of bed frame we haven&#;t spoke about thus far are adjustable bed frames. As the name implies, these are beds where you can electronically control the angle of the bed. This can be a great option for those who enjoy reading from bed or have a medical condition which requires them to sleep with raised legs or head. As you might expect however, the cost of a adjustable bed frame is going to cost more than your normal, non-adjustable frame. Some brands that offer adjustable frames are Lucid, Casper, Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, Nectar Sleep and Amerisleep. Adjustable bed frames are going to cost you at least $ for a full mattress and can be as expensive as $1,


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