Magic rubber band tricks revealed

Magic rubber band tricks revealed DEFAULT


a different colors of rubber band and different sizes

Need some simple rubber band tricks to add to your magic act? There is a lot to research and learn, so we have narrowed it down to five different choices for you.

Rubber bands are a fantastic, easy, elastic tool to use in your act. These bands are extremely thin and flexible, making them perfect for practice and impressing your audience. They are also a great type of trick for parties and small events where you don’t want to bring bigger and more complicated props.

These tricks are all relatively simple, but all have the potential to really wow your audience. We will also go over step-by-step instructions for perfecting them, so you will have no issues pulling them off when the time comes.

The Rubber Band Through the Thumb Trick

For this first trick, you will simply need one rubber band. It is recommended that you use a brightly colored one so that the effect is more obvious for your audience. Yellow, red, blue and green will be the easiest ones to see.

To get into the correct position, place the rubber band around your right thumb and then place the middle and ring fingers of your left hand through the other end of the rubber band. Now swing your middle finger around and grab the top part of the rubber band and pull down, then twist your left hand to make a cross on the band and place your thumb down and pull. This creates a slip knot under your thumb which will be easy to hide.

Practice these few steps slowly many times to get the hang of it, and after some time, it will be much easier to do the trick quickly and efficiently. It will take some effort to perfect this, but once you do, it will look like the rubber band has gone around your thumb twice. The end result looks great and will leave your audience in awe.

Once you have perfected the previous steps, you will be able to slowly pull the rubber band to make the knot slip – this will make it look like the rubber band has gone directly through your thumb. Here’s a video that gives you a fantastic visual.

The Jumping Rubber Band Trick

This is one of the most famous and well-known tricks you can attempt. Your audience will really enjoy this trick.

To begin, you will need any rubber band. Then hold your hands in front of you and wrap one band around your pinky and ring finger, letting it rest at the base of your fingers. With your other hand, stretch the elastic band and insert the tips of your pinky, ring finger, middle finger, and pointer finger into the loop.

Keep them inside the loop against the palm of your hand in a position that allows the band to be held by all four fingers, but in two different ways. The pinky and ring finger will hold in near the tips and your middle finger and pointer finger hold the band by inserting it into the loop. Once you have done this, you should be able to easily open or straighten your fingers, which will automatically make the band jump onto your middle and pointer fingers.

Practice definitely makes perfect with this trick. Keep attempting it until you can do it easily.

The Advanced Jumping Rubber Band Trick

woman making a ring using rubber band in different colors.

Image: CC0 Creative Commons, stux, via Pixabay

This is a variation of the last trick we looked at, but it is a little more intricate and can be confusing while you learn it. Once you have practiced it many times, you will be able to do it quickly, making it look really neat for your viewers.

This trick will require two different rubber bands of two different colors. Just like the first step of the last trick, you will hold your hands out in front of you with the backs facing your audience. Then you will insert the first band onto your pinky and ring finger until it reaches the base of the two of them.

With the second band, make a loop around the tip of your pinky finger and twist it back and forth to loop it around the tips of your fingers. Keep making loops like this until all of the four fingers are encased in the band. By the end of this step, you should have the second band looped around the tips of all four fingers and the first band in the same position at the base of your ring and pinky finger.

At this point, you should put your thumb in the loop and close your wrist in order to put the first rubber band on your middle and pointer finger. This allows you to switch the first band from the first position to the second, even when the second rubber band is encased around four of your fingers.

This one will take a lot of practice, but once you master it, the trick will become a crowd favorite.

The Rising Ring Rubber Band Tricks

holding colorful rubber bands

Image: CC0 Creative Commons, congerdesign, via Pixabay

The Rising Ring rubber band trick is fairly simple to master and wow your spectators with.

First, thread the ring you are using onto a broken rubber band. As you hold onto the band, allow a large length of the band to accumulate in the hand that the ring is sliding away from.

Once you have the ring and the rubber band in place, pull the band tight and rotate it at a slight incline. Make sure that the ring is resting on the lower part of the band, pull it taut and very slowly release the extra band that is in your left hand. The rubber band will come out slowly and carry the ring with it, creating the illusion that the ring is rising. The band is, in reality, the part that is moving.

This will take a lot of practice to master, but once you have it down, you will be able to do it in your sleep. One tip that will make it easier to pull off the illusion is standing a little further away than you normally would from your audience so that they do not see the rubber band slowly moving. This forces them to focus on the ring, making the trick more real to them.

Card Reveal with Rubber Band Trick

This trick while requires a deck of cards in addition to a medium rubber band. Put the rubber band around your wrist until it is needed later in the process. For this trick, it is better to use a nice thick band, as it is helpful for the illusion.

Fan out the deck of cards and ask a member of your audience to randomly choose a playing card from the deck. Once they have chosen one, ask them to place it on the deck of cards and then shuffle them.

At this point, you will remove the rubber band from your wrist and wrap it around the deck of cards. Then remove the bottom card and place it on top of the deck. Turn the cards over and place the top card back into the deck. After this, you will cut the cards with the rubber band still around them, twist one section completely, and place it back into the deck with a snap.

Then completely release the deck and allow the rubber band to spin the deck – this will allow the spectator’s card to be thrown back to them.

Vanishing Rubber Band Tricks

For this particular trick, you are going to want a variety of different rubber bands on your wrist.

You will take one of them and give it a twist. Then you will pinch between your hands so it looks like you have a rubber band between your fingers. Basically, it goes around the wrist, and it vanishes when you let go of it.

This trick is simple but will have a great effect on your audience. You are basically taking a rubber band off your wrist, letting it go, and letting those watching believe that it has disappeared. Want a visual of this trick? Here’s a great video example.

Getting Started

Now that you have all the tricks that you need to dazzle your audience, it’s time to start adding these tricks to your magic act. Sprinkling the different rubber band tricks throughout your show is a great way to break up the regular tricks you have already been performing, and it gives the audience something short and fun to observe between longer and more complicated tricks.

These are also great ones to try at parties or among a small group of friends, as they mostly don’t require any props besides a few rubber bands. People of all ages and even small children will love to watch you perform these simple tricks.

If you have attempted these tricks, which ones do you like the most? Which ones do you find that the audience enjoys the most?

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Magic Tricks with Rubber Bands

Rubber bands in a hand

Do you want to add some magic tricks with rubber bands in your artillery? We have tried to compile some of the simplest yet captivating illusions that can be performed with this elastic tool. Practice the following step-by-step instructions and impress your audience with some of the coolest magic rubber band magic tricks in the magic world.

Restored Rubber Bands Magic Tricks

For this magic trick, you need the rubber band to be as thin as possible. According to Michael Ammar, a famous magician, size 16 rubber bands are ideal for these kinds of tricks. There are a number of different ways of executing this optical illusion and some of them are explained below. And

Materials Needed

  • A Rubber Band (ideally size #16 rubber bands) Here you can find some nice black ones. Perfect for the magic feeling.

Instructions (Version 1)

  1. Simply, pull the rubber band from both ends (keep the ends hidden). This will give the impression that it is a single strand or a broken rubber band.
  2. Release the pressure on one of the ends and you will get the restored rubber band. This is the simplest way of performing this trick.

Instructions (Version 2)

  1. Alternatively, you need to pinch a tiny loop at one end of the rubber band.
  2. Use the little finger of your left hand to hold the other end of the band.
  3. Then, use the right little finger to grab the rubber band from the center.
  4. Tweak the loop and it will produce a breaking sound.
  5. Now, pretend as if you join both ends of a broken rubber band by bringing them together. In reality, you will release the left-hand end to show a restored band in your right hand.

For an advanced method, you can take help from the following video (3:54).

Rubber Band Easy Magic Trick

The linking rubber band trick is an extremely popular and easy trick to execute. All you need for this illusion are a couple of different-colored rubber bands and some sleight of hand skills. This rubber band magic trick looks more difficult than it really is.

Materials Needed

  • 2 rubber bands of different colors (size 19)


  1. Pull the rubber bands with your hands. The upper rubber band will be held by index fingers of both hands while ring fingers will extend the lower rubber band.
  2. You will twist the adjacent strands of these bands into each other (as shown in the video). The middle fingers of your hands will go inside the knots at both ends.  
  3. Ask a volunteer to pinch the adjacent strands and rub on them. This will allow you to build a story about how the rubber bands have linked with each other.
  4. Release the middle finger of your right hand to produce linked rubber bands.
  5. Once you have collected the appreciation, ask the volunteer to rub the strands again. This time around, you will release the middle finger of your left hand to unlink the rubber bands.

Magic Trick with Rubber Band

Can you imagine a card moving through a rubber band? If not, the following magic trick will enhance your imagination. This is one of my favorite magic tricks with rubber bands.

Materials Needed

  • A deck of cards
  • A rubber band

Instructions (Version 1)

  1. Take the rubber band and wrap it around the deck of cards.
  2. Now, remove a card from the deck and place it on top of the deck (and the rubber band).
  3. Then, grab the rubber band from the side and pull it out.
  4. Once you have done that, stretch it to the other side of the deck in order to cover the top card. Keep this end of the rubber band in place with your finger. This will mark the end of your preparation. The attached video will clarify any confusion.
  5. When it comes to performance, all you need to do is to release your thumb and lift the top card. The rubber band will be going around the remaining deck, much to the surprise of the viewers.

Instructions (Version 2)

  1. Repeat the preparation steps.
  2. While performing, you will explain it as a hands-off trick where you will remove the top card by snapping your fingers. In this case, you will sync the snapping with the releasing of your thumb to amaze the audience.

Jumping Rubber Band Magic Trick

In this trick, you can make a rubber band jump simply by opening your fingers. Yes, you heard it right. The rubber band will jump from one part of the hand to the other simply by opening your fist. Let’s see how that can be done. The Jumping rubber band magic trick is a fun one and nobody will be the wiser, but please remember, magic tricks only work with lots of practice.

Materials Needed


  1. Put the rubber band on your two smaller fingers and pull it towards your thumb.
  2. Place all your fingers (not thumb) inside the band such that the band is on the tips of your fingers. From the viewer’s point of view, the rubber band is still in the smaller fingers.
  3. When you open your hand, the band will jump towards the larger fingers due to its extended position.

Alternatively, you can also transfer the rubber band from the larger fingers towards the smaller ones. In that case, you will need to pull the band towards the little finger for wrapping it around your fingertips. Similarly, you can switch the places of a couple of rubber bands with this technique (explained in the video).

Rubber Band through Thumb Trick

For this trick, it is highly recommended to use a bright-colored rubber band especially if you are at a distance from the audience. This magic trick may require some practice but believe us, it’s worth it.

Materials Needed

  • A bright-colored rubber band ( You can choose your own bright color rubber band here.)


  1. Take the rubber band and place it around your right thumb.
  2. The other side of the band will go around the forefingers (except little finger) as shown in the video.
  3. Put your left thumb under the rubber band and pull it away.
  4. Now, use the middle finger of your left hand to grab the top part of the band and pull it down. This will create a large triangle in the middle of your hands.
  5. Then, you will need to place your left thumb on the top edge of the triangle. Press the thumb down to release the left middle finger, creating a knot under your thumb.
  6. Lastly, use the forefingers of your right hand to expand the rubber band. This will untie the knot and release the thumb. However, the impression to the viewers will be that the rubber band went through the thumb.

The Bottom Line

I hope you found some interesting rubber band magic tricks here. There are so many more coming, so please check back in the future. If you have an comments or some good ideas for rubber band tricks, shoot me a message.

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Revealed magic rubber band tricks

5 Rubber Band Tricks for Kids

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Please see policies for more information.

“Magic” tricks are the best aren’t they? We often find ourselves looking up tricks to do with every day items found around the house. Here are 5 really great (and fairly easy) tricks to do with rubber bands that would be great for kids! These rubberband tricks require a bit of practice, but they’re totally worth the effort! So grab yourself some rubber bands and pick your favorite trick!

5 easy magic tricks to do with rubber bandsWe found all of these on YouTube and thought embedding them here was the easiest for you to see them all in one place! Each direct link is also below with the YouTuber’s name.

From AboutMagic

From The Card Trick Teacher

From Jester Jim

From HowCast

From Crazy Russian Hacker

Have fun “wowing” your audiences and be prepared to find rubber bands everywhere!

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Allison Waken

Allison Waken is a wife, mom of boys and Phoenix, AZ native. She has been creating inspiring content for All for the Boys since 2011. Allison loves travel, movies and spending as much time as possible with her family while she can!

How to Escape from Rubber Band Cuffs - Magic Tricks

How to Do the Vanishing Rubber Band Office Magic Trick

Learn how to do the vanishing rubber band magic trick from Magician Roger "Rogue" Quan in this office magic tricks revealed video from Howcast.


A: This is actually pretty interesting. If I take a rubber band, right? Watch. One. Two. Three. It disappears.

B: Where did it go?

A: Rubber band heaven. There are always rubber bands lying around the office, so this should be really, really easy for you guys to do on the fly. Basically, what you need are a bunch of rubber bands, preferably size 19. These are a perfect size for them, and make sure they're the same color. This is what they call the camouflage principal.

Basically, there's a bunch of rubber bands on your wrist. You're going to take one, and you're going to give it a twist. You're going to pinch right here, between your hands, so it looks like you have a rubber band between your fingers. Basically, what it is, it's going around the wrist, and when you let go, it vanishes. It looks like this. It looks like you're grabbing a rubber band off your wrist, and you do a bigger motion. One. Two. Three. You let go. It disappears. Simple as that. One more time. Give it a twist. Hold it between your hands. Stretch it out a couple of times. It looks like a throwing motion. That's it. That's the secret for the vanishing rubber band.

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In this episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows 10 Easy Magic Tricks with Rubber Bands! Super easy to do tricks perfect for beginners and kids! Some more complex and advanced rubber band tricks thrown in this compilation too! Awesome elastic band tricks and pranks to fool your friends and family! 🙂 Each magic trick features a performance and a step by step explanation of the magic trick, all secrets revealed! Have fun, help spread the magic by sharing the video, and if you’re new to the channel be sure to hit that subscribe button and welcome to the family! #eraSQUAD Stay positive and [email protected] my friends 🙂 [email protected]


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Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video:
1.) Magic Hidden Message Rubber Band Card Trick – 0:52
2.) Linking Rubber Bands Magic Trick Revealed – 2:52
3.) Rubber Band Through Thumb Trick Revealed – 4:20
4.) Ring Through Rubber Band Magic Trick Revealed – 5:48
5.) Gravity Defying Floating Ring on Elastic Band Trick – 6:55
6.) Crazy Magic Rubber Band Handcuffs Trick Revealed – 8:06
7.) Disappearing Rubber Band Magic Trick Revealed – 9:36
8.) Rubber Band Deck of Playing Cards Magic Trick – 10:49
9.) Magic Rubber Band Jump Fingers Trick Revealed – 12:34
10.) Rubber Band onto Finger Interactive Magic Trick – 14:14
Bonus) Funny iPhone 7 100 Layer Rubber Band Prank – 15:58

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