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I finally updated my Instagram highlight cover icons to make them look pretty and organized. I was surprised to see how many people sent me dm&#;s wanting to know how to create highlight covers. How did I get those cool icons? How did I add the cover photos to the highlights?

So I thought a quick tutorial was in order.

I use an app called Canva to create my Instagram highlight covers. You can also do it from your computer at

Download the app & open it.

Pick the layout you want.

At the top, you should see choices for different sizes and layouts. Scroll to the right and choose the one that says &#;your story.&#;

You can then choose from one of the many premade layouts, or click the blank one. For this, I chose the blank one.


Background Color

Click on the blank layout and change the background color to whatever you want.

Add some shapes and designs.

Click the + sign in the bottom right corner.
Then click on the &#;graphics&#; button.

I chose two circles, an outlined one, and one filled in that I moved inside of the outline.

Change the transparency

I like the look of having the background more transparent than the object icon. Click on what you want to change and move the transparency down.

Choose your icon graphic

Go back to the graphics and pick your icon. You can type in the search bar what you are looking for or just keep scrolling.

I searched &#;travel&#; and chose an airplane icon to add to my highlight cover photo.

Change the icon color

If you want you can change the icon color. You can&#;t do this with every graphic but if you can it will give the color options when you click on it.

Save your new Instagram highlight cover

Click the &#;share&#; button in the top right corner.

Then choose to &#;save image&#; to your camera roll or &#;copy to Instagram.&#;

Upload it to your Instagram stories.

Go to your profile. Hold your finger down on the highlight you want to add it too.

Click &#;edit highlight.&#;

In the top right corner go to &#;archive.&#; This will show all the posts in your stories from the past 24hrs.

Make sure there is a check mark on the ones you want to add.

Click &#;edit cover&#; and choose the photo you want to use there.

Tada, you did it! You now have pretty, organized Instagram highlight cover icons to make your page stand out.

I hope this was helpful. I can&#;t wait to see your highlights. Tag me @runlikekale when you update your stories.

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Instagram Fitness Story Highlights Icons Covers

More information on this Design

With these 18 unique Instagram story highlight icons you make your Instagram profile stand out from the rest. With these story covers you can style your Instagram profile to fit your branding. These pretty simple hand drawn pink icons are perfect for business or boutique owners, bloggers, Etsy sellers, photographers, event planners, designers and many more.

Start today with making your Social Media presence beautiful with these icons. These icons come in high quality jpg files ready for instant download packaged in a zip file.


> 72
high quality px x px jpg files, ready-to-use.
> 18x
Hand drawn fitness illustrations in 4 colours
> Instant download (zip file)
> Colors might vary between displays
> The icons are not set up in a circle but in the full highlight cover size

We are human so please if you find any mistake let us know and we will fix it.

©IreneFlorentina retains all copyrights to this image. Please to not copy or reproduce without permission.

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    14th November '19

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    7th October '20

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Sports Instagram Highlight Icons &#; Covers

Instagram Highlight Icons Fitness Description

Instagram Highlight Icons Fitness. Make your Instagram account stand out and look professional with set of modern Instagram Highlight covers.

File typePSD, JPG
File size MB
Contains Story cons, story highlight images

This bundle is included in a HUGE Sport Instagram Bundle: Stories, Posts & Icons | Social Media Template PSD

Instagram Highlight Icons & Covers includes:

  • 25 black Instagram story icons.
  • 25 blue Instagram story icons.
  • 25 red Instagram story icons.
  • 25 yellow Instagram story icons.
  • 25 green Instagram story icons.
  • 10 sport story highlight images.

Free fonts used: Montserrat & Bebas

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Instagram Highlight Icons Fitness

To bring in fans, your Instagram feed should look stunning and fascinating. Instagram design templates will help you to make that happen and help to make your Instagram content eye-catching and recognizable. Accumulated into bundles they could be bought for less money, so don’t miss out on it! Instagram Highlight Icons Fitness

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Man Instagram Highlight Covers Bundle, 900+ Covers - Travel, Movies, GYM, Business, Fitness, Music.

Make Custom Instagram Highlight Covers in PicMonkey

Instagram Highlight Covers (also known as Instagram Story covers) are those fancy little circles that hang out right underneath your IG profile bio. They're a great way to both save and categorize your stories, plus creating custom highlight covers can make your brand look super polished.

In this article, we'll walk you through how to fast-track your Instagram Highlight cover designs with our templates, create from scratch with a blank canvas, and add your custom cover to Instagram. We'll also share some Insta branding advice, as well as several real-life Instagram accounts with unique highlight cover designs.

Quick steps for making a custom Instagram Highlight cover in PicMonkey

  1. Start with one of our Instagram Highlight cover templates.

  2. Swap out the graphic (if desired) and customize your cover with colors and effects.

  3. Download your final design and upload it to Instagram for the world to see!

That's your lightning-fast how-to. To get started, check out a few of our favorite Instagram Highlight cover templates below. Or keep scrolling for step-by-step instructions on how to design your cover from scratch!

Instagram Highlight cover templates to customize

Simple Petunia

Fitness Watch

Thailand Palms

SPF Makeup

Two-tone Background

How to make a highlight cover from scratch in PicMonkey

1. Open a blank canvas in PicMonkey

In PicMonkey, scroll down to the Blanks section and click See all blanks. From there you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose your blank canvas size. Scroll down and select Instagram Story Highlight Cover to open the canvas in the Editor.

2. Choose a background color

Use the Background Tools menu to select a background color. If you have a branded hex code you want to use, enter it in the text box and click Apply. Otherwise, you can defer to the large selection of common colors.

3. Add a graphic icon and customize

Open the Graphics tab on the left panel to choose from our collection of thousands of icons, or click Add image on the top toolbar to add your own icon (we do accept SVG files, and you can edit their colors after uploading!).

Once you've added a graphic to your canvas, the Graphic Tools menu will open. From there, it's customization time. Use the tools to change up the colors of your graphic or add effects (scroll down to see our tips!). You can rotate, flip, or resize graphics, add shadows or outlines, orready for this? Click Fill with image and place an image inside your graphic!

5. Export your Instagram highlight cover

Click Download in the right corner of the top toolbar to save your cover to your computer, then move it over to Instagram when you’re ready. Note that your design always autosaves in Hub, PicMonkey's cloud storage, for unlimited editing.

How to add your custom Instagram Highlight cover to Instagram

  1. Email your design to your phone, or grab it from Hub in the PicMonkey app.

  2. Open Instagram and click the story you want to add the cover to.

  3. Click More in the bottom right corner.

  4. Click Edit Highlight, then click Edit Cover.

  5. Click the image icon and select your highlight cover.

  6. Center your image within the circle.

  7. Click Done to finalize your changes!

If you want to change your highlight cover in the future, just repeat the steps above. Note that you can also use one of the images from your story as a cover. Upload it to PicMonkey first to give it a bit of design flavor-flave!

Create Instagram Story covers on the PicMonkey mobile app

In addition to making Insta covers on your desktop, you can make them on the free PicMonkey mobile app!

Watch this video to learn how:

Design custom highlight covers that reflect your brand

The cool thing about custom highlight covers is that they can bring your unique branding to your Instagram. In the mood board above you can see the company’s logo, colors, fonts, etc. that inform the design and grid layout of its Instagram page. Each of the icons features a brand color, making for a professional and polished look.

Need help developing your brand? Start with Brand Building Your Guide to Branding Your Business for Success

Now for some design inspo.

Instagram Highlight cover design inspo

Make a statement with outlined text

The @i_weigh account uses outlined text in their highlights about not being ashamed. It’s a powerful statement and the text treatment helps to highlight that. The image stays on-brand by using the same pink as the other highlight covers.

Get the look in PicMonkey: Highlight your text. From the Text Tools menu, click on Shadow & outline, then add an outline.Play around with the sliders until you've got the look you want.

Go for drama with a drop shadow

On Bumble's account they have a variety of uniquely branded highlight covers. We’d like to draw your attention to the one labeled “First Moves!” The text has not one, not two, but three drop shadows which help give it a sense of movement.

Get the look in PicMonkey: Click your text layer. Find Shadow & outline on the Text Tools menu. Add a drop shadow. Make sure your Horizontal blur slider is turned to zero. Duplicate that text and change the colors of the text and the drop shadow. Get the two text elements lined up slightly off-center and you've got it. Italicize both text elements for some extra movement.

Delight with funky designs

On our IG page (ohheygurl, give us a follow @picmonkey) we’ve got subtle design elements going on right underneath our text. They’re only slightly darker than the background so they add interest without distracting from the copy.

Get the look in PicMonkey: From the Graphic Tools tab, head to the Design category to find oodles of tasteful, interesting elements. Place them slightly off-center from your text, and use the Eyedropper to turn your graphic(s) the exact same color as your background. Then click on your background and change its color to a slightly darker shade of the same color. Voila!

Mask text and graphics for a beautiful, dimensional look

Masking is when an image peeks through another image or text. It’s a quick and easy way to immediately add visual interest, like the State of Alaska Tourism Office did on their Instagram page.

Get the look in PicMonkey: Add your text and graphic elements to your canvas and arrange them how you want them to look. Select all layers of your design and use the Textures tab to apply one texture to the entire design. Your end result: Glorious cohesion.

Pump up the party with some ombre

Betches also used a mask over their Instagram highlight cover icons, but theirs is Ombré and it’s fabulous. The beautiful rainbow of colors really pops off that simple black background.

Get the look in PicMonkey: Highlight your text or icon (whatever element you’re using) and head to the Effects tab. Scroll down to Ombré and select your colors. Adjust the Direction and Fade sliders and boom, showtime baby!

Stand out with bold icons

Netflix is keeping things simple by sticking with their red and black brand colors for bold Insta Highlight covers.

Get the look in PicMonkey: Stick with a dark, rich background color and keep any of your chosen icons a clean white.


For instagram icon highlights fitness

Fitness Highlights for Instagram

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my social media templates- I am pleased to introduce my Fitness Blogger Instagram Highlight Icon Covers! These templates are ideal for fitness & health bloggers, influencers, creative entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to upgrade their Instagram in a stylish and professional way!

This version of my Instagram Highlights includes Instagram Highlight Icon Covers with 4 unique color options to choose from - templates in total. Each PNG Highlight Cover is ready to be added to your Instagram Story Highlights.

Along with PNG templates, this listing also included 1 master Photoshop file with each template nesting within its own organized folder. Please note that the individual icons are not included in the Photoshop file itself. However, all PNG icons ARE included with your purchase in both black and white. I have also included a detailed PDF guide and tutorial on editing in Photoshop, adding your Highlight icons to the Photoshop document, changing elements and how to setup your Instagram Highlights.

**PLEASE NOTE:** This collection is now included in the Ultimate Instagram Highlight Bundle, which consists of over 3, highlight templates. If you would like to purchase the bundle, please head over to this listing:
* Ultimate Instagram Highlight Bundle:

In this collection you will find:

* professionally designed, versatile, and ready-to-use Instagram Story Highlight Icons for album covers (PNG format)
* 4 unique colors to choose from - PNG templates in total
* Document size: ×px, aspect ratio
* PNG file formats are ready to use immediately - no customization required!
* Perfectly sized for your Instagram Stories feeds
* 1 master Photoshop file included
* All PNG icons included with purchase in both black and white
* Detailed PDF guide with instructions and link to Dropbox folder containing purchase files

Other Instagram Highlight Products:

* Beauty Blogger Highlight Covers:
* Travel Blogger Highlight Covers:
* Wedding Highlight Covers:
* Amelia Highlight Covers for Business:
* Motherhood Highlight Covers:

To set highlights up on your Instagram account, you'll need to follow these step by step instructions:

- Step 1: Save the PNG files to your phone
- Step 2: Tap your profile button in the bottom right corner of the screen to get to your account
- Step 3: Tap the + (New) button to start creating a new Story Highlight for your profile
- Step 4: Scroll through and choose any PNG file you'd like highlighted - these will be in your Archives
- Step 5: Select "Edit Cover" and scroll to the left to upload your own photo from your camera roll
- Step 6: Edit the cover photo to your liking (you can zoom in and out), and type out the title of your highlight: for example: Beauty
- Step 7: Click “Add”, and it will now be on your profile.

I have also added detailed instructions on the setup process in my PDF guide (which includes screenshots to walk you through the process).

Final Note:

Because the product is an instant download, Creative Market is unable to provide refunds. Please ask me any questions that you may have before making a purchase. Have any feedback or suggestions? Please let me know! I am always looking at ways I can improve my products.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a message. Thank you for your purchase!

File Type: PDF
File Size: MB
Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop
How to create Instagram Story highlight covers

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