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Project Mojave Mod Takes You Through New Vegas During The Events Of Fallout 4

By Rhiannon Bevan


Want to check in on the towns you burned down? This is the mod for you.

Have you ever played Fallout 4 and found yourself thinking about New Vegas the whole time? No? Well, I'm sorry Todd Howard, but a lot of us have.

While you would usually expect a Fallout 4 and New Vegas crossover mod to act as a remake for Obsidian's much-adored spin-off, Project Mojave is very different. The mod does recreate the desert and New Vegas in all of its wild west glory, but with a twist. Instead of being set in the usual , we jump forward six years to the setting of Fallout 4, to see how the place has been doing since the Courier hit it like a ton of bricks.

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Project Mojave has just entered early access over on Nexus Mods, and allows players to explore recreations of three New Vegas locations in Fallout 4's engine. Right now, you can wander around the lower half of the map, exploring the impact your Courier left behind.

On the mod's page, the creators explain that the intention is to faithfully 'recreate Obsidian's original vision', while also showing that time has passed, and the Mojave has changed with it.

Anyone with Fallout 4 on PC can download Project Mojave now and give it a go themselves. Being in this early access state - and being developed by a team of four modders, fans can expect frequent updates to the world.

Here's the full list of features, as shared on the Nexus Mods page:

  • Full remake of the New Vegas strip, including 3 functional casinos
  • Remake of roughly a quarter of the map (around Ivanpah Drylake and the I15)
  • 10 Custom Creatures (3 Brand new ones)
  • + brand new remade assets.
  • 3 Player homes
  • 3 Fully functional casino games - Can be built at workshops and played in the casinos on the New Vegas Strip!
  • 3 New Workshops located in the Mojave Wasteland
  • 20+ Brand new weapons and 13 unique
  • 50+ New apparel items including hats and outfits
  • New constructible objects for settlements
  • MCM support with a few options pertaining to Casinos (such as disabling weapon removal on entry)

Once downloaded, players will need to head over to Breakheart Banks on the vanilla Fallout 4 map. Investigating the dead Institute scientist should trigger a quest, allowing you to venture off into the Mojave once more.

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You can visit New Vegas again in a Fallout 4 mod

What happens in New Vegas stays in New Vegas, they say, though New Vegas itself will not stay in Fallout: New Vegas. A new mod named Project Mojave is attempting to recreate a lot of the post-apocalyptic Sin City and surrounding areas as a Fallout 4 mod, and you can play the first slice now. But to manage your expectations: it is not an attempt to recreate Obsidian Entertainment's game Fallout: New Vegas inside Fallout 4.

The modders explain that they "intend to open and recreate some of Fallout New Vegas's map as a new explorable location as a addition to Fallout 4", a hub world sandbox sorta thing. They say they "aim to faithfully recreate and remake the Mojave Wasteland true to the original and open to the public to play with, explore, mod and build." So when it's done, it could be the foundation for interesting newness.

A casino in a screenshot from the Fallout 4 mod Project Mojave.

You can download the initial "early access" version from Nexus Mods. Expect the New Vegas strip with playable casino games, about a quarter of the map, a few spots to build your own home, and creatures and weapons and things.

This is very much New Vegas the city, not Fallout: New Vegas the game. The mod is even explicitly set after F:NV and during the events of F4. This is not another like Skyblivion or those other mods remaking old Elder Scrolls games inside newer ones. That said, another team are attempting to do that with New Vegas.

The Fallout 4: New Vegas mod team have been working for several years to recreate the whole game, and after a few months of silence have started showing progress on their Facebook page again. I don't know if any of these sorts of remake mods will ever be finished (or evade the wrath of Bethesda's lawyers) but they're working on it and it looks shiny. Here's a F4:NV video from

Watch on YouTube

Ta to PCGamesN for pointing out Project Mojave.
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The Fallout 4: New Vegas mod looks fantastic in the latest trailer

I still can't quite believe it's now been a decade since the release of Fallout: New Vegas, but yesterday Obsidian's much-beloved RPG turned 10, and Fallout fans (including ourselves) took a moment to look back and remember why the title was so great. One mod team decided to mark the occasion in particularly spectacular fashion by releasing a new trailer to show off progress so far. And I have to say, it really does look excellent.

Fallout 4: New Vegas, as the name may suggest, is a mod project seeking to remake Fallout: New Vegas in the Fallout 4 Creation Engine on PC. The team has been working on the mod for some time, having initially shared gameplay footage back in , but the new trailer gives us a better idea of what the Mojave will look like when complete. There's also a lot of shooting. I think I spotted a bit of famous beginner area Quarry Junction in there - I can't wait to head in as soon as the mod becomes available.

Speaking of which, while it looks like significant progress has been made on the mod, there is still no set release date. "Progress is not linear, and we'd rather release the best possible F4NV, not a 'good enough' F4NV," the team explained in a FAQ section on Discord.

Until then we can at least content ourselves with the gameplay trailer, and some new before-and-after shots shared by the team. Here's one comparison showing the original Goodsprings, an early version from the mod project, and a more recent screenshot:


And here's another of Primm, showing a screenshot from the original New Vegas, a work-in-progress version from mid, and the newly-remade Primm in Fallout 4. Given the quality of these re-made towns so far, I dread to think what Nipton will look like when complete.


If you want to look at more screenshots, I'd thoroughly recommend browsing Matthew Marquis' Art Station, where you can find a gallery of locations that have been remade for the mod. As for the future of Fallout: New Vegas, now Bethesda and Obsidian are both owned by Microsoft, perhaps we'll eventually see an official remake (or even a sequel) after all.

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Fallout 4: New Vegas - Showcase Week 2020 - Vault Boy Animation

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Fallout 4: New Vegas - Ain't That a Kick In The Head

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