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Video: Easy Procreate Watercolor with Free Brushes

The Grail of Procreate: Easy Watercolor with Free Brushes

Creating a believable watercolor in Procreate has always been a challenge. There are ways, but most involve unique textures, techniques, and premium brush packs. I wanted to figure out a way to create this elusive medium quickly so that it could be used both in finished art and for quick sketching. After a lot of testing and failures, I’ve finally come upon a solution that is easy to execute and delivers a very believable result.

This video will walk you through that process that a uses 4 of the brushes in the SketchBox Brush Pack for Procreate available now. By the end of this, you should have a lovely watermelon painting and a deeper understanding of the brushes provided.

You’ll need to download these free Procreate brushes to follow along:

  1. Sketchbox Brush Pack for Procreate
  2. Free Aqua Edge Brush for Procreate (Update: This brush is now part of the SketchBox Pack and no longer available as a separate download)

I use an additional watercolor paper texture which is purely optional. If you’d like the one I’m using you can get it here: https://etsy.me/2m9czOt


The Brushes

Aqua Paint

The standard watercolor brush in the pack. It’s a glaze brush, so it gradually builds up value as you add strokes.

Aqua Amped

Similar to the previous brush but the color gets multiplied. The more strokes, the more saturated and dark your colors get until it goes black. Probably best to use it with lighter pencil pressure or a reduced opacity until you get used to it.

Just Water

This brush doesn’t deliver pigment. Used for Blending or watery wash effects.

Spackle & Smudge

Load it as Smudge Tool. An amazing smudge tool (my favorite) and used to blend areas naturally and also bring back texture over areas washed out by the just water brush.

Aqua Edger

An optional brush that’s pretty good at delivering a believable watercolor edge bleed when used with the Spackle & Smudge brush.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Towards the end of the tutorial, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to add more realism to your painting. These include adding some paper texture, hue-saturation adjustments, layer blend modes, and adding watercolor-bleed edges with our Aqua Edger brush.

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Sours: https://inkgangboss.com/video-easy-procreate-watercolor-with-free-brushes/

Get ALL my Procreate Brushes...for the next YEAR! 

updated April 23 2021

Includes ALL these Procreate brushes and more. New freebies added weekly

free Procreate watercolor brush

“Moth Wing” Procreate Watercolour brush with splashy edges

free Procreate oil brush

“Sugar Knife” Procreate Oil Impasto brush

free Procreate outline lettering brush

“Candycore Chewy” Dual coloured Procreate lettering brush with a little line smoothing.

Procreate watercolor brush

“Cherry Pectin” Watercolour brush for Procreate.

Procreate Pencil brush

“Borrowed Pencil”Free Pencil brush for Procreate.

free Procreate brush

“Bon Fondi” Natural media paint brush.

free Procreate Gouache brush

“Able Whale” free Procreate Gouache brush.

free Procreate letter text spray brush

“Scribe Theorem” free Procreate Effects brush.

+ Many More HERE! New Freebies added weekly

^ Click the blue button above to go to the free brush installer ^

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Download 20 Free Procreate BrushesOne .brushet file  ( 8MB - Contains all 20 free brushes)

I found some great Free Procreate brushes here!

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Coming Up:

• Chalk brushes (made with actual chalk textures)
• Lettering brush sets (calligraphy pack) 
• Realistic Paper texures (Art Surfaces)
• FX brush pack (foliage, vegetation)
• Ink brushes (for comics inking)
• Watercolor set

• Gouache brush Set
• Lettering brush sets
• Texture brush pack
• Concept art kit
• More free brushes

..you will get all those and more in the next 12 months when you click the orange button above

How To Install the Procreate Brushes (tap to open)

How to Install the 20 Free Procreate brushes:

1. Tap on the blue 'download' button
2. Select "Open in Procreate"* to install

*In some browsers you may need to choose "Share to" "Copy To" or "Open in" and then select Procreate 

Not on your iPad right now?
Email yourself this link to download them  later


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Q: Can I use these brushes in Photoshop?
A: I wish! These brushes only work in the Procreate app on the iPad and absolutely nowhere else, and they can't be converted to any other app either. Procreate has it's own wonderful,  but proprietary brush format that is not compatible with any other digital painting apps. That's what makes it so unique. 

Q: Is this a membership?
A: There is no membership fee that you have to pay to keep using the brushes. You can buy all the brush sets in the shop today and use them forever. But if you want to download more, new brushes in a year from now, you will have to buy a membership update. The links to download the sets you buy today never expire, so even if you buy a new iPad in two years, you just log in and download them again.

Your access to the live brush browser will expire automatically after one year because I do no auto-rebilling, no auto subscription) If you find you do use it and want to keep using it to download new brushes you can renew it manually, but even if you don't, you can continue to download all the sets you purchased.  

Q:Are these the same as the GrutBrushes Art Brushes for Photoshop?
A: They are a mix. Many are totally new brushes, unique to this set. I am also slowly converting my Photoshop brushes to native Procreate format. So far I have converted the whole 34 brush Impasto set, many of the pencil brushes, quite a few Natural Media brushes with many more to come.

Q: Do they work with the Apple Pencil?
A: Yes! All the brushes are calibrated for the iPad to be used with the Apple Pencil and to respond to pressure and sometimes tilt where appropriate (I try not to over-use the tilt response as it can get in the way of a good work flow) They should work with any stylus but they are created with the Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro

Q: Do they work without the Apple Pencil?
A: Yes! I try to make sure they even work with just your finger. Although there are no pressure dynamics when painting with your finger, I try to add speed dynamics where appropriate which makes the strokes seem and feel more natural. They should also work with any stylus that works with the Apple iPad. I think a stylus which responds to pressure is almost an essential requirement, but you can paint with your fingers if you like and the strokes will vary a little as you change your finger speed.

Q:How do I download the premium brushes?
A: You will get access to all the brushes in the members area here  It contains a catalog of all the brushes in a sortable list, each with a download button.   If you browse to that page from your iPad you can just click on the blue download button, choose "open in Procreate" and the brush will magically appear in Procreate, ready to use. You can also download most of them in one big set (.brushet file) The members page looks very much like the Free Procreate brushes above but it will have a lot more brushes and more will be added periodically

Q:How many brushes are there?
A: Right now the set includes about 150 brushes ( including the free ones above) but I will add more and more over time. That's why the price is so low but it will increase as the amount of brushes goes up. I have no idea how many there will be in 6 months but my guess is at least double..but no promises!

Q:What are the star ratings about?
A: You can use those to rate a brush once you tried it. I am evaluating this as a way to see what kind of brushes people want more of. Of course you can also do that in an email to me. Any critical feedback is also very useful so don't spare my feelings! I want to to make these brushes useful for everyone. Send me your thoughts by clicking here

Q: I don't like these. Can I get my money back?
Sure! Just send me an email within 30 days with your order number and I will refund your money

Q:Can I download them all at once?
A: Yes! When you checkout you will get a link to download all the Procreate brushes in one Zip file. This link will expire after 6 months so make sure you back it up!  However...the zip file will only be updated once every week or so. The live members page will be the most up to date place to find and download new Procreate brushes

Q: Are these available for Photoshop?
A: No, but I do have hundreds of Photoshop brushes available in one set here That set is currently used by over 100,000 talented artists such as yourself

I welcome any questions, comments or critical feedback and will get back to you asap! 

Do You Have a Question or comment? Just tap to ask I usually reply the same day

Join me in Discovering the Full Power of Procreate Brushes

My prime expertise is in Photoshop brushes, and I am still getting to know the Procreate brush engine.

I think it took me about 2 years to really get to know the ins and outs and secret hideaways of the Photoshop brush engine and while I am applying all that knowledge to my Procreate brush-making I expect these brushes will get better and better over time as I get to know the brush engine better and as the Procreate team improves it and adds more features to their already high quality brush engine.

How good are the brushes now? Try the free ones and let me know what you think. There's something in there for evryone from graphic designers to comic book artists. If they are not the best brushes you've tried yet, please let me know how I can make them better. My goal is to make these the best Procreate brushes I can. 

These brushes are all made using actual textures wherever possible 

I hope you will get in on this journey, I expect it will be rewarding!

You are seconds away from owning all the Procreate brushes on the GrutBrushes site today!

I hope you enjoy my custom brushes. Come back soon as I will periodically swap some of these out for some new free brushes.
More importantly...I want to see what you paint with them so tag them on social media with #grutbrushes and I will find them.
I will feature a few in the GrutBrushes Gallery which is currently all Photoshop GrutBrushes, so lets see what you can do in Procreate!

If you are too shy to share on social media, email me your artwork...Id love to hear from you! I want to know what you think of my brushes, critical feedback is always welcome!

Sours: https://www.grutbrushes.com/download-procreate-brushes/
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Free Watercolor Brushes Procreate

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Sours: https://psfiles.com/free-watercolor-brushes-procreate/
How To Paint with WATERY INK in Procreate 5 - FREE BRUSHES!

9 amazing free watercolor brushes

The best selection of watercolor brushes you’ve ever seen! Each brush is unique. They perfectly imitate the transparency and lightness of watercolor paint on paper or canvas. Your illustrations will be beautiful!

1. Free watercolor brushes

6 real watercolor brushes! Light and airy.

Open brush page

2. Watercolour brush set (updated)

14 true watercolor brushes for free! You can paint flowers, landscape or portrait with these brushes.

Open brush page


Watercolor lettering – this brush is perfect for this. Fine paint imitation.

Open brush page

4. Watercolor Ink brush

Awesome ink brush. This brush changes its thickness like a real brush (you can adjust it by pressing the pen)

Open brush page

5. Watercolor & Paint brushes [Procreate 5]

A new watercolor brush in your collection. You can download it for free right now!

Open brush page

6. Stoni‘s watercolor brushset (free)

Very beautiful watercolor brush, which is suitable for sketches and for complex work.

Open brush page

7. 3 watercolor free brushes for Procreate 5

3 free watercolor brushes fully imitate watercolor paint. Very beautifully layered!

Open brush page

8. Watercolor free procreate brushes

A large pack of 11 beautiful watercolor brushes. Different design, different edges, different colors – try everything!

Open brush page

9. Abbie’s Watercolour Brushes

You can choose any or download them all for free. This brush will decorate any of your work.

Open brush page


All free brushes in our catalog!

Sours: https://procreate.brushes.work/9-amazing-free-watercolor-brushes/

Brushes, procreate free water

Best PROCREATE Watercolor Brushes [Free and Premium]

Looking for Procreate watercolor brushes? Here’s a list of Free and Premium brushes, ready to download!

Painting is fun, and it seems that with Procreate you can draw and paint anything you want! And that’s indeed true if you have the proper knowledge and brushes – like these ones listed below 🙂

Ps. the brush sets are listed randomly, and new sets are gradually added to this list.

Quick list:

  1. Grutbrushes – The Ultimate Procreate set
  2. Master Watercolor Brushes By: Trailhead Design Co.
  3. Realistic Watercolor Toolkit By PicByKate
  4. OMG Watercolor brushes by SketchWerx
  5. Maxpaxck Watercolor brushes
  7. Procreate Watercolor Lettering Brush Kit by LynnhavenDesigns
  8. WoolyPronto – Flooded Watercolor Brushes
  9. iPad lettering – advanced watercolor set
  10. Procreate Watercolor Brushes Kit
  11. Paint Bundle for Procreate by BrushUp
  12. Procreate Watercolor Kit by Drifter Studio PrintShop
  13. 5 different brushes from Faber Co. – including 1 watercolor brush [FREE]
  14. Free watercolor brushes by Rowwenic [FREE]
  15. Free Watercolor brush pack NEW by BasicX [FREE]
  16. Georg’s Watercolor Splash & Splatter Dual Brush for Procreate 5 [FREE]


Correct anatomy, color, and lighting are very important, but you might notice that some very simple drawings made with pencil or watercolors get tons of likes on social media, whereas digital, hyper-realistic artworks may struggle to get the deserved attention.
Did one of your sketches get more attention than the finished artwork too? The reason might be that many people love this artsy, messy look where you can see brush strokes, splattered paint, paper’s texture. And I also think that these things make the painting even more beautiful.

Some artists try to imitate traditional media in their digital paintings, and they are able to do this so well, that it’s hard to distinguish which of their artworks were made digitally or traditionally. They are able to achieve this thanks to proper brushes and textures.

I’ve already made a collection of FREE brushes for Photoshop, but noticed that more and more people are using Procreate (*edit: I also gathered a list of Pencil Brushes and INK brushes for Procreate).

So this time I’ve gathered a list of watercolor brushes for Procreate!

1. Grutbrushes [Free and Premium]

View brushes (160+)

Available for: Procreate | Photoshop – view brushes

Grutbrushes are the brushes that I personally use with Photoshop (my drawing on the left). I usually start painting with standard brushes, and in the end, I use Watercolor brushes by Grutbrushes and their paper textures to imitate the traditional painting techniques.

Most of the brushes were specifically designed to work with Photoshop, but there are also versions for Procreate, and many of the Photoshop brushes are in the process of being converted/re-created to work with Procreate.

Currently available sets for Procreate are:

There are even free Procreate brushes available to download (they are placed at the end of the brushes page) – including the ones that imitate watercolor painting.

All the brushes are calibrated for the iPad to be used with the Apple Pencil and to respond to pressure and sometimes tilt where appropriate. They should work with any stylus but they are created with the Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro.

See other artists’ illustrations created with these brushes: #grutbrushes


2. Master Watercolor Brushes By: Trailhead Design Co.

View brushes (100+)

Zipped File Size: 159 MB
File Types Included: .BRUSHSET, .PDF, .SWATCHES, .JPG
Software compatibility: Procreate | Affinity – go to the page |

DesignCuts is a site that provides great design resources, including the Procreate watercolor brushes. They have many awesome brush sets created by various artists available to download.

This set is created by Trailhead Design Co. It includes over 100 brushes, including new “water brushes”, blending strokes and washes. Additionally, you also receive a PDF  brush guide and 5 painting tutorials – also the painting tutorial of the fox featured in the image!

Trailhead Design Co. also created a set of watercolor brushes for Affinity.


3. Realistic Watercolor Toolkit By PicByKate

View brushes (60+)

Zipped File Size: 652.7 MB
File Types Included: .PDF .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate 5

Realistic Watercolor brushes by PicbyKate is a set of 60+ brushes with 4 ready-to-use “paper” canvases to create even more realistic looking watercolor illustrations. These brushes are made from real watercolor textures.

The set can be divided info several brush types: basic watercolor brushes, wash brushes, texture brushes, blender brushes and details/splatters.

Kate created the brishes for her own purposes, and perfected them to complete a set ready to use by other artists.
You can follow Kate on her Instagram account dedicated to the brushes: @PicbyKateBrushes


4. OMG Watercolor brushes by SketchWerx

View brushes (11+)

Zipped File Size: 85.3 MB
File Types Included: .BRUSH
Software compatibility: Procreate

This set of Digital Watercolor brushes is created by Tina-Marie, known under the nickname “Sketchwerx“. You can find Procreate tutorials and videos of the painting process, where she demonstrated her brushes on a Youtube channel Tina-Marie -SketchWerx. Here’s  video where you can see OMG watercolorr brushes:

The set contains 11 brushes, 2 blenders, 7 washes and 3 Paper texture Stamps.
Most of the brushes in this set are pressure sensitive. You can achieve more realistic watercolor effect if you to keep the Apple Pencil in contact with the screen until you have finished painting your shape. And by adding pressure to your stylus when painting, you can change the flow of the paint in order to create lighter and darker areas within your stroke.


5. Maxpaxck Watercolor brushes

View brushes (70+)

Details: The Watercolor MaxPack is a set of brushes compatible only with Procreate 5+

MaxPack.com contains many great sets of brushes, including the watercolor set. The brushes are created by professional artist Max Ulichney, and are specifically designed to work on Procreate. As a former VFX artist, he has experience in replicating reality digitally and used these skills to recreate his favorite traditional tools to use on iPad.

Max uses them for his illustrations, which you can see on his Instagram @MaxUlichney.

By the way, you can see other artist paintings created with MaxPack brushes under this hashtag: #paintersmaxpack

“Maxpaxck Watercolor brushes” has 75 Brushes in the Set.

They are divided into various series: Flow seriesWash SeriesFlood Series, Smudge Brushes – each of these series have different characteristics.


6. BIG WET SET: 174 all-new brushes for Procreate!

View brushes (170+)

BIG WET SET is set of 174 wet media brushes created by Matthew Baldwin, an experienced digital artist who (as other artist mentioned here) gives us an opportunity to improve our illustration, by sharing with us his own brushes. You can check his other brush sets on Gumroad.


7. Procreate Watercolor Lettering Brush Kit by LynnhavenDesigns

View brushes(9)

Details: works on Procreate APP – iPad Pro, iPad Pro 2, or newer iPad models with Apple Pencil technology

A watercolor brush set designed specifically for lettering.
The brushes are formatted for use within the Procreate App on the iPad Pro or newer models, using the Apple Pencil’s pressure technology.

With brushes, you also receive a 8-page PDF step-by-step tutorial on how to use the brush set. Also, there are included paper texturebackgrounds and mockups for displaying your artworks.

Here’s a free tutorial on Watercolor lettering (the author uses the mentioned brush set) : SashisLetters Watercolor Lettering Procreate


8. WoolyPronto – Flooded Watercolor Brushes

View brushes(25)

WollyPronto is a website run by Addie Hanson, that provides tutorials and resources for Procreate, including the watercolor premium and free(demo) brushes.

The featured set contains 25 brushes optimized for Procreate 5X + 3 different paper textures and PDF instruction.

When you sign up for WollyPronto email list, you will receive cool freebies, including a few watercolor brushes and paper textures!

Below you can see a video tutorial, where Addie demonstrates her brushes:

9. iPad lettering – advanced watercolor set

View brushes (20)


Details: works on iPad iOS11  and Procreate 4
Size: >100MB

The Advanced Watercolor set is designed by Karin Newport (software developer lettering artist and graphic designer) to imitate Watercolor Calligraphy. Its effects are equivalent to the Modern Calligraphy brush, and it personally attracted my attention by how many different brushes are in this set.

Brushes are divided into 9 types: 
Watercolor Calligraphy; Watercolor Round; Watercolor Shine; Wet Paint,Wet Blend; Watercolor Edge, Gradient Edge, Gradient Edge Smooth; Splashes and Drops; watercolor background washes; Fine and Splatter Dots.

You will also get 1 Procreate template with an intricate watercolor texture and optional grid lines to get you started

To see artworks created with these brushes (and other brushes made by Karin) check out their Instagram: Ipadlettering


10. Procreate Watercolor Brushes Kit

View brushes (25+)

Software: Procreate 5 app for iPad
File size: 579.09 MB

This set contains 26 watercolor brushes and paper textures. Also, you will also receive a ready to use .procreate templates & effects layers, which allow you to create realistic watercolor paintings on your iPad.
What brought my attention is that this set offers Color Duo Brushes. You can set two colors that will change/mix together during the painting, according to the pressure.
*It’s not the only set that allows such brushes, but these ones look very realistic:

If you are curious about this brush set, and would like to see them in action, here are some youtube video tutorials: Design MarsalaDigital


11. Paint Bundle for Procreate by BrushUp

View brushes(64)

Here’s another brush set, quite similar to the previous but this one has brushes with nice blending capacity, that allows to create you more relisting paintings.

Also, the reason why I lister Paint Bundle here is because there are also different brushes in this set that imitate other painting techniques – oil painting and gouache.

So, saying briefly, this set contains Watercolor brushes (27), Gouache (19) and Oil brushes (18).


12. Procreate Watercolor Kit by Drifter Studio PrintShop

View brushes(13)

Software: Procreate 5 or higher
File Size: 291.44 MB

WatercolorProcreate Kit is a brush set created by an artist Calvin Scott Drews. His goal was the quality, not the quantity, and he decided to focus more on creating really high quality brushes, that will allow you to create anything you want.

I spent weeks developing each brush so you can use them just like you would if you were painting with the real thing. Watercolor is my passion and I created this addon so the results look authentic and the process is intuitive.

There’s also included a paper texture – the texture has two options, so you can paint with a full-screen watercolor background or with just a plain white background.

If I had to point out the one thing in this set that stands out the most among other brush sets, is the huge number of video tutorials dedicated to these watercolor brushes ( at the time I’m writing this, there are 43 tutorials!)
If you want to see how the brushes “behave” and what watercolor effects can you imitate, then you definitely need to check out this playlist: Procreate Watercolor Kit Video Tutorials

Ps. You can find in the video tutorial descriptions some freebies! (free brushes and templates)


13. 5 different brushes from Faber Co. – including 1 watercolor brush [FREE]

View free brushes(5)

Here are 5 free brushes that you can get at Majafaber.com!

In this set you will find :

  • Dry Ink 01 Brush
  • Grain 01 Brush
  • Grunge 04 Brush
  • Monoline 01 & 02 Brush
  • Watercolor 04 Brush

Those are “demo” brushes from full sets available at their website, click on the image below to learn more about the sets:


14. Free watercolor brushes by Rowwenic [FREE]

View free brushes

Here’s a small set of some watercolor brushes. There aren’t many pieces of information provided, just that those brushes were created/uploaded by a Procreate user named Rowwenic.
So, all we can do now is to download the brushes and try them themselves 🙂


15. Free Watercolor brush pack NEW by BasicX [FREE]

View brushes(6)

This is a “demo” set of Watercolor brush pack created by BasicX (see the full set with 43 brushes). It contains many brushes that will help you to achieve the watercolor effect you desire.
The team has created also other different brush sets for Procreate, you can see all available sets on their Instagram: BacisX_brushes


16. Georg’s Watercolor Splash & Splatter Dual Brush for Procreate 5 [FREE]

View brushes

A set of free brushes created by an artist Georg Graf von Westphalen. He created over 550 custom brushes, templates, comic fonts, harmonic color swatches,  and many digital tools for Procreate.

Like in some sets (mentioned above), you can activate a secondary color-mix using tilt and pressure.

If you like these brushes, you can get the full “Waterlies” brush set on gumroad.

If you want to see other brushes created by Georg, please visit his website: Georgbrush.club



How to download Procreate brushes

If you want to download brushes, you need to open this page on your iPad. Download the file, and tap on the downloaded .brush or .brushset file – and choose ‘open in’ or ‘copy to’ and then choose Procreate.


Can you convert Photoshop brushes to procreate?

Yes, you can import Photoshop brushes to Procreate 5, however, some brushes may not work, or you will have to customize their options so they would have the same effect as in photoshop.
If you want to try importing photoshop brushes to Procrate, here’s a great tutorial  by Ghost Paper on how to do this:


Do you know a watercolor brush set that isn’t listed here, but is worth recommending?

If yes, then please let me know in the comments 🙂  Also, feel free to share your opinion, I’m curious which set looks the most interesting to you. I hope this article helped you to find what you need!


Check out other brushes for Procreate:



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Sours: https://brushwarriors.com/watercolor-brushes-procreate/
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