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Samsung Galaxy J3 Troubleshooting

Phone is turning off and freezing while I am using it

If the smart phone being used is not charged enough it will continue to turn itself off. When the phone was purchased it should've come with a micro USB charger. If you do not have one, you can easily purchase one from any grocery or electronic store.

If the phone continues to freeze the phone may just need to be restarted. This is a common flaw with even the most recent smart phones.

If the previous steps have not cured your phone of its ailment, the motherboard itself may need to be replaced.

When I plug my headphones in, no sound is coming out

The headphones used may be broken in some way. Try buying a replacement pair at any grocery or electronics store.

Firstly, remove as many components of the phone as possible (Battery, SIM card, back cover etc.), because the water will corrode parts and boards if not taken care of quickly. If the phone has water damage that isn't too severe, placing it in a bag of rice or silica gel should absorb the water from the phone; however, if the phone has been submerged or exposed to any significant amounts of water, it is always a good idea to have it disassembled and cleaned to prevent corrosion.

If the previous steps are taken and there is still no sound when using headphones, the headphone jack itself may need to be replaced.

When I try to use my home button it either sticks so i have to turn my phone off, or does not work at all.

Try rebooting your phone, or resetting to factory settings.

If the above solutions do not work the home button may need to be replaced.

When I try to take picture my camera seems to be cracked

The more likely thing is that the middle frame bezel is cracked. This is the plastic cover over the camera that protects it. This may need to be replaced.

If the this the case and the above solution does not work, the camera may need to be replaced.


Common Samsung Galaxy J3 Issues And Their Fixes

Samsung’s J3 is an affordable smartphone which was launched last year. The phone has fairly decent specs, perfect for a smartphone of its range. However, there are some issues which users have been facing while using the phone. We have gathered a list of problems and useful tips on how to solve them. This short guide offers common Samsung Galaxy J3 issues and their fixes.

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Common Samsung Galaxy J3 Issues And Their Fixes

Problem 1- Samsung J3 WiFi Problems

Samsung J3 WiFi Problems

The two most common problems that users face with Wi-Fi are connection crashes and poor signal. Here are some possible solutions for Samsung J3 WiFi problems.


Disable the Smart Network Switch

This feature lets you switch automatically from WiFi to mobile data if the Wi-Fi connection is not stable. The switch disrupts the signal regularly especially when your WiFi network is trying to get a stable connection. Disabling this feature will let your device concentrate on getting a stable network without having to shuttle back to the mobile device.

  • Connect your J3 to WiFi and go to Settings
  • Next tap on Connections
  • Tap on WiFi
  • Now tap Menu (three dots icon towards your right)
  • Tap on Smart Network Switch and toggle it off

Reset Network Settings

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Backup & Reset
  • Tap Reset Network Settings
  • You may be prompted for pattern/password/PIN if you have secured your phone with it. After the needful, you need to tap on Reset Settings to confirm.

Forget the Network and Connect Once Again

  • In the notification panel hold and press the WiFi icon – this will open the WiFi Settings
  • Look for the network that you have issues with
  • Once located tap on it and then tap once again on Forget
  • Restart your device and reconnect to the WiFi network from fresh

Wipe Cache Partition

We are all aware of the small problems that could arise if the cache partition gets outdated and cluttered.

  • Ensure that your device has enough battery. If not then charge it before you can begin the process.
  • Turn off your Samsung J3
  • Press and hold together the Home button, Volume Up button, and Power button
  • Let go of the Power when the Samsung logo appears but keep holding the Home button and Volume Up button
  • Once the Android logo appears let go of the Home and Volume buttons
  • Use the Volume Down button and highlight Wipe Cache Partition
  • Confirm the selection using the Power button
  • Use the Volume Down button again to highlight Yes and make a selection using the Power button
  • When the process is complete restart the J3 and check whether the WiFi problems still persist

Problem 2- Samsung J3 Screen Problems

Samsung J3 Screen Problems

There are different types of screen problems that J3 users have been reporting. Some of them are as below:

  1. Lines on the Screen
  2. Screen Flickering Problems
  3. Black Screen of Death

Here are some possible solutions to tackle Samsung J3 screen problems.


The approach for solving the problem of lines on Screen and Screen Flickering problems are same.

Despite any physical damages on the screen, some users face problems of lines on their screen. For some, the problem is with a flickering screen. To begin with, you can start with Samsung j3 troubleshooting. This can be done by restarting and checking your phone in the Safe Mode. In a Safe Mode, all third-party apps are disabled. This will help you understand if there is a problem with one of the apps.

Safe Mode

  • If there is a software glitch then the phone can be started in the Safe Mode to see if the problem occurs.
  • First, tap the Recent apps button and close all the apps using the Close icon
  • Press the Power button and keep holding it till the different options display
  • Press and hold the Power off, you will find get a prompt to Reboot into Safe Mode
  • Tap on this option, this will restart the device but it will take longer than the usual time taken to start. Now when the phone restarts it will start in Safe Mode. You will be able to see the Safe Mode on the lower-left hand corner of the Home Screen.
  • If the lines are not on your screen then it is probably because of a faulty app. You need to uninstall your apps one at a time or perform a factory data reset.
  • Going back to normal mode is pretty easy. Just press the Power button and click on the option to Restart.

Wipe Cache Partition

While you are in the Safe Mode you can also try and wipe the cache partition to check if the problem persists. The process to wipe cache partition has been mentioned above. Wiping the cache partition helps as it will refresh and clean the phone. This can also fix many problems and minor issues.

Hard Reset

This will wipe all your data and settings. So, ensure you take a proper backup first. After that, follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold together the Home button, Power button and Volume Up button and wait for Samsung logo to appear
  • It will take some time for the Hard Reset menu to appear
  • Use the Volume Down button and scroll down to find Wipe Data/Factory. Now select it using the Power button
  • Scroll down using the Volume Down button to highlight Yes-Delete All User Data and then once again select using the Power button
  • Your Samsung J3 will clear all its contents and then reboot to its initial screen setup.


The Black Screen of Death is when your phone will turn off automatically and will fail to restart. Your Samsung J3 won’t turn on as well. This may again be a problem of the software or firmware crash. Here are some possible solutions to tackle the Samsung J3 Black Screen problems:

Remove the Battery and Soft Reset

Since the J3 has a removable battery, you could try pulling out the cover of your smartphone carefully to remove the battery. After this press and hold the Power key for one minute and then place the battery back into its position. When you restart after this step, your phone may turn on.

Charge Your Phone

After a soft reset if you still don’t see your phone turn on, let it charge.  Ensure that all the cables, slots and plug points are ok.

If your phone won’t start then you should contact your carrier, a repair shop, or Samsung.

Problem 3- Samsung J3 Overheating

Overheating is an unpleasant thing to happen with your smartphone. There are some easy ways to cope with overheating. It should be looked into immediately because smartphones that remain overheated for a long time could be prone to stutters and lags. It could lead to hardware failure too. Here are some ways on how you could prevent your Samsung J3 overheating problems.


Charge Phone in Safe Mode

Usually, the phone will display overheating problems while charging. Some faulty third-party apps could cause a lot of problems and interfere with its functioning. As one of the solutions, you can try and charge your J3 in Safe mode. Follow the steps mentioned above. Charge your phone in this mode to check if the problem is still there. You know a third-party app is responsible for the overheating if your phone isn’t showing the problem when in Safe Mode. You can then try uninstalling the apps one at a time or perform a factory data reset.

There are some small things to remember while you are using your J3. Following them will help you avoid overheating issues:

  • Remove the casing of the phone when you are charging it.
  • Avoid using your phone when you are charging it. Playing games or watching videos while your phone is charging is not something you should do.
  • Keeping your phone under direct sunlight or any heated sources for a long period could be harmful.

Hard reset

A Hard Reset also helps in solving problems. You can follow the steps mentioned above and perform a Hard Reset on your device to solve Samsung J3 overheating issues.


Problem 4- SD Card Issues

SD Card Issues

An SD card is an important part of your device. It helps in expanding the data storage of your mobile. Samsung J3 offers a maximum extended storage of 16 GB to its users. Some users have reported problems with the SD card – the device fails to recognize the card in the slot. The other problem which some users faced is that they were unable to transfer data from the internal storage to their SD cards.


Re-insert the SD Card

Turn off your J3 and remove the SD card from its slot. Clean the slot with s soft cotton cloth and then put back the SD card in its place. Now restart to check if it works.

Format the SD Card

Another solution could be to take a back-up of your SD card on the computer or laptop and format it. You can then copy back the content again and re-insert the card.


Problem 5- Samsung J3 Battery Problems

Samsung J3 offers a 2,600 mAh battery. If you notice unexpected drain of battery on your device there are some fixes which you could try.


Disable GPS

When your location tracker is on it tends to drain a lot of energy. Turn it on only when you need. Here is what you can do to disable it:

  • Settings > Location and toggle it Off. You will be prompted for Location and Google Location consent screen. Tap on Agree to turn them off.

Turn off Bluetooth

Ensure that your Bluetooth is off when you are not using it.

Close Background Apps

Apps are power and data hungry. They will keep consuming energy and data when they are running in the background. Tap on the Recent Apps button and then press the ‘X’ icon to close them all.


Problem 6- Samsung Galaxy J3 Touch Screen not Working

There two reasons to why the touch screen may not work – software issues and the other may be a physical problem such as your phone got wet or you have dropped it accidentally.

If it is a physical problem you will need to contact your nearest retailer or Samsungs. On the other hand, it is not, try the solutions below.


  1. You can try removing the SIM card of your device and then re-insert it after a minute. Now restart your phone.
  2. It is possible that your phone has accumulated cache and is stuttering or lagging. Clear the cache of your phone by following the steps above.
  3. Another possible solution is to perform a Factory Reset.
  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Go to User and Backup
  • On this screen tap on Backup and Reset
  • Here select Factory Data Reset
  • Now select Reset Device and then tap on Delete All.

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Samsung Galaxy J3 is more than a viable option in the lower low-budget category. If you’re not exceptionally demanding user and a loyal fan of Samsung handsets, J3 is well-suited for the job. However, for this and the majority of handsets, there are always issues that need to be addressed.

For that purpose, we prepared a list of most frequently reported problems provided by J3 users. Of course, we provided you with the proper troubleshooting steps, so make sure to check for your individual problem. We hope that you’ll find the remedy for your ache in the list below.

Battery issues

First, the main reason why people seem to deem the overall usability of this handset lackluster is the battery. The battery on J3 isn’t bad per se, and it certainly won the battle with the competition in 2016. Nonetheless, it’s the software within the device that drains the battery. So, even though the 2600 mAh battery is well-performing, there are still ways to improve the battery life and reduce the consumption. For that purpose, we enlisted  some of those workarounds below:

  • Disable background apps. You can either do it manually within Settings > Application manager or by using the Smart Manager (Device Maintainance). Navigate to Settings > Device Maintainance > Unmonitored apps, and clear apps that are using the battery extensively while working in the background.
  • Use Battery Power Saving mode. Tap Settings > Device Maintainance > Battery and use one of two battery saving modes.
  • Disable GPS. You can either disable GPS permanently until an app acquires it or reduce the accuracy of the location service by changing location method to Phone only. Tap Settings > Connections > Enable Location > Location method, and switch to Phone only.
  • Disable Bluetooth.

In addition, make sure to uninstall the redundant and unused apps that are hogging on your device resources. We hope that with those, you’ll be able to extend your battery’s life.

Overheating issues

Overheating isn’t exactly a common problem, but it does affect certain users. And once it occurs, it’s likely to make your overall experience with the J3 quite hard to cope with. Moreover, if the phone is overheating over extended periods, you may encounter more than lags and stutters. Namely, in the worst case scenario, you can expect hardware failure. Obviously, it’s essential to address the overheating issue before it’s too late.

There are various reasons for this occurrence, and we advise you to check the following steps in order to prevent them:

  • Don’t use your phone while charging.
  • Check the resource hogging apps in the background.
  • Make sure that your battery isn’t faulty.
  • Remove the casing.
  • Don’t expose your handset to heat sources over an extended period of times.

Wi-Fi issues

Connectivity issues are generally not unusual for a multitude of Android handsets. Some of them suffer from the lackluster signal, while others are known for connection crashes. Either way, it’s hard to use your device as intended without the proper Wi-Fi connection. Almost impossible. Samsung Galaxy J3 isn’t exactly known for Wi-Fi issues, but some isolated cases are still enough for us to address the issue.

For that purpose, we advise you to follow the instructions below in order to troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues on your J3:

  • Forget Network and connect again.
    1. Press and hold on Wi-Fi icon in the Notification panel to open Wi-Fi settings.
    2. Click on the network you need to re-establish.
    3. Tap Forget.
    4. Restart your J3 and reconnect again.
  • Reset network settings.
    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Open Backup & reset.
    3. Tap Reset Network Settings.
    4. Enter password/PIN/pattern if prompted and tap RESET SETTINGS.
    5. After the restart, you should be good to go.
  • Disable IPv6 protocol on your router.
  • Use 5 GHz instead of 2.4 GHz and vice versa.
  • Wipe the cache partition.
    1. Turn off the device. Make sure that your battery is not critically low.
    2. Press and hold the Volume Up key + Home key + Power button.
    3. Once the logo appears on the screen, release the Power button while holding the Volume Up key + Home key.
    4. Wait for the Android logo to appear and release all buttons.
    5. Use the Volume Down key to find and highlight the ‘wipe cache partition’ option.
    6. Use the Power button to confirm the selection.
    7. Now, scroll down with the Volume Down key and highlight ”Yes”.
    8. Press Power button to select.
    9. After the procedure is finished, restart your device and check for changes.
  • Disable Smart Network Switch.
    1. Connect to Wi-Fi and tap Settings.
    2. Open Connections.
    3. Open Wi-Fi.
    4. Tap the 3-dot menu in the right corner.
    5. Choose Smart network switch.
    6. Toggle the feature Off.

Mobile data issues

As same as with the Wi-Fi, some users experienced issues with the Mobile Data. Some of them weren’t able to use the 3G/4G as intended due to SIM card issues, while others encountered issues with unexpected signal drops and similar irregularities. Most of the time, the issue is closely related to an inappropriate position of the SIM card. Cellular signal drops are the best way to find out is your SIM card properly inserted in the SIM tray.

On the other hand, there are also some software issues that need to be examined, since the problem isn’t exclusively connected to the SIM card. Follow the instructions below to troubleshoot the mobile data issues on your Samsung Galaxy J3:

  • Reset your device.
  • Switch Network type. Settings>More>Cellular Networks>Preffered Network type. Select LTE and save settings.
  • TurnAirplane mode ON and then OFF.
  • Reset APN settings. Go to Settings > Connections> Mobile Networks > Tap Access Point Names > More > Reset to default.
  • Reset Network Settings. Navigate to Settings > Backup & reset > Network settings reset>Reset Settings.
  • Remove SIM card and put it back again.
  • Disable Bluetooth.

With that, you should be able to use the mobile data just like before.

SD card issues

SD card is of utmost importance if you want to store more multimedia since the device is limited to 16 GB of internal storage. However, users reported issues with SD cards, too. Namely, some of them weren’t able to transfer the data from internal storage to SD. Other – well – their J3 wouldn’t even recognize the SD card or suddenly unmounts it. For that purpose, we advise you to follow the steps below, since there are multiple ways to address this issue.

  •  Power Off your device and remove SD card from the slot. Clean the slot with the compressed air and re-insert the SD card.
  • Backup your SD card on your PC and format it. Make sure to format or reformat the SD card and copy the backed-up content again.
  • Wipe the cache partition.

Unexpected shutdown issues

If we take into consideration all enlisted issues of J3, this is probably the most intimidating one. Some users pointed out the major issue with regard to sudden restarts or even shutdowns. There are few reasons for this occurrence and we’re presenting them below:

  • The phone is overheating.
  • Custom ROM causes issues with the hardware.
  • Hardware failure.

For that purpose, we advise you to look at presented solutions for overheating issue and flash your device again. In addition, you can try to boot into the safe mode and examine the behavior. If the phone is working as intended, make sure to delete all lately installed apps. In contrary, if the device is still failing, it’s likely that we’re looking at hardware malfunction. So make sure to take your Samsung Galaxy J3 for repairs.

SIM card issues

You would imagine that this is a problem similar to the one with the SD card. Symptoms are obviously different, but the reason is, most of the time, inappropriate placement. On the other hand, with the latest updates, users with SIM card issues (sudden loss of network signal, mobile data loss, and ”Please insert SIM card” error) are rightfully suspecting the software involvement, as well. For that purpose, we prepared a list of possible solutions you should take into consideration:

  • Restart your device.
  • Reinsert SIM card and/or switch SIM 1 and SIM 2 positions if you’re using dual-SIM option.
  • Try your SIM card in another handset to make sure it’s working.
  • Select ”3G only”. Navigate to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Mode, and choose ”3G only” from the dropdown list.
  • Select proper access point.
  • Disable Bluetooth temporarily.
  • Boot in the safe mode and look for changes in the signal behavior.
  • Wipe cache partition.

Bluetooth issues

In the plethora of reported issues, it wouldn’t be fair to skip on Bluetooth issues. Bluetooth-related issues that are reported, mostly refer to failed pairing or unstable connection with the paired device. This mostly occurs in a pairing J3 with the car board. Or lack of it, to be exact. Luckily, if we exclude the hardware failure of the Bluetooth radio, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot this problem.

  • Disable other network services while using Bluetooth (Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G).
  • ”Forget” device and try to pair again.
  • Wipe partition cache (process explained above).

That should do it. If you have alternative issues or solutions for the problems we presented above, make sure to tell us in the comments section below. We’ll be glad to help you. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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