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Dutch Bros. Straw Color Code?

Today I found out that when you order a drink at Dutch Bros. Coffee, the color straw you get is based on their first impression of you! I think that's really neat.

I was told that Pink means you're cute, Yellow means so-so, and Orange means you're mysterious. Is that accurate? What about Green? Blue? Are there other colors?

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  • I didn't notice. Quite frankly I don't care. A straw is a straw...

    Besides you can contact HQ.

  • Well. Not the time it doesn't actually mean something. Especially in a rush when there's lots of people. They just grab a straw. And for guys they usually get offended when they get pink straws so the baristas try not to give them pink much. They also use the straw to color coordinate. Like it someone's wearing a orange shirt the waiter will use an orange straw to help remember that order belongs to the person in the orange shirt.

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  • All I know is pink is cutie, nice, or hottie

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The Secret Code Behind Your Dutch Bros. Coffee Straw

The Dutch Bros straw code mystery is one that has lead girls that have gotten a pink straw from a cute barista bro to find an excuse to get coffee three plus times a day; I've witnessed this first hand.

If you're unaware of the mystery, it's that the Dutch Bros workers use a color code to secretly communicate to their customers about how they feel about them, whether the barista thinks they're cute, ugly, or so-so. You could potentially be leaving Dutch with not only a coffee but a compliment as well.

The mystery code is said to go like this-

Pink: cute or pretty

Green: unsightly (ouch!)

Orange: mysterious, strange, or weird

Yellow: so-so or average

Blue: rude

Upon hearing this mystery I didn't know how I felt about being judged by my appearance when I'm just trying to get my coffee. I had many questions, was this an all employee conspiracy that everyone participated in? Did they have to go through a training on how to quickly decide if someone was good looking or not?

Although I wasn't sure this mystery was even true, over time I found myself striving for a pink straw the same way girls strive for the final rose on the Bachelor.

Enough was enough, and I decided it was time to solve this mystery and find out if this code had any weight to it once and for all so I can buy my coffee in peace!

First, I conducted an experiment!

I decided to go to Dutch without any makeup on, in my pajamas, and hair up to see what color straw I got. When I received my drink, I found in it a yellow straw, which meant so-so. I felt like that could be an accurate judge of my appearance based on the circumstances. I came back later that day with makeup on, what to me was a cute outfit, and my hair done and down. Upon receiving my drink the second time, I had a pink straw! I was sure this mystery had to be true, but I couldn't declare it real based on just this because there were some minor flaws in the experiment itself; the biggest being it was two different barista bros.

So I decided I should just ask a Dutch Bros worker, but before I did I had to consider I could be breaking the heart of anyone that has ever gotten an instant ego boost from their pink straw. I mean... pink straws always made my day.

Was the world ready for the truth?

Was I ready for the truth?

I could then only think about every poor barista who has been stalked every shift by someone who received a pink straw, mistakenly thinking the barista had found them cute.

It was time for everyone to know the truth.

I asked the completely trustworthy, reliable, barista bro source— Jake Thatcher. (He has a superhero sounding name, like Milo Thatch from Atlantis, so it's safe to say we can definitely trust him)

He has assured me that no, it is not a real thing. When the lines get long, which is often at Dutch, they don't have the time to use a straw color code. Apparently, according to my source, they give out the pink and orange straws the most because they look the most fun. Jake Thatcher has assured me that Dutch Bros is not a prejudice company, and would not judge you on your outward appearance.

You're all beautiful in your own way, outwardly and inwardly, so you all deserve pink straws in my book! And I'm sure all the dutch bros baristas feel the same way.

But that isn't it; Jake Thatcher left me this one little nugget.

Sometimes, very rarely, he'll see someone go out of their way to give someone a pink straw because they do find a customer cute.

So I guess the newest Dutch Bros mystery is finding out if your pink straw is one of those rare ones or not..

Sours: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/dutch-bros-straw-code-mystery
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The Best Secret Dutch Bros. Coffee Straw Code

You should be aware of the secret code when you visit Dutch Bros. It is a compliment that will receive in a form code. It is one of the ways Dutch Bros uses to communicate with its customers.

This type of communication helps to attract more customers. The compliment will depend on the color of the Dutch Bros Straw Code. Each color straw represents a different meaning.

It is a mystery that the girls have to solve when they receive any color. It is not necessarily a compliment, but it can also be a harsh comment. So for many girls, it is exciting, but many think it is not cool to be judged on your appearance.

I mean, who goes to get a coffee all dressed up? It is not only degrading but also not friendly. It can also be an employee thing, but so that people contribute to it. Are these employees the experts of judging someone?

Many girls wait for a pink straw so that they get good remarks on their appearance. To care for all this, you should judge and test it yourself. Do not go for what people say. Go through this article to have more knowledge of the secret code, as you can learn more in Quarantine.

Let’s start with the article!

Dutch Bro Straw Code 2021:

2021 is high time you need to stop believing in these rumors and experience them yourself. You can test It by dressing up differently each time you go to buy coffee.

Do to buy coffee from Dutch Bros in your pajamas with no makeup. Also, you do not want to make your hair. You will probably get a yellow straw telling you that you look so-so. It is a judgment by the employees. So is this Dutch Bros Straw Codetrue?

Yes, it may be because if you still receive the same color, it may be a myth, but getting yellow would mean something. How ridiculous is this? No?

Dutch Bro Straw Code True:

If you were to discover this mystery of Dutch Bros Straw Code, you need to try out another look. Go to get the coffee with a nice outfit and cool hairstyle. You can also have good makeup on.

We all need to focus on self-discovery. To my knowledge, you will probably receive a pink straw according to your appearance. A pink straw can mean cute and even pretty. If you do receive a pink one, then this Dutch Bros Straw Code thing is true, and if not, you can relax.

If it does not satisfy the straw game, you can go to the Dutch worker and ask them directly. You have to remember to be ready for the answer as he can deny it or accept it.

Dutch Bros Straw Code Green:

It is still confusing for people to decide whether this Dutch Bros Straw Code exists or not. If you are new to this mystery and want to know what a green straw represents, you do not want to know.

The green straw means unsightly or ugly. You ever receive such a straw, you do not need to feel bad or be disheartened. No one in this world is unsightly, believe me. You are as pretty as any other girl out there.

A few Dutch Bros employees can not decide how you look. They are not the deciders of anything as their work is only to provide you coffee. And are a degree holder in judging who looks what? You are pretty and do not need to believe these stupid things.

Dutch Bros Straw Code White:

Dutch Bros Straw Code is disgusting if it has been meanings. If you are willing to know what a white straw means, let me tell you it is not bad. It means that you are simple.

Being simple is not something bad but instead, it is classy and dope. Why does everyone crave a pink one and want to be called pretty? White can also mean simple and pretty or simple and classy. It depends on what you think.

But whatever each code means, it is not fair to be judged only going to get a coffee. You can be drained out when you want a coffee or even going to work.No one has the right to judge you that and give a remark.

Dutch Bros Straw Code Clear:

Now is the time to clear this mystery. If you are reading this article to clear your understanding, this subheading is what you should look for. Someone asked a source about the Dutch Bros Straw  Code and, he denied it.

According to him, there was no such thing as judging on the appearance, instead, they give straws randomly. They mostly give pink straws and orange straws, as these are bright colors, and they look good.

Everyone deserves a pink straw as everyone is pretty in their way. Even if this mystery is true, you do not need to focus on it, but get your coffee and enjoy drinking it.

Dutch Bros Drink with Whipped Cream on Straw:

Who doesn’t like extra cream on their drink? If you go to Dutch Bros, you have to ask for whipped cream on a straw, as it will only make your drink taste better. 

Whipped cream will not only enhance the taste of your drink but will also make it look better and pretty. The straws are not the only thing that looks pretty now you, even have whipped cream.

Final Words: The Secret Code Behind your Dutch Bros Coffee Straw.

Other than these white and green colors, there are many more which you can get at Dutch Bros. Some of these are below:

  • Pink means that you are pretty.
  • Yellow means that you are just so-so in looks or average.
  • Orange means you are a strange personality.
  • Blue means that you are rude.

Who are they to decide which color do you deserve. Everyone needs to pay more attention to mental health rather than these things. You should be confident in your personality and do not let these nonsense judgments affect you.

Best of luck with rising higher!

Sours: https://www.theodysseyblog.com/

Is the Dutch Bros Straw Code Real?

If you’re an avid coffee drinker and you go to Dutch Bros on a regular basis to feed your coffee addiction, then you’ve probably already heard about the Dutch Bros straw code. The debate over whether the straw code is real has been going on for quite some time now with mixed opinions.

If you’re unaware of the mystery surrounding the Dutch Bros straw code, then allow us to enlighten you. The straw code is simple. It is said that the Dutch Bros employees invented the straw code to let customers know how they secretly feel about them.

The color straw the barista gives you could very well be a compliment, or it could be an insult. The straw colors given are said to determine whether the employee thinks you’re cute, ugly, or just plain so-so.

So, is the rumor true? Is there a straw code at Dutch Bros, invented by their baristas and other employees? Many experiments have been done, but there’s still no proof as to whether it’s real or not. In this article, we’ll talk about the Dutch Bros straw code and try to determine for ourselves whether there’s a deeper meaning.

What Do the Straw Colors Mean?

The straw system is pretty simple, with different colored straws meaning different things to each recipient. Granted, the straw code brings business to the coffee shops, as what person isn’t going to go purchase tons of coffee to see which straw they might be given? The color straw you get tells you what the employee that gave it to you thinks of your appearance or personality.

The straw colors and their meanings are listed below.

If you’re given a pink straw, that means the barista thinks you’re cute or pretty, which leads many coffee addicts to go through the drive-thru at Dutch Bros hoping to get that pink straw in their coffee drink.

If you’re given a green straw in your coffee drink, then that means you’re unsightly or ugly to the barista who put it in your drink.

If you end up with an orange straw sticking out of your cup, it means that you’re mysterious, strange, or the employee thinks you’re weird.

If the straw in the cup that’s handed to you through the drive-thru window is yellow, it means you’re average or just so-so.

If the straw sticking out of your smoothie is blue, that means the person who made your drink thinks you’re a rude person.

Where Did the Straw Code Originate?

So far, no one has been able to determine where the straw code originated from. Still, it has caused a ton of controversy on the internet, on social media, and among customers who are diehard coffee drinkers and frequent Dutch Bros establishments.

According to a few websites, including The Veronica Show, customers have said that sometimes the straw code is in action, and other times it isn’t.

Is the Straw Code Real?

When it comes right down to it, many daily customers of Dutch Bros don’t believe that the straw code is real. They say that the employees of the Dutch Bros franchise are extremely busy, and there’s no way they have time to choose a colored straw to assign to different customers. These customers feel that the straws are given at random and that the code doesn’t exist.

However, there are other customers who have done their own experiments and swear the straw code is real, in place, and functioning at top speed.

Interviews with a few employees of Dutch Bros have been said to prove that the straw code is true—but this information still did not come directly from the source and could just be hearsay as well.

Are you a regular at Dutch Bros? Have you seen any proof of the existence of the straw code? Readers want to know, is the straw code real, or is it not?

The Straw Code

Whether the straw code is real or not still remains a mystery. But the fact remains that people will continue to order their coffee and smoothies through the drive-thru at Dutch Bros daily just on the off chance that they might be presented with that pink straw.

What do you think? Is the straw code at Dutch Bros true or false?

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Featured Image Credit: Mona Lindbüchler, Pixabay

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Code straw dutch bros

Mythbusting the Dutch Bros. Coffee Conspiracy

The straw system is simple. Pink represents pretty, green means you’re unsightly, orange signifies you’re strange, yellow symbolizes average and blue indicates rudeness according to the “The Veronica James Show” and many lovers of the popular coffee stand, Dutch Brothers.

This “straw code” was mysteriously developed with a floating controversy among customers on whether it exists or not. According to various websites, one being “The Veronica Show,” customers say that they have witnessed the “straw code” in action on some of their visits, while it wasn’t apparent on others.

Catherine Rubino, a junior at Granite Bay High School who frequents Dutch Brothers on a nearly daily basis, doesn’t believe in the “straw code”.

“I don’t think (it exists) because I go all the time and they normally give me the same color every time,” Rubino said.

With the constant hustle and bustle that the Dutch Brothers employees have to keep up with, it seems irrational that they would spare seconds on something like picking a certain colored straw.

MORE: See Dutch Bros. Coffee official site

“I think it’s a myth because I don’t see why the workers would truly care about the straw color (that they give),” Rubino said.

Like Rubino, GBHS sophomore Sammy Giblin goes to Dutch Bros often and has also heard about the supposed “straw codes.”

In contrast to Rubino’s beliefs, Giblin thinks that the “straw code” does exist.

Although she knows that the straws represent different characteristics, hers were different than the ones posted on “The Veronica Show.” Allegedly, both blue and orange happen to represent mysterious.

“I believe the straw code exists,” Gimblin said. “But (I think) it depends on the workers and the location.” Gimblin has talked to workers who say that they only assign the colored straws via the “straw system” occasionally.

“They said they don’t partake in it when it’s packed but if there’s only a few cars they will,” Gimblin said. According to Gimblin, some locations do it more frequently than others.

“The Citrus Heights location has said they do it regularly, but I haven’t seen it at the Granite Bay location,” Gimblin said.

Although she can’t be positively sure whether the straw code truly exists, she is all for the idea of it.

“I love it. It’s my absolute favorite,” Gimblin said. Trinity Burley, a GBHS junior and frequent Dutch Brothers customer, doesn’t think the secret straw system is real.

“I do not believe in it. It exists because girls want to think people give them pink straws because they think that they are cute,” Burley said.

To Burley, the system appears unrealistic and it stems from a sense of narcissism that customers want to appear a certain way based on the color straw that they receive.

“I think it’s dumb,” Burley said. “I just want coral straws because they’re my favorite color and I don’t care what that means.”

Former GBHS student Rian Lombardo, like Gimblin, believes in Dutch Brothers’ straw color system.

“I actually didn’t know about it until like a month or two ago,” Lombardo said when asked if she was aware of the secret code.

Now that she is aware of it, she believes it exists in certain situations.

“I think it really depends,” Lombardo said. “Sometimes I think they’re just in a hurry and trying to get you in and out of line, but sometimes yes (workers use the straw system).”

The reason that Lombardo believes in the “straw code” is that she has claimed to experience it firsthand.

“Once a guy was flirting with me and he gave me a pink straw and winked at me and said, ‘Wow you look amazing,’” Lombardo said.

MORE: Comedic take on straw selection

GBHS senior and Dutch Brothers employee Taylor Annis confirmed that it is true: straws are assigned to customers by the straw system.

But, there’s a catch.

“We don’t ever really use it.” Annis said. “The only time we really use it is if we get the customer at a time where we can engage with them and talk, not when we’re in a rush with a large line.”
Now that the straw code has been exposed as real, the next time you go to Dutch Brothers for a drink, hope for a pink straw.

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does Dutch Bros really give color coded straws?? -- Baylee Reed

Dutch Bros Straw Code

Dutch Bros Straw Code. Dutch Bros Straw Colors. Dutch Bros Straw Colors. If you do receive a pink one then. Mythbusting the Dutch Bros. Dutch Bros Contact Us. It was time for everyone to know the truth. A look at the rising west coast drive thru coffee brand Dutch Bros Coffee. Pink represents pretty green means youre unsightly orange signifies youre strange yellow symbolizes average. The straw system is simple. You can also have good makeup on.

Dutch Bros Coffee Drink One For Dane 9 Stamps When You Purchase A Large Sharkattackrebel Dutch Bros Dutch Brothers Drinks

Dutch Bros Coffee is a privately held drive-through coffee chain headquartered in Grants Pass Oregon United States with company-owned and franchise. Jun 15 2021 The Dutch Bros straw code mystery is one that has lead girls that have gotten a pink straw from a cute barista bro to find an excuse to get coffee. The straw system is simple. Mythbusting the Dutch Bros. We all need to focus on self-discovery. Rumor has it if you swing by Dutch Brothers Coffee if you are a lady you will be rated. A pink straw can mean cute and even pretty. If you were to discover this mystery of Dutch Bros Straw Code you need to try out another look. He has assured me that no it is not a real thing. To my knowledge you will probably receive a pink straw according to your appearance.

Jun 15 2021 The Dutch Bros straw code mystery is one that has lead girls that have gotten a pink straw from a cute barista bro to find an excuse to get coffee.

Jul 02 2021 Dutch bros was founded in Grants Pass Oregon in 1922 by dairy farmers the Dutch Mafia such as the straw code in which Bro-istas give The inside scoop from a Dutch Bro THE DUTCH BROS STRAW CODE. Dutch Bros Straw Colors. Jun 01 2021 The straw system is simple. The straw system is simple. Dutch Bros Straw Colors. The Secret Code Behind Your Dutch Bros. Pink represents pretty green means youre unsightly orange signifies youre strange yellow symbolizes average and blue indicates rudeness according to the The Veronica James Show and many lovers of the popular coffee stand Dutch Brothers. Mythbusting the Dutch Bros. The Secret Code Behind Your Dutch Bros. He has assured me that no it is not a real thing. Go to get the coffee with a nice outfit and cool hairstyle.

Sours: http://m.cbs3duluth.com/cbs3/dutch-bros-straw-code.html

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