24 x 36 marble tile

24 x 36 marble tile DEFAULT

Carrara White Marble 12x36 Tile Polished

Premium Grade 12x36 White Carrara Marble Subway tiles. Italian Bianco Carrera White Venato Carrara Polished 12 x 36 Wall & Floor Tiles are perfect for any interior/exterior projects. The Carrara White Marble 12x36 Subway tiles can be used for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom flooring, shower surround, dining room, hall, lobby, corridor, balcony, terrace, spa, pool, etc. Our Premium White Carrera Marble 12x36 Subway tiles with a large selection of coordinating products is available and includes hexagon, herringbone, basketweave mosaics, 12x12, 18x18, 24x24 tiles, moldings, borders, and more.

ColorCarrara White Marble (white gray field background with a light gray veining and the patterning is usually soft and feathery)
Size12 x 36 inch tile, Each tile covers 3 sq.ft.
Thickness3/8 inch
FinishPolished (Glossy)
CountryMarble from Italy, Cut in China
  • First Quality, Carefully Selected, Consistent in size and finish
  • Factory Direct, Meets your needs at a very low cost
  • Natural Beauty, Natural stone does vary in pattern and color, so each piece will be unique, which is part of what makes natural stone such a beautiful and interesting material. The picture is representative of one piece of stone and your product may look different. Please lay out material prior to installation to properly blend and balance color.
  • Marble Online offers custom packaging on all orders to ensure your order will arrive ready to be installed and without any problems. We are the only natural stone company that offers this service to you at no additional charge. You can order small quantities based on your project needs or larger quantities which are readily available in both full pallets and containers.
  • Sample
  • $4.99 / sample; Approx Sample Size: 3x3" up to 6x6"
  • Due to the various monitors and settings, it is difficult to get an accurate color to show on your particular monitor. Marble Online recommends that you order a SAMPLE prior to purchasing the product. Samples are intended for color and texture reference only. Not for use. Limit 1 sample per item.
  • Shipping
  • Orders ship from Southern California or Eastern New Jersey.
  • Orders ship out on an average of 1-5 Business Days of receiving payment.
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 1-5 business days. Due to the pandemic, delivery time could be up to 2-3 weeks, depending on the trucking company. We always choose the fastest one when we book the truck.
  • Tracking number and details sent via email (so please leave a good email contact - one you access regularly, note some emails accounts will send tracking to spam folders and you will not receive tracking unless you check).
  • A phone call will be made prior to delivery by the freight company to set up an appointment. Please leave a good contact number when placing the order.
  • Note
  • Inspect material prior to installation; installed material cannot be accepted for return or credit.
  • Lay out material prior to installation to properly blend and balance color.
  • It is recommended to seal natural stone with a penetrating sealer.
  • We recommend purchasing a minimum of 10% overage to account for design cuts, patterns and defective tiles/waste.
  • All order cancellations are subject to a 3% refund fee.
  • Customer Reviews

    Sours: https://www.marbleonline.com/carrara-white-marble-12x36-tile-polished

    Marble Tiles

    Marble is one of the most elegant and timeless style floor and wall decoration stone. It has been employed in some of the greatest wonders of the world structures. It distinguishes itself among its competition with other flooring such as granite floor, travertine floor, porcelain flooring and even slate floor. It is largely used to fill an ambiance with refined beauty and peace. The subtle veining delivers unique feeling in multiple color choices from creams to beige's to white flooring. This natural stone Marble will elevate the look and feel of your flooring project instantly. Wallandtile.com is serving the widest range of marble tiles that add to the value and grace of your entity. 

    Wallandtile is a premier online store in the US, that offers an endless collection of natural stones and tiles. We promise to cater the lowest prices on marble tiles; if any other website offers lower price for the same product, do let us know, we’ll bring down our prices. We are a tile shop with 18+ locations across the United States for your convenience. With our shipping times and logistic network you can get your floors conveniently and in no time. Wallandtile.com offers a mammoth selection. from over 35 countries, of handpicked and most in-demand tiles.

    Please call us on 707-992-5845 or send us email on [email protected] for your next project. We guarantee to beat any "reputable" Tile shop. Our motto "Buy-it , Build-it, Love it"

    Sours: https://www.wallandtile.com/flooring/marble-tiles/size/18%22-x-36%22.html
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    Harmony by Liz Mitten Ryan - Equine Horse Tumbled Marble Tile Mural 24" x 36" Kitchen Shower Backsplash

    This beautiful horse art tumbled marble tile mural will surely create a stunning focal point in any room of your home! Our tumbled marble tiles have chiseled edges, appear distressed, and may have pits, show veins and other natural characteristics of the stones. The artwork is softer and has less detail than murals on ceramic. Colors on these stone tiles may vary slightly. If you want a mural that's more vibrant, crisp and with high detail, ceramic is a better choice. Each of our murals are individually handcrafted and made to order. In the event of breakage during shipment, replacement tiles will be promptly shipped at no cost. Any commercially available adhesive for tumbled marble tile can be used. An un-sanded grout is required. Mural will need to be sealed before and after grouting with a tumbled marble sealer. Tiles can be cleaned with any household non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge.

    Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Harmony-Liz-Mitten-Ryan-Backsplash/dp/B003MB023E

    Natural Stone Marble Tile

    Complete Tile Collection Natural Stone Marble Tile, Calacatta Gold Honed, MI#: 081-MH-110-172, Single Tile (12" x 12")

    Single Tile (12” x 12”)


    Complete Tile Collection Natural Stone Marble Tile, Calacatta Gold Honed, MI#: 081-MH-110-172, Single Tile (12" x 12"), Nine Tiles (36" x 36" Field)

    Nine Tiles (36” x 36” Field)



    MI# 081-MH-110-172

    Color: Calacatta Gold

    Finish: Honed

    Thickness: 3/8"

    Material: Marble

    Size: 12" x 12"

    Other Finishes Available: Polished

    Field Size: 12" x 12" = 1.0 Sq Ft

    Availability: Stocked Item

    Also Available:

    3" x 6" Honed M.I# 111-MH-102-172,
    6" x 12" H M.I# 111-MH-108-172,
    12" x 12" H M.I# 081-MH-110-172,
    16" x 16" H M.I# 081-MH-113-172,
    18" x 18" H M.I# 261-MH-114-172,
    12" x 24" H M.I# 111-MH-111-172,

    24" x 36" M.I# 065-MH-125-172,

    3/4" & 1-1/4" Slabs H M.I# 065.


    Interior Floors: Residential & Commercial., Interior Walls: Residential & Commercial.

    * A full complement of molding and trim shapes are available here.

    Need Pricing/Ordering Information?

    Contact one of our Design & Sales Consultants to get pricing or place an order: CLICK BUTTON BELOW

    Sizes Available:


    Sours: https://www.completetile.com/products/stone/marble-tile-and-slab/honed-marble-tile/calacatta-gold

    Marble tile 24 x 36

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    Sours: https://www.bedrosians.com/en/product/detail/calacatta-tile/?itemNo=MRBCALORO1836H
    24X48 Tile Floor Installation (TUTORIAL)

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