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This is the 65-inch flatscreen television that hardcore Nintendo fan Suprman9 modded with a custom wooden frame to look like a giant Nintendo Switch for his basement rumpus room. Man, I wish I had a rumpus room. Unfortunately my apartment is really just one small room, a smaller bedroom, and a bathroom not even big enough to swing a gerbil in, so there is no room for rumpus. Which is heartbreaking really, especially considering this *lifts shirt to reveal 'BORN TO RUMP' tattoo* "Oh wow." My future looked so much brighter at 18, you know?

Keep going for a couple more shots, but there's a full blog of the build at Suprman9's website HERE.




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We interrupt your news feed with this epic Nintendo Switch TV hack

We’ve seen a Kmart kitchen being hacked into a cool tradie tool bench and the cubby renovated into a dream mansion. But I bet you’ve never seen a TV unit hack that involves making a giant Nintendo Switch console.

A die-hard Nintendo fan by the name of Suprman9 has created an epic games room at home complete with a 65-inch TV encased in a giant Nintendo Switch frame.

The self-confessed ‘huge nerd’ has shared how he created the piece on his website and gamers are going Super Mario mad for it.

Image: Suprman9 / Nerdvana

"My initial idea was to create the frame to look like a Game Boy colour, unfortunately, I realised that would not work due to the shape of the screen. A Game Boy's screen is a square,” the DIY gamer shared.

After playing around with ideas, he soon discovered that a Nintendo Switch was the perfect shape for a TV frame and got to work with a design.

​“I printed out a picture of the Switch and made it into a transparency.

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Image: Suprman9 / Nerdvana

Using an overhead projector, I was able to project a picture of the Switch on the wall to see where I wanted to put it and how big I needed to make it.

“From there, I moved the overhead projector until the screen of the Switch picture reached 65 inches. From there, I measured everything (buttons, edges, curves, distances from the edges, etc).”

Getting to work

Foregoing the idea of curving wood for the joy-cons, Suprman9 decided to use different pieces of wood stacked on top of each other.

“I started with one piece, which looked like a large, very wide U shape. I then traced that 10 times on 10 different pieces of wood. I cut each piece out and then stacked them,” he explains.

“From there, I glued and nailed them together. I used a belt sander along the sides to smooth out all of the pieces until they were even.

Image: Suprman9 / Nerdvana

He then added two more solid pieces to create the front cover and back panels.

“The difficult part was making sure that the frame was sturdy while still ensuring there was enough room for the TV to fit inside. The front cover needed to sit right on top of the TV frame without touching the screen, which is tricky with the frames of new TVs being so thin these days.

“I also left holes on the top and bottom of the frame to allow for airflow and for cables to be able to dangle down.”

Image: Suprman9 / Nerdvana

Cheap containers with wooden lids at the local craft store made the perfect console buttons and he purchased added decals from eBay to complete the look.

“I painted all three pieces (the two joy-cons and the frame). The last step was to mount the frame onto the wall. It was a little difficult to get the frame at just the right height.”

The final result is impressive, to say the least and has gone viral after being shared across many DIY and gaming groups on social media.

Other cool hacks: 

Image: Suprman9 / Nerdvana

We need this done at home… right now!

Impressed gamer Sarah shared the post in the DIY Top Tips on a Budget group on Facebook and was inundated with comments from other fans.

“That’s so cool!” one user shared

“This is INCREDIBLE,” another cheered.

Another added: “My boy would go nuts for this.”

Others were just tagging their gamer friends or the handy folks they know to create it in their own homes.

Go on, admit it. You’re a bit of a sucker for a quick round of Mario Cart during the school holidays. And with this, even more so.

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Review: Nintendo Switch OLED is a boon to handheld users but skippable as a home console update

The new version of Nintendo’s hit Switch console is just different enough to justify itself, but hardly a must-buy for any of the millions who bought the launch version. With a bigger, brighter and better screen, it’s a good choice for someone buying now who intends to use it mostly as a handheld — but if you’re planning or already using your Switch primarily as a stationary console, there’s pretty much no reason to upgrade. All the same, there will probably be a lot of units moving this holiday season.

Even at the best of times it can be hard to tell what Nintendo’s hardware strategy is, or whether there is indeed a strategy at all. The $350 Switch OLED provides a perfect example of this: At a time when rivals Sony and Microsoft are striving to show that their next-gen console is the most powerful, Nintendo releases an almost identical version of a console that was underpowered when it came out five years ago. Is it faltering? Or is it just that confident?

Signs point to neither — the rumor being that a new new Switch, with upgraded internals and a new screen but identical form factor, was planned for this year but the pandemic and chip shortage rendered this impossible. Making the best of the situation — or so the story goes — Nintendo slapped the OLED screens on the original hardware and is selling it as a minor quality-of-life update, the way it iterated on the 3DS for years. Nintendo has denied pretty much all accounts and speculation, but this story (again, just rumors) has the right smell.

It’s hard to know what to say about the result; on one hand, it’s plainly better than the original. On the other, it’s only better by a small amount, and for some people, no amount at all.

The screen itself is obviously the biggest improvement. I had the pleasure of playing Metroid: Dread on it, and the game’s fast-moving, colorful, high-contrast environments looked fantastic on it. The darker darks of the OLED screen made the light areas and colors pop more (though measurements have shown peak brightness is actually lower), and the additional screen real estate, while it looks minimal in photos, does in fact matter in person, making details, UI and text that much more comprehensible.

Oh, and the dust it attracts really stands out on that all-black frontage.

Image Credits: Darrell Etherington

The clarity seems improved in motion by the OLED’s faster individual pixel refresh rate, leaving less of a feeling of one frame blurring into the next. The original Switch’s screen is just fine, to be clear, but it’s clearly outmatched here.

The color has a different cast to it than the original’s LCD, but in games most people won’t notice: a shift toward the green where the old one tends toward magenta to my eye. Interestingly there are “vivid” and “standard” options on the OLED model deep in the settings; “vivid” was pre-selected and I certainly found it pleasant, giving a bit more saturation to the image but not to the point where it’s bothersome.

The Nintendo Switch OLED on a table.

Image Credits: Darrell Etherington

In addition to this, the build quality feels better in general. The flimsy kickstand has been made far more beefy and adjustable, and the whole thing feels better put together. Although there are no significant changes to the internals, a slightly improved thermal profile should mean it runs a little cooler and uses the fans more sparingly. The speakers have supposedly been improved, but are still pretty much a last resort.

The Switch OLED comes with 64 GB of internal space, which is a nice upgrade from the 32 on the original. Of course everyone is going to put a micro SD card in there anyway, but the system volume is preferred and now there’s just that much less need to archive old games.

If you’re someone who plays their Switch games primarily on the device itself, or plans to, the Switch OLED is simply a superior device. I would not say it’s worth paying full price again to upgrade, but it’s definitely worth the $50 extra should you need to buy a new console after gifting or selling your first. (It’s $150 more than the handheld-only Lite, but to me the tradeoff of no TV mode has always been too much to justify.)

The Nintendo Switch OLED on a table.

Image Credits: Darrell Etherington

Of course, if you — like me — tend to keep the Switch in its dock at all times except when traveling, almost nothing will change. There is technically a new dock, a bit more solid feeling as well and featuring an ethernet connection for those who love wires, but pretty much everything else will be the same for you.

It’s beyond question that the Switch OLED is the best way to play Switch games right now, but even so no one should feel the need to upgrade. Who knows when the next generation of Nintendo consoles will arrive? I think even Nintendo isn’t quite sure on that. So for now hold onto your cash unless your existing Switch is beat up or would do more good in someone else’s hands.

TIME LAPSE : Nintendo Switch JUMBO

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The Nintendo Switch has been selling so well lately, thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, it could be on track to be the best-selling video game console of all time. Popular Switch games like “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” and “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” each have sold more than 20 million copies.

This great little console has proven itself versatile as a system that connects to your TV but doubles as a portable unit as well. There’s no denying that kids and adults alike love it. And, if you want to show off your Nintendo Switch love in a big way, we’ve found the product for you.

An Etsy store called CoastalWoodcraftGB is selling a bespoke set of shelves that surround your wall-mounted television and make the whole thing look like a giant Switch! It’s designed to frame your TV screen with the Switch’s colorful and cute Joy-Con controllers.

The handmade item costs $572.66, but you also have to tack on shipping charges that change based on your location. The Joy-Con sections open up to reveal their built-in shelves. These appear big and deep enough to hold your actual Nintendo Switch, a few Pro Controllers, your favorite games and some Amiibo as well.

You can also find other similar options on Etsy at various price points.

One from SandJDesigns0817 is less expensive, at $300, and also custom-made, but lacks a shelving option. Another wall-mounted item from MorsbaneGoods allows you to customize the sizes and colors of two Joy-Con-shaped cabinets for $260 and up, depending on the size of your TV.

A version made specifically for 32-inch TVs from Etsy’s HardcopyManuMFG appears to attach to the TV itself, rather than the wall, so you have a bit more flexibility along with that extra storage space, all for $350.

This set might look the most like the real thing of any of them!

To keep the theme alive in your space, you could add accessories such as Nintendo Switch light-switch face plates, bookends and wall signs. For game storage, check out a cute little 3-D printed question mark block case, based on the same blocks from Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario games.

This setup would look great in a basement rec room, don’t you think?

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These Wall-Mounted Cabinets Turn Your TV Into a Giant Nintendo SwitchEnlarge Image

There are those that love the Nintendo Switch, and there are those that have really never played it. You can count me in the latte group, but that's not to say I don't love the design of these Nintendo Switch TV cabinets! They're wall-mounted cabinets that go on the sides of your existing TV and turn it into a giant Nintendo Switch. You can open up the doors of the cabinets to reveal storage shelves where you can store your Switch, games, controllers, remotes, Blue-rays, and more.

A perfect gift idea for a kid who loves to play Nintendo Switch more than anything. What could they love more than having a giant Switch that's mounted right to their wall. The only thing he'd have to complain about his that the buttons on the cabinets don't actually do anything!

Wall-Mounted Cabinets Turn Your TV Into a Giant Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets
Image credit: nerdvana

Made and sold by Etsy store MorsbaneGoods, the giant wall-mounted Nintendo Switch cabinets work for television sizes ranging from 30 inches all the way up to 60 inches. Though you're going to be paying more and more as the size of your television gets larger. If you have a TV that's larger than 60 inches that you'd like to use with the Switch cabinets, you can message the seller for a custom quote/order.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets Turn Your TV Into a Giant Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets

If you can't fathom paying that much for some cabinets to wrap around your television, you're not alone! YouTuber Chris Salomone created his own Nintendo Switch TV cabinets and he made a video showing just how to do it. So if you're more of DIYer than a buyer, you can go that route instead. You can check out his video below.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets Turn Your TV Into a Giant Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets
Image credit: Chris Salomone

The cabinets come in two parts, a blue one that goes on the left side of your television, and a red one that comes on the right side. You connect them to your existing television that's already mounted onto the wall. Once installed it turns your TV into a larger than life Nintendo Switch that looks just like the handheld gaming device.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets Turn Your TV Into a Giant Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets

Each cabinet has hinges on it that swing open to reveal 3 storage shelves that make a perfect spot to store video games, Switch Deck, controllers, spare joycons, amiibo , books, Blue-rays, tv remotes, and much more. The switch cabinets come fully finished and ready to install, and even come with all of the mounting hardware so you can instantly install them around your television.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets Turn Your TV Into a Giant Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets
Image credit: nerdvana

If you or your child is a huge fan of the Nintendo Switch, and you have a television that's mounted to the wall with available room on both sides of it, you may want to consider these Nintendo Switch TV cabinets as a birthday gift for them, or for yourself!

Wall-Mounted Cabinets Turn Your TV Into a Giant Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets
Image credit: nerdvana

Wall-Mounted Cabinets Turn Your TV Into a Giant Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets

Wall-Mounted Cabinets Turn Your TV Into a Giant Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets

Wall-Mounted Cabinets Turn Your TV Into a Giant Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets

I turned my TV into a Giant Nintendo Switch

Giant Nintendo Switch TV Mount Can House a PS5

A crafty Nintendo fan has shared a huge TV mount inspired by the design of the Nintendo Switch system, showing how much time and effort fans who love their systems can dedicate to pay homage to them. The creator of the art piece has uploaded a video of the mount in action, as well as several other clips chronicling the long and difficult process of creating it.

A video of  the massive Nintendo Switch console lookalike has accumulated over 232,600 likes on TikTok over the course of three days. The video shows off the creation from several angles, providing a detailed look at the sturdy frame and the useful side features.

RELATED: Nintendo Fan Creates Hilarious Logo for Rumored Switch Pro Console

TikTok user treytheshoehead replicates the Nintendo Switch's iconic and red and blue Joy-Cons by placing re-creations of them on the sides of a large TV, with assembled painted wooden panels representing the curves, buttons and analog sticks of the real controllers. The sturdy construction of the faux Joy-Con controllers allows for shelves inside, with the shelf on the left shown holding a PlayStation 5. The Nintendo Switch is a common subject of fan art and even fan redesigns of integral system features, but large-scale loveletters to the system's design with this much dedication behind them are relatively uncommon.

Creative fan works like this TV mount demonstrate just how dedicated some fans are to displaying affection for their favorite console designs. Other videos on Trey's page give more insight into how the project was created by showing the construction process in fast timelapses, making this construction feat all the more impressive as the intensive work that went into it can be viewed in full. This thematically-accurate mount design would certainly add a delicious level of irony to playing the best Switch games on the big screen, and adds a layer of humor to having a PlayStation 5 connected.

The massively enlarged Nintendo Switch design is impressively crafted and also humorous considering the nature of the Nintendo Switch as a portable device. While this TV mount may not rival the system in portability, it certainly displays an admirable level of dedication to the system, and the amount of time and effort spent on the craft shows through in its final quality. The sticks and buttons are all in the same relative positions as the official controllers, and the shelves on the sides are a functional touch that justify the massive amount of space taken by the protrusions.

Humorous contradictions of the portable system's design and a rumored Nintendo Switch Pro hardware revision aside, Trey's TV mount shows off precise craftsmanship and the oversized red and blue Joy-Cons frame the TV well. Trey's TikTok page hosts several other wooden builds, but the Nintendo Switch TV mount appears to be the largest yet.

MORE: Modder Gets Elder Scrolls Online to Run on a Nintendo Switch

Source: TikTok


Skyrim Anniversary is Adding a Funny Feature

Bethesda announces a silly new feature that will be added to The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim 10th anniversary edition upon release.

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