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Ask the Expert

Do you have questions about moving, storage or organization? We are here to help! Whether you need to know the best way to pack an item, or to determine which type of moving equipment you need, we have the answer. To ask the expert, utilize the forum below to ask a question, or email us your questions at [email protected] . We’ll either respond to the post directly, or your question could be selected as one of our featured questions!

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99 Questions Asked

  1. Your website does not have a reserve option

    • Hi Pete, thanks for your question! We do not reserve moving equipment at the Moving Insider website, but you can make a reservation online by visiting uhaul.com/trucks, and entering your desired pickup date and location, as well as your destination (drop-off) location. Thanks again for your question and have a great move!

  2. Hi,last year I moved and drove one of your 24&#; trucks from Baton Rouge, LA to Denver Co and was quite comfortable with the handling. However, I am moving back to Baton Rouge and plan on another 24&#; truck but with my car loaded on a carrier (not dolly). I am nervous about the carrier and handling since I have never towed anything before! Can you help me with anything I should be aware of? I am a 62 year old female with a sense of adventure, but not sure about maneuvering the truck and carrier. Thank you for any insight.

    • Hi Pam, and thanks for your question. Believe it or not, towing an auto trailer behind your moving truck is not as daunting as it seems. To start, you want to be sure to load your vehicle securely (this post explains how) many centers are happy to do this for you. Drive about 10 MPH under the speed limit when towing an auto trailer, and remember that the stopping distance of your truck/trailer combination will be greater than that of the truck alone, so allow extra distance between you and the car in front of you. For more tips, take a look at this post: 6 Simple Trailer Driving Tips, and this one: Ask the Expert: Driving with a Trailer. Good luck on your move, Pam. Let us know how it goes!

  3. I certainly will! You have set my mind at ease and I appreciate the vital info you provided. Thank you.

  4. How big are the furniture pads that you guys rent and sell?

    • Hi Travis, and thank you for your question! We don&#;t rent or sell furniture pads on Moving Insider, but these ones are made of recycled denim. They measure 65&#; x 85&#; and come with a reusable bag for storage. I hope they work for you, and good luck on your move!

  5. Hi: Are there specific instructions/pictures on how to pack certain boxes like the Dish Barrel Cell Kit with the dish barrel box &#;not just putting the boxes together but showing how to put the stemware/plates actually in the box?

  6. Hi Geri,

    Thanks for your question! We do have a few instructions as well as videos below on how to pack specific boxes. Check out some of the options below:

    Glass Pack Kit

    How to Pack Moving Boxes

    Minute Moves &#; Dishes

    Happy packing!

  7. What is the mileage fee for Lubbock, TX to McCamey, TX. I know that we get miles with the rental, but it will be miles total by the time we return the truck to Odessa, TX. That gives us about 80 miles over. What is the fee we apply to that 80 miles?

  8. how many mpg do you get in a 17&#; uhaul truck?

  9. Hi Rachel, our 17&#; Truck gets 10 mgp. Click here for more of the truck&#;s features.

  10. Any suggestions moving personal effects (framed photos/mask collection et al) no furniture from US East Coast to West Coast Mexico ?

  11. Hi Jennifer,

    I&#;m reaching out in response to your &#;Change of Address Checklist: Who to Notify First&#; article.

    I wanted to ask whether you&#;d be interested in including a link to Updater (www.updater.com) in your article. Updater provides change of location services all in one place, from filling out your change of address forms to notifying the businesses that you care most about &#; minus all the headaches and paperwork. I think it would be a great addition to the moving tips that you&#;ve outlined so well in your article.

    Let me know what you think! I can best be reached at [email protected]


  12. Moving from De Pere, WI to Charles Town, WV and only need a 17 foot truck one way. Approx. miles, but say to be safe. What would be the cost &#; only need the truck.

    • Hi Elizabeth, The rates can be located through uhaul.com. You will need to know the day you want to pick up the equipment as day of the month does play a factor in our rates they are usually higher towards the end of the month. You can also speak to one of U-Haul&#;s Reservation Specialists at That is the number the Regional Office for De Pere, WI who will be responsible for scheduling the reservation for pick up. They can provide you with rates any discounts they may offer and help in making the reservation!

  13. Is Safe Move Plus available in Canada

  14. why is my cargo carrier on roof bouncing? its correctly installed but still moving

  15. Hi

    Does U-Haul require any advance notice before vacating a storage unit and closing/terminating the contract at customer request? If yes, how many days is the notice period ?



    • There is not a set amount of days U-Haul requires you to give before vacating the storage unit; however U-Haul does request that you let the location know ahead of time so they can ensure that the next month&#;s bill is not generated. They normally do not prorate the month so contracts will usually end on the last day of the billing cycle.

  16. I am about to drive 26&#; truck first time long distance and would appreciate any tips on fueling &#; even thinking of navigating gas stations makes me nervous!


  17. Jesse Professional Movers in Southern California just cancelled my order with 1 day notice. What the hell do I do?

  18. I going to rent a 17 truck how much wii cost aprox from to round trip miles total

  19. I can&#;t get the rear door open and all the handles are released

  20. I wish you had a number to call for help. I give up on managing through your site. Nothing seems to work

  21. will a standard size washer and dryer fir in the 5 by 8 foot covered trailer?

  22. Can I fit a king size mattress, albeit with a sag, into a 5&#; x 8&#; U Haul Cargo trailer? It is evident a king mattress will fit into a 6&#; x 10&#;, and for whatever reason the door opening on a 5&#; x 8&#; trailer is larger than a 5&#; x 10&#;, which is why I inquire on a 5&#; x 8&#;. Thanks

  23. Do you have suggestions of how I determine what size unit will fit my needs?

    • Hi Bob, you can determine the best storage unit size you need by the amount of rooms you will be storing as well as the room&#;s size in square feet. You can find more information on choosing the right storage unit size in this blog post on here.

  24. I have a 70&#; tall refrigerator I need to move from Dallas to Houston. Can I use a trailer to move it? If so, what size?

  25. Hello! We need to move a travel trailer to the next town. We don&#;t have a truck to pull it & was wondering if you guys did. One big enough & with the right &#;hook-ups&#; in order to do this. If not, do you know of a place tht does? We just need to rent one for the day. Thank you ~ Ginger

    • Hey Ginger! Depends on how heavy your travel trailer is, but I think one of U-Haul&#;s pickup trucks will do the job. They can tow up to 5, lbs. They can&#;t go one way though, so if you planned on leaving the truck in the town you are going to then I&#;d recommend a 10&#; truck. You can check out all the different trucks and their tow capacities here.

  26. Can you tell me how much weight can be loaded in a 20 foot or 24 foot U-Haul truck? The load would fit in a 20 footer but I want to make sure I do not exceed the GVWR for what it is intended to haul.

  27. Is a 5&#;8 cargo trailer easier to haul than a 4&#;8? I found the 4&#;8 very difficult to back, and when I returned it to U-Haul, the guys behind the counter confirmed that it was very difficult because of the shortness of the tongue. Is there a reason (besides capacity) that the 5&#;8 is the most popular rental?

  28. Hi, I am planning to move from St. Paul, MN to Chicago, IL at the end of August (27 or 28). I think my boxes would fit in just one Uhalll moving box container, and I need two helpers. Would you give me an estimate of the cost? Thank you!

  29. We shall be storing electronics,TV, speakers and amplifier in a u box for several months in Maine. Are there any special packing procedures to consider? Thanks.

  30. Hi. I would like to order ubox containers, but my driveway is a little bit elevated and no street parking is allowed by the HOA, do you have any personnel that would check if it is really not possible to park the ubox container on my driveway?
    Sincerely, Mariat

    • Thank you Mariat, I apologize but at this time we do not have any personnel to go out to your home to check beforehand. Although, we do suggest getting the full dimensions of your driveway and with the information you can either call or stop by a local center to help. Click here for more information on U-Box portable storage.

  31. Hi, I am moving from Maine to Georgia in about 10 days. I&#;ve rented a 12&#; truck to move my 1 BR apartment; however, the truck does not come with a loading ramp. My brothers-in-law, who are helping me, suggested that it would be very helpful to have one, which I of course already knew, but since it doesn&#;t come with one, what can we do? Suggestions? As an alternative, one of them offered to build one, but we would need to know dimensions. Please help?

    • We think the best option in this case would be to upgrade to a 15&#; truck which comes with a ramp. However, if that isn&#;t an option and you would like dimensions to build a ramp we would recommend calling a U-Haul Center. They will be able to give you detailed measurements right from a truck on the lot.

  32. What is the capacity of a metal ramp. I need to move a rolling tool box that weighs approx. lbs. Would a lift gate truck be a better choice.

  33. Hi, I am moving 1 king mattress with box spring (2 pieces) and 1 queen mattress with box spring. Does they fit in U-Haul 6&#;12 trailer?

  34. Hi, I&#;m moving 2 queen size mattresses with box, 2 dressers 3 chest of drawers, 4 night stands, kitchen table taken apart 4 chairs, 2 end tables and a coffee table with a few tote. Will a 6&#;12 trailer work?

  35. Is the 26 ft. truck gas or diesel?

  36. I need to move a king size mattress. What size of truck will I need to rent?

  37. Hi &#; what hours do you work?

  38. Hi,
    I was wondering if a 6&#;x12&#; uhaul trailer can be backed inside my garage. My question is, will the height of the trailer clear my garage door? Thanks, Mike

  39. What size uhaul truck is required to tow a car on a dolly? I am looking for a one way move. Too much stuff for the car alone but not enough to rent a big truck

  40. does any mileage at all come included in the base price for the pickup my trip is miles round trip that would add another $59 to my rental making it approximately $ I can rent a car for a week for $

  41. I keep trying to rent a 15ft. truck . I&#;m not able to get it in my town, so I have to rent it in a surrounding town. But I want to return it in my town. I don&#;t want to return it where I have to rent it. There is about a $ difference .

  42. Scott, The best course of action here would be to speak with Repwest at to discuss coverage & exclusions. Due to the various factors involved with a loss or damage claim, we wouldn&#;t want to guarantee coverage in all situations.

  43. Hi &#; I live in Manhattan (Zip Code ). I have reserved three U-Boxes. Do I need a city permit to park it on the street? If so, where can I obtain the permit? Thank you!

  44. can I vacate my storage before the month is out. do I have to give notice if it is paid up for the month

  45. Do you have any pick-up trucks that have a lift gate?

  46. Do we get a dolly with the U-Box rental? And do we get the ramp as well?

  47. I need to cancel my reservation I made today for a 5&#;8 Cargo trailer.
    my reservation number is
    My name is stephanie Wagstaff
    Can you do that for me through this?

  48. How much is it going to cost me to go from Fargo ND to Merrill iowa

  49. I&#;d like to pay for the rental of a trailer to be picked up by my daughter in Des Moines; (i&#;m in Minneapolis) if I reserve the rental online with my billing information, will they allow her to take the trailer?

  50. I have a 3 BR home. I am moving miles to Idaho from Bakersfield.
    I plan on packing the house some myself and some packer help.

    Will I need one or two 26 foot trucks?

    What supplies should I have on hand to allow the packers to have all they need to complete packing. Suggested list please for all supplies! Should I wrap furniture?

    What supplies do I need t secure the goods in the truck? (Blankets ,tie downs, Dollies, Suggested everything I need to get loaded?
    Please give me your suggestions as to what I need relative tot the above information

  51. I expect to have more miles than the reservation lists as I have to make a few stops between pick up and delivery. I cannot find ANYWHERE how to calculate the additional charges. What is the charge for additional miles?
    Same question for additional days? Reservation says 5 days 1, miles. It could be 6 days and 1, miles.

  52. What is the per mile fee for the number of miles over those alloted with a truck rental? I am traveling from Milford, PA to Rochester, NY. Thank you.

  53. Need to cancel a reservation for a small trailer.
    Plans changed at last minute and dont need it. Local dealer i called does not answer phone. And dont see a number on here

  54. Using a cargo van and an appliance dolly, do we need a ramp for loading kitchen appliances, washer and dryer?

  55. Can I fit 3 queen size beds, 3 dressers, couch and loveseat and dining room table with 4 chairs in a 6&#;12 uhaul trailer?

  56. I have a GMC Heavy Duty Truck to be towing vehicle. It has the highest class of Frame Mounted hitches and I regularly tow 4 horse Live-in trailer with it so my towing vehicle is not an issue. My question is whether I can tow a Cadillac Eldorado on it?

  57. Good Day, I&#;m looking at a move and I want to tow my car, do you have trucks that can tow, or do u even allow that?

  58. I am moving a round dining table with 4 chairs, washer, dryer, 55 inch tv, 37 inch tv, 2 seater sofa, small rocking chair, and a 10 by 11 room full of boxes. What size truck would I need? Can only make one trip. Moving from MI to FL.

  59. Hi I made a reservation through uhaul but accidentally put the wrong date for help. How can I correct this? Thanks!

  60. Is there &#;D&#;rings or some way to hook binder straps to secure the load?

  61. I really like what you guys are usually up too. This type of clever work and coverage! Keep up the amazing works guys I&#;ve you guys to our blogroll.

  62. I&#;ll be renting a 15&#; truck. It has been reserved. The interior dimensions as indicated on your website show the vertical clearance to be 7&#; 2&#;. Is that still the clearance when the door is open? How does the door, when fully open, affect the available height?

  63. Another important issue is that if you are a senior citizen, travel insurance intended for pensioners is something you need to really look at. The old you are, greater at risk you&#;re for allowing something undesirable happen to you while in another country. If you are never covered by many comprehensive insurance coverage, you could have several serious troubles. Thanks for discussing your good tips on this blog site.

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Rated with 5 stars
Peter of Tampa, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29,

This review is more about my experience with U-Haul's customer service - than the actual rental of the truck, which unfortunately, did not go as planned in the beginning. Bottom line is that I had to go to 3 different places before I could find the 26 feet truck that I had reserved. Having said that, I have to admit that I had never dealt with such a superb and sincerely concerned about me getting a truck, customer support representatives before! I spoke with 4 different scheduling managers. They each tried to help me get a truck, regardless of geographical boundaries.

I lived in NYC but for personal reasons, I reserved my truck out of Newark, NJ. They were very polite, very understanding, and they really went out of their way to help me find the size of truck that I needed for my move. But what really took me by surprise and made it all worth the minor inconvenience is that after I got to Florida and sent an email to their customer service, within 3 hours, Mr. Nick **, I believe a supervisor, judging by the way he was talking, was on the phone with me.

He explained to me that because so many people are moving out of the NY/NJ area, and very few people are moving from Florida to NY, they have to depend on their customers for when they will be dropping their trucks off and at which location and etc.. Obviously, that made a lot of sense but I was not aware of that when I wrote my email. Nonetheless, he was very apologetic about the inconvenience that I had experienced and he went out of his way, to make sure that I was happy with the resolution - and I was!!! Thank you Mr. Nick ** and it was a real pleasure talking with you!

Read full review
Rated with 5 stars
Courtney of Beaverton, OR Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24,

I have had to rent a few hauls over the past 2 months for work and each representative I've spoken with has been wonderful. They've helped me move drop off locations and pick up times, easily changed from 1 to 2 trucks and every time it's been quick and seamless. When it comes to moving anything, it's really no fun but when it's made easier with timely, friendly service - it makes the process that much better. I wish I had names of the gentlemen I've worked with but I made a point to create an account with ConsumerAffairs to leave a review other than with U-Haul themselves. Thank you!

Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations.

Rated with 5 stars
Arnecia of Memphis, Tennessee Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 17,

It was easy to rent a moving van from this moving company. My aunt and I put a down payment down for it but it wasn't that much. All I had to do was refill the truck back up with the same gas amount that was in it when she purchased it for me. All you need is license and no negative history with the company. If you have an accident you will be charged and refundable deposit will be kept.

Rated with 5 stars
Trent of Cape Coral, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 15,

Moved from Chicago to Florida. They were very professional, packed what I wanted them to, tv’s, lamps, etc. Took apart Furniture and reassembled at new home. The best part was they stored it while waiting for the closing.

Rated with 5 stars
Kimberly of Syracuse, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 14,

In these days & times, during Covid, with a lot of people out of work, & less money to work with, it helps when you can get things like moving accomplished, but with half the cost. Now you still have to be wise in your choice of companies that you choose to work with in the end, but you will save a lot of money by packing yourself, renting your own truck, & doing the driving yourself. The only thing you will need the guys for, would be to meet you at your old place & load everything onto your truck, then follow you to your new place, & unload everything off of your truck. After the job is done, you will give them the payment code that they turn in to Moving Helpers, to be paid for the completed job; that's it.

I have used them successfully several times, in & out of state. My sons use them when they were in college, & job transferring. We have never had a problem, & we saved a lot of money by packing & securing the truck & driving ourselves. You will have several companies, within your area to choose from. Everything is done online. Tipping is left up to the customer. I always did, because I felt like they earned it.

Read full review
Rated with 1 star
Jessica of New York, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 22,

We booked a reservation for a van months ago for our move from New York to Chicago. We had booked a 16' trailer with a car trailer. A week before we were set to move we received a call from U-Haul that there were no moving vans available in the state of New Jersey, New York, or Connecticut for us to use and they were cancelling our reservation. Our lease is up, we had hired people to come help us move, and a week before they completely pulled the rug out from under us. We were then forced to quickly find another company (who actually guarantees they will have a truck for you to use) for more money because U-Haul is unable to make any sort of guarantee of their one single service. I have never dealt with a more disorganized and ridiculous company.

Rated with 1 star
Thomas of Westminster, MA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19,

My reservation was for a truck and moving blankets to be picked up at 1 pm on a Friday. U-Haul called me and changed the pickup location to another city because, as I found out later, my truck was rented to another customer. This is not the first time I have experienced U-Haul's first come first serve policy regardless of reservations, but it will be my last! The new location had no moving blankets, did not inspect the truck, and called me while I was driving from the airport to the location to check me in and tell me where I could pick up a key (at a local furniture store).

Everything was done via phone and text and then I was checked in as having taken the truck before I ever arrived. There was no registration information in the truck or any copy of my rental agreement. Fortunately, I was not stopped by police during the drive to Massachusetts. They are stripped down bare bones cabs with no insulation. The truck was very loud and handled poorly. Gas mileage is nowhere near the estimated 10MPG.

On returning the truck: U-Haul apparently will grant a rental franchise to anyone. This convenience store had some retail items in disarray in the back. They were put out I was bringing back blankets. They asked me to back the truck into a tight space after they checked in. They were not able to give me a receipt or any return paperwork. They said they would email it to me. When I got it is was all zeros no confirmation of final payment if any. I returned the truck a day early and expected a credit. The phone app and the computer app they were using both had technical issues and could not pull up the truck I was returning. I am done with the poor customer service that U-Haul provides. There is no value in renting from that company.

Read full review
Rated with 1 star
Stephen of Chilliwack, BC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1,

We ordered 4 boxes for one month. We basically got 2 boxes at a time for one week. What they don't tell you is that the boxes are attached to trailers that you don't rent, so even if you get the boxes you ordered, you are at the scheduling whim of the trailers. We have gotten phone calls nearly every day wanting the trailers. But our stuff is on there! So, they keep taking our stuff. After talking to Head Office is was explained to us that they were supposed to use a forklift to place the boxes on the driveway and not keep them on a trailer.

Initially delivered two boxes. Had to fill those as they needed the trailer. Took those away and brought the other two. Filled those and took them to the new house. They phoned again needing the trailer on the day before we had scheduled people to empty them. Insisted on taking our 2 boxes the day before the move. Did not give us another option. Refused to work with us. The GM talked over us and just repeats what he wants until he gets it. Pawned me off on the transit manager who was supposed to call within 15 mins. Never got the call and had to call them. As soon as the woman on the phone saw which account this related to her demeaner drastically changed. One word answers and she hung up on us. Extremely rude and unprofessional.

When picking up the trailers the day before our move the GM was incredibly rude to both my partner and I. He banged on our door VERY loudly and just walked away. Wouldn't talk to my partner. Just pointed at our car that I guess he wanted moved yet again. They also broke the neighbor's fence when placing the original trailer at new place. When we mentioned this the GM could not have cared less. Told us the neighbor would have to file a complaint. No apology. Nothing. Called to complain about the behavior of the GM and the second person we talked to was very rude as well and insisted that they talk to me as they refused to talk to my partner. She ended up hanging up on us. Very professional.

We had to constantly shift our plans around to suit their trailer schedule. We were never given an option. They would just show up and take our stuff without a care in the world as to how it would affect our move. When we insisted that they return our stuff on moving day they just gave us a string of excuses and hung up on us AGAIN. We never even came close to getting what we paid for. There has been no offer to compensate us for their schedule extending our move. Quite the opposite, they hounded us for $13 we apparently owed them.

I'm a 46 year old professional and I have never in my 46 years on this planet been treated with such a lack of respect. The GM's arrogant and flippant attitude was stunning to both myself and my partner. This was single handedly the most negative moving experience I have ever encountered. I would avoid this location at all costs and certainly do not use their box service. We will be seeking compensation for all of the above but I highly doubt anything will come of it but more hang ups.

Read full review
Rated with 1 star
profile pic of the author
Jim of Grove, OK Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29,

On September 20th I reserved a 10' truck and car dolly for my move from Vancouver WA to Salem, OR on October 1st. I was told that I would be called the day before to confirm the pickup location. Well I was called this morning and was informed that I have to go 14 miles into Portland to pick up the equipment. Why? There are three locations within a few miles of me. I asked and was told the other locations don't have the equipment. Well take it there because I'm paying you good money. I will never use Uhaul again. Every time I do it is a nightmare. Moving is stressful enough without this.

Rated with 1 star
Paulette of Sioux Falls, SD Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24,

‎Thursday, ‎September ‎23, ‎

I am submitting this complaint against the Uhaul Corporation. In October of I rented a trailer from Uhaul and I was moving from Sacramento California to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My first leg of the trip was from Sacramento to Reno, Nevada. After pulling the trailer over one of the highest mountain passes in California, we got a hotel room because something was definitely wrong with the trailer. My 20 year old son was following me in his BMW Z4 and we got like a Go camera so he could videotape the drive just in case something went wrong. Well it did.

The next morning we went to a local Uhaul dealer in Reno and explained to them what was happening. They in turn told us we must have loaded it wrong and to repack it. And assured us this was a normal thing and they were sure that was the problem and that the trailer was safe to pull. So my son and I spent all day repacking the trailer and then hooked it up to my truck again and took it for a test drive. The trailer was still bouncing all over the road and I felt like it was going to go off the road and take my truck with it. So we thought okay let's try it again but this time I discarded more of my personal belongings in hopes that would help to alleviate the problem.

Please note; I had already left behind almost every piece of furniture I owned because this was not a large trailer. So now I am just discarded items that were things that could not be replaced by any monetary amount offered. But now day 3 in Reno and I had a job I was suppose to start in less than 2 days. We had to get to Sioux Falls soon. So now after discarding my personal belongings and please note I was not even close to the maximum weight allowable. So again we do a test drive and the trailer was still bouncing all over the place and I was terrified of pulling it with my truck. Well another night in Reno and the next day I told my son I could not bring myself to pull that trailer. I knew something more than way I packed it was wrong.

So I had paid extra for coverage on the trailer if something happened. And I called the number on my contract with Uhaul and told them that I was unable to pull the trailer and Uhaul sent a mechanic out from another company they subcontract with. The mechanic checked under the trailer and in no more than 5 minutes stated it must have been in a crash or something and he could see where some things were repaired but the leaf springs had not been touched and that there was no way Uhaul and inspected or safety checked this trailer.

I have videos and pictures of everything he had pointed out and he confirmed how lucky I had been while pulling this trailer and he was not even comfortable to pull it less than 2 miles a way to another business subcontracted with uhaul where I was suppose to pick up a different trailer. (Please note in the pictures I have there Is a brand new sticker on the trailer that said it had just been inspected within the last 10 days.) Anyhow now I have proof of a video of me pulling the trailer with my truck and it bouncing all over the highway. You can literally see truck drivers passing me and actually driving on the outside on the far side of their lane because of how dangerous it was. Now I have a mechanic's testimony and pictures of all the mechanical failures of this trailer.

So now we go to this lot and of course wait and wait and wait until finally someone returned a trailer. Which of course the people at this business treated me and my son so badly, I mean terrible disrespect because the had promised that trailer to someone else and now uhaul I'm sure knowing they had extremely screwed up forced them to give us that trailer. Well it was almost closing time for them and in no way were they going to help us empty or reload the other trailer. They actually told us we had less than an hour to do this or the trailer with all my belongings would be locked in the yard and they would not give me any promises regarding the safety of my items and had even made statements how the yard had been broken into numerous times and it was in a very bad area.

So my son and I had less than an hour to empty and repack and it was 98 degrees that day. I want you to know those business owners and employees were nothing short of monsters and I suffer from Afib a very high risk heart condition and I thought I was going to have a stroke and my son literally killed himself to make this happen and to protect what little I had left.

So another day and finally on our way. Now the reality of that I could never make it in time to secure the job I was late to start. But now we had a problem with weather. If everything went as planned I would have had 4 days before the 1st South Dakota snow storm. But not only that my son absolutely cannot drive his car safely in snow or ice. But because of the delay now it's snowing in Rapid City, South Dakota and the main highway is closed. So now we had to go around the storm and get to Sioux Falls, South Dakota by going way out of our way thru Nebraska. Again more hardship and more financial costs with extra gas and hotels, etc. It took us over 7 days to get to Sioux Falls. By that time I had no job, and now had no options of renting a townhouse we had setup. No employment. I can also provide proof of losing the job with a written or verbal statement from the manager who had hired me.

So now I have to find a hotel to stay at that would accept lb dog and my cat. Not easy and not cheap. I ended up completely spending everything in my savings on just surviving until I could find another job and then move into the townhouse. It took almost 2 months and all my savings almost $10, I had to rent 2 storage units for my personal belongings and 1 for my son's vehicle which could not be left in the snow. The townhouse we were to rent had a garage. All these expenses and all the loss would never had happened if Uhaul would have done what they are contractually and legally liable to do is to safety check and inspect the trucks and trailers that I paid 4X their normal amount to rent.

Not only did they falsely claim to have inspected this trailer, they had raised their rental fees 4X more than they had just 6 months prior and I can prove this they took advantage of having the monopoly on this business and price gouged all the customers that were leaving California at that time by the thousands. Also to rent a trailer from South Dakota to California was like said 1/4 less than going the other direction or go to South Dakota from Arizona and the cost was 1/2 or less than they were charging people leaving California. People leaving because of quarantine and the riots and the danger. How nice for this company to go to the utmost extreme of taking advantage of people during the pandemic. I have no doubt they ignored and/or shortcutted their safety policies because they were making 4X more profit.

So to make matters worse I finally was contacted by an employee from Uhaul after emailing them about what happened and wanting a refund, etc. I have voice mails to prove they did contact me. They gave me $ for me and my son having to reload the trailer since their policy is to have their staff do this. But the woman I spoke with promised and again I say promised to call me in a few days and we would come to a financially benefitting settlement. She never returned my call at all, NOTHING!!! I tried to contact her, unable to. I tried to speak with someone who knew what was going on. I must have had to tell this story 20 times and all I got was more empty promises and lies.

At this point I had to focus on just surviving. And it has taken almost 11 months to get on my feet. It has not been easy. And my son and I still suffer hardship because the money in my savings was suppose to buy furniture. My kid sleeps on a couch from the thrift store and we barely have furniture at all. No kitchen table, no dressers, etc. I am still experiencing loss because Uhaul did not safety check a trailer they rented to me and also promised to make it right financially and just blatantly lied and lied.

Read full review
Sours: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/movers/uhaul.html
2021 NEW Theory Test Questions And Answers

u haul application test answers


Work from home jobs: U-Haul Work from Home Jobs -$18/Hour 

Here are Free Online Job Opportunities for stay at home moms, dads, students, retirees and all. U-Haul is Hiring Work from Home Reservation Agents in about 21 U.S cities/states. These are legit online jobs with no fees. And you can work from the comfort of your own home and make up to $18/hr. ($14 to $18/hr) please see our referral disclosure below).

In addition to Home-based reservation agents, U-Haul is also hiring;

  1. Work from home jobs for other positions in nearly all 50 states
  2. Customer Support Work from home jobs in nearly all 50 states

U-Haul has been aggressively hiring work from home employees in the past couple of months. This must be because they are preparing for the busy spring and summer rental season. This is  a great opportunity to start a work from home career.

As you will see from below details, U-Haul is a dedicated and reliable work from home employer.

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Free Online Job Opportunities: Work from Home Job Description & Details

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    Reservation agents take back to back incoming calls from customers utilizing both the U-Haul toll free GO-UHAUL number and calling specific U-Haul Moving Centers across the U.S. and Canada.  Agents answer general product/rental inquiries and secure/schedule reservations for U-Haul trucks, trailers, towing devices, hitches and storage rooms. 

U-Haul did not indicate how many states they are hiring from. While this job may be based on Arizona or Mountain time zone, it is clear U-Haul really, really needs a lot of work from home people, and so they will hire from nearly all 50 states.


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Seasonal Position, Flexible Jobs for Busy Stay at Home Moms and Dads and other people.

Positions is available through Labor Day, September 3,  

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    Schedules(All shift times are in Arizona time)

    40 hour per week set schedule with no overtime.  Five day work week with one day off during the week and one day off on the weekend.  Pick from the following schedules:

  • 6 AM to PM
  • 7 AM to PM
  • 8 AM to PM
  • 9 AM to PM

Free Online Job Opportunities: Preferred background

  • Basic keyboarding and computer skills
  • Ability to navigate multiple programs at one time
  • Excellent verbal communication and listening skills
  • Clear speaking voice
  • General knowledge of U.S. geography                                 
  • Positive business attitude
  • Enjoy working with people

UHAUL Work from Home Jobs: Required Training/Education

Three weeks of instructor-led paid training/education.

  • Week 1 &#; Accelerated classroom education with an instructor.
  • Week 2 & 3 – Hands-on education in small groups with an instructor.

After initial education work independently with additional education and counseling from the manager, assistant manager and team coach. 

UHAUL Work from Home Jobs: Performance Compensation Bonus*

  • Week 4 thru 8 of employment &#; Achieve confirmed reservations per hour worked and be paid $ per piece of equipment reserved.
  • Week 9 of employment and beyond – Achieve confirmed reservations per hour worked and be in compliance with a weekly monitored call, and be paid $ per piece of equipment reserved.
  • Payment of bonus is determined weekly by the employee’s confirmed equipment reservation average per hour worked based on phone talk time. 

UHAUL Work from Home Jobs: Computer Requirements

  • Must have a non-wireless USB headset.
  • Must have broadband/high speed internet with at least 2MB upload and 5MB download with a ping below 5MB upload and 10MB download is preferred for a better experience
  • Must have a PC or laptop that meets the following requirements.
    • Windows 7, 8 or 10 is preferred.  A Mac is permitted if it meets all other requirements and you are proficient using a Mac.  Due to compatibility a Mac may not be allowed for some positions. 
    • Windows or Mac OS: You must have at least 8G of RAM, 5GB of hard disc space available.
    • Windows OS: You must have a processor with a CPU mark of  or greater.  
    • Mac OS: You must have a core i5 processor or greater.




For these free online job opportunities from U-Haul, please use the job application link below to apply;

UHAUL Work from Home Jobs: 





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