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The Best FPS Campaigns of All Time

It’s easy to immediately think of classic multiplayer matches and modes when thinking about the history of first-person shooters, but the genre is full of captivating campaigns and memorable stories.

From the far-reaches of the galaxy to the literal pits of hell – and everywhere in between – these are our favorite FPS campaigns.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty may have originated as a rival to the dominant Medal of Honor series in the early s, but leaving the backdrop of World War II behind for ’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare transformed Activision’s billion-dollar baby into a truly trendsetting force all its own. Call of Duty 4’s bombastic single-player component became the gaming industry’s blueprint for military-based shooter campaigns, and with good reason.

Modern Warfare’s story careens along at a mostly breakneck pace, but it’s a wildly entertaining ride from start to finish, with an enthralling set of missions featuring some of the most memorable levels of the entire franchise. Highlights include the immediately gripping opener ‘Crew Expendable’ with its heart-pounding finishing race to evacuate the now sinking Estonian freighter to the now-iconic ‘All Ghillied Up’ and its eerie rendition of post-disaster Chernobyl. The list goes on, with the chilling realism of ‘Death from Above’ to ‘Aftermath’ and its brief but haunting glimpse of the devastating results of a nuclear blast.

Have you played Titanfall 2?

Call of Duty campaigns typically range from serviceable at best to genuinely well-done, but it’s hard to look past Modern Warfare’s as the best of the lot.

9: Halo 3

Halo 3 allowed players to finally finish the fight, with a trilogy-ending campaign that brings Master Chief’s story to a thrilling conclusion. Doing away with the dual-perspective campaign of Halo 2, Halo 3 firmly puts players through their paces as Spartan John, channeling Bungie’s top-tier gunplay through a series of memorable encounters. It deftly moves from small-scale, close-quarters combat to wider arenas, while always maintaining blockbuster tension and thrills – and that’s on top of the thrilling vehicle missions and a great use of the franchise-defining Skulls to turn the gameplay experience on its head. Interweaving more personal stakes with its epic main story was no easy task, especially after the two previous entries were so well-loved, but Halo 3 sticks the landing like a plasma grenade on a Grunt.

8: Doom Eternal

While it never aims to diminish the power fantasy that comes with ripping and tearing through hordes of Hell’s residents, Doom Eternal is also never shy about reminding you that you need to be smart and methodical with your approach to its stellar combat scenarios. It took everything that made Doom ’s revival incredible and upped the ante by adding a unique push and pull to everything you do. You’ve got to dash to get to and away from enemies so they never know where to find you next, unload rounds of ammunition into the hordes of Hell’s creatures, chainsaw an unsuspecting zombie to replenish it all, then get up close and ruthlessly burn your victims to cause them to sweat out armor shards. Doom Eternal is at its best when it practically becomes a rhythm game, rewarding you for executing all of the right moves at the right time. Its story is mostly buried in text or audio logs, but don’t let that deter you. If you’re looking for hours of adrenaline-pumping fun through impressively designed levels and encounters, backed by a thrashing soundtrack, then look no further than Doom Eternal.

7: BioShock

From its opening moments, BioShock lets you know you’re in for one memorable rideeven if that ride starts with a plane crash. There’s no shortage of stunning sequences: that first moment you catch a glimpse of Rapture as your bathysphere descends, Sander Cohen coming down the stairs, and of course the big, chilling twist that has become one of gaming’s most infamous turns. BioShock is a game composed of beautifully orchestrated and downright, well shocking moments.

The mix-and-match gameplay of plasmids and firearms means that enemy encounters rarely occur the same way twice, and the story is so crammed with "WTF" moments that it's hard to put BioShock down, even if you've played it before. It's a game that demands your attention both with its incredible retro-futurist design sensibilities and its mysterious, mind-bending, morality-driven narrative. It was a masterpiece then, and it's a masterpiece now.

6: Halo: Combat Evolved

When Halo: Combat Evolved launched back in , Master Chief looked ready to take his place alongside gaming's other faceless, gun-toting action heroes of the 80s and 90s. But Halo quickly revealed a universe of incredible ambition, depicting a massive war between humans, religious zealots, and a civilization-destroying plague. The original campaign took players through a gorgeous, mysterious world, forgoing the musty browns and gray color palettes of the past in favor of verdant greens, neon purples, and expansive blue skies. The twist, that this beauty was set within a weapon of mass destruction, is only one of the storytelling coups that made Bungie's sci-fi epic such a hit. With Halo: Combat Evolved, Bungie didn't just revolutionize the console FPS experience, but laid down the cornerstone with which it built one of the most ambitious and enduring space operas in video games.

5: Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is the crème de la crème of neck-crushing, noggin’ splittin’, Nazi killin’ heroic pulp, and it’s one of the most magnificent single-player shooters ever. Picking up where The Old Blood and The New Order left off, The New Colossus moves the action to the Nazi-occupied United States of America where the OG of video game anti-fascism - B.J. Blazkowicz – and his loyal band of badasses are waging a bloody guerrilla war against their oppressors. Blazkowicz and his team can’t do it all alone, however, so they recruit a bunch of revolutionaries and hatch a plan that takes them from the radioactive ruins of New York to the ghettoes of New Orleans, even to BJ’s hometown of Mesquite, Texas, and beyond.

A brutal and bloodthirsty mix of close-quarters hatchet jobs and dual-wielded devastation, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is an ultra-violent, fast-paced splatterfest of completely guilt-free garbage disposal.

4: Doom

Without the original Doom, this list wouldn't even exist. It’s the granddaddy of them all, and as revolutionary as it was in – it created a series of copycats that were simply called “Doom Clones” – it continues to inspire modern gaming as well. But historical importance aside, it's still fun as – pardon the phrasing – hell. It's fast, frantic, controls like a dream – despite not being in full 3D – has an incredible atmosphere, and its soundtrack is still instantly recognizable. Doom excelled by having one of the best collections of weapons ever wielded in a first-person shooter, from the pump-action shotgun to the gib-inducing RPG, and of course the legendary BFG But it’s equally revered for its level design, which blended mazes, flickering lighting, and demonic imagery to create maps that remain enjoyable (and full of secrets!) to this day.

3: Half-Life: Alyx

No, it's not Half-Life 3, and yes, it's VR-only – but Half-Life: Alyx is actually better because of both of those facts. Alyx resurrects one of gaming's greatest and most revered franchises and melds forward-thinking VR game design with the gorgeous Source game engine and roomscale interaction to create a slower but more intimate – and terrifying – Half-Life experience. The way weapons fire and reload is purpose-built for VR in a way that simply wouldn't work on a 2D screen. So are the puzzles. So are the combat encounters. It really is the “killer app” that VR gaming has been waiting for – and then there's its story. The less said the better, because by the time you get to the end – the very, very end – you’ll arrive at one of gaming's all-time mic-drop moments. But what you learn along the way is fully engrossing on its own, too, and proves that Valve hasn’t lost a storytelling step in the years since Half-Life 2. Simply put, Half-Life: Alyx is somehow both a worthy return for Half-Life AND the apex of VR gaming so far, all in one package. Alyx is both a modern masterpiece and the VR game we've been waiting our whole lives for.

2: Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 has what is undeniably one of the best FPS campaigns of the last generation, and it was incredibly welcome after the original Titanfall game lacked any kind of single-player story. It builds off the universe the first game established but remains captivating all on its own. Following pilot Jack Cooper and his titan, BT, Titanfall 2's campaign is relatively short, clocking in at about five to seven hours, but developer Respawn makes the best use out of that short window.

Each chapter in the campaign seems to outdo the last, as Titanfall 2 constantly tests your mettle and finds new ways to showcase its excellent shooting and movement mechanics. Effect and Cause is a campaign highlight, though we’ll save exactly why as a surprise for those of you who haven’t played it yet. Suffice to say, it’s a prime example of why Titanfall 2's campaign is not talked about nearly enough, and why it should be remembered for years to come.

1: Half-Life 2

Topping this list is a game that not only changed the way we look at FPS campaigns, but how we interact with games as a whole. Half-Life 2 and its episodic expansions were revolutionary at the time, and they remain an absolute joy to play even today. From the oppressive atmosphere of City 17 to the gravity-defying physics puzzles within it, the influence of Half-Life 2 can be traced through to countless games that followed. But it’s not earning the top spot for its impact on the industry alone. Quite simply, Half-Life 2 is just a ton of fun to play. The story it tells feels both massive in scale and intimately human at the same time, and the contained encounters it constantly throws you into vary from thrilling to clever to downright terrifying. The alien weaponry it puts in your hands to deal with those obstacles are satisfying and powerful, particularly the iconic gravity gun – a weapon so great we still wish it were in just about every shooter we’ve played since.

Half-Life 2 is truly remarkable. It’s not entirely free of flaws, just like every other game on this list, but it’s certainly one where the experience as a whole heavily outweighs any minor missteps. It's riveting world and smart ideas leave you begging for more, which is just one reason fans of the series have been waiting with bated breath for exactly that for more than a decade. Half-Life Alyx has finally given those fans hope again, and we can’t wait to see where the Half-Life series goes from here – but until we do, Half-Life 2 still stands an absolute masterpiece of an FPS campaign.

While there are plenty of other great FPS games with memorable campaigns, these are the 10 we hold closest to our hearts. What’s on your list that didn’t make ours? Let us know in the comments, and why not check out our picks for the Top 10 Mario Games and Top 10 PS2 RPGS . For all your gaming news, reviews, and more, keep it here at IGN.


The best Xbox One shooter games

The gaming industry today is dominated by shooters. Whether you&#;re looking for some intense FPS action or a third-person adventure game, shooters are absolutely everywhere. And nowhere is that more apparent than in some of the best Xbox One games. The console is home to one of the best shooter franchises of all time in the form of Halo games, but there&#;s much more available to players than just Master Chief.

Over the years, Microsoft&#;s popular console has built an impressive library of exclusive games, but it has been particularly kind to fans of the shooter genre. No matter your preference, you&#;ll find something exciting that catches your eye. Here are the best shooters on the Xbox One right now, including some options from Xbox Game Pass.

First-person shooters

Titanfall 2

One of the most under-appreciated games of the generation, Titanfall 2 took what everyone liked about the first game, took out everything they didn’t like, and added in a brilliant campaign mode that is both creative and wildly entertaining. Blending traditional first-person shooting gameplay with acrobatic stunts and the titular mechanical Titan robots, Titanfall 2 is frenetic in the best possible way, with Respawn Entertainment’s brilliant gunplay making it satisfying from the very beginning to the end. Its competitive multiplayer doesn’t disappoint, either, with tense battles that see both sides countering each other with explosives, rockets, and ambush tactics.

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Without the Halo series, there likely would not be an Xbox One at all, and you can see where it all began with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Bundling together the remastered Halo and Halo 2 alongside Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, and as of , Halo: Reach, the collection features some of the best first-person shooters ever made, and lets you experience the war between the UNSC, Covenant, and Flood from beginning to end. It also contains every multiplayer map from those games, so you can experience the joy of blasting your friends on Blood Gulch all over again. When it comes to multiplayer games on Xbox One, the Halo series takes the cake.

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Halo 5: Guardians

Industries took the series in an emotional and disturbing new direction with Halo 4, and it went further down that path with Halo 5: Guardians. With the A.I. companion Cortana now apparently cleared of rampancy and intent of conquering the galaxy, Master Chief and newcomer Spartan Locke must both race to stop her while battling a reformed Covenant threat and the Prometheans. It lacks the mystery and strong storytelling of its predecessors, but Halo 5: Guardians is still a roller coaster ride, and its competitive multiplayer offers a modernized take on the long-running formula.

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

The best game about a super-powerful Nazi-killing man with an exo-suit powered by ancient Jewish technology, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus takes MachineGames’ signature mix of excellent and emotional storytelling with action-packed shooting, and it makes the stakes even higher. Protagonist BJ Blazkowicz doesn’t go to the moon in this game but instead travels to Venus for a meeting with Adolf Hitler himself. A series of flashbacks give us more details on the hero’s troubled childhood, but we’re still given plenty of chances to blow Nazi soldiers and even Klansmen into little bitty pieces, as well.

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The Doom franchise, much like Wolfenstein, seemed to be ready to die an unceremonious death, and Id Software hadn’t released a game in over a decade. Then rolled around, the franchise was given a new lease on life with Doom, a cross-platform game that was widely well regarded. Stripping away the survival game elements of its predecessor and turning into an all-out action bonanza, Doom is the epitome of the franchise. The story? It doesn’t really matter, as long as the Doomslayer has demons to kill with his shotgun, BFG, and chainsaw – he even gives a middle finger during a period of exposition to prove this point. A sequel is on the way, too, and it looks just as insane.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

A reimagined take on the sub-series that defined a console generation, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could have just been a rehash of old ideas and players would have probably eaten it up anyway. Instead, Infinity Ward told a story that examines the darkest parts of war, including the pain and death it leaves in its wake for civilians of affected countries &#; making it one of the best Call of Duty games of all time. In its competitive multiplayer, Modern Warfare introduces new mechanics, such as reloading while aiming down the sights of your weapon, and its slightly slower pace makes it ideal for tactically-minded players.

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Metro: Exodus

Metro Exodus Review

The third game in a franchise that seems to only keep getting better, Metro: Exodus is also the boldest Metro game yet. Taking place largely outside of the titular subway station of Moscow and moving into outdoors environments and research facilities, Metro: Exodus manages to never lose its sense of suspense or terror and builds on the survival and resource-management components of its predecessors. It does this while also giving you even more ways to customize your weapon to match your style, whether that means sneaking through missions of all-out chaos against humans and mutated animals.

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Time only moves when you move in Superhot, and that small gimmick completely changes how you play this unique first-person shooter. As much of a puzzle game as it is a shooter, Superhot requires you to plan out your every move to avoid getting hit by a stray bullet, firing every shot of your own with an awareness of your surroundings. Once you’ve mastered a level and get to watch your entire run play in real-time, you see just how insane your moves were and how impossible it would be to do it without pausing the action. On top of that, it also has a really neat and self-aware story told primary through an IRC terminal.

Borderlands 3

We don’t blame you if you want to play this game with your volume muted, because the story and dialogue are pretty putrid, but Borderlands 3 is also an undeniably fun looter-shooter from the studio that helped to create the genre. Now set on several planets instead of just Pandora, Borderlands 3 features a fantastic mix of set-pieces, vehicular combat, traditional gunplay, and special abilities during nearly every battle. Switching between weapons is crucial and feels great, and the enemies you fight are smart enough to challenge you into trying something new. Or you could just punch them to death. Your choice, but we&#;ve found the best Weapons in Borderlands 3 to help you out.

BioShock: The Collection

BioShock: The Collection

The entire BioShock single-player series can be yours, along with add-on content, in BioShock: The Collection and their stories are still just as exciting and impactful today. Set in the underwater city of Rapture and the floating Columbia, the BioShock games deal with themes such as Randian Objectivism, nationalism, racism, populism, and American exceptionalism, all wrapped up in a science-fiction coating that makes it all much more interesting to those with less interest in politics. Once you start using the super-powered abilities, the combat will get its hooks in you, too.

Third-person shooters

Gears 5

Gears 5 Kait Hero

After Gears 4 replicated the franchise’s formula without introducing anything particularly new or interesting, The Coalition made a much more impressive sequel in Gears 5. Centered on the struggle of Kait Diaz to come to terms with her lineage and what it could mean for the future of Sera &#; and mankind &#; the game’s darker campaign also features open-ended areas and even side missions to complete, adding further context and depth to the story. The excellent competitive multiplayer remains relatively unchanged, but the new Escape mode gives you yet another option for playing with your friends.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review

The third game in Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic’s rebooted Tomb Raider series also features the most refined take on combat, blending stealth reminiscent of Splinter Cell with traditional third-person shooting. Lara Croft remains an absolute badass, this time showing no restraint when it comes to slaughtering those who stand in her way. That can’t be good for her psyche, but for us, it means plenty of bad guys to gun down and explosions to trigger. As long as you’re not averse to gruesome violence, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a must-play third-person shooter.

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Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville MP

If you are averse to gruesome violence, then Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville might be more up your alley. The third spinoff shooter from PopCap’s series features campaign modes for both the Plants and the Zombies, as well as a robust competitive multiplayer mode that lets you play as a huge number of classes on both sides. Newcomers include a ninja-like mushroom called Night Cap, as well as the bow-firing zombie ‘80s Action Hero. Regardless of your choice, you’re going to laugh at the goofy attacks you can do, and the ridiculous environments you’ll be visiting.


Fortnite Chapter 2

It certainly wasn’t the first battle royale game, but Fortniteturned the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds formula into a worldwide phenomenon. Epic Games’ take on the genre blends the classic person battles with building mechanics to create something deeper, but with accessible controls and weapons that let younger players join in on the fun. Nearly constant updates and additions have given us reason to keep playing for more than a year, including major universe-changing events. Did we mention that it&#;s also a free game on the Xbox One?

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A more refined version of the formula Remedy Games established with Quantum Break, Control is also an even stranger game. Set in the fictional Federal Bureau of Control’s headquarters, the game is like if X-Files crossed paths with Max Payne and Inception. That means you have access to paranormal abilities and will face some truly bizarre enemies, all with a story that is as confusing as it is intriguing. Control lacks some of the polish of its AAA contemporaries, but it makes up for it with its sheer oddness and commitment to its central themes.

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Sunset Overdrive

The Insomniac Games project that time forgot, Sunset Overdrive is nothing short of a masterpiece. The game takes third-person shooting from series like Ratchet & Clank, the traversal of Jet Grind Radio, and the irreverence of Deadpool to create a self-referential third-person shooter with a ton of humor and charm. You can fire vinyl records at the mutated enemies you’ll encounter, and at one point even defeat a box with a piece of the game’s user interface. Perhaps its status as an early Xbox One exclusive doomed it to fail, but it’s still worth playing today.

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Arcade and isometric shooters

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Simple and effective, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions doesn’t try to reinvent the arcade shooter or drastically change the formula of the past two games. Instead, it’s yet another excellent, engaging, and satisfying game that you can play for hours while trying to beat that one friend’s high score. It’s still challenging, but in a refined and carefully-calculated way that never feels frustrating. It’s all backed up by brilliant visuals and a bumping soundtrack that is sure to stay in your heard for weeks later.

Blazing Chrome

Blazing Chrome blasting enemies

The Contra game that isn’t Contra, Blazing Chrome is the shooter that Konami is, for some reason, unwilling to make. Taking strong inspiration from Contra: Hard Corps, in particular, the sidescrolling run-and-gun shooter is extremely challenging but not impossible. Players need to be precise, but the modern continuing system and nearly perfect controls make it always feel fair. Nostalgic gamers will appreciate Blazing Chrome’s old school bit graphics. If it weren’t for the modern controls, Blazing Chrome would feel like a retro SNES or Sega Genesis game. Blazing Chrome is arguably the best game Contra has to offer.

Super Time Force

Who doesn’t love a good throwback to the early years of gaming? Capybara’s Super Time Force is a classic run-and-gun game with a twist. This game tickles your nostalgia in more ways than one. The graphics are reminiscent of classic arcade games and itallows you to rewind time to play through levels more than once in order to increase your power against certain enemies. 

Completing levels with the many characters available, like Jean Rambois and Aimy McKillin, adds to the fun. Each character has specific moves that you can learn and add to new combo attacks. Younger players can also enjoy this game since it’s easier than a lot of retro throwback shooters on the market. There’s also a surprisingly hilarious story to tie it all together.

$15 from Microsoft

Sine Mora EX

Sine Mora EX has perfected the formula for an apocalyptic horizontal aerial shooter. The game builds a darkly weird environment that blends high-quality shooting with a surprisingly emotional tone. Overall it’s a master class in the famous “dieselpunk” aesthetic. Incredible graphics and fun bonuses like the time mechanic round out an excellent game. 

Instead of using the regular hit point system for life counts, Sine Mora EX uses time increments to reflect health. As you receive damage, your time clock goes down. Players can slow time if they’re in a tight spot but need to know exactly how to maximize that time with an escape route.


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Best FPS Games On Xbox Game Pass

First-person shooters have long been one of the industry’s most popular genres, and little has changed concerning that over the years. It’s easy to see why — stepping into a first-person perspective and blasting your way to a good time is a classic recipe for success.

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Luckily for subscribers, the Xbox Game Pass library is full to bursting with exciting FPS titles that take the genre to new places. From tactical shooter experiences to rather epic slow-motion puzzle shoot-outs, Xbox Game Pass has you covered. Read on if you want to discover your next favorite FPS game.

14 Lemnis Gate

  • Approximate Game Length: N/A
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: Ratloop Games Canada
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 15 GB

Lemnis Gate combines turn-based play with the classic mechanics of a typical first-person shooter. Every multiplayer match consists of the same second time loop. Players engage in some innovative and exciting time-travel gameplay that has them attempt to outmaneuver their opponents based on what they have seen in previous loops. While one team attempts to complete an objective in a specific time frame, the other observes. Then roles switch, and the team that was observing can use what they gleaned from reconnaissance to plan their strategy while the other watches. It’s a fantastically clever twist on the FPS genre, and one of the freshest additions to the Xbox Game Pass library.

13 Crysis

  • Approximate Game Length: 10 Hours
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: Crytek
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 4 GB

Courtesy of EA Play, subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can experience the Crysis series in all of its glory. Though it has largely fallen out of the cultural zeitgeist, it was something of a graphical benchmark at the time of its release — the phrase “But can it run Crysis?” achieved memetic status with good reason. All in all, the first Crysis is still a first-person shooter game well worth revisiting. The stylish nature of Crysis’ gunplay made it a fan favorite, and while some aspects of the game have aged, it is a callback to the blossoming of the genre. Plus, thanks to the next-gen hardware many now have in their homes, the question of whether or not Crysis will run on a given setup is more or less unnecessary.

12 Quake

  • Approximate Game Length: 6 Hours
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: Nightdive Studios
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 1 GB (September )

Quake was as influential in the molding of the first-person shooter as its predecessor, Doom, and it’s an absolute must-play for any genre enthusiast. This remastering of the id Software classic comes with all the necessary trappings — including campaign expansions as well as full multiplayer support and matchmaking. It certainly does show its age when held up against contemporary shooters, but the fact is that throwing rockets around its timeless arenas while madly dashing for a Quad Damage powerup is every bit as fun today as it was fifteen years ago.

11 Battlefield 1

  • Approximate Game Length: 8 Hours
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: DICE
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 74 GB (September )

Battlefield 1 ticks all the boxes that the franchise is well known for — large-scale multiplayer madness, nearly unheard-of levels of player agency, and destructible-yet-thoughtfully-detailed environments for the battles to unfold in. But it takes the gameplay into a setting rarely touched on by FPS titles: the trenches of World War I. It results in a truly compelling aesthetic and map selection, and the vehicle designs (especially the tanks) are strange and foreign enough to really communicate a sense of immersion into the time period.

10 Deep Rock Galactic

  • Approximate Game Length: N/A
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: Ghost Ship Games
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 2 GB (September )

Cooperative first-person shooters are a delight to play, and Deep Rock Galactic combines jolly cooperation with procedurally generated caves. Up to four players can team up to mine precious minerals or escort heavy machinery for the Deep Rock Galactic mining corporation.

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Working together is important if dwarven survival is to be ensured; waves of insect-like Glyphids go out of their way to swarm your team of intrepid fellow employees while you’re out on the job. While Deep Rock Galactic is not the typical first-person shooter experience seen in multiplayer action titles, it is not one to be missed.

9 Destiny 2

  • Approximate Game Length: N/A
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: Bungie
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 88 GB (September )

Taking on the role of a Guardian dedicated to defeating the forces of Darkness, Destiny 2 players have a lot to look forward to. This multiplayer first-person shooter is constantly getting updated, with no foreseeable end to expansions in sight. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Destiny 2 is how player characters progress. There are different classes Guardians can pick, each of which affects the overall playstyle of a given character. While there are a few PvP opportunities for players to engage in, the majority of the game is dominated by PvE elements. Tackling alien threats with your Guardian companions is a gargantuan task, but one that the game leaves you fully equipped to handle.

8 Doom ()

  • Approximate Game Length: 15 Hours
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: id Software
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 60 GB (September )

Revitalizing the franchise that practically defined the FPS genre for all intents and purposes was a Herculean task in concept alone, but Doom’s resurgence into the spotlight was heralded with all the hellfire and shotgun blasts that were appropriate for it. It’s a familiar concept: a lone super soldier, a demonic invasion, and a whole lot of guns. Doom ’s combat is extraordinarily fast-paced and extraordinarily satisfying, truly marrying the conceptual basis of an arena shooter with modern design sensibilities in a way that makes it nearly impossible to put down once your heart starts pounding.

7 Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • Approximate Game Length: N/A
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: Industries
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: GB (September )

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your Game Pass buck, the Master Chief Collection should be any FPS enthusiast’s first stop. The MCC encompasses the entirety of four mainline Halo campaigns (as well as its two most prestigious spin-offs, ODST and Reach) in addition to the requisite multiplayer suites. Put simply, there’s an unprecedented amount of FPS goodness packed into this tidy little package, and Halo is required reading for fans of the genre — the saga of John (and friends) deserves a permanent space on any Xbox’s hard drive.

6 Prey

  • Approximate Game Length: 25 Hours
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter Adventure
  • Developer: Arkane Studios
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 37 GB (September )

Even though Prey is played through a first-person perspective, the game encourages you to stop and consider your options before engaging in a shoot-out. As a matter of fact, you are bound to be at a disadvantage if your playstyle is shoot first, think later. Players must roam the hallways of the Talos I space station, taking care not to draw attention from the Typhon, a deadly alien species that has been let loose.

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A variety of tools are at your disposal to circumvent or trap the Typhon rather than just blast them to bits. However, you do get a handful of guns to lend a helping hand when your creative endeavors for sneaking past them fail.

5 Superhot

  • Approximate Game Length: 8 Hours
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter/Puzzle
  • Developer: SUPERHOT Team
  • X|S Enhanced: Yes
  • File Size: 2 GB (September )

Superhot is an FPS experience like no other. You play as a geometric human figure engaging in a variety of shoot-outs against other geometric human figures. The notable difference between this game and others of its like is that time only moves when you do. Every step your character makes pushes time forward. If you stop moving, time stops and your enemies remain motionless. This allows you to take stock of your position, dodge bullets, toss projectiles, and take cover at a measured pace. This slow take on the shooter genre makes Superhot feel more like a puzzle game, but witnessing your actions in real time after clearing a level makes you feel like a veritable bad-ass.

4 Titanfall 2

  • Approximate Game Length: 7 Hours
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: Respawn Entertainment
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 68 GB (September )

Titanfall was already a relatively low-key masterpiece at the time of its release, but the sequel simply polished what was already an often-overlooked diamond. Of particular note is Titanfall 2’s campaign, weaving a compelling story around the duo of rookie pilot Jack Cooper and BT — a “titan” that proves an oversized mech can possess an endearingly witty personality and then some. Further highlights include Titanfall 2’s well-crafted weapon sandbox and smooth-as-butter traversal mechanics that make the movement itself as fun as the gunplay.

3 Wolfenstein: The New Order

  • Approximate Game Length: 20 Hours
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: MachineGames
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 44 GB (September )

The early Wolfenstein games helped define the FPS genre, and while Wolfenstein: The New Order does not break any new ground, it revitalizes the beloved series with a gripping narrative and precise gameplay. Players assume the role of B.J. Blazkowicz as he fights against the Nazi regime in this alternate universe where they won World War II. Mechanized monstrosities and black-helmeted Nazis comprise the majority of his foes, and intense encounters and setpieces make The New Order an unforgettable addition to the series. It is the perfect blend of old gameplay callbacks and fresh takes.

2 Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • Approximate Game Length: 7 Hours
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: DICE
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 79 GB (September )

After several updates and DLC additions, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 is an entertaining experience for any fan of that galaxy far, far away. Players get to participate in far-reaching battles that take place on familiar planets from the Star Wars universe. Not only that, but players can gain the ability to play as famous (and infamous) Star Wars characters. From Darth Maul to Kylo Ren, fan-favorite faces can make harrowing appearances in the middle of a firefight, and nothing makes blood curdle faster than seeing a Jedi or Sith swiftly approaching while blaster shots do nothing to deter them. DICE possesses clear FPS experience from their time with the Battlefield series, and it shows with every prolonged enemy engagement. Star Wars Battlefront 2 truly knows how to make players feel as if they have been dropped into the middle of a battalion of Stormtroopers.

1 Rainbow Six Siege

  • Approximate Game Length: N/A
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • X|S Enhanced: No
  • File Size: 49 GB (September )

If you’re looking for a competitive multiplayer shooter to sink your teeth into, then Rainbow Six Siege is directly up your alley. Imagining Counter-Strike with destructible environments, more varied objectives, and a roster of unique characters with particular skill sets and perks will put you in its ballpark. Matches are often tense and short-lived — players are divided into two teams, attacking and defending, and given a short prep period before engaging one another. Teamwork is the name of the game, as operators that successfully play off of one another’s strengths will find themselves taking the win more often than not.

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Fortnite: The Lore Behind Kevin the Cube Explained

Amongst all of Fortnite's incredible crossovers, the mysterious Kevin The Cube and its complicated lore has still become a firm fan favorite.

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Amanda Hurych (23 Articles Published)More From Amanda Hurych
BEST Xbox Games of 2020 So Far...

The best FPS games you can play right now

The best FPS games span warzones the world over, and time periods throughout history. They can look gorgeous, especially when running on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and can impress with cool new spins on the tried and tested shoot 'em up formula. They often pit us against baddies with brains, and those who want to eat them. And they always, always dazzle with their speed and their style.   

Given first-person shooters are one of gaming's most beloved genres, choosing the 30 best examples is not an easy task. We need rules, but even then, for every shooter that makes the cut, another 10 fall with a headshot. On this list, we're looking at games whose central mechanic is first-person shooting. The game must be available to play right now in First-person action-RPGs such as Fallout 4, and action-adventure games like Deathloop are out, but multiplayer FPS and first-person battle royales are in. Them's the rules. Don't shoot the messenger. 

Without further ado, here are the 30 best FPS games you can play today. 

Payday 2

Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

A seven-year-old heist game that still hasn’t been bested. As a squad of four – it’s best played online with friends – you and your fellow goons scout banks, jewelry stores, and art galleries, hatching a plan of action. You can go in all guns blazing, but usually, you’ll want a stealthier, more tactical approach: your first steps might be disabling cameras and tying the hands of anyone that might ruin your riches. Eventually, and inevitably, bullets will start flying. It won’t win awards for its weapon handling, but there’s a joy in the chaos that reigns whenever you open fire. You’ll have to bark orders at your squadmates to stop them getting tag-teamed by security guards and SWAT teams, and trying to grab bags of cash while spraying lead from behind cover is a thrill few other shooters can match.


Format: PC

It was billed as a cerebral sci-fi horror game, but F.E.A.R. (and its two sequels) is best when you play it as a pure shooter. Gunfights are cinematic spectacles, with smoke trailing bullets, windows, and walls disintegrating around you and grenades sending bodies flying. A slow-mo toggle just makes it all the more dramatic, and no game since has made me feel as much like an action movie star (it’s how we imagine the Matrix video game should have turned out). 

It has some of the most memorable weapons in any shooter, of which the best is the 10mm HV Penetrator, also known as the stake gun. It spits out steel spikes that can pin enemies to the floor, walls, or each other. Nail an enemy goon in the head just right and you’ll hang them on the wall like a macabre painting. But that’s never easy thanks to clever AI that will flank you, retreat to cover, and flush you out of your hiding spot with well-placed grenades. The horror occasionally shines through, so expect a few jump scares and some tense stretches where you don’t need your weapons. But don’t worry: they never last long, and you’ll have your hands back on your stake gun soon enough.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Format: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC

Of course, we had to choose a game from this iconic series for the list of best FPS games, and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War takes the trophy. The game veers away from the linear style the series previously favored, letting you decide what missions to tackle and when, and how much time you want to spend looking for extra intel. The campaign leans heavily into its 80s setting and weaves fact and fiction as it sends you after Soviet atomic spy Perseus. The multiplayer has plenty to offer too, with classic game modes, a new 40 player Fireteam mode, a new Zombies storyline called Dark Aether, and in a smart move on Activision's part, the progression system for multiplayer ties in with whatever you're up to in Call of Duty: Warzone, which you'll also find on this list. 

Team Fortress 2

Format: PC

The granddaddy of hero-based shooters, and there’s a reason its player count still regularly hovers around , Its nine classes – three attack, three defence, three support – are expertly balanced, and have provided templates for other games such as Overwatch to borrow from. From a solid, if cartoony, core of classic team modes, TF2 has sprawled, and you’ll find servers where people go all-guns-blazing for the objective listed alongside maps made just for hanging out, spamming emotes, and forming conga lines. 

The game’s huge economy, which sees players trade for ever more ridiculous hats worth hundreds of dollars in real money, is a testament to how deep it has its hooks into the PC community. Newcomers might find it bizarre, but if you want to see where many of the core pillars of modern multiplayer shooters come from, look no further. 

Bioshock Infinite

Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

The original Bioshock is a better game. But this is the best FPS list, and whatever your feelings about it as a sequel, the fact is that Bioshock Infinite is just a better shooter than either of its predecessors. They might have had guns and first-person viewpoints, but the shooting was never their focus. They were immersive, narrative-driven, systemic RPGs with shotguns. 

Infinite though, is the real deal. Opting for a more direct, action-driven approach, it fully commits to exploring the full scope of Bioshockian powers and gunplay with the aim of pure combat. By the time you have a full set of Vigors, you'll be playing one of the most expressive, versatile, option-packed FPS around, one that seamlessly blends a fast, kinetic emphasis with a wider, strategic battlefield plan. Tooled up, and applying the creative thought encouraged by Infinite's often sprawling, multi-leveled arenas, you'll often feel you're on playing part-FPS, part-RTS. And it'll never be anything less than exhilarating. 

Half-Life 2

Format: PC

What is it? It's the one that lets you fight alien fascists by launching toilets at their heads. It feels trite to praise the many individual advancements of Half-Life 2 (physics-based weapons, keenly intelligent enemies, and characters that feel like more than walking quest-givers, to name a few) because pretty much every video game ever has tried to do the same ever since. Just compare popular games from before Half-Life 2 and after Half-Life 2 and its influence will be made immediately clear. But while many foundational games are a bit of a chore to play these days, Half-Life 2 continues to hold up remarkably well. It's just as fun to launch an explosive barrel into a room full of helmeted goons now as it was in No really, try it!

Left 4 Dead 2

Format: PC

What is it? Bonding usually calls for either beer or a mutual dislike of something, but who needs those when Left 4 Dead 2 is around? Valve’s zombie-ridden game relentlessly punishes those who shrug off their comrades’ assistance. No heroes (*cough* overconfident buffoons *cough*) here: voyage on ahead or get left behind, if you go it alone you’ll definitely meet a bloody end. What zombies lack in fortitude they make up for in numbers, but special infected ensure you never let your guard down, as it takes only one overlooked Smoker to knock your entire team for six. The Versus mode turns the tables by letting you deviously play as the special infected, disrupting the survivors’ efforts to escape whilst giving you insight into exactly how these major infected function. Which, incidentally, plays perfectly into your future sessions as the survivors. Brilliantly crafted, Left 4 Dead 2 is a drop-dead simple concept, executed perfectly. 

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Format: PC

A team-based shooter with a realistic bent. It strips away UI conveniences you’d expect in modern-day FPSs, such as hit markers and kill confirm messages, which lends it a completely different feel. Having to visually confirm your kills – pump a few more bullets into your enemies, just to make sure they’re not moving – puts you in the right mind frame for how you want to play Sandstorm: extremely carefully. It rewards patience and precision over risk-taking, and if you’re caught out of position then you’re going to die, so stay the hell in cover, and make sure you’re coordinating with your squad. 

It also looks and sounds astonishing, and no other game has so vividly portrayed the horrors of war. Soldiers’ screams are haunting, while bullets zipping overhead make me want to crawl under my desk. It’s currently only out on PC, but a console release is planned for some time in the future. 


Format: PC

What is it? Riot Games’ attempt to take CS:GO’s competitive FPS crown. It’s like a mix of Valve’s twitchy shooter and Overwatch’s over-the-top heroes: it is, at its heart, still a tactical FPS in which positioning is king and you die in one headshot, but every class has flashy skills and abilities that can turn the course of a round. Some of them let you leap high in the air, others ping enemy positions, while ultimate abilities can damage enemies through walls and clear out entire areas. It's more colorful than CS:GO, but the clean visuals prove that the emphasis is on substance over style.

Its short stint in Early Access is a testament to how much polish Riot put into its design, and how balanced its maps and heroes are. Both will only improve over time. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Format: PC

What is it? Ever since its debut as an expansive Half-Life mod, the Counter-Strike series has constantly stayed on top of the competitive shooter scene. And though CS:GO is now the de facto way to play this Terrorists vs. Counter-Terrorists FPS on PC, it originally started life as a modernized port for consoles. CS:GO is all about tension: there are no respawns during rounds, so once you die, all you can do is watch and anxiously hope that your team detonates/defuses the bomb or rescues/retains hostages successfully. Each map is meticulously crafted to allow for myriad tactics requiring varying degrees of skill, and the lovingly modeled guns in your expansive arsenal all have minutiae in their firing rates and recoil that can only be learned through experience. CS:GO's skill ceiling is practically in the stratosphere, and it puts equal emphasis on cooperative teamwork and heroic moments where you get all the glory.

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Fps one best campaign xbox

The 15 Best First-Person Shooters You Can Play On The Xbox One (According To Metacritic)

Since its origins in the s with Spasim and Maze War, the first-person shooter genre has become a cornerstone of the gaming industry. One of the genre's many strengths is that it works well as both a single-player experience, exemplified by titles like Half-Lifeand Bioshock, as it does a multiplayer experience, shown by the Call of Dutyand Battlefieldfranchises.

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The improved hardware of the Xbox One allowed developers to create incredibly immersive games that accomplished what the FPS genre does best: make the player feel as though they're in the heart of the action. The Xbox Series X|S looks set to revolutionize the FPS landscape once again, led by titles like Halo Infiniteand Rainbow Six Quarantine. With the ninth generation of consoles starting their first calendar year, it seems fitting to look back upon the best first-person shooters that the Xbox One had to offer.

Updated April 26, , by Jack Pursey: The FPS genre is set for another great year in , with games like Halo Infinite, Resident Evil Village, and Back 4 Bloodall set to release in the coming weeks and months. Consequently, the action-heavy genre is likely to see an increase in interest across the gaming community as players develop an itch for more top-quality titles. To help scratch that itch, we've decided to expand this list by a further five entries. Here are a few more ideas for great first-person shooters to play.

15 BioShock: The Collection (84)

A collection that includes two of the most critically acclaimed titles from the seventh generation of home console is always likely to perform well on Metacritic. BioShock: The Collection released in and supplemented its impressive trilogy of games by including remastered iterations of BioShockand BioShock 2. It also offered the series' DLCs such as BioShockInfinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 and Episode 2.

BioShock: The Collection also adds a director's commentary, enticing pre-existing fans to play through the games once more.

14 Halo: The Master Chief Collection (85)

From one collection to another, Halo: The Master Chief Collection offers incredible value to players. It implements every first-person Halotitle aside from Halo 5: Guardians. Moreover, the collection includes the high-definition remakes of classic titles like Halo: Combat Evolved, which let players seamlessly switch between the old and new visuals with the press of a button.

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Considering the quality of the games included, the collection's 85 Metascore may seem somewhat low. However, these games suffered from online and matchmaking issues at launch, hampering the score.

13 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (85)

The fifteenth installment into the iconic Call of Duty franchise was released in by Activation, with development from Treyarch who had help from Beenox and Raven Software. The game's creators made the decisive decision not to include a traditional single-player campaign. The Solo Missions mode replaced it instead.

Modern Call of Duty games usually meet with high scrutiny and criticism from the gaming community. However, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4received the Fan Favorite Shooter Game award at the Gamers' Choice Awards.

12 Titanfall (86)

The original Titanfallmay have been overshadowed by the release of Titanfall 2(more on that later). However, the game still offers plenty of entertainment today for those that can find an active lobby.

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment made the controversial decision of not including any form of single-player campaign in Titanfall, which was a rarity at the time. The lack of single-player and local split-screen multiplayer disappointed gamers; however, the concept of throwing Titans into the mix of an online battlefield intrigued fans and critics. The game had some issues, though the interesting ideas and fast-paced gameplay made it an enjoyable experiment that set a strong foundation for the excellent sequel.

In regards to the main series Resident Evilgames, it seems that Capcom wants to differentiate the titles into groups of three. The first three games utilized fixed camera angles and implemented numerous puzzles. The next three titles offered players more action-heavy gameplay. Now it seems that the series is set to provide an Outlastand Amnesia-inspired first-person survival horror experience.

Resident Evil certainly doesn't have the same gun-blazing action as some of the other titles on this list, as it instead requires players to use their ammo extremely sparingly and rely on their wits to survive.

10 Titanfall 2 (87)

Released in October , Electronic Arts' Titanfall 2went under the radar when it was first released, presumably due to EA's bizarre decision to release it just seven days after their WWI shooter Battlefield 1.

EA's CEO Andrew Wilson explained the odd decision by saying that he felt the games catered to different types of FPS fans. Although the risky strategy didn't seem to pay off, it isn't hard to see where he was coming from. Titanfall 2 differentiates itself from most other shooters on the market with not just its titans but its extremely fast-paced movement. Word of mouth has been EA's best marketing tool for the game, as positive feedback from players has ensured that Titanfall 2 is still thriving today.

9 Battlefield 1 (87)

The aforementioned Battlefield 1 received the same Metascore as Titanfall 2, and as previously mentioned, took players back to World War 1. EA's decision to take the series back to the Great War was clearly a smart choice, as the game's trailer became YouTube's most liked trailer in its history, whereas the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfaretrailer, which hit the site around the same time, become the most disliked.

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Battlefield 1 didn't disappoint its many new and old fans, providing players with one of the best online experiences on Microsoft's third console.

8 DOOM (87)

It's always nice to see a DOOMtitle on an FPS list such as this, as the genre likely wouldn't be anywhere near the size that it is today without the iconic IP.

After numerous delays and confusion from fans over the release of DOOM 4, the project was scrapped. In its place came DOOM (), a soft reboot of the franchise. The game's developer, id Software, didn't try to reinvent the wheel. Rather, they opted to keep the action-heavy gameplay that the series is known for.

7 Destiny 2 (87)

Originally released in , Destiny 2is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter developed by Halo'screator Bungie.

Destiny 2 won numerous awards upon release, including Best PC Game from the Game Critic Awards and Best Multiplayer Game from Gamescom Bungie's first-person shooter is still picking up awards years after its release, including The Game Awards' Best Ongoing Game award in Destiny 2 was nominated for the same award in , though it lost out to Hello Games' No Man's Sky.

6 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (88)

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossusis the first of four games in a row that received a Metascore of 88, technically making Bethesda'sgame joint-second on this list.

Developed by MachineGames, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is one of the most critically acclaimed entries into the Wolfenstein franchise that began all the way back in The game was praised for its weapon variety and charismatic cast of characters but criticized for its underwhelming runtime.

5 Apex Legends (88)

Released in by the team of Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts, Apex Legendsis one of the many entries into the recently popularized battle royale genre.

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The game hit the ground running upon release, amassing an incredible one million unique players in just 8 hours of its release. Apex Legends certainly wasn't just a one-day wonder though, as it reached 70 million players in October , earning an eye-watering $45 million in the autumn month alone.

4 Fallout 4 (88)

The long-awaited sequel to Fallout 3, Bethesda's Fallout 4released in to a mixed response from fans and critics. Professional reviewers enjoyed the game, generally speaking, though many fans were unhappy with the highly anticipated game, exemplified by its user score on Metacritic.

Criticisms from fans pointed out the game's illusion of choice, with many of the seemingly different speech options offering the same result. This was especially disappointing as Fallout: New Vegas, released prior to Fallout 4, offered more freedom of choice. Still, there are many things to love about Fallout 4, particularly its huge open world filled with side quests and lore.

3 DOOM Eternal (88)

The success of the aforementioned DOOM () convinced Bethesda to give id Software the thumbs up to make a sequel. Much like its predecessor, DOOM Eternalkept its gameplay centered around the simplistic action fun that the series is known for, rather than trying to implement multiple ambitious and complicated mechanics as some sequels do. DOOM Eternal did make a slight change from its predecessors, though, with its increased focus on storytelling that disappointed some fans and critics.

Despite the narrative's mixed reception, DOOM Eternal received numerous nominations and awards, including the Game Critics Awards' accolades of Best PC Game and Best Action Game.

2 *Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (89)

There were few surprised faces when it was announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfarewas being remastered, as the classic shooter's influence continues to be seen today. Along with the game's excellent single-player campaign was its revolutionary online multiplayer. It set a high bar for the many online shooters that would follow.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered has wonderfully updated visuals as expected. However, many players were happy to pay full price for the game simply to experience the online mode with packed lobbies once again.

1 Overwatch (91)

The highest-rated first-person shooter on the Xbox One comes in the form of a multiplayer shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Assigned into two teams of six, players are given a wide selection of heroes to choose from who offer vastly different playstyles, ensuring that each game has a unique balance.

The game exemplifies the old adage of simple to play impossible to master, resulting in an extremely addictive product. Overwatchwas showered with awards upon release, including Game of the Year awards from The Game Awards, the D.I.C.E. Awards, and the Game Developers Choice Awards.

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Destiny 2 Players Point Out How Game is Not Welcoming to Newcomers

Veteran and returning players say Destiny 2 is not in a state that makes its easy for new players to jump into as of Season of the Lost.

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BEST FREE games in 2019 on Xbox One
The Suicide of Rachel Foster

The Suicide of Rachel Foster

September 9,
Coming back to the family hotel after years, a young woman finds herself trapped with the ghosts from her past and an old cellular telephone as the only way to unveil a terrible truth. - LEWIS & CLARK COUNTY, MONTANA, US Ten years ago, teenager Nicole and her mother left the family hotel after discovering her father Leonard's affair with, and pregnancy of Rachel, a girl her own age who eventually committed suicide. Now that both of her parents have passed, Nicole hopes to fulfill her mother's last will to sell the hotel and make amends to Rachel's relatives. With the will and determination to put that chapter behind her, she returns to the hotel with the family's lawyer to audit the decaying structure. As the weather unexpectedly turns for the worst, Nicole has no way to leave the large mountain lodge, and finds support in Irving, a young FEMA agent, using one of the first radio telephones ever built. With his help, Nicole starts to investigate a mystery far deeper than what people in the valley thought. A story of love and death, where melancholy and nostalgia melt into a thrilling ghost tale.


August 12,
You wake up one morning to find that you are rather inconveniently transforming into a tiny bug, while your friend Joseph is being arrested for reasons unknown. To save him and to find the answers you seek, you must embark on a journey through a world which, like yourself, has become twisted and unfamiliar. What once seemed like mundane dwellings have become an expansive obstacle course, and now you'll have to chart your path through the dingy nooks and crannies that exist within the cracks of civilization. Use your wits to unravel the truth, and regain the life you once knew.
Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape

August 11,
Futuristic Urban Battle Royale. Loot and fuse powerful Hacks and unique weapons in fast-paced battles, and rise to become a true champion of the Hyper Scape. Welcome to Neo Arcadia. Fight your way through the unique districts of Neo Arcadia, a virtual city featuring imposing landmarks that bring verticality to the next level. Engage in high-stakes combat as you explore its streets, interiors, and rooftops. Hyper Scape offers two ways to win: Fight to be the last one standing, or capture the Crown that spawns near the end of the match. Keep possession of the Crown for long enough, and you and your squad will claim victory! [Ubisoft]


August 4,
Relicta is a first-person puzzle game whose main mechanics combine magnetism and gravity. The player is equipped with a pair of special gloves that allow them to change the magnetic and gravitational properties of experimental cubes scattered around each level. These cubes can be moved by the player, either carrying them bodily or using magnetism or gravity. They can also be placed on teleporting machines to warp them to another teleporter and help solve puzzles. Mechanics really come alive when combined in ingenious ways. For instance, magnetism can be used to repel or attract cubes, but repelling a cube that has previously “anti-gravitated” gives you a frictionless device that will retain inertia until it collides against something solid, like a wall (or your skull). It can even be used as a means of transport for the player to reach new places. Cubes can also be used to power up some devices, in order to operate doors and force fields. As the player progresses towards more complex puzzles, they will encounter other devices - magnetic plates, elevators, buttons or even drones capable of nullifying magnetic and gravitational fields as well as stealing cubes.


July 24,
Experience authentic First World War action with 64 player battles of maneuver on the Eastern Front. Warfare between the Russian Empire and the Central Powers is a tense battle for dominance – stay close to your squad to survive!


July 16,
ONE OF US. ONE OF US. Still outnumbered, still outgunned. Enemies swirl around you in a storm of slow motion violence. Battle after battle, each fallen foe pushes you closer to the secrets hiding in the game and each secret gives you more powers to fight the System’s unending opposition.
Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena

July 14,
Welcome to a world where the rules are written in rocket fuel. Rockets control everything in Rocket Arena, an explosive 3v3 shooter where you’re never out of the action. Master your hero’s unique rockets and abilities to rule the arena and become a champion.


July 7,
Perception is reality. In this mind-bending first-person puzzler, you explore a surreal dream world and solve impossible puzzles using the ambiguity of depth and perspective.


June 16,
Dive into an action-drived first-person shooter, set in near-future sci-fi universe created by V1 Interactive, a newly-assembled studio of industry veterans. Journey into a vision of tomorrow where humankind is on the brink of extinction and has turned to technology in the hope of survival. Using a process known as Integration, human minds are surgically implanted into robotic armatures creating a new form of sentient life. As a domineering enemy superpower known as the Rayonne emerges, take on the role of Romer Shoal, an expert Gravcycle pilot. Astride your heavily-modified craft (fitted with an armoured chassis and a powerful array of weapons), lead a small resistance force in the fight to save what remains of humanity.
Project Warlock

Project Warlock

June 12,
One man and his guns. Become a mysterious Warlock who embarks onto a dangerous mission to eradicate all evil. Put your finger on the trigger and travel through time and space to wreak havoc like in the golden days of fast paced, adrenaline-pumping first person shooters, hooking you for hours of super fun carnage. Let’s rock and roll! Explore 60 vast levels in five settings, from frozen Antarctic base to the sands of Egypt to the medieval castles’ courts and graveyards. Find keys to unlock passages, reveal secret caches with ammo and gold, use lifts and hidden buttons to access new areas. Finally descend to hell to face the ultimate challenge and emerge victorious. Combat tons of enemies from flying demons to five-storeys robots, splashing walls and floors with their blood and chunks. Dodge bullets and projectiles, figure out strategies and weapons that work best against each of the nasty villains. Learn their moves and stay one step ahead to survive through the levels. Face megabosses in vast final arenas to complete each world. Expand your arsenal with new weapons found along your way. From powerful blades to massive guns, collect and develop your favourite gear and master the craft of carnage. Reach into vast arsenal of 38 types of weapons and learn their secret tricks to deliver maximum damage, fast! Grab ammo and spit out series of bullets, walls of flames, and bursts of magic shots to bring down enemies foolish enough to stand in your way. Develop your hero the way you like, by assigning upgrade points and perks to the favourite skills between each level. Develop and upgrade spells and weapons to create your unique character through the game, and use their powers to master the game in higher difficulty modes.
Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain

May 28,
As the lights go out, the embers of darkness are stoked in the sleepy town of Dormont. Whispers of disappearances carry through the town as a burgeoning, uneasy and irrational fear begins to spread and darkness comes to be an unwelcome reflection to Those Who Remain. Some mistakes should never happen, not when your life is complete – and yet they do. Edward had the good life, a beautiful wife and the perfect little girl, yet finds himself several whiskeys down and driving through the night of Dormont to end his secret affair – in a bid to fix his mistakes. As Edward pulls into the Golden Oak Motel, he is unaware just how much this night will change his life… The horrors and darkness that thrive in the corner of every eye are torn loose… Those Who Remain places you in an up-close, psychological horror story set in the sleepy town of Dormont – a town in a spiralling split from the fabric of reality, warped by darkness and the deeds of the Citizens who reside. Confront the uncomfortable horrors reflected by the darkness and survive the night of Dormont as Edward is confronted with a test of his sanity, morality and the shadows of evil that lurks below.
Warface: Breakout

Warface: Breakout

May 26,
Become the ultimate mercenary of tomorrow in Warface: Breakout, a tactical online first-person shooter where tight gunplay and strategic team cooperation define the high-stakes PvP experience. Engage in fierce gunfights, make split-second decisions and master a vast arsenal of weapons to outsmart your opponents and secure victory.
The Persistence

The Persistence

May 21,
The Persistence challenges you to survive aboard a doomed starship, overrun with horrific and murderous abberations. Explore, evade and fight your way through the depths to bring the craft home.
Ion Fury

Ion Fury

May 14,
Ion Fury is a true successor to classic shooters such as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, and Blood. It brings all the beloved features of the ‘90s shooters fused with modern touches such as headshots, locational damage, modern physics, widescreen, and controller support.
Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic

May 13,
Deep Rock Galactic is a player co-op FPS featuring badass space Dwarves, % destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters.
World War Z Game of the Year Edition

World War Z Game of the Year Edition

May 5,
Humanity is on the brink of extinction. From New York to Moscow, through Jerusalem, Tokyo and Marseille, the undead apocalypse continues to spread. As the end looms, a hardened few band together to defeat the horde and outlive the dead. World War Z is a heart-pounding co-op third-person shooter for up to 4 players featuring swarms of hundreds of zombies. Based on the Paramount Pictures film, World War Z focuses on fast-paced gameplay while exploring new storylines from around the world. This GOTY Edition contains the multi-million seller game World War Z, its Season Pass and all paid and free DLCs released: • Marseille Episode with 3 new PvE missions located in France • Many explosive game modes in PvP/PvE, including the deadly Horde Mode Z • All character Skin packs (The Professionals, War Heroes) • All weapon Skin and Variant packs (Last Aid, Special Operations Forces, Biohazard, Lobo) • And one more upcoming weapon pack.


March 20,
You killed the Demons once, they were all dead. Or so you thought A single Demon Entity escaped detection. Systematically it altered decaying, dead carnage back into grotesque living tissue. The Demons have returned - stronger and more vicious than ever before. You mission is clear, there are no options: kill or be killed!
DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal


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