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Best Adidas® Non-Slip Work Shoes

If you are looking for a slip-resistant shoe that is ideal for your work environment, Adidas is one of the brands you should not miss.

They employ some very outstanding and effective technologies in their shoes&#; soles, along with a durable Continental rubber that provides excellent traction and slips resistance.

So in this article, we will look at some of the Best Adidas Non-Slip Work Shoes available in some of their many ranges.

Best Adidas Non-Slip Shoes

The History Behind Adidas

But, before we get into that, some history on Adidas as a brand.

Adidas is a German Multinational Corporation established by two brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler, as the Dassler Brothers Factory in

The company started off designing and manufacturing some of the best-spiked running shoes for athletic events and quality spiked footwear to enhance grip and slip resistance.

The Dassler brothers eventually split up, and Adolf took over the company under the name Adidas and bought the Three Striped Logo for his brand from a Finnish sports company; thus, now we know Adidas, the Three Stripes Company.

Up to now, Adidas sports and leisure shoes have changed in design, and more advanced and innovative technologies are employed, especially when it comes to their highly slip-resistant and high traction outsoles.

Because of the sleek and casual design of many Adidas Shoe models, especially their Terrex Ranges, they also make excellent work shoes for more casual work environments.

Adidas Slip Resistant Ranges

There are a few models that Adidas offer that have exceptional slip-resistant outsole designs that I would highly recommend as a comfortable work shoe;

  • Ultraboost and Solarboost, and Senseboost &#; The Ultraboost is a running shoe range with Primeknit uppers, a Bounce Energizing midsole for cushioning, and excellent stability support. The Outsole on the Ultraboost uses very durable Continental rubber with a Stretchweb design tread, made specifically for better traction on wet and dry slippery surfaces. The Solarboost has similar features along with the same Stretchweb Rubber Outsole. The Senseboost employs more energizing and soft cushioning with a less stable and flexible Stretchweb Continental rubber outsole.
  • Kaptur Range &#; The Kaptur range is more casual every day wearing the shoe with Prime knit uppers, and a plush cushioned Cloudfoam midsole and a sock-like fit. The Grooved design rubber outsole provides excellent slip resistance and traction on most surfaces.
  • Terrex Range &#; The Terrex range is the best option if you are looking for slip-resistant outdoor hiking and trail running shoes. These ranges offer exceptional durability and slip resistance for wet and dry outdoor trails and surfaces. The sole consists of durable Continental rubber with a very lug tread for added traction. Some models even come with a Gore-Tex Waterproof Lining.

Features of a Adidas Good Non-Slip Work Shoe

adidas Ultraboost

  • Uppers &#; The different ranges offer different upper design. Hiking and Trail Terrex models have more durable synthetic uppers with ripstop technologies and some with Gore-Tex waterproof Linings. Casual and running shoe models may have leather, synthetic c, mesh or knit uppers in a snug or regular fit.
  • Midsole and insole &#; For the midsole, Bounce Technology energizing foam cushioning or a Plush Cloudfoam technology foam is used. Then you also get a firmer EVA foam support. As for insole, a durable cushioned insole or Ortholite Sockliner is used.
  • Other Features &#; Stability features such as a Nylon or TPU shank is used for stability and balance on uneven terrains. There are also Torsion systems in some models.
  • Outsole &#; With regard to the outsole rubber or Continental rubber is used. Some models have Adiwear technology rubber that is more durable, and others have the popular Stretchweb design, which improves traction on wet surfaces. Hiking and Trail running models have a Continental rubber outsole with very lug slip-resistant treads.

Reviews: The Best Adidas Non-Slip Work Shoes

Below we have some of the best available Adidas shoe models that offer a non-slip sole;

The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 is an outdoor shoe with high traction and a slip-resistant outsole for all terrains.
  • The Terrex offers a more regular fit with a roomy toe box.
  • Ripstop durable mesh uppers with TPU overlays and a molded TPU toe cap for durability and stability.
  • A Gore-Tex lining provides waterproofing while remaining quite breathable.
  • The rubber outsole consists of Continental rubber with a lug tread for optimal slip-resistance on outdoor surfaces.
  • There is also a comfortable EVA midsole for cushioning.

The Adidas Seeley and 3MC are more formal styled skateboard shoes with a high grip rubber outsole for excellent slip resistance.
  • The Upper is a soft and comfortable textile material with a smooth suede-type finish.
  • There is a padded ankle for better ankle support and a lightly padded footbed.
  • Color options are available in solids, as well as two tones with the stripe logo.
  • The Sole is a very durable rubber with a tread for better traction and slip resistance.
  • The sneaker has a more formal style and is ideal for all work environments.

The Adidas Solarboost 21 features the popular stretch web rubber outsole ideal for slip resistance on wet and dry surfaces.
  • The Upper offers a regular roomy fit with Air Mesh and a Textile lining for breathability.
  • There is a Responsible Boost midsole for cushioning and an Energy Rail midsole to guide your feet.
  • The Stretchweb rubber outsole is more flexible in this model and still offers exceptional slip resistance.
  • Overall the shoe offers a light stable feel and flexibility.

The Adidas Terrex Folgian features plush cushioning and an outdoor slip-resistant outsole.
  • For the uppers, a breathable textile is used, and there is a roomy regular fit.
  • For cushioning, you have a Bounce energizing midsole.
  • An EVA stabilization frame ensures better stability, and the Continental rubber outsole is highly slip-resistant.
  • There is also a comfortable, and plush Cloudfgoam cushioned sock lining.
  • These are the ideal long-distance Hiking and outdoor walking shoes.

The Lite Racer Adapt is a casual wearing shoe with high traction and a durable rubber outsole for better slip resistance.
  • A comfortable and Lightweigh casual shoe for everyday wear.
  • The uppers ate a soft and breathable textile and offered easy slip-on construction with a roomy toe box.
  • There is a combined Cloudfaom cushioned midsole and outsole with a lug patterned outsole for slip resistance.
  • The Ortholite Float Sock Liner provides exceptional comfort and cushioning.

The Adidas Eastrail is a Hiking shoe that makes excellent work shoes for industrial and outdoor environments.
  • The upper is a textile and mesh for breathability, with ripstop technology for durability.
  • There are lace-up closures for a more secure fit.
  • As the fit is regular, it has a more roomy toe box and a comfortable, relaxed fit.
  • The footbed is lightly cushioned for comfort and support.
  • There is a durable rubber outsole consisting of Continental rubber, with a very lug tread for excellent slip resistance on wet and dry outdoor surfaces.
  • The Rubber sole also overlaps the toe for toe protection against bumps and abrasions.
  • You can choose from a few neutral color options available.

Index Table: Top Rated Adidas Non-Slip Shoes Work

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What Are Anti-Slip Shoes?

Anti-slip shoes are shoes that help you prevent yourself from falling, tripping or slipping when walking, standing or running on wet surfaces. They are made out of softer material, usually rubber, and their soles provide great grip on any surface.

What Brand of Shoes?

What Brand of Shoes is anti Slip?There are a number of great brands on the market that offer zero-slip type shoes. Due to the way these shoes are designed they are often some of the most comfortable shoes for those working on their feet most of the day as well as being no slip. These include people like chefs, waiters, nurses and more, and they need not only safe shoes but comfortable ones too. When working in areas that are not secure underfoot, you need the best non-slip shoe you can get and there are a few brands that are recognizable as makers of great anti-slip shoes that are perfect for the working environment. Then you get those that are  non-skid that are made for athletes such as basketball players, this is the area that Nike, Adidas, and Fila excel in.

Some of the brands favored by these people are Vans, Crocs, Birkenstock and Mozo. The clog style anti-slip shoe such as Crocs is favored by people that will be standing still for a long period while sneaker type non-skid such as Vans and Sketchers are the favorite for those that clock up the miles. Vans have recently introduced a Kitchen Shoe Program to create anti-slip sneakers specifically designed for professionals working in the catering industry.

Then you get the anti-slip shoes made specifically for workers such as the Shoes For Crews range of boots and shoes for both male and female workers who are constantly exposed to hazardous areas where the underfoot conditions are not favorable, and where a slip can cause serious injury or damage.

Another brand that is well knowing for their anti-slip shoes are Merrell, these shoes are not only favored by workers but also for casual wear. Then you also get Keen&#;s and Crocs which are very well known to the catering industry as great comfortable anti-slip footwear and clogs. Then, of course, you get Fila, Adidas, and Nike that all produce some anti-slip running shoes.

Many of the athletic shoe manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas, and others make grippier shoes for basketball and running as well as trail racing and hiking. These are perfect for zero-skid purposes however, they will not work, and are not specifically designed to ensure safe footing in wet or greasy environments such as the kitchen.

Are Nike Shoes Grippy?

Nike does have a great range of no slip shoes, specifically running and training shoes that are available to purchase. However most of the Nike shoes are suited to slippery surfaces such as basketball courts and are designed as anti-slip for those types, but if you are looking for a shoe that is suitable to wear when working in conditions where your underfoot is either wet or greasy, then Nike would not be the best option for non-skid shoes.

So the answer is yes and no when it comes to Nike. They do produce great anti-slip soled shoes which are perfect for the baseball court, however, they are not the right ones to use when working in a kitchen or as a server in a restaurant.

Are Vans Good Too?

boy wearing vansYes. These shoes were originally designed to be skateboard shoes and that would mean they need to have great traction, not only to keep you on the board but for push off and stopping. The pro skate versions have a much more comfortable insole but other than that, they are all perfect to use as anti-slip footwear.

Vans are a favorite shoe for those working in the service industry such as waiters or waitresses, as they are not only zero-slip but also have a great sneaker style look. They will ensure that you will not find yourself and your plates and food all over the floor when serving in a restaurant where stepping in a wet spot is likely.

Not only are Vans perfect for workers in the service industry and people who spend all day on their feet, these no slip footwear items look great and are extremely comfortable to wear so also make great leisure wearing shoes.

What About Crocs?

Most all crocs are anti-slip shoes. They were designed and developed as a boating shoe, so specifically to be used on wet surfaces where protecting yourself from slipping is a daily occurrence. Nowadays they are used in all kinds of work environments as anti-slip, comfortable work shoes, as well as being used by the general public as comfortable day to day shoes.

What makes Croc slip resistant? The Crocs Lock tread that they feature, which also meets all industry standards for slip resistance. They are used extensively in kitchens, restaurants and in hospitals. Not only are they slip resistant they are also lightweight.

If you like spending time outdoors and near or in water, then Crocs will also work for you as they are slip resistant as well as water resistant. So walking or swimming in rivers, or lakes no longer has to be hard on your feet, and they are perfect for poolside too.


Picking the right anti-slip shoe is imperative if you work in hazardous conditions, are on your feet all day, or have a specific need. Regardless of the intended use, there are a number of non-slip options from reliable brands on the market.

Expert Tip by Alexis DeSalva Kahler

If you’ve had success with one brand in the past, even for a different need, look for available non-slip options with that brand first. It’s likely they fit you well and starting with a familiar brand can help save you time in the long run.

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Adidas Climacool Jawpaw Slip-On Shoes

The 14 Best Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes

Imagine showing up to the very first day of your first job at a restaurant. You’re excited, nervous, and ready to meet the rest of the team and get to work. There’s only one problem, though: instead of donning comfortable work shoes, you show up in sandals, inadvertently violating the first rule of restaurant footwear: never wear open-toed shoes. Shoes for restaurant workers are always closed-toe, comfortable, and slip-resistant. 

While options abound, one thing’s for certain: how you treat your feet is not a decision to be taken lightly when you work in a restaurant and are on your feet every day for hours on end. 


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Why Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes are Important 

Anyone who’s worked in restaurants can attest that you’ll traverse many miles and landmines throughout a typical shift. You need shoes that can do the double duty of standing up to the elements and keeping you comfortable — while doing the physically taxing work of cooking or serving all day and into the night.

Here’s why it's in your best interest to choose the most comfortable and non-slip restaurant shoes available:

Hot Spills and Splatters 

No matter how tight a ship your restaurant management runs, something is inevitably going to end up on the floor. Pair those scattered lemon wedges, melted ice cubes, and errant grease slicks with a server balancing entrees for a four top and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. 

A recent study by Emory University found that food service workers “have a 60 percent higher rate of occupational injury than workers in other industries.” For both FOH and BOH workers, non-slip shoes are non-negotiable. In fact, if you don’t have a policy requiring non-slip shoes for your staff, institute one right away. Besides protecting your staff from injury, you’ll be protecting your business.

Foot Protection and Injury Prevention

When you’re feverishly digging through dry storage or the walk-in to restock mid-shift, it’s easy to lose your grip and drop a heavy box or container on your feet. For BOH workers, hot oil and grease splashes are another hazard.

Most folks are aware of the danger of cutting or burning their hands, but dropped food in the kitchen can also burn legs and feet. To avoid a hospital trip for a broken toe or third degree burn, it’s essential to have non-slip restaurant shoes that can withstand a bit of impact.

Arch Support

Restaurant workers log long hours on their feet. One study found that servers on average clock 23, steps a day – that’s more than 10 miles! notes that for each mile walked, our feet bear , to , lbs of stress. For these reasons, arch support is critical. 

Slip-resistant shoes that support the natural curve of our feet – as opposed to flat shoes like flip flops – not only improve comfort during long shifts, but they also prevent injury. Ankle sprains, ankle twists, and fallen arches can all result from undertaking strenuous activity without the proper support.

The 14 Best Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes

Passionate opinions abound on the topic of which restaurant shoes rise to the top. This is a case where one size certainly does not fit all. 

Here’s a round-up of the top picks from the restaurant workers we spoke to, from clogs to sneakers. 

1) Dansko Clogs

Ask a restaurant worker about their favorite footwear and clogs are likely to be towards the top of the list. 

Nordic-inspired, USA-based Dansko has a loyal following — and for good reason. They’re a staple of many professionals not just in food service, but in the healthcare and retail industries as well. They offer great support, a little height, and come in an extensive variety of designs and styles. These qualities make Danskos not only great restaurant shoes, but great everyday shoes. Ann Dittrich, Creative Director for Dansko, reveals that “more than 80 percent of our customers wear Danskos both on and off the job.” If you're going to invest in a pair of Danskos – and they are an investment, as a basic pair will cost you $ – make sure you're purchasing a slip-resistant model. 

Shop Danskos here.

2) Birkenstock Clogs 

“I’m partial to the Birkenstock clog,” says Grace Lichaa, a year veteran of the food service industry in Boston. They don’t have a “heel like Danskos, are super comfy, and you can also take out the insert and wash them in the dishwasher. The polyurethane is more protective than leather for hot water and grease, too.”

Grace reveals another important truth about restaurant shoes: they stink. The ability to clean the inserts is a huge perk, and Bon Appétit magazine agrees. When they conducted a staff survey to determine the best kitchen shoes, it was the Birkenstock London Hunter that rose to the top, earning points for practicality, comfort, and style.

Shop Birkenstock Chef & Kitchen shoes here.

3) Sanitas Clogs

Styled similarly to Danskos, Sanitas is another clog brand with a large fan base. “I live and die by my Sanitas,” says Jessica Smith, manager at Streetcar wine shop in Boston. “[They] have a snugger fit than Dansko clogs so your foot doesn’t slosh around and they last much longer. My current pair are in their fourth year and – apart from my spilling paint all over them – are still in awesome shape!”

Folks prone to back issues noted Sanitas as their clear favorite. “I wore sneakers in college when I was waiting tables and it compressed my lumbar. When I switched to Sanitas, I regrew a 1/2 inch! I’ve been wearing them for over 10 years now. Also, I have wide feet so it’s nice to have options in their sizing,” says Leona Naiki, a baker and cheesemonger in Detroit.

Julia Hallman, manager at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, Massachusetts, also commented on the miracles Sanitas can work. “I have lower back problems so I love how well the Sanitas improve my posture. The heels never wear down so they feel as good as when I first bought them. Mine are five years old and going strong!”

Shop Sanitas here.

4) Crocs Bistro

In , Crocs capitalized on their popularity among food service workers by debuting their Bistro Clog specifically for culinary professionals. 

The line forgoes the porous design of original Crocs and offers slip-resistant treads, reinforced toes and the signature feature that made Crocs famous: cleanability. Crocs can be hosed down, soaked, and scrubbed like no other shoe, a major advantage for those wading through grease and grime all shift long.

Shop Crocs Bistro here.

5) Hokas

Not to be outdone by the clog cult, sneakers can also be a safe and practical option to get you through a shift. Gregg Ciccone, baker at (swah-rey) dessert bar in St. Petersburg, FL swears by Hoka running shoes because “they’re super comfortable and supportive.” 

Shop Hokas here.

Sneakers are also a go-to for Mackenzie Jacobs, a catering server at Four Seam Hospitality in Sutton, NE. “They allow for full movement of your feet and are very comfortable,” she says.

6) Skechers Non-Slip Work Shoes

Skechers Work collection is perfect for sneaker fans who need a slip-resistant option that can support them for long shifts. They're also amazingly affordable, with styles ranging from classic sneakers to boots.  

Shop Skechers Non-Slip Work Shoes here.

7) Vans 'Made for Makers' Shoe Line

Vans Made for Makers line is designed for "tough jobs, and the creative communities around them. Whether you're an artist, surfboard shaper, barber, or tattoo artist, Made For The Makers was built for maximum comfort so you can do what you love all day."

Styles include classics from the Vans catalog, including the ubiquitous SK8-Hi hightop's, the Slip-On, and the Old-Skool, each equipped with a non-slip vulcanized lugged soles and a canvas upper that repels dirt and liquids.

Shop Vans Made for Makers Shoes here.

8) Dr. Scholl's "Work" Slip-Resistant Shoe Line 

Dr.Scholl's "Work" line is specifically made for professionals who spend hours on their feet, but don't want to compromise comfort or curb appeal for support and slip resistance.

The line offers customers a variety of styles – including clogs, lace-up sneakers, slip-on sneakers, Mary-Janes, ballet flats, and even heeled wedges – that each offer the wearer a sturdy, durable shoe that protects from the elements and can be worn comfortably for hours on end.

Shop Dr. Scholl's Work Shoes here.

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9) New Balance Arishi V3     

New Balance sneakers are known for their comfort and arch support, and the Arishi V3 doesn’t fail to deliver. These shoes feature a cushioned insole, are slip-resistant, and have TripGuard which allow fluid movement between slippery environments.  They’re also made with a breathable mesh material that’s easy to clean. 

Shop the Arishi v3 here.

10) Keep Company Shaheen Gourmand Mid-Top Sneakers

Tested by real chefs, Keep Company has designed a line of shoes that don’t sacrifice style for comfort. The Gourmand has a non-slip rubber sole, and the shoe is both oil and water resistant. The insole provides a good amount of heel and arch support, and the lace-up provides extra ankle support without looking clunky. And a bonus: these shoes are vegan, so it’s a great option for those who don’t want to purchase leather shoes.

Shop the Gourmand here.

11) Clove

While Clove’s sneakers are relatively new to the block and are made with healthcare professionals in mind, their slip-resistant shoes are a great option for restaurant workers. These sneakers feature “liquid-repellent and stain-resistant Clarino™ fabric [and] odor-fighting, machine washable insoles from Ortholite™.” Clove also features a cushioned foam insole and a cushioned foam midsole for all day comfort, along with a slip-resistant rubber outsole.

Shop Clove here.

12) Snibbs

Snibbs dubs their product as “the last work show you’ll ever need” — and since they were designed by an orthopedic surgeon, those claims may not be too far-fetched. Snibbs features Ortholite™ insoles like Clove, and offers a breathable, lightweight, and supportive shoe that repels water with a non-slip sole. There’s no need to worry about being stuck with a pair of Snibbs if they don’t work for you — they offer a day trial period with a full refund.  

Shop Snibbs here.

13) Emeril’s Footwear

If you’re wondering if the Emeril Lagasse is behind this shoe, then yes, you’re right. He offers both slip-on and laced options that are slip-, water-, stain-, and odor-resistant. All of the shoes have a comfortable mid-sole for comfort and a patented B.A.M. memory foam technology for all day comfort and stability. 

Shop Emeril’s Footwear here.

14) Merrell Jungle Moc Pro Work Shoes

Sturdy yet lightweight, Merrell’s Moc Pro shoes feature full grain, waterproof leather uppers with an oil and slip resistant rubber sole. While the shoes are made with leather, the lining is made from breathable mesh which keeps the feet cool and dry all dry.

Shop the Jungle Moc Pro Work Shoes here.

What Not to Wear to a Restaurant Job

In the search for the perfect pair of restaurant shoes, knowing which shoes to avoid is equally important. Here’s a cheat sheet for which shoe types to steer clear of.


Exposed feet equals vulnerable feet. Besides making yourself vulnerable to injury, most establishments simply won’t allow them. In some states, having exposed toes in a restaurant kitchen is against the health code. 

Ballet Flats

Ah, ballet flats. So chic, so trendy, soflat. The lack of arch support is the number one offender here. Feeble protection of the toes and tops of your feet are close behind.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are supposed to be non-slip, right? Yes and no. 

While many boat shoes are designed to prevent slips on deck, throw a greasy floor in the mix and it all goes out the window. Slick floors and boat shoes don’t mix. Also, these casual shoes offer no arch support and have ample room for kitchen debris to get in.


The one exception here may be for those working the host stand. For everyone else on the floor, heels won’t get you far.

Ever heard of someone attempting to walk a half marathon in heels? There’s a reason you haven’t. You’ll be setting yourself up for painful cuts and calluses — not to mention back and shoulder issues from the lack of support.

Find Yourself Some Comfortable Work Shoes

There are many ways to get burned working in a restaurant and wearing the wrong shoes is one of them. Investing in a quality pair will carry you through many a shift and pay dividends in the form of happy and healthy feet.

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