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When asked if Autodesk Fusion 360* is free for hobbyists and start-ups, there are two possible answers. The first answer is “Yes, but…”, while other people would say “No, but…”.

There are the following requirements that allow you to use Autodesk Fusion 360 for free:

  • If you make less than $100,000 a year as a start-up.
  • If you use Fusion 360 for non-commercial purposes only.

If you meet these requirements, you can download it here:

With the advent of three-dimensional printing, on the one hand, production technology has expanded by one dimension, and on the other hand, the need to design 3D objects on the computer rises steadily.

Design programs help to produce the desired 3D objects. If you want to create not only cylinders and cuboids but also print complicated prints with spherical surfaces, the use of special software is essential.


What is Autodesk Fusion 360?

The Fusion 360 software* developed by Autodesk is ideal if you want to do 3D CAD modeling. It is a commercial software that is considered a program by many users.

When you choose Fusion 360, you have access to the best tools, combining the state-of-the-art Inventor, Rhino, Vault, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD.

For many users, the outstanding feature of this software is its complete integration into the cloud. Not only can you benefit from easy access, but you can also work with almost any device that has a connection to the World Wide Web.

The professional 3D CAD software from Autodesk* is very user-friendly, unlike competing professional 3D modeling software for solids.

Fusion 360 covers your complete planning process, the testing phase and the execution phase.

This CAD software has not only analytical network tools but also extremely powerful parametric tools. These tools are ideally suited to the majority of industrial design challenges. 

In addition, you can simulate not only the construction of your designed components but also the loads to which they are subjected during operation.

With Fusion 360 you can create solid models that are suitable for 3D printing.

Other highlights of Fusion 360 are the sophisticated features that help collaboration.

Live review gives designers and engineers the opportunity to present their work to project participants or stakeholders who are not physically present.

Cooperation proves to be extremely easy! You can share links that the viewers can insert into their own browsers. So you can have your structured 3D model checked.

As long as you have presenter controls, your viewers will see you move the zoom, theme, and other settings.

You also have the ability to assign controls to a user with Fusion 360. These assigned controls can be used by the Fusion 360 tools from within your browser.

This state-of-the-art 3D CAD software supports cloud-based file sharing. Fusion 360 also supports version control as well as import and export of all major CAD file types.

The Fusion 360 software’s wide range of features gives you a versatile tool that’s not only popular with engineers and professional designers, but also with hobby printers and start-ups.

So it’s not surprising that you have to pay for the full version of Autodesk Fusion 360.

Fortunately, however, the “but” can be built in here. You have the possibility to test the completely free trial version before you buy it.

Autodesk also offers students a free full version of Fusion 360 software.

If the price of this Autodesk software doesn’t fit your budget, you can take advantage of some excellent alternatives to Fusion 360 that are free. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the most popular software alternatives that you can use at no cost.

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Free Trial

If you want to familiarize yourself with Fusion 360, you can use the free trial version of Autodesk.

Visit the Autodesk website and select Fusion 360.

Click on the button “Download free trial version”.

Now enter your personal data.

Then click on “Download free trial”.

This website can automatically detect your operating system. It is advantageous that Autodesk starts the download with the corresponding installation program itself.

Now install the free Fusion 360 trial version.

Here you can download directly*.

Fusion 360 Download: Free Trial Versions and Mobile Apps

Autodesk also offers you the opportunity to download a free learning version*. You can use this learning version for three years. The advantage is that you can run the free version of Fusion 360 on either one or two devices.

Autodesk makes this educational version available to students and for educational purposes free of charge for three years.

Step-by-Step Instructions for the Free Learning Version

Switch to the Autodesk Education Community.

Select Fusion from the software list.

Create an Autodesk account. If you have already created an Autodesk account, you can log in to that existing account.

Now click on the button “download now”.

Select the version you want, click on the operating system you use and choose your preferred language.

Both the displayed serial number and the product key will be sent to your email address.

Click on the “Browser Download” button.

Now you can install the free version.

Activate your license the first time you run the free Autodesk Fusion 360 version.

Here you can download directly*.

Requirements for Free Fusion 360 for Start-ups and Hobbyists

If your training period is far behind you, you don’t have to give up hope for a free version.

You still have the option to get a free license for Autodesk if you are working for a start-up or if 3D printing is your hobby.

If you generate less than $100,000 per year, you can take advantage of the free Autodesk license.

Alternatively, you can apply for a hobby license if you use the Fusion 360 software for non-commercial purposes only.

How Can I Request the Free Version as a Start-up or Hobbyist?

After the free trial period expires, select the test button in the upper Fusion 360 test bar.

Now a dialog box appears. Tell us what you want to use the Fusion 360 software for and click the “Next” button.

If you click “Buy Now”, you are purchasing the Fusion 360 software. However, if you want to sign up for the free license, select the “Verify that you qualify” button.

Now select either the start license type or the person. Enter the information required to determine whether you qualify at all.

After the single or startup procedures have been completed, a dialog will be displayed.

Finally, click the “Start Fusion 360” button to return to the program.

Two Versions of Autodesk Fusion 360

You can choose between two versions of Fusion 360.

Ultimate Version

As a user of the Ultimate version, you have access to advanced simulation tools. These extra simulations include structural buckling and testing the behavior of non-linear materials. These include rubber bands and plastics.

Event simulation helps you better understand the effects of certain behaviors. For example, you can more easily understand how loads have shifted within a 3D design.

You also have the option of optimizing molds for minimum material consumption as well as for maximum performance.

In addition, Fusion 360 Ultimate gives you the ability to use innovative tool techniques. The Ultimate version is capable of machining five axes at the same time.

Mobile Apps 

Autodesk offers several free Fusion 360 apps to help you take advantage of the full potential of cloud collaboration with Fusion 360 software.

These free apps are available for both the Android platform and the iOS platform.

Each of the free Fusion 360 apps is dedicated to a significant aspect of the main program. Thus, each project partner has the opportunity to work with the tools they are most familiar with.

Core App Fusion 360

This core Fusion 360 app lets you view your projects in 3D at any time. You can also collaborate on Fusion 360 projects.

This app allows you to work on three-dimensional designs together with other people either inside or outside your company.

This app gives you the flexibility to view your Fusion 360 CAD model anywhere, anytime. You can also work with others on these 360-CAD models.

You can also open more than 100 different file formats. These file formats include industry standards such as CATIA, AutoCAD and SolidWorks files. IAM, IPT, SLDPRT, DG, CATPART, STL, STEP, and IGES file formats are also supported. So you can share your three-dimensional designs with your team, partners, customers and friends.

This means that you are not bound to Autodesk products.

This free app allows you to track the progress of your 3D projects. You benefit from access to full three-dimensional components and 3D designs. What’s even more convenient is that you can even isolate individual parts to take a closer look at them.

Advantages of the Fusion 360 core app at a glance 
  • Upload and display over 100 data formats
  • supported formats are SAT, SLDPRT, STL, STEP, SMT, IGES, DWG, OBJ, F3D and DXF.
  • View project activities and project updates
  • Tracking of project activities and project updates
  • Review of large and small 3D designs and 3D assemblies
  • Access to design properties and complete parts lists
  • Isolation and blanking of individual components in the model
  • Simple display of individual components
  • Navigation by touch with rotate, pan and zoom.
  • Release for project participants inside and outside your company
  • Direct release of draft screenshots with markers from the app

Fusion Production App 

The second app from Fusion is called Fusion Production. This app is used to organize the daily product flow in a workshop. The Fusion Production app is aimed at the executive and provides special tools to help you plan production. It also allows you to track orders and monitor machines.

If you think the Fusion Production App is all about charts and tables, you’re wrong. You can view and edit detailed instructions related to jobs and tasks. Most importantly, you can follow the progress of each job closely.

Thanks to the free Fusion 360 app, you can not only take notes of jobs, but also take photos of jobs that you are currently still doing in the workshop. You can share your notes and photos with your colleagues.

The Fusion Production App complements a browser-based interface and provides real-time visibility and instant access to your production data.

A downer of the Fusion Production App is that it is only available for Android users. This means that you must be an Android device owner to take advantage of the free app.

In order to use this mobile app, you must purchase a Fusion Production subscription.

Advantages of the Fusion Production App at a glance 
  • track the progress of 3D jobs in the workshop
  • Display of detailed job and task instructions
  • Updating the job status
  • Add videos, notes and photos to running jobs
  • Display of a live stream with activities taking place in the workshop
  • Display and modify jobs assigned to a workstation.
Disadvantages of the Fusion Production App at a glance
  • only suitable for Android devices
  • Fusion Production subscription required.
System requirements 

In order to use the desktop version, your system must meet some requirements.

Operating system 
  • Windows 8.1 or 10
  • MacOS 10.13 or higher.
  • 64-bit processor
  • 4 cores
  • 1.7 GHz Intel Core i3
  • AMD Ryzen 3 or higher.
Graphics card 
  • integrated with 6 GB RAM
  • dedicated with 1 GB VRAM
  • Support for DirectX 11 and higher.

Free Alternatives to Autodesk Fusion 360

If the price of Autodesk Fusion 360* is beyond your budget, there is an alternative for this 3D software. We would like to introduce you to the most recommended alternatives, which offer similar features but are free.

The most notable free variants of CAD software include Onshape, FreeCAD and Vectary.


Onshape is a product development platform that combines not only CAD, but also data management and tools for real-time analysis and collaboration.

This platform helps companies to modernize their product design process.

Onshape allows you to share CAD models in real-time.

If you want to design your private 3D project team computers, you can use the toolbox of the CAD cloud service Onshape for free.

For professional, paying users, Onshape offers complete management and version control of 3D drawings, as well as collaboration functions for teamwork.

If you want to use Onshape as a non-paying hobbyist, you must accept that third parties can publicly view your private drawings.


  • Parts, assemblies and drawings
  • Configurations
  • Managed In-Context Design
  • Standard content libraries
  • simultaneous cutting tools
  • Import and export of industry file formats
  • intelligent custom functions.

Data management 

  • Product Data Management
  • Release Management
  • Parts list
  • Version control
  • Advanced workflows
  • Branching and merging.

Tools for cooperation 

  • Real-time design review
  • complete machining process
  • simultaneous editing
  • Live chat
  • Comments
  • secure sharing
  • only a simplified view.

Security and surveillance checks 

  • secure cloud platform
  • immediate supply
  • immediate deprovisioning
  • Control and monitoring access to design data
  • reversible history
  • verifiable change logs
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • AES 256 and TLS v1.2 encryption
  • SOC 2 certification.

Analytics and reporting 

  • Analysis by user, project or document
  • Release of the report generation
  • Activity stream in newsfeed style
  • complete design history
  • Changelog
  • Approval and notification workflow
  • Warnings.

Integrations and Partners 

  • Live Business Integration
  • Engineering Integrations
  • PLM
  • ERP
  • single sign-on
  • Simulation
  • very well documented REST-API


The free CAD software FreeCAD is solid and based on parametric modeling.

FreeCAD is designed to create the three-dimensional design of real objects of any size.

FreeCAD is an open-source program with a feature set designed for the 3D community. Let this free CAD software overwhelm you, take the time to delve into it and benefit from a number of impressive features.

The parametric modeling feature lets you change your 3D design quickly and easily. All you need to do is return to the model history and change the model dimensions.

The parametric software also allows you to create assemblies.

The FreeCAD software comes with a modular architecture that allows you to integrate plug-ins into the core application.

A further highlight is a sketcher including a constraint solver, with which you can sketch two-dimensional shapes.

One of the special features is a robot simulation, which examines the movements of robots.

FreeCAD also offers a path module. This path module comes in handy when you want to do mechanical operations such as milling. Another advantage of the path module is that it can output the G-code as well as display and adjust it.

One of the most remarkable modules of this free CAD software is the Architecture Bank, which allows you to do Building Information Design. Thanks to this feature, you can design models of buildings that contain important metadata such as the weight and cost of the materials required.

Unlike other AutoCAD software, this is a versioning software. You can create three-dimensional drawings under different projection angles.

Thanks to the wealth of YouTube videos, you can learn how to use the free FreeCAD more easily.

FreeCAD is ideal for solid modeling and thus for printing three-dimensional objects. You can create STL files for 3D printers.

In terms of usability, FreeCAD is in the midfield.

In our opinion, FreeCAD is a good alternative to Fusion 360. This software is not only useful for hobbyists and students, but also for professionals to create three-dimensional objects. In addition, even small companies that do not want to spend a budget on CAD software can benefit from FreeCAD.

It may happen that not all modules are updated during the update. These will only be updated in the next version of the software.

One weakness is that the learning curve of this software is quite difficult, especially for newcomers. It is therefore not surprising that some users choose to take a course to master this software.

Finding your way around the complicated user interface is unfortunately not intuitive.


This free CAD software is based on freemium browsers.

Vectary features an innovative user interface and an excellent approach to collaboration.

The impressive thing about Vectary is its functionality, which you can continuously extend with plugins.

This free CAD software includes parametric modeling. This feature allows you to make a quick adjustment of the mesh.

Vectary is not based on precise measurements. The designs are created in a three-dimensional viewport using subdivision modeling and then transformed using various tools.

This software is designed to meet the needs of designers.

Vectary attaches great importance to the fact that several users can work together. You can store all the three-dimensional models in the cloud. The saved models can be used by you and other users.

Although the range of functions of the free CAD software is large, Vectary requires a lot of memory.

In general, three private projects belong to Vectary. However, if you want to export projects, you must purchase the Premium Plan. This costs nine USD per month. If you are a teacher, pupil or student, you can take advantage of the free educational version. As a free user, you can embed your three-dimensional models and place them on your website or blog. Alternatively, you can place your 3D models in your customer presentation.


OpenSCAD is another helpful program for 3D printing, which is suitable for all operating systems. Another advantage is that it allows you to define your three-dimensional objects using a description language.

On the positive side, you can describe the dependencies of different construction elements in the form of variables. You can even use repetitions by loop operations.

However, if you intend to design complicated, spherical surfaces, OpenSCAD is not the right choice. The reason for this is that OpenSCAD reaches its limits quite quickly.


This browser-based software allows you to create less complex 3D models. This Autodesk software is ideal for beginners because the structure is uncomplicated and the learning curve is not steep.

A major advantage of this program is that you can use Tinkercad without installing it on the operating systems.

The uncomplicated handling should also be emphasized. Tinkercad scores points for the menu navigation, which is extremely clear.

The advantage is that you can easily share your created 3D models with other users, for example with Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory.

If you want to create 3D models with Tinkercad, you don’t need to be a CAD expert.

Placing a shape is as easy as adding and removing material. Adjusting is also easy, as you can freely rotate, move and adjust shapes in space.

You have the option of grouping a number of shapes so that you can create detailed 3D models.

Tinkercard supports all 3D printers which accept standard STL file formats.

With this program, you can quickly achieve a result, but there is a high risk that you will lose track of what is going on. Another weakness of Tinkercad is that subsequent changes are difficult.

Registration on 

If you want to create and print your own three-dimensional models, you need an Autodesk account, which you can create for free.

On the start page you first click on the Register button.

Select your country and enter your birthday.

Now choose a username and password. If you are under 13 years old, you must enter your parents’ email address.

Finally, you have to click on the button “Create account”.

Once your Autodesk account has been confirmed, you log in by clicking on the “Log in” button.

SketchUp Make 

Once known as SketchUp, the software from LastSoftware is free and is ideal for architectural design.

With SketchUp Make, you can easily turn your ideas into a three-dimensional model. This program offers you simple tools for a wide range of applications. Hobbyists, designers and engineers all benefit from SketchUp Make.

Before creating your model, you can choose a template that will guide you through the entire modeling process.

This versatile 3D software represents a very good balance between functionality and usability.

If you’re a beginner and interested in learning CAD modeling, SketchUp Make is an excellent free alternative to Fusion 360.


3Dslash relies on the power of small blocks, which you can either place or delete to create your three-dimensional model.

This software provides you with various tools with which you can create your designs.

The ability to transform parts of real-life in 3D with just one image, making it easy to upload and edit.

Thanks to the high resolution of maximum 0.1 mm, 3DSlash helps to ensure that your object is fairly accurate and you can make your creative reality a reality.


The cloud-based 3D modeling software Leopoly is characterized by its uncomplicated usability and various modeling options.

One of the highlights is the library, which contains numerous objects that you can customize in text and color.

You can also choose from an extensive file gallery where models of other users are available.

This three-dimensional modeling software is specially designed for users, students, who have not yet gained much experience in 3D printing.


A good 3D modeling software is essential for 3D printing. You can choose between a variety of different software variants.

Autodesk has launched Fusion 360, one of the best software solutions on the market, which you can test for 30 days. This software is free for three years if your turnover is less than 100000 USD.

If you are looking for free alternatives to Fusion 360, we recommend Onshape, FreeCAD and Vectary. Alternatively, OpenSCAD, Tinkercad, SketchUp Make, 3DSlash and Leopoly are also available.            

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Change is inevitable, and a part of life. But we’re told that nobody likes change. So logically, it seems we’ve proved nobody likes life. QED.

That may be a reach, but judging by the reaction of the Fusion 360 community to the announced changes to the personal use license, they’re pretty much hating life right now. The clear message from Autodesk is that Fusion 360 — the widely used suite of CAD and CAM software — will still offer a free-to-use non-commercial license for design and manufacturing work, with the inclusion of a few very big “buts” that may be deal-breakers for some people. The changes include:

  • Project storage is limited to 10 active and editable documents
  • Exports are now limited to a small number of file types. Thankfully this still includes STL files but alas, DXF, DWG, PDF exports are all gone
  • Perhaps most importantly to the makerverse, , SAT, and IGES file types can no longer be exported, the most common files for those who want to edit a design using different software.
  • 2D drawings can now only be single sheet, and can only be printed or plotted
  • Rendering can now only be done locally, so leveraging cloud-based rendering is no longer possible
  • CAM support has been drastically cut back: no more multi-axis milling, probing, automatic tool changes, or rapid feeds, but support for 2, 2.5, and 3 axis remains
  • All support for simulation, generative design, and custom extensions has been removed

Most of these changes go into effect October 1, with the exception of the limit on active project files which goes into effect in January of 2021. We’d say that users of Fusion 360’s free personal use license would best be advised to export everything they might ever think they need design files for immediately — if you discover you need to export them in the future, you’ll need one of the other licenses to do so.

To be fair, it was pretty clear that changes to the personal use license were coming a while ago with the consolidation of paid-tier licenses almost a year ago, and the cloud-credit system that monetized rendering/simulation/generative design services happening on the Autodesk servers. Features removed from the free license in this week’s announcement remain in place for paid subscriptions as well as the educational and start-up license options.

The problem with these personal use licenses is that it’s easy to get used to them and think of them as de facto open-source licenses; changing the terms then ends up leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. To their credit, Autodesk is offering a steep discount on the commercial license right now, which might take some of the sting out of the changes.

Update 09-25-2020: Autodesk has announced that STEP file export will remain in the free version of Fusion 360

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Can my business use Fusion 360 for free?

Yes - Fusion 360 offers the following free license types:

Fusion 360 Start-Up:

  • Businesses with 10 or fewer employees.
  • Business less than 3 years old
  • Businesses (including parent entities) generating less than $100,000 USD in gross annual revenue.
  • Businesses designing and/or manufacturing their own new and innovative products. Not intended for persons or businesses doing contract work for clients or for hobby businesses.
  • Businesses willing to share their story with the Autodesk Fusion 360 community.
  • That are venture-backed, angel-backed, or bootstrap startups 
  • With a valid website or transacting on a social media or digital platform.

To apply for a Start-Up license, review the information on Free Fusion 360 for Startups, and submit an application for the license at the bottom of the webpage.

Fusion 360 Personal Use:

  • Individuals with non-commercial personal design projects.
  • Individuals doing home-based non-commercial manufacturing and fabrication.

For more information on eligibility of the free Personal Use license, review the Fusion 360 for Free Personal Use page.

My business generates more than $100,000 per year, but we don't use Fusion 360 to create what we're selling. Do we still have to get a subscription?

  • Autodesk doesn't distinguish between the use of Fusion 360 to design parts for manufacture and the use of Fusion 360 to design tools or parts used in manufacturing. If your business generates more than $100,000 per year (or the local equivalent), you need to purchase a subscription. 

Can students and educators get free Fusion 360 licenses?

My 30-day free trial of Fusion 360 is ending. How do I renew my free Fusion 360 license?

See Also:



Fusion 360;


How to RENEW your Fusion 360 Personal Use license - Get Fusion 360 for Free

Fusion 360

Autodesk® Fusion 360™ for Android lets you collaborate on 3D designs with anyone inside or outside your company. With the Fusion 360 app, you have the flexibility to view and collaborate on your Fusion 360 CAD models—anytime, anywhere. The app supports more than 100 file formats including DWG, SLDPRT, IPT, IAM, CATPART,IGES, STEP, STL, making it easy to share designs with your team, clients, partners, and friends.

The free app works in conjunction with its companion cloud-based desktop product, Autodesk® Fusion 360™, a 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool for product design and development.


• Upload and view more than 100 data formats including SLDPRT, SAT, IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, DWG, F3D, SMT, and DFX
• View and track project activities and updates
• Review large and small 3D designs and assemblies
• Access design properties and complete parts lists
• Isolate and hide components in the model for easy viewing
• Navigate by touch with zoom, pan, and rotate

• Share with stakeholders inside and outside your company
• Share screenshots of the design with markups directly from the app

We respect your privacy, and would like permissions to access the following capabilities and information:
+ Accounts: Using the Android Account Manager helps us manage your Autodesk account easily, and allow other Autodesk applications to connect, using your Autodesk account.
+ Storage: Store offline data if needed, so you can view your data anywhere, anytime.
+ Photos: Access files or data stored on your device to view, share and markup.


Privacy policy:

Optional Access
+ Storage (such as Photos/Media/Files): Access files or data stored on your device to view, share and markup, so you can view your data anywhere, anytime
+ Camera: Take pictures such as drawings with app
Fusion 360 will still function even if a user does not give permissions to access these functions.


360 free fusion is

Can I Get Fusion 360 for Free?

fusion logo, scan2cad logo

Fusion 360 is a product of Autodesk, which is also the company behind other CAD programs like Inventor and AutoCAD. It is among the most widely used 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE software around the world. Due to its growing popularity, people are always wondering whether they can get Fusion 360 for Free.

Compared to the likes of AutoCAD, which costs $4,795/paid every 3 years or $1,775/paid annually or $220/paid monthly and Inventor, which costs $5,915/paid every 3 years or $2,190/paid annually or $275/paid monthly, Fusion only costs $60/paid monthly or $495 paid annually making it the cheapest among the three. 

Also, depending on your requirements, it is possible to get Fusion 360 completely free. Want to learn how? Read on for the full details.

System requirements for fusion 360

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 7, Windows 8.1, macOS, and Windows 10 (64-bit only)
  • CPU processor: 64-bit processor only
  • Memory size: 3GB RAM or above

Fusion 360 features and functionalities

3D printable object designed using Fusion 360

Figure 1. 3D printable object designed using Fusion 360 (Source)

Fusion 360 CAD software is used for a range of tasks, including Computer-aided engineering (CAE), 3D design & modeling, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), additive manufacturing like 3D printing, PCB development, data management, collaboration among stakeholders, generative design, simulation, and documentation.

The software differs from most other computer-aided software in that it is based on cloud technology. Instead of using a lot of the computer’s processing power and rendering the computer almost useless for the duration of time Fusion will be undertaking actions such as rendering and thermal analysis among others, Fusion 360 sends the actions involved during these tasks to a cloud, which acts as a resource multiplier. This ensures that your computer is not slowed down when running the Fusion 360.

Another unique feature of Fusion 360 is its compatibility with 3D printing software. You can export your work as either STL or OBJ files, which are compatible with most of the software used by 3D printers. This, therefore, means that you do not need third-party software while working with Fusion 360. You can directly export your files to a 3D printer and 3D print the object you have drawn using Fusion 360.

Fusion 360 for Free

To use Fusion 360 for free, you can choose either download the Fusion 360 free Trial, or fusion 360 for Chromebooks, or the Fusion 360 for personal use or choose the Free Fusion 360 for Start-Ups if you want to use the Fusion 360 for a startup that is less than 3 years old and has less than 10 employees.

It is, however, important to note that you can only access the entire pack of Fusion 360 features once you pay for the Fusion 360. The free versions have limited features and only allow for the basic functionalities.

Fusion 360 Free Trial

This allows you to use the premium version of the Fusion 360 for free for a period of 30 days after which you shall be required to pay the monthly or annual subscription fee to continue enjoying the features of the software.

The Fusion 360 Free Trial is provided to allow users to first test the Fusion 360 functionalities and also learn how to use the software before deciding whether to pay for it or not. It allows full access to all the capabilities and features of the Fusion 360.

Fusion 360 for personal use


Fusion 360 for personal use

Figure 2. Fusion 360 for personal use (Source)

The Fusion 360 for personal use is a limited free version of the Fusion 360 that comes with basic functionalities. It is a perfect option for individuals undertaking non-complex manufacturing projects, non-commercial projects or just drawing and designing as a hobby.

It comes with the following functionalities:

  • Standard design and 3D modeling tools
  • Limited CAM functionality including the capability to design objects that can be manufactured using 2 & 3-axis milling, turning, adaptive clearing, fused filament fabrication (FFF) additive manufacturing, water jet, plasma cutter, and laser cutter.
  • Single user data management including the ability to open and edit a maximum of 10 active documents, open unlimited inactive documents, and leave comments and markups on documents.
  • Limited PCB design capabilities including the ability to design using 2 schematics, 2 layers, and use a board area of a maximum of 80cm2.
  • Limited 2D documentation and drawings. It only supports single sheets, print, and forums.
  • It only allows local rendering.
  • Ability to export only 11 file types that include .f3d, .f3z, .fbx, .iam, .ipt, .obj, .skp, .smt, .step, .stl, and .stp file types.
  • Ability to import only 13 file types that include .123dx, .dxfs, .f3d, .f3z, .fbx, .ige, .iges, .igs, .obj, .ste, .step, .stl, and .stp file types.

Interestingly, although the Fusion 360 for personal use is free, you must renew it on an annual basis to continue enjoying its features and functionalities.

Fusion 360 for Start-Ups

Fusion 360 for startups

Figure 3. Fusion 360 for startups (Source)

The Free Fusion 360 for Start-Ups is a free version of the Fusion 360 available to small startups that are less than 3 years old and have less than 10 employees. It is best suited for angel-backed, venture-backed, or bootstrap startups.

The startup should have a valid website or a social media account over which it transacts and should have gross annual revenue of less than $100,000. It should also be a startup that designs or manufactures original physical products. That means that startups involved in providing services, reselling, contract manufacturing, or consultancy do not qualify for the Free Fusion 360 for Start-Ups.

Once a startup signs up for the Free Fusion 360 for Start-Ups, it should be ready to share its story with the Fusion 360 community. 

The license must, however, be renewed on an annual basis as long as the startup continues to meet the requirements.

Fusion 360 for Chromebooks

The Fusion 360 for Chromebooks is only available to educational subscribers. 

Students and educators can access free one-year access to Autodesk products including Fusion 360 renewable annually as long as they remain eligible.

How to not get Fusion 360 for free

Even with the many options that are available to allow people to use the Fusion 360 for free, some may still be tempted to try and circumvent the licenses and try to download the cracked version of the Fusion 360 software. That comes with a myriad of risks including the fact that cracks are illegal.

If you install a cracked software on your computer, you provide hackers and other criminal organizations with leeway to infiltrate your computer and any other systems that the computer is connected to. It also makes you a frequent target of viruses, Trojans, and all other types of malware.

Worse still, if you install a cracked software, you risk being a victim of intellectual property theft, which can put your entire startup or business at risk since it would mean your competitors would be able to get their hands on the projects you are undertaking to stay ahead of them in the market.

To avoid these risks, it is advisable to go with the options we have listed above for using fusion 360 for free. After all, the Fusion 360 for personal use and the Free Fusion 360 for Start-Ups offers the option of extending the license annually meaning you can use these options indefinitely.

In conclusion

Fusion 360 is a powerful software that is easy to use and engineers, designers, and manufacturers can easily produce quality 3D models using it. Even for those with little knowledge about it, it is easy to learn. Besides, there is plenty of educational material online to assist with expanding your Fusion 360 skills.

One of the main advantages of using Fusion 360 is that it uses cloud technology thus easing the work for your computer especially when performing heavy tasks like rendering. Also, you can store your work on the cloud and access it from any location using any computer.

The only limitation when using Fusion 360 is that it requires a strong internet connection to allow seamless use of the cloud. Otherwise, you should enjoy most of its capabilities even without the money to subscribe to the premium version by using the Fusion 360 for free options we have stated above.

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How to Get Fusion 360 for After 30 Day Trial Expires

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