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About Little Green Monsters

Little Green Monsters is a home-based operation for cultivating and sharing carnivorous plants, started by Willy in Little Green Monsters aims to spread the awareness and love for carnivorous plants across Canada, and around the world. The goal is to increase accessibility of these wonderful plants by providing premium plant materials at reasonable prices.
We love our plants and we want to spread the love for these amazing plants, because we believe that &#;Everyone needs a green monster&#;!

Willy Chung has been growing carnivorous plants since He is one of the forum moderators on Carnivorous Plant Society of Canada, where he manages the seed bank, chases away the spam bots and gets inspired by other CP lovers across the globe.

Willy&#;s day job is a mechanical design engineer at Damon motorcycles, where he designs and fabricates custom parts for the motorcycle systems. He graduated from Simon Fraser University, with a bachelor degree in Mechatronic Systems Engineering. Previously, Willy has worked for Recon Instruments, and Intel to solve numerous manufacturing and production problems. Aside from the passion of innovation, Willy loves to collect and share carnivorous plants, develop new plants in tissue culture and design random gadgets.

Yes, Little Green Monsters is small, in fact, it&#;s tiny. It runs mostly by one person, it is definitely out-staffed. Its HQ is Willy&#;s bedroom; the in-vitro lab that we research and develop new & sustainable carnivorous plants, is basically Willy&#;s closet. LGM has no government grants, no rich private investors to back it. It does not create a ridiculous revenue, but certainly a lot of hard work.

Little Green Monsters is a concept, an idea, a dream. A painting of a future that carnivorous plants will one day become much more accessible and popular in Canada. It is a tiny flame that hopes to spark a revolution that we&#;d share the love and kindness toward not only plants, but toward each other.

So, what to expect from Little Green Monsters?
You can expect that every customer will be treated with respect. You can expect that all of the plants are well-cared for, and we make sure the plants are healthy prior to transportation. You can expect that we have put serious considerations into the packaging, and we would triple check your packing slip . You can expect that we read every comment, positive or negative. You can expect that we listen to all complains and we will try to make it better. Finally, you can expect that we will continue working hard to bring you more wonderful plants in the future!

When are plants available for sale?

Most live plants are available during the warmer seasons, typically from May to late September.
Some plant materials are not season-depended, such as Sundew gemmae, tubers, seeds, sphagnum moss, and other plant supplies; these are available whenever they are in stock.

Do you ship to other countries outside Canada?

Though we do not ship live plants to other countries, we can send seeds and some supplies outside Canada. Buyers are responsible for checking (if applicable) the import/ custom regulations.

How are you growing the plants?

We grow most of our plants indoors under LED grow-lights. Some of the temperate plants are grown on the balcony year-round.

Do you have a physical storefront? May I arrange a tour to see the plants?

We do not have a physical storefront, and unfortunately, we do not open to public visits.

Do you have social media that I could follow?

Yes, we do! You are welcomed to visit our Instagram and Facebook page!

Why do you specialize in mostly little green monsters, not giant green monsters?

While we sometimes have large plants available, small plants are easier to package and ship in general. Small sized plants tend to be more adaptive, forgiving than large plants, so they would recover from transportation faster and better. It is also very rewarding to watch them grow into giant green monsters under your own care!

Will there be more plants?

Yes, please stay tuned. The plant list is being updated regularly and more plants will be added.

How to reserve plants for a later shipment?

The best way is to paid for the order first and make a note of the later shipping date, you may add more items when they are available!

Can you chose the plants for me? I have a hard time to decide&#;

Yes, of course! You can just let me know your preference and budget, I&#;m happy to compile a combo for you!

Is there local pickup or delivery services available this year?
Due to COVID, local delivery service won&#;t be available but starting in , new pickup option is available at RPO Little Italy, Vancouver.

My shipment is delayed, will my plants be okay?
Plants packaged for shipping can survive easily weeks, please do not panic if your shipment is delayed!

Sours: https://lgmplants.ca/about-us/

How to Grow Food When you Have no Yard

has been a wild ride! I'm a little bit behind in making videos for you, butI thought it was about time for a life update.

I found myself in Puerto Rico through the earthquakes and COVID Pandemic. While I'm a legal Puerto Rican citizen, I don't yet have a permanent home on the island. So, I've been renting Airbnb's, which has been awesome So, when I rented a "garden house" in Rincón I was expecting it to have, well some kind of garden or growing area. Well, let's just say there isn't much of a garden to speak of I had to get creative and find ways togrow food when you have no yard!

I made a few videos for y'all to share you how I started some veggie seedsand maybe even a little guerilla gardening. Oh, and did I mention the iguanas? Stay tuned to see how I did despite these fun garden pests and lack of growing space!

    "Italy is known for tomatoes. Thailand for chilies. Germany for sauerkraut. But tomatoes originated in Peru. Thailand imported chilies from Central America. Sauerkraut started in China. Everything is a remix—and the world is better for it. Share what you know. Learn from others."

    -Marjory Wildcraft
    Sours: https://community.thegrownetwork.com/discussion//how-to-grow-food-when-you-have-no-yard
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    The Garden

    Tiny Monster is a 1/4 acre market garden located on Treaty 1 Territory in Lorette, Manitoba. Producing a diverse, and ecologically balanced variety of vegetables, using hand-tools, regenerative practices, and with a focus on building healthy soil which in turn supports healthy plants, Tiny Monster is a true example of human-scale agriculture. For our family, this translates into a life engaged with nature, engaged with community, and engaged with meaningful, challenging, and healthy work. The result of this labour is an abundance of local, nutritious, and delicious vegetables, grown to the highest ecological and culinary standards, by nurturing hands.

    Regenerative & Human-scale

    Tiny Monster is built on the premise of regenerative, human-scale agriculture: functioning as part of the greater ecological system, rather than segregated from it. Our garden, bordered by a beautiful Oak/Ash forest and steps from the Seine River, is small by choice. This is for several reasons. First, it allows us to be more observant of the vegetables growing under our care, and leaves more natural habitat for the micro-fauna that we co-exist with. The outcome of this is high quality vegetables, improved soil, and increased ecological resilience. Second, it allows us to farm using simple human-powered tools that are gentle on the soil, on the earthworms, and on the greater environment. We don&#;t roto-till our soil, we don&#;t spray, and we don&#;t have a tractor. They are unnecessary at our scale. Third, it allows us the opportunity to experiment with unique, and sometimes difficult-to-grow crops that require the close watch and gentle hand of the gardener. The challenge of working at a truly human scale is great, but the rewards are much greater.

    The Tiny Monsters

    We believe that bacteria, fungi, insects, invertebrates, and other tiny monsters are crucial components of a balanced ecosystem and of great benefit to a diversified market garden. Even ahead of the gardener who plants the seed, these micro-fauna are the primary workforce that ensure that the vegetables are happy and healthy. Growing without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, the core of our model is based on building healthy soil, utilizing a diversified crop plan, and maintaining the natural forested ecosystem that surrounds our garden, thus supporting a plethora of tiny monsters that in turn support the growth of nutritious, tasty vegetables.

    Conscious Agriculture

    We are firm believers in locally-sourced, financially accessible, sustainably grown vegetables. As long as food is being shipped to us from thousands of kilometres away &#; food that can be grown here at a higher quality and lower environmental and social cost &#; there is work to be done, and room for more small-scale farms, schoolyard gardens, food co-operatives, and backyard growers. Tiny Monster stands in solidarity with small-scale farmers and farm labourers, wild food foragers, fisher-persons and subsistence harvesters around the world in our belief that bigger does not equal better, and that borrowing from our grandchildren through unsustainable growing practices is never the answer. It is up to us growers, together with our communities, to support each other and move forward towards a more sustainable, more equitable, and healthier local food economy. We are proud to be a part of the movement.

    Sours: https://tinymonstergarden.com/
    MMJ Revolution Garden

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