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Ford Tractor Parts

Ford Tractor Parts from 1939 to the last one that rolled off the assembly line. 

The first Ford tractor was the 9N, the first tractor to have both three-point hitch and a rear Power Take Off. The 9N was first demonstrated in Dearborn, Michigan on June 29, 1939. Like the Farmall, it was designed to be a general-purpose row-crop tractor for use on smaller farms. An extremely simple, almost crude tractor, the 9N was fitted with the Ferguson system three-point hitch, a three-speed transmission, and featured foot pegs instead of running boards. Ford Tractor Parts. The 9N's relatively tall and wide-spaced front wheel design resulted in somewhat sluggish steering and reduced maneuverability compared to competing machines such as John Deere's Models A and B, and the Farmall 'Letter series'. Uniquely, the exhaust was routed underneath the tractor, much like an automobile. All 9N tractors were painted dark grey. This tractor has a rear Power Take Off (PTO) which could be used to drive three point or towed implements. The Ferguson hitch was designed to solve some of the problems found in the earlier Fordson tractors such as flipping over if the plow hit an obstruction.

The 9N was revised a number of times, until being re-launched as the 2N in late 1941. The 2N still came in dark grey, but now had added improvements including a larger cooling fan and a pressurized radiator. However, the 2N, like the 9N, still had only a 3-speed transmission, a disadvantage compared to the Farmall A and M. By this time, wartime regulations had imposed manufacturing economies, and some 2Ns can be seen with all-steel wheels and a lack of sleeved engines. Ford Tractor Parts. Batteries were reserved for the war effort, so the all-steel wheel tractors came with a magneto ignition system instead of a battery. After the war the steel wheels and magneto system were replaced with rubber and batteries. All of the 9N and 2N models featured a front-mounted distributor, which proved difficult to service. It is hard to tell the difference between the 9N and the 2N .


Official production of the 8N tractor began in 1947. Equipped with a 4-speed transmission, this model was destined to become the top-selling individual tractor of all time in North America. The most noticeable differences between the 8N and its predecessors was the inclusion of a 4-speed transmission instead of a 3-speed in the 9N and 2N, and an increase in both PTO and drawbar horsepower. The other big change on the 8N was the addition of a 'Position-control' setting for the hydraulics. This change was made partially to improve flexibility in varying soil conditions, and partially to evade Harry Ferguson's patent on the hydraulic system, since Ferguson's production agreement with Ford had been terminated at the end of the war. Ford Tractor Parts The original automatic draft control on the Ferguson system would allow the depth of the implement to vary based on soil conditions, which did not work well for some implements. The new Position Control setting bypassed the draft control and allowed the implement to remain at a consistent position relative to the position of the Touch Control lever. A continued drawback to this series of tractor, was the safety need for an overrunning clutch at the end of the PTO shaft. This was addressed with the advent of the PTO overrunning coupler.

The 8N was equipped with running boards and was painted gray on the sheet metal and red on the body. It was the first Ford tractor to feature a clutch on the left side and independent brakes on the right. Ford Tractor Parts The wide-spaced front wheel design of the 9N and 2N was retained. In 1950 the 8N design changed to feature a side-mounted distributor, as well a Proof meter (combined speedometer, tacometer, hour meter) located on the lower right portion of the dash.

In 1953 Ford introduced an overhead valve engine in a model dubbed the Golden Jubilee, also known as the Ford NAA. Larger than the 8N, the Golden Jubilee featured live hydraulics. Ford Tractor Parts.


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Alma Tractor Parts Department is a full line parts Dealer.

We stock a large inventory of parts, from the old 9N, 2N, and 8N Tractors to the very last Ford Tractor that rolled off the production line. We stock many of the filters and maintenance parts to help keep your Ford Tractor performing at peak efficiency.  We also stock Starters, Alternators, Steering Parts, Decals, Hydraulic Parts, Etc… for your Ford Tractor.

We can ship parts to you, Priority Overnight, 2nd Day Air, or Ground, whichever fits your needs.

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We want to help you find your parts! If you have questions please call our parts Helpline.


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We want to help you find your parts! If you have questions please call our parts Helpline.

When you are ordering parts it is sometimes necessary to locate the date code, serial number, or ordering code of your tractor to help find the exact parts you need.

Below is a chart showing the location of those numbers to help you find the correct parts.

Model Tips

Model Tips

Model Tips

Model Tips

Model Tips

We want to help you find your parts! If you have questions please call our parts Helpline.

Ford Tractor Parts Online Parts Store

Once you have found the numbers you need then here is how to tell which number is your date code to help you find the correct Ford Tractor Parts.

The Date Code for your tractor has 5 digits, and usually starts with one Number, a Letter, two Numbers and a Letter.

Here is an example: 0L13B

0 = Year of manufacture Ford Tractors were only made for 10 years at a time, so once you know what years your tractor was made then you know by this first digit what year it is.

L = Month of the Year the Tractor was made, in this case November. Always remember to skip the letter I.

13 = Day of the Month the tractor was made.

B = Shift it was made on. A = Early Shift   B = Evening  Shift  C = Graveyard Shift

The Other 2 numbers usually located in the same place are the Ordering Code, and the Serial Number.

Sometimes these other 2 numbers may be needed to help you find the correct Ford Tractor Parts you need.

The ordering Code will be 6 digits for example: CA614C

This number can help you figure out what Series your tractor is, what type chassis it is, Fuel Type, PTO Type, and what Transmission was originally in the tractor.

The Serial number will obviously show where your tractor fit into the build sequence the day it was made.

As Always if you need help finding the right parts Please Call our parts Helpline and one of our Friendly and Experienced Parts Techs will be glad to help you.

Ford Tractor Parts


Parts categories for Ford/New Holland 7600 Tractor

Notes & Description
  • • Waterproof Camera: CCD Color with Audio, 28 Infrared Illuminators Allow up to 32 feet of Visibility in the Dark, Image Mirroring Function, Made to Withstand Off-Road Conditions
  • • 7"Color TFT LCD Monitor: Embedded Control Box for Direct Power Input for Cameras, AV2 Video Input f or DVD/ VCR, AV1 and AV3 Video Input to Hook up to 3 Cameras
  • • Front of Monitor: Color LCD Screen, Power Indicator, Remote Receiving Window, POWER Button, MENU Button, VOLUME Buttons, Channel Selection, AV1/AV2/AV SHIFT Button, VIDEO2 Input, Earphone Jacks
  • • Back of Monitor: Loudspeaker, AV1 Input Terminal, AV3 Input Terminal, Support Attaching Slot, Power Supply Terminal, Automatic Back-Light Switch, Manual Mirroring Switch for all Cameras
  • • AV Conversion Cable (A), Ball Swivel Mounting bracket with Adjustable Mounting Pad (B), Stationary Mounting Bracket (C), Power Supply Cable (D), Remote Control (E), Earphones (F), Backshield (G), Cigarette-Lighter Power Adapter (H),
  • Sunshield (I), AC Power Adapter (J), 65" Weatherproof Extension Cable (K) and 20" Weatherproof Extension Cable (L)
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Ford 7600 Tractor Parts Manual

Fits:  231 Industrial Tractor (1975-1984) (Gas and Diesel ) (Industrial) | 233 Industrial Tractor (1975-1983) (Gas and Diesel ) (Industrial) | 2600 Tractor (1975-1981) | 333 Industrial Tractor (1975-1983) (Gas and Diesel ) (Industrial) | 335 Industrial Tractor (1975-1978) (Gas and Diesel ) (Industrial) | 3600 Tractor (1975-1981) | 4100 Tractor (1975-1981) (Gas and Diesel ) | 420 Industrial Tractor (1975-1981) (Gas and Diesel ) (Industrial) | 4600 Tractor (1975-1981) (Gas and Diesel ) | 515 Industrial Tractor (Gas and Diesel) (Industrial) | 531 Industrial Tractor (1975-1983) (Gas and Diesel ) (Industrial) | 532 Industrial Tractor (1975-1978) (Gas and Diesel ) (Industrial) | 535 Industrial Tractor (1975-1981) (Gas and Diesel ) (Industrial) | 5600 Tractor (Gas and Diesel) | 5700 Tractor | 6600 Tractor (Gas and Diesel) | 6700 Tractor (Diesel) | 7600 Tractor (Diesel) | 7700 Tractor (Diesel)

This Ford model 7600 Diesel Tractor Parts Manual is a digitally enhanced reproduction of the original factory-issued Parts Manual.

It shows 2192 pages of exploded illustrations of your Tractor, detailed instructions on how to disassemble your machine, repair and put it back together.

The Parts Manual is a valuable aid because it also includes the information and part numbers required for ordering the correct parts for your 7600. This makes the process faster and more efficient when ordering parts from us, or any other reputable Ford parts dealer.

Even if you already own the Parts Manual and it is in great condition, our value-added content, like post-publishing updates, corrections, serial number info and more make this manual indispensable.

Free pdf preview of the Ford Parts Manual (FO-P-2600+) (mobile users click here)

Brand Synonyms

Ford, New Holland, NH

These are sample pages meant to give you an idea of the contents of your Ford Parts Manual. Select the delivery method option to receive the complete manual in a download, printed version, or for the best value Buy Both.

Note:  The watermark will not appear on the manual that you purchase.

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Diagram ford parts 7600 tractor

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Ford 6600 Tractor Parts List Manual - PDF DOWNLOAD

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